The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLF, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVfLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Editor PAO1. D. HUMAN, Advertising Marmgw Bole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmcr Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered *• wcond class matter at the post- c«fce at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Con- October 8, 1917. Member of The Associated Pre, 1 * SUBSCRIPTION RATES: B.v carrier In the city of Blythevllle or any suburban town where carrier service IE maintained, 25c per week. By mall. wi!hln a radius ot 50 miles. 15.00 per year, S2.50 lor six months. {1.25 for three months; by mall outside 50 mile aone, 112.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations Blessed be the Lord God of our fathers, which hath pul such a tlilnf as this In the king '$ heart, t« bcanllfy the house of the Lord which li In Jerusalem.—Ezra 1:Z1, * * * The church may go throuqh her dark sges, but Christ 1: with her tn the midnight: she ma.y pass through her fiery Imitnce, but Christ is in the midst of the flame with her.—C. H. Spilrgenn. Barbs One thing always certain about April weather is Us uncertainty t ' * * A Kentucky woman Is culling her third set of (ccfh- Other women diet or lake regular exercises to slay youthful. * * * About three months more and even loafing Is going to be too doggone much trouble,' * * .* Ohio officials seized a rase of llnihurffer cheese which they claimed wn.s spoiled, How'd you JJke to hare & nose like tliat? * • * Your Uncle Sam spends about $4 per minute for insect control. DOCS that equal what we spend for bit* remedies? Jaycee Resolution Shows Trend of Economic Thought Blytheville's Junior Chamber of Commerce emerged from the annual Arkansas Jaycee meeting with several honors which reflect favorably on this city. Charles E. Moore was elected state president and W. R. Crawford was named head of the 'state "Exhausted Rooster" organization, which is for those ex-Jaycees who have passed the age limit for active Jaycee work. As usual, the club's National Cotton Picking Contest won the H. Grady Manning trophy, which goes to the chib that does the best job of publicizing Arkansas. The club also took prizes for activity in agriculture and Americanism fields. The BlytheviJle club is to be congratulated for its splendid showing in the stale-wide competition. Aside from the local angle, the convention had another phase which reflected the trend of thinking among the young men who attended. In a resolution, the group went on record as being opposed to government hand-nuts. The resolution n?ks Arkansans to stop asking Congress for appropriations which would "furlher enlarge welfare or social gain projects for the exclusive benefit of a local communily." Carrying through, the .laycees will submit this resolution to the national Jaycoe organization for action and copies will be forwarded to Arkansas' Congressional delegation. Group effort of (his typp on (he local levei will go far toward making Congressmen cost conscious (and, subsequently, tax conscious). Public Office Dignity Hurt By McGrath-Morris Affair There have been many strange interludes in Washington duriiip the past. seven years. Bui never was Ilipi-p a sorrier spectacle lhan Hip Newlmld M.irri?