The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1952
Page 6
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9AGR SIX BLYTHKVIU.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 1938 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Drillj i»ia PCJ mi* 101 consccutiYO Imtrtton: Minimum charge AOc 1 lime [)«r line 13c 2 times per line per day 12<: 3 times per line per day 9c 6 tlniei per Unfr per d«.y ?c 13 timei peJ Line per day Sc Xlonth per line 90c Count fi¥o average words to the line Ad ordtrecl fnr three or six um« and •topped before expiration will be clirvru- ed tor ih» immber of time* Ihe ad tppe*red und adjustment nl 1)111 made A3} clsisUlpd adYoriULrig copy oub- mltl«d by person* rwitJlnfi otiisUlc of the cliy miiM be acromjianlec! l>y curb E*us m»j easily b« computed Irom th* abOT* tnbl«, AdTfMfiing oidtrrd for irrocMUfir insertions take the one time table So responsibility will ric taken lor mor* tl.^n one liirorreci tnseiimn r>1 BDT clemmed ltd All ads (ire rralrJctcd to tlielr proper clAtiLttcti'mi. stylo and type. The Courl*r N>ws reserve* the rlglit 10 «rllt or reject any fid. for Rent 3 room fur:*islif-(t V.iicrten. prtv.ito h^th. Ph. 3C65. Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARKJSON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash l»h. H552 8-2 ck U TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W vrtmut Phono MB2 Plenty of Parking Space Fill Dirt Ft) 03S3 TELEVISION RCA VICTOR Expert Insinuation et'rvke, Day Amusement Co. Ph 4470 Highway Cl Notlh 3 21 ck 4.31 2 rm. turn, ar 3102. :.. olr-ctrtc ? lex-mum. 4,12 ck 16 P. Ph. 373! I 412 pk 13 ! 3 room apt., jirtviitc h.ith, upstnliB, furnished. 719 W. Ash. 4.S pic J5 2 room furn. ftpt., hot water, frlftl- dnlrc Rcssonnblc. Couple milv. Idll W Ash St.. ph. 2019. 4 8 pfc 4 IS D. & P.L. No. 15 10 tons, dpi In ted. I rented. Bnrkrrt. Germination IM to P6 prr rent Saved tion\ f.O turret prndiirUi',' 07 Imlrs. Price SI CO ton. J H GATHINfj.s. LUTOCH. Arfc. 3 ! 13 pfc 4 1ft [ Good soybean Srcd. Funk's Hybrid i S/>crl Corn. Sovhoim InoouLiitUm, [Mixed Fertilizer. Nrw and UsVd U;IRI i FARMERS SOYHEAN COIU' N Broadway. BLyLhcvllle. PS:, R191 I 3 20 rV. 4 ?f> 4 and 3 room npts... iiiifurn. Wired Xor electric stove. Ph. 3fil9. 4;8 pX 15 Light housekeeping loom. Ph. 2020 4 10 pk 15 3 room furn. apt., private brilli, elrc- trlc kitchen. prU-atn cntrfttice. Hot water furnished. -101 E. Davis, pli. 3133. 4|7 pk 14 3 tm. unfur. npt. Pli. 2350 or 60S&. 4;3 cV. IT Unfur, apt-, pvt. hath. 100 Chi>rry. fh. 3349 or 27fl7 4.3-pk-lT privatr hath. 4|D p'rt 4;16 2 room furnished apt., 513 Lake. Ph. 24QG, 3 roar, M12. C : A: < room apis, for rrnt. Call Abrnhnm, C ck tf Modern 4505. Ph. 2595 i a;i4 ck Vodern npt . 3 rnoms and hath, newly dccoirtled, Rood turnltute, Rh» e»iulp- • *itn1. Ph. 3373. F Simon. OI21 ck If ' . Small Apartments, furnished. |8 up per week. Bedrooms , $4 up single. 