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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 1

The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 1

Waco, Texas
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Haro Nnua-Srtbime YYYVIll (API AnoeutM prass AAAV1U UP) Unltid Prsss (Spu froi Staff 8 PAGES WACO, TKXAS, MONDAY, MW 14, 1931 COPY 5c NUMBER 149 Barrow Back in North Central Texas Haunts In Hands of Kidnapers Woman Implicated In Kelly Taken in Custody St. Louis Officers Fear She Might He on the as Another Witness as No Developments In Kidnaping Family and Officials, However, Believe That This Case Is Approaching a Climax ST. LOUIS. May 13. Mrs. Nellie Tipton Muench, comely wife of a St Louis physician, today was rearrested and lodged in jail following the machine gun killing yesterday of John C. Johnson, a negro, one of five men indicted with Mrs Muench for the kidnaping of Dr. Isaac D. Kelley. Mrs. Muench. described by the county attorney's office as the woman'1 in the Kellcv case, had been free on $50,000 bond. Her arrest was on a capias ordered by Circuit Judge Robert F. McElhinney. Fean for Safety The capias was asked by John Wolfe, associate county prosecutor, who said Johnson and Mrs. Muench were the onlv defendarts in the kid- naping case to win their freedom on bond, and that he feared for the aafety of the woman. Meanwhile countv officers made a vain effort to identify two men who drove to the home of a deputy sheriff. fired a volley of shots from a machine gun at the negro and fled in a motor car Johnsons body was pierced by five bullets. As the gunmen fled from the scene one fired three revolver shots at relatives of Deputy Harry D. Newbold, at whose home the negro waa living because officers feared he mipht be subject to attack. Shot bite Doling At the time of the attack Johnson was dozing in the sun on a small platform adjoining the Newbold garage. His assailant crept from a parked automobile to within a feet of the victim and opened fire without warning Countv a statement by Johnson, relating how Hart hnil nf'iS Some Optimists Expect I rip Made Sunday From to (Jet Away by June I.os Angeles to New- 2, While Others Put the Date at June 9 An arm of the vicious reached into a luxurious country estate at Arcadia. and kidnaped William F. Gettle (above), oil millionaire, at the end of a gay midnight swimming party. A ransom of $75.000 was demanded for his release. (Associated Press Photo' Congress Hoping To Close Session Early Next Month aid and another man held Dr. Kelly captive in the small farmhouse in St. Louis county, was submitted to the grand jury which indicted the six persons Davit, Kosegrant. McDonald and Rains and Freak Snow Storm Aid Drought Sections While Bringing a Large Measure of Relief Precipitation Too Late to Save Oops Government Planning To Help the Farmers Exactly What Measures Will Be Adopted to Ope With Disaster Not Decided On CHICAGO, May 13. (AP) and a freak snowstorm combined to- dav to give the sun-parched midwest promise of the end of the severe drought that for weeks caused terrific damage to crops The rains drizzles in some sections. downpours in others were more or less general in the drought area Agricultural experts said the precipitation aided the dwarfed crops but more rain was imperative to bring about permanent improvement. Clouds and forecasts of rain gave farmers cheer Snow in Nebraska Snow fell for an hour in the territory of Scotts Bluff, melting as it hit the ground. It brought a half inch of moisture to the beet fields which had been showing signs of an uneven stand Iowa had scattered showers but dust storms were reported again at Sioux Ctv and Cherokee. Charles Reed, meteorologist, said rains in Iowa were sufficient to assure germination of corn and would help the oats crop. Two men were 1 killed in the state hy lightning. Good Rains in Wisconsin Tn Wisconsin ram general throughout the state, ranging from one inch to two inches. Minnesota and parts of South Dakota also had light rains hut not sufficient to give permanent relief from the six weeks TURN TO PAGE 5. COLUMN 4 Across Continent Woman, 100, Starts Her Day WTith Black Coffee For Her Other Meals she Anything That Appals to Her DUST STORM OBSCURES CHICAGO SKYSCRAPERS Dust blown from drought areas of the Dakotas, Nebraska Iowa enveloped area and gave a twilight appearance to the in mid day. Here is a view looking east along the Chicago river at a time when the velocity approached 100 miles an hour. (Associated Press Photo) TWA Mail Plane Sets New Record Truce Agreed To Near Tragedy In West Texans By By Arabians; War Pittsburgh Church Thousands Flock In Halts Into San Angelo near tragedy today when a floor Terms Dictated by King lbn Saud Reported to PITTSBFRG, May IS P) A day service at the First Presbyterian church here turned Into near tragedy today a floor gave way. dropping nleiiit forty 'it women and children to the ground ,11 feet below. The accident caused