The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1952 Casseroles Suggested For Lenten Menus Sieves- S C0 """' y - s "«!*l*<--ial format L, beguiling: j ust one ' ' ' i easily read recipe to a page with ... , i learned e (ate slionculs In an accompanying short menu enu is- because my husband took serole makers and short menus tut lyn.s; cuts." "Nino had a wonderful way with food and loved to give (inrljW He ivould imticr over a dish ecstatically until midnight. The trouble was that when he was ready to ferve everyone else was ready to t'o home. "Late one night, when Nino's j a dinner was at last on Uie table ' down on pott, pans, and platters Because she has no taste for desserts herself there are none In Mrs. Tracy's "Casserolo Cookery " But she says she has linally Riven In to readers' tastes and "More Casserole Cookery" Includes a num- i ber of foolproof sweets to add to - —rty meal. — -• --••<- —' .*'c uiuitt, r —--e of Mrs. Tracy' favorite Len-i one of our guests refused to join i I™ combinations is n cheese souffle us: "I never »j,t just before r go , to which she adds smoked ovMers to bed. he said. Ancthei- is i;,i, . ( .cipc . "That's when I decided something had Ui be done. got interested in fuej.-f.role cookery, and lureil my husband into Jreatin» 10 some wonderful ca«erole disVs By -i letting several foods—some of them i °i quick-frozen or canned— OVSTKKS .\.\j> . LOUISIANA K..- c.Ai'xon MADDO.Y \i;.\ riiocl anil Markets Kclitor A viirielv of Easter ej?°.s- In j.; bright colors of frnii-flnvoii'd v.. 1 !; tin In a fluffy nest of shredded " 1 c ove 0 ,,-M / chopl>t ' d °"- ci'comit-how rices that ,„ en Verne,- 4,, cl ""' h °PP^ dinner table? Ccruinlv : ameS>ne'fi'L,? •I™'™"'* " t<M ; ! mm 'K^ to eat. „.,. . , lou ,, n ^ ci| j They're , easy to do. .. t ------ •«»>« cii friends. And we could still ner. if not at seven when Nino . en no cooked, at least by eight, 'men all w h do was to- bring the cas- we hud to t iiio v %>rp!e to the: table,"arid"a°ss'l'aV » H interesting bread, coffee, cheese or fruit or some other dessert." in a Washington, D. C., book s byt_she wasn't, able to find any She noticed, too.' that '"cnrtonS kept asking for such a cookbook Tills spurred her on to put down the casserole recipes the Tracvs hart concocted, to track down mid dc- V<Mop new ones, aim to write a cas- sugar, 2 Jablespooiis grated Par- me.san cheese, 1 pint f resh ovslers (drained), 1 pint scallops, s'cups hot, cooked rice (1 cup raw), Saute the onion, garlic, and green pepper In butter 5 minutes, or until delicately browned. Add flour and well. Add tomatoes, salt, pep- cayenne, chili powder sugar and cheese. Arid scallops and oysters. Spread the hot rice in p. shallow casserole and pour the oysters Heat in a 325-degree oven for about « to 20 minutes, just until the edges of the oysters curl. Serves 1 In a civilized way. I suit his fancy. Either whipped I crrr.m may be mod to inscribe x names an« d»yj K ns on them .H'llicil Knstcr l:. : «s (Makes 8 J.Msli-r Ksg.v) 'liltl for; One packusre- fruit-flavored gela- l!00d;tjn (any flavor., 1 ,-iip hot water. ! *i cup cold water, 8 cup shells lio j remove yolks and whites, crack — .- , . .„ „„, r.Uhongh small end of each e"g slightly pick made In unique fashion. When the | away enou»h shell so that the votk ^!l/;™ ! tL C L C -'"'™' < '., llse 'V s I ?.". d "'."'V 5'».d™D out. Rinse" In- . one use s imagination and decorate thorn to Center of Easter Dinner: Leg Of Lamb, Gay Fruit Baskets .Special menu for a special occasion. With many folks that special choice for Easter dinner Is a festive leg of lamb, perhaps garnished with gay llctle. fruit baskets, When .buying the lamb leg ask your meat dealer to leave the fell on the leg. With this paper-like covering left In placo (lie leg- holds Its shape better during cooking. Ac- Reba home economist tho leg Jjjrcilng to M B S w '°^ P ace s*tn side down and cut side up In R^halloiv roasting pan with a .rack The rack holds the meat tip'oiu. of its drippings and allows for uniform cooking. Roast fn a slow oven, 300 degrees P. This low tempefa- . nn«ihi rccommenriecl possible serving. ' the finest . You'll know exactly when the leg is medium or well done, as desired If you use a roast 'meat thermo- meter. insert the thermometer into the meat before it goes i,,( 0 th " hn bone ,, " eHhcr »' fat nor on he thermometer will register regster "5 degrees to 180 degrees when the roast Is cooked. In terms of mln- ly "(A" M l ' nd ' hl5 U "PP™*""'"*- f°r nifty fruit baskets to deco- ornn th< y es .