114 West Ash, *Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family wl *ul%y \lrei—BUT LKB TIABS. ' CH A PM AM S ERVICK STATION Main and Division Phone 2563 12J13 cfc Services LAWNMOWERS Wo sharpen «nd repair nil type mowers. Also new f& \isecl power mow- e*~s. All hinds rnower pnrts. Also pow *r mowcrg for rent, Westbrook Machinn Shop Acro5s from Kroger Storp ' 4'4 rlt tl Need your ratllo repnlrcti'? Onl! Jlert Walton. DJEftblcrl veteran repairs radio nt home, Rrasonsblo prices Pli, 6318. -11 pk 5|l *"or moving tvnd 1o< $23. W, W. BccfchRin, •al hauling, call 117 Rose. 32-1 pfc 4'30 W. A5h. 3 25 pk 4 25 Curtains launder* cl ami stt etched lira, J. E. Laurence. Ph. 62MX 325 pk 425 TELEVISION REPAIR All nirvkra <t models. Rt renwjnnbli prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4170. HlRluvnv Gl North 321 cVc 42 I repair any make or modr-1 wnshlni rn«chlno 2 blocks nf Dixie Pip on 8th St.. t>y new school. Hrrbor Praham, Ph 6733. 3 T pk 5.' 20 M1NUTS PfiOTOSTATrC SKEW ICE. O'STHEN'S STUD1O-115 \V MAIN 12,4 cX t Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service nn Jcwrlry—3 djwj n-itchrs ant! clnr>:s Guaranteed wr done by export repairmen Low TAT o'BRYANT Main & Second 10^ CX tt For paintin-; nr.d p.-ipr-rln^ trill ry Wlie;u nntl Hey «> «;pr"- Seed soybeans, Uortchsoy o. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's slock. Ruhjnct to crljfication. Only a limited upply. Ph. 2142. m Imple- nont Co. 3'3l ck tf : Vlktnir rr^rtnr)!^ hnx 1 1/2 HP CnninrrKFor 1 14-foot mrrtt cn.ic 2 3/4 HP roniprcssorH 1 a-foot Hill seK-servlco cnaa 2 nn'al blocks 1 IfnbarL sltrcr 1 ;nfiit ^rliidpr 3 Irp-Krl.^p vrRctnhlo rnrfc.j 1 Rtcn^ ninkpr 1 RxC wnlk-ln cooler 1 FRfC 1 1MO moilwl 11/2 toil CJMO trunk CotUncl Mplvln HnlFell nt Halscll & White FurnlUiro Co.. ar Phnnr fiODTj. 3 L 22 If Tomato plants 15c (In?., pppper lBiita 20C 007. GO-1 Ash St. 1'h. 4n70, . 1]l pk 51 400 BI'ECIAL PAINT SALE ?nitons, nssortrd Sprint; color*. • A: GniUon Color* for 10511 A-nier thlnnrd .Itilorlor flnt paint. 31 nlors. 50c prr (pmrt. 42 \->cr Rnllon s lonv: ns present supply Insts, MAHIN TRENKLE, INC.. Air Unsp. trie- hone ;!B5,1, BIytticvllle. Ark. 4 5 ck 55 REED UEANR—Dortch No. 2, 9 jernilnntlon $-1 bnshnl. Ontlcn's. P nlnntlnn. (3,15 hnshcl. U.S. nifl cmhlp. Dell. ph. 24D2. 3i?7 pk 4:27 Cost Iron porcelnln Bhik; HotpoEnt •an«e; Westing house rcfrlm^rrvtor. In •xcellont condition. A rca] li.TrRRln. Con bo neon Ln operation, Ph, 2773. 17 ]>k 13 Tomato Plnnts. 3 varieties. Cold rnmo plants: 15n Ooz., i) 00 Inmrti V. P. Sharp. Ixine OftV: Road, i', nil. Ifl nr West. 4|4 pk 5 4 10 ft. rnent cllsplny Dell. , Ph 2101 320 ck tf Perfection Tnhlo Top rook Move. PIT. lect, condition. $40.00. Ph. G319- 4.4 J>K 54 Steel production in the first ton months of l!)5l in tre United State wns 34,5 million ton.s, n new reeort 19SO "A" John Dot-re with cr|n!pinp-U 1947 "A" John Drrre with ec|\iL]mi P. L. RpgHti Gin Co,. Ph. 2fi?J Or ^ rx>rtrh No. 2 beans rhenp. J. I liroihers. ph, fi564. 