The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE'fARK.) COURIER NEWS FARM NEWS Small Waist and Rounded Hips Is 'Ideal' Silhouette, Home Agent Says With spring in the nir. F.vrry woman and girl !s UilnkinE of a nc-.v outfi6. Designers have kept in mind that not everyone has the perfect figure. In planning drsicns this year. The general silhouette. Home Demonstration Aeont Gertrude B. Hollman points out. Is small waist, rounded hips and skirts; about the same fls thev have horn same as they have brr-n. These three silhouettes are basic: U) tight waist and very full skirt: (2) medium full skirt or a tleht. skirl with hack fullnrss; and (3) slraiohl shpalh-hke skirl. Necklines show a great variety There's (lie wide ovnl scoop, the a'Mc V neck with lancls, and the carrtiean neckline. Halter necklines — *nme with collars — are on the increase. Shoulder* conJJtjue to rw> narrow with almost no padding, The waistline is small and trim. Str-rves take ninny forms, for Sn- jiancc. I Here's the moderate bell. SWEEPS HOES Come inlo Farmers linplenu'nf Co. for your farming implement needs. We're dealers for Oliver . . . we're rencly lo serve you! COMPLETE REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES TRACTORS Farmer's Implement Co. 515 E. Main B. F. Brogdon Phone 6129 E. B. Woodson Gross, Legumes Help Increase Corn Production Using eras* and letrumes to con serve, soil and water as encouraged under the Agricultural Consprva I lion Program Is helping Increase thr> production of corn and other feed Brains, accordinR to A, C. Spell- ini!s, chairman of the Mississippi! County Product inn and Marketing Administration CommlMre, | Mr. Spollincs stated rliai it [s not n ^uc^tlnii of whether a farmer should e o Into prassl.ind larmini; or pro*- corn nr othrr feed grain \ It is usins grassland farming to i increase total production from hi- j land. i Grasses and letrumrv; In rotaljon ; keep up the organic matter in the soil and this helps, maintain soil structure and prevent erosion. At (he same time improved meadows' nnri pastures produce additional' feed for livestock and nhen the 1 grasses ,-md Irpijmo- arc turned un-j d"r bi-h"r yield-, aie obtained Iron lecd grain crops. Mr. Spellings said that thi; year' m.iny fnrniers of Mississippi Coin- i ty mav have land In poor crass thi'.i should he planted (r, a teed crop a< (tie first sf,,p (n c ,,,t,| !B the [:nl(] into a soil Improving rotation, j extending nri Inch or I'm hflnw tlie- elbow. There are tiKrlium liar-' rov.- Ions sleeve.-, anrl sleeveless •port anrl dinner dres-.cs .Sleeves are fathered at the wrist and; there are kimono and cape sleeves • Jacket styles include thp spencer i — smiely fastened lust above (he waistline. Also, there's the shrurr i and the bolero. Separate caprs nnd i stoles are of every variety. Trimmings are seen on every-' thine, the home atrotit noted. Embroidery h used evei yu-licre. Cor,Instill? bindincs. farinas and li>i- ! ings :trc used in prolusion. Bows 1 of every description decorate an- j parel. | Probably the most popular color! for spring in the blue family, rans-| Ins from pale through navy, ivith'n I hint of red REVIEWS C. ' Colleen .V M/ss McNew Is South Missco's Home MIM Colleen MC.VI>«- is fhe new lionie demonstration airent for South Mississippi f-nuntv, .she assumed hei duties early this week. Sflsi McNew, ,-> native of Greenbrier, attendee! Arkansas State Teaches Col!e B e. Omw,,y. «- h ere she received her Bachelor of Science Decree in home economics. Before ncceptiup her new position, she had server! with the p,- ( . t-nsion Service as home demonstration act-in lu yell County and ns assistant home acent in Poinsett County. Weather Curtails i r esu j ts Q l l^i'f ken of T mo "o* Contest Published by Arkansas U. Crop Work in Most of State Late Freezes Hurt Peach Crop, State Agency Reports Rains the latt-r part of the week '. caused field work to l>e practically! at a standstill in most sections of the ftnte. iiccoidln? to the Arkansas Crop ncp,,ii|n? Service. In its first cn>|i hulletin of the Ifi32 season, the Service reported ; that ju-uMtlj of .small prains has.: hpcn rapid recpntl.v, particularly I where nllro;en IMS been applied! and mrv,t fields have been topped drcs.