The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE FOURTEEN !!5 a!/* EWI "^ _«.^iigiiiiiiiiiii^^ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 195* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Cully rile pel Una TOi consecutive 1mm Jon; JJlnirnum charg« --.....,.., ...... 50c 1 lime per line ................ lie 3 Unifs per line per rif\y .......... I2c 3 lime.* \jf[ line per dny .......... fie C llmts prr line prr riivy ......... 7c 12 tlrnr* ped line per riay ........ ic Vonth p»r line , ..... . OOc Coon i .'It* artiste words to Ihe line Act ordered for three or sis tune* and •topped before expiration ivl]J be charged lor the number ol times the fwl appeared find adjuitirieni ol bill marts All ctMilfled ftrtTt-titslng ropy anb- m tiled by porions residing musUip nl ihft eliy must tin »rrompan!ert by cash Kktvit may easily b» cosnjjiUfd (mm Adreriffinti orclerrd toi irrftrufM In• enfcms tike tiie nn ( - time utilc No rciponslbitlly will IK- injcrn in: more then otic tiicnrrtct ln-.riunn o( Any clattlMed cd All *ds are restricted to thrlr proper cUukficKtion. Ktyle and t)-i>f. The Courier News r^rrve* the fight to edit or reject »n> p &Q Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN JIARKISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tt TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. in « w«ini]i rfcone M«» Plenty of Parking Space 3 is pk vis j Fill Din Ph 6363 for Rcnf 3 room up:., private bath, upstairs turnlshed. 733 W- Ash. 48 pk 15 3 room unfurii, garasr »p,irtmrjit. Utilities tmd Riir«gc nirnishrd. Pli- B370. •; a p'K 11 TRUEVISION RCA VICTOR Expert Insinuation errvlre. Day Amusement f.'o. I'h 4470. MlKbway fi[ North .1 23 t-l- 4 ?! 2 room fnm. npt.. hot \vatcr, dalro. Praso nablo. Cmiple only. K 4 and 3 room opts.. »mfurn, for elcclric htove. I'h. 3619. -i 1 \Viref1 nk 15 room. I'h. 2r.2 4' 10 pie ».o^LLf,-!)' 0 -, 15 "rrnilnimon 8) ID i : r, prr „.,',, Snvcri from BO ncrrs proilnrlni 17 h.ilFt Price 11RO ton. J u. OATUINOS. I.mnm, j ArK - 3 10 [ik 4 10 I K[ ,^," ( ? ort ^°v' )p a" Rct'd, Funk's Hybrid Ulljcrt f>nlli/cr' Now "iifl 'C-,!\"K^ FARMERS SOYHKAN COHIN nroartw-ay. IJlytlicvl]|p. I'h, 8151 3 20 ck 4 20 3 room turn, ftpt., private bMh, electric kitchen, prlvntc entratirp Hot water furnished. -104 E. Davis, pti 2483. 47 pk 14 rm. linftii. Rpt. Ptl. 2350 . 4.3 ck It XJnnir. npt . pvt, bath. JOT Clicrry. ^h. 3340 or 27BT 4^-pk 17 2 roorn furnlshnd apt., 516 Lnke. Ph. 240G. private hsih. -1,9 pk 4,16 3 room and bath in duplex. 523 N. Division. 'In pk 12 3 room A: ^ ronm apis 8612, C Abraham. ilodern 2 room rur npt e ck tl Ph. 2595 nr 2,U ck tl Wodern apl , 3 rooms and fcMh, newly decnratetJ, ponil furnltuj-e. RRJ crjuJp- »ntnt. Ph. 3173, P Simon. 