The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^n^ITc^ jSJS^^rr^r-^ D0imm ™ f ™™^™«™^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST _ IDI * ^ •" T T **-* "... LITTLE ONES TO HIM BELONG . -Typical of Blytbeville youngsters who will participate in tomorrow's Easter parade are Kent Palmer Coleman, IS-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs I. R. Coleman, and John Anna Dill, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dill. (Courier News Photo) —— 1,200 Shriners to Meet In Btythevilte May 31 Between CO and 75 novices arc ... , novces arc Ufsh Polirp HnlH 1^°°^ »^«- UlUll rUlllC nUIQ A , rka » sas ." ^'le ls«ac.?. chairman *" of^a registration committee, said. Arkansas Man In Plural Killing Quadruple Slayer Tuck Bishop Found After Long 'Leave' UTTLE ROCK W_Tuck Bishop le 51-year-old quadruple slayer vhp left an Arkansas prison farm "st Christmas time- to get a bo™ irace and didn't return. ls under oilier p!ura t , 1 kmn, CBhn '' BC<1 WMh ""• The Utah Bureau of Criminal I Salt Lake city - that Bishop had eon charged with murder for ,) )e atal shootinsr of James Dougherty Headquarters for Sahara Temple of the Anelcnl and Arabic Older of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine t, nt Pine Bluff. The Ulytheville clnh is mmtial" "" Tem|)le ' s 5 P'™S ccrc- A parade Is set for 10:30 n n , balm-day featuring novices "in 311 A trick car and several band:; also dcntificatio 'eslerday said Batesvilie Phone Pkkets Leave Line After Heckling It ended without trouble 'when two WP nickel* ™h of six in Arkansas visited In the strikers hit-and-run picketing yes- J^.terday. The strikers are members of the CIO Communications Workers of America. So nre most Bell employes — are not directly recy involved in the strike - and whet the pickets appear the operators and other union employes left their posts, returning' when pickets withdrew. The pickets' the - _ ---- •• • -i»\^ |^ji.Ac:i£> i;to tics interfere with service, but so far hasn't completely disrupted it say Southwestern Bell officers. Police Chief Jimmie MUchum of Batesvilie said the pickets, whose etay at Batesvilie lasted about 30 minutes, "weren't forced to leave" and there were no acts of violence 11 Besides Batesvilie, other ex-1 » changes picketed t o r varying' periods yesterday were Ft. Smith .Fayetteville, Rogers and Walnut Company to come to terms . .... *~ *,u,j,c it? tiriiij. 1 ! wiin about 43.000 striking Bell telephone workers m three states and 15.000 sUtef" Eleclric »' erkers '" « The five-day walkout;«ire»dT;h»s rfyllH-iirt ^ri/ir-.. i,, "-—n- TfrtJ .....„...» ..„ ,..,„„, |j,t r ,2t. --lines thrown up around Bell telephone exchanges. Western Electric is a manufacturing subsidiary of AT &!., which also controls Bell Joseph A. Beirne, union presi- Slb Cal ' e S «« swjion here to con- ., anu Ridcf>. It was the second consecutive day for Ft. smith. Meanwhile striking workers the Lumber Company eawmills in Cros.sett, voted to return to their jobs Monday, ending a 23-day walkout over wages. A company statement indicated jjhe wage problem had not been fettled, but that negotiations for E new contract would be re-opened before April 28. sider a full-fledged showdown 'Even though we have settled our strike against the Michigan BcP Company. Western Electric he ?n This was taken to mean Michi- All three men had been workln» at a mine at Ophir, Utah, and Bishop reportedly shot the other wo to death when thev "kidded" li«». Bishop is to have „ „,.