Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas on November 12, 1957 · Page 2
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Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1957
Page 2
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Y 5*4. I. liiHbdckf ifer.î, Eyc«!?j»o Jo'mal, To«»., Nov. 12, 1t57 Bensons Job In i Stassen Dus To Quit Soon Secure Despite By RITH MONTGOMERY WASHINGTON —INS— An unimpeachable administration source disclosed toda? that Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson — despite the raging controversy over farm policy—has no intentior of resigning or assuming another administration ass:grmen* “Benson will stay, period." the official said He will not rc? r and his resignation will not be requested. Stassen To Quit This highly placed source also revealed that: — President Eisenhower, although eager to utilize Gen Alfred E. Gruenther s brilliant talents in the missiles race, does not intend to ask him to return to public duty before next year —The resignation of “peare secretary ' Harold 5’assen is n.M yet side and out on the President's desk bu: is ex- going awa> peeted momentarily S’assen plans to throw hi? hat into the Pennsy’- vania gubernatorial ring a-vl. if Chess Tournament Tech Coeds Boost Number Planned At Dallas In Maid Of Cotton Contest DALLAS Upv-Preparations are Miss White, 19-year-old Four Persons Hurt In Traffic Misha; ’ Four persons were iniu ’"1 l automobile mishaps in and r T h¡Lubbock Monday but only or* ¡the victims was still hoso.Uh m Llovd Brawner, ion LFADER IN 1958 CADILLAC LINE—Pictured is Cadillac's 195S Fleetwood 60 Social Stnlan. leader of the 12 models of new cars to be displaced Wednesday by Alderson < adillae I o„ 1210 19th St., and in dealer showrooms across the country. This luxurious sedan is mounted on a 133-inch wheelbase and measures 2*25.3 inches in length. ★ ★ * ———-----------——-------------Models Go On Pisploy Wcdnesdoy A last-minute deluge of entries 1 fast taking shape for the Dallas for the South Plains Maid of Cot-; freshman, is the daughter of Mr. , [international Chess Tournament ton contest brought the total num- and Mrs. Dixon White, 3504 43rd, ll ’’ * y i 1 i ’ uhich will draw master players her of contestants from 6 to 20 and is a Delta Delta Delta sor- * J' -u , , from throughout the world. Monday. oritv pledge besides being on the ''qas ¿osnital' wh^re sh° The tournament will mark the Monday was the deadline set by freshman council. She weighs 130 e‘ . ^ , 1 i ' Icentenmal of international chess the Lubbock Chamber of Com- pounds, stands 5 feet 8 inches, and , n5 ° at, p.. (in-the United States. merce. Twelve of the 14 entries measures 35-23-35. jSible neat injui> * i*- ^ Emile Z. Gulutin, president of filed shortly before closing time On Swimming Team ";ls ® pass ^11'^1 ^ a ^r_ 1 Dallas International Chess Tour- were Texas Tech coeds. Miss Duncan, 19-year-old Tech £.v Gar 1 \\.^ ru-ice, -n . naments. Inc.. says it will put The contest will be held herejsophomore, is the daughter of wh'ch coilutea wltn^ a ctu ,the Texas city forever in chess Nov. 18-19. Sherry Sinex, Tech Mrs. C. V. Duncan and on the driven In Hihf^ Caner, history, since past tournaments student from Longview, was the,Lubbock Aqua swimming team. ^ St., near ^ ol^ e* are studied by exacting chess 1 956 South Plains Maid of Cot- She weighs 124 pounds, stands 5 nue Q 3i p.m. Monna\. players. ton. feet 6 inches, measures 36-24-35, Doris Simpson, 1717 21st St., Droodles Look Of Luxury Accented By