Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on December 17, 1923 · 16
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 16

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1923
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. THE CALGARY DAILY HERALD, MONDAY, DEC. 171923 THE HERALD'S AMUSEMENT PAGE VAUDEVILLE FILMDOM DRAMA MUSIC o 1$ WWftf STARTS TODAY I PICTURES CONTINUOUS. Rigoletto With SWANSON SISTERS In "Around TFKA? THE HUMAN 1 l.r.fl CLOCK WORKS Ths Greatest Mission of Modsrn Timet Special Added HOWARD & LEWIS In "DO YOU LIKE MET ! KAFKA & STANLEY "Limits of Daring Endurance" FEATURE PRESENTATION John Gilbert COMEDY NEWS ART OF THE PICTURES IS THE GREATNESS OF THE LITTLE THINGS LKtle thins are the greatest In the irt of the motion picture according o Vlnrlnla Yalll, the UnlversiU star tho la credited with brains as well la beauty. . In fact one net the impression from her observations that the art of pictures ta an extension if the well-known atomic theory. "A treat play." says Virginia, "cannot depend alone on the smashing climaxes, torrential floods of human emotion, or soul-gripping situations but on little things that In them- THREE DAYS ONLY TheWanuai, xvhoT1imd A qktion fnm MAURICE- MAE MAETERLINCK'S DRAMA Comedy Feature 'Roughest Africa FOX NEWS Palace Orchestra REGENT Night-Storm-Two Men and a Woman Lacked In a Lonely Cabin. Insults, Slows, Frenzied Strug. it Fast friends until a woman came Into their lives. Blinding jealeisfysf tsr sis camel tee tMs tremendous thrill, peeked drains of tfe ag Norm Wsaaal Otrsctea ay MCHARD . STANTON CUU. LAEMMLE "McGUIRE of the MOUNTED" i Starring WILLIAM DESMOND COMEDY -NAVY BLUES" POX NEWS Brothers ths World" Attractions FRIDKIN &. RHODA A Novelty Dance Divarsion Holiday & Willette Pressnting, "Detailed" -in"The Exile" REVIEW TOPICS selves are as nothing but which, knitted together, make life. For life, not heroics, la the backlo:ie of the play. "In every play that I have starred In. and In every play I have eecn which proved a ral success." says Miss Vaiil, Its success 'iy In Ha being an echo of life. On the other nand. I have seen many remarkable piny 8, with actuations better than the successful ones, with climaxes better constructed and motivation bigger, which, however, feH by the wayside. They didn't have the little things. "The play we are doing at I'ntver-sl City now The Signal Tower." by Wadsworth Camp, Is not going to be great because of the remarkable con fllct of emotions with two men and a woman In a lonely railroad Junction. It will be because Director . Brown makes Wallace Beery do little sleight of-hand tricks for Frank) Darro: because of the little subterfuges the '.onely woman resorts to In an attempt to make her bleak home brighter; be. causa of a hundred-and-one llttto touches that make her house a home, and her existence a lifs not a story. "The big situations carry the flit: they are indispensable. dripping events keep up the Interest. But the little touches, woven throughout complete the Interest. 'THE WANTERS' IS COMING TO THE CAPITOL THURSDAY FEATURES ROBERT ELLIS Found an actor who Is never lata for work. Without casting any unfriendly aspersions on the other members of John M. Stahl's cast In "The Want-era," a First National picture, soon to be shown at the Canltol theatre there la one star In the group, Robert Bills, who never falls to report on the set on time, made up and every thing. Prior to hla being selected for one of the principal roles In this no ruing Louis B. Mayer production Mr. Ella spent five years as a director, and he has many poignant memories of scenes held up and tempers lost because of the tardiness of play-era working; for htm. On returning to grease paint and make-up. he signed a pact with himself thst he would never keep another director waiting, and It la still as good as new. - FOR WIFE. MOTHER OR SWEETHEART They will all be pleased with a . nice Hand Bag bought at I Leathercrafts EMPRESS MATINEE AND EVENING Children, 1Q Adults, 254 Monday Wednesday "HEARTS AFLAME" - TODAY THIS WEEK'S OFFERINGS WHAT THE PRESS AGENTS SAY ABOUT THEM I01ETI0 BROS SWANSON SISTERS ! Well Known Teams Take the Headline Position In Vaudeville at Cap. Charles and Henry