„,,. £™'7pr t nj n * °" the utah chai P. L. Dow, Utah director of g"vfihe'n'mc'o 8 ," 0 "' SnW niSh °" son but thatch" w"s identified fough fingerprints as the Arkansas fugitive. ,,in ish °P, wns convicted at Favetie- wiih the s'layTn 19 of 3 fo n COn - n ™ tion Springdale. Ark..° slreeY" 1 *," "was sentenced to life Imprisonment He was accused of shoolin* no™l P ™\ fillips-. Lyle carter: Uoyd Graham nnd Harold Nail on Jan n m3 . He was convicted 01 nrst degree murder in o, e deaths of Phillips and carter the other charges are pending. ' Bishop told arresting officers the men had annoyed his wife and he shot them to " Safve hc , nom , r _,; Bishop received the (J! st brief iv"' taS f !"' lc " J i* 'customarily me i-P^onmenTa^en't'eZ on I 5^ = "V °™' S 24 Sentenced As Circuit Court Term Ends Here Fleming Gets Life For Assault on Huffman Woman T ' v ' m ': J '- fo 'ir Prisoners were sen- hH held a merce i , 5l ,f ti0 " ° f llobl <™«i will be t the Junior chamber ot Com building and re e i.s| ra tioii of s is the be held at the Ameri- division , Cr " nlnal ''. sentenced ' " o Mn«ec Dart,, clmrged w«h Incest v postponed until the next term of court. Prisoners scnten for which they wcr*, their sentences nre: ed, the crimes was that he had rasi a brace he wore as a rcsu! t of an o)d injury in a Hre at the Cummins prison farm. He WHS to Have another fitted in Little Rock can Legion Hut, Dinner to Follow I'ur'ade Following the parade, dinner will be eaten at Walker Park and <>ri- vaic ceremonies are to be held •>> •He American Leg ion War Memo rial Building in the afternoon A dance honoring newly-inducted noblemen is scheduled for Saturday nt of the Blytheville club secretary""" 11 ' ""* Bi " Walker is Crafton Is chairman of a . .- connnittee. Dale Home heads a food committee and Mr, <I[rnUon Cr!irt<m " "' Chl "' ge Cf "^ To be a member of the Shrine n K-rsoii must be a Thirty-Second Degree Mason or a member 0[ tt ^ Krnghts Templar, Mayor Blodgett , J hC . Sh , rllle ' s "lain purpose Is to "id crippled children and the o-- BBimation owns and operates - -- _ __ ______FIVE CENTS Ike' Will Not Discuss Politics Until Return to Kansas June 4 tnside Today's Courier News • \: 9-i™ola News . . . Arkansas \civs liricfs . . . marJiCIs I'a S e 8. • • . Society . . . rage 2. • - . Sports . . . Page 5 Bandit Scares Himself And Two Pals Out of Holdup in New York NEW YORK WV-Horo's n sto . i-y of a bandit who scared himself and his two pals away from a hoklup. He was so nervous that he accidentally fiied j,|., 6llll y es te,dav as the trio rode in an elevator to the sixth floor office O f a sheet metal firm. The bullet hit the elevator operator, James Calancler 63. in the hand. Frightened, all three men shoved Calander out of the elevator, then they look It down to tlie street floor themselves and General to Yield Commission Only If He Gets Nomination m By CAP.TER DAVjnSO.V today he aims 0 1, 33 days befoi .e the Republican o^conven' 1"" POW£RS dicloscd The White House announced yesterday that at his own request his Job as boss of the North Atlantic n-enly (NATO) forces will end June 1. Until hc leaves, Eisenhower told a news conference, "I am not go- me to discuss any kind of political questions, so I can devote myself to this job." He said he hasn't made any definite plans to campaign for the Pentagon Begins Task Of Seeking Successor Oruenlher, top n to Hy KLTON C. FAY AP Military Affairs Kcporlcr W—The Pentagon today began preparing tor recommend a successor