The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TEN ELYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1952 Yarbro Farmer Invents New Rig For Preparation of Seed Beds NKW TILLAGE TOO!.--Paul Abbott Oefti docs some final ad- Justing before giving his "Abbitch Bar" a test run for the benefit oi the photographer while his nephew, Clinton Abbott, looks on Mr Abbott Invented the Abbitch Bar, which is a four-row ri» for bed prep- a r,t>cn before planting. In the photo at the Abbitch Bar is show, in action. This test run w as made ,„ all only IM] d . , or, the oeoree D-Uahunty farm at varbro. (Courier News fhotos, rear ones cover the fer-. By GEORGE CLARK (Courier News Staff Wtller) There's a new farm implement going on the market and It's inventor is a North Mississippi County farmer ivho claims he built the tool "because I had to have something to get through this mud." The new tool has been given the icrewy title of the "Abbitch Bar," but its name has nothing to do »'ith Its operation. Paul D. Abbott of Yarbro, its Inventor, Bays. The Abbitch Bar is a four row preparation rig for lhe conditioning of seed beds before planting. The new tool represents t\vo years of hard work and experimenting by Mr. Abbott, who sas's "the thing works better than I actually expected." The Abbitch Bar Is a tillage tool. It consists of a 2-foot Iron bar that extends under the tractor From the bar run 12 double cultivator springs with small plows extending from each. The plow arrangement is one in front and two in the rear, with the rear plows staggered. Uses Mldilli Buster'lAsscmbly The bar Is mounted across the belly of the tractor in front of the tractor' rear wheels. It is assembled on a middle buster assembly and the tractor's power lift raises and lowers the bar to desired height. jT" 6 gauge wheels of the middle buster assembly gauges the depth of the plows. Mr. Abbott Is enthused about his new tool. So enthused, in fact, that he made a special trip to Washington with William S. Rader Blythevllle attorney, to apply for a patent. Just what dors (he tool rto? Just what Mr. Abbott described it 3S doing. It Is designed for seed bed preparation. Bui, Mr. Abbott ex- plnlned. it differs from other implements used for Ihis purpose In. nsmitch as the tractor pushes the implement Instead of dragging It. And because his implement is not a drag type. Mr, Abbott claims that it eliminates strain on the tractor's bearings, thereby giving the tractor more power lo plod through fields that otherwise might be too wet for drag type Implements. Mr. Abbott Is making a number of claims about his new Implement and he says he can prove them all. One of his main claims Ls that because the Implement lessens the friction on the tractor bearing that it will eliminate one tractor ami one driver during bed preparation process. Has Depth Control 'All of the bed preparation Implements on the market now that I Know of sre drag type imptemcnis trait* t 5 " lmosl '"'Possible tor a n .*.,). n f r j^ ^ ([( _ ing bed preparation. I have round hroussh two years of experiment- Ing that, n traclor equipped <v|th tills Implement has lltlle difficulty. I've been in the field with this implement when the weather had all other tractors in tills area In the shed." One of his arguments alom? this line is the inside back plows are so arranged lhal thev throw Partially dried top soil In front of the tractor's wheels thereby giv- i»Z Ihe wheels more traction In wet spots. Another one of Mr. Abbott's arguments In favor of his Abbitch Bar Is that It has depth control something drag type implements do not have. Tile gauge wheel on the middle buster assembly controls the depth of Ihe plows t h e same as It does on a middle bus- 'er. And because the tractor driver sits over the Implement instead of In front oi It. the tool is more adjustable to cross plowing and you can easily crossplow the second time because the driver can see where he has plowed before. "It's also a fine (ool for fertilizer placement and side rtressin" " Mr. Abbott said. "You can place (be fertilizer distributing spout behind the front plow, The front plow will dig the trench nntl the tilizer after it has been placed "TRHC f o j AS to the price of ihe tool, Mr. I Dna >jerman bond Abbott said "It's Ihe cheapest four i Plays for Klwatlis row rig J know of. I'm asking S175 "" for It and that's lower than some two row rij4s." Has Begun Manufacture Mr, Abbott already has begun manufacture of his uew tool. He n contract Joe Atkins' The Hungry Five, a "German band" from Blytheville High School entertained members of the KKvanis Club at the club's weekly meetino in Hotel Noble yesterday. Members of Ihe band are Albert Fairfiekl. Ralph Wahl, Jim