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Lubbock, Texas
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"Starts the Day on the South Plains' ubbock orning A valanche Thirty-Sixth Year Ho. 12 46 Pages Today Lubbock, Texas, Thursday, November 14,1957 it Lubbock. Texas, under Act ol 8. 1S7S Full Leased Wires: (AP), (UP) and (INS) Ike Warns Of Hike Defense Costs MRS. JANIE LEWIS 103RD SOUTH PLAINS VICTIM IN FREEWAY MISHAP HERE Young Mother Dies As Car Overturns Invites Ike To iVisit Russia Two Others Die In Area By TANNER LAENE Avalanche Staff Writer RS.

JANIE Edgar Lewis, 17, who recently moved from Idalou to Lubbock, waj dead on arrival at Methodist Hospital at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday after an automobile she was driving overturned at least twice on the Mackenzie Park Freeway and spilled out the four her 10- month-old son, who escaped injury. Funeral services for Mrs. Lewis were pending Wednesday night at Funeral Home.

Injured in the accident were A.3.C. and Mrs. William Fausnaught, Air Force Apartments, Carlisle. 103rd Area Fatality Mrs. death marked the third traffic fatality counted in the City of Lubbock this year and the 103rd on the South Plains as the toll continued to mount rapidly- Two area farmers were killed instantly late Tuesday night when their car rammed iriro the rear of an oilfield equipment truck about 20 miles south of Morton on State PROFESSOR SAYS Highway 214.

Dead were Albert Lee Taylor, 35. and Archie Leonard Burkett, 27. both farmers in the area south of Lehman. Mrs. Fousnaught.

18. was in Reese Air Force Base hospital Wednesday night and her condition was described as She suffered a fractured vertebra, physicians said. Man Hurt Slightly Fausnaught suffered only minor injuries including bruises and abrasions. He was not hospitalized. Actually.

Mrs. death is the sixth in accidents, involving autos in the city this year, but three fatalities occurred on private property' and were not counted against the record in National Safety Council files. Police said the automoble in the See WOMAN KILLED Page 10 Huge Jet Tanker In Repeat Speed Trip WASHINGTON. Nov. 13 Gen.

Curtis LeMay and a record- setting strategic airpower team today rocketed a huge jet tanker plane from Buenos Aires to Wash-! ington in 11 hours. 5 minutes and eight-tenths of a second. The time for the 5.204 miles was sensational, and it set a record for later crews to shoot at. This was the first nonstop jet flight between the Argentine and United capitals. LeMay and his men flew the Boeing KC135 tanker transport at an average speed of 469.5 miles an hour.

At Washington National Airport they received a hero's welcome. Pilot LeMay received the Distinguished Flying Cross from his boss, Gen. Thomas D. White, Air Force chief of staff. LeMay is vice chief of staff.

Soviel 'Boss' Qajns fa Posing Grim Threat President Calls For Stepped-Up Plan Of Training U.S. Youth As Scientists 0 By MARVIN ARROWSMITH KLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 13 (JP Eisenhower (Compiled From Avalanche Wires) OSCOW, Nov. S. Khrushchev tonight jovially invited President Eisenhower to Moscow, disclosed that Marshal Oeorgi Zhukov is on and told the nation tonight defense spending for space boasted of the Soviet age weapons must be hiked a guided missile supremacy, amount.

He hit out at any sacrificing of security to worship a balanced budget. The Russian threat in missile development and related fields means is danger ahead for free men the President said in a nationwide address. Increases Are Eisenhower told an applauding overflow audience in the seat Municipal Auditorium that the American people that defense spending increase by whatever amount is necessary to safeguard security. His stand dealt still another blow to any remaining chance for the ousted defense minister, for a leave of absence and received Khrus- chev said. The Communist Party first secretarv' suggested that kov might go on a hunting trip, perhaps for tigers.

Extends Ike Invitation Smiling broadly, Khrushchev said that he would be to receive Eisenhower, Dulles and all others as dear if they a tax cut next year, should decide to visit Russia. This Sharp Cuts Needed informal imitation to the U. S. President and Secretary of State, he added, applies to British Prime Minister Harold other statesmen, He also expected it would be necessary to make sharp cuts in some nonmilitary spending pro- Macmillan and I grams in next budget to help offset some defense boosts. LAIKA HEADY FOR SPACE The Russian dog which went aloft in Russia's Sputnik II, is shown, left panel above, in her cabin before its installation in the satellite, according to a Communist caption.