Hew Low-Profile Cadillacs For 1958 A new look of luxury, both in- are accented by a new tail fin, sweeping has brown hair and hazel eyes, was treated and dismissed from The only late contestant filing the Reese AFB Hospital after her Monday except Tech students or car collided u ith a car driven by former Tech students was Miss Wayne Finnell, 3211 2'i'th St., at rettiet. who is the daughter of¡2:32 p.m. Monday near 26th successful. *o GOP preside: 1 Q £0 'ver '.e -n th# he ?rvncí : fee' : uTj- e hi? make The source sa White House w to enlist the put: enther but tha* no right to reequest him to the personal sacrifice i time. Financial Problems He said Gruenther has pressing financial prrhlems make it imperative main for th« time being as pres: aer.t of the American Red Cr.^ss, i job which provides a free res; dence. a generous expense ac count ar.c a reported $35.000 year him to r®- ly a Ion 2 . h. ■'U' s “It s t -e o d Storv OÍ : ¡government ■z p ip ç* H!a salaries being too low to attract dered. lo n 2 6 r top-ilign * men unleess they have neu gril le V some p: riva te means the source ■e\ve!-l'ke > pr shrugre d. hcvv? \%ì 0^ Ike. w h? thinks so h. r’-Jy of hiS tion former NATO chief of staff wi r do w* ] r] f( he has privately ¡listed ' h-7** s f*nc -i ä \ ”gou ‘superb pre si den*: ai possibil :ty Th* ex tend- ard a dramatically different overall profile highlight the 195S Cadillac which g^es on display Wednesda> at Alderson Cadillac Co.. 1210 19th St., and in dealer showrooms across the nation. Included in the 12 mod®'? is a new extended deck sedan in the popular 62 series. The big engineering news for Cadillac involves suspension ad- V?n08~ r *0 C*J^ C* IT) f t r \fiCi softer ride and improved ccntrol and handling. SJeek Appearance Basic factor in 'he improved suspens'^n :s the use of four-link »■e ~ " ? ■ l ? nf ” S'.n" I" s” tr.v'a's adaptable to either coil spring suspensior whv'h -s standard, or ortional air suspension. Styling-wise Cadillac presents w sleek anrearance Re- er loos are which is is too fond of Gruer.theer to the financial burden unless it is absoluteelv necessary nation s security. high ranking senators ested the appcir'Tre^* of Gruenther. a brilliant as czar. Ike is known *' S“ 3 ce their \*iew's but is disocsec to give his old friend a !:**!• time to achieve financial security before Dressm; him m*o service Mr Eisenhower is espec:ally sympathetic since he himself once retired as five-star general to earn a little money ' as president o: Columbia University. Duty. in the form of of NATO, eventually cal.ed mm back to rovem- pose *fe' ; severs. V s va c’ ’ cn date. Seeks A top sour: teres*ed -n r — c—• Ct**” vilians as Ch: d lon~e*’ ^en^er« ! rear venfipane -door models and away" tail fin led deck sedan is a panion car to the 62 sedan, more trunk room and an the additional 5,5 length Like -,p<; models, with ■ - e ght passenge .. ~*«.v r'ryde! ’•< inches in over-al all other closec ie exception of th: limousines, thii a h??"dtOD Stvling Distinctive Agai B : arr. * i this vp t c- - a a Ccupe regain ivg stylmí Se'.'prñl distinct he El dorado ï>ev rl' rt their c^Ti sidp and out. re * e ** * c 1 are made to the FI ee^v ood 60 Special Sedan for 1 Q A visual waIk a rour id t le 1955 Cadillac shows ti important * changes: A hood wl is inches Front fende VV wider and 1 >nger ar crown molding as ¿i sii'.e m oldin g. The íp,'ide,',í c ire n vide r to house .