Culbert- Gaitiett and Tommy Guests at yesterday's the Key at the Machine Shop (or the construction of SO which he hopes ID put in • operation in this area this spring.] '-•nests at yesterday's meeting "I know It* going lo be hard for *",?''' °' Pat1 ? ctt - " Fort Smith Kl- some farmers to believe what lin'"l! ! "li cltu:(1 Holbert. a Little say about Ihis implement but I ! O f Blvth'-""'-''"^-'"'--- 1 ~°- *?' M ' les know what it will do. I have been I resented using it for two years here in this | meeting, land und I don't believe there is any tougher land in this part of the country," he said. This is not Mr. Abbott's first invention. He's been tinkering around with ideas for a number of years. In fact, in 1949 he received a patent fora bidden shirt pocket designed for those who try to use their shirt poclie'is as satchels. The hidden pocket was a fold In job fitting inside the shirt. The pocket set at an angle with the lop buttoning with the second and third buttons of the shirt. "It's a great thing for carrying things in your shirt pocket, especially money. No pickpocket can gel to you without you knowing It and every time you bend over you don't lose the things In your shirt pocket." Hut he never rtirl put this invention on the market. U.S. to Buy Eggs, Pork for Schools WASHINGTON If,- Secretary of Agriculture Braiman bowed to a congressional recommendation to-1 day and ordered government hn v - ! ing of pork and eggs in an effort! to bolster their prices. • He announced that the Agriculture Department will offer to buvi a "nibstantial" of smoked pork and up to soo.OOO cases of e?es next fall hv the ravernmeili-' sponsored non-profit schoo! lunch i program. I undersigned hai Hied with the Department of Alcohohc B™ Control of the State of Arkansas to'jjMi-init to sell and dispense Congress Plans Easter Vacation Until Next Week House Members Leave Till April 22, Senate Takes Holiday WASHINGTON Wl—Many Hotl^e members headed home today lor 11* 12-day Easter recess, eager to tell* constituents how they cut more than six- billion dollars from President Truman's appropriation requests. Immediately after slashing $4,. 713,845.218 from the 550,900,000000 military bill and cutting defense spending next year by a total of 6'4 billion, the House late yesterday voled to take an Easier holiday. After today's no-business session, the House will have no more business meetings until April 22. The Senate has no definite holiday plans, but there's an understanding that .no business win be transacted until next Wednesday. vinous or spirituous liqucrs [or beverage at retail on Ihe premises described: 326 E; Main, Blvtheville, Ark. Application is for a permit to be '(sued for operation beginning on the . ' st day of Jul - v ' 1952 - and to NOTICF: orViuvo OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PKUMIT Notice is hereby Riven that the undcrnL-neci has iilerl with the-De- partmrnt of Alcohrrlic Eeveraee Control of the state of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense guys; vinous or spirituous liquors (or bev- era j- e a ^ re , 3 j) on j^^ premises described: 218 A East Main. Blythe- ville. Ark. " • Application is for a permit, to be i ifsued for operation beolnnino on Hie 1st day of July. 1952. nnd to 1 exrire on the 30th day of June, Han'ey Steivart 4 10 OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PEKMIT N'otice is hereby given that the ___ HELP WANTED In General Insurance Office Preferably a »»„,..„, experienced in Insurance Office writlnr a sencra! !i,,e O f i,, SIlrilncl , Bul B , u|d ,„,„ ^ ^ ^^ '! willing to make insurance a career. Must b« short-hand slenosrapher and bookkeeper. N'eat and efficient, T ith a pl M ,. Ing personality in dealing with the public. D 0 not apply „„,„, you are willing to establish yourself permanently in this posi- don. Good salary and bonus with opportunity for advancement. Pleasant a-orkin s conditions. Write _ United Insurance Agency, P. O. Box 658, Bljthevllle, Ark. .,/, A, F. Dietrich your old tires are worth- ^^^^^^^—~ traded here on j&r // V your tires ore worn smooth they've reached the W-Tbu" 0 ';!!- V 0de ' hem ! od °X *» "•* GcoXe± e awov f ; Unused , mile °9= ond you'll ride Go£DYFA? S °^ r ' Ion 9 er -'°"i»8 'ires made by GOOD i-EAR, the greolest name in rubber - ' we re always hoppy } O see y ou . er. Stop in CLASSIFIED AD SALE Auloniobile prices have taken a nose dive at Shel- Ion Motor Co. in Bljlheville. w e Ye laken * price cut flcross-llie bonrd-every car „„ our lot goes on sale at reduced pnccs. If ym.Ye planning to buy a better used car ,„ ll le nexi (i months, (hen the time is NOW-as soon HS ><>., can yet ( l,,wn here. 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