The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1952
Page 7
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TAGT5 TWELVE (ARK.) COUIUER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1WS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r«t* per Un* toe conaecuUff Imertlou: Minimum chare* ..... • ....... *••> M& 1 Urn* per Una .................. lAe 1 timta per Un* per day .......... 12c 3 Hints per line per dsjr .......... 9- I llmti per line per tifty ......... 7c 12 ilniei p*-d tins per d&j .>.,,*,. *c Month p? r line ......... 90c Count UTS arcn^e wordi to Hie Line Ad ord«t«d (or thre« or til lime* md ik>j>pfd belor* explta;!on wil) be ch«rz- •d lor i he number of tlnx-s the Ad tpptartd (i ad Rdju.'unem of hilt mntle All cli«triert artTcrtUtng copy .-uib- miUed hy per*ons rr s til ins outside ol the fliy mu."l b* acroinpruilrd by cash Xklis maj easily bi computed from khf >bOT« lublt. Adtfrililng orderprt for IrmrnlM In- lerllons lake ih* one Urns t&b!e Nu respornlbimy will lie i.-ikcn for more tlxnn ons IncorKcl Insert tnn ol »ny fltifciflotl Lid Alt iris are remiclfd to Uirlr projjpi rliuUkaUon. style and lype, The Courier News reserves tli« right to edit oi rrject any «.d. Apartment tbr Rent 3 room apt., private bath, upstairs furnished. 719 W. Ash. 4 8 pk 15 2 room turn, apt., hot water, frlyl- dairc. Kea^onahie. cnujile only. Ifirtl \V iEh St., ph. 25119, 4,8 pic 4 15 \ and 3 room apts, unfurn. Wired for electric stove. Ph. 3610. \ R P 1 * Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 5L7 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tt TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 11J W Walnut Phone 33fl3 Plenty of Parking Space fill Dirt Ph 6363 3 15 p* 4 1 TKl.F, VISION KCA VICTOR . Day Amiisenifnt To. fh «70. HleWiy 61 North 321 rk <2l D. & P.I, NO. 15 in tons, drllmrrt, tr<-aifrt Knrkr-d 1 Gprmlnntlon «-; to Rfi prr rent .Sr.vr.1 j from 80 fttre* prodnrins 97 biUrn. Price j SIM ton. J Ft. GATHINCiS. t/linrn. Ar * 3 19 [>X 4 L9 i hoUBFV.crplnB 1 - oom. Ph, 2920. I Oocx! nnyhttin 4 JO pfc 15 s "" Corn, ; .' -Mixed ' " Fund's flyhrlil Sovljcrtn Jiir>r»lniH>n 3 room !\trn. apt,, pTlvme bntli. f.tpc- trlc kitchen, private cniTftiifc. llr-i water Jurnlshed. 404 E. tKvvts. iih. :^S3. 4,7 pk 14 3 rm, unfur. Rpt. I'h. 23SO or C086. 4'3 Ck tl Unfur. apt., pvt. hath. 100 Cherry. 4 3-pk 17 fh. 3313 or 2787 2 room Inrnlsh^d Rjii-, ilr} Lake. Pli- 2-iOG, 40 pk 4,16 . FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP N Hrnudway. Dlylhevlllr, Ph. 8m 3 2f) rk 4 2f. Seed soybeans, Dovtdisoy No. 2. Only 1 year (Yoni Brcorlnj-'.s slock. Sub.j<*cl lo. certification. Only a limited 1 3 room and bath in duplex. 623 N. Division^ '1]5 pk i2 3 room t t 4 room Rpls Inr rpnt. Cftll B612. C AbrnhRnv. 6 ck tf Modern 2 room fur fipt Ph. 2595 or 4855. 2|!4 ck tl Uodrrn apt.. 3 rooms and bMh. new- '"totnl. Ph. 3373. F Blraon. ' S;21 ck It Small Apartments, furnish ed. