Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on September 29, 1957 · Page 13
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 13

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1957
Page 13
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Lnbbtr.k, ffw ), Avafsnehe-Jecviiel, S«., Sept> If, ltST See. f, Peq* II Weekly CoryirmssSon Roundup: Completions Listed For South Plains ANDREWS COrXTV 4T M C Fuller, 1,300 feet from north Fuhrmaii-Masrho—bkelly No. 2-N Uni ind 490 feet from east lines of Section versity. 67S fee! from west and 6 .4 from df, td 2.700 tip pav 2.124. 9V2.209. perfs south lines of Section 4, Block 10. Uni- 601, Block 97. h&TC *uney. elev 2,405 versity Lands survej. elev 3,250 df. Id; 2 124-42. 2.150-16« ;pp 71-71. 46 per rint 4.590. ph 4 5-5. top pay 4,804. 3‘j-4-5*9. Iwtr, zr 36 7. sor 121-1. frar 10.000 gals, perf 4.304*490, ipf 67« bopd. 1-inch choke.; Garza CHoi-leta—Alamo COrp-.r«tion No. gr. 32.4, gOT 450-1. tp 50. CP 175. frac 30.- U-G W. A. Gray. 360 feet from south and 000. 11.26? feet from west lines of Section Fuhrman-MaselKMilosleta—Southern Cal- 1.215, TTRR Marvev. elev 2 72° il. td lforraa Petroleum Corp. and Climax Mo- 3817, top pay 3.71!. peris 3,712-78 "3.713- lylibdenum Company No. 1 Fleming. 660190. ipp '•-*£. jarr 3« 6. gor 177. a/3,ono gais. from south and east lines of Section 9. hutirpburg—Plate Oil & Ga* Co. No. Block A-42. PSL survey, e c*v 3-187 gl, td 5.685. top pay 5,534, perfs 5,534-618, 5^i- 5.685. ipp 110 bopd, II) per cent wtr, gr 26.3. gor 635-1. a/10,000. Fuhrman-Mascho-iian Andres — Southern California and Climax No. i Fleming, i grr 65-1. natural perfs 4.242-40, ipp 121 bopd. gr 31.3. «orI HOW4RD COrSTV 435-1, frac 20.000. Dual completion In Hon ard Oiasscork—Humble No. 23-LT Gloriela and San Andres. H R. Clay. 990 feet from north and Fuhmian-Mascho—Tennessee Gas Trans- 447 feet from west lines of Section 136 ?-A Connell. 660 feet fr^m west *nd 560 feet from north lines of Secttlon 131 Block 5 H&GN 3urvp> td n 650 , top pay 2 553, 5H-2.64fi. perfs 2,553-604. ipp ?n bopd. 15 per cent water, gr. 38.5. mission Co., No. 1 M. A. Thornberry. 1, 9S0 feet from south and east lines of Section 3. Block A-42, PSL survey, td 4.900. pb 4.627, 51 2 -4.749. perfs 4.406-615. ipp 102, per cent wtr. gr 35. gor 452-1, a/30.000. Bakke-Pennsylvanian—-Woodley Petroleum Co.. No. 4-H J. E. Parker. 1.980 feet from east and 560 feet from south lines of Section 21. Block A-44. PSL survey, elev 3.173. td 9.20C. top pay 8,761. 512-9.197, perfs 9,110-20, lpf 253 bo. il hours. 20/64 choke, no wtr. 44. gor 1,163-1. tp dual, cp 650. Faskt n Wnlframp — Anderson Oil Corp. No. 2-F-4 Fasken, 1.980 feet from south and 660 feet from west lines of Section 4, Slock 42. T-2-N. G&MMB&A survey, «lev 3.060 gl. td 8 952, top pay 8.628, 7-8 952. Peris 8,628-50. ipf 212 bopd 16/64 chokê. no wtr. gr 45. gor 1,774-1. tp 600. cp pkr. a/500 gals. Wildcat—Skefly No, 1A Orson, 670 feet from south and 467 feet from east lines of Section 33, Block 3. PSL surrey, elèv 3 043 df, td 11,537. pb 10.529, top pa.\ 10,418. 51 ¿-10.599, perfs, ifp 293 bopd 175, cp 200. M»*ans—Skelly No. 3 M A. Sutphen. 660 Inch choke, no wtr, gr 43. gor 1147-1. tp feet from south and west lines of Section 4 Block A-45 PSL survey, elev 3,174 df. td 4.690. ph 4 681, top pay 4.630. 5M.-4.68«. P^rfs 4.630-65 ipp 171 6 per cent wtr, gr 30.2. gor 308-1, a/2,000 gals. North Wemac-Wolfeamp — Continental No. 1-A Teague. 1.980 feet from north and 660 feet from west lines of Section 1. Block A-44, PSL survey, elev 3.136 gl td 8.930. top pay 8.802. 