The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NO-HITTERS THAT BLOOM IN THE SPRING—Three no-bit gimp *shoi. «J how far (he mtch, , : were ahead of the batters in the Spring exhibition games Sto\ e Ridzik loft \X ih ™ M P" cnLr .. .theway against the Cardinals. Jim Hearn, center. oflhTcfi.-in* hmmed thodcor int£e lid,,« 1 es /or seven jnnmgs, after which Monte Kennedy, left inset, completed the joh Wirreii S^nhn r^hL and Ernie Johnson did an identical job for the Braves against the Dodgers (NFA) Cards Pound 'No Hit Ridzik As Phillies Fall Twice 8-6, 3-2 THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1952 Chicks' Trackmen Invade Kennett Tomorrow Sarazen T kinks Masters Victory Snapped Hogan Jinx for Snead Tribe Will Open Season In Meet; Osceola Entered Blytlicville llif,'h School's track loam gets its first taslo of official compel i lion of the 1S52 season tomorrow aflornoon wlion it invades KcnneU, Mo., for a tnanRular meet with Kennntt and Osceola. Actually, this will be the Chicks' Sports Roundup OAVLF. TAI.BOT B.v WILL CRIMSI.EV NEW YORK liPi—Il is coori to Ret bncfc home from the baseball crimps nnd learn that the tint inn's tf nni-s loaders IIRVP m.irle thrir first im- move toward wimiijji* (ho ^^A^^c^^ ^.r^j^^^Tt'wn"' 58 ^"'"^^"^^ 50 '"^'^ Enap - iiie mmi "•"«« ^ nfTair with Wilson mid Osceola and i -"'""""' m 3t Augusta, oa. What was It? ft. may have been Ben Hogan's reign as the kingpin of American walked of! with top honors. j^'-. 'he chunky squire from GermanUwn. N.Y., said today. It may have been the nerve-jarring bu«aboo The three-way meet is scheduled | HOB in long has held over Sam Snead. 1?'?'™ ™T," ,',"-* K ^ m[ " ack i Whatever it was. Sarazen came* < t*i £.jw. inni IK. it weather permits. The Chicks have br<m holding • daily workouts for the past three wricks but hcraiiFp of thp Inck of a truck -heir workout!! have eonsi.stori I mostly of conrlitmning exercises. | The KrnneU mcrt wrvs arranged ' yrsierriay by Coach Russell MosJpy . away from the picturesque azalea country predicting Snead would whn .snirt wan ten his thinrlnds to vet at least one eond taste of com- sr;» w^"- 1 lhc Ai " 1 - • ; » ; '™ £». ~ ««r vs XJaHng*r r >,,i,^s me,,,a,, y T^"^^""" ' h « ^ ^ for tli a At rugate to cnmr, the tennis association, through Hurold A. Lrl>:ijr, the chair man nf i's rulos commit t re, Virus formally no tilled . Sophomore* Will Help Moslev Is depenriini; mostly on sophomore talent to brina the District Three crown back to Blyihe- Tarn O'Shanter Purse Boosted to $120,000 By El) COIIK1GAN Mdle (Austerity Program) Sawyer, the Philadelphia Phillies scholarly manager, had . brand new men,., outside ite mfnu., nalional ~The mle ,„ „„„„„„. which »•»« ' A atxrtlshed l,v England last vear and * never was heard of in Australia . ?h? stipulates that a player may draw C expenses in only eiuht tonrna- crack his ancient jinx and win the National Open championship at Dallas in June. "T hat last Masters ma del CHICAGO HV-Golf's sugar daddy, George S. May, has boosted Hog a n look the total Purse for his Tarn O'Shanter tournaments this summer to mighty," I 5120.000. Sarazen. one ofi For the last -,-- -Ihj all-time champions, said. Sam's eyes, at least, It may have problem on his mind today, along with the recurrence of a new one. Remember Sieve Ridzit:. the rookie who hurled the no-hitter -u-niast the St. I/mis Cardinal, the list time out? It turned out thai he didn't have any Indian sign on the Red Birds, who proceeded- to knock him out of Die box In the sixth inning of yesterday's game, which the Cards went on to win, e-6. --* Ridzik had been .somewhat of « "uprise lo Sawyer. Innsmnch as . Robinson Still Respects Graziano's Hard Punching By MURRAY ROSE POMPTON LAKES, N.J. wv-Docs Rocky Graziano still hit as hard • s ever, or has some of the power gone out of his famed right hand wallop? "Man, I don't aim to find out,"* _ . __ »ald Sugar Ray Robinson. "I'm •olmj to try and get the first punch in. "He always could punch with hl» right, 1 ; said the sleek Harlpm- Ite, "and I'm going to watch out. Of couree, we've both slowed down but you gotta watch (hem punchers." Then the middleweight clinm- plon, who defends his crown «(laintt the New York slugRcr in Chicago next Wednesday, went out and showed some of the fastest hands we've seen in a long time. He punched /aster than we've seen him hit since that last flurry that stopped Randy Turpin in the 10th round at the Polo Grounds )*st September. I-ashed Out for TV Against sparmates Al Mobley •nd Vern Lester he fought only In spurte. When the