The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 12
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.TWELVE TO BLYTHEVILI.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally . Insertion: Minimum chars* 1 Hmo per line 3 Umeii per \liit jier da? ,,.„,„, 5 times ppr line pfr day 6 time* per lino per <!RT ...... 12 tlme-i pf d ifn* p« day llonih per line Couixi tire MfiKft words lo the line per Una for. consecuurp •topped hrtore pxjUiatton will he cJiarl- »ri for Hit nuiubei ol tlnies the a<l • ppt-irerf and Adjiifimont or bill made All cltiflULrc! limiting CO]>V sUb- mUtrd bj per ion s raiding outside n| tfc« clij imm he by rash JUl«s mfijr riuily bs computed frmn itit above inble Advert ii1n£ ordrr*t1 for Irrr-aulsr ln« unions ilia cnr- dm* lihle Vii rrjpQnMblJJij' vLJI be inkrn for more thin nne Incorrect Insertion nl unj clatsined ad Jilt std.i *r« rcjinci-rt to their propc* eUitiriCBtlnn. »:yla and type. The Courier News if'eivr* ihs rltlit (o edit or r«j«ct any id. Apartment for Rent 3 room apt., private bath, upstairs furnished. 719 \V. Ash. 43 pk IS Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HAKKISON & SON FURNMTURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 255 8-2 ck I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 11J W W.lnm Plirmc 3381 Plenty of Parking Space 3 room unfurn. R- Utilities Rnrt garage 8370, npirtment. nlshed. Ph. 48 ft. II UCA VICTOR Day Amiiwrnpiit Co. J'h ««rj. HlRhivaj. fll N'orlli 3 21 ck 4 21 D. &P.L No. 15 ' tons. riPiintrd, troninrl. narked. ;;x' trai S room lurn. "P r . liot --valor, IrlRl- dnlrff. Reftsonabi^. couple only, iFfll W. Ash St., ph. 2919. 4 •& pk 4 15 4 ttnrt 3 room apti., unfurn. Wtr?d (^ for electric stove. I'h. 3019. 48 ji* 15 ' 3 nn. tin*, npt. with bath In rhiplcx. \Vlrc-d for electric siove. Electric U F flier hpatcr. 1050 Holly- Ph, 2732 or 3187. MOO ton. ArK - 80 itcrrs prorturim: 9V h^1fs Prlrc J R. GAT11II\'(;E», Ltixnra. 3 19 pk 4 IS . 47 rV. H 3 room furn. apt., prlvnfr hath, clrc- trlc kitchen, private entrnntr. Hm water furnished, 401 E. Davis, ph. 34H3. •f 7 pk 14 3 rm. untur. npt. Ph 2350 nr fOSfi. 4,3 ck If . . fh. 33-49 or 27S7. pt . pvl, bnth. Iflo cltcrry. 2 room furnisher! apt., prlvnt« hath. 516 I-lkc. Ph, Z-I06. 4,8 jik < 15 3 room and bath in duplex. 523 N. Division. 4|f> pk 12 3 room A: 4 room Rpt* for r«nt. Call 5f.l2. C. AuiAham. 6 ck U Modern 2 room HIT apt Ph. 2595 or 4Sfi5. - 2.H cV tt Modern ap» . 3 rooms'and bnth. tirw- 1T decorrtied, pcmii furniture. RAS eqiilp- x>«nt. Ph. 3373. F Simon. 9,2( c; " 1 Soybean 3ct-<] Funk'- Corn, Soybean hioculiUlrm, FARMKns ROYBF:AN cohr -S nroatJwuy. R]ythcv)l!p, i'h. nisi 3 20 rX •) 20 ufc- 4 ro»- John Dfcrc Planter wllh i If.-. 1 row Jo>m Heirs rolarv hoe nnci John Drrre disc harrow ilnle K,;a Farrru. Bnrileue, Ph 470J. 3 7 c* I/ Seed soyhciins, Dnrtchsov No. 2. Only 1 y P ar from Hrccrlcr's stock. Subioct to cei-tificaiion. Onlv a 'limited supply. Ph. 2142. fil Implo- nient Co. 331 ck tf ens, Small Apartments, furnish ed. ?8 up per week. Bedroom; $4 up single. 