Pictures and drawing that appeared in Pravda, a Red party paper, indicated no provision was made to catapult the dog back to earth. In the panel at right, a photo shows the position of containers of Sputnik IT. The conk at bottom, with porthole, contains Laika; the spherical container in the center carries instruments and radio transmitters, and at top are instruments to measure ultraxiolet rays and X-rays. These and other unusual photos of Sputnik II were released by Moscow Wednesday. See drawing Page 10, Sec.

1. (AP Wirephoto.) Sputnik, Laika 'Not To Return' By BOB SID IN MOSCOW. Nov. 13 IN'S Sput- nik II and the lifeless body of the little dog Laika first creature to travel in space are to return to This was announced by Prof. Vladimir Chernigovsky a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences in the USSR, in today's Moscow news.

The Soviet physiologist, who took a leading part in experiments involved in training animals for earth satellite flights, revealed some of the problems involved and the obstacles overcome. Earlier Hints Denied The artisle was a frank denial of earlier hints that the kennel flying around the earth, and its inmate, dead or alive, could be brought back down through the mushy atmosphere lying close to the earth's surface. The Communist party newspaper Pravda supplemented the professor's article by devoting two full pages to Sputnik II and Laika. including a picture of the dog in a close- fitting container just before being placed in the missile. It also published a diagram of the third and final stage of what must have been either a monstrous sized rocket, or one utilizing a of fuel SPACE DOG Page 10 LIGHTED OBJECT WOULD 'SYMBOLIZE PEACE' I Yule Moon Proposed PRESIDENT HIT around the globe a symbol of (By International News Service) ASHINGTON, Nov.

13 A hope and leading space scientist pro Dr. S. Fred Singer, of the posed today that the U. S. launch versity of Maryland, suggested a luminous satellite that the U.

S. delay launching an next month to glow satellite long project would demonstrate to the peoples of the world that the U. DOWNPOURS POUND GULF COAST Tornadoes, Snows Batter Wide U.S. Sector; Rains Hit Texas Khrushchev said the United Some such programs may have States lags behind the Soviet to be eliminated altogether, the Union in rocket production and President said, catch up soon. The President, in a talk clima- The Soviet Communist party ing Oklahoma's 50th anniversary boss converted an Egyptian Em- to celebration of bassv reception into a free-for-all statehood, did not make anv spe news conference.

He told a dozen cific estimate of how much reporters in a spirited give-and- penditures for defense will have take that the United States does to be hiked in the fiscal year not have big rockets like the Rus- starting July 1. Spending in that sians have. He said he doubted it category for the current year will will have them soon. exceed billion. Leaders PTTseni In the second of a series of AH of fte important Soviet gov- designed to bolster emment figures turned out for the confidence in free diplomatic: reception ostensibly in worW capabillties.

Eisen- hor.or of Maj. Abde. Hakim hower also called for a stepped Amer. visiting Egyptian minister up program American oi war. youths as scientists.

He cited in More Research Hinted And he said there must be more basic research in this country, adding that warning lies in the fast rate of increase of the Soviet arms, equipment and technical research. advisors to Egypt and Syria. The ful purposes in development o. Russians in launching accusations a tremendous ovation he en space travel. that Turkey planned to invade auditorium.

The people Simple recently, said they would had whipped themselves into a whooping frame of mind by sing- Solons Balk At Budget Boosts enough to put up the "baby moon" during the season. a toast our ar Singer told a ashington Ro- mies Soviet Union, Egypt tarv Club luncheon that such a and (The Soviet Union has furnished IS. is primarily interested in peace- The crowd gave the President would glow brightly at night as it travelled around the earth. The rockets expert said that (By The United Press) satellite itself could be built A FREAK combination of tornadoes and a snow storm a cPst. of atout while xi xt Al the rocket to launch it would cost battered the Southwest and Northwest parts of the iPcS than million nation Wednesday.

He slid ie Mea originally A baby twister swept through Oakdale, tearing a house made as far as he knew by a from its foundations and damaging a store front. The Weather Bakersville, N. newspaper, the Bureau reported that another tomado cut a 25-vard path through Toe Valley View, in an editorial Burnvood. ripping off the back of a home. New Warning Sounded ---------------------------No deaths or injuries were ported.

But forecasters warned Wnt 0 tlICl more twisters might hit east cen tral Louisiana and southwest Mis- TQQIC IVGS Of sissippi. Heavy rains fell in the Houston-1 Galveston-Beaumont area of the Texas Gulf Coast Thursday afternoon. A severe weather alert with He said it would be rather stand by their Syrian friends.) simple matter to build a satel-, jn addition to Premier Bulganin. czar Joseph Kuzmin lite without instruments which economic See IKE IXYITED Page 10 Morton Death Probed l-Starred Couple ing Oklahoma fight songs and cheers just before the President appeared. They had jammed the big auditorium nearly three hours before it was time for him to speak.