television men turned on their cameras, he lashed out. As soon as the cameras stopped whirring, he eased off. He crossed his right like a streak and shot over some short left hooks in the old Robinson, manner. He was accurate when he I wanted to he. There wam't theiRedi Execufp slightest resemblance to the rusty ' execute swinger who missed so bndly against Hobo Olson in Sun Frari- cisco last month. - "Man, I sure missed out there," f ' )orR °^ a Communist p!,ir/ion urre said Robinson. "I missed him by at! rr( ' pnll v cwuted by their comrades least three feet at times. I ctmltln't' r ° r "waveriiiB" In allrBianrf, nc- ASTC Trackmen Win Triple Meet the rookie compiled only a 5-11 record with Baltimore lasl year. Sawyer doesn't Intend to abandon championships and five sectional events—scarcely sufficient to get a boy well warmed up. Will He Knforced After warning the inisrrranls (hat Johnny they needn't try to cet around the ' Donald edict by hiding out in rooming houses and private hnmes during .- tournament and pretending not to know where their next meal is corning from, the letter from I.c- forced. 1 ' Steve, though, allhougl, he ha, hi, ™™ n « f '' 01 "' '["» M <" l '" m l '^ lingers crossed that the no-hiUe'r i , h il r ™^'"^ '" fatherly fashion, wasn't a fluke. "These rules will be strictly en- Then, while he was mulling over the shellacking Ridzik took. Sawyer brought In his one-lime relief ace, Jim Konstanty. IVo years IKO. when Konslanly Rot In a ball he usually was Ibe last That should do II. Any tennis player who isn't ready and anxious to throw himself into the straggle against the Au.ssies after he has received such a rlnplue call to duty isn't worthy of representing the ' to carry the big load in les nnrt distance races are Tommy Mosley, Russell's fleet-footed brother, Ralph Snyder. and Bob Chilrlress. Tlie Chicks also have a coot! crop o! juniors and other first-year men who are expected to pitch In with S , D ™ e _ 8ml ?' e h?!f) - Aman S these are '"' ien, Bonnie Hays and ry. All are dash men. has one of the top track teams in Southeast Missouri. Last week they walked off with an easy victory in a three-way meet with Poplar BlufI „ and Maiden. Ben the ^port's Rreatjhas held the distinction of staging " (lle world's richest golf meets. So ._ ^ _, the only records he has lo break Gene Sarazen ,,,, m ^ , ,. „ ;' •* -• ~i urtjv v«:;tr nis jamoorce nacl a ",™ *hUt " as super-tin- I modest prize list of $77,600 and he did mule well in attracting the gume's greatest slars and hordes robot. "I think it could change Snead's | entire outlook. He prabnhlv no longer will be worrying about what the little man Is doing when he's out on the course trying for the Open, ft could make ference." a big dif- -...-..,t,,., H ,1.1 uit: jns; isii o v.nrmy ol representlllE pitcher In4!ie Phillies' pan of the] U. S. Lawn Tennis Assoc line Score, he VPS so nffprtivn anvivav line score, he vns so effective. Well, the aging Jim managed to 'an Del Rice, but was slapped for successive doubles by Gene Manch and Cloyd noycr, neither of whom Slate Teachers ........ triangular track meet here yesterday. The Bears scored 14'i 'potnUs to 70 for Southern Slate. Arkansas Tech trailed with lOVi points. Kenneth Stephens ot Teaehers was the top individual performer scoring lay, points. is regarded us exacllv '<ii — Arkansas! buster. Even with his sm,,. College won a Ing hurleis. Sawyer was anyway. May Drvrlnp Rums It probably should be added that this Is only the present writer's personal opinion and is not shared Chicago Bears Sign Williams CHICAGO or;—Tlie professional football Chicago Hears h--;e signed Fred Williams. 22-ycnr-old tackle Little Rock, Is the Arkansas heavy- weleht taxing and wrestling cham- that Konstanty would come back to his 1950 form when tic won 16 a . fence by everyone who Inves the game. ? start-M" fact, some of the younger mem- hoping bcrs of the association made nul- sauces of themselves at the last annual meeting by arguing that the „ .,...,, ,.,,[:,, [u.