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services IXm'fc endanger jour fnmllj with lUjtT llrris—HUT I.BS TntBS. cnAPMAW 6KRVIC1 STATJON Main and Division Phone 3563 13]13 ck tr Services LAWNMOWEHS We shFxrpfn mid repair all type cnoworB/Also hfv A'/»si>rl p»n - cr mowers, All klntJs mower pnrts. Also power mowers for rent. Wcstbrook Machine Shop Anross from Kioger Storp 4;4 rk tf Need your radio rrpalrril? Cull Hcd Wivlton. Disabled Tctrrnn repairs ra- aio at home. Reasonable, prlrrs Fh. 8318- 4't pk 511 For movintr and lorn I JiauUns call W30. W, W. Bcck^am, 117 Rose. 320 si* 4 29 Curtntns W, Ash. Curtains lAiinticrrri MIA. J. E. Lawrence, Fh. 62,=. ,,25 pk 4,25 stretched. , 3,25 |>k -I 23 TELEVISION REPAIR AH maltca Ai models, Rt reftsonahle prices. I)ay Amusement Co. Ph. 44TO, HlghtCrty" 61 .Vorlh 321 ck 421 I repair any make or model wishlni? nmchlne 2 blocXs west or m*le P\z. on gth St.. by new school. Herhcrt Sraham. Ph. ens. 3 ; 7 pk 5.7 an vn?:t-Ti: PHOTOSTATIC SP.RV"- 1CK. O'STEEN'S STDDIO-115 W MMN 12.4 ci tt in housn at 310 \V. Walnut is yours for (ho taking. Two- story lirick home. Musi be torn down a n rl evciytliiiip hnulcd away. Satisfactory bniid will he rc<|uirp<l for com- plntion of contract. Sullivan- Nolson Chevrolet Co., Ph. ' lr ' 7 S. ( 411 ck 15 1-D»T irrTlcr on Jcn-rlry—3 (lass c,n ^"vhraiis. Red Ta= Dnnrh^y No, 2— w.ltr!:''.- nnr! rlorhs nur.tantenl wor): Sn^.. Nlne Tar O^rten p.i'-, cernllna- rionr- hy expert repairmen tytiwest 1 t'^n. M J. O.'^^rne. ph SfiSfi P [U: " 4 11 pk a Watch and Jewelry Repair supply. Ph. 21-12. me/H Co. (il lni])le-| 3.31 ck tf 1 1/2 IIP 1 14-fnnt 2 3/1 HP 1 8-rom Hill 2 mpftt blocks I Holinrt pllrnr al ca-;o rnpre.isars racks I Rtrnk innker 1 RxG wnlk-ln cooler l_ 1350 model I 1/2 Ion GMC trurk Whlto Furniture Co.. or . if Tomnto punt* I5e (Io7. pepper plants 20c <loz, 004 Ash St. ph' 1676 • -I 1 pk S 1 SPECIAL PAINT SALE •100 Knllrms. assorted Spring colors. (House A: ORrden Colors for Iflsil "•fttor thlnnert .interior rial paint. 3*5 rotors. 50c per quart. 42 per pullcm As lone n* present supply Inst.s. MARTIN TRENKLE. INO., Air Base trie- phone 3H5.1. Ulylherllte. Ark. 4;.s ck 55 SHED DEANS—DortS No. J~fff«- B pnnlnstlon 14 bushel O?tlen's. 9f! r ^ errnlni\llon. n.75 hllshel. U.S. niank- rtshlr.. Dell, ph. 3492. . 3j27 pk 4 27 Iroi: p-jrcetwln slitk; Hntpolnt •nnge; Westlnghonse refrigerator. In •ncellftnt ronclltton, A real bargain. Cnn be Been In operation, ph. 2773. 47 pk 13 nrletlcs. Cold Tnmntn Plnnt.t. Frnme plants: ISc do?,.. 11 00 \V. T\ Stirtrp, I^ne Onlc Komi Hlwf\y West. Saye Money Now At Phillips 300 BROADWAY 1951 FORD $1595 lieanlifiil! TMis Alpine liluc Kon! (S) Tudor He- diin. Willi radio and heater—and only 515951 1950 FORD $1395 All (he arrossnrii's yon could wisli for — radio, healer a n d overdrive. Custom Kordur—S1M5! '46 FORD $595 Another S-cylinrier Kord '/2 • Ton Tick up. ,\ e w paint, ^niitl healer. Fine condition. Excellent price. 4 SPECIALS $95! I'hillips has 'I super sjic- cinls on pickups and cars—each priced ;i( only S'.lf>! They're wnrlh the mono}'. 