Recalls Nazi Days Eisenhower recalled the days of Hitler and declared not enough took the Nazi dictator at his word. shall not make that mistake the President said. He also said there must be an (Special To The Avalanche) MORTON. Nov. 13 Dist.

A tty. George Gilkerson said late to- increase in basic research in the night that his office, in co-opera- light of Soviet Union devel- tion with the Cochran Countv opments. office, was continuing investigation in view of filing charges in connection with the bludgeoning of a 3-vear-old Mor- IMMEDIATE ACTION RULED OUT Lawmakers Set Public Hearings For Daniel's Troop-School Bill rul- pub (Compiled From Avalanche Wires) A USTIN, Nov. hearings on Gov. Price Daniel proposed anti-troops bill to nullify the use of military snow in id? force at integration-troubled schools have been set for Monday by both chambers of the Texas Legislature.

The bill, which would give eal school board, authority to close a Uorney a schools if occupied by either state im or federal troops, was introduced hearing on thorn for ...0 p.m. tolf onjhe combing of the S(a(e Com. second mjttee scheduled its public hear- The second special session, on lhe mMsure 10 a to work on this matter and tolay- no other, was quickly given sligH lv varving versions of the plan to Thursday. At that time thev a forestall anv repetition in Texas expected to quit until Monday of the Little Rock school troop any buS1' the possibility of tornadoes for the; area expired without damaging storms reported. Gentle to moderate rains cover-1 ed much of the state.

Heavy rains also posed flood threats in the Southeast. But in Wyoming and Montana, ranchers were bucking foot-deep snows. Park Travel Snarled A general snowstorm in the, area closed off much of Yellowstone National Park to travel. All roads were blocked except those on the west side of the park, near the famed Old Faithful geyser. By noon, the storm had dumped, a foot of snow on the Lewis divide between West and the south entrance of! the park, and on Craie: Pass be-1 tween Old Faithful and West Thumb.

Three inches of snow fell on Stampede Pass east of rain was changing to! Idaho. GOOD MORNING conflict. The House State Affairs Committee voted to send its two bills KFYQ Avaia oche Jwroal Sta ness before it Water Move Asked Both houses of the Legislature approved resolutions asking the governor to submit a measure appropriating 200 acre feet of water mnually to be used by farmers and ranchers for any useful purpose at this second called session. Daniel has already said he would not. The Senate named William T.

See ANTI TROOP In Today's Paper DOLES SEES SACRIFICE Page 1, Section 2 EDITORIALS. Page 8, Section S. SPORTS, Area. State. Natl.

Pages 7, 8, 9, Section 2. AREA On. NEWS. Page 2, Section 1. PLAINS FARM NEWS.

Page 4, Section S. RADIO, TV PROGRAMS. Page 11. Section 2. Coinio pictionary Sneak Thief: A man who tries to live by his wits and soon finds out that hunger is a terrible thing.

CHICAGO, Nov. 13 The short but happy marriage of Shirley and Donald Woods ended in St. Mary's Cemetery today. In only six years together, they had shared more tragedy and heartbreak than come to most couples in a lifetime. But they left a memory of courage and love for each other.

Woods was a Indian from Fort Francis, who joined the U.S. Army when he was 17 years old. He was a hero of the Battle of the Bulge, where he severely wounded by shrapnel. After the war he met Shirley Goss, a hospital X-ray technician. at an ice nnk.

They were married in 1951. Already, his wounds forced him to spend most of his time at the Hines Veterans hospital. Woods lost one lung and contracted tuberculosis in the other. After five years of marriage, his wife became a victim of Hodgkin's disease. Sunday, Mrs.

Woods, 2.S, died in Edgewater hospital. Woods, 31, died of a heart attack at Hines a short time after he learned of his wife's death. They left a 4-year-old son, Dale. He didn't go to today's funeral. His grandparents just told him his mother and father be back.

A friend reminisced dogged their lives, but they idolized each other. They had a beautiful life Free World Danger Eisenhower said that even under the Russian totalitarian system it is possible, produce some remarkable materialist such competence in things material is at the service of leaders have so little last Oct. 31. Gets Top Support The editorial was written by publisher John McConnell who was in Washington Tuesday trying to get his idea to President Eisenhower. McConnell already has attract- ed considerable support for the Tuesday night.

of hope." Besides Dr. Singer, McConnell said. Dr. Paul a HaJan director of rhP Barker- was found dead on a bed- Hagan director of the room flQOr of thp Barkpr homp bv oi leaders who have so little re- satelhte project to the aboiJt a m. today.

for things human, and who h.m the idea was both feasible Hatchct Believed Used command the power of an empire, and constructive." Justice of the Peace A. D. is danger ahead for free McConnell said Dr. Singer told hand returned a verdict of WARNS Page 10 him: from a on the head suppos- simple satellite with a flash-edly with a NATO Offered Ocean Rocket Base ing light would be just a marve- The 47-year-old mother VSCean IVOCKer Duse lous thing. I like to think it would was being held in Big Spring be a wonderful demonstration of State Hospital for observation our capabilities.