114 West As!) Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tl >Vi/fo Supplies and Services I>on't infitnttr your fnmtly wLlh taulty tlre^—BUT U!H TIRBS. CHAPMAW SKRVICB STATION M»la »nd DIvhLon Phpne 25fiJ 12-13 ck t! Services Wonted washing to do «t my home 122 a. Franklin. 4i7 p)t 4|ict LAWNJIOWERS Wa shnrpcn find repnlr till typ? mowers. Alro new it used port'er niow- , ers. AH kinds mower parts. Also power mou-erB for rent\Ves(brook Machine Shop Across, from Km^er Storp -S.1 rk tf Nepd your rndln ropnlrert? Cnll Roil Walton. DIM bird retcrnn rcpftlrs radio at home. Rea.wrmble prlcos Ph 83 IS. 41 „>; s;i For movlnc and locnT bftnlhi«. cMI 6529. W. W. Heckham. 117 Rose. 3 20 pVt 4 19 CniTftlns l W. Ash. Curtains irmndcred tmrt Mrs. J. E. Ijvwrence. Ph. 325 p* 425 slrctchrd. , 323 425 __ TELE V ISION r ~REPATR All rnftXcs tt morlelfi. *.l reasonable prtces. Day Amusement Co. ?h. 4JTO. Highway fil Nnnh s;21 ck 421 T rrpiir any make n machine 2 bloc);.' wr on Sth St, hy new Ph 67?3, 3 7 j^ 57 20 MtWUTB FHOTOSTATIC PHR\T- IC» 0'5T¥EX'3 STUDIO-MS W WAIN n;* ck tr Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Di.y serrlct on JfweJry—3 dnv.i on ^Hri:f.* anil clocks Guarn.ntr<>cl WIAI); «onr by expert rcpivJrm^n Lfiwem 'PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10 * ck tf For pnlmlns snd pjjprrlns. c.-iU ry ^ neat and !?oy Frrrni^n Wr tprr- lull:-"' In tUcrtwi f'.nlshlns Ph <M5 1 Vtklnc yc-Kr-lrmi* nox 1 1/3 HP comnrraw 1 H-fnot meat case 2 3/-1 IIP comprrsjors 1 a-fopi Hill .elf-^rvl 2 nirnt hlock.s I Hotinrl Kllrer 1 meat RrlnHer 3 Ice-KrKp vreeUWe rrtcks 1 Atritk maker 1 axe wfllK-Ln cooler I «nfc I 1!>.W itmdel 1 1/2 Inn Owe truck Wh? ( '""£' Mplvl " "»ls«» nt llalsell ,1: White Kurnltur. Co.. or Phone MM ___ 3:22 t( Tomato ,,iants 15c ~ am. "pepper plants 20c am. an A«h St. PH. «7S RPECMI. PAINT RAI.K Knilons. assorted Kprlnu colon. isp .1: r.arden (Jolors [or mil) thinner! .Interior flat print. M s. 50c per qtmrt. !2 per snllon . phon • . - NKLE. IKO.. Air Hasp trlr- aB531)lythcvl||e, Ark. is'ck 55 SEED BEANR—Dortch No 3 97? E<TinlnMlon H bushel, OcilVn'J 08% Kcrmlimtlon, 13.75 bnslicl. 'us Dlnnk- ""hlji. Dell. pli. 2«2. 3'27 ,, k 42j Cast !„,„ pnrrp]3ln , inll . ,,~, prtn( r»ii5c; Westlnghon.w refrlLTtntor In wcrllcnt conMltlon. A real harg.ln. can be seen trt operation. Ph. 2773. __A.7 |ik 10 Cold dred Tomato p|, nls . 3 ratlctles, Frame plants: ISC doz.. si. 00 hu «. 1. bharp. tana Oak Rnnd >'. "'™ ID rt. meat .erfrcllnn Tattle Top rook'stove pVr- ftci coiidmnti, ;«oo. ph. raja. 41 jik .1 ^ Steo.l production In the llrsl'Iour nionUis of 195: hi tre U.illct! stales >va.s 34.5 million tons, n new record 10W -A" John Deere/with eflulpniril 101r "A" John Drere with rqtllpni'nt F. I,. Resan C;tn Co , I'h. 2631 or •!!