5:2-8.929. perfs 8.802-40. ipf 972 bopd. ^-inch choke, gl. 372. gor 470-1. a '500. Fuhrnian-Masclio—Cities Service Production Co. No. 2-B D University. 660 feet from north and 1.980 feet from west lines of Section 5. Block 10. University Lands survey, elev 3,240 df. td 4,610. pb 4 607. top pay 4 519, 54-4 609. perfs 4 519-601. ipp 97. no wtr, gr 29.5, gor 1.084-1. frac 15 000 gals. Andrews. South-De\nnian—-Shell Oil Co and 1.980 feet from west line of section 35. Block 1. University Lands survey, elev 3.131 df. td 11 034 top pay 10,856 7*4-9981. perfs 10,856-900. 10.908.950 10 962-978. ipf 401 bopd 16/64 choke, 10 per cent wtr. gr 42 2. gor 1942-1, tp 1375, Cp 725. at20.000 gals, BORDEN COUNTY •To-MlH-Spraberry—Texas Co.. No. 15-A ' NCT-2 W L. Miller, 1.9:0 feet from north and 660 feet from east lines of Section 4. Block 33, T&P survey, elev 2.882. td 7 650. pb 7,614. top pay, 7,522. 54-7.650, perfs 7.522-86. ipf 503 43. pobd 35/64 choke, 10 per cent wtr, gr 38.1. gor 175-1, tp 150-175. cp phr. a/500 ga!s. Fluvanna-EHenburKer—Superior. <8- In- tex Oil Co.. No, 8-530-580 C, D. Jones. 1,980 feet from north and 660 feet from east lines of Section 580. Block 97. H&TC Block 29. T-2-S. elev 2 700 g!. td 1916, top pay 169'-. 7 18(51.76 perfs 1.6981 713, 1.740-92 1.814-26. 1 «32-38. ipp 124.47 3 per cent wtr. gr. 26-s. gor. t«m. fra r, 20.000 gals Hnvrard-C.las^rork— Duncan Drilling Co., No. 1-A Mar' Douthe". 330 feet from south and 1,650 feet from east lines of Section 116. Block 29. T&P survey, e'^v 2.343 el td 1,313 top pay 1,284 , 7-1.2*4. ipp 83.59, gr. 33. gor 354-1 LAMB COUNTY 1'Misinn Uske-San Andre*—DeKalb No 1 W. A, Lock»» 330 from north and w?st lines of Labor 12. L?agu* 6*4 Ahner Taylor subd of State Cat»itol Lands survey elev 3 551 td 4 133 top pay 4 0*0 51 '>-4.065 oh 4-065 4.133. Ipp 118 04 bopd. gr 31 5. gor 810-1. 4 per cent wtr a/5.* 000 ?als. !liii*!nn Lak»-San Andn»s— Delferr Oil Co. No. 1-A Young. 400 feet from sou*-h >,nd 440 f<»«t from west line* of Lab. 2- League 684. Abmr Taylor Sudb State Canitol Land? survey, elev 3.543 1. td I 23 SH-4.126. perfs 4.116-23. Ipf 96.56 bopd 1 clink* 10 per rent wtr. er 30 gor 1,512-1, tp 75 psi. cp 500, a/6,- ooo. Sharon Rid re nno—Sam Robertson and Dearing Inc. No. 6-B Dora Hull. 330 feet from south and west lines of Section 33. Block. Lot 2. H&TC survey, elev 2.243.5 g!. td 1.810. top pay 1.74*. 441 .«10. perfs 1,747-52. ipp 59. no wtr. gr 28. a/200 gflls SCURRY COTNTY Corarnn-San Andres—The Texas Co. No 11 M A Fuller, 990 feet from south and 1.674 foet from east lines of Section 603 Block 97. H&TC survey, elev 2 . 506 . td 2 . 300 , pb 2 263. top pay 2-121. 4^-2 29«. perfs 2.121-72, 2.192-232. ipp 57.65. 60 In-Situ Process Australian Geologist Visits AtAWE Meeting >Lubbock Durin9 ToUr °f US' it ★ ★ A.I.M.E STUDENT OFFICERS —With the commencement of the fall term at Texas Technological Colle the student chapter of the Society of Petroleum engineers of A.I.M.E. swings into another year at activity. Guiding the professional student organization during the 1957-58 school year will be (l?ft to right) Marshall E. Ewing, treasurer; James Kimbrow, president; Jim Carter, faculty sponsor; Marvin Smith, engineering show chairman; Jerald Jackson, vice president; and Bob Herrin, secretary. (Staff Photo.) Pay Zone (Continued From Page 12) per"eent*"wtr.' gr~ 35 . 77 ” gor" 445-1 a/soojrently making more than 3,200 gaic frac coitvty barrels of high grade crude daily. Brahaner—Tucker Drilline Co. No. ?PoolS arp designated the San An- Carr-Northrup. 