The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 11
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, 'Ann, 9, HAL lOYLI'S COLUMN ARK.) COUNTER NEWS Frank Leahy Finds Great Coaching Job in Eight Children of Own Home "Your greatest coaching Job i. Leahy treasures that tribute n e has a theory thai children as well as football players require proper 'raining. ^|IIls theory was worked out mag- nificemly on the gridiron. In nine years at Notre Dame his football teams have won 71 games, lost nine and tied seyen. His parental coaching seems to be working out just as well in the home. He and his pretty red- haired wife, Flossie, and" their eight youngsters make a fine family team. They have five sons and three daughters ranging in ase from 15-year-old Prank Jr.. to seven-weelc-old Christopher. "Flossie is one of eight children and I am one of eight," snid Leahy "And before we got married we decided we'd have eight ourselves. "I think we are the luckiest couple in America. And we're still on the offense. We'll have more children." I bad a pleasant Sunday afternoon visit with the Leahys in the bi» brick home nt Lon? Beach on the south shore of Lake Michigan One after the other Ihe J,eahv Welcome Is Wished children came in and wished me welcome, a ritual they observe with all callers. V'All Notre Dame football play- W, are taught that when they meet a person they should look him tn the eye, pronounce his name clearly and address him as 'sir,' " said Leahy. His children do that, too, although one of his daughters told him recently, "daddy, really, that isn't necessary for a girl to do. It's too formal." Leahy, who is now being taught the polka by this particular dtifc'h- ter. grinned as he recalled her objection. "I may be old-fashioned," he said. "But I think respect, obedience and courtesy are disappearing in too many American homes. We want our kids to learn these things." Curtain Chores Given Each of the Leahy children Is given certain chores and duties to periorm. Every night after dinner they and their parents say the family rosary together. "About every two w?ks I line them up and grade them on five points '— neatness, courtesy, re- BDectftilness, co-operation and un- ^ishness." Frank said. "The Dinner gets an extra allowance. "They enjoy the competition and I believe it makes them better." As to punishment, the Leahy household has one flat rule: :"if you've done something wrong and come and tell us, there'll be no hairbrushing." Hairbrush Is Instrument The hairbrush is the instrument of discipline and Frank wields It. "The spankings happen only once In a great, great while." he said emiling. "It works better now to ration fhetr rights to watch television." The Leahy home-coaching ~~sys- is in your own house." tern may sound formal and old- fashioned, but it works wonderfully well. His chfldren are happy, spontaneous, and secure. Frank is very affectionate toward them. As I started to leave, he turned to 5- year-old Jimmy and said::: "Jimmy, will you tell us your favorite wish?" Red-haired Jimmy looked up and piped:: "I wish the whole world woujd Pop up to Heaven!" He thinks he's got the greatest dad am! mom in the whole world. So do Ihe olher Leahy kids. And the reason is that the whole family prays, plays and works together the way old-fashioned families used to do when having eight kids wasn't stich a rarity. The Leahys want to have as many children as they can. As another friend ot Frank's once observed:: "He never was one to hold down the score." HOLLAND NEWS % Mrs. Ed Hampton, Jr. P-TA M»U Tuesday evening, the Parent- , a Teachers Association meeting ««»"« meeting Premier Panay Wins French Budget Fight PARIS Wi—Premier Antoine P nay won his no compromise figl last night to finance France's 1 billies-dollar budget without ne taxes. The National Assembly ap proved hb plans in a series of confidence votes. Final vote on the budget 'as whole, which provides aunost tot billion dollars for France's n-ar Indochina and her contribution North Atlantic defense, was 311 2Cfi. Pinay had said he would re.slg unless all nine of his proposals at the entire budget were approved. 