momentary I lave Been Acccptcd by emeni sprained ankle, suffered one of the mothers present Dr. A. H. Miller, pastor, bad Just pronounced the benediction and the congregation started to the building. A rain was falling and the crowd jammed In the vestibule to wait for the storm to ease up, when the entire floor of the vestibule collapsed. chamber of Commerce Meeting Kxpccted to Set New Record Killer and Bonnie Sighted Sunday In Cleburne Vicinity I wo ()ther Men ond oman Reported itli liem in Johnson Highway Patrol Asks I Jelp to (juard Roads Sheriff Onin Smith Says lie Is os it i That I nformation Furnished I I im Is (Correct FORT WORTH. Mav 1.1 The (' Harrow and Bonnie Parker shifted from Archer county and Wichita Falls today to the vicinity of Cleburne and Fort Worth when the coupe was reported seen with two men and another woman a and a of Cleburne on lateral road. Sheriff Oran Smith of Johnson countv advised highway that he had reliably Informed of the of Farrow In John- inn county. Policy in Fort Worth and were urged hv radio to keep a sharp lookout for a black (Ford V-g) sedan with license beginning with the figure "five Smith refused to identity of his Informant but declared he was and that he knew Harrow when he saw him. Johnson county deputy scattered out over the various wavs in search for Barrow and search spread to adjacent as state highway asked help in guarding all roads Barrow waa reported to been seen yesterday in vicinity of Wichita Falls and another time day at Windthorst in county. ark in 11 Minutes Hours, 27 TURN TO PAGE 7, COLUMN 1 Pioneer Lawyer And Banker Dies At Dallas Home M. 11. (iossett as Close Friend and Advisor of Governor James Stephens llogg DALLAS, Maav H. Gossett, 75. first president of the federal land bank of Houston, for- mer member of the Texas legislature and author of important Texas laws, died today at the home here of a daughter, Mrs. W. Anderson (iossett was born Feb. .1 in Cherokee county and moved with his parents to Henderson countv while a boy. He received his education in public schools of that countv and later studied law in the office of Mamon Adams at Kaufman He was admitted to the bar in In 1891 and 1893 he was elected to the legislature from Kaufman county and became active in support of legislation advocated bv Governor James Stephen Hogg. He was one of the late Governor closest personal friends and political advisers. (iossett was author of the Texas alien land law and was leader in the house and co-author when the existing stock and bond law was passed tt the behest of Governor Hogg He moved to Dallas in 19011 and formed a law partnership with J. Smith; was president for a time of the Sam Houston Life Insurance company; then retired to his extensive farms in Kaufman and Henderson counties, where he lived several years. WASHINGTON. May 13. Administration leaders whipped up their forces tonight to put congress over the half-dozen or so high hurdles that intervene between now and an adjournment in early June. The senate will try to take the fust of them tomorrow', with leaders hopeful of passing the Glass- Barkley bill to set up a half-billion dollar joint government and private fund for loans to business. Next will come communications control measure. Senate leaders plan to begin work on it bv midweek, bringing to the floor a measure subjected to long and controversial hearings at both ends of the capitol. High Hurdle Disposed Administration leaders were heartened in their last rush to adjournment yesterday when the senate passed the stock market ccntrol bill after prolonged debate. This measure, previously passed by the house, now goes to conference where rep resentatives of the two houses will seek to smooth differences in their respective bills. The tariff issue also will confront TURN TO PAGE 7, COLUMN 3 CHICAGO. May Lucia Matthiesen, who will be a century old tomorrow, started her birthday celebration today with 85 descendants in attendance and an announcement about how to live to be 100. Every morning at 8 30 I i v. start my day with a cup of black England I IlCaSV day, riving the mail from Los An- coffpe she said. other meals, I eat whatever appeals to my appetite." NEWARK. N. May 13 A TWA. airmail plana set a transcontinental mail record to- CAIRO, Egypt. May 13 dispatch from Jedda, Hedjaz. today said the Arabian war had ended with the imam yeha of Yemen accepting for an armistice proposed by King lbn Saud. of Saudi Arabia. Conflict began early this month when lbn Saud sent his Wahabi warriors into the Yemen mountains in southwestern Arabia after friction over frequent border raids into his realm The war was partly' religious. Hostilities were reported ended in the war zonei where foreign residents had been menaced. Bert Acosta, Famed Airman, Again in Jail He le Given mm of Pabilo Intoxication Trotzky to Switzerland Russian Revolutionist Slips the Frontier Across SAN ANGELO. May vast territory which is west Texss sent its citizens by hundreds