- J. Howard McUrath affair. Thr dimity of public office suffered drop offense in consequence, and the American people must have few regrets that these two men have now been yanked unceremoniously off the national stage. Morris. President Truman's cleanup investigator, was the lesser offender. His chief difficulty seemed to hr that he is temperamentally unsuitrd for life in today's chaotic From his own personal standpoint, maybe that is good. But. from the public's, it is not. .Morris' investigation inln corruption appeared ill-starred from the be- ginning, when charges of many sorts started flying his way the moment he was named. The motives of the senators who assailed him may not have been wholly pure. They may have wanted to discredit Morris so his inquiry would fail and the corruption issue would stay alive until election time. However that may lie, Jiorris lost his poise, and balance under this assault. He could have defended himself in a soberly mature manner that might well have shamed his critics. Instead lie [ash- ed out in H flailing counterattack that understandably aroused widespread indignation in (he Senate nnd elsewhere. Morris, plugging ahead anyway, anyway, showed marked courage; but it was not the disciplined courage of the man who has carefully ganged his adversaries and knows where and how to hit them. He quickly dissipated any chance he had of doing a good job. Attorney General Mr.Gralh is another story. He should have been ousted long ago. His cavalier, indulgent attitude toward the shenanigans of his ex- Assistant Attorney General, T, Lamar Caudle, was enough to indicate his unfit ness for high office. Nothing in McGralh's conduct of the Justice Department suggests he ever was qualified for .such duty, lip was a crony of the President's. His judicial background was almost nil. His appointment lo thai, job apparently was in keeping with the now-established system of progression by which administration favorites are elevated to the Supreme Court. Jt was absurd to hope (hot any man who would take so bland a view of Caudle's misdeeds would ever cooperate sincerely in an honest investigation of his own department and his own affairs. .When the test came to that. McGralh fell down, as ought to have been expected. Whether he has anything to hide in his personal background is now for Congress or some other investigative agency to determine. Certainly the public, will find il hard to take ill face value the professions of concern for "individual liberties" which he made his excuse for blocking Jiorris 1 inquiry. The final dismnl episode was that public squabble with Mr. Truman recently while the pair awaited Dutch Queen Juliana's arrival al Washington Airport. The Preside;)!, must of course share the blame for this, as he must for the fact that a maitof McGrath's questionable capacity for high office ever was allowed entry into his cabinet. Jiorris' investigation m a y have proved a fiasco. Eiut that rather volatile gentleman did accomplish one thing. He got rid of JlcGrath. Views of Others Running Unions '•The Government Wants lo Run Your Union," headlines the N'cw York iCoinmunisti Daily Worker lor Match 21. 1352. The h.isls ol the statement is that "the organized trade iinlmu ol the U.3-A.—all or them -are becoming one ot the main targets of the so-called drive on Comrmi- nl;m." The Daily Worker maker, this icm.iiksble statement: "Thp reason they trankly give 15 that the TMl- H.irtlry l;v.v ha? not Furceerieri in .^nashins up the nroprp^-tfe union? There h^ hren plenly ot scrfammi: in the IUTS*. and the [iii^mns "f oHiclals and members |>y Conpic:-s-hirrrt stnol pic.'"?:* m the im-Ameru-.-ui rimmuttrr. Mibrmu- mittee. the Mi-Carrnn committee, and various Mlhiommiltrcs o[ the House Inhor committrc." IVo thirst IIMXT ihM M.TtrmPnt jrm.-ivknMr: 1. Thn nnily wnrkrr has hitherto i-nntrncl''rt that the Talt-llnnloy i.iw would curl all immrs. 2. Unrtrr the dictatorship r 1 ' Ihe prolrlnn.!!. the government run? all unSnns —Dallas Morning NCTS SO THEY SAY The extent of the houemcat Hue is lant.istir. Why, .two men alone deposited S^n.OOO tn four mouths,--John Kfi'un. OF5 agent, rrot;.i. 111. « * * If tlir wln.^tlp blrw tomorrow, our piodiiction hJf is hie enmitli so that the noapons n( tonld roll o[[ tli« pi-oriurtiim line as fas! a;. «e would want ihrm to.