The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Reducer's Diet Offers Fruit, Eggs, Letuce By CKCII.Y BROWNSTOSE Associated J'ress Food Kdilor I fnlt glasses, using 4 apricot halves to a serving If desired. Mnkra six Anyone in your family trying in servings _ each containing only 92 acquire a new slim fiRiire Tor a neu 1 1 calories, spring suit? Want some appealing j recipes that fit a reducing diet?i Here are two susgestlons that look good, taste good, and go easy on calories. For a REDUCER'S LUNCHEON PLATE peel big juicy oranges so no white memhrane remains, cut into round slices, and arrange on lettuce. Next on the plate put white or pink-meal grapefruit., carefully sectioned. Artel deviled eggs, shrimp and crisp cucumber slices. Leave the peel on the cucumber (or a bricM green note. Serve the .saJnd with a Jmi'-calorle Apples Bring Flavor, Variety, Health to Meals salad dressing,'. This plate wilt give any reducer plenty of good miiritlon: With apples In bountiful supply nnd alwnys popular, this Is the time In use them frequently In budget meals for flavor, health nnd variety. This variation of the Waldorf salnd comes from the experts c.l tile New Jersey Apple- Instill lie. The eggs and fish provide} ,,,,.,,,,„ • --••• ................ protein, the fruit offers Vitamin C\ " AI '»f>H»- SAI.AI). Combine plus delicious flavor, nnd the cu- ! . rt "npeelrd Mclntosli apples cumber adds crunch? texture. j with diced celery nnd special Hvir- A dessert Mint will make dieters ''",' ™ lnfl ''''cssiiiR. A(W chopped "HAPPY EASTER CAKB" with frcd,. Urt I«mm-buUer fa HwidfrfiH dessert for Euter dinner. Easter Cake Has Tart Frosting happy is a tapioca crcnm made wilh a new rum-caloric sweetening Folutlon and apricots canned without sugar. This neiv jmn-calorJe sweclcning solution is a blessing because It can he conked without losing its Mveetncss bitter aftertaste: I.OW-CA1.ORIH AnilCOT TAIMOTA PARKA IT Ingredients: 1 cRg 'separated!, 2 , . wnlnulx ami garnish will) ncldlllnn- al walnuts, Rei-ve atlh ripe olives nnd additionnl apples and nuts I H.tHVEST ! cups milk. 3 tablespoons qulck- cooktnc tapioca. 2>; teaspoons non- caloric sweetenlns, ',i teaspoon suit. Vi teasnoon vanilla, apricot halves (canned without suuari. Method: Boat egg while stiff but. not dry. Mix CCR yolk with small IMItVEKT SALAD DKKSSI.VO. Blend 'i cup tan apple Jelly Into 1 « ».,„„„*, clll> Inrl V" n| lalse and mix thormich-, leaving a v ' K(1!lson tr> taste with celery seeds I | and panrikn. Apple Kalnrt Cruliilrj- Style (Serves 4) Eiuht slires bacon. 3 SWTCI, reel apples, nnprelerl. 1.4 to 1 eilp diced cele-O'. " l - ' cup to '., cup seedless Vnlsin. mayonnaise, lettuce, salad greens for garnish. Cut bacon into 1-inch, picies and fry until crisp. Drain on absorbent I paper nnd cool. Wash, core and 1 nmt of the milk in a saucepan ! dice apples. Combine baron iimle* fanirvd tir\t\_ />nl n ^l» n ...«.i (.....j i __,_,. . <i,vj'n.7 Add tapioca, non-calnrlc sweetening solution, remaining milk, and saH. Cook nnd sUr constantly over medium heat until mixture 'comes to a \x>n—n to a minutes. Stir small amount of hot mixture into egg white: stirring constantly blond in remaining mixture. Stir In vanilla. celery, raisins nnd mnyommlsr- Comblne 2 or 3 crisp lettuce leaves to for ma cup nnd niranuc on endi salad plate. Pill lettuce cups with apnlo mixture. Oarnlsh with crisp snlad fircens. Note: When soft raisins arc desired r(m , KM - -- - -i P° 1 "' 1 cup holllriK water rhm A . 