to Gen, Dwight D European commander, with ,h c choice apparently Gen. Matthew D. Rirtgway and Gen. Alfred M. Technically Gen. Eisenhower's successor could come from any of the armed services, but the prospects are he will be an Army man nnd possibly either Rldgway supreme commander of the United Nations forces in Japan and Korea —chosen by President Truman when hc ousted Gen. Douglas MacArthur — or Gruenther, Eisenhower's present chief of staff. Kifiuesls Needed The Defense Department's current behind-the-scenes move to recommend an officer for supreme command of the Allied powers In Europe can be neither open no official until requests come from- 1. The Council of the North At- Sudden Meet Called WASHINGTON My -Top officials of the CIO communications workers union were summoned to a sudden meeting today to discuss the possibility of calling a nation-wide telephone strike. ft would be Biined at forcing the Two Drivers Are Fined For Traffic Violations Two men forfeited bond-, in Municipal Court this morning on traffic violations. J. C. May forfeited a SS bonrt on a charge of faihnp to stop at a traffic signal and' Junior Oie»n forfeited .a sin bond on a charge of passing a vehicle on the wronp side. : " Weather '''Arkansas forecast: \ -- Cloudy and warmer, occasional llmndorshWcrs. mean pran Bell workers would not cros tile \Vestern Electric picket lines. Scattered Tornadoes Are Forecast WASHINGTON Wj-The Weather Bureau said today "severe loco storms with possibly „ few scattered tornadoes nre expected to develop" this afternoon and st™e. n ' ? "' " artS ° f r °" r somh ?™ It .specified the area' as "the southeastern half of Arkansas', western third of Tl-nnesse. northern Mississippi and extreme northern Louisiana " "Persons living in this area .-lioiild n-Htdi for further artvtces early this afternoon," a morniiiB aovi.s-fjry .^'.lid. At the E a,ne time it reported I hat weather conditions it rc - port*ri last night "are no lonqer favnraijle for tornadoes In Mis••our; or the- norlhwestcrn lialr nt Arkansas." „ -- u l " ^tuit; rtoCK - -. ,. He tl'dn't return to the prison James B. Foster, rape, life im-i;?, 1 "'" antj hnd "hided capture un- 111 his arrest in Utah prisonment on plea of guilty . Louis Pipin. Negro, murder imprisonment on plea „, gum Mn then- Flcniing. Negro, rape life imprisonment after triil Anmslead Morgah. murder' in second degree, 15 year., imprhon mcnt on plea of guilty '" IIrwo "Susie B. Richardson, Ncero vo! * Five-Years for Forgery Thomns Hodge, forgery and'utter- ig, five years on plea of euiltv Sentence was suspended on rcconi' menaation of the prosecuting attorney, ns Hodge had no pervious ace COUHT on I'.i K c 8 Burglars Get Only $1.50 at Car Firm The sheriff's office reported this' lormng that btirplars entered thp orncr-W.lson Motor Company on East M,-,,,, street last ni^ht hut Arkansas Prison Supt. Lee Eiens- lee said he further confirmed "Anderson's" identification as Bishop m a telephone conversation with Sheriff Pay Gillett of Tooelc. Utah Hie officer who has the prisoner in official custody. Besides the corresponding fingerprints, tattoo markings Bishop was known to have checked with those on "Anderson's" body. Henslee said. The sheriff told Henslee also that the prisoner had mailed several letters, one of them to the Veterans Administration office in Little Rock about a service disability check, and had signed them "Wii- . e ,,T',,. B ' sn °P'" Bishop's full name is Wilhe (or William) Tuck Bishop Hcnslce