toward San Angelo today, in their annual trek to regional chamber MINEOLA, N. May If Acosta ia In Jail again. of commerce convention which opens playbov pllot who here tomorrow. member of Byrd transatlantic Hotel accommodations were ex- i flight in 1927 and bus been in frequent conflict with law on minor was sentenced to in geles to Newark in 11 hours, 27 minutes The plane landed at Newark airport at 4:33 p. E. S. T. The record-breaking flight signalized the first transcontinental trip made by TWA since it resumed flying the mails under a new postoffice contract. Old Record Made Feb. IB The old Angeles-Newark rec- ord of 13 hours, 2 minutes elapsed 1 time was made February 19. when 1 commercial air line whisked its final load of mail across the conti- Racing Auto Kills Six Spectators In Dodging From Dog mail luuu- I surrendering mail- DriVCr Ot rCIlCtl i IS Saudi domination, would result ANNECY. France, May spending two days in this town in southeastern France I Trotzky left today in the general direction of Switzerland. Ix The exile, it was learned, Arabian Developments had been hiding at Chamonix under LONDON Mav 13. (JP) Con- government supervision, since he was found recently at Barbizon near vinced that Great f.ritain int r- planning a fourth mterna- ests will be affected, at least indi- tional rectlv, the government tonight Trotzky, it was reported tonight, watched closely the peace negotia- crossed the Swiss frontier in the tions between King lbn Saud of San- neighborhood of Vallorcine. but his di Arabia and Imam Yahya of Ye- present whereabouts was unknown, men. No information regarding terms of i the armistice which were agreed to, or the final peace terms under dis- cussion had been received, but it i was generally expected that a nominally independent Yemen. under i nent before carrying job to army fliers. Jack Frye at Controls Jack Frye, vice president in charge (if operations, who was st the controls during the flight that made the February 19 record, piloted the Northup Gamma that set the new speed mark. A Douglas Airliner was used on the February trip. The ship took off from Los Angeles at 2 a i P. It carried 355 pounds of mail and 85 pounds of express I it In that event, the buffer between Also ratally Saudi and Arabia and Britiah Aden Fate of the Dog Is Not 11 Mentioned FONTAINEBLEAU, France May Five meij and two women were killed and six were injured today as the driver of an automobile in a hill race tried to avoid hitting a stray dog and plunged into a group of spectators. OI The dog had wandered across the 7 road where the race was being held lo Meet, Austin loday lOUthtUl liurlgars in Fontainebleau forest Spectators Utnro Prom I VUrurt inn t0 tho driver, Eric Cochin, a rom I JCNirueiltm milltary aviator, calling his atten- tion to the animal. They Touch Off Alarm; Police Find the Place on Fire President Will He Fleeted for the Denton Institution The Weather Hr HR. NTINI.KY N. Hl.oi OptumrlrUt milt Kill Anslln (Sfrn-rslly fair vat erti a Maximum S7 st 4 minimum st in. Barometer 2V DO, Humidity 5.Y Wind 1114 11 prr at 10 30 a nonth 2170 nr.l«** Hourly 7 7u Sam Dam 10 a Him 12 noon hour total wind tor 1 2 3 4pm m. 7pm I Cloudy, Iocs I cooler in north and Monday; Tueaday partly cloudy, ocsl In portion, aarmer in extrema portion WfcnT TEXAU Cloudy, local thuadtr- cooler in portion, warmer In Panhandle Monday; Tuesday partly cloudy, warmer In north portion llKI.tllOMt: Partly cloudy, warmer In north portion, thundershowers In cooler in iMHitlieast portion Monday, probably fair, warmer Ml.XIt I'h nett led probably and rooler north and Tuesday generally (air. AftJSONAi Fair Monday and Tuesday! in AUSTIN, May 13 of the seven state colleges will meet here tomorrow to elect a president of the college at Denton to fill the vacancy created by the death of l)r Marquis last April, Other matters scheduled for action include approval of next year's budgets for each of the M'hnoli faculty nominations and setting of salaries Two Kidnapers Held at (Corpus Christi They Are Jailed There Pending the Completion of Extradition CORPUS CHRISTI. May i Eduardo Y'lllareai and Tomas Her! nandez, of Laredo, ordered extra- i dited to Mexico by Federal Judge T. Kennerly in connection with the last January of Luis Lopez, were brought here from Laredo and lodged tn jail last night It was understood that they were brought here for safekeepirfg pending final disposition of extradition proceedings Strike in Packeries M. Louis Meat Plants Mtt.y He Tied I'p Beginning Today ST LOUIS, May 13 A strike affecting virtually all the packing houses of St. Ixiuis was called today at a mass meeting of union butchers and meat cutters. The strike call, involving about 2500 w'orkers, included local plants of Armour and Company, Swift and Company, and several other major plants Employes of the packing houses seek minimum wages of 75 cents an hour for butchers and an hour for laborers, with of ft H-hour CHIC A(JO, May 13 AJP' Two youthful