(•a ^--Mo four d!anip system. standard on a 11 r>"’odels. The most si sn if:rantnee in the middle body port ion of the 195-S Cadillac IS i Í 10 addi •ion of manually oper a ted re h r ve •stirane windows in a i fn models other than the Seri es T -j TV-o to jchto t -¡ p \ 95^ sil- houefte is the dist nor. ve t ail fin. As on the Fo'’ li [i ^ ni t liç ' in sets off the swe*' me ' kw lini3s and adds to the fe< 5ling of ene‘ h. New Colors Offerrd Twenty-four ex'eri'r)rs are available on all mo other h a n the Eldorado Broi lgham. Five of these are high- lus‘rp acrylic whi< ;h are s'indard uitli E’di > Eiar- ritz and Eld 3rad e and available as opti onson other mode's. The Eroigha m ias 15 distinctive acrylic col ors of its own. S e V e r a 1 refinements and chances are included n Cadillac 1955 hi£h ccr * * P I V ssioiT V -8 en- fine Two ere ÍH6Sare available. a 355 horsepe\ ver vers ion, standard in the Elc .oraoos. and a 310 horseDOwe* 6; i zi r. € the remainder of the I ijH 8 The 335 hors e- ‘ Q” engine is available as a casto: tier option in the remainc \er ne 1 né. It utilizes three t wob arre 1 ca rbure- J. G. Kilgore, were dismissed treatment at West Texas “DANDY LION" As you can easily see the Lion in this Droodle is a gentleman i of the Jung known as The King Farouk o the Beasts. Most Lions aren't too that country personal The tournament will be held Entries Are Listed from Nov. 30 to I^ec. IS in a Last-day entries were Mary large downtown hotel. Eight Peveto, Barbara Damron, Janelle master players will compete, in- Ohlenbusch, Nan Kelly, Annette eluding David Yanofsky of Can- Rose, Elizabeth Brown. Janice ada. Bent Larsen of Denmark, Newsome. Marilyn Warren, Ane- Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Pettiet, Ropes- Street and Canton Avenue. Laszlo Szabo of Hungary, Sveto- ace Pritchett, Kathy White, Joyce ville. She was chosen best all- an(j ^rs j q zar Gligor ic of Yugoslavia, Duncan. Patsy Ann Pettiet, Mary’ around girl at Frenship High, was 4 gQ 9 -C Boston Gideon Stahlberg of Sweden, Sue Wilson, and Janis Wilkerson. homecoming queen, and now is a arj“r tre'atmen Miguel Najdorf of Argentina, Miss Peveto, 19-year-old Tech;hair stylist for Jessie Lee’s Beau- j{ospi(a] af(Pr their car was in- Samuel Reshevskv of New York freshman, is the daughter of Mr. tv Salon. She is red headed, blue 1 , three-car collision on City and Fridrik Olafsson of Ice- and Mrs. L. C. Peveto. 3323 23rd eyed, weighs 138, stands 5 feet thp s,atop hlchuav near Lubbock land. She is a ROTC sweetheart and 6 inches tall and is 19 years °ld. ahnJt 1.?)0 ‘pm* Monday No First alternate will be Auturo recently was named best pledge Miss Wilson. 19-year-old Tech othpr persons were injured but Pomar of Spain and the 14-year- of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sophomore, is the daughter of Mr ndditional details were not avail- old boy wonder of chess. Bobby Brown-headed and blue-eyed, she ar/d Mrs Jimmio WiI?on_ 2 p 22 ‘^ic 1 Fischer of New \ oi * k City, will weighs 11s' pounds, is 5 feet and 23rd. During her freshman year, ____________________—----------—— be second alternate. 