48 pk 1 Schntf I25. I'h. ' nprt|;ht piano. A hnr ' Save Money Now At Phillips 300 BROADWAY 1951 FORD $1595 Heaiiliful! This Alpine JJlue Kcird (S) Tudor Sedan. With radio and heater—and only $15951 1950 FORD $1395 All the niTcssnrii'S you could wish for — rmlio, healer ii n d overdrive. Custom Fordoi— $1395! '46 FORD $595 Another 8-cylimler Ford 1/2-Ton Pickup. New paint, good healer. Fine condition. ii x ci>l len I price. 4 SPECIALS $95! Phillips has •! super specials on pickups and cars—each priced nt only SOH! They're worth the money. 1950 STUDE. $1295 A nice lilllc Siudehaker Champion with only 10,- OfKI miles! Healer, seat covers, dark blue. 1942 CHEV. $395 l.'o we have to tell you it's a bargain? Deluxe 4-door—two-tone color, radio, heater, seat covers '47 STUDE. $395 This Studebakcr 1 Vi • Ton Truck with a good bed is a good buy! Come to Phillips a n d save now! '48 FORD $745 An 8-cylinder '/z-Ton Pickup. It runs very nicely . . . and has both radio and healer. Just $7451 300 Broadway Phone 4453 SEE OUR NEW 4-ROW LIFT-TYPE PLANTER Jack Robinson Implement Co. niytheville. Arkansa* — Phone 2371 Private Rooms ConvlcniMiL to bath, V- Main, [>h 3125. in heat, 6)1 4 10 ck 5 !0 Two Inr/c nlouble bfd rooms, HH i-urn, formerly 310 W. Walnut. Mrs. VlKOn 4 1 pk 4 15 Ur-drooms Men only. Mrs. E. K. Blo- nO'CT, ph. 20C6. $,l pit K> Bf-droom with private hnth. Ph. 0671 r 2938. •) 1 pk 5-1 ] NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the De- pftMtnc-nt of Alcoholic Uevpratje Cojiti-oL of the Stale of Aikan.sus for I a fmnnit to sell and dispense >>eer ill retail on thR pi-einiscs described us Ht. 2, Caniii, Lcacrhville. Miss. County. j The undersigned states that he I is a citizen of Arkansas, of [-nod morn I character, thut he has ncv- ' er I,VL':I cttnvicted of a felony or cuiiiiL- iiu'olviiiu moral luipuucle; that no license to sell liwr by the undersigned has been revoked within five years lost past; and that women in Biytheviiin ami sunound- • thc ."^"'siisned Ins never been 1m: cojiununHlrs who want part il-nc j COMVlClCd Of violating the laws Of work if you iiftve use of n cur mm H ; this .state, or jtiiy other state, rela- -l«phouo and cAti work at U-^t. io-ir Uve to the sale of alcoho!ic ii qvior . s , Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1 day nf July, 1952, and to expire on the 30th d!\y of June, 1333. Henry Raymond Melton Subscribed and sworn lo before me this 11 day of April, 1952. Oscar Alexander, Notary Public My Commission expires: 9-12-53. Female Help Wanted at Itast ;o-ir iter noons or fvrnLn^s a week. Cil 1 4417 or \vtlte P O. Uf>x 704. 4.8 p't 15 Help W*nfed Thorn's plenty of money In Pdducftli. K'j. :un( ihe towns nearby, Our men fiv<va^e JM 00 per week. Would you like to work in that section? Transportation (urn Is heel If yon can qualify. Write Fiuil Staples', 501 AUman. Joiiehboro ArX. Give tele-phone number. 4 12 ck IG Wanted nl once, two sheet nictnl workers with hand tools. Stoutly job. Wilson Welding & Fabricating Co., " Osccola, Ark. 4 : 8 ck 4' 14 Help Wanted. Male Modern 5-rooni horns unit bath on Jorlh 6th St.. 1 hlocK trom Central Wnrcl School Lnrgo fenced In hAck- yfvnJ. outtlocr storago. 