said he believed the C-crman make pistol with which the Ulan men were slain was nur- Scc DEATH nn I'a BC g Hopes Fade for 39 Lost In Shark-Filled Waters f , . practi _ „ hope" of 'finding alive „„>, of the 39 ' the Caribbean's shark-filled Milwaukee persons deep after the crash of Indefinite Delay in Union Hearing Saturday night with showers or thundei.stor cloudy east with showers e forenoon; little change In tcmpor-i ture. Minimum this mornin»- -13 Maximum yesterday—s'l). Sunset, today—6:30. Sunrise toniorrott- --1 31 Precipitation last 21 'horns to a.m.—trace. I5« ta ' prccipi! ' 1tion s '"ce .Tan. l- Mean temperature tmidwav between high and lowi—51.5. ' I KEMNETT. Mo. Hearings for two Campbell. Mo., men accused of as-aultiiiK a Blytheville mnn In a mirtn dispute in Campbell March 2 have been continued until the Missouri State Senate adjourns Dunklin County Prosecuting Altor- This continuance has been tcram- oi'jorf. he exptained. because However, the intniders .ittempted I to force ope,, two safes, but (lid not surcfed The nionev u-.-ri taf-en F '' n cash drawer in the rt-rf:' i\ f Tons of Flood Water Roll On d ,° w l AHAl Neb |V1> ' Tolls of n >im- Western Union Re-Opens Here But Unable to Send Messages to Many Places, Manager Says Western Union Telegraph Company's office here opened tor business this morning after n nine-day shutdown because of a nation-wide strike. "It's not doing antic Treaty Organization to President Truman. askln B him to name nn American to succeed the present American supremo commander . A request from Hie White • ---- -.~.,i ui t tviuit; House for advice on whom to nominate in answer to the Council's request, (The Council mcels in Paris on April 21). The generally accepted Idea here «'«s the Council again would asfc f for an American although this , ug time there probably would be no ncconiponylng suRgeslioii for an individual, as was the case in Eiscn nower's appointment as the first ollAPE eomtiiantlei-. C'anillilatcs Narroiv Dnvin The apparent candidates for tlie Job .-a-enier). (o have narrowed down io tii-ueiilhei;. and HItVK*nyr. bot four-star generals. There wi>s' much sentiment an- parcnt in (he Pentagon for aidg- w presidential nomination. Clearly liowever, (ho public announcement of the end of his military Job give •is wcll-orgnnized backers the plow they need to till the political f icWW Many Men Competent Eisenhower said ho had "not the sliBhtc.1 information" on who Ws ZT 1 ' l' S NAT ° c «"">^nder conlrl rm ?, 80<Kl mnny other m ™ h M .1 ° P0st ' "Possibly far better than I," he said He also disclosed he will resi K n his peirnanent commission as a. five star (jenornl if he is nominated <p run for president so he would be He held the floor' for a quarter "po'rlel °a e nd a Jctef ""' He Repeats for Radii, Laler, repeating himself for radio, television and newsreels he revealed his hope to attend an Abilene celebration June 4 After that, he added, "Mamfe •a take a brief vacation if circumstances permit." «I*J-n' n ' k , I " clu<ictl a plea to keep 1AIO golne strong because "the quest for pence is always with „.,." "Heeurtly, peace and liberty,. --' • /'i-iii.t: uiiu llifCilV _ .esc are the watchwords by which ™ " SHAPE '" general I" veteran of combat comma.xls the World War II European uaiKiiliiR. But Gruenther is bet- known to Congress members administration leaders and to mil- + Tlwit |jul (lie toll of dead nr presumed dead at 52. Thirteen bodies "'ere picked u|i from the waters three miles outside San Juan hnr- bor. shortly after the plane broke in two and sank shortly before ! i noon yesterday. [ But a near-miracle saved 17 of) the CO aboard on the Good Friday flight. Ane of them wns the pilot, Cant. John C. Burn, husband of singer Jane Froman. A similar crash, when Burn saved Miss Froman after landing m the Tngue Hive.