6 inches, and measures 34-22,a-34.jsjle was c]ass favorite and repre- ia Sue Moore, Brownfield; Mary Large wallboards will be ^\iiss Damron, 19-year-old Tech sentative to the Assn. of Worn k . Dyer, Denver City; Ginger erected for the tournament so freshman, is the daughter of Mr. cn Students council. Brown-hair- Gaede", Muleshoe; Martha Wright, spectators may watch each and ^ Damron. Hereford, ed. blue-e>ed, she weighs 122 Morton; Nancy Jane Thcdford, move. A commentator will ex- was a twirler and finalist for pounds, is 5 feet 6 inches and idalou; and Ann Porterfield, Post. plain the moves. most beautiful girl at Hereford measures 34-23-34. ------------------------------------------------During the tournament, a_dad> High School. She weighs 133 MjSs Wilkerson is the daughter NEW, EASY WAY STOPS eport sheet will be printed. The pounds, is 5 feet 71; Republic of Israel already has measures 36-23-37, ai BED-WETTING particular abou appearance but viously realizes of looking well something about well ask. "Whe When the tournament is over. inches, and 0{ y Col. and Mrs. N. B. Wilker- i<s nrohahlv Republic of Israel aireaay nas measures 36-23-37. and has brown soni 2520 48th. and is a former ordered 2,000 copies for distnbu- ^air and ha?:el eyes. Tech student. She has brown hair tion daily to chess addicts in ^ss Ohlenbusch, 19-vear-old and eves, weighs 125 pounds, is Medic«] tablet di»cover>' c*:i«d dry tabs must «top . , ., . »,,‘^. ,11 fimctionai BED* WETTIKG p»inle*»lv. Mttly. safely or Tech sophomore, is the daughter o feet 6 inches and has measure- ^«^ciLno «lectnr.t dev.c-no rubber the«t>, ■'f Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Ohlenbusch, ments of 37-23 12 36 . *i*rm*. or d:»u Ask for dky-ta^ —o^y s?oa 5 th, She is a member of Other earlier entries were: Stel- AT BETTER DRUG STORES EVFRYWnERE Kippa Kappa Gamma sorority and reside Measur feet 6*2 inches tall, weighs 126, and has blonde hair and brown eyes. Miss Kelly. 19-vear-old Tech pre-med sophomore, is the daugh- vouth ter of Mr. and Mrs. E, B. Kelly, their this fellow oh- xts play will be recorded, move the importance by move, in a tournament book and has done entitled “Dallas 1957." This book it. Now you may will be available for e would a Lion chess fans. study by x , ci £ ' p n viniuum ’s in women's dormitory ring 34-24-37, she is 5 Probation Continued \\ In Knifing Incident >old Lubbock get a Top Hat and a Monocle?'' Frankly I don't know but I can guess. Maybe he just ate the U.N. Delegate to the Tanganyik Or perhaps he sent aw ay to Se; ¡Tv of comfnued on official proba- W10 31st She is s member of t ‘ ^ ““ li * " ,-nn bv Tud^e Robert H Bean Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and was h'is-ne «5 O’- m'ne either for tiOn on r\L'tnrii *». *, • , . , W. .....n , ! T s nrobanon - violation all-state choir memher in high trat matter After a if this Lion louowing a mm n n.ittit-i. nuci au. u uus l, n Tnvonilp Cnurt Mondav School, weighing 133 pounds, she wasn t wearing a Top Hat and hearing in Jusemie court monaay ^ 0 a Monocle there wouldrft ha\-e afternoon. been any Droodle today. Think The youth, who has been on HERE TOMORROW! over his recent return was Student Speech b Contesi Is Tonight is d feet 8 inches, has black h^ir, brown eyes, and measures 3S-23- 36. Miss Rose, 19-year-old Tech sophomore, is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bob Rose. 2812 25th. She is a memher of Delta Gamma sorority and was Lubbock County FFA Sweetheart for 1955. She weighs 128 pounds, is 5 feet 6*2 Bill Gillespie pre- inches and measures 35-24-37. She probation since from State Training School charged with violating his probation affer being involved in an altercation Nov. 1 at AAA Drive- In on East Broadway in which a 21 -vear-old man was stabbed. Tor- FACTS ASOUT SOCIAL SECURITY Its 1 four i loney Indi ein g 3 ’ V BV D. B. GALLAGHER LE about adopted children. re recent le**er reils the story of a woman left ? resoonsibilitv of looking after two small grand a w” nv i>r.? tifi :niuî Cr.a: * Ci - — V ser.tia. 