11.300 cnsh, b^l- Liice \% loan nt HO per month. In- :ttiding Insurance nnd taxes. Modern 3-bcdroorn with 2 bathn. In 000 block on Ash Street.' Lnrga lot, 2- car Knrtigo. Immediate possession. Price H'1,000. 3-nedroatn home In Country Club Drive Addition, It's Vficimt—you'll llko It. Good condition. 51,000 to $1,650 cash will hnmll«- B'liiiCnco (51.50 per [imtith. Sec JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. I'hone Jill Residence ['hone 25% 3.23 ck tl WHY For So/c, Misc. 27 hrnd oT rrc'' Otti^. Stcelr. Mo. end goo>:J location, -Oil. p>!. 3300, 4 9 pk 23 o-id r.t all tinicsi. smith •1 3 ]iX 2 • GOSLINGS FOR"S Al ,H " Er.'.se your o'A-n cotton rhvip;;<-r^' tl.51 r.TCh In loi^ of 50 or ir.orc {1.60 each. lr,-.> tfcan -l^ IMMEI>;ATE DELIVERY HUGH W. ALI.KN Ph. 465 'ft "471 4 2 T>!: 5 2 VERY CHEAP, all mnlcvin in house at 310 W. Walnut i yours for the taking. Two story brick home. Must b torn down and overylbin hiiulod away. Satisfactory bond will lie required for completion of contract. Sidlivan- Nclson Chevrolet Co., 1'h. •1578. 411 ck 15 Poybrans, Hi-d Tns. Dirlrli Ci ff} 1 ", . Bl'.M- THJ; Oirrton R.V; crrmlna- t If i n. M. J. O* i>O7 ne. ph. Sfofi. \ 1! pk 25 r-nTL:e 5o-.v. 5ls f-hoMF W. W. Phrivfr, 'li 21S5. 4 11 ck -5 15 FOR SALE 1) & PL IS COTTONSEED MAC! 1 INK DKLlNTliU CKUICSAN TRKATKD IN NK\\ 100 I.B HACiS MKKTS Al.l. BLUE TAG HKQl-lRKMKN'I'B KXCKPT •2 to 5 1'EK CKXT BKLO\V ; GKKMINATION. : S 12.5.00 por ton f.o.b. }51ythe- ville (hat's run rto\vti, fic\iftrd floors, dirty , pnprt nnrt nc-cils gA tlone? . R !oi ol little $350.00 DOWN 1 buy on" of eovptiil a-lii'droi in PS we h:ivp ttiut havn horn prxtmcvl il flc.mcti Insltlp niirl out and roni- l-ly rraimlltloui'd. Mont lily p.iy- ms. liirUullLi-^ taxes nnd lii5mrniK-i\ !l mn bouvceii S-JO.OO nnd $42.00 with '"E"M. TERRY Tt-rri' AU^trnrt .V Kralty Co. riione ^381-2134 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W, J. Pollard'Agency Planned Protection V124'.W A«h 3t. OLEKCOK HOTEL BUILDING 4|B rk tl Notice LEAVING FOR WEST COAST . vnn truck lenvlns for West n ;wn wneks. Will lake I b!p Ccnlnct B228 or 3X57 UK possible. • 4 9 pX 16 Me: prn rages ?0-^5. Wpre vmi ;f\tlsf[p(j with your 1951 enmln^? If \ot. nnd H yon have farm or sates >ncksromid, and would he willing to vork rum I routes In Arkansas, writs Iii it her Pierce. 1J2 Kast Vino. Blvihe- vlllr. Ark., lor further <leUlls. Must .'ircahle car, Salnrv commission nnrl tr.itnlng expenses paid for one who qit^Ufles. 411 pk 17 OKDKK In Hie Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, MssLssippi County, Arkansas. Delia Cooper, Ptf. vs. No. 12,007- George Cooper, D£L. The defendant, George Coopei is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court nnmec For Rent n room furnished house find hath. ; 122 N- 6lh St., ph. 433fi. 4 11 ck 4 15 5 room Cur. house. 6 house.. Ph. 3331, Lonnle room unfur. ovrUion. It c!-c 15 rao in lion so. furnished Elecirlc kllchrn. hath. Ph. 4255. 4 11 ck 4 IG TELEVISION REPAIR All mnkrs .t models, at reasonable >rlcts Diiy Amusement Co. rh. 4470. Hlshvvny 61 North 321 ck 421 6 room tiouse, bath or rents *s t'X'o npjrlmcnts- Phon 6M5. 