1950 STUDE. $1295 A nice little Sludebakcr Champion willi onlv 10,OIK) miles! Heater,' seal covers, dark blue. 1942 CHEV. $395 IIo we have In tell you if's a bargain? Deluxe •I-door—(\vo-fone color, radio, heater, seat covers '47 STUDE. $395 This Studcbaker I y t - TDII Truck ivilh a KIH»\ bed is a good buy! Come lo Phillips a nd save noiv! '48 FORD . $745 An 8-cylinder !/ 2 -Ton Pickup. II runs very nicely . .•. ami lias both radio and healer. Just rliiiiip^ Motorib Diiioanii ad.i i.»i ing^jpm^^.in.ij.fc » _i* 300 Broadway Rhone 4453 SEE OUR NEW 4-ROW LIFT-TYPE PLANTER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blvlherille, Ark»nsa» — Phone 2371 Private Rooms it. Bteatn heat. 611 -I 10 ck 5 10 Tv.'O Ifiri-e nouhle bedrooms, Hl-J It-Lira. !outi<T]y 310 \V Walnut. Mrs. Nfl-on n pk 4 15 Hertromns Met] only. Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer, ph. acfift. 4,1 pk 13 nrdroom with private bath. Ph. 9671 or 25M 4 1 pit 5-1 I [-*!??. cvmfciti nhle hfrtroom, rieivly [ doomed, kitchen privileges, IMislne-.s ' u-omen. I'll. 2314. . 45 pk 13 Female Help Wanted women In niythevlllp ami hiirround- Iii4 communities 'A'ho T.-anl pmt ct'iie •,V[> r V :f you have use of n car ami n telephone nnrl can work fit least loir 4417 or wruc P O, . 704. 4 : K Wanted fit once, two sheet nielul workers with ham! tools. Steady job. \S'ilson Welding & Fabricating- Co.. Osceola, Ark. 48 ck '114 We h:ivf immediate opening In this territory for honest, saber, hartl-\voik- Ini! man who rim [mulsh 51.1101) surely nUi pr 10 ft. meat display case, rh PcrfccUnn Tnhln Top cook Move Prr~- iccc. condition, j-fo.00. Ph, 63lfi, 44 pV A 4 Steel production in tiie (irst four months of 1051 in Ire United SMIc.! was 34 5 million torus, a new record. 1550 "A" John Deere with eonlnme-U 1917 "A" John Deere with rimliim-nt P. I. Regan Ciln Co.. Ph. 2631 or 11S.1 Dortch No. 2 srfil Hrothors, ph. G56*. i cheap. .1. I,. 48 pk 15 Adam Hc-hnrr upright piano. A bar- <atn. Jt25. Ph. 2566. Modern, 5-room house snrt hnth on North 6th St , I blr.rK from Central Waru School l.atKe fonrcd !n bs\cK- ynrcl. mitiSoor stornpc. $1.300 rash, hnfc- ancn 4% loin nl (40 per month, ln- cliKUng InRurauco and ta^rs- Modern 3-bcdroom with 3 haihs, In 10CH) block on Ash Strcc;. Latsc lot. 2- cnr gi\tngc, Immctllatc posspsslon. Price IU.OOO. 3-bearuutn hinne In Country Club Dilvo AdrtUlon, It's Tnenni— you'll Like It. Good condition. tl.rjftO lo J1.6SO cash Sec or vnjj JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. l!nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phono 25% 3 23 cfc It WHY ""•v'prF; r^ 11 "™"" 1 "- 11 """"" & - '^ : ." _ ! "J 1 ." P»l'rr «nrt needs » lol ot little "$350.00 DOWN PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Knr pr.lnnn; ^ntl papering ry '.VVjcrvl r nd Itov f-'Trfinr-.n We lali;-^ in shrcuofi: fltiUhtti'-: Ph For Sale, Misc. I ^ \v. Highway 5) rh. 2155. -I 11 f For Sa/e of Trade rt:ht rliTTin Kur snl<- or ivlll irofl' r-\\\ rnivrs nr >inrs". Pti -;7fi? '•4 10 pk 13 For Sole, Real Estate om hivitp vnoil locMlon rush srluml [Jltlrtcrl Into 3 «pi\r(- ~^ K — Tmm hl " h srl " w ' Dlclrtcd Into 3 apixrt- itrn. n ,\ pp:,r. ••; Anci Inncrsprinc j niont*. ench with flrctTlc kltrhrti T(\o mai^rcss. in ^,,5 4g pk , 2 -room apartments, one A-rnom ap^tt- r _, Ih - ment, nil fnHj- fnrnlshrd Fnrcod to ,._t. , IMS .n» nn i mil, nirnisnrci t-nrc «--,1 [V<! "J"'. 