Rigoletto, known the world over aajjje Rigoletto Bro-Uiers, wt'.l appear as the headline act at tlie Pantagea today at the Capita theatre, with the Swanson Sisters. The matinee performance) commences at 3 o'clock and the evening performance at t o'clock, continuing until Wednesday night. The two brothers are known. as two of tt.e riX'St versatile srtlsu appearing before the public today. They present sthletlc posing, hand balancing, magic. Juggling, instrumental and many other novel features, all In a very artistic manner. Tim Sw.uison Sisters are two of the most talented young ladies appearing In vaudeville, wearing many changes vf beautiful imported gowns, and Uiey present their songs and dances In ' a very charming manner. Out of the two added attractions on ths bill for next week there is very Hits to choose from, as to which Is the best. Howard and Lewis, two very favorite conucs wi the vaude vllle stage today, give their gusran teed laughing hit. ' I You Like Me?" It is a programme which moves rap-Idly, mis plenty of eccentric comedy, mingled with song and, sumo very funny dialogue. Fridkin and Khoda, the other add ed attraction, will be seen In. a nov elty dance diversion. They have a really beautiful offering of terpls-chorean novelties that are original and unique In their conception and presented very artistically, while special settings and effects add to the attractiveness of this miniature production. Holiday and Willette are two well-known favorttea presenting their latest success entitled "Detailed," a comedy Jewel In a special setting replete with a refreshing line of original patter Interspersed with song. Kafka and Stanley are two international artists who will be seen In "Limits of Paring and Endurance," This la a very seruetloruW mid-air trapeze performance that la the last word in thrills. For picture entertainment Manager John Haxza has chosen for his Monday feature, a vary strong play nailed "The Exiles." with John Gilbert, the man who made such a strong showing In "The Count of Monte Crist o." in tho lead. 'THEEXTLK'CAPITOL Featuring John Gilbert Opens Today for Three Day Run . Two men locked In a room wtrh a table and sixty thousand dollars be tween them! The room is In a hotel, and the hotel is In Tanglers, Africa, where public opinion doesn't exist and law la mora faros than force. This is one of the Intensely dramatic situations of William Fox's produc tion of Richard Harding Davis fa. mous story. "The Exiles," showing today at the Capitol theatre, with John Ollbert to the leading role, A murder in this godless Mediter ranean seaport would mean nothing but raised eyebrows to the few who would hear of It, Its simplicity and ease were in themselves tempting. Both men knew this. Both desired the money, one for pleasure and ths other for the one from whom It had orlrinaUy been wrested. The contestant for right was Hol- combe of New York, an honored district attorney. In Tanglers as a result of overwork at ths bar. The other wms a guilty police commissioner who had Jumped hla ball la New Tork. Ho loom be had no lag-al right to taaa f'Q.OOf from the commis sioner. But sines hi residence in Tanglers ha realized that the law Is onen ouna. ana that the money would never toe returned if left to the law. In assaulting the coramls sioner for the money he was breaking the law, ths very thought of which, before he cams to Tanglers. would have terrified him. Ths gay. wanton city had opened his eyes t Ufa aa It Is lived not aa It la repre sented ia law oooka. Ths latter situation together with a miraculous reacua during? a wild boar hunt, censtltnta only a tiths of this production's great thrlUa, Toe colorful scenery ot Tsnglera and the siren tare and romance that revolve within its gates ail cursnlra to make the screen version ot FJcliard Harding Davis story a thing of moment The cast includes many serosa notables. DID STUNT HIMSELP "Ifs easier ta do a atur.t than teach a doubla how ta da It." This la tha view of Jack Hoxle, star at "Msa in the Raw." new Universal Western thrUler. ptaylr.a at tha Ea- gssw sha?Fa. T;r. Hs aid si daring plunga aver a cUff. a fight order water, ard several ether strenuous feats Mmself. In spite of remonstrances of Oeurge Mraliil. his director for a.i injured a; means expensive dears in a ftlTn. iioxia, a eosrpunrner before he he-came aa actor, f.stiy refused to si- low ths wsJUaaT "doubla" ta work la hla plaea. CASE IS APPEALED TORONTO, Deo. XT. DtffarW ! with tha daetatoa of Xosttr orde In bH view aa to tha appBrarton of the Irduerrtal Iaieraea Invest igatton Act. Mr. Juatare Mowst has rrrd in the trn"i'e dtvi:on t :,i in the T.TO..') II. d..'