«.: 8 pk 15 TRUCK OWNERS We slill have ;i few new ]!I51 Trucks in si/es up (o 2-Ton. You can liny one now al a special discount AND slill i/oI Hie s a in c guarantee you would with a l!l.">2 model! Sec them this week! NOW: USED TRACTORS Three (radons you can Iniy at a bargain! We've (,'<>< a small Allis-Cha!111 ers, a John Deere and H l!l;i(l model Ford Tractor complelc with etjuip- nienl. Come down tomorrow — pick out the one you want. SAVE NOW ON PICKUPS! 1946 Ford $595 Gel more llian your money's worth on this jfowi 1'irkup. Has new painf, new tires and heater. 1949 Ford $895 A truck that runs like a new one! Save money on this Mi) Kurd V 2 -Ton Pickup, radio and healer. 1949 Ford $945 'I'llis extra cle.-in '/<-T»n I'ickup has new tires (7;j(t x 17 eight-ply lires on rear). Huns perfect. 1948 Dodge $795 Need a 2-Ton truck with 2-speed axle? This Dodge has almost new lires, good Jjody, and beater. 300 Broadway fhone 4453 We Will Guarantee $2.75 Per Bushel Soybeans, This Fall Delivery. On Trades! Jack Robinson Implement Co. , Arkanigw _ Phone 2371 Private Rooms Brrtrrxirn r|of,r In, adjoining bath, constant hot wfltrr. Ph. 2.192. • 4 7 pk 4 10 T'vo irtrfre dourilp bc<! morns, 8H Hfarn. formerly 3LO W Wai mil Mrs Ni-hon 47 nk 4 IS Hod room, private bath. Karate- 1000 kV Ash, ph. 2790. 4 •) pfc Jl El rd rno in* MOD only. Mrs. E. F. Hlo- H\ry?i, ph 2fXfi. 4 1 pk J--J Bfrtroom with private hath. Ph. 9071 or 2033. .j i pk J5 I,are", comfnriablp bedroom, newly dproratert. fcltrhrn privileges. Busings women, Ph, 2aH. 45 pjn 19 female Help Wanted Womr-ii In niytlievlllt! and Knrroun-1- ItiS roimmmlrlrs who wviiu part 13-n? «-ork, Jf you have MSP ot fi car nmi n iclr>i>hr)riff and can work nl |<?asi iO'*r Primitive Villagers Like Basketball ROME fAP>—A backward Mpxl- CHH village has discoverer! basketball a/id iritli u more modern methods of comnumity lire. Emile 'I'ejmlit, UN Pood ami Agriculture Organization expert, told Die story hop. when lie and his stnff arrived in the almost inacces- sible M<!lt »an village n[ Cwucllu- r.'ho thp.pecple ran and hid. he .-aid. G^xHiall.y the inhnbilants lie- c'ame more confident. But the period of friendliness nnci co-operation roally begun after the discover-. 1 that the villagers liked basltctbaii. Tiie .success of xorkiny together io build a baskcibali court inspired the villagers to tafce up other coinnni- nity projects. i/ir 0 HS 4417 or wrlle p O. JIojc 704. 4 K p'< l Hcfp Wo/?ferf, Male Trncior drlrpr. family lo work 2U ncre crop. Gnort In ml. ^ood hnmp. Elrn. )1?rh(s. 3 m! E of c!ij'. Promised i.finrj Road. Raj- DA vis. Ph. 6690. 4 5 pk 9 Wonted to Buy Small srrnnd htvnd his prlcp. Cnll 23fift. for rrnson- 44 ck (I Modern 5-room house nnd hnth on North 6th fit.. 1 hlncK from CentraJ \Vixrd Srliool l.nrKfi fenced In biiclc- jnrd, outdoor ^itirnce (1,300 Ciish, hal- ancfl 4% taan »t HO ptir month. Including insumnr* flnrt fRKf.t. ^To[^«^[l 3-bedroom with 2 bsths. In 10OO blocX, on A?ih Street, l.nrge lot. 2• gums*. Immediate posse.isJon. Price 414.000, 3-bedroom home Iti Cnnutty Club Drlva Adrtltlon. It's vncant—you'll like It. Good condition. ¥1.000 lo ? 