The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 2, 1927 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1927
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LateNws and Sport O'Cl ck aoii TUESDAY. AUGUST VOL. XUL No. 198. CONTAINING ALL THE, CABLES RECEIVED DP TO 4.30. LATE NEWS ON PAGES 19 AND 24 TODAY. PRICE TWO CENTS- mi re , Thousands Troop Forth to See and Cheer as C P. R. Royal Special Train Arrives 0fVwW m '.- vB HFFliiAIL Tl KIKES smmsmsasBBsmms smussmmsammsnm mmm wmmmmmmm ' i I sjesnsmmunmsammans i af ' ALBERT T GREAT THRONGS - LOUDLY ACCLAIM NOTABLE GUESTS Their Royal Highneuet Premier Baldwin Given Recep tion of Unusual Warmth. THOUSANDS UNE STREETS AND GATHER ON THE ."HILL' Government and City Officially Greet Distinguished Visitors To the Capital. The Government, the Parliament and the people of Canada today extended their official ind exceedingly cordial welcome to Their . Koyal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and Prince George, and to the Right Honorable Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Mr. Baldwin The City of Ottawa partici pated in the reception, and many thousands of citizens added a spontaneous note of en thusiasm to the . forms l pro ceedings on Parliament Hill. Following- ths prsseatation of loyal addresses of treatise oa the flas-draoed: platform la front ot " the Peace Tower, Premier King handed to the Prince ot Walls, and Premier Baldwin,, parchment certlBeates of membership In His H Majesty's Privy Council at Canada, Mr. King said His Excellency the Oorener-Oeaeral ' ail approved the appointments this morning. Great Crowd farmed Oat. Ths walwas to Csaada'a three 4 dutlngnlshad gaeata ' was gives tret by ss.omelsl party, which in-rinded Hla, KaceUaaey aad Lady WtlllBgdoa. at the Ualoa Button. Thea tha publlo took things -la haad daring the brief precesilon from the station's mala entrance t Parliament H11L: The oBclal - care, handed by th one carrying the Prince of Walea aad his 4 younger brotbar, eeued batwaaa densely-packed walls ot men and womfti and youngsters which lined Wellington street to the front gateway.. Connaught Place iu packed with people save where the military kept a spaca - eleur. for official purposes.. ana when the gueeta had gope to the '- Hill tha crowd Joined with the throng ' already oa. Wellington street In a mass formstloa against tha curious gates to tha Parlla- Trment grounds. . " A Striking; Scene. Confronting lha Peace Tower. -.when ihe . slight, figure of -tha Prince of Walea sdvsneed la tha front of tha platform, waa a rut . crowd of many thousands. Below the speakera was- the Centenary Choir, and beyond, aad to both sides a sea ol-llgttt - sad color which waa a public gathered to demonstrate Ita respect aad agso- Hon for Hla "Majesty's sons - aad the head of His Majeaty'a Govsrs- ment In Brest Britain. . . - ' As the Noon Oaa Boomed. . - The aoon gsn boomed from No-pean Point Just as tha royal train waa seen backing alowly Into the train ahed. aad a mlauta or ao later the obserratlon car came to a stop against a platform covered with ' crimson corps'-. Within tha gates were Their Excellencies, toe Prime w Minister.' and several members of hla cabinet, aad high officials ot state, and not many others. Two trainmen oa the -platform ot the car disappeared as the trala came to a halt, and a moment later -'the Prince of Wales appeared from - Inside. . He waa la the uniform of tha Walsh Guards, hla' face leas : and bronted. ' With a amlte of . pleaaad recognition he walked ' aerosa the platform to meat the Governor-General, and then Her Excellency and the Prime Minister. Prince George followed bin brother, and Premier aad Mrs. Baldwin came .Immediately after, members ot the entourage following after - them. -i . Royal Mwta