'ew ex- gr= gr- bre er. under 10. After her daughter died, the two children were *umed o^'er to the grandparent: Th«v- have orosnde'i f~r the vounc^ters for the dss * T-e grandfather of these kiddies has rnw' d ed mother lacks s^ven vears of being 6 - T, .- r.iea: seven '-ears and then a? a suniv.-^" wid' v be a iar mon*hiV Soc’al Se'":~tN’ ben°fi*'. K~ 1 the child adorted w^-;' i have been awarded mon*hlv ginning with *ha month in which their candir.‘r.r Another letter reveals almo?* the : ' n*. al err ■xc?”*icn *hî’ the grandfa'her has reached 65 an ''^^i5l Securin- monthlv hene#i* cred.* o^ ^1 ■ ■ > nother o* the children the mdparents by court order, e years. gh school students from County A Lubbock, Monterey, and sented the case for the state and has brown hair and blue eyes. Dunoar will compe*? for the city noted the case history’ on the Miss Brow-n, 19, who resides championship in the Voice of youth s background of arrests, with her father, H. S. Brown at Democracy soeech contest at 5 however the past offenses were 2335 19th, is a Tech sophomore, p m today in the J. T. Hutchinson not stressed. She is a member of the Delta Junior High School Auditorium. Witnesses in the hearing includ- Gamma sorority and French club Da-’e"® Fox Carolvn Abe' and ri^ victim the stabbing, two She has brown hair and green Morris Sheats of Monterey; Albert Home Donna King and Pat Eak- , ;£. , , , r#inty juveni.e officer, and the M;ss Newsome. 21-year-old sen- youth's father. ior, is the daughter of Mr. and In his ruling Judge Bean con- Mrs. Garland Newsome, 2306 Slide sidered a statement by the father Road. She is vice president of Pi that the family planned to move Beta Phi sorority and is on Morto New Mexico or Oklahoma, tar Board. Twenty-one years old. where he had been promised a job she has brown hair and eyes, i in both places. teen-aged girls who witnessed the eyes, weighs 124 pounds, is 5 feet affrav and Tom Cannon, city- 6 inches and measure«: 35-25-35. iins of Tom S.; Doris Williams, Bobbie Walker and Thelma Brewer of Dunbar have won intra­ school comnetition in the Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored even* and will try for the city title NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT "Motordom's Masterpiece' pMOMf *>»•»}x>>7> v ^ COMPANY OPEN WEDNESDAY . THURSDAY- FRIDAY EVENINGS 'TIL 8 P.M. this w'eeri ’ - e en ( 5 ar.c ier s. ,-p r\\ r) ¿jtî e xeiiT e above. The w: ■n been legally : nilv would ?1 re .acK has present S';‘ Idren to be tonien "I speak for Democracy” is the ,rs. theme of the script writing and e grand- voice competition for the students :us* wait who wdl 1 give three to five minute .20 BS Sp06Ch0S, i legally Winner in the city contest will $ 2 rl be- enter the regional contest with this winner going to the state con- with the test. The state winner will re- 1 with a ceive an all-expense paid trip to lple also Washington. D C. in February. : . Awards for first, second and ■.p C:, ' third place winners will be do, i.or inis naie(j ¿y local merchants. M Judge Bean siid "most delinquents lack in proper supervision from the parents" and emphasized that the youth's father take more interest in the youth in the future. NEW STATION LONDON (UP'—Moscow Radio reported today that the Soviet Antarctic expedition has opened a new scientific station in the interior of the frozen continent. The broadcast he=ird here said the sta- to car iam;.; vi*. De eligible for h c.'