-ed i A few scattered fields of cotton hive bren pluitert and. EP .ed b-d preparation ranees from about 25 to IS per cent complete, nice land is also beinn prepared althoush this job has he<>n slnwpd hy wet wearher A small amr.iiin r)f corn has been limited. I/^spedMa scpr!ui2 is ncar- FAYETTEVILLE, Art, final chapter In the 1951 National Chloken-of-Tomorrow Contest was written this week, as the Unlver- Ttie ols Poultry Farm, of Kingston, N. ' H-, by a point score of 159,92 to 158,64. The leaders were well bunched, as the eighth place winner hart a score of 152.2fi. The winner received i5,OflO from A. P. Food Stores for his achieve- - , presented lo Charles Vnmress by Vice-Pres- sily of Arkansas College of Aerl- culture issued the official results In a printed report. The 43-page publication contains! mcnt - The award 13 photofrraphs and 31 tables. In the tabular mallei- may be found the final standing of each of Hie: •It) contestants in the various cate-! sories in which Judging was done. It includes such InrnrtnnUon as' economy of production, CKK pro-' duction of the parent flocks, hatch-! ability, fertility, and livnbillty. i There are also records on feed efficiency and.consumption, tmform-; ity of size nnd type, and mortal-! ity. Table 26 on Page 35 ij s | 3 the final standing of the contestants i Hie Vantress Poultry Breeding Farm, of Live Oak. California..! was the winner, nosin? out Nich-1 Went Alben W. Barkley last June 15 in ceremonies held In the University football stadium. It wan the climax o[ Chicken-of-Tomorrow Week, which attracted more than 20.000 visitors to Fayetteville. Both the results obtained and thr- buildings that housed the contest will be used in further poultry experimental research. The report is a regular College ,. of Afc-riculiure publication, issued •' jointly by the Experiment Station and the Extension Service. tlcularlv In thp Clarksville and nortir.vest areas However, the bud set was unusually heavy and mam-' orcriarrts still have prospects for a pnod crop Stl-M-.vlv>rric5 we'r» alsr, set bark hv the freere.s but are now in lull bloom over most, o f the state. ' i vou'ui- <ier A SURPRISE BONUS AT WHAT'S it OOIIVJ6 TO BE? •aer A PRIZE, - DELTA IMPLEMENTS, I? IN UNSURPASSEP VALUE ANJD SERVICE. H.D.CLUBMEMOS by Mri. B. floliman (Home Demonstration Agcntl > JUST ARRIVE Formers, we've j,, st received n new shipment of MASSEY-HARRIS 4-ROW DRILL PLANTERS! With the 4-Row Drill Planter, you plant much, much faster . . . "P fo 6 m.p.h.—75 acres a day! The Drill Planter is rear-mounted und easily uthiehed to any trucloi. You con keep .ern.irs at a minimum, save seed and plant a more valuable crop . . . easy pylling holds fuel costs down . . . when you plant with the MASSY-HARRIS 4-ROW DRILL PLANTER! Come out and see this Planter today . . . t | lcy ' re available , or immediat8 delivery! "Your Massey-Harris Implement Dealer" 4 Community Improving Boynton Community Improvement club was. orsariized Frtrlav night.. April 4 The officers elected wero: ,\fr. J. D. Morris, president- Mrs. J. c. Jones, vlr,, prcsirtent- and Mrs. L. E. Vnune. reporter. The first project:, decided upon were signs to be placed ».», community boundaries and mall box Improvements. The cnmmille* lo decide on the type of mail hoy standard-, tn b<- used consists of: Mrs. Tnm lane Mrs. Kula Mae Ward. Mr. Bill Winberry, and Mr. J. c. Jones. The croup will men again lo- mcht. April n. at 7Mo o'clock The backwater Home Demonstration Clllh has voted to pl.irv signs at the Black<vaLer crossroad to list the farms In the community nnd the distanep to each. The Indies plan to start work on the signs today. This neck the Rnrky Home nem- ,slra?lon Club members votn,] tn irr.nrovc the niail boxes in the coin- unity. Robhyp Jean Ryrrl The office had a letter fj-om Rchbyp nvrri »-hn is attr-nriin- the tlnlver.