1 , 1 2 S ""-" Qlllrk Mlf "II h-cji™ nf 111 health Opfn(. !-.>,... OS. r.olluou. ph. .rsip 4!> r ,<23 -prrtlnn Applr 71.1 rhlrkin.ii.-lM ire. Jl.60 T?.".: r e your nun rntton n..;*"! facn In 10:5 nl so or tar.h. lejs than 5-'' 1 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY HUGH \V. AI.l.KN Pi.'.'V«''A- 471 4 2 pV 5 2 CERTIFtEirnOKTCH No72 „ trt ,^ [nr ; : " h;1! 1 20 i 4 10 i _ <• O 5. >i<ML!ton, ph XW. 49 pX 2S Mrtrtfrn 2 hMroom honir. 222.1 Krn- nnocl Urtvr tyto down, f 10 SI por mnnth PJi JiJlp. 4 7 pX H ricartcfl inslrtc and out nnrt ron\- lv rororni'.tlonrrt Mfmthlv piv- s. Itirluninc taxf>s ana In^irnnre r\m hpf.vp^n f-JD.OO nnrt IW.OO'wltri TERRY Trrry A Real ESTATE Farms—City Propurly l''or sale modern 5 room house, 3'acres, adjoining city limits. Price $8,500. Immediate possession. Also 5 room house, two lots in* south part of town. Price H500. Have two or three nice houses. Can !>e purchased for .small of|iiity. F. B. .toynor H. C. Campbell I'll. •!<!-({;, 8205, '187-1 -tfl ck 'I'12 S;ifMf1rr>~lri\v1nt; city- s\t\ ntuariUp nirnlrni 4-hrdronni. 2 hnthrtiom homp. nmrtorn r<pilpnici)t, drop lot. lelpallv loc.iiri! Already (ltinnc«l n-ith !(z 3.H notes. Phone 2131. -VII pk 4 12 uly rnntc on small s:U-ny. i;oo<l^. W> fiuntrjh all uur- KhnmlUe ?n«l ritr. Kspc'tLciicf not nc"-- '.ssary. \ l .'rHf- Rt-honilth Inc.. 3a->2 Cardinal, Memphis. Teiin. -1 & v ',\ 12 He/p VVanfecf, Ma/e Men b^tvcfn RK* 1 * 21-45. Wcrp you B.illsnrd <vlth vour lf).>l earnings? rf not, anil If you have farm or sales ^jnrksrrmnri. nnrt wnnlrf lv wllllnif to worlt rural rnntps In ArknnKaK. write I.nllirr PLorcp. 112 E:asl Vtnp. Blythp- vtllr. Ark . for further details. 'MUSI have a servlceahlf* rar. Salary commission anri training exponses patd for ntie who qualifies.. 411 pic IT NOTICE Notice Ls heiel)> given thai "the undersigned has filed with the De- pnjtment ot Alcoholic Bcvrragr Control ot the SUt« of Arkansas lor a permit to t*ll and dLsjiense lirw ftt main on the premises de- .scrilied ns : 32« Main, Blyliie- ville. Miss, County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas. o[ gond moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or olhfr crime involving moral Un'pi- tiide; that jio to wl! beer bv Hie undersigned has been revoked ••villiiii live years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of viclatlnB the laws of this state, or any oilier stale, re-, lative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. .Application Is tor permit, to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1952. and io pxjiire on the 3ffth day of June, 1953. L M. Cllnppcl! Subscribed and sworn to before me this lo day o( April. 