—Charles Wilson, dclcii/t mobillzer. t » * Some will say (hat where Ihc-re Is =o much smok? thf re ).= soms lire. There Is. hoifier. no fxcu:-e for n\i-tfikn\? riu-t for stnoke. Gen con- rari Snow, ctiauiiian. State Department loyalty boarti. • * • Had our train entered, we woulri ha\'e hern ea\\- winners Our tvmtrr athletes would hue taken several cnlo medals.—Konstantm Andm- no\, pirsidrnt, RLVICI Olympic committee. * * * Even Satan -,,-,-M ce( a fair Irial in American federal courts.—federal Judge James R. KlrkUud. W^TVNTSBAT, APWl, t, Don't We Get Into the Queerest Predicaments? Peter ErJson's Washington Column Former-Mobilization Boss Wilson Laid Solid Defense Plan for U S. WASHINGTON (NBA I _ chal :es E. Wilson, ex-boss of U. £ I are criticizing that report. They: government has stepperi out of story ' jibout Ihe development o! i enough to suit „,, m Butomatic washing machine enough produclion of everything s-ilh which he hart something to -'— •-- <-'}«nnt, do. This was In else from tanks to tin _ ing controls, Lead controls have them. There isn't been relaxed. Additional allocations of copper and aluminum have been made to the civilian economy. A survey is under way to deter- Furlher. it is being pointed out .-.- — -.. ..„, ..^ ttie early days of that under Mr. Wilson, the oris*- mine whelhcr price controls such g a dcctsiinnl three-;, par pi OKI-am of defense! be removed wlicn, as he. ex-;huild-up was stretched out to a plained it, "t \\K (nur-yr-ar piosrnm thnl won't he. vibration was Icr-j completed nil 1055. And this fourth rlble ami unless j j ear's production ls EDmi! , 0 cos , they were bolted [ another 5511 billion more than was son\e materials j now in better supply. A steel strike would interfere seriously, hut barring that or n war, there is a possibility ' that steel might be Ihe ' 1 a u n rl I'eler Kflson knock ins d o lo the floor, ihey walkcrt all over r y. originally counted on. H would liave been easier, per- he children nnd doing nil kinrls " of damage." Wilson would not let his pany BO into the manufacture of such machines, though hi, sale* department stormed lhat compett- woie running off with all the business. Wilson told his engineers -o an buck to their laboratory ami haps, for Mr. Wilson to pile up an amazing record of production lhan it. was for him to quit under a rain of brickbats. The original com 'I production eoals might have been Erskine Johnion IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD _ (NBA) _ Guys and dolls: Throi- awav vour girdle, Mabel, and the let the flesh fall where it may. I'm still gofrgle-eye'd, but that's what Hollywood designer Bily Travilla told me to pass to the nation's women. The new fashion changes are ?o- Ing to occur around milady's middle. Jean repfced, doU. I thought MM pemnfe wondwfuj.' Gary Oraat le adn>H*J5« to* there Isn't • heavy drama or t s«. ing love jtory „, hj, xt**** ft the year. Jl What's more, he may newr »a«4u have B dramatic part Kfcc "Son* But the Lonely Heart." Travilla is predicting thit the na-1 woman close in tural body look, even with n bit of I opera like "Notorious " avoirdupois spilling over. Is about to Say* Cury: "The iwbHr sweep in, ...~~i _..'., *^ "Half the women Jn thl* country hold should Ihrow away their girdles,' 1 said dapper Tnvilla, busy checking gowns thif he made for Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers In Fox'3 "Darling, 1 Am Growing Younger." "Unless a woman has a really bad body, there's no excuse for all that elastic girdling and feather bonina. It eives a staid, stiff, unnatural look. It's time for women's bodies to look like women's bodies" As Travilla sees it: "V.'omen don't have to be all pinched in and squeezed tisht. A i the TV film series woman can be completely covered. | Fathe " «anl mr tn drimnttc rote*. And 