660 from west and 1.-1, , ,, -T . . ____ ___j 9mc from south lines of section 447 Block ¡dres and the Nfiw Andres, res-: D, J H. Gibson survey, elev 3 702 urvey, eiev * vr¿ m 0acmvp1v td 5,300, top r>av 5 225. 5’-4-5 3O0. nerfs F«=uiivciy. 5.225-267. ipf 107 67 b^pd 24/6* choke 7 per cent wtr. er 31 gor 1.370-1. tp 180, cp 420, a/1.000 gals Champlin Finals Dual Discovery For North Nolan 6,183-206 feet, well flower 205 barrels oil per day through three- eighth inch choke. There was no water. The Lubbock Geological Society has organized a Boy Seout Committee to work with area troop« interested in learning more about lorai geology. Chairman of the committee is Carl Rexroad. Members are Ray Morris, Dick Mattox, Jim Adams, Dick Teel and Charles Rubble. Morris will get the ball rolling Monday night with a talk before all of Plainview’s scoutmasters. Troop leaders interested in getting a speaker, making a field trip, or the like, can contact Rexroad at Texas Tech department of geology. Miscible-Phase Displacement- Unique Secondary Recovery Is Underway Near Midland I The only full-scale, miscible- fore attempted on such a vast iphase secondary recovery project scale, will lengthen the life of the in West Texas, being conducted field from six and one-half to by Magnolia Petroleum Co. in the 12 years. jParks-Pennsylvanian field of Mid-| 0il recovery expectancy will be increased by 100 io 150 per cent. Dr. John Ross Hope McWhte,! DALLAS. Sept. 28 (Speciali—A'staff strafigrapher for the Western; paper on laboratory results of the Australian Petroleum Co., Ltd., of! “in-situ" combustion process for Perth, Australia, was in Lubbock producing crude oils from Yeser- this week for a one-day look at voirs will be among those pre South Plains oil-finding methods, sented at the 32nd annua] fall! He was the guest of Standard meeting; of the Society of Fritro* Oil Co. of Texas, a subsidiary of leum Engineers of AiME, to be Standard Oil Co. of California held here Oct. 6-9 in the Baker which, in tum, is one of thr^e Hotel. American oil firms having joint. In theory, this type of secondary control of the Australian organiza- recovery process could result in'Hon. virtually 100 p*r cent recovery of Wrtpco is the foreign operating the reservoir oil in place. The pa- company in Australia for Stand- per, written bv W. L. Martin, J. D. ard of California, The Texas Com- Alexander and J. N. Dew. all of pany. and Overseas Petroleum Co. Continental Oil Co., is entitled of New York. The latter firm is "FYocess Variables of In-Situ itself owned jointly by several Combustion.” other American concerns. Air and fuel requirements, rates ^\c^ ^ was invite^ to i ^ of advance, combustion tempera- ^ States to observe explora- tures, and coke and fluid distri-tl0f\ aid sttratl^aPh>’ techniques butions are presented, and the b>'. hrms of ^ mechanism of oil recovery by California Standard group, underground combustion discussed. First Stop California Recovery of crude oils by un- The Australian geologist s first de.'ground burning is not new to port-of-call in the United States the petroleum industiy. Field tests Francisco. He then flew ________________________________ conducted near Bartlesville and vlid,and "here he inspected "CLKAtR ' STUDENT Ardmore have underlined the feas- pfxas ‘ ^ 5 ostern Division MOSCOW, Sept. 2S A Mos- ihilitv of the process in actual ,rS-, e ne , st0P uas Lu jCOw newspaper reports the case field use, and a major company c^', v, ^ . °!?sen? 