1952. Mabel Hogan, Notary Public My Commission expire.?: 8-23-54. for Rent 3 room (tirnlshed house and bath 122 N. Gth St.. ph. 4336. 4!11 rlc 1 l.S 5 room fvir. hou.-e. 6 room unfur i riousp. Ph. .1.131, iMitnlf Soydston r 11 ck 15 | 2 room house, furnished. Eleclrlc kitchen, hath. Ph. 4225. 4 11 ck 4 15 j fi ronm house hnth or rents ns two I apartments. Plion 6345, -J 10 p>: 4 14 4 room house, bath, l.arse screened hark porch. Garage. 114 Lake. ph. 1*406 Aplllj- 516 l.aXe. 49 pk 4;16 .VOTICK OF HKAKlXti TO V:\CATi; A ciillTAIS' DK.S'IG.VA'l Kl) STREET Notice Ls hereby given that Trinity Baptist Crmch and Oarvin Hotley ha.s filed with the City Council ot lilythevilte. Arkansas, a petition to vacate and abandon that portion ot Vine street running West from Lilly Street to the alley running North and South between Lilly Street and Lake Street, in the City of BlythevilJe. Arkansas. Nctice. Ls further Given that on 13lh day of. M:iy. 1052, a hearing will "he held by the City Council to hear and deter/nine whether saiti street shall be vacated. All persons interested are requested to attend sa'd hearing. Dated this 10 day of April. 1DS2. W. I. Maldin, Clerk 4'll-iB| — i tost and Found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3262. 3423 or /M6<t, GJpJicoo Hotel. 11 ck tf Girl's flASfies, Kreen plastic tram fa I-osi last wrrk In blue denim ripper h.tR. HEWARD. Cnll Kny Jobc. ^130 1 3 pk 12 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W f. Pollard Aecncy Plannprl Protection Ot.T.NCOK HOTEL BUII,D[.VO <:a r.t Notice | min;»"*hr" ^"n'" e '"s fm'ulr'V. ** Kotel. CUude Kolwyck. 49-12 Noble Gill Agency IN'SURANCF: I.KAVING KOR N'KST COAST 14 ft. van trurk IrnvInK for U'rtt ; C-onst In two wrfXs. will Inkr m^<l i rrasonnhlp Cnnttict R228 or n:(«7 ns : v»on fl-i ;Ki«lf>tr. ^ •> pk i 6 fty chr day. wc<:i Do-well, ph, 3706 Shetlftntl pony Tor your child -- - ( eck or month. John Mc- Thrcp garden lots tor i*:ut, un nolla SltVct Eai:h 55 x 130 feet -V153 before 8 p.m. 43 pl< 5.3 it On Mflg- fecl. CMI 4 9 pk 1C WARNING OKDKR In t)te Chnnccry CniirL. Chlrlta-] sntvbn. District, Mississippi County, .Arkansas. Earlone Frnncway, Ptf, vs. No. 12,004 Ernest Francxvay, Dft. The defendant, Ernest Francway, is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court naniPC! in the rnpUon hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, Earlene Francway. Dated this I9th day of March, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykcs, D. C. Guy Walls, attorney for ptf. Ert H. Cook, attorney Ad T.item. 3*21-23 4-4-11 Ph. 68G8 fl 3rt clc if (i ^ llfl ^liomr. siork find nil pnVp^ ri-'tuy -A it^r. rlf rtrlrlty. frjiont, m.iti. l*i:< ioi.i>r Ni-nr Parapould on izn.vl l>oorj fi-|oo;n hovilif ftml ID ixrri^ cor>..l J r. CH.MMN Mixnlln. Arlc Trlrplninp 24 WFPT KFSiT^rKY STOCK KARN \Vnti liniin-ivrn'.rnt^ ,t Pcrnianrnt Prt nj5. Rfnltnr TELKV'ISION KKPAIR All