50 Planes Set To Join Hunt- For Lost B-25 DENVER UP, — More than 5) planes were ready to Join groun rescue parties today, weather pe milting, in the search for a B-2 Air Force bomber with 11 person aboard. The plane was reported missin yesterday after it failed to land & Lowry Air Force Base here. It ra diced i!.s last report while 45 mile, east of the base at an altitude o 9,000 feet. A ground rescue party of six me from Lorry was rushed by truck t the mountainous area near Neder land, Colo., last night alter resl dents there h»d reported a plan circling over the area yesterda morning. Read courier News CalssUied Ad STOP VAGUE PAINS, BAD BREATH HEADACHES ?5«™ ™™«BAN«S, o'lZZV ' S . 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Jr.. was presented with •Character Building" a s the subject, Mrs. Vernon Jones was in charge of this program. Statements Irom otto Chlldcrs, treasurer and Ralph Braswoll, secretary, were offered. Ms. Porter Harris Clifton Walker and Miss Holland were host anci hostesses. At 7 n.m. May 6lh. the assncia- tion members will each bring n covered dish for a supper in ihe which cently moved from Holland. Those who are ill: Mrs I tovd ""'""• '""'- a (onsileclomy Home Economics building. by the regular Personals ' Mrs. Nat Nunnery. Miss Patti j o Shelton and-Mrs. Bill Stewart who is visiting here from Oakland Caitf., were in Wichita Falls Texas three days last week to visit 'the latter s son. Prt. Bi.'.'ie If? Stewart' a recent recruit in the Air Poire' and Pfe. James Creasy, son of Mr' and Mrs. John Duvall, who also is stationed there. Clell Waldrop and family during the weekend were Mr. and Mrs Floyd Estopy of Paragould, Dan Ackers of Brass City and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Bradford nf Steele Miss Betty French, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy French, will arrive Friday from St. txmis to be with her parents. Henry Ha.vne.e left Wcdnp'dav to visit his son Bob Haynes of Granite City. He also has t',vo daughters. Norms and Naomi, in st Lo'ils with whom he spent a short time before returning home Sundav Mr Haynes makes his home wit), hj s daughter. Mrs. John Duvall and Mr. Duvall. Little Tonl Rose Hampton six- year-old daughter fo Mr. and' Mrs Ed Hamnton, Jr., will undergo sur ger.v Friday on her riant lee A victim of polio three years aso this operation consists of releosiuc muscle tenseness. She «-tl! be in i Campbell's Clinic in Memphis tor two weeks. Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brav ami Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Boolfe'r through the weekend, Mrs o \ Butler and children, Margaret Ann Norn's and Janet, have" relumed" to Trumnnn, Ark., where they re- ron Holly is progressim; nicely ,,,,- s , Joe Cohoon is Improved The con ' dition of Basil Edwards is. unchati- ed. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards have' been m Florida the past months for his health, at their clau"liter's'' Mr, and Mrs. liill KrickMjn. " '] Mr. and Mrs. Clie.ster E. Johu-j of a boy. their first child, horn at the Sikoston hospital. The mother is (he former .Miss Audrey Nell Non-id, daughter <if Mr ami Mrs j Guy N'orric! of Holland. Mr ami! Mrs. Johnston are both nvmbm' of tlie hieh school faculty of More I house. Thursday, Mrs. Guy Norm! and Mrs. Cecil Ken ley visited the Johnstons' there and a j-o were' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fi«mk Palmer in Sikeston. Mr. and Mrs. Bc-cy! Cohoon of Campbell. Mo., were gne.sts of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Will Webb and Mrs. Thelmii Cohoon the pist weekend. Mr. Cohoon is instructor In Agricultural Sclenco in Campbell Hljh School. P Chosen for-the annual Sophomo-c Pilgrimage, MJ SS Rutli Frazcr daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Bmiare E. Frazcr, has returned torn her 'rip to the Stale Capitol at Jef- fe.soii Cilj-. With her were Mary Smith of Sirele, Dorothy Jennings of ilaytl, Williio W)!i(o of Curiith- crsvillc and Hill Brent of Poplar "jHnff, each a representative of his >-( class for this event. Max Richardson, principal of steole High School, also accompanied the proup who were sponsored by the lociii Federated