'l)e o^m- a “clever graduate student who is currently using the process in PanN s Lub ciok Distritt Explora-examinations for 33 other a large-scale operation in Allen rion °“lce SPtlip and proceedures, yoUths and collected money from Countv Kansas !anr* was ta^en on a tour- ^ach.” Tlie paper, Soviet Russia, Thp in ,it, rnmh.Ktion G* E' Watcrs- TeNas Standard said Gennady Kostin admitted * nir h» in Lubbock, conducted (taking the examinations at 33 Aii- »all hf |0n> ot lo papers to^ be |hf (oriign ,isitor whUe he »,s fere„* schc)0ls Hi WM jatled *nd in Lubbock. H. McWRAC heard at sessions meeting Oct. 9 in the Baker, Adolphus and Statler hotels. Early registration fig- of Western Australia, located at ures indicate an attendance in (° "nff.i pirth- He riid i^aduate w-ork at excess o, 3,500 persons expect to Cambridge University ,n England leans Division offtce of the Cali- '^‘7 h DtUn ^.irSu. forma Company, another of the h's ,Ph.D, rteeree- He ,s Cal,forma Standard group. Next a "»Ove Australian. stop will be made in New York, While in Lubbock. Dr. McWfcae with the trip home via London attended the meeting of the Lub- the 33 students expelled. attend. land County, is wTell underway. The operator reports that some 7,300 barrels of propane per day are not being injected into the formation around 10.400 feet. To EUengurger oil gravitv tested *>orte to pick with the present ad- 47 decrees and gas-oil ratio fig- ministration—and not without con- Following this first phase, the prl " 570.1 * Treatment was with siderable justification, I might ¡wells will be switched over and a add. second phase-that of gas injection- begun. About 16.000,000 cubic feet the miscible phase moving of natural gas per day will keep through the reservoir sw-eeping the formation fluid ahead of it. It is ¡hoped that this method, never be- Ellenburqer Test Spotted In Nolan ured 10,750 gallons regular acid, Producing from perforations in the Strawn at 5,447-79 feet, well made 128 barrels oil on 24-hour potential. Production w*as effected, following treatment with 6.950 gallons acid. Oil tested 45 degrees gravity. Gas-oil ratio was not reported. The dual discovery is situated six miles southwest of Trent towTi- The law of the land provides that the federal government. when making purchases for public use, give preference to domestic products if such products are produced in the United States "in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of satisfactory quality.” The Military Petroleum Supply site on a 160-acre lease. Exact lo- recently announced awards for jet cation is 660 feet from north and fuel. Of this award, about eight 2,449 feet from east lines of Sec- million barrels went to Caribbean tion 2, Block X, T&P survey. It refineries. This is directly con- is about two and one-half miles trary to the Buy American Act. south of production in the North- The reported excuse given was wrest Dora area. API Gives Plans For Film Series troleum products. "Horsefeath- ers,” most domestics will say, and this column echoes them sen- DALLAS, Sept. 28 (Speciali timents. Its all very nice to be northeast of a lone Canvon pro, buddy, buddy with our Caribbean Hnrnr nnd an emial Histanre ■•»., -----ÍT T' ^ 7, *' , „ NEW YORK (Special)-Frank neighbors-but not when it cuts du" • • a 1, Vtan. The chief executive of one of the M. Porter, president of the Amer- the throat of the boys at home, ican Petroleum Institute, has re- * * * Champlin Oil and Rfg. Co. and R. J. Caraway, operating from _ Dallas, have completed a dual survey, eiev 2.554 kb td s,24i. top p«'' Strawn and Ellenburger oil dis- 8.179. 