- \\,ji[ io nil.,,,,,, iin:l:lit]lf; UJ induing mat tlie Raines and compiled a 2.65 earned! eight-week rule 'should be wiped Mm average. Last year he won just] out and our players permitted to four with an ERA ot 4.03. Won "B" Game The Cards even won the "B' Jake La Motto Scores Kayo Over Hayes DETROIT l.»v-Jake La Motta's comeback express still thunders along today. The 30-year-old former middleweight champion battered his former conqueror, Norman Hayes, in a iO-round slugfest last night to grab a unanimous decision. "Think I'll be ready for another fight in three weeks," said the Open Will fie Tesl Snead won the Masters last week end with a 12-hole' score of 236. highest In the tournament's history. Hogan faded to a 70 on the last day for a score of 293 and a tie for seventh place. "The Open will be the big test for Hogan." Sarazen added. "If es this one, too. and as badly as he did the Masiers. (hen it may mean that the unseen blow has struck him. "You never know when It hlls— this golfing ghost—that sooner or later strikes down all the champions. When it comes it means a , ™ u UUAIHB luuniameni * golfer is over his peak and (he | knocked out here last night In rest of the time the road is all middleweight battle game part of I compete on even terms with the Bronx bull who wants to fWit once rest of the tennis world. a month. No opponent has been They made it sound pretty coti- named. a cioubleheader, whipping tlie Phils. 3-2, in a five Inning affair called by darkness. But Iho Cleveland Indians certainly have a lioodoo on tho New York; Giants. The. Tribe slapped down the New Yorkers for the 11th time in 13 meetings. 2-1, on only three hits. Ironically, the Giants pion. j. 'Wavering' Comrades PEN'ANG, Malaya WV-SU mem- .v^u^v b.,11.1^ icci. ni. mm:;,. 1 COU1O11 l| »<i'«.jiii^ ui HilPElBIlrp, flC- have missed any worse unless hei 0 "" 1 '"? '" another terrorist who Jumped out of the ring. That long! surrendered to security forces layoff after the Turpin fight was! The surrendered t:rroilsl report. v. ,. i crt considerable dissatisfaction among Ilio terrorists' rank and file He said Ihelr olllrers were too se- too much." May Quil Next Summer "If he loots as bad Qraziano." interjected manager George Gainford. "as ho did against Olson, I'm gonna make him quit." Robinson, busy taping his hands nodded. "I'm much better now than I was for Olson," he said, course, that's not much to compare vere in thrir discipline. vlncing. too. until the older wiser members stood up and ,,.,,„ „,„„„ „„ (heir licks. But for the rule, thev | was the same old snuiucr and pointed out. some of our youth j slugger. The crowd roared as he might develop Into regular tennis j swapped whirlwind punches with LaMotla. litrhting in his "lucky city" of Detroit for the 20lh time, ihuffler and i t . '11 " , " ~.\f " g ' he 5Un Hayes for r m v » s or clime to clime all year and playing every round »« minute of most vote retained the' rule by a ' i t ', kj^ •>„ , margin, 'nip strol-o rm- ,„„•;.., '•• lr s "O KeSt falrly 'cw York, The Gianis got; cause Frank encouraging news a-ide margin. 'Hie stroke for purity in athleiics did not receive the al- ls, our Davis Cup This Motorcycle Trip Monte Irvln. who returned ,., t , v last night for jrealnient ot R fractured nnklc. r 'C'an ^ViRElR Tors" Askert if he expected to play again this year. Monte replied: "Sure, in two or three months." Then pointing |o his loes and wiggling them under the white sock nt the end of his cast he said: "Look. I can wiggle my Iocs now," The velcran Ken Raffcnsberger turned in a smooth performance yrsierday for the Cincinnati Reds, I although he didn't get credit for LRJC Cuts Out Scholarships years aso. but he's not sure they would appreciate the way he's doing it. Swede and Hugh Htitchlns, 59, are leaving on a motorcycle tour of ths 'Jnlraversed country be- I iwern Guatamala, Mex., and LITTLE ROCK _ No more! Panama. athletic si-liolai ships will be grant-j Last y car . he and Hutchins saw eel by Liitif, R or k junior College, j Mexico from the seals of their Dr. Grnnville D. Davis, president | English motorcycles. Thev enjoy- of the school. : ilrt yesterday (hat "1 it so much they decided to take atrlcucs would be de-rniphasized! Hie longer journey to Panama In line with North Central As.socl.i-! tion policy. with." Hnw soon before he quits "Sooner than a think." he repliol. Big Lemon Raised en iniunps, but left the frame with ' MOSCOW, ROLAN'D, Man. l>r>,_H. V. Van , . Wyck who bought lot of people 1 the couul tied at 2-all. Niles Jordan • who relieved him, got credit for . . a tiny lemon n Moscow; plant uvo years aeo now has a ilm.iy, has recently [i emarkable lemon. Two ordinary opened four new «auons. bnnginghcmons 'dropped off' thVp.ant when '?,*"\'\ '"..