- near Lisbon Against Ridgway's reputation n,s combat cnmnumdcr Has bal- •inccd Grucnlher's reputation as strategy-maker and adroit ne- Kptlalor In intricate European Portugal, nine years ago, fostered tnpir romance and marriage. Hum's flight would have brought him home for a wedding anniver- mucii good to] sar y celebration today with Mis.s " — •' ;s-I''""roman, whose singing career and " ' The office here now can get to ^PH Orleans, H clearing point for his area. Mr. Bracey said. It w.i.- tint kiMii-n exactIv entiancr to the bHildin-' v; -s ed. hut the biirplurs arr"brl<»--! have entered through :, side I" Arkansas, \ moving ava-1 t o which rr ; - ...... .„,,,,„ ii;j<jn<lessly at flood I nviii-,hi,, > levels and higher along nearly ] 000 ill m;les or the Missouri River today : The unprecedented flood crest iSMv^'sssr ra £ ucek. still was in South Dakota , «as two (lays away from Sioux i I City. la., irs next major target Two CoupSes Held in Hcyfi Slaying Released on _ „.,,,.,., „„,,., CAHUTHERSVJLLE Th,, ,„,„,„,.. open as of yesterday and some op- j l)crsnn charged with the March 0 I t WCitCrn Mlssco Rabies Cases Total 29 Instructions Given On Handling Animals Believed to Be Rabid A tolnl of 29 rabies ca^es Ivivc A 'A f *•» •» * r* '«cn recorded i,, M».,i^ip p i" conn- ' 4 46 2 X- R fll/Ofl ty dliruis the past, three months ' ' "*-'*-^*. rVUVGU Mrs. Annabel Fin. county health! I TT \Ar • "nrse. said today. ' | | n IWoWcekS TB Clinics to Begin In N. Missco Monday He said publication of his request » 80 back on inactive status was delayed because of his desire to NA-m " CWS himsclf to the ol >-or NATO commanders that he was leaving. Eisenhower told these 70 hnrd- tten military officials yesterday lortly before Hie Washington an- louncemenl was made * A " ?!' lc Saicl Ws moving speech man^here?'' 5 l ° ' hC C> '^ °' £VCJ ' y The general will leave April 16 for Brussels to begin a series of farewell visits to the North Atlan- yc Treaty Organization capitals in "If I should be nominated I shall Promptly submit to the President my resignation from the armed services." lie M jd. "I should then be free to speak, ix-e any other citizen, on any sub- KLsenhrnver'., retirement from the NAIO command-nt his own request—was approved by President Truman and announced yesterday In Washington. Mank is Permanent As a live star general however >'.e holds permanent rank in the Army, ,,nd upon his retirement iron, coniinund he will merely rc- verl to inactive status. He held E imlar ijiuctive while holrtin°- bis pre-NATO job us president o°f Coiijmbi.-i University Eisenhower told "reporters that Sec MSKMIOIVEK on t'ngc 8 nine offices were e four.!, nurse, said today The firsi of the 19.52 cases was recorded Jan. 14. she sai<1 . T| HraltJi Unit here also c;,Iled the in lC "| U ? n ,?' ""*"*'"!" Counlians to Slate Hoard of F!ca!th Invtruc- llons for detrnninliiR tile pre;enci- of rab.ip I ' ened todny. Mr. Brncey 'They've Got to Give/ States JN Talker After Minute-Meet United - .......... .^.,.,, nn 01 . ;| , rft south: Sunday panlv cloudv westlJ px l >ta: » p <»- because the rlc- cloudy east with showers ctidi/Tr in i ^"!'l a "?y" cy - Joh " Noble of the Krnnelt law firm of .