1,650 cash will hnndlc. Bnlnitce 151,50 per month. See or- cull JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111. Residence Phone 25% 3 29 ck tt [ WEST KENTUCKY STOCK FARMS j V. Ith Imprnvernrnts & Pprnmnmt pas| lire n. u Jiongrrlns. R«ilior. Pndn- cnh - K >'- 3.17 pk Sill I'"ur sale inodi'rn 5 room liousc, :i atres, adjoining city limits. Price S8,nOO. Imrnedi- ale possession. Also 5 room house, two lots in south part of town. Price ?4,500. Have I wo or three nice houses. Can be purchased for smal! ciiuily. F. B. Joyner H. C. Ciimpbell Ph. '1446, 3205. -187.1 '10 ck -I 12 Wit] trim* new 28 tl. Housn TMll-r »-lth ImlU tor (multure or B,.|! rcnfnii- itilc. Appli- 501 E. Cherry nth'r 5 :p;i ^ m - 4.R pk 4 H nortch No. 2 sfrd heana chpnp. .T 1, Brothers, ph. 65M. 4 fl pk 15 Kig Bargains Used U'<isliing Machines SS.OO and up The B. F. Goodrich Slove -117 W. Main -1 8 ck 11 <;dii S12.i Ph i[ lurnltiir pl^no A hnr- 4 H pX IS Good rnntlt- WHY that'.-; run ml needs a '$350.00 DOWN buy n hous ri-p.ilntliiR. *'f\ll p^prr nnd needs thlncs rtone? th!\t'.^ run down nrrds r!onr.%. ,hny lot of little win rniv nne of tcpvfrnl 7-Hrrlrnnrn tiomps wf hftvr Ihtit hiivn hf*rii paliitctl anrt rlrnnrrt ln,*l<Jo njiri out ntuJ rom- [)Ict«|y ipronrimonprl Monthlv pnv- mcm*. 1nrl,,«1in 2 tnv^ ni ,d InMir^u-,- R'llJ run hrtivocn f-Ifl PO nru. tpofl wtt't r» •!'"(, Innn. E. M. TERRY Trrry Ann!run ^: npaUy Co Plinne 2.1R1-2134 Nlcf! homB. stork nn<i m /arji). ,120 nr«js /riirrrl, cro.- Otif nice- fi-ioom honso one 7 routn housp, ]«rm« bain, oth'rr Dulltlln^ ricnO- ««tt-r. elorlrJrSty. school, m;m. rrin'ri ^T utc> ' , Nf!U ' Paraitoiitt] on good fioori fi-rooin house nnd 10 nrrc-s coVri Iftnd In rnrni^onltl. One two strrrts Trice I6.&00. J. C. CHAPIN Mi-nlln. Ark Telephone 24 *'3 pk 1?> Real ESTATE" Farms—City Properly WANTED: We pay top~*prir es f~n~"t soybeans, ^os-hcan spltts. shelled corn .its. wheat an<i barley Get our price befme you Frll FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP Brna<lwny, Blythf-vlUe. Pli. 8191. 3 20 ek 4 20 We will p»y CASH for your nUl laki. cameras *nd l*nses for piirts O'STEIWS STUDIO. 115 WBST Main 12;* ck l! Modern 5 room house. Prefer siriR'.l rrinlty. Give location. Write BOK X2 '/ Courier News. 47 p ^ 4 j.j Wanted Ex-Nazi Pilot Pays Off for Luftwaffe Boss SANTA ANA. Cnlif. </p p _ Earlv in 1943 a German Luftwaffe captain Iwastixl the Na?.is wovild sweep tbclr fncs out of the skies. A captured American bnmbfr pilnt wagcrpd the best bottle of brandy available after I the war that the German was! wrong. i Enrly this month David F.irrcll. of Santa Ana. the wartime pilot, collected. The loser, Capt. Waklemnr Wiiebke, now living in Bogota. Colombia, remembered the bet when | he met u New York woman in South America. He sent S10 back with her. She sent H to a sister in Compton, Calif., who gave it to Farrcll's father in Long Beach. Since the former cnplain doesn't (hink, he turned the winnings over to the boys' fund of the