!1* : in force for three vears. In tr : unity benefits of $91.50 every m adopt the two children when us means a loss totaling more voung people se^m to #oel * d a * cess- ¡ected weighs 12 '1'. measures 361 a-24-36 12 and is 5 feet 8 1a inches. Miss Warren. 19-year-old Tech sophomore, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Warren, 3405 45th. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sonority and was among the La Ventana top 20 beauties. Standing 5 feet 6 inches, she has hlack hair, brown eyes, weighs 123 pounds and measures 34-23-36. Contestant From I.amesa Miss Pritchett, 20-year-old Tech junior, is the daughter of Mrs. Frank Pritchett of Lamesa. She is a memher of Sigma Kappa sorority and has black hair and iexas tion, called Komsomolskaya, was s Lyn Ellen Hammack, Mon- located on a plateau about 12,000 graduate now attending feet above sea level. Meteorologi- blue eyes. She is 5 feet 6 inches. Tech. was winner of the cal observations are being taken weighs 115 pounds and measures sta*e contest in the station, the radio said. 1 er Of igar Loaf peax by an aena. AN ACCOUNTANT Ei mrtn« Accountant» «no Cl'A» Mm $5.0*0 op. CoEi'ftm cíT.ino îor ira i *cb at J 2 5 60 t* I360t;. Specia C r.® •tart* soon Da? or Sight. Call, phorif draughox * s busixess college I4!4«A TEXAS O'Ai . i r :.e o;a iuii\a wno are nenng tr the trsun ci life The truth is that benefits pa*i into many, many millions of dollars. If ’here is a child m your h ¡me who is of: adapted or stepchild, pia\ safe and check with office for the facts about its Social Security S"i'l S'curi*y taxes are collected to p: persons and the greater the need, the happ Security folks when processing applications. On page 13 of our Soc a] Securit of rdr’«c who are eligible for Social Security due from the different average monthly eai coin (no stamps) to Social Security Bookies tra Station. New York 17. N. Y. ijrc n** 0 - hne er those sur vociai coverage. - Konof tc DALLAS 2 hrs. 9 SIGN OF BSTTER AIR TRAVEL Iv. 10 47 cm, mms. 5 45, 9 27 pm vili find a s and the Send 35 cf 344. Gram sting redits ;ts in Cen- I AUSTIN 2 hrs. 48 mins. lv. 10:46 0 m., 5 27 pm tt t T- CARDS RIGHT NOW S1 ?*; I o *0 box up Inciuding Name IMPRINTED On 25 Century Cards CC^PwETE STOCK OP Dennisons CREPE PAPER AND SEA.S ojjici supply ca. Ufh AMO TEXAS AVENUI WITH NEW New scientific discovery make* it easy and simple to have AMAZING-ly beautiful nail* in only FINGERNAIL two w«^kp. Guaranteed- AMAZING Nail Hardener, STOPS ling email breaking and iplitting, restore* natural beauty or your money back. G*< AMAZING today —it will work wonders for your fingernails. SOLD ON MONEY BACK (guarantee AFTER SSS DRUG I OKLAHOMA CITY 2 hrs. 9 «. ■ V 5 ALBUQUERQUE 1 hr. 50 mins. 1 - T lv 10 45 0 m., 7 22 p.m. lv. 11 3? o™, 4 27,92$ Pm Modern homes have plenty of phones No need to turn down tlie TV set or “sh-h-h” those noisy "rustlers” when you have more than one phone around the house. Additional telephones solve “one-phone” problems, are perfect for bedroom, kitchen, den ... any room in tlie house. Arrange today for modern telephone convenience in your home. Take your choice of additional phones in black, red, beige, yellow, ivory, blue, green, white, pink, or gray. There is a one-time-onlv charge for colors other than black. AN ADDITIONAL RESIDENCE TELEPHONE ONLY 90 « A MONTH (plus tax and a small one-time Installation charge) Coll the telephone business office P05-7481 SOUTHWESTERN BELL /‘V TELEPHONE COMPANY

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