„,„ • Noble, is a state senator , »wvcr imrnibers M the Senate are permlt- |ted r™tnn,;!iirc.« of tl^ir r.i^ t ,_- This Dale Last Minimum this morninf 37 M-iNi' ve-t^rchv_ 5-, f'7'l":atioi, January" Uo ^ and ''"• S: ' n; "^ Is ill sp-Mrm. I He -i.-f.-iHlant,, Char),-., .-, .. Avrry Oliver, are charged wim ip^ti^Wn'^g^ laying project In Campbell. The flfht was termed a union -jurisdic- t.onnl repute concerning Arkansas workers on the Missouri job. Th MUNSAN. Korea !,?—United Cons and Communist tru-e n, tmtors v.ent Ihrough the mp flicker of the motions todav c waiting for the ether to sii»! a compromise. " : "They've go! to give " siiri \ Gen. William K. Harrison nations >=ub delegate. Communists showed no sicn^ nf yielding. At each of the seven brief sessions this week they s« csicd had somclhins to propose°" lm; "' . Tnd.iy's inr-olttiz took ! minute, the slir>rlf-s[" ihi'^ ; is 33 minutes. Then- \v,> taken less time ir the ( tary airfields in North Korea ' A l " irri kpv iss "<= i ^ • - ^ . Ji.TJfJ [ The office h«re has not been j closed due to a strike for at least ' .110 years. Mr. Bracey said. "I came i hej-c m 1942 and I have been with ! Western Union for 27 years and i this i.s the first strike I have ever i been connected with." Mr. Urarev' said. ' * ! Tlnee people Here were out of i sl ?" olll " ! worc «'< 1 i>s«i yesterday work because of the shut-down 2 cr P« stin B Ixmls. William It Mr. Bracey said he is a member ' J antlcrs l">fled sIO.OOO bond, Mrs' of a St. Louis taxi company I , ••;• -••.<' at, Hayti was released last mvht alter posting bond. The she-rill's, office said C!eor«e Hiirvill was freed nfl^r pasting "a" SIO.COO bond set by Magistrate Sam Corbett "" nni ~ The other three persons charged ""- murder in connection with the , • - •••- • • •' in p unjri the union but locked the doui p on company orders [The strike has not b™, scuk . d j Nancy Hell Garner posted n 55 000 bond and Mis.s N'orma Jean Weber posted a bonrt () f $1 oflo the procedme the state bonrd ;rson h;is been bitten by al believed to be rahld- 1. Da not kill the animal. Confine it. preferably under a veterinarian's observation and wiirh its b-'havior for at least t-™ weeks. 2. If tlie animal dies during this periwl. rut off the head wTtl . damr, R i,i L! ihc brain. Pack the PC ruins re:eiv:no f rcc chest x- rny.= in crimes hems conducted throuchotit the «,unl,y reached t™-v.T-ek tot,I of .,.«, vvMerdav During the wc onrt week which ended yr-stfrday. a total of 1 981 persons were x-nued. '*' a cllnir '" R''rdette yoftcrdav ? M ^" rays wrrc ma(Ic - Recistrais ^7 ' IC n "" i ""- clinic were Mrs. : , J „ ''; f" 11 "'". I'liainnan. Mrs. ip 5 a ' !d Mrs - J 'm Tomp- in in M, f" s o-""-s of war Is I T " c s'rike has not l>, tl , ^ uk . d i ™ c " " """rt of : ,m the hands of .staff officers. They bllt " """"ber of small offices ire' ^ . nrp chari !< 1 <l with mur-! , j ; "' c '." recc?s ' ' r^ 1 " 8 rc-opencd. arro-dj, B t o ;Tr f , " c " n '' c " im ^'» the fatal | * * * 'Bracey. B ™-[shooting or P'rank Vassallo of st r "-' at a tourist court in Hayti. container having a tight-titling lid. place this container in bucket or tight box with enough' ire to kei-ji it in food condition arri ship it Iry prcnnid express tn t]>e State H>-Bi"i,ip r,.-,bor:itnry In I.ittj.- Rock. 11 0 not pack the head in dry Yank Infantry Repels Red Probes SEOUL. Korea ^-United >!»-;„,„ „„,., .... .. ** SEOUL. Korea lions infantrymen , probimt at;r:rks ;>] one; mile. Korr.m l«ilile '.?