Santa Ana Optimist Club. nrnRllne operator (or 301 Koehrlng. Miist he experienced In farm dltonin* Ere nr cr.!J Fd Alder. U'csson furnw I vlciorla. Ph. day, 9R2F2. or nlulit 52PJ I Osccolii. ^7 pit 1 10 [ Wimled [U oncp man nnt .subject to ] Military Service for pood Rriwlelgh ! Utislness tn Miss. Co. stop working • for others. Be your o-A-n hosfi, Ooorl i rirodis. If Interested write at once i RawlrKth Drpt. or see \V. C. Buchanan.' TIG Claric Si.. BlytlleviUe. Ark. ph 2537. 49 J)K 4 10 Tt Is possible for men to produce chemically a colrl li^ht similar to - ! that of fire-flies but its cosl is about : 10 million times that produced bv , an electric light bulb. Wauled at once, two sheet mcLnl workers with hand i tools. Steady j o b. Wilson i Welding & Fabric;!ting Co.,! Osceola, Ark. 4 ! 8 ck <l'14 Ii IntrrrMcd In Eluyln* lelllnn «e<! iNobleGill Agency INSURANCF Wo have Irnmpdlali- opMiIng in this territory for honf-st, soljrr, hurd-work- U)« n>»:j who cun ftintlslt JJ.CMKJ surety bond to opfttnte consignment premium randy rout* on small f,a!-\ry. Koori cotnnils-slon Wr furnish Pill mcr- nnd car, E.tpcrlcnci 1 not ncr- pf-'o.ry. Write Kchoenlth Inc.. 3W2 Cardinal. Memphis. Tcnn. 4 9 pk 12 For Rent •1 room house, hnth. Iiflrpe sereincd h.irk porch. Grirape. 114 Laktv Ph. :K06. Apply .Sifi Lake. 49 pk 4 16 [ FARM LOANS You Con P«»y • ^ ANYAMOIJNT ; •• ': Ot ANYTIME from farm income • without penalty Thix FftnttHt* FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE ii written into yitur note icfivn yrm /irirp rr ttrniifrom TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage T.oans of All Kinds ic-rete Hlock Btilltllns;. snHahlc lot . p«r«(re ot *tore unri adjoIninK 5 room jlinitM- with bnth t.ot-atcd In cur-r^ on r'lrt»^«« nil " ~ T-,, ^^^ iHlchwiy 61. south sloe of rlol!f\nd. Mo UJOJ1COC blflg. Ph. fi8G8; r «" <«4 or wilt* Paul Byrnm Implc- 930 cX tf l nlfn * Co 1:21 ck tf Notice Modern 2 bedroom home. Located in very good re? me unn apartment. Ph. 3 18 pk ^ 1^ ^ monu of furniture Oood rnnrtl- .'.'"y 1 "'" '." * * '- 1 « <KI(I »CSKI«I1- T'on WIT N. rtronflway. ph. 6100. alter ] t ml tllSlriCl. PlllS place IS ill - pm .Mr'Ll! J ^xcollenl comiifion. Ktmippod For Safe, Real Estate For Sale, Misc. GOSUXGS FOR •i^'-Vh^^^^^n^ir^ esch. ],s-, than 50 • ' IMMEDIATE DE1.UF.RT HUGH \V. ALLEN O.= c<xila, Ark. Ph. 465 A: 471 ( 2 pk S 3 CERTJF1BD DORTCH XoTs rontn noiipp. *ood loc.Mlon Rrro?* i (ilph M-luxil nivuirtl Into 3 Rpnrt- its r.irh \vltti rlrrtilc fcHchru Two om n^nrlnimts. onp fi-room npart- t. ^11 rulty riirnL^licd Korr.-d to c or lit health Open for In- 71J . 1 70 CV II New iiKuicni 2 )>r(!ronm home already financed by -\':° G.I. Loan. Payments only ?4t).00 per month inchiriinjj taxes and insnrnnce. Small flown payment will buy tin's. See nr call Max I.ojran. Realtor Lynch BUlg. Phone 203-1 •1 3 ok I 10 wiiii allic Ian blinds, large back yurd fenced and |jintlsi-ii)«'rt. ('jni be fi- iiaiicocl by K.II.A. or CJ.l. L(I;H). See or call Max Lonran. Realtor Lynch Kld>r. Phono 2(>:M •I.", ok -I 10 CMlfnrmn April !2 Ac Rl%rlt n Kh--111nrt pf>nv for joor child iiiiur. .1^ rnirp ^.if.