0,21 ck tl Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Seed soybeans, Dortclisoy No. 2. Only- 1 y Pilr fi- on 'i Hrocder's stock. Subject to certification. Only a'limited supply. l>h. 2M2. fil Impk'- input Co. 3';n r k tf I Vlklnq vpf;ctaT,ir hox 1 1/2 HF> Cornrrcssnr 1 11-Iont meal ra«c 2 3/1 ME' romprpMiiri 1 8-(ooi mil «clr-sornrc c«s» 2 meat hlnrk^ I ITohArt Rllrcr I tnpnt flrln'lrr .1 Icc-Krhp vrKrtnhlr racks 1 ^!cnli mnkpr 1 fl^6 w-fiVit-ln cfinlcr 1 F«fe 1 1350 morti-l 1 l,j i on QMC Ulu . k ""'"<•= Mclvln llnlwll »i Halscll ,t unite Pnrnltiuo Co.. nr riinnc BOSB. 3'22 tf ["Innls 20t? Pl 13c Ho z. 601 AK)| St. Ph. (676 . 4 I 5 1 Au*o Supp/iej ond Serv/cei Don't «nil»nger 'your fnnitlf with taultj llrtc-BUT LBH TIRBS. CHAPMArt SCnVICl STATION M&ln anri Division Phone 25«3 lljll ck tl BPEC1AI, PAINT SALE ,iir B111 ! OJ "- »«'>f'f<i snrin« colon. (House A; (Inrdpn Coldis ror 1951) «al<T thlimpd .Imcrlor fl»! pnlnl 3J co.'nrs. 50c prr minrt. |2 per rtnllon As Ions as present «i lp plj: [» 5 t s MAli . TIN THEHKLE. INC.. All Ha,, t"lo- r^"rie_ : 'W3^Blj-thcvlUe. Ark. rs'ck Si S-F.KO RKA.VS -Dorlrli "NO 2 07« Kcrnilnntlim H ImshM. OKdcn-i 08% scrmlnntlon. J3.75 biwuel. US. BljinK- cn^hlp. Pell, ph. 2492. 327 pk Services type moTC- pow- LAWNMOWERS V/e sharpen and repair nil tnowcrs. Also new A: user! iujwcr ers. Alt klntls mo\ver pnrt.s. AIw er mowers for rent. Westbrook' Machine Shop Across from Kroner Store <;4 ek tr Nectl yovlr rndlo repaired? CM! Red \\alton. Dlsnhlcrl veteran rrjinlrR rn- dm nt home. Reasonable prlees Ph a ^ 18 ' __ > 4:1 pt 5 I for rnovlni; ivnd loenl tia'.illnc!~mTi «529. W. W. nerkham. 117 nose. _ 3 M pk 4 29 Curttvlns launaercd Reasonable. Hi)3 "• * ! JJ- 3,25 pk 4;23 CuttMns Inundej Mrs. J. E. Lawrenre rt nn/J stretched Ph. 6259. 325 p* 42.S TELEVISION R~KP"A I Ix All mokes & morlt-Is. nt rtFisonn Day Amusement Co. Ph. .«JO. Htgritvnr 6! North .1,21 rt 1 21 I ropfiir Rny make or mortal wnshlnp cinclilnp 2 filoclci wsr. of OKlr- PIR on Cth St.. r>? new nchrv.1 Hrrrjfrt G'ah»m, Ph. 873S. J 7 p<c 57 30 M1HUTE PnOTOSTATir SF.Hv". IC3. CTSTEENS STCDJO-IU W MAIN U4 ck tr Watch and Jewelry Repair I-Day *pr*1ee on Jcwplrr—3 rlav on w«!ehr* tnd clocks nviannK-td wnrk ricei '^P 11 ' 1 nrp^lr:i:pn Uiwost PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Cust Iron porrelnln sink- Hotnot B <.: Westlnthous,, rclrker.lor Jn e«rellent rcindltlon A rr»! Inrrnln cnn lie seen in nj^eratlon. Ph. 2773. 17 pk 13 Tomato Plnntj. ,1 rntlrtlM. Cold Frame plants: tie doj.. 1100 tumdred W. p. Shnrp. Lono onk Koad i: ml 18 Ulway Weal. ' « pk 5.5 "' "St. l-l, 3 20 24f>t ^^ -te K Perfection Tftbtc Ton cook Move PpT feet condition, SW.OO. Ph ftj^i _. 4 •! pk 5'4 SIccJ prortucUon in the first (our monMis of IS51 in trc United SUtos wvn.5 315 million tons, a new record 1550 "A" John neere ivlth equipment l!«1J "A" John Deere wllh cqMlDnvijt; r. I.. Resan Gin Co.. Ph. 2631 or 1187. a pk IS Sove Money Now At Phillips 300 BROADWAY 1951 FORD $1595 Hcautifid! This Alpine Hitic Ford (S) Tudor Sedan. With radio and heater—and only $1595! 1950 FORD $1395 All Ihe acces.suni'S you could wish for — radio, heater a n d overdrive. Custom l-'ordor—51393! '46 FORD $595 Another S-cylindcr Ford i/i-Ton Pickup. New painl, jjoiid healer. Fine condition. Excellent price. 