burglars who tried to enter a clothing store this morning succeeded only in setting off an alarm to police. When police arrived, they discovered that the store was on I fire, but the blaze had only a start and was extinguished quickly so the Noiiths who had tried to rob the store were given credit for saving it. The youths, both captured, said they were William Wootan and Carl i Clark. Cochin pulled quickly on his steering wheel to miss the animal and the speeding car went out of control. A few seconds later it had killed six persons whose thoughts had been centered on saving the life of the mongrel. Cochin died a short time later in a hospital. One of the women was decapitated as the car struck her Two of those killed were soldiers from the lerv school here The race, arranged by the Fontainebleau Automobile club, attracted a hugh throng of spectators who were scattered along the course. pointed out. Annexation of Yemen was regarded as a possible eventuality if the Imam is defiant, and it was predicted that in anv event the border dispute which was the original cause of the war will lie settled by giving lbn Saud absolute control over Nej- ran. British quarters fear that lbn Saud might folow this with claims which would encroach upon the Brit- i lsh authority in Transjordania. British military authorities in the near east were reported to be urg- ing strengthening of there in order to impress upon the Sau- dians the futility of assertions in that direction. Missionaries Fleeing Americans Seek From Hands of luneoe Brigands HANKOW, Chinn Mav 14 (Monday) American missionaries at Ki- shui, in west Hupeh province, to- I evacuated the city, fearing incursions of renegades and bandit troops. Science Delves Into Core For Answer to Compass Jitter Magnetic Needle Frequently Gets Itself Out M. J. Benefield New Commander American Legion Brady Man Is Fleeted to Succeed Van Perkins of Cameron, Who Recently Resigned Post AUSTIN, May 13 (AP) Benefield of Brady today was elected commander of the American legion, department of Texas, to succeed Van Perkins of Cameron, by the state executive committee. Benefield was commander of the fifth Texas division, comprising the ltith, 17th and IMh congressional tricts He was a sergeant in the World war with overseas service Perkins remgned his post May 5 after he was charged before a I it ed States commissioner at Waco with forging the name of a to a government obligation He I he resigned in the best interest of the American Legion because of recent publicity that has been given to certain personal affairs of mine George E. Hughes, state adjutant, said the executive committee accepted resignation comment." Orvil'e H. Turner of Brownwood was elevated from executive committeeman of the 17th divtnet to commander of fifth division succeeding Benefield Strangled With I ler Belt ere hausted early. Rooms for 2000 additional guests were offered in Angelo homes Will Be tarent (fathering I). A. Bandeen, manager, commented The prospects are cellent for the greatest attendance in recent years. We have 1H0 affiliated cities the largest number in the organization history- and more than 50 cities have contestants 1 entered in the my home town' speaking contest. A similar number will send to the pageants to be held Monday and Tuesday nights." Pre convention activities today included motor boat races at Nasworthy. Religious services, with music provided by the combined choirs of the city, were held in the city auditorium tonight. Speakers were Dr A. D. Foreman Jr pastor of the First Baptist church and Walter I). Cline of Wichita Falls, west Texas chamber president. Nassau county jail on a charge of public intoxication after mobile overturned. League and Japan To Lock Horns On Chinese Policies Powers Realize That They Are Facing Unusually (i rave F'ar Eastern Problem Work Committee Meets The convention work committee, headed by R. 11. Nichols, Vernon editor, held its first meeting to con- TURN TO 3. COLUMN 5 Mother In Japan domination. Question Serious GENEVA. May decisive clash between Japan and league of nations over the policy of international aid to Chinn was forecast tonight by arriving for the convening of thn league council tomorrow. The league China advisory committee, on which the United is an member," also to meet tomorrow, simultaneously council session. The com- An Optimistic IVloou rmttee will consider whether to defy Tokios off China" Nation la on the policy by proceeding with its aid to of a Greater Kecovery China or abandon the Chinese to NEW YORK. May 13 (U.W—The Mrs. James Roosevelt, mother of the president, led day observance here, i Delegates admitted that the ques- rejoice this she said, in tion was serious and the belief that we are on the eve of grave. Stern opposition from Japan was regarded as certain to the report of Dr Ludwig Racjhman special league envoy in China, who recommended further cooperation in China by the powers Some feared the Japanese were prepared to go as