Heard.' ' " , Descending from ths platform to . the erlmana carpet which meda a .. pathway from the train to Hldeaa -street. Mr. Klag latroduetd tha Prince) of Welev end thea Prince George aad Mr. Baldwin to -the . cabinet ministers, to Mayor i. P. Concluded am Page It CM. . TWO AVIATORS KILLED WHEN THEY LOST C0NTR0L 0F - i CHICAOO. IU,' AogV i t .4 , . . , . , . ,' I one dinng to (he gnus ntd tfll- wsy,i SjMIi 4sbJ 4 tllmag aa gaprecedested sight days pf ah tragedlsa la Chlcage. . , . The accldeat was the thtrd th EDWARD for:these distinguished VV , a ." . '...' -;-. l '"'"' I I , t ' SfiW. t J 1 I J I . 'H'y 7-T-,vv. ;)-'-, . I - I t ? ,. t -,v' I K V "' "i . t. , v I - , 4 "TrsttaWtnnnaTiSiSifcti Mialsgi 1st V 1 " T w ' fc' " 1 ' ' w " i" -frkmettfr1 " ,HJt.H4 tbe Prinoa of Walaa. STATES PRINCE AL1MJ0YS VISITS TO RANCH London Times Sayt If He Was Not So Busy They Would Be .. More Frequent .. Canadian Proa Cable. tha Tlslt of the Prince of Wales; Prince George and Premier 'and Mra. Baldwin to Canada, the Times In an editorial aaya tha Prince of Wales' Canadian ranch Is wo,l knows ss the Prince's farorite holiday retreat, 'and If bt ware aot so eloaely occupied at home .us viaita-to an ranch rn Alberta wooio be oven more frequent than they are now. With retarasoa to Premier Baldwin, ths Tlmaa nays: . "Thoaw who meat only responsible and wall-Informed' Canadian visitors Is thin country arc npt to lose sight ot the axleteac of nny other sort of Canadians, yet II Is nndoobtediy true that there atlll Inrka In corners of the New World' nn Imaginary -but Influential picture ot what an Old World states-maa m like. ' Nothing could more quickly end effectively dispel any wrong Ideas that It Is Impossible for the word 'Imperial' to suggest tbas the presence and speeches of Mr. Baldwin. r Hie Hootry la Pwrminc. : "A bulBesa maa by orirln. whose hobby Is farming, ha will be nble to enter wit a equal sympathv.lato tha points oi view oi nota east ana west In the Dominion, of the men-utactarer .and agriculturist, and a maa ao attached to tha old tra ditional Ufa ot the Esgllah countryside ae he is will be able to abom that he understand aad appraet-a tea the strong hold of hla own traditions that mark tha people of Quebec. " - Tha Dally Mull remarks that the Prince 6f Walaa aad Premier Bald THEIR AEROPLANE the eight-day period, aad brought the sumher of deaths to saves. The eletlme. William Quaes. U. aad Jeha Hubly. It. died la al- t) BthaTswsre - ttflrad ealy laat satsraay. Taeir plana want out' of control while less Us tee feat ap ass boss aivea- la a crash which broagbt Instant death. rTTioasanflirWatcli The-Row-of lava- Crowds Gather at Foot of Mount Vesuvius. "T"ERZIG.tO. Italy, Aug. 3. Tbnususida of .. neaauttoni aeekera, mostly forciamen, hare swelled' the population of this ','ut town, faanuwa leaa for Its excellent trim and rhrat auta thaa for ha taagrnnis situatioa at tha foot-of Vcuw Tins. In order to watch nt" rlosu hesyj . the atranm of gaming Inra morlng rtoww Ue mnunUIn la this illrecthm. Many tourists .Tentarrtl Into the chestnut forest which Is being slowly destroyed by the advancing Uva stream. ' win are setting sn etnmple which should encourage Vlalta ot Brltis'a tourists to ths Dominion In Increas ing numbers. The whole English press has given peclal ' prominence to lung enntaa on tna doings tn connection with, the visit of the Princes and Premier In Quebec nnd Montreal. 10,000 DELEGATES " AND GUESTS THESE P ' ' . .we. PORTLAND, Ore.. Aug. t. Approximately 10.000 delegataa ana guests today swnlted the tall of 'tha garni marking tha opening of the i 5th annual Supreme Council of Knights ot Columbus. Rep- reaematiree from, councils from practically every stale In the Union from the dependencies of the Unit. ed States and from Canada aad Mexico are here. - Auto Letter Box Devote This Wee To a Tbomcbt- im ssnrtew or ids Motor . AcandemfMtsuttoa. ' Birnou nsva ( rffe ,,. eeurse . possible to eurlsll ths num-er. ef automobile accidents. The remedy - lies In - seurstlon ind sn swakened puMlo enisles.