0 " rtw , ls ,nilmitcs. over rnlsln.s and let slna! , . lbo , lt Chill. Arrange alternate layers of 1 minute. Drain and cool before tnplocn and apricot halves in par-I using. uciorc White Sauce Has Many Uses; Trick Is to Make It Smooth ny OAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food and Markets Editor White sauce can be a blcssinc but it must be smooth and well seasoned. Cookery specialists of the United States Department, of Agriculture believe the surest way to have It smooth and htjnp-frce is (o melt Ihe tut. Then blend In the flour thoroughly, add milk slowly, stirring constantly, nnd keep trie • heat low until the mixture (hick- ens. Then add salt to taste—about « teaspoon for each cup of milk— and cook * few minutes loncer, stirring constantly. . JVfilk grn\-)-: Make like thin or medium white ^ sauce, using pan drippings for the fat. Cheese sauce: Add 1 cup finely grated cheese to 1 cup hot white Bauce, thin or medium. Egg Sauce. Stlrr 2 chopped hnrd- cooked eggs and 2 tablespoons lemon juice Into 1'i cups hot white sauce, thin or medium. Vanilla sauce: Add 'i cup sugar ami 14 teaspoon vanilla to 1 cup hot thin white sauce nnd stir until sugar dissolves. White Sauce Thin rimsistcnry: 1 cup milk. 1 tablespoon flour, t tablespoon fat Use for cream soup, gravy, creamert end scalloped vegetables, eggs. fish, meat, cheese sauce or egg tauct. Medium consistency: 1 cup milk. 2 tablespoons flour. 2 tablespoons fat. Use for thicker cravy, creamed and scalloped vegetables, eggs. fish, meat, cheese sauce or cgc sauce. Thick consistency: 1 cup milk. 3 to 4 tablespoons flour. 3 to 4 tablespoons fat. Use as a binrter for Spring Treat Ham, Biscuits For sprinc lu-ich nr for a spring breakfast, try this combination of special ham and fluffy biscuits marlc with rake flour. Spicy f.lazrd naked Horn with readies tMakrs S Srrvingsl One-half whole ham (about S pounds!. >i cup maple-blended syrup, ', teaspoon cloves, S tra- fpoon cinnamon. I No. 2 1 - can peach halves, drained. Trim rinri from ham. Wipe ttith cltan damp cloth and place in shallow baking pan. Start baking In slow oven »325 dec Fi 22 minutes per pound. When ham U half clone. drain off drippings. Combine sy- ' nip and spices in saucepan. Sim- ; mer 2 minutes. Pour spiced syrup over ham and continue bnkine. basting every 15 minutes, riacp peaches around ham during the last 15 minutes of hnk-1 ing. Baste peaches with the spiced 1 tyrup. souffles, croquettes. Turk and Vegetable Casserole (I servings) Two cups diced nr ground leftover pork, 2 tablespoons fat 14 cup slccd celery. •<, cup chopped onion. i>i cups , n [ xct] cook |,,| VCK( ,_ tables (frnw-n or canned), white snuce, salt, pepper, a teaspoons Worcestershire sauce. *1 cup buttered bread or cracker crumbs. Melt fat nnd In it cook cclcrv and onion until soft. Arid meat and vegetables and enough white sauce to moisten well. Add Worcestershire sauce and-salt, and iien- per to suit taste. Pour Into a greased 1',4-n.narl. casserole, lop with buttcrcii crumbs and bake at 3sn degrees F. (moderate) for 3d minutes. By OAVN'Of! MADIIO.V jNHA Fnoil and Markets Kilitor Tht.s is an extra special recipe for a beautiful Easier cake. It's tlowny-wliiic. tcmJi'r, ivltli a velvety cnirnl). The lomon - butter trostiiiE is fresh and inrt in lantfy contrast to the delicate layers. There arc tinted froslin-,' flowers on the side, nnd across the lop in frosting Is "Happy Easter." H.liipy Kastfr Cake Two and twri-tiiiids cup.s silUid cake flour, 3 teaspoons doubta- nctinif bakinu powtlnr, 1 teaspoon salt, 5 CUR whites, r', cups sugar, 2/3 cup shortening, i cup milk. 1 lea.spoon vnnilJa. Hift flour once, measure, a d d bakincr powder and salt nnd silt together three times. Beat ct*% whites mum loamy, add '_, cup of the sugar giaduully. ami rnnliniic beatini; only