1m too oM for dranutte Th* last dramatic role I had wu In 'Crisis' f»r MGM. So th«r tt- rertiKd |t: 's« cary Grurt M*k« Love Under a p,i| m Tree.' ffo mere of thM. Ptunle wj.!t me to do comedy. Thty JBJ( want ( a tet me fsll down manholes." "That old boob fellow's gont" Stuart Erwin talked' about his switch-over from the bumpkin with hay wisps In his hair that he played In dozens of Hollywood movies lo '•'- mirterstanding-father role in uble With yet you ? et nil idea of what's goins on underneath." Hollywoodites who choked on their caviar a couple of vears ago when they heard about Jean Parker landing the role of hard-as-nails Billie Dawn in the road company of "Born Vesterday." can get ready to choke again. Jean, who won critical huziahs /or her Billie and freedom from the title of Hollywood's perennial in- genue, has bleached her hair and As a small-screen star. Stu's been able to change types, realize a Ion'"-" time dream of work-ing with irifey June Collyer and enjoy spells of home life in New York—"We moved there because we thought that's where TV would be"—betw-een filming the family life comedies in Hollywood. , A Hefty percentages for Stu affi June in the showings and reshow- ines of their video show? in "Bnni Yesterday" and a tour of Australia as the wife (n "Detective Story." "The theater is such a luxury" she said, "that I just can't afford it for a while." Diann Barrymore's blaiU about Australia? "I was there at the same time," from dummy. East played low. and South won with the king of diamonds. Up to this point the play in both rooms was identical, but, here the 'fvo declarers parted company. Decide for yourself how you would have continued—atsumins that you could not see the hands of the defenders. In the first room South led his I remaining diamond and put UD: dummy's Jack. East took the ace of j diamonds and' desperately returned I ork and beavers." "You bet," stu said, "that why ••-• ..".i nun, we heat our brains out shuttling now ,s gu . lnB! OIlt with 3 MaB w ..between New Yor " western-saloon type character in and working like 1 vaiiehn Monroe's Republic western "The ToiiBhesl. Man in Tombstone."' "I'm a buxnm blonde—and Tm havfn? a ball." beamerl Jean. It's back to movies for Jean, she said.jifter a long flino on the staee '5 Years Age In Blytheville Mr. nnd Mrs. R. L. Sherricfc and son. Billy, have moved to Philadelphia. Pa., where they will make their home. Miss Laura Hale ha.s returned to Columbus. Miss., where she attends Mississippi state College for Women. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. David hive moved to the former J. E. Crtt* home at 412 Ninth St. set lower. Designs of . , ( i tanks, guns and radar equipment I I— available in 1950 — might have i been frozen. Industry could have! ; heon tooled up Quickly to turn out! moved from the controllcd-mater- ials plan by the end of the year. THE YEAR and a quarter that C. E. Wilson was in control of the U. S. mobilization program is therefore being summarized as a i period in which a sound foundation was laid for a modern defense plan. This plan is bigger lhan t h e plan that was in existence ^two | , rom his h a nt J7 which"wou'iii st'i'll No chance of my gettiue married. I've got to stay out of that trap until I get some golfing done. —Jacfc Barke. golf champ. ' ' ' * A deadlocked peace Is better' lhan a deadlocked war. 1 think we'd better make a deadlocked peace cin Korea) and go on from there.^Sen, Robert- Taft, matter how he squirmed. In the second icks no conventions will not represent the ! people. They will have been chos- carefi, v ,h J Yh"i en by the partv bosscs an " "»B "h ^iVSr^roMt "ST" 1 "^ "} i .cpf. KM inc* r,r,a „«• . "' . ' -.aies. — sen. Paul dummy's diamonds. Tljat would enable him to discard only one club r." --.... n vvi i nt; 11 in wn Hiorv ami u'n i^ \v TT not to come out unlil thev iiad a' War " IJ " PBS Ol e 1 m P mcr ".... .. . <•!