- The driver v, .rmr mnw iii owner, wnea h compreheads kla . ureal re.non.ibll I'r. teey net alwsys avoid accident. win aonesur irr. uneeu. whirs le ss itiir...inii .iim. . iH. esaerleaes ana lus er mumiim t- i" ei moss sreHMits . a-wr m,ini gmiir H en hah. - ke cheeked sr 'stopped slaxist wlthle Its own length ehslt wstch The Joorssl wltk latereet this Week to lesrn Wkst aslnlane elhev m.I. knia.' -.. isifw ysvesue, uuswa.. Otker letters ao tkM aubieat ftern mdere ef TM Jswreal will asnsar ssck pukiisklag day tkls weak. fZT, Born June 23 1894 and lovable Mrs. Baldwin. ME M IN FIE CONTROL OF TEMPLE Mrs. Kenrredy Haa Reiuiitf Managernent. LOS ANGELES. CaUf.. Aug. I Almea Sample McPhersun took tull control of her Angeles Temple to day as the result of an agreemsnt unnounced Inst night la which Mrs, 1 1 slinnla K.nnMf rllnniiiherf thah active buslnaaa management of the church and tha two women public ly kissed sad made up to end their differences. SAY LID IS ON TIGHT IIQUOR TROM HULL InsparraiiahT"- Laughlin Issue Last Warning. Inspector Thomas McLaughlin, of tha Ottawa Police, and Inspector llownrd Grnhnm, of ths Provincial Police, bairn leaned Instructions to their men to arrest and prosecute nil persons caught brtnglug liquor from Quebec Into Ontario "We're giving the public this Inst warning." both inspectors stated this morning. "People need not worry about ua not catching them," they stated. "Well get them all right." Special guards, It la stated, are being placed at sit bridges to prevent Importation. HIS BOYAL HIGHNESS IS PRUT COUNCILLOR His Royal Highness, the Prlhce of Wales, hsa become a member of the Prrvy Council Jt Canada. Something of a . surprise cams after Premier King's addreas of welcome to the Prince hers today when the Premier mid that His Royal Highness had dose Canada tha bonor to accept membership in the Privy Council of ths Dom Inlon. . .. ' The Prince was orowotcd with a minute of the laat 'roasting: ap pointing him. to ths Council and. signed this morning by His Kxcol- lency, Visoonnt Wllllngdon, Gov. srnor-Genernl of Canada. Stanley Baldwin, Premier - of Great Britain, baa' also accepted membership In the Privy Council Mr. Baldwin wns presented with the minute record lag hla appoint-, mem tallowing sn addross. la which Premier King aad welcjm ed blm to Canada oa behalf of ths Government- ASE SENDING- BOOT BACK TO UnO-WN.Y, Ths body st Rslph Kuhn. JSt Herkimer Rosd. Ctles. N T..' fatal ly Injured In a motor crash oa Baak street oa Sunday afternoon, will be shipped tbla afternoon to titles. where the burial -will lahe place. Hla father, Martin Kuha, waa to bars arrived la the elty, but word was rseelved hers that he eras aa- abla to coma. Ha wired ordara so ship the body to Utleav Ths formal Inquest was opened yesterday st the fuqeral parlors of George H. Rogers asd adjouraed J. ScobM la eondaetlng It. The other tare victims were reported aa uiusiemlnl favorably early this BHrrulng. 2 i ) m m n GEORGE people THE CAPITAL OF CANADA is in carnival attire Bt BOY KING DECLINED TO TAKE jWlHf, OFFERED BY THE PRIEST yViw:'. " ' i i i r VBtfgsWTtTlflT Bonmanla. Aug, la vary rullgloua, took her Sovereign this morning tn .the local church. When the priest wss about to offor the consecrated wine to the- bay King ua ha knelt before ths altar, Michael said simply: "I don't drink wine la the morning." Priest Wsa Amased at Actios of the King. Surprised, but amused, tha priest assured the royul youngster that uoiy n-ins waa not the aame aa other wine una mat he must take at