-oni^rs TnfiMlrc Cif'f nv thfl fln V. ^€f\t or month. John Mc! Ncli-1 Claud,. Kol-.i-yrX. J 9-IZ - '^v^ll. ph. 3706. 4 .T pic 53 ^!1^^ t . nivrtlrn lot^ ror rent tin Macli^ .^Ir^ft Each 35 x 130 fTt. Call >3 t>.'(or^ R p m. 4 9 pk 1ft i.r.AVi.Nx; FOR" WKST COAST TKI.KVIS10N KKI'AIR rlc ^ * A ' niotl<1 ^- at rcft5i>nahle Day Atmisrnipnt Co. Th. ^470, }fli;hwny 51 North 3,21 rk <?1 All Lost and Found . '","?,"S !s 'Ro'n"o'n ' <"MI IVUe <M •on-h Th. .'IIP. 14 i leavln? to\vn, offrr^ Mtrar. [no'li-rn c.Mlvlenccs. Der[> lot. nv.^r h':«- Ine.c '.-rllou. Equity and pivnirnte rcainn.\Sje Call 27.1-1. 40 pk III I ?'.?"iO rownnl for finrlinjT : my tiinniond rins;. F. 0. (Jip- '.sim. Cnll :5l'r,J. Hll'3 or -llfil. ; (ilrncoc Holot. 1! ck tf For Trade CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizm u^> lo .1b In. Corrugated Metal Culverts 8ilC5 Up to HI 111. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete ,«- Metil Septic Tank» Sewer Tile "f>l I'rlrcs \\ t Deliver HUhway B1 al Slate Line Phone 7M COTTON SEED 30 ions, DPI, Savpd frnm foiinilntLon sepd, siihjrrl to rerlifiration. Germination S3S. Saved before the frcp7c. $110 TON Also .Cedar Tnsts for Sale I'HONE DK1.L 2681 RUSSELL GILL RKAL F.STATK SPKCIAI.S :i honip. exrellent ttviulnn nn rhK-'Kr»snt\ T?c*.l<l-ntlai and renlal rrr>iipnv In '.«."^oro. „:„.. f,.r ( .ro rf! ,v !,,„;,;" ntvrlievlllp. I[ l, lt prr..tcrt | • -,.,| IMyllic-.llle, t - ..., ,, Insurance :0arrp^ •m.^lv.- rioT st srrt DMr. Board ~ '-'. L. \VYLIE Piomlst-J Farm Or Fr.inn W3 Blj-tbctll o'i loration nn Ilollv -f 3-hedroom hnn evllle on tratle-ln. I monthly Trie? Modfrately prl'-rrl. Ask nr"itit tn Blylhrrlllt. Will conslrtrr n and o«n<-r w'll cnrry Domwtlo r«^^:!s. Fry«r». dr?rse<i. rtrtlr 10 coo*. A:HO breeding «<irk Ph J!tn Roleson. 2061. 320 C k t» rnnldlnc l"tf 4', 'i !>rr i:-iinw-s th^t \ou M.I.I, ri,i! me HRKT tlu hrirrr serUonp oj Hlvlht-vtlle T*o . "> • miles south on Hlclv.vs,- s;. -•»--»-»«-» — — • ; be Hitereslert in, ?o whflher you want KEMP WHl.SF-Nm'M- nr.Al. ESTATE Phone .14i.!9 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W J. Pollard Acency Planned Protection 124 TV Ash ?t OI.IMCOS HOTKL 8!;iLD!NO 4 S tl H Lost & Found I >'»s. KEWARD. Call Kay Jobe 3iw ' '.9 P* 12 , Guaranteed Watch Repair oX *3.50 Vr.ur wAlch U Hi^A^^tiihlrd, clranert. pivot.' polished and hair NrrinRt a<ljv<t«d. 3 Day Service Thompson Crtdil Jeweler S'fxl door to Wide FirnlUrcl FEEDS Wholesale or Rclnil FULL-0-PEP STAF-O-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phone SS6G Hlwaj 18 West A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles H-flLT€RS [QUALITY SHOC SHOP HI W. MR IN ST. Our Trucks Are • Priced Right • Conditioned Right • Soid Right 1950 Chevrolet deluxe (4-Ton Pickup Truck | —a low mileage car now low priced ut S1AAC SuJJifan.Ni.hwn \[Rft lilSO (J.MC Ki-Ton Pickup Truck—here's „ city « tf >M1'A« i .1. 