until meringue will hold up in soli peaks. C:eam shortcnlnst, add remaining H', cups sugar gradually anil cream togelher until light and fluffy. Add flour, alternately with milk, a .small amnunt at a time, beating after each addition until smooth. Add flavoring: blend. Then add meringue ami beat thoroughly Into baiter. Turn halter Into' two round 0-inch layer pans, which have been lined on bottom with paper. Bake in moderate oven 1315 rle- prrees F.I 30 minutes, or until done. Cool. Spread lemon-cream frost- ine between layers and on top and .sides of cake. Smooth frosting flap on top and sides for decorat- iJ)R. Prepare an ornamental frosting by combining sitlnd confectioners' siiRar with a little water. Tint some of this green and some lav- endar. With the green frosting, write "Happy Easter" across top of cake. Outline hyacinths mound .Hide.-, of cake, using lavendar froslinst for the flowers and green for the leaves, I.cniou-flutfer Frosting (Makes Z2/3 c-ups or enough frosiing In cover tops and sides of i tivn 0-inch layers, tmi 5x9x2-inch layers, or lu-o S-inrli layers generously.) One-half cup bnller, y, lea- spoon salt. 3'i cups (1 pound) sifted conlcctloncrs' sugar, 2 egg yolks, unbeaten, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind, 2 tablespoons t o p milk (about). Cream butter; add salt and part of sugar gradually, blending after each addition. Then add egg yolks anrl grated lemon rind; blend well. Add remaining sugar alternately with milk, until of right con- '.'steucy (o spread, besting after each arlrtflinn until smooth. Goody Evergood S«ys: «iic»d fresh d»ity for finec flavor quick and M»y to fir Buy it at your grocori" is Fading Co.. Memphis, Tonn. HAMS Reelfoot Leon Picnics Ib. 34' W% V< Mi Hi •* ^ '^-tn ' <;»n» ^. ii t .1 BEEF ROAST lb . 590 PORK CHOPS lb 490 tt hole nr half Pll ,. e n ,,,. k EflSTER HAMS....,„53(i SAUSAGE 3,,«'1.00 BABY"FOOD 3 ,.,270 WIZARD wick 2, m 69(i ""' 1 1 J1 COFFEE"' KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE aof Vi<lr!(;r fun^u^n. I'ect et function t» v^r^ imror SUGAR Domino 10 IBs, Kal Hnnor ' S Frown .3^660. ENGLISH PEAS pkg 240 Marsh 70Size CC GRAPEFRUIT THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1992 ^^ ^^^^^'^'^sSSSSSsssSSJ!^^ * J'on Like QUAUTV You'll Love These 7 Tejider . . ,. fasly . . . thrifty cuts of beef, veal, iamb, and pork — all Ihe wonderful meats your family loves fill our meal cases every Hay. They'r* tender meal* ... because they're QUALITY MEATS — (lie top grade* of GOT- ernmenl inspected meats. They're thrifty meats becaus* w« trim off excess bone and fat before weighing. Thta eli>s« trimming gives you more good meat in every pound. If you like quality meats — shop here for thrifty treats . . . today and every day! Mayrose or Armour Butt Center Slice !b.98c Shank Ends fb. 49c COUNTRY STYLE •3lb$.1. - - - ib.39c FANCY TENDER FRYERS - - - ib. 49c FISH -- ib.19c FRESH BEEF TONGUES - - ib. 49c FEATURINffT fettK? CEREALS ——™. gi^i CORN -, c FLAKES 16 5rWCE & SUGAR coiNPOPS Personal Size IVORY each Large Box Giant Size . TIDE 69* Bath Size CAMAY 2 for 23* HUNT'S l9 4 No. 2!/ 2 Cans FLAVOR K1ST XRUMBLES 19 RAlS!iTBWUl19 C CORN SOYA 1 7 C FOR EASTER 40% BRAN 1Q FLAKES I V CRACKERS • • • ib 19c .... dozen 3Jc I ' - - lb-5c JUICY FLORIDA ICEBERG SHREDDED WHEAT Seedless ca. Shop at Mays and Save Hnni bother fa. Try Dn.i,'. PilN » ir.M vef«o C " ':'crr!»lii!lj- \, f minion, fnr £r«'' l hri"?'*"'" " !i ' f '" m °" h "*""'™- ' Ur.dujhoutwu^.'GtlDoj^.'p^"^ 1 ; j SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st NEW CROP bunch ARKANSAS E$ " • " 01

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