54-S.240, perf» 8.185*8;. lpf 142, NInlan bopd. 10 64 choke 20 per cent wtr. gr coverv in northeastern iNoian 39.4 gor 62-1. tp 3S0. cp pkr. a/250 gals.! CountV. Jo-Mull-Sprabem—Phillips. No 2-B Spray, _ j , ____ 660 feet from south and 2 486 feet from Producing from perforations Op- west lines of Section 16. Block 33 T-4-N nnrita the Heener Dav between T&P survey, elev 2.707 df, td S.005. pb P0S1Te Tne aeeper pay ueiwecii 8 004. top pay 7.400. 5%-3.350. perfs 436-64. Ipp 186 24 bopd, 8 per cerrf wtr. gr 88.4. gor 230-1, frac/21-000 gals, Jo-MlU-Spraberrv—Gulf No. 18 C C Cannon et al. 1.980 from north and 660 from east lines of Section 39, Block 33 T-5-N. T&P survey, elev 2 692 gl. td 7,350. pb 7.348, top pay 7,260. 5H-7.350, perfs 7.225-325, Ipp 129 bopd 29.1 per cent water, gr 40 4, gor 459-1, a/1,000. COCHRAN COrNTY Buckshot 4950— Murchison & Mallory No 2 Murray Watson, 1.543.4 from east and 510 from south lines of Section 2. Block W, PSL survey, elev not rptd. td 5,050, top pay 5.020, 5V4-5.089.36. perfs 5 019-27 ipf 105.56 bopd. 17^64 ch. no wtr. gr 29 6. gor 560-1. tp 250. cp pkr. Buckshot-59950 —■ Murchison & Mallory No. 2-B J. W. Frost. 510 from north and 660 from east lines of Section 8. Block W?, PSL survey, td 5 001. top pay 4,984. 5^-4953, ch 4 953-5,001. ipp 105.50 bopd. no wtr, srr 28.3, gor 236-1. a/10,000 gals. DAWSON COCNTY Welch—Tidewater No, 1 H. Burdett. 660 feet from north and 46^ feet from west lines of Section 17, Block C-39. PSL survey. elev 3131 kb. td 4-940, top pay 4,897. perfs 4.897-933. ipp 17 25. per cent wtr gr 34.2. gor 145-1, frac/10,- 000 gals. Brttt-Spraberrr—Cosden No. 1 Wortham, 660 feet from south and 336 7 feet from west lines of Section 2. Block 3. D. L. Cunningham survey, elev 3 045 gl. td 9,020 54-8.339, perfs 7.385-8,190, ipp 96.25, gr 3ft gor 100-1. frac 10 000 gals. GAINES COlTsn North Robertion-Clear Fork—Skelley No. 2 J. A Sparks. 467 feet from south and east lines of Section 364 Block G. CCSD&RGNG survey, elev 3407 df. td 7.218. pb 7 210. top pay 7.024 5H-7.214, perfs 7,024-7,200. ipp 76, 39 per cent wtr. gr. 34 S gor 871-1, frac 30.000 gals. Wildcat—Ashmun A Hilliard No. 2. Ltd and Cities Service Oil Co. and T&P Coal and Oil Co. No. 1 Peck. 660 feet from south and west lines of Section 372. Block G. CCSD&RGNG survey, eiev 554-66. 10.572-94. ipf 607 bopr. 24/64 3 472 gl. td 10.554 . 54-10,596. perfs 10.- choke. 1/10 per cent wtr, gr. 36.8 gor 89-1. tp 140, cp pkr. a/1,500 gals. Harris—The Texas Co. No. 28, A. B feet from west lines of Section 7, Block Wharton. 661 feet from north and 660 ipp 120.85, .3 per cent wtr.. gr 29.8. a/ 1.- A-22 PSL survey, elev 3,300 df, 54-2.200. 000 gals. GARZA COUNTY O. S. Ranch-Glorieta—Blanco No 2—A J N. McCary. 603 feet from iv>rt.h and 615 feet from west lines, of E, VV Clark survey No. 1. elev 2 3S4 gl, td 2 >00. top par 2.655. perfs 2.655-719. ipp 66 49. 55 per cent wtr. gr 39. Oarra Glorieta—Alamo Corp. No. 5 L L, Kelton, 2,106 feet from south and 330 feet from west lines of Section 1.237. _______ __ _____ ____________ i&GN survey, eiev 2 705 g! td 3 790. top , .. ‘ acting nortionc of which were can- pay 3.762. 54-3.790, perfs 3 762-770. ipp 84 dUCtiOn Underway. | e5“nf bopd 2per cent wtr, gr. 38.1, gor 500-1. i Title of the entire cpries will celled OUt because Ot unco- a Garaa—Cosden No 2 -D Post Estate 330 be “Centennial." ^Hollywood native weather. The trip will ifnes^ofmsect^on Block stars are scheduled to appear in Jan 1S_^Te/t n?