4 SPECIALS $95! Phillips has <l super specials on pickups and cars—each priced at only S!1f>! They're worth the money. 1950 STUDE. $1295 A nice little Sludcbakur Champion with only 10,000 miles! Healer, seat covers, dark blue. 19/12 CHEV. $395 JJo ivc have to tell you il's a bargain'.' Deluxe •l-door—Iwo-tone color, radio, healer, seal covers '47 STUDE. $395 This StiideJinker 1 i/ 2 Ton Truck svith a good bed is a good buy! Come to Phillips and save now! '48 FORD . . $745 An S-cylinder 1/2 -Ton Pickup. ]( runs very nicely . . . and has both radio and healer. Just S745! 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Mortirn 5-room hovise and bnth on North 61 h Si., 1 hlocx from Cfintral Wnrd School Lftrge tcncetl Ln backyard, oufdoor Ftorage (1,300 CREh. balance 47 C LoEin M fja prr month. Including Insurance and tnxes. Mtirfrrn 3-brrlronm wilh 2 hnths, In 000 bloc* on AstvStrret, I,nr K n Int. 2- CRT gntBgo. ImmedlAt« possession. Price 114.000. 3-DffIroom home In Country Club rlre Addition, it's vncant—you'll like It. Good ronclltlon. -M.OOO to il.fi3fl cash wJlJ huddle. Dntnnco f51.50 per-month. See or caJj JOHNNY MARR Kcaltor 112 So. and. Plicmc 4111 Residence Phone 2, r ).0r> 3 29 ck tl WJ1] tcarte IIPW 23 ft. House Tr:\!',-'r wllh bRih for furniture or son rrnprni- nWo. Apply JOI E. Chtrtl nftor 5 IW ^ m ; _ -4.3 pk J tl j Dortch No. 2 sped beans cht-ap j i, ' DrainiTt. ph. 65tM. 4 B r fc 15 Big Bargains Used Washing Jlac.liincs ?5.00 and up The E. F. Gnorlrioli Slorc •117 \V. Main -1.8 ck 11 .Vt;im S "in SI 3.-, -hntf itprlirht pia Ph J.Wfi 4 s ,, s 15 tltll- For Sals of Trade WHY .n'.C. 1 ",,.^,^ ?jSSr "J. i.! B r,io", 7 "" <1 nc< "" n "" ° f ii $350.00 DOWN For sale modern 5 room, ;{ acres, ad.ioining city limits. Pi-ice iSS.SOO. Immediate possession. Also 5 room house, two lots in south part of town. Price two or three nice ?<l,500. Have houses. Can he purchased for small equity, F. B. .loyner H. C. Campbell Ph. 4446, 3205, .1874 49 ck 4:12 Notice leaving to: milfornl* April 12 ^^ tinny ns thrfa passrnRcrs. Incinlrc Golf Hotr-1. d«ticl« Kohryck. 49-15 I - KAVl i«JG~FOR " ~ WKST COAST H « vnu truck Icavlntt ior West Const In two works. Will tnkc lonrt rp.Tsarmblc Contnct 8323 or ^3fiT H^ 50on ns [>os*lnlfl. ^9 p)( lfi TKLEVIStOX REPAIR All makes A models, ht reasonnhle rices Day Amiisemnnt. Co. Pn. J470. Highway 61 Morth 321 ck ( 21 Lost and Found my reward for •ill run bcl 4'; tonn. . Monthly ' and Insitrn ) rvntl S^2.00 E. M. TERRY Trrry .\hst r »rt A- Ri. A itt. r-« Real ESTATE" Farms- City Properly 1.0 \NS for Sale, Real Estate For palntlns: ^ncl y Wheat and HOY !«•• ntNjrt loration '01 E>tv!(li-<l Inlo 3 "h rlrctrlr kltrliri n. Call -'1202, 3423 or 4464, Hotel. \[ ck tf Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W I. Pollard Agency Pinnnpcl Prntection 121 K .