itaat a alp if ha wanted to be n good Buy Ruler Finally Looking over at his mother, pala and amuaement, Michael finally took the sacrament. When he got noma hie mother gave him a WOMEN SPEAK TO POULTRY MEN TODAY'S SESSION Decks Are Being Cleared To Make Ready For Distinguished Visitors Tomorrow. The work of the World's .Poultry Congress will be pretty well cleared up today in ord-r to give plenty of tune tomorrow to the reception of the Prince of Walea, Prince George, Premier Baldwin and Mra. Baldwin, Who will visit the exhibit. la the breeding section todsy papers ware delivered by W. A Brown. Department ot Agriculture Ottawa; W. A. Bcholten. t'nlver-eity ot Utrecht. Knllsnd; Prof Aleasandro Ohlkl. University of Bologna. Italy: rjmdwlrrechahftt-rat Welnmueller. director of the Institute for Poultry Breeding. Munich, Germany: Mahommed Aekar Bey, Ministry of Agrlculiure Egrpt. X . In Dlaewaea Section. - In Ihe dlseaaes section the speak era Included Dr. B. F. Kaupp' and Prof. B, B. Desrstyne of tna Norm Carolina mate College: 1. u. Busn. -null of tha Kansas R'sfs Acrlcultur al College: prof. C P. Fitch nnd Prof. R. B. Lubbehusen of the University of Minnesota; Ronald Owatkln. of tha Ontario Veterinary Collage, Guelph; Dr. U P. Rettgcr. Tals University: Roy E. Jones. Rtorrs AcrlCultural. College: W. M. Hlnshnw. Kansas State College and Dr. Leyuaa, director ot the Mate Laboratory of Veterinary ins pec Hon la Belgium. . Woman Bpraks. la addition to tha sectional meetings there was a genersl ues-slon today at which Miss Har rietts JC. Cnabmsn. poultry spa-delist of the College of Agricul ture, Montana, gave a papsr on poultry raising la the United elates. . Mrs. H MserVer. inspector of the Board of Agriculture for Scotland, apoka on the position ot woman ia tna nnuurr luuustrr. George Bouchard, M P., from flue-see, spoke oa farm womea'e clubs aa a medium for promoting the nonltrv leitnatev. . The neonomltt vnlue at tha far flock waa 11s-1 eweaed h Wee it' Alkttn. Baetou. I Ont.; duck. .. ,. producers ware aaisJss-twWta)JTrfya stjssja p ss pfi ,tSeVB, Tlu' 1 enlnsblrs. Ens.:, other papers were gives by Major C. H. Idea. Salis bury, Eai and Michael OismoadL or Italy,. ;..... t.......; Born Dec. 20 1902 Hon. Stanley Baldwin. i - - m- -'. Ptliwets Moflier Helen, who son. King Michael: to Communion boy nnd receive ths blessing. Took tbo Sacrnmeat. who wore an eipreestoU of mingled talking to. ACCIDENT AGGRAVATED ALDERMANjS ILLNESS No Responsibility Placed ! For Death of Oswald May. That Aid. Oswald May. pro-mayor-ot-Ilull. succumbed to kld- ncy and heart troublu which waa aggravated by tlie accident which occurred on the Aylmer road at the entrance of the Royul Ottawa Oolf Club oa June IS, when ths motor car In which, be wss a passenger nnd the automobile ot N. Mstsunsta Sgured In n collision, was the verdict of a coroner's )ury In Hnlt this mornlDS. No one wss held rrlmlnully rrsponslbls. Thu verdict was rendered st Gambler's Inquest rooms nftar Dr. J. Isabelle, coroner, members of lha Jury and wltnessea bad vlaltsd the scene ot the accident thus to better appreciate the evidence given at the formal Inquest pro ceedings last eveolng. Dr. Isabelle Instructed the Jury that there was no Indication of jrlmlnnl negligence and following a consultation ot but ten minutes ihe Jury returned the verdict above mentioned. (Hee Ales Pags Three.) IuREWATESSWEPT BY SEVERE STORMS No Fatalities Reported But Property Loss Heavy. NEW YORK, N.T.. Aug. 2. An electrical storm of almoat cloudburst proportions disrupted truffle and caused severe property damage yesterday throughout New York. New Jersey and lato New England. No tatalltlee were reported, although s number of persons ware Injured by lightning bolts. In New Tork City, railroad, sub way snd street ear service was dls-mpted. subway service aerth ot Times 'Sonars baiag baited three- quarters of an hour due to looded tracks. SARAToe. acBarcstsM, First' raeetfoaev Cemb.'" Bounv ooiaen. - . Third rsce-Tlgrws Fourth rsee .Rlberesl. Fifth reee Fondy, ssrstef. Sua. ehen. iellltv. S.