<:.> I rt , n r r r, vf ,- tf ,r nl . - t i t , .!,.,„ „ ,. „ years ago. The for three more new plan Army divisions, machine which was so vibration- less that a half-dnllur roiilrt he- ^lood on it edgewise, without tall- ng. while it was operating. It took two year,- nnrt it cost several million dollars to achic\e m far greater quantities than are! n , nothcr Mar 'ne division. 18 more 1 Air Force wings, a bigger Navy. IB!).000 more men tliiin~ Ihe Ihree- and-a-half-million defense force •irighially called for. And none of apparent today. SUCH a pcrformancE could cood by Ihe issua marie to look awfully; the weapons being put, into produc- nce of optimistic his rifgrre of perfection, but in' lf|1 "" Sl 1>rn 5?' n S "P She complet- enri they £ot it. Tills story io; collide tlclnife official ed job. Hut the story of the wash- s machine — which is much pnale bv ,Jef,.j,5e official, ,,Ww : ''" ° UnnorRli " ul ~ is mm ' bp because it typifies the ™,r ,1 ,,1 i "} ? levlve<1 l ° sll ^.;vhy thai kind lion C. E W,!wn made to the I.' > „ | >rt) = ram was » *- followed. S. defense effort. I. BRltflr weapons designs were in- tion w-ill come out obsolete or even obsolescent. As to whether Mr. Wilson quit, his job in n huff because of a dif<o understand — is now DP-! ference with President Tru; perfection uch lhat T!IP. DEGREE of whtrh he required In every phasf of the u. S defense effort is slwvr his finai report to the PIPSI (lent. 'Strength for the L"n: Run " n covers th«> qunvter-yrai line March 31, whon Mr. Wilsor Plenty of people in Washington.! indic.nert upon. Newer models were ordered brought into production. longer time. The materials supply base w a s ned to make sure there be enoush of everything iro:u would !«r Ihi over steel wage and price policies, some qualifications must now be made. Though Mr. Wilson himself denied It at the time, the word got out in mid-March that he! planned' to resign as of April 1. It was indicated that he might resign July ]. The steel wage helped him make up his ''i mlr " i ' to Walk ihy civilian economy at the same j off the job earlier and leave to llmr - ] others the actual building of the rhnt this could be done has been! "washms machine" on whose per- several fronts. The i fecllnn he had insisted. leave him with two losing cubs. It would do him no harm to set up no diamonds at ail in ritiifmiy. The club situation would remain unchanged by bad luck in diamonds. ft would make a difference, how- ri-er, if ho could somehow set. up both of dummy's diamond picture carrls. In short, he needed two fur-1 Iher diamond tricks and it could I cost, him nothing to try for them. I Since there was only one chance. I South led his remaining diamond and played low from durnmy. East had to plar the ace. exactly as declarer hart hoped, and now the game "-- '• the bag. returned the king of club- bu! Soyth won with the ace, entered dummy with a trump, and discarded two ciubs on the queen and Jack of diamonds. He could then cheerfully give up one club Irirk. 0^ Arch Nearbrtte fe meanlnr is. uvrbody, ],„ ,nrf~ ^,^ Wl f th « lhiB " I u mm the Doctor S<iys- ••>.»• K1)\V1N P. JOIIOAX. M. n. \Vritlcn for NF.A Service Mrs. ,l. w. says (hat her nine- t •nr-nld son has nncwnrm ol Ihe 1 •ilp and wishes to know coino- s me about it. Tins condition, alvon- K>U u as tinea capitis. JR a nuicus' lection, primarily involvinc chil- : dim, and often runiiiii!; tl'imush lavce number of rinMvrn in a : ngie sch'iol vn y lapullv. As a iiiln. llle ci^vhtmn ;-- ['-,i' noticed by Ihe jnpcsranre o( s ,ar. terert hall-bald palrhos on tin- b.n i Sides ol liie These pntch. es air scaly and thp mfenrri Imr has a dull luster and often hirak, off Miort. • The root ol Ihe hnir autl lliai! pnrl of j))j> hair which i.s rJo-r tn the sc-alp Is cclicvnlly mvolvrri. !