\sh St OMUCOK HOTE1 BIlll.DiN-o Noble Gill Agency __ Lost & found ''•'™ For 5a/<?, Misc. «(Wfl- II lirAlth Op»n for In- J 120 cX U ! INSURANCE honif, ,1rr 8-ro nnrt irpd. ill pnrpc^r- We Will Guarantee $2.75 Per Bushel Soybeans, This Fall Delivery. On Trades! Jack Robinson Implement Co. HlylheyiH*, Arkansas — Phon« 2371 Private Rooms Convlcnpnt lo bnlh, steam heal, fill W. Main. Ph. 3:<2$. ^'I0 cV. 5 10 Two l^rgr double Ijrdroums Hl-J IIi»:«ri\. fnrmorly 310 W. Walnut. Mrs. Nelson 4 7 y, $ )5 rage. SOOO 4,4 pk 11 Hr-droom, prlvnie bath '. Ash. ph. 2790. Hrflroonis Mm only, Mrs. E. F. Hlo« ! yr-r. ph 206(i. 41 pk 1:1 Iledroom with private bath Ph 0671 or 2938. 4 J pk 5-1 l.arcp. comfort ;\hlo bedroom, newlj rtr-corntprl, kltrhfti ptlvtlpflp-s, iJuslnr* women. Ph. 2514. 4 5 pfc 19 Wanted at once, two sheet metal workers with hand tools. Steady j o b. Wilson Welding & Fabricating Co., Oseeola, Ark. 4,8 ek -1 M Wff hmv» Immediate opening In this territory for honest, sober. hard-workIna: man who ran furnish SJ .000 surely lionfi to Operate consign rnem (ire- in turn candy route on small salary. !•'">[] commission. Wtt furnish nil incr- rJjrtnrllss and rar. Experience not nor- fss^ry. Writ* Srhofnllh Inc.. IIK02 Cardinal, Memphis, Term. -19 pk 12 for Rent ousp, bruh o , PhOn 5.045. Concrete Block Building, aulmble for ;«.raee or siote nnd adjoining 5 room oust with bath lx)cated In ciirrc on lKliwny fll. south s-Me ol HnlJand. Mo Cfill 4404 or write Paul By-rum Imple- ieni Co ij22 ck tr rents as two i in pk -rn room house, hnth. I.nrpe screened back porch. Oarage. 114 Lake. ph. .MCfi. Apply 536 Lake. 49 pit 4 IS Jinn npartinelit. Pil. Unfvjrn H09 a Shptlnnd pony for your ehlld Dy the day. week or month. John McDowell. ph. 3706. . 1,3 S3 MERCY HOLSTER - "Carry your weapons at all times," is the order lo soldiers in Korean battle areas, and Lt. Robert Schiels, of New York, attached to the medical service corps of the 45th hifantty's "Thundcr- . bird" division obeys. He has fashioned o holster for his hypodermic syringe, and carries extra "needle" ammunition. i,j px. oo i • — 1 which Three Rardeii lots for noils Sirwt. Enrii 5J x 4453 before S p.m. 4 9 pk The Romans had a gnte, the IK- I nils fccmimis on the Janiculum 1 was closed during days of i --- s o JM tot c"«l. !peace - " ls said that i( - «•»' ^s«l 4,9 pk 16 °. nl y '°> lr times before the Christian era. INVITATION TO BID Proposals to provide hlankei coverage in the amount of THREE HUNDRED EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS AND NO GENTS U308.- 000.001 for t\r«lly eight I2S1 buildings comprising CHF.ROKEE COURTS, Project No. ARK 5-2, South Elm Street. Blytheville, Arkansas, (vgainst damage resulting from lire, lightning, v.'indstorm. cyclone, tornado, hail, explosion (Including pressure container. 1 ; other than steam), riot or riot attending a strike, civil commotion (including physical damage there- from), aircraft, vehicle, and smcke damage on all buildings together with their additions and extensions a.s well as on furniture, fixtures, equipment nml supplies belonging tn the assured and located at Uie said project, as follow: 3 YEAR TERM. Initial Premium'. Estimated Dividend. Net Premium. Proposals will be accepted at the office of Housing Aul.horiiy of 'the City or Blytheville, In the Administration Building at. CHICKASAW COURTS. Blytheville. Arkansas, at any time prior to 2:00 o'clock P.M., on Friday. April 25, 1952. Proposal forms may be obtained at the office of the Authority. Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas By: J. Mell Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer Dated April 8, 1S52, 4'10'52 A bullet fired horizontally from I a gun will strike the ground at the] ip rime as one dropped from ' the heieht ot the gun immle at the me time. 4 in • u sf. Ph. 6255, font? «0. O.S. Onod mill wood rnri 21 si st. an _ _ _ _ G OS I . I X GS~FOlTs A I. K c^'t.'in o[ 50 or yo-:r . tl 50 each !n lot each, less th.sii 5 IMMEDIATE DKI IVERT HUGH \V. AI.I.KX rhnp;v»s! rcfire. *!.f/i 3 licm.*c5. 2-hrrtr.v>:n<. 3-hrrti r.o-'>: :i tr yo'i (.I 1 . only small ni IMF:!. O ?> RoJU^on. ph, 3-109, 4 Si M.Mr-Tn ? n«f|ropm home. uH-irt Drive 13 no down. nnn'ti P,'; stt9. ' pk -23 I • .. 1 UT5T KEN'TIJCKV Ki-n- j\vt-h irnprovrmrnt* AI for i.::p R t: Rottccrlrt^ r* M rah. Kv h:iz. RFW.ARD, C(\ll Kfxy Jobr. ami | 4 * pfc 12! Wanted i Wantpfl, applianoo sales-' men. Opportiinilios irood for n'jrht man. Possililo caniinijs up I" Sii,0l)i).oo a year, .Must l>e willing lo work. Kxpori- luMpfnl. Apply i n potion i \V;ird. •! Kl Ck 1 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Siin ap la 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sites up to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Floor! Gulfs nrrrle & MeUl Srpltts Tank. Scwcr Ttlc sl Prlrcs We DrlUer Klshway Bl al SUte Mne Flionc 714 FARM LOANS You Can Pay: ANY AMOUNT ANYTIME from farm income without penally This I-'niliiHlf FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE is written into your note H'/ipn ymi hnrr rr /mm from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage T.oans of All Kinds COTTON SEED 30 tons, DPL Saved from fnundntion seed. subject |p certification. Germination 93^. Saved before the freeze. *MO TON Also .Cedar Posts Tor Sale DELL 2681 RUSSELL GILL Dell ... Osceola r;,. _ _ CERTIFIED DORTCH Xo. 2 ! Bhte Ta? Erartc FPC.-I brans PJani f Board npprovcd. r. i,. WVI.IK Promi^'-^ l.arttl Farm Or Phone 2<-25. Hlylhovllle " KKAI. IvSTATK SPKl'IArT-S :• V.omr rvrcllrnt inn! ion .1 h »>,<. T r.i.n.r. i:oort location on . P'ylhevllle DomcM: Tr.'.dy to c J(m Rolcj rai»nit^. Fryers, k AKo brcccl'ilur F^t . 2064. 3 20 < rcw John Dctrc Planter »-lUi i. ' John Dcrrc rtlfc harrow »arms, Burtlelte. JPh. 4701. Hflip Sfcd J,7 cV U to Buv'or si,".. ', Ki.MP WinSKN-HfST P ho ue i Guaranteed Watch Repair Wanted fo Buy . Morleratclr prlfrr). A.C r to BKthevUle. \vr,l < nFA "« f; RS SOYBEAN CORP n."".vl».ir. Blytlwrllli!. pti. 8191 3 70 c Thompso Credit Jeweler fcmo/e He/p Wanted ITM, ESTATE FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-0-PEP STAF-0-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phone 6S66 Hiway 18 Wrsl A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles HflLTCRS URLITY SHO€ SHOP II W. MAIN ST. Our Trucks Are • Priced Right • Conditioned Right • SoM Right 1950 Chevrolet deluxe !