1 I- _ i I . . . . . '* *-"»' •* ? 795 S 495 S-Jf P I I 3 S" -e, e.s „ c driven duck that's an excellent !,„>• a( only . in 18 Chevrolet M-Ton Pickup Truck— it's a dandy! Take a drive in if— vou'JI see It's good liM8 Internal ional '/ 2 -Ton I'ick Truck— a steal ut this low price new offered to you 19J6 Hodjfe l-Ton Slake Truck-a good farm truck, -iou'll K ei depemlahle service from Ihi' 11MS Ford i/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck— and ;, clean one. Sulliran-JVelson prices i( a ( n low, low ISM!) Chevrolet '/,-Ton Pickup real bargain! Save money and trade now. . .only. 19-17 Chevrolet '/,-Ton I'ickup Truck— new grey finish. Lots of gon.I service left i n l|,i s one ISM 9 Chevrolet V,-T,,n I'ickup Truck-a Jim- dandy! And we put on a low price ta K , loo. .. 13-lfi Ford 2-speed ]„„<, wlioelbase Cab & Chas- SCOfl sis I rk. 825x20 tires all around . . .good farm trk' 303 JJifh «^ C Vn''r l 2 " SI ' ee<l SWH Cab & Ch!lssis Truck * Oi S2:,x20 front (ires, »nOx20 fires on rear In excellent condition, this truck is one you should see today! Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Hig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut p hone 4578 The RAZDRBACK Drive-in Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of ' B H • ^H. aked Beans 75 C ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB A Full Meal Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rplls they're Delicious! Hurry-Hurry Horner-Wilson's Big Sale Now Going On! CARS 1951 CHEVROLET Power- Klide 2-door Sedan. Make i dollar-savins trade now during this big sale. All extras. 1B50 PLYMOUTH 4-rlor.r Se- A smirt late-model car wllh new tires, radio and heater. Buy now and sare. !!M6 FORD 2-iioor A mlBhljf nice '-16 model, this Ford is cut-prietrl at only $695 during this sale. Ifil6 MERCURY 5-PasseiiEfr C'luh Coitpc. One of the nicest ears you'll find anywhere. New tlre». Ami only $695. 1916 DOTUJF. 2-door Sedan with new reconditioned motor, pood tires, ratlin and heater. It's clean. N'ow only S695. tr>S5 CHEVROLET 2-rfnor Sedan. Bet you can't find a better value in this model. K«- condllitmfd motor.. .5250! TRUCKS !!WI r.MC 2-TON short whccllwsc Truck wilh 4 br.-iml new (ires. Buy It now al a barf«in at Hnrncr-Wilstin. IMI STUDEBAKKR US-Tor, on s Truck that's i«*l like new. Vnu'll he smart to buy il this' week. SI205. «I50 FOKf, ,-. Tn ,, ricku pnc«l at x l nw , | 0)v SS!W W)jil| > nnj-! Get that pickup no ,t 't llorncr-Wilson. J-TnnPiekup. .lusl SSFlo. J)f>n'f nail (oo Icmg to snap up this bar B ain at Horn- . - I'irkup. SSn.i _ Hght — 5695. With new paint and new tires this is a super-value. 19 IS T.MC lil.TON Truek »ilh praellcally new mo | or . H3!t. Also lias new paint and tood tires. $495. HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobile — G.MC IVticks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot _ phone 6151 ON EAST MAIN ST.

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