°n +Thl^s' sun-ey. td 2.895. top pay 2.76i. 7-2 761 ipp each of the productions. Agency l,qv' , r • n pn a n 55 bopd, so per cent wttr gr frac loooo , , apt’c t\t corio- ic Ratten Saturday, Oct. 19. Dnrwani-San Anires—Humble No. 36 -! ior the API s I\ series is Batten, fjf^t night will be spent at the Shaefer Hotel in Altus, with the second spent at Lawton. An illustrated guidebook will he included in the S10 fee. Those who got knocked out of th 2 trip last year will be registered this year for $2.50. Reservations and inquiries should be mailed to Reservations Committee, Panhandle Geological Society, P. O. Box 2473, Amarillo. A whole covey of beautiful quail have been chosen by Brownfield oilmen to add glamor to that South Plains city's 1957 Oil Progress Week celebration. Oct. 14. Elected as “Miss Oil Week” is beautious Gretchen Sloan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Sloan, Seagraves Highway. Her title automatically makes her the oil industry’s entry in the annual Harvest Festival Queen contest. Miss Sloan’s “princesses” are N e i s h a Frymire, Sherry Don Spears. Patti Wilder, Kitty Baker and JoAnn Fulton. The “Miss Progress” and the “princesses” w-ere named by five oilmen-judges in the Chamber of Commerce this Primary 1 production recovered about 15 million barrels of crude DeKalb Schedules Cochran Outpost other three will be soon. An additional one and one-half million jbarrels of propane, at least, will j be pumped into the Bend section Domestic refiners and produe- °f the Pennsylvanian during the ers of crude oil now have another!next nine months to a year. Gas Injection To Follow DeKalb Agricultural Association, Oil and Gas Division, has filed application to drill a development oil; the miscible drive is expected "n 'h' .^T!. n,nk o(, ,h'; to hrinp nut between SO and 40- Buckshot-San Andres pool of date, over half a million barrels j million barrels. In addition, about southwestern Oounh. of propane have been pumped into 90 per cent of the propane should operator will he the Texas the reservoir. be recoverd. Twenty-two of the 25 projected input wells are now in service, and Magnolia reveals that the Co.’s big Midkiff Natural Gasoline Plant 20 miles East of Parks and Sumatra. J. R. H. McWhae did his undergraduate work at the University bock Geological Society. He Is a member of the Australian Section of AAPG. Most of the propane being in- Company. Spotting 510 feet from north and east lines of the northeast ii ??riS“e|itproif? lsj corner of the west 463-acres of coming from El Paso Natural Gas 01 vv dot e,,™.*,,. rn’e Hirr AT.riu,« r Section 21, Block Vv, PSL surve>, venture will be drilled as the in the Sprabeery Trend area!:!'10' 1 »'ell on the Tom Standeter Four thousand barrels a day is;Iease* being moved to Pegasus through Depth objective Is 5,300 feet a four-inch line laid for the pur- with rotary tools. Location situates about eight miles south of Bledsoe and some three-quarters of a mile from field production. Lease consists of 80‘acres. HOCKLEY—Texas Crude Oil Co. pose. Propane From FA Pav) Natural Before the final bit of oil is squeezed from the Bend formation in the Parks field, Magnolia expects to buy 800,000 barrels of i *64 Sosebee, four miles north- propane from El Paso. At Pega- west of Ropesville, drilling 7,125 sus, the project picks up the rest feft in sand and lime, of its necessary fuel from the Felmont Oil Corp. No. 1 Phil- Pegasus Natural Gasoline Plant lips, one-half mile southeast of and pipes it to Parks. i Leveiland, drilling 5.904 feet in Miscible-phase displacement is dolomite and