410 r>'< 4'" 4 room house, bath I.arKe screened bili-k norch. 0»r«B«. 1» ' » ke - ph - '"° 5 Apply 516 Lake. 4.9 pfc 415 Concrete Block Bulldln?. sultatile for frarn^o or store and adlolnlnK 5 room house *tth bMh Ix>cMed In ctitfe on Highway «l. «omh side of Holland. Mo call 4101 or write Paul Bjrum [mple- CO '" ** " Lrtment. Ph. 3118 ok 4,18 Wonted Wanted, appliance sales- Unlurn and FARM LOANS You Can Ray S 795 S 495 irom farm incoma without penalty Thi* Fiimmit FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE is icritten into your note. \chrn yn» Iirtrr a littni from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut I'hnne 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds Our Trucks Are » Priced Right » Conditioned Right » Sold Right 1950 Chevrolet deluxe >A -Ton I'ickup Truck —a low mileage car now low priced at $1AQR Sullivan-Nelson IU33 1950 CJMC ^i-Ton I'ickup Truck—here's a city §, driven truck that's an excellent buy at only . 1918 Chevrolet M-Tcm Pickup Truck—it's a dandy! Take a drive in it—you'll see it's good 1948 International 1/i-Ton Pick Truck—a steal at this low price now offered to you . . 1940 Dodge 1-Ton Stake Truck—a good farm $OOQ truck. You'll get dependable service from this. fcOv 1918 Ford '/i-Ton I'ickup Truck—and a clean ST^S one. Sullivan-Nelson prices it at a low, low ... I I v 1919 Chevrolet "/,-Ton Pickup Truck—a real ?OQC bargain! Save money and trade now. . .only. . . Ovw 1917 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck—new STfiC grey finish. Lots of good service left in this one *5f3 1919 Chevrolet J ,l-Ton Pickup Truck—a Jim- ?Of|C dandy! And we put on a low price tag, too. . . Ov3 191fi Ford 2-speed long wheclhase Cab & Chas- SCOQ sis Trk. 823x20 tires all around.. .good farm trk SOU 1950 Chevrolet 2-speed SWH Cab & Chassis Truck with 825x20 front tires, 900x20 tires on rear. In excellent condition, I his truck is one you should see today I Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 in the caption hereof Hiid answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Della Cooper. Dated this 2lst day of March, ,1952. FEEDS ^Yholesale or Retail FULL-0-PEP STAF-O-LIFE Moore Bros Store I'hnnc 6866 Hiuay 18 Wi<* Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes. D. C. C. F. Cooper, attorney for, ptf. Ed B. Cook, attorney Ad Litem. 3-22-29 4-5-12 COTTON SEED 30 tons, DPL Savctl from foundation seed, subject to ccrtittciition. Germination 93%. Saved before the freeze. $140 TON Also .Cedar I'osts for Sale I'HONE DELL 2681 RUSSELL GILL Dell - Osceola Kent n shcttnnd pony for your child y tlic clny. wepH or month. John M_c- 0'J.rll. iih. 3;06, 43J)H =J1 rent on Mng- 130 feet. Cnll 43 pk 18 Thrcf «.irdon lots f( nolla Ktrort. Each 55 4453 before 6 P rn. p.r nr»- <-room houses for rent. Each bath anfl city water. W. M. Burns. ilior. ph. 3:161. <." ck lg 3 ream house nnd b!