! ,-o-irt..onere er, J-').,.,- ' strui'.irg tl.e bor! of ro-j,T't;oa appointed by the niinlss-r uf Vrwr from ; prvH-nadi.g 1:h the tnTwatiin of j , the wage ds(,uta terweea tha To- ( . it to eCerttrio eomtuatoeexa an4 'UttAX eme4s ' PANTAGES TODAY VANNA" BASED ON A Chance Meeting of Plsan Gentleman and Peasant Furnish Basis The chance meeting of a peasant mj:d and a noted general was the In-rldent which sttrts a series of thri'.l-inr dramatic scenes in Maurice Maeterlinck's drama, "JConna Vanna," which has been re-created for the screen. Wllltam Fox wlU present this Immortal love story at ths Palace theatre today, starting a three daya' engagement. Monna Vanna the peasant maid Is kMnanped by the soldiers of Uuldo, the Flsan general, and then taken to his house. When the Florentine army attacks Plea, Monna Vanrn ntarrs ths Plsan commander with the belief that she may Inspire him to victory and save the city. Pisa is under siege for a month, however, and the people are without food. Vltelle, tha Florentine commander, aends a note demanding that Monna Vanna visit him in his tent at midnight, alone and clad only In a cloak. This Is ths only price he will consider for the safety of the ciry."the message Informs the Plsan council. f his demand is not met the city will be sack ed and pillaged. In spite, of the protests of Guldo, Monna Vanrfa voluntee's to make the sacrifice that her people mav have food. Fhe visit the tent of the Florentine commander onlv to recog. nlze In him the young soldier sh had nursed bock to health when he was wounded by Guldo several months before, miring the Interview the Flor-Btlne soldiers rose agnlnst their com. mander for his delay In racking the oity of Pisa. Vltel'.l and Monr-a Vanna escans from the camp and reach Pisa, where they are met by Uuldo. Monno Vanna la denounced before the en tire city for insisting that Vitelll had not harmed her. The Florentine e- mmander is thrown Into prison but scapes whea tha prison walls r-I! in uunng tha attack of the invading army. ;uido ia killed In the fighting and Vltelll assumes command of the army and leada the Plaana to vic tory. -Ha is crowned ths new ruler of the rltv and takes Monna Vani.a as fait queen. MARTHA MATTOX FILM PIONEER Martha Mattox, who gives a splendid character portrayal in Rerlnaid Barker's production. "Hearts Aflame." a the Empress theatre, which on ens a three-day engajrement there today, is one of tile .very few film pioneer players who are found on the screen today. Her experience dates back tt the Marion Leonard compacy, anf in reminiscing, she relate bow ths actors and actresses had to assist in pushing the stage around a the sun started to go down in order to get the full benefit of the light whila It laed. The old rose-covered, cottage In Natchez. Miss., where Mattox was born, still stands Intact. In tha cor rect sense of the word, she Is a full-blooded Creole, her f,vrher being on of the early Spanish set tiers of Mis sissippi and hr mother coming from one of the oldest French famines ia Louisiana. For twenty-seven years, Martha Mattox has been before tha pnbllc as an actress of merit having played moat of the Khakespeariea roles and every kind of character except an oriental. "Hearts Aflame," a Metro ptrtuhe. was produced for Lmils B. Mayer. It Is based on "Timber," tho novel, by Harold Titus, llitllllllillllllP .3 Pipe .Smokers. jffi&";L, j T Have you tried Checkers Cut Plug? uf 'tTV'lJitT. :ff"::":"::" ar j : j sC T I I I I i ' www .... ' csr-- . - . k''i ii I II ill i u u n ix a ij wii at-sr-r--c- vttss n n n 1 i l I K M H I I r v-O J V .. "Ss yi HJy Q U M U U I I RURA L COMEDY 10 BE PRESENTED BY I ire TIf i icon Jnh the PLAYERS-TON GH Mss Margaret Marriott and Cast of Twenty-Two Appear In "Mrs. Wiggs" Tonlglit the rurta'n will rise on the Initial