° r ' Ia| nb. hollow out an orange, leaving peel on one half tn "t «"1« Jtrip.of the peel aero"., the center.of the other half to form the hand e for «„ baskot y m ,.,™ a colorful fruit combination Just before serving-, put a paper frill on the lamb shank bone then surround the tor, " roast with the fruit hV"" With mnshEd P° l " T?' grecn I**™- but- carrots hot rolls and a fan,. iJv-fnvorite pie. Umb Curry with Side Dishes of Nuts Chutney, Raisins Makes Tasty Meal Hearf 'Italienne' Is Variation of Spaghetti Dish If meal sauce wlfh s|i:is;!ieiii i s » fpvorite dish at your house, here's a tempting varja(ion—Heart Itni- ienne. According to home economist Reba Stairgs. In preparing tills '"-" dish, beef or veal heart Is cut into i time ' cubes, then simmered with the same Ingredients as your . nsna] meat Bailee. It. too. may be served over cooked spaghetti. Heart KUiemic 2 pounds beef or veal heart 3 tablespoons lard or drippings \>i cup onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, chopped 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon salt H teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons pimiento. chopped 1 small can tomato paste 1 No. 2K can tomatoes 1 8-ounce package spaghetti, cooked 'A cup grated Cheddar cheese Wash hearts thoroughly, remove veins and hard parts and cut meat in 1-mch cubes. Brown meat, onion and garlic in lard or drippings. Add salt, pepper; pfmlento. tomatoes tomato paste and simmer two hours, or until meat Is tenrier and mixture thickened. Serve over spa Rhettl mid top with grated cheese 6 lo S servings. Read Courier News Classified Ads. BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Roast Lamb Is Easter Feature New W«t Coast Cook Book Shows Dining Simplicity By GAVNOX MA»J)OX NEA Food and Markets Kdllor Easter dinner. Calliornla style Is a spirited affair. So 1* a really won- derail, new guide to enjoyment of food, called "Helen Brawn's West ast cook Book" It shows how dine In the simple but pleasant western manner, giving hundreds o/ definitely authentic recipes I am convinced that the more tills de- hslnfni book i.s used, the belter home menus will be. ' two recipes from "Helen Brown's p cs t const Cook Book" are perfect, for Easter dinner: lioasl lamb with wiille Win. «nd Olives Once more wine and ripe olives Join to add charm to a simple ,K,h LamJj. roasted this way. Is lamb at its best, i If you prefer not to use wine, combine Juice ol 2 lemons with 3 cups of wmcr and baste lamb with this mixture.) Serve It with pan-rousted potatoes nnd strinc beans combined iviih .vmtt-cd mushrooms and flavored with snips of fresh diU, One Icj! of lamb. 12 cloves of garlic. 1 botile white wine. 2 cups pitted ripe olives. Put a dozen peeled cloves of garlic in the roasting pan with a leg of lamb. Over it pour a whole taol- I tie of white wine, Jab the meat well I with an ire pick, and ba.«le nt. least n dozen time* during the corking The garlic thickens the sauce and perfumes the lamb In a heavenly manner. Ju^t before serving, heat 2 cups of pitted ripe olives in the sauce and serve with the roast. Western Av'ncado Salad Avocados on '.he half-shell, their centers filled with a dressing made with t: j cup of wine vinegar and oiive oil .and 2 tablespoons each of minced parsley, green pepper, and green onicns. Is a fine dish, cither as a first course or as a salad, llressliig One-half cup wine vinegar. >,i cup olive oil, 2 tablesjxxms minced parsley, 2 tablespoons muiccd green onions. Skillet Dinner Novel Use for Ground Steak Looking for something different to serve? Then try this steak Skillet Dinner, suggests Reba Stages home economist. It's > novel use for beef round steak. To prepare tills dish, buy round steak cut about >i Inch th'ick. Cut th« steak Into 3 x 5 inch strips, then dredge It with aeaoned flour Cut carrot Into stick nbout 3 Inches long and place 3 or 4 of them on