\th. Influlre 1614 right man. Possible earnings i w - Ash - >'» 415li *•" "* up to 9(i,000,00 a year. Must be willing to work. Experience helpful. Apply in person at Montgomery Ward. M F.A. \Tutunl In Real ESTATE Farms—Cily Properly LOANS U Intrrp5trrl In Buying or srlllnp nee Noble Gil! Agency INSURANCE Clonooe Hldg. Ph. 68G8 'I;10 ck- .||M Co. will -srlrrt nn ntr> (UK! other cns- lin HlytlirvJLIi Lost and Found sllil.' IK For In ?OI S $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gip- so'n. Call 32G2, 3423 or 4-164, Glcncnc Hotel. 11 ck tf The nomadic Mlcmnc Tnclinn.s of N'o\ - n Scofia favorcrt portable wlg- \\nni.s of birch bnrk Ihat cottld be fnlriprt ami packed Into canoes. Wanted fo Buy WANTED: We ybrans, soy Ivan oats, whont nnd 1 ay top prices Tor splits, she lire! cciTn. irley Get o\ir price FAKMKR5 SOVHBAN CORP N. flrn.MJwny. Rlytln-vLllc. Ph. B191 3 20 cte * 1Q W« win pay CASH (or your old dii'KS. CiionTitu and ll*n^rs TOT p^rt* O'STEKN'S STUDIO. 115 WEST Main For Sale of Trade 9,30 ck tt Upright pt.ino. For snip or wilt trRrtc lor cow, cnlvps or horse. Fh 4762 4 10 pk 13 CEHTIFIED DORTCI1 No. 2 Bine Tsi:: [-rarfe TOC! brans. Plant Board approved. C. I.. \VVL1K Proml c T! Land Xarm Or Piionfr ?f<2j ElylhovlUp 4 2 pk 16 . ., Tc:fSy to cocl:. Also Srt Jim 'RolC',on. 2C.M. cHn^ stocfc Ph. 320 ck 420 < row Jnhn DCETR rianlor with nurk- ir; 4 TOW Jfihn D(vrc rotary hoe find ohn nrr: C (3!:.r narrow Hnlc Krrcl nrriB. IJurdptte. PH ^702 3.7 ck tl FrlKltir-lrr. \icrd vooti Fhapp. Price J33.SO. 2{fttaeU-Whlte f\]rnlturo Co. i,U ck 14 CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. OSCI-XJt.A — PHOXE 822M I I 12 ck 19 nnd nil .coil, rross rn. citlirr bul •rUtcSty. F-cliool ?r ncrc for quU >n;=o nnd 10 nrn lid. One two CHAPIN ill*. Ark 43 pk 15 FATU1S WEST KENTUCKY STOCK With Inspinvfmmt^ A", rormanrnt. IMs.- itrn H C Rnl tarring. Realtor. Pntlu- cnh. Kv. 3 17 PX fi IT nlrr , -1 10 !''* For Safe, Real Estate 12 room ho'.uf. t-i-od lor.itlon ftcro=j« Tom Jilell school DlvUloil Into 3 npntt- nrnts, each ivlth clrclrlc kilchrn Two -rcom s|mrtrijrnts. on* 6-room «part- ment. nil fully furnished Forced to bccauF-e or hi hralih Oprn for inspection Apply 113 Chlcfc-vawtjft 2 20 ck tl !>;:•, i TLi 2-lirtlrooms, 3-bcd rooms. V' 11 (rl only amnll amount 'Unllisoii. ptv 3303. 40 pk 23 f-rrtioom home. ??25 Ken- f ?SOO clown. $4" Rl prr «]!•>. 47 pX H Found and 46S9. . '2 pi: 16 200 mlt< ; north\vr=.t of bUB, ctcctrrclty, T^ o ftrtillrUi] l^krs. I An Ideal atocfc'larm. C^ll 61S2. Blyth<> ' vilio. 4,11 j.:-; 18 - commlwions. OOkltno 47R. 4,12 pi: i { 14 SPECIAL SERVICE No nut lor wlut kind of cnr or Irnrk you nun. T. T. Scay Slolor Co. CAR offrr you the siicciaHird service nf sprcilDtnrter repair. To he safe — tn gfl he tier servif c from \inir c.»r ... be stire your ^pcrdnmctrr is correct. 1-Il.iy Servlre. T.I.SEAY MOTOR.CO. C'liryslot-l'h mouth [Ic.^lcr 121 E. Main Phone 2122 A Lesson In Saving MfcEPAIR doubles ,1hewc«f l H-HLTCRS „ UBL1TY SHO€ SHOP • 121 W. M « IN ST. Guaranteed Watch Repair T homps Credit Jeweler

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