far as military preaaure to prevent international assistance in China, This would mean league powers might have to fight or withdraw from the far east. Only One Alternative The alternative is to bow now before Japan threat- drop all to aid China, financially or otherwise which British and United States delegates take in committee will dominate the league's 1 decision a greater recovery of our moral and spiritual resources Narrow Fscapes Fire Kailroad Official lias a I lose ut fort Worth all FORT WORTH May 13 P) General Foreman L. Stafford of the railroad barely escaped injured in a fire which late today destroyed his office building in the rail yards here. The fire, origin of which was not I learned, did an estimated damage of $10,000 Stafford said he was in the building at the time and just had time to get out before the flames trapped him. of the world centers of such di turbancea at present. They are ix caused, scientists believe, partly by OI Line On the liark catneyismic working inside earth, and partly by the unseen but powerful field of magnetic force that surrounds the earth, the same kind that surrounds a horseshoe magnet. Probe is- This Constant Shifting Body of Red Headed V. (Continent By r. B. COLTON (Associated Science Wrtteri WASHINGTON i i Africa's" greatest mystery of all soon will be attacked by a acien- tiat seeking clues to the domga of Mother interior, The myatery ia what causes compasses in Africa to have the These jitters make the compass point far to the east or west of true north, and moreover its variations from true north are constantly, though slowly, changing, in addition another kind of jitters pulls compass point toward the more strongly at some places than others, and this also by disturbances, and Africa la On a journey that will take six months, R. Mansfield of Carnegie Institution of Washington, will look for about 40 little concrete markers scattered along the African cosst from Cape Town to They were left by previous expeditions, also measuring magnetic changes. Over each marker Mansfield will set up his instruments, measure the magnetic forces as they now exist, and by comparing them with last measurements in 1924, will know how they changed then. Africa haa ana af several Has Been a Puzzle to Scientific World for Many Years of magnetic changes, around which it ia believed magnetic ebb and flow through cycles of about 500 years For example, a compass pointing due north in New York in 1492 might gradually point farther and farther west of north until about 1776, and then start moving eastward again until by the year 2000 it would be pointing as near north as in H92 On One Side of Earth These centers of magnetic disturbance seem to be centered all on one side of the earth, in the two Americss, Europe, Africn and the Found Near Kan I Conflicts and war threats on k'oung Woman three ontinents, Asia and FrandMO America, face the council Of Rioting in Fngland during its -eventh SAN FRANCISCO, May 13 The body of a striking young woman, who had been beaten about the head and strangled with her own belt, was found todav in a dark underpass near the lower west end of San Golden Gate park A medical examination showed oi several thousands that attacked she had been criminally attacked fascist meeting addressed by John Police met a stone wall in first former labor member of TURN TO PAGE I. COLUMN in attempts to unravel the mystery. In one of her shoes was written the name Jeppewen," and the name also was carved on the back of a small watch ahe wore. this was the girl name was not ascertained at once, however. A diamond engagement ring was regarded aa still another clue by police They diacarded robbery aa a motive for the because neither it nor the watch had been atate died at hia home hera today taken. waa 71 years old. Police Intervene to Peace Fndurance Fiver Is Shot at New castle-on-Ty ne tine of the Four Hunter i i England, Critically Wounded May 13. I Mounted police were called out tonight to disperse a mob SPARTA 111., May 13. (AP) Kenneth Hunter, one of four brothers who established a flight endurance record of hours at Chicago in l93o, was shot and critically wounded as the climax to a quarrel ith a St Louis physician at a country club here today. Dr Richard Bullard was questioned. The shooting, officers said, followed an argument between Hunter and Dr Bullard over Hunter had been paying a young woman who accompanied Dr ana Mia. Bullard from St. Dr. Bullard wai quoted saying fired at Hunter after had attacked him. doctor wag not bald. parliament, now a fascist. Several fascists in the audience wire injured and retired to their local headquarters The mob besieged them there Police reinforcements again dispersed the attackers, Alt TIME GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN PAKSKH AWAY BAD AXE Mich, May 13 AP Albert Sleeper, Michigan war tune governor and long a prominent figure in republican politics of

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