each steak strip. Roll up the strips and fasten them with wooden picks For thnt appealing brown coating brown the rolls slowly on all sides In lard or drippings. Then to the steak rolls add potatoes Hud onions For liQUtd, pour a can of mushroom soup over (he meat rolls and veKetablcs. then cover the utensil closely. Cook slowly either on (op of the ranee or In a 300 degree P oven for Pi to 2 hours. PACK EI.EVENT Good Barbecue Sauce Adds Zest To Most Any Good Chicken Dish If you aren't rooking rorn on the cob right awav. don't hiuk It Leave the ears In their green wrappers until ready to cook. Ch!ckciu are in the budget class Make the most of them. That's where a good barbecue sauce conies In. iJauce For liarbecnpd L'hlckrn lEnuugh sauce to barbecue 20 portions of chickens) One cup tomato puree, 1 cup vinegar. 1 cups water, 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce. 1/2 teaspoon Tabasco. 4 tablespoons minced onion, 3/4 teaspoon paprika. 1 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon Mack pepper, 1/4 teaspoon ground clovts. Combine tomato puree, vinegar onion, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and one e.up water. Bring to a boil, stir frequently u> prevent scorching, Mix together all dry Ingredients and stir into the liquid as it readies the boilliut point. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Thin to the desired consistency with the other cup of water. This sauce may be prepared well In advance of the barbecue. The following recipe won the 1051 Uelmarvn Festival |, r :/c for Mrs Aubrey Romshe of Snow Hill, Maryland. Harbpcue Sauce (I'or Ovi-n Barbecue C'hlck'ea) (Serves 4) One medium onion, chopped i/1 cup water, 1 teaspoon salt 3 'tea- *POO'i* vinegar. 2 heaping Utah- spons brown sugar, 1/2 tablespoon prepared mustard, i tablespoon sauce"'" SaUC<; ' 1 Can "^ Cut one 3-poimd chicken In serving-size pieces a,,<t brown in 3 tablespoons hot fat in frying pen. Set browned chicken pieces in ro k»t. l"g pan. Brown chopped onion in remaining fat; add the rest of the sauce Ingredient* and U>t simmer 30 minutes. Pour sauce over chicken and cover pan. Bake tn moderate oven (350 degrees p.) for O ri» liour. or until tender There are excellent bottled barbecue sauces available In food stores throughout the country You cim use them plain or mixed' with butter or foitificd margarine tr, mn*e your barbecue chicken cilshej. For'Athlete's Foot Vae T-l-l, tar I lo 5 daj. if not P"«<1, somw, bn-l<. Wal/h'lh, "ff, laliitfd S kin ,!„„,„ „„ ,„ h , , • «l bv l, P ,lil, r ,w,,. Gel Innanl-drjln, ' ro °' d "" n " s< - *°* * i Klr - sid" nf shr-11 with cold vi-ateri Dissolve gelatin in hot. water Add cold water. Pom- in CBK shells' using funnel or small pitcher. Set cstrs on end In egg container. Chill until gelatin Is firm. Before servlnj. carefully crack and prel off shells Serve in nesU of shredded coconut Using pastry tube, decorate with whipped cream or cream cheese A'-ofUncd and flavored, if desired), making various designs or spelling out initials and children's names. Here's another colorful dessert also alive with the spirit of sprinr;- Hasplierry I'antas.T Wakes 4 Servings} Dissolve 1 package raspberry- flavored Relatin fn - cup hot water Arid 1 cup cold water. Turn Into parfalt or deep sherbert glasses Chill until firm. Pour cream or ens'-' tarri sauce oil top. (To prepare custard sauce, use 1 package vanilla pudding and pie filling mix phis •) cups milk.) Insert flat side of knife deeply between glass and gelatin and cut slightly, allowing cream or sauce to trickle down sides and form a design. Chicken Better With This Rice This quick Spanish.rice goes well with fried chicken. '"" Quirk Spanish Rlct (4-6 servings) Pour tablespoons butter, ',4 cup coarsely chopped green pepper, >,j cup finely chopped onions, iy, cups packaged pre-cooked rice, 3 cups canned tomatoes, 2 teaspoons salt. The South s Greatest DUROC SALE Monday Night April 14 Begins 7:30 p.m. lo i teaspoon pepper. ji Melt butter In skillet. Add green j I pepper and onions and cook until I tender, but not brown. Add rice, to- El inatoes and seasonings. Cover and J cook gently about 10 mlrmte.s. I* For dessert, have clip cakes, slice them horizontally