showina of "Mrs. Wiggs of the 'abi'Sge ratch. a rural drama writ t-n by Alice Hegan Rice and present- ed by M s, Margaret Marriott and Grand Players with a special cast of twenty-two people. It has. upon more than one occasion been billed as "the best show value ever offered," and while this may be stretching the point to a degree, the fact cannot be gainsaid that few shows have offered a better value. It has gained for j Itself the name of being a standard production In every sense of the word, and Its witty lines and Its amusing situations, to say nothing of the patbus with which It Is flavored have never failed to please 'tha most discriminating audiencea. The sfory Is so well known to those who have aeen the play upon previous occasions or who have read the took, that it hardly needs to be recalled to the minds of the theatregoers at this time, but it may be stated that "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cab-la- Patch" Is a story which revolvee around ths character of an amiable woman, the mother of the neighborhood, who leads in all activities and views the affairs of the community and her associates with a pure philo-sonhr thst contains many a well put lesson. Mrs. Wiggs, the heroine efi the play, has an originality that hasi caused her to stand out prominently ! as an Individualistic character of: modern fiction. She Is one of those persons whose mannerisms and methods of handling delicate situations have become well known In almost every household In the land. It should be borne In mind that pure monev to the value of fifteen dollars will be given to children under the age of twelve who make the most words up out of the letters con tained In the name "Miss Margaret Marriott." Replies to tha contest should be handed in to the theatre not j later thsn Thursday, liecemner zu. and all those taking part ahould be present at next Saturday's matinee if they wish to qualify for the money prizes. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT "MONNA VANNA" It was written by Maurice Maeterlinck, who has been called tha "Bel-glen Phakespeare." - It was first produced in Paris with Madame Maeterlinck In the title role-England banned ths play tor ten years because of the tent scene. ' It has been presented on the stags of nsarly every European country. It was first produced In the fnited 10 In few Tork City. ! Mary Garden won fania In the title role of the play when presented as an epera during 1)11-1)14. The immortal story has been recreated for ths screen and is now winning further success In Europe. William Fox will present this historical lovo dram today at .the Palace theatre. WILL SUCCEED FRANK BACON Aa a result of tils human characterisation in "Are You A Failure r the B. P. Schulberg special coming to tha Palace theatre Thursday, 8a .n Allen, who plays Thaddeoa Crane, has bean awarded tha most coveted part la America that of "Lightnin' " In tha perennial play of that name which waa written by Frank Bacon. Frank Bacon appeared In it for several year prior to his sudden death, and now the mantle4 ot tha great actor falls on Sam Allen. NEW YORK COURT IS PICTURED BY DRAMA IN CAPITOL FILM How was it done? That Is the most ' frequent question asked by film fans. I If it is not to be questioned that the courtroom scene In The Exiles." the hn Gilbert star vehicle showing at the Capitol theatre today, caused many such inquiries to float In the Cspitol theatre lobby. Firstly, tha scene was realistic, i having all the architectural embel- ' lishmenta expected In buildings of : Its type. Tha criminal court building, of New Tork City, was reproduced by : a facile William Fox artist. Room ' No, I. tha interior of the particular ' court, is the criginal of tha one pic- ; tured In "The Exiles." I I. I. .- ,u. . . t.v- o,-v.-. ' 7. 