-arangvr I 3 Amasesaeat Ada.' Oa Pags BALDWIN dV ?' - a ' "-' 1 1 r ''- ; . '.. I . . . .' ' f . fr4ehmsH,.,sj .-,), iju. . Ve "i - . i . . ,, "' ... I r ' rsyJ-""1'-'- t";t'J CJW' J. I- ' m. asist.iji.hsl .. s . ts a ..... . . s "TDj Boytl UStfatu Prlnoa Oeoffi Stanley Baldwin 1 l Modest Maa Who Asks For Prayers Rjuber Than CoagratHlatlona. . QTTAWA today not only -tends s henrty and cordial welcome to H.R.H. ths Prises of Wales sad his youngest brother, H.R.H.. Prince George, but to Mr. Stanley Baldwin, the first Prims Minister of Crest Britain to visit Canada while holding that office. Stanley Baldwin Is a very human figure. He la tt yesrs . old, a man of middle height, of light brown "complexion. .with nn expression at once shrewd, humorous nnd trnn- -qull. England's Premier Is rnnything but upectaculari-He- ' has aothlng of Asquith'a mas-ive oratory, makes ao claim to Birkenhead's brilliancy, and Is the very -antithesis of Llovd - fleorge. He is happiest, he says, when st horns with his Worcestershire pigs. Is a Modest Premier. It Is a sort of whimslcsl modesty thst hss made Stanley Baldwin beloved at Westminster. - Ha tells people "I. am not a' clever man," and that at Harrow and Cam-brldse be wss a dullard. Next day be delivers an address before a distinguished body of classical1 scholars. He humbly lauds Asqulth and Cunoo nnd others as grest orators. But In doing so he uses language that Concluded on fagr 3. Col. 8. Record and Forecast of the Weather: The Journal standard thermometer TORONTO. Aug. J. High pressure from the west and northwest with cooler weather has extended over the Orest Lakes, while pres sure Is' low over the Maritime Provinces. Heavy, abowers have ocrurred In Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; elsewhere be weather la now fair and rather cool. FORECASTS. Lower Lakes and tJeorgtna flay, Ottawa Vallev and I'ooer St. Law- rears Moderate wiwts, sfoasl lino today bshI vYedsesdsy, cuol to night. TsBBperaturew. Lowest If IS e Lrurinn I a.m. T-tid y Nlvht Pride. Ruprt TS st t: it Victoria. KamrM ... 1J Calvary 14 43 4 if 4(1 IS cananion .. Prtnca Albart winnlnair ... . 71 5 Rauit m:. Mri ToronCo ... K Invito ... , Ottawa ... ... Montr. . . Qacbaej 4 as s latestNewsrSportmgdMc&keU Close Today on Born Aug. 3-1867 J WESlMSTEir ABBEY ORn RETIRING S Hugo Nicholson Hat Held Pott Since 1918. J Caaadsss rrewa Cakle. LONDON, Aug. . wydney Bags. 'Nicholson, who has been organist ot Westminster Abbey alnce Ills. tsrettrinr" He tstnliia-i irdyetr. - He succeeded. Sir Frederick Bridge, who was organist of Wsstmlnstsr Abbey from 1ITS to 1111. sad died: T Is Ittt. Mr. Nlchotsoa wss highly som mended for ths msgnlleest muato provided tor ths special asrvies held lB--thsAhbey-a July i lav commemoration of -the Canadtaa Confederation Jubilee. Us hss writ- teh cantatas, church music , and sonde, nnd bss published s book entitled "British Songs for British -Boys." .-.; AWARD PKIZE3 FOR BEST STORE WINDOW. .- - Prises for lbs beet-dressed' stora- . windows In connection with the . World's Poultry Congress, hsveyr been announced by ths Judges, i Messrs. Freak Jarmaat and J. Mogstt Ross. The awarda wervC First prtie. T. D. Burkholder, Ltd- lis Bank street; second prise. ' Wright's riorisl. tt'Boarks strSetr- 'third prim; Charles Ogllvy, Ltd-126-1J1 Rldeau street. at nans today registered SB degrees. Yhe Birds Have. . OOrAlfHIN'-'ON us ON A BARB Wire Fence A Pages 19 end ZL 1 A SunSSJSsatntsnsnantnnnnB T V

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