in half. Ice like sandwich filling, place a hole in center and fill wilh a saUed nut. Pll PC Burl Lil " Sin! IlLLO But Now I Grin Am'lil '"5 Jy 'T 1 "' '">" mi "T •' I>U~. fS^-i^'^'-'T.nuJi; BRIGHT KNIGHT _ The Sirer of ^he Yew Jonesway Farms KENNETT, MISSOURI Mil " Southwest of Kennett on Highway 25 Mora than 15 spices such as tu-, Kfnger. coriander and caraway are blended into the one exciting condiment-curry, with this condiment In your spice cupboard thcres a host of exotic dfshes for }«u to prepare. Lamb curry Is one outstanding example. Serve -this lamb dlsn In true foreign style Ac company It with side dishes ot chopped nuts, chutney, raisins and ^redded coconut, suggests Reba ^'aggs, nome economist. I.amb Cnr'rj" l'» pounds boneless lamb stew cut In 1-lnch pieces 1 cup water H cup diced onion 1'4 cups sliced tart apples 14 tablespoons curry powder • teaspoon cinnamon '.'> tenspoon ground cloves '* teaspoon mitmrg '» teaspoon allspice Casserole Mokes Cost-Cutting Dish "ore's n cost-cutting main dish everyone In your family will enjoy Economy f.'.isscrolc (Srrvi-s 4 to r>) One-half p. 1rtn ,e noodles (6 <zl. 1 medium onion, sliced 4 tab «,,oons diced R rrcn pepper 2 a- blr.spoon., fat. 2.4 Cllps tomatOM 0.0. 2 can), i teaspoon wit .; fcjjfpoon ground cloves. '; t ea . 'Sy>K,n dry innwnrd. i 1nble«i)oon brown Misnr. 1 bay !,.„[. e frnnkfur- Cook noooies in boiling sa ltcd water until tender. Bro™ onlo; , and preen pepper in [at. cool Arid tomatoes. Milt, cloves. nni.sUrd brown snsar anil bay lent S^iun cr' for 10 niinulei. Arrange H or cooked noortlc-s In a well-greased t'i-quirt hcat-re- sistnnt, opal s lass hosier ca.s.^rolc Cover with three iranktnrters: add a layer of noddles. 3 more frankfurter.-, another layer o! noodles 2 frankfurters on top. Remove bay If Of from tomato sauce and pour sauce over noodles and frankfurter*. Cover and hskc in moderate oven 1.1.50 degrees P.> for 30 mln- mc.v « cup l.ird 'or drippings 6 tablespoons flour 1 'o 2 cups milk 2 teaspoons salt Pew grains red pepper 3 cups cooked rice Cut Inmb Into I-Inch ciib« Adrt . water, cover closely and cook slow- ! i> in a slow oven (300 degrees F) ! or on top of range until meat is i almost done, about. 1 hour. Add on ons. apples Kna sp[c(1 , and ttnite cooking until meat Is tender and vegetables are done Drain meat and vegetables. Make a wh, c raokin • ° P drl ' > P'"S s . flo»r. '^ ?, cl 'P s - ll 1 |> 'd. Combnie meat ,etabiM and add white sauce, at Serve on hot rice. 6 srrvino-s Sircddcd coconut, chopped pel-'' >»IU. chutney or raisins may be. served a., accompaniments ' Lamb Barbecue Made from Cubes Used in Stews ,-,Mrp cue Cilice is a popular wav of nrenar i'« many l, 1mh CII[e ; Thl f ^ v^i an opportunity to ,,, e yo , lrg01 " ru-ate recipe for the saure made «itli tomatoes, herbs, minced pcn- per and other condiments. , Lamb <1 » 1 >M you ordinarily use • or a lamb stew mnke a perfect choice f,,r barbecuing, S av., hcmc "•«t Reba stnegs. Hrown the cubes f,;.=t then add the barbecue sauce, start with from '.i to \ cup of Die fame, adding more as need- ed. cover the pan and let the moat «>.-<k for 1 to l' a ho-.irs. Serve the cubes in s-ince. perhaps over rirc A lamb breast out info riblcfs prc..em« one more Ideal cut for barbecuing. Braise riblr!.s In (he same manner as the lamb stew meat. Lamb shants are another choice lor cooking in a barbecue sauce. In quality and price, your best chicken buy. Fully dressed and ready for the frying Save on Coffee at Freeman'i for Save on Shortening at Freeman's FAMOUS CRISCO Farm Brand, 28 oz. Jars APPLE BUTTER Blue Plate's Quality SALAD DRESSING Famous the Country Over! HUNT'S PEACH ES« N c- Mrs. PickforcJ's fine flavored OLEOMARGARINE lb.17* Thompson's Seedless Housewives SAVE! At Freeman's i FALSE TEETH TJiaf Loosen Need Not Embarrass IT or. Pkgs. ot raise t,rth h« t( "Sarrawmtnl b-r»"' prcl. ,ilpnetf or wob wronn t [ me Do not I----*"' -f i*t^WJIC3S RAISINS You'll like this ice cream mix! UPTON'S FROSTEE • i not drug slor"""' • > ' ASTEE ™ >t Have you tr j ed this dependable flour? LIGHT CRUST for 10 Ib. Bag Sit FREEM MARKET 2016 W«st Main — Across from the Max Theater

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