It would be a after being treated for minor cuts good way of reaching people who on her chin and neck at Cochran live around the equator: people County Hospital, who don't have optical equipment, Cochran County Judge Fred to see a LStookdale ordered the woman to McConnell said Dr. Singer the hospital on a temporarv 90- See YULE MOON Page 10 I See MORTON CHILD Page 10 (By International News Service) ASHINGTON. Nov. 13- Congressmen of both parties reacted cooly tonight to President disclosure that the federal budget will have to be increased to pay for the stepped up missile program. Rep.

Lawrence H. Smith (R- Wis), declared flatly: buy that bill of Smith said there is ample money available to the defense department to carry out the missile program. He added: a question of money, a question of intelligent Left Much In Dark Sen. John L. McClellan (D- Ark), said Eisenhower left great to be spelled out before Congress accepts any increase in the budget.

McClellan also said the President has failed to give the people that reassurance they hoped for in the face of Russia's rapid advances in missiles and satellites. He said: this address and his speech of last week are all that he has to offer there is still something Sen. Dennis Chavez said he favors an accelerated missile program, sooner the But he said he hopes Eisenhower was not referring to public works projects when he mentioned that whole categories have to be eliminated to help provide money for the increased missile program. Chavez said public works projects just as much a part of national defense as and added: prefer to cut foreign Sen. William Langer (R- ND), termed Eisenhower's address good speech delivered under most difficult TAKES HEAVY LEAD MANILA, Thursday, Nov.

14 Carlos P. Garcia piled up an insurmountable lead today in the race for the presidency of the Philippines but refrained from issuing a victory statement of good U.S. Claimed Pcised For Crushing Attack (Compiled From Avalanche Wires) ARIS, Nov. S. planes and carrier-based planes were disclosed today to be prepared to deliver a crushing hydrogen bomb counterattack on Russia 30 minutes after any Soviet assault might be launched.

The U. S. and North Atlantic Pact communications network is UJEflTHER A PRETTY MISS MEETS THE Eisenhower has a word Wednesday with Welthia Virjayma Roberts, Tulsa, winner of a Frontiers of Science Foundation scholarship The young scientist was among six Sir Alexander Fleming Award winners who were presented to the President. The awards are research iellowships ior school juniors. (AP so well developed, a ranking senator said, that President Eisenhower could decide on an H-bomb counter blow quickly.

Weather Map Page 3. Sec. 4 The statement by Sen Henrv LUbbock and vicinity: Clear to Jackson (D-Wash) highlighted the partlv cioudv; iow 32, the high second day of the Pans meeting be variable at io members of the 13 to 20 mph. NATO allies. legislators Are Briefed Briefing of the legislators by NATO officers continued today.

Adm. Jerauld Wright, the supreme commander in the Atlantic, said the fleet and the U. S. Strategic Air Command (SAC) are ready for atomic war. war nrn 60' Minimum 40.

All our uar pians are pre Maximum a year ag0 today 76, Mint pared, are approved and are mum a year ago today 43 Wright said. He asked; Sun rises today a.m.: Sun for atomic submarines for NATO. Sen. Jackson suggested also that submerged or floating platforms sprinkled in the seas as nu- 1 a m. 2 a m.

3 a.m. 4 a m. 5 a m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m.

8 a.m. a 47 10 52 Noon 56 43 45 47 47 47 46 45 44 1 pm. 2 p.m. p.m. 4 p.m.

5 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 pm. p.m. 9 p.m.

10 p.m. pm. 58 59 59 59 57 53 48 45 44 43 41 Midnight 40 today 5:45 Maximum Humidity Minimum midity Humidity a' midnight SOUTHWEST WEATHER Precipitation high and low temperatures for 24 hours ending at midnight last night: City Abilene 6S 48 El Paso 82 41 Jackson, who is here for the Aibuq 52 36 Houston 125 74 ftt assembly, said that with floating 57 38 0kla- Clty -05 55 Dallas clear rocket bases could be NATO's answer to Soviet missiles. .08 60 53 Roswell 61 43 See U. S.

CLAIMED Page 10 53 so W. .14 62.

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