anhydrite, the newest of the oil industry's LUBBOCK—Pure Oil Co. No. 2 ever-increasing ways and means A. M. H. Edmisson, one-quarter of getting more oil out of the mile north offset to a recent Gear ground. The Midland County Pro- Fork opener, waiting on cement Two Dallas operators, C. L. ject, being one of the first and by! on five and one-half inch at 5,345 Norsworth.v Jr., and Jay Sim- , far the largest, will be closely feet. mons, have announced plans to watched. Lessons learned at Parks Total depth w-as reached at drill a 7.000-foot Ellenburger test could hike the nation’s rrude oil 5,515 feet. Long string was ce- in central Nolan County. reserve estimates by billions of mented with 125 sacks. Cores earlier revealed fair pay possi that the Cabinet Committee did, jsjpw project is the No. 1-A Mrs barrels, not recommend limitation on pe- wmiam Wight. It will be drilled ------------------------- wo feet from north and east unes supp|y Company President To of Section 9o, Block 22, T&P sur- . jT ’ r ! |vey: three-quarters of a mile ArfflrGSS AfinUSI n 6 £f Of QD( bilities in the Upper Gear Fork. Site is four miles north of Lubbock. vealed plans for the trade association’s first hour-long color film for use during the oil industry’s centennial celebration in 1959. One of a proposed series of movies for television presentation, the first project will be under-; taken by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerj Studios in Culver City, Calif. Jack; Denove has been named pro The Panhandle Geological Society has revealed plans for a field trip, October 17-19, in southwestern Oklahoma. It will be conducted jointly w'lth the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the School of Geology at the University of Oklahoma. southeast of a lone Ellenburger,nation’s principal oil field equip- proriucer. m^nt suppliers will address one Lea*, ronsl-,;t8 of 320 acres- !of his largest customer groups, at Locations (Continued From Page 12) CAM HR survey, 640 acres. 12 miles north Tokio, 5.100 feet. HOCKLEY COT NTT Yellowhnufte- Pan American Petroleum Corp.. (Box 1410 . Fort Worth) No. 12-B Tom Cobb. 1.080 feel from north and sur- Tech ex, has been named field Rainey Elliott, president of representative of the Oil Weill Jones & Laughlm Supply Division, Supply Div. of United States Steel j Tulsa, will speak at the first gen- Co. in Gainesville. The new' repre- oral session. 2 p.m. Monday, Oc______ __ . _ , Th’s y?ar s toP essentially wnll sentative has been with Oilwell tober 14, at the Mavo Hotel. ducer, and will join forces with be a re-run of the trip scheduled sinC€ 1954 Metro in getting the initial pro- for May of last year—many inter­ week. The girls will be special the 17th Annual Meeting of the guests at the oilman’s banquet. American Association of Oilwell ^ ^Y'lcaSmn*n°scL * * * i Drilling Contractors in Tulsa, Oct. v*y. 727 acres, rotary 4 . 900 . 12 miles t* • 1 TTTT 1 -L.A * 111 s ¡northwest of Leveiland. Francis W. Hallburton, Texas j lJ-15. I Slaughter < Amended > - Texas Pacific Coal & Oil Co. (Box 2110. Forth Worth). No. s F G. Graham 1.329 fee» from sou'lJi and 1.30P feet from east lines of Labor 38, League 40. Midland CSL sur vey, 160 9 acres, rotarv 5.025 . 8 miles northwest of Sundown. To deepens, KINC, COrVTY Ross Kani-h (Amended)—The Ohio Oil , Co. (Box 552. Midland* No. 4-B W' R We Will welcome Mr. Elliott s Ross, 2 29S feet from nor*h and 330 feet „„„„ii.I from eas' lines of (he I®«?* in Sec- views on the suppuer-contractor ttion 23 . Block t. r. b Ma*ter*on sur- relationship,” said R. E. Kirber- J'jy. 160 acres, rotary 5 609. eie\ . i r*. . 