prices Pay Annisrmont; Co. h. 41TO, Hlgliaay 61 NorDi -131 rk Wonferf i 1 \^<iiitcfl, jippliancft salcs- ; nii'ti. Opjxirlunilios jrood for j I'ix'lit mail. Possible oarniiii/s ! up to Sli.OOO.OO .1 year. Must CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizti up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Siifs Mp to 81 in. A. H. WEBB AwiomAlic Flood Gate* Concrete A Metal Septic Tanki nr«l Trices We OeHyer Ut« Un« FAKM LOANS You Can Pay, - ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm incoma without penally This Frmioiix FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i* trri/fon into yoitr note (criftri \fm fitirip tt tortnfrotn TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 21.H Walnut I'hone 23S1 Morlgage Loans of All Kinds COTTON SEED 3D Ions, DPL Saved from fnunilntlnn seed, subject lo cerliRcalion. Gtrml- nalion 93f«. Savert before Ihe freere. $110 TON Also .Cpitar fosls for Sale PHONE DELL 26S1 RUSSELL GILL Orll - - - OsceoU FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-0-PEP STAF-O-LIFE -3 IT pk 6 IT KEAL KSTATK SPI- iicllrnt location n» once hotpful. Apply in pnrso :U Montgomery \Vard. '1 10 ok -l.l i*i Tac cr^rt^ R-:od bearvF. Pi^nt ] <1 approved. C. I,. \VV1.IR r.-onils.-rt Land Farm Or Phone 2625, BlytheTilla •!2 Dom»M!rt ranMt-i. FrveTP, rirfsFCd, rr;uiy * v o conV;. Al'.o breeding FtocV Ph JJm Roltfon. 2064. 320 cl; A 2fi 4 row John Deer* Planter with mark- t-Tt; 4 row John Drorp rotary hoe ivnd John IVcre d(?c Mrinw Hale Seen forms, BurdeUf. Ph 4?03, 3 7 ck tf Frlclrtalrt 1 , o^cd, good 5tiap«. Price I29.50, Halsell-Whltfr Furniture Co. 4,11 U li tlvs one-It", tf: ily a h.ucAln aTet horr In 1?^! hpvillft on the 'i T sr.-l '-.^th near new hlzh ' ?'. j:s to 540 monthly. Trie Holly. M..|eMtel>- priced. Art »rw e '',M>e to niythevtlle. \V111 CLMl^lc' r!'.«o! i:;™ o,^«n ^nd owner R'Ul r.ii I MF'A Mini:.,! Inv Co will ielert »n i;,-nt lo sell their ^nlo and oilier ra,. I iialtv lrt,i,rn,t,-e In the niyt hevlll* ter| lltorv Must no te.spotislhle. hon.-st .(.( fu'n;rtln:rd wl^ arcn tor Im.'tvlf.v i «•«'<•. s p. snrrns-rn. 2,M S 7th, ro- jliirnhlli. Mo 4U rv ,., i Wanted to Buy HL. >t !°; en, ,,;, „ hullrllne In «-on..ertu! viLurb,,,, i nt! , 4 , a „„ sc^lnns of PLythrvlltc. Tw .<o'.uh on Highway 6s. Lo BUY or SELL, r.i" whcthfr you want : tt'ANTF.n W. pay top prlre., t at >ovtif»n«. rnyhetn splits, shellert corn. [ nits. \vlr-3L ^nrl hrirley Get our pttre FARMERS sovnr.xs roRj>, J H. nrnadtvay. niytherllle. Ph. R19J .1 20 cX 4 20 KtMP \VHISF.N1H-NT nrAl, ESTATE Phone a4',9 4.9 ct: j ri> will fij c\xn (or your olrt iKortaVs. CLMnerAi and Lenses for narl.s osrrtn-5 srumo. us WBST M»m ill ck ti Guaranteed Watch Repair Tonr walrh Is ili»»5Mrnihlf*. nprf. i>lvnt^ poUshcd and hair spring! 