^ „ "•^' bwa 'V. nou .' : "n p ^ » """* srew to 12 inches After the European trip he plans ti at Okahoma City. Beaumont at Shreveport and Houston at San of spectators to watch them. Why keep upping the ante? What is May trying to prove? "The more prize money u r e put up the bigger crowds we will draw,' May explained. "This ratio has been figured out and proved by our efficiency experts. There is a direct parallel." May said it's worth $120,000 as an advertisement medium for his business engineering company. "If we lose $25,000 or so it's still 3 good investment — and if we added. "We aren't giving out any figures on how we've done in the " Ingram Kayoed In Boston Bout BOSTON UP} — Sonny Ingram, Arkansas' last hope in the National AAU Boxing Tournament, was downhill." News of Men In the Service Sgt. Billy R. Medley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Medley of Joiner, is serving in Korea with the 7th Division's 32nd Infantry Regiment. John L. Griffin, airman, USN, son of .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griffin of Osceola, Is currently stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Essex with the Pacific Fleet. Paul E. Grigcs. seaman apprentice. USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Griggs of Ht. 3, Osceola. is presently serving aboard the battleship Joseph Rowan of Philadelphia put the North Little nock. Ark., puncher on the floor for keeps in the second round of their semifinal scrap. USS Wisconsin. William E. Lewis, airman, USN, son of Mrs. Eula P. Lewis of Blytheville, is attached to Navy Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 2 at Ream Field, San Diego, Pvt. Richard W. McPall, son of Mrs. Louella D. McFatl ot Blytheville. has completed basic training at the Quartermaster Replacement Training Center, Fort Lee, Va. Sgt. James M. Raney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgel Raney of Rt. 3, Osceola. recently completed the non-commissioned officers leadership school at Kokura General Depot, Japan. Attendance Increase Expected At Opening of Texas League DALLAS wv-The Texas Le.igue rolls open another campaign — its 57th in 65 years — Saturday nisht and President ,1. Alvin Gardner has forecast a substantial attendance increase. Basins his prediction on a population sain in the league area and on what he thinks ^-jil be a closer rare than last season, the circuit's head man said he figured 1!)52 would record 1.750,000 paid admissions. Last year the tolal was 1.3-15.371. It was a year in which Houston held a long lead in the last half. Opening tames Saturday night are Tulsa at Dallas. Fort Worth Antonio. The second "openers" will be Monday night when Dallas plays at Fort Worth, Oklahoma City at Tulsa, San Antonio at Houston and Shreveport at Beaumont. The President's Cup goes to the city with the largest opening attendance. Houston won its last year with 6,193. "I am quite sure lhat we are fac- inz the barrier with the strongest lineups with which we have made a start certainly since te resumption of play in 1!M6 (the league was out of action in 1943-45) and possibly farther back." Gardner declared. "Even so. further strengthening can be expected for practically every club when the major; reduce The winner of the men's professional "world championship" phase of the Tarn extravaganza Aug. 1-10 will pocket S25.00C. This is by far the biggest payoff In golf history and is twice as much as Ben Hogan collected for taking the "world" crown last vear. GIVE YOUR POCKETBOOK A BREAK! Come in today. Prompt, expart service. "Renew" your cor ... and pay a< you drive! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. :!00 Broadway I'hone 1153 ARE HER 7948 WILLYS >/ 2 -Ton Pickup. Here's a clean truck that is o real buy at this low price .936 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -Ton Pick-up. It's rough but right. Check this give-away price 1948 JEEP with 4-wheel drive. A mighty good Jeep, it's looking for a hunter CK OUR PRICES-CHECK OUR CARS!* $550 195? DODGE Yz-Ton Pickup. This truck is like a new one. —come to see it tomorrow. 1946 FORD '/2-Ton Pickup. Here's proof lower prices ore here at Blytheyille Mot. Co. 1947 STUDEBAKER T'/j-Ton S<a,';c Serf Truck. Good tires. Don't pass this one—it's ready. $1145 $495 $295 7947 FORD Fordor Sedan. Your whole family will enjoy the pleasure of this car J946 OLDSMOBILE 4-door Sedan. With new paint and a darn good motor, it's fine buy. J94J CHEVROLET 4-d Sedan 1 Has a new point job. A dandy car at a dandy price.. $695 $445 $395 1947 NASH 4-door Sedan. Both heat and music in this one. The price is a real steal 7949 FORD Tudor Sedan. A late model car with both radio and heater AND a bargain price 7950 STUDE BAKE R 2-d Sed. We call this beauty a real cream-puff. See it today . $645 $995 $1395 USED CAR LOT eville Motor Co. USED CAR LOT Across from City Hall

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