/i-Ton Pickup Truck —a low mileage car now low- priced at $1AAC Sullivan-Nelson lUt/3 1950 CMC Vi-'fon ritkun Truck—here's a city $AQC driven (ruck that's an excellent buy at only . 993 3918 Chevrolet !!-Ton Pickup Truck—it's a ?7QC dandy! Take a drive in it—you'll see it's good I 93 19-SS International '/,-Ton Pick Truck—a $ steal at this low price now offered lo you 19-Jfi Dodge 1-Ton Stake Truck—a good farm S — truck. You'll gel dependable service from this. 19-18 Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck—and a clean S77C one. Sullivan-Nelson prices it at a low, low ... 1/3 )»']» Chevrolet !/,-Ton Pickup Truck—a real ?ftflC bargain! Save money and trade now., .only... 093 1947 Chevrolet Vi-Ton Pickup Truck—new grey finish. Lots of good service left in this one 191(1 Chevrolet ',1-Ton Pickup Truck-a Jim- $QflC dandy! And ne put on a low price lag, too. .. 093 19IB Ford 2-speed long wheelnase Cab & Chas- SCOft sis Trk. S25x20 tires all around.. .good farm Irk'OOSf J-. 1950 Chevrolet 2-speed SWB Cab & Chassis Truck with 825x20 front (ires, 900x20 tires on rear In ex- 1 cellent condition, this truck is one you should see today! Many Store to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Rhone 4578 The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving 49 The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans 75 C A Full A*eal Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! Hurry-Hurry, Homer-WilionV Big Sale Now Going On! CARS l!ttl CHEVROLET Power- slide 2-rioor Sedan. Make & dnllar-savlne trade now during this big sale. All extras. l!>50 PLVMOUTH l-door Se- A smart late-morlel par wllh new tires, radio and heater. Buy now anil save. 1946 FORD 2-door Setlnn. A mightj nice '16 model, this Ford Is cut-priced »t only S695 during (his sale. IS46 JIF.RCIIRV 5-PasscnEer Club Coupe, One of the nicest cars you'll flnd anywhere. New llres. And only 5695. 1SJS DOUCE Z-door Sedan with new reconditioned motor, good tires, mdlo and heater. It's clean. Now only S695. ISM OIEVKOI.KT 2-door Sedan. Bel you can't flnd a better value In this model. Re- conrlllicmed motor., .S2SO! TRUCKS 1!>M CMC 2-TON shor, "rhcElbase Truck with 4 brand new lires. Bujr 11 noir al a !ain al Horner-Wilson. I9M STUDKBAKKR l!i-Ton ^nng iihcclbase Truck that's l"it like new. You'll he smart to buy it this week. $1295. 1950 FOKT) ij-Tnn Pickup pTireii at a low, low S8S5. What » fcuj-! net (hat pickup now ISIS CMC r,-Ton Pickup. ,?,,st ,S95. Don't wall loo l mf »„ •nap up this bargain at Horn- sr-WLson. ^ IB47 CHEVROLET H - Ton Pickup, SfiO,;; _ ri ^ )lt _ SS!) Wilh new painl and new (ires this Is a super-value. tniG GMC I'i-TO.V Truck wilh practically new motor. 1W5. Also has neir pjlnt and rood tires. S133. HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobile _ GMC Truck* Phone 2056 Used Car Lot _ Phone 6151 ON EAST MAIN ST.

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