3 Day Service Thompson ' Credit Jeweler Moore Bros Store Fhotic 6866 IHwaj 18 Wcsl A Lesson In Saving HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP IXI W. MAIN ST. 289 Our Trucks Are • Priced Right • Conditioned Right • Sold Right 1950 Chevrolet deluxe {4-Ton Pickup Truck —a low mileage car now low priced at $1AOC Sullivan-Nelson ' | V«) V 1050 GMC >/,-Ton Pickup Truck—here's a cily 5AAC driven (ruck Dial's an excellent buy at only . 39V 1!)J8 Chevrolcl 'A-Toit Pickup Truck—it's a $7QC dandy! Take a drive in it—you'll see it's good / i)v 10 18 International (/i-Ton Pick Truck—a steal at this low price now offered to you IfMfl Dodge 1-Ton Stake Truck—a good farm S truck. You'll get dependable service from (his. jyjS Ford '//-Ton I'irkiip Truck—and a clean § one, Sullivan-Nelson prices it at a low, low .. .' 1SU9 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup Truck—u real 5 bargain! Save money and trade now. . .only.. . 1917 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck—new S7flC fe'-ey finish. Lois of good service left in this one /JfO 1919 Chevrolet M-Ton Pickup Truck-a Jim- SQQC dandy! And we put on a low price ing, too... 093 19lfi Ford 2-speed long wheelbase Cab & Chas- SEOA sis Trk. 825x20 tires all around. . .good farm trk 30" 1950 Chevrolet 2,speed SWH Cab & Chassis Truck with 820x20 front tires, 900.X20 (ires on rear. In excellent condition, this truck is one you should see today! Many More'to Choose Prom EASY OMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Kig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans A Full Meal _ Served With French Fried '"/ 1^ C Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls / ^J ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! Hurry-Hurry Horner-Wilson'* Big Sale Now Going On! CARS 1!W1 CHEVROLET Power- gllrte 2-rIonr Srflan. Make a dollar-savlnir trade now during this bin sale. All extras. 1MO PLYMOUTH 4-rloor Sedan. A smart latc-mo^e] rax with new lire.i, r»rl!l> and heater. Bny now and save. • L!M6 FORD Z-door Sedan. A mlfhlr nice '48 modrl, IMi Ford Is rut-priced at onlj- SS35 diirlnj this sale. 1946 MF.KCITKY S-Passenerr Cltili <'mi|ie. One of the nicest. cars yon'JI finil an.vwhcre, . .New tires. An* only S655. 194S DOriGE 2-door Sedan willi new reconditioned motor, Rnori tlrps, radio and heater. It's clean. Xow only $695. 1933 CUKVnoi.KT 2-door Se- dsn. Ret you can't find a better value in this model. Reconditioned motor. . .5230! HORNER-WlLSON TRUCKS I9M GMC Z-TON short wheclbase Truck with 4 brand new tires. Buy it nnw nl a bir- lafn at Homer-Wilson. 1.151 STUDEBAKER US-Ton Ion? whfelbase Truck that's lust Ilkp new. Von'H be smart lo b\iy It this week. S1295. IMI) FORH 15-Ton rlrkup priced at a low, low $895. What i buy! Get that pickup now it Homer-Wilson. 194!) GMC 'i-Ton Pickup. Just !f"5. Don't wait t oo | or , g to . inap up this bargain at Horn- sr-Wilson. l!>47 CIIF.VROI.F.T H^Ton Pickup, S69.i — riRhl — S695. tt'ilh new paint and new tires this fs a snper ? valuc. l!HS r,MO l<i-TON Truck witli pr.icllc.ill.r new molor. H9S. Also has new paint and jood tires. $195. Rocket Oldsmobib — GMC Trucks ON EAT MAIN ST. I

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