'JLV ,' .1 f., i.l T!!L 2 his career. He appears as a descend ant ot Judge Henry Hoi. oi-. his father, ha Is an eminent barris- I ter. Hla case Is exciting and the i manner In which he prosecutes Is a ! marvel ot hlstrlonism. i Even Richard Harding Davis. author of ths story, and intimately flim!iiar with aJl the courts in New York City, would be at a loss to say 1 whether or not tha court which fig ures In the motion Picture was tnt original or the fac-simUa. FANS SAVE DAY William Desmond in "McGuire Of the Mounted" at the Regent Today Youths In their teens, operating amateitr radio plants, saved the riv for WO lam Iiesmond and a big film company engaged on the of "McGuir of the Mounted." the big northwest play filmed at Universal City, which be be shown today at ths Regent theatre. Jack Law ton. loca tion depart'i ent head. paved the w In the final scenes of the picture It was necessary to use snow scenes. and Law ton planned to send the company to Bear Valley. But the storms had washed out telephonic- connec tions, the single line into rba woo-s, strung on trees, being short-circuited in several places by tha dampness. Law-ton got in touch with a number of wireless amateurs, members of tha Lea Angeles Radio club. These proceeded to relay messages to Jack rRotterlev at tha Rip Rear Countro club, asking: him to make reservations for a company of 15 and ths cameraman and directors. o "In seven hours I had six telephone calls from different amateurs, report, tng tha message through, and an affirmative answer," snys Lawton. "Our hats are off to tha radio amateur at Universal Clty." The company thus sent to Big Bear Included William Desmond. Louise Lorraine. Vera James, W. A. Lowery and others. THE VIRGINIAN" It COMING Kermeth Harlan, who accidentally hot himself In tha street duet scene In Tom Forman'a preferred picture. "The Virginian." not only disobeyed hla physician's orders to remain In bed. but returned to tha B. P. Schul berg 8tnd!oa and insisted on working tt bours straight to finish his part of tha scenes in tho picture which la soon to be aeen at the Pal ace theatre. At the end of the night and day appearance before tha camera the actor was in a sorry plight. His leg waa swollen and Inflamed and he walked wtth difficulty. . During the acting of tha scenes ha had refrained from limping and tha tensing of his let muscles in aa effort to walk naturally, aggravated hia wound. Director Forman and other mem- AMATEUR RADIO FORM ill BARGAIN NIGHT ALL TONIGHT SEATS G-R-A-N-D-AH Week MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY bars of the company were unaware that Kenneth was undergoing so much physical agony, as he made no complaint. Whsn ths director asked how he felt and if he could go on, be had the same reply: "Keep shooting. I am all right." Dr. J. J. O'Brien, who has been attending Harlan, waa called in as soo.i as the actor reached bis home, til j Fountain avemie. The physician declared his patient would be confined to his home for several days, a danger of infection had not passed. THRILLS AND CHILLS It looks like a season of big spectacles for the screen. After losing our breath at the flood In Ths Town that Forgot God," and the wlndstormt in "Tho Old Homestead" and "One Exciting Night." we will see the super-thrill of the year In "Are You A Failure?" the feature coraln to the Palace theatre Thursday. Ths climax of tha story is reached In the dynamiting of a log Jam that raised tons of lumber from the river. JEALOUS HUSBANDS A DRAMA of a wife's indiscretion and a husband's folly with thrills, pathos and strong heart interest, featuring Jane Novak, Ben Alexander and Earie Williams. Ovartura by Ladies' Comedy Presentation -DANCE OR DIE" and I 50t I i A CLEVER ACTRESS Marguerite Clayton, who play! opposite J.ack Hoxle In his !. starring vehicle. ,Men in the Haw," Universal attraction pliying St t!i Regent theatre Thurslay. is a " Ing" rider as well as a clever actress 8he learned riding. Incidentally, oi the ranch at 1' City, bell i taught by the cuwuoys ot the Hoxit unit. Phe does several d.tring rides and the strenuous trick ot bt-mj dragged by a mud steer. COMING SOON "Perils of the Yukon." the hln!or' leal continued feature based upo the stirring days of Alaska, from li.i time of its purchase by t'nitij States, to tha start of the twentMl century, and Including tiie gild day.4 rush, conies to the Empress theatr on Monday. Dec 24. This picturt sets a new high water nnrk in thrill Interwoven with the , historical scenes and story Is a Intense dxanj of love and hate. Concert Orchsatrs. T 1 1 A mm i n in r " I r . a

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