=p-,-ial equipment l.« nrrrs,-,iry lo ui.ikr a diacnosis. A iKht. which; ron-.i-'s of til'ia-viofn rays filfrr-I cd i'niou-:h a sprrial l\-pr o' cl-*.-.' is used and c.vainihation nur^t h>? c.-Tiirfi out m a darkened innm Tie infrt-inri liair u-ti;illv £i\-r.--i a bright' slow under this sprrtal llS'l! Dine nr» nl-.r. somp nthrr' t^'^is. -neb a' lonkinc pt the ii.iir^ op it from spread i o! srai.s in movie theaters io be responsible for many JACOBY ON BRIDGE inz. The Tesf Your Ingenuity; Figure Correct Ploy When rtitfworm of the sralp is irTll\ epidemic in a community' ?n attempt should be made to find all of tlie rasps by making a sur- VPV of the school children, onri ex- ->ni;iinii tho prc-st-lmol children In f^rnilLrs m which an older brother "r r -i.'-'p; is foitnd infected. Chil': ! m in m-titiitions are even more !>.-'•-;. to he expose tlian children! :n iioin^.- and therefore are es-: I'p'-iiiii in need of examination. ' Ti-ihci- he helpful it they! w -Trh tor any svich conditions, of I Also they should re- \ cutting the hair of a l lo have, or su^peried this nnru'orni infec- By OSWAU) JACOBT Wrillen for NEA Serrlce When today's hand was played in a team match, both South players rp?ched a contract of four hearts. One declarer lound a subtle but simple way to make his con- iip. tion s ^'ti specialists are Fcriollr-ly < onrrrivd a b r u t this problem. r.nrntf can help or.ormourly by *"-:nt on thp lookout for any dis- r,-.^ ,,r rh,p ,-calp and rennrtin? it •.mmedi;,trl.v lo Iho physician. thf ini >r i n-.[ ope*. hu , lv is ^n-r^-,-;(ui ni time I'n[nr. ' ti;n:>!.-lv the ointmrnls. ron'ainint clirmic.,1-, winch work on other; kmri^ n[ funclls infrct-.nns of Ihe' skin inrvy no; br sitcrr.'-K.'nl .'or tin;, i Thus urruinmt may spem dis-' coni-ncinc for a while. ; The ivnsl impovtant lluni lo do i ,->boir i :nc',rnrni of the- scitp Is to recognize 115 infcctioua nature and i i ni - is if ap ?^d w omen' s'M-iiWn i wail to he a:-kert to get : in'" politics — Judgp Sarah T. i Huciics. Dallas. Tex j i t fee! iu;t as siiondy about mv ; reputation for inlrgrily as I do j ahniit m-,- Ires or arms or any h oilier prut of my anatomy.--Newbold Morns. " I NORTH * KQ (VEST » QJ62 + 76 J EAST <I» *98 A AJ 107642 V65 »103 » I" 997 5 »A3 *<3 10 9 Z SOUTH Norih 1 N.T. Pasi ¥ AKQ62 » K4 + A JS4 Both sides vul Soolh Wfj< Double Pass 2 ¥ Pass •< » Pass EJJt 1 A Pass Pass Pasj Opcnini; lead irart '" ''" nine of i rooms Wrst opened the Mdes. East won with thf l < could ruff. Dummy won with sine of spades, and declarer •v 'rump.- with the ace and jack next led the deuce of diamonds •-«n h« said he knew onr Mnk was M .mind ind , ut ,., »n .1 Ui " M the French j About the House Answer to Previews Puzzl» HORIZONTAL 56 Greek war god 1 It's on the Roar < It's in the living room 8 Answer the door 12 United 13 Street wanderer H Musical instrument 15 Gain I c TV, . i ,i_ ° ruan 16 They re In the g B!ack 57 Do VERTICAL 1 Tiers 2 Integer 3 Produces 4 Corn porridges 5 Spoken 6 Aspects 7 Arabian garment 8 Push up OJ; cooky jar lor-i, v! ly 18 Church spire ,, 10 Solitary 24. Rich coal- mining region in Europe 26 Island 27 Relative 30 Capers 32 Prison dweller 31 Hardens 35 Made amend! 3S Possessive pronoun 37 Bad terms (coll.) 39 Scottish caps 40 The attic Is • the house 41 It's on (he kitchen stove 42 Living 45 Malayan natives 49 Makes less severe 51 Fjsh eggs 52 Level 53 Loaned 54 Tavern 23 Otherwise 24 Girdle 25 Opposed 26 Pour forth 27 Hospitals 28 Ledger entry 29 They re to sleep on 31 Forage plant 33 Engine 38 Staler 40 They're used for baking < 1 Some house* hav« fence 42 So be HI 'J| 43 A seat 44 Roman date , 46 Heredity unit ; 47 Weight measure (pi.) 48 Oriental coinB 50 Winglike part

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