1 , , 17 miles west of Benjamin To deepend, ger. Tulsa, general arrangements bailey covnty fnr thp' meetincr ' Atiioh Wildcat—Wf. A Monchlef (W T Waa- cnairman ior rne meeong. mucn Koner Bldg, Fort worth) No. l Birdweii. Of drilling progress is due to the 1 9«0 feet from south and 660 feet from west lines of Section 29, Block A. Melvin. Blum & Blum survey. 640 acres, rotary 4,500, IO»* mile« northwest of Baileyboro. GEOIX)GICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS—Officers for the 1957-58 year of the Lubbock Geological Society assumed office Thursday night at the first fali meeting of the group. Pictured, left, to right, are Wallace Brunson, secretary-treasurer; F. Alton Wade, president; and Clayton Y'aJder, vice president. Both Valder and Brunson are with Pan American Petroleum Co. in Lubbock, while Wade is with the Texas Tech geology department. An excellent slate of speakers is planned by the group this year through its affiliation with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. (Staff Photo.) Barton. Durstine and Osborn, Inc., which oversees such current show^s as the United States Steel Hour. The Abilene and Fort Worth Geological Societies will hold a joint fall field trip on Oct. 25 and 26. It will be in the northeast Llano area of central Texas, with studies of lower Pennsylvanian and Mississippian rocks in the northeast Llano uplift. Reservation deadline is Oct. 9. Registration fee is $ 11 , which includes the guidebook and luncheons. Registration will be in the administration building of the LCRA at Buchanan Dam between 3 and 9 p. m., Oct. 24. ♦ * * The Federal Power Commission has issued a revision of its map of major natural gas pipelines in the United States. The’new' map, dated June 30, 1957, supercedes the one of December, 1956. Copie« are available from the Federal Power Commission. Washington 25, D. C., for 25 cents each. * * * The Railroad Commission of Texas has issued a reminder to all Texas oil and gas producers that time is drawing nigh for the filing of replies to a questionnaire concerning production and disposal of salt w-ater on Texas oil leases. Special attention is called to the last sentence of the original letter, which stated “failure to receive the reply by that date shall result in pipeline severance.” The quoted date was Oct. 1, 1957. close cooperation between contrac, tors and supply firms. Mr. Elliott’s remarks are expected to be es- D1CKENS CO TNT Y Wildcat—Fleltcher Oil and Gas Corp. nnriallv rwtinrm in view of thn a22!* Mercantile Securities Bide Dallas' peciauy pertinent in view or ine No J M(iry Copland, fifio feet from south current tight economic situation and 'vest lines of Section 208. Block 1 , , . ,i i HA-GN survey. So acres, rotary 7.250. 4 of thf* drilling industry, 'mile« southeast of spur. LARGEST OT SELECTION ^ J f m « SA J ^ yp HUBER Boot & Western Store OWOSIHPOST OfFKE ON BffOAOWâY MelU CLASSIFIED 11 NUMBER P039311 10 DIRECT LINES TO serve you getfet / HOW YOU'LL BiNEFIT BY USING COOK'S Completely NEW and DIFFERENT SUEDE HOUSC PAINT : SUEDE is Ideal for These Surfaces! • NEW WOOD • PAINTED SURFACES • MASONRY • SHAKE SHINGLES Just One-Coat COVERS Old Surfaces in Good Repaintable Condition! ► ► THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOUSE PAINT COLORS YOU'VE EVER SEEN! ★ EASIEST-TO-APPIY! No conventional house paint can' match Suede's EASE OF APPLICATION! ★ BUSTER-PROOF! 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