--ity of Arkansas She -"••ne- Blackivatrr I-II ! The Blackwater 4-H memb-r= had an ln!crest| n e proeram this •veek. One of the hishlishts 1-,-.= >> skit by three girls on table scttinc and table etiquette. Another Interesting feature n is the Judging of the biscuits baksd by the girls, Older Folk*' Fond "Tt's commonplace nowadays lo have a lon^ life. But many men and women nho have hart Kn hirth- davs or 70, aren't as healthy and miles, or mpi-r than the' combined areas of Maine. Ne-v Hampshire Vermont. Massachusetts, 'connect!' Nc''v f hndC Isluand . Delaware, and j Imnnv as they mlghl be I/ ()i"v jvoiild make a strolls ally o f (fK ,^ I lei ting it help i n every possible; p " savs a 'n^tv hiillxlm "Food Ouide for Oln-^r Fo«--s." bv the Bu- j reau of Human Nutrition and Homo Prniinmics. U, S. Departmenl.1 of Anrie-tlture. j leltn. you ii"d food "that contains! prntem =nd nunprsb _ nuWent;.' needed for urk-cp of body tissues' ant! inm. Pome repair work =oes i on coiif.-n,nl!v. but. If (he right mall '"rials f,-o, n r,, nri are skimpy re j pairs mav be shoddv. j Also manv is foM supplying; 1 viiaoiins. These[ i. i rro'r-n. mnke combinafion teams that keep th« borty running smoothly, ns it should. A third nerd is for food to provide fitol for onnrjy and warmth, nerv food supplies some calories f"r this, some foods more than "' -cr.s. Getting a calorie surplu- f which In time Iran's to ovcrvvoicht i is a fre-7'Wit proWem amons older 1 p-r=ons. -Ahr, nsuallv are less active th?n m earlier years, and need; tp-.r^r calories. j Wnrnine 371(11:-! ( O od /sds and so.rnller] wonder dipt--, which over- emp..asiTe some foods and ianore •"hers ii-at are important, the bul- i Ictiti rinjnt.i out: j -Ri'icr- food has so much wort: lo! do all l^e Ions, you can n-ver r«-j •i;p from rrsn^osibiliry for eatinc: Fntures of the nen- publication include a dally food euide-Hst for, selec'inj- a bibnccd diet, and a ' .-implp market list and menus. Sug-! or ivho ha--n'l much cookine equip-! mTit. or niusr have food easy to che-v,^ or has a need to natch! "F""d r.uirlp for Older Folks." may be ohrajnet) free from the Office of Infnrmpilinn. U. S Depart- of Agriculture, Washlnclon ment ?* n c. Grow Use PREfHE^&E * a dhiih-o UTF</ killer prt-tmtrgt>,tt u-eeii control ement Co See ui today for PRFMERGEI efVo'f,*'^..'''.,'V''.' '.! ;"C° " r""'t-V iq rr.t*.- -ori .nH r,^i,';',T-"^. h' a \'," "" '"'" '»f<"n..'io» ft,^^^ THE FARMERS HOME OF SATISFACTION N> H!9hwojr 6] Phone 2142 PAUL D, FOSTER Distributor — Offirp I'lione 31 IS fiuinp ;- Planting Seed We have for sale a limited quantity of Northern Grown WABASH SOYBEANS OGDEN SOYBEANS, COTTON SEED ' Henderson - Hoover Seed Co. Highway 61 South Phone 2860 At limes a commercial loan will help a busines* gel out of ths ««.ds and go on lo SUCCESS. When vou need additional fund, lo c'arrv out your plans, talk over a commercial loan with us Y ^FIRST NATIONAL BANk -ft* 1 ^ ^SsSalRhik j_-^ JMII. ^=-^ % HERE NOW! Brillion Soil Pulverizers Consider whal a Brillion Soil Pulverizer can dn for you. Just ones over the field and the big lumps, the hard clods are gone like Uiey had melicd away. And (lie Brillion Is positively the most sturdily built pulverizer and packer made. It's biiili lo timlch today's high tractor speeds. See them today at .Missco Iniplemcnl Co. ' • HEAVY DRAG HARROWS Now Available for Immediate Delivery CALL OR COME BY TODAY OWINftAJU AO*ICOltjr»A4 MISSCO Implement Co. So. Hiway61 Blytheville

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