Women's Clubs as a state-wide project of the Missouri Federated Women's Club. In Memphis Saturday nifht for dam-utR to Tommy norsey's orelies- tra at the Oaridg* Hotel were Mr and Mrs. Kenneth. Berry. Mr and Mrs. Jerry Franklin of steele, Culton Porter and Miss Jo White of Cooler. Sunday guests In the Henry Neal home were Sgi. and Mrs. Ifarlcy Oarrett and son and daughter, Hnr- | ley. Jr. nud Penny, of Memphis. «i;d ' Mr. and Mrs. .lack Ixjve and family ! of Maldcji. who were en route home j after atii'iidlm- funeral services for Love's falher in Mississippi. Korean War Htroc* To Get Medal of Honor WASHINGTON iff) - Three heroes of the Korean War will K et of Honor Friday from President t rtinian. They are: Marine M-Sgt, Harold f. Hwii»ndM. Fowler, c«ia. Reds Trial NEW YORK '/JV-TVU1 at \t end string Communist. XM delayed for a week • Except tn th« mowUlMM WM* anil southwest, oil-rich s»u<H Arabia's annual rainfall nmounti to only about three Inches. P WANT LIGHT FLUFFY BISCUITS THAT MELT IN MOUTH ? You Can't Beal a Medicine That's GOOD! HERE'S ISi&L acio asid If your child has no apuetUe just 'picks' at his food, is run- clown, nervous anci underweight and suffers from stomach upsets because of deficiencies or Vitamins B, 13, Niacln and Iron in his system — start giving him HAD<\CQ1, Yon see HADACOL relieves a real and underlying cause of nis dcficiency-caiiied condition. Thai's why HADACOL should bring about such an amazing improvement in the way lie feels within a few •pcj^g*,—, weeks, it'll nil Kr#fSB.?Il your heart, with joy to see him eat heartily again — to see him fee! frisky as a colt. HADACOL is also a wonderful blood iron tonic to build up red blood corpuscles to 'Jet more strength. And kiddies like to take HADACOL. So buy a bottle today. See that your kiddies take It ^^__j"-riu i chc'lf 0 'T lY™" 1 " *'' lh * winter-weary car! It's time Cot ,lr!'-' " u" •?,'""" "r'n Tin. f or pleasurable warm weather A Yi'"'M n't "" rcl , rallle """''I" f > 6 Gc " Oils and Greases. And he II fill your car's crankcisc xvith new, improved Phillipi fifi.l lea, j. Dmy Premium Almor Oil, the oil (hat urf ma fa- br,cai,on rerammomlaiions of U.S. car makers for all c.ri. Get "06 Service" at the siaiion n-liere you see the famous oran B e and black Phillips u, Shield. 'amous Give the lit 'T'His ad Js address.ed to husbands-*- husbands who've yearned for the thrill of sitting behind a broad hood packed with horsepower - and the pride of rolling down the street in a car that tells the world, "Here's a man who knows the finest thing on wheels." But husbands have wives. And wives have been known to say, "No big cars for me. They're too hard to handle." Well, we have an answer for that one. It's a ROADMASTER with Buick's new Power Steering.! And Power Steering takes over any time the steering gets tough-works like a helping hand -reduces the effort of turning the wheel of a car at a standstill to about the same effort it takes to pick up a mmk coat. TJUT out on the open highway-with AJ a clear straight stretch before you -your hands stiJ] have command of the wheel-you can feel that sure, firm, easy and eager responsiveness that's a part of the fun of driving. The rest of the fun is in something else that's new this year-the highest horsepower that a Buick Firehgll Engine has ever delivered - and an Airpower carburetor that lets loose an extra reserve of power when needed, and still adds extra miles to your cruising range on each tankful of gas. Oowcsuggcstafamilydemonstration. You'll both like the hushed and restful science of this superbly able traveler. You'll like the harmonious beauty of «"« AUTONOMIES ARE 6 , m SU,CK wni tuna T H £M BUICK Co., Walnut* its interior, and the deep and luxurious softness of its seats. You'll like the velvet-gloved grip of its Wide-Band brakes, and the most capacious trunk in Buick history. You'll like the smooth surge of Dynaflow Drive, and you'll like-but why waste time talking, when you could be finding out more than we can ever tell you? How about making a date to do that right now? (aistom Built ROADMASTER bv B.VICR . Phone 4555

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