— United Na-ithc repulsed Red ;>3ong the 155- i i n ,, ( nil!ht only day the tangled in the week. Supporting the Rod probes speedy Jets lull. didn't have to wait | or . r?o 47 " nve tion.' Harrison told newf,mnn the u N "not It's date .il t |. Sen frivolous, ness." . The problems n will be r,'-| making a mow to ;d th^ help police a Kore-« very serious • side is e are (11 J-c.v.ioils]ll;!ird ai-cv. aftn- a two-dav lid have | B,-id woathcr Kroundcd UN air- generals i planes, but naval units Fridav '»gbt continued a steady hammer- »1R of Communist positions on both coasts of North Korea The Fifth Air Force weekly for » -•-— "1-l.AI* MUU- mary. released today, listed 10 Alhed planes lost over Communist territory—none of them to Red tiuhteis. I-'mir Coinimmlst MIOs were des- I roved, two prnbj-bly dawned and dnniacorl in that time. The *t*es occurred laM Sundiv— nnd mortars fiiod move than 2000 louncls against United Nations 'no Mliotis. More than half the shell'- vvcrc nllnca al u N |WsMlons Qn he r.nstcrn Front above (hc Punchbowl." was .... U.N. hill near Eastern The most serious Red attack was nunchcd Friday night against U N forces entrenched on the Mundting v.iltoy 01 Front. The U.N. infai I'ac-k, satmalcd th,- hilf wHh"ii,"! ilrmlji Ullevy fire nnd looccuplcd the hill! on i>, »( davn Saltlrdav. ! wo" t the Sea of Japan, Communist troops probed V. S. positions, skirmished and uithdtew. The IT. S. battleslLp Iowa led the uiu-al att-ick Friday, hurling ig. inch slielh nun lt«t BUI, emplacement and bunkers 18 miles Inland along the i-uMrrn end of the front On the Wc.-i Coast, the Brltlsi cruiser Bellas! led destroyers in at tacks on co.v-Cn! positions. ing i and lowed (or these bodies to it is Impossible to make a : tory rlinRnnsis. Runeifnits tr.ed radar ai m - boir,b:nn Communist supply .uppori biisi-s in afier-dark i Krldiiv, .Sixiceii Kuperforls ¥ .. _ ;'d n>'> MIS .1! huh explosives • ' "an to Liri •d su;>|,ii ;,iril,ti,..s in North- ,., •Core.i, others hit just be. „,,,„, he llf\r.:. and nrwther struck, will hr. un^rf M j » y.rd5 .car Hamhon.. | tioi S iiw^™^' her.- * a > no clinic tc.dav , m l : operations ., v ii| r( , M1Inc Mj ,,, d when the mobile unit wll n » lo- Stcr,' 1 M " >C Amwrr) I'bntJiion Att'T .1 SU-ijv-.- tbroirj) ,\->,-;; .-\r.'s- s:sM]>!H C'nuniy brph-n;,... M.-.r.riay. 3 ' ^^'i^ 1 " =•"«»'" be treated ; fr'om ?«^'^i'^JSf* to 4pm. each day. The elini ,s arc bv the Mi.-ws-ippi County TubcrculoMs \s- 5oci:iii,in with thr cooperation of the State Ural:!, Ofp.'.nnient the COUIIH- n-altii and the County Medical Society. Volunteer rrpis- .....i-rauies ircntment shn,,M \. i ^ K ^. are f lrov '*ti by Parent- Mart* »„ I, cannot be de^rmin^ '^^L? !!°"^'"- X^X^^'W™' S. 1 ;,inr.iti>ry dla«nosLi is ba.-i,-d on funilii,: rri-lain bodies )„ t h»; brain rclK of the animal amt thesr! often do not develop for fn-e or six ' n? J 't S , a , " l ° anllllal flrst bccnmpsj 111. Unlrss piiouah time has been T! by a phy.iclnn or be carcfuliv i cleaned »ith soap and water and -. good ar,f.,,.ptic applied. For hiu-s'.' above tiir. shnultlcr, antl-rabips 'icatinei.t sluniM n e started Imme-' aiatriy as a mutter of precaution •i. if an animal shows slims of rabies and is killed before five davs' 3N r..i\ -_ Oovern. said tnri.-jy (he Mo rnon hos ev er convinced his AH j >*•'(* tho» o pfedy sfcnogropher is ,c-j os efficient os o homely on* f »u.

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