The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 7
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APRIL », 19B2 U.S. Steel Industry Flares Up to Life After 'Seizure' WILSON NEWS By Mrs. B. F. Bovks PITTSBURGH Mv-Tlie nation's steel Industry, cooled by the threat of a paralyzing strike, (tared back Into life today In obedience to President Truman's dramatic order to keep the mills going under government operatfon. iiTlie vanguard of 100.000 men fur- TTtighed hours before the strike deadline last midnight returned to V '° A1 * I" *'«! <">rly morning hours All he others, responciing quickly to union leadership, left no doubt they are eager to B et back to their jobs, thus again pumpinj. full steam into defense production. Although many of the 650000 cro sttclworkm affected by plant shutdowns expect to be back at vtort- m a matter or hours, some may be ' by the cancellation of the strike- even though workers agreed they weren't anxious to strike. In Detroit. Great Lakes for , or three said It expected to resume normal production by Friday and Saturday afier furnaces are recharged. The American Bridge Company In Chicago told men who reported for work at midnight to go back home and return later. Some 2000 \vorkcrs were involved. Normalcy Expected Eteehvorkers In Ohio, a large majority of svliom work for Republic Steel, expect to have their mills running normally In two or three days. In Colorado, officials of the Pueblo steel mills of the Colorado Fuel and Zron Corp. said it, will take 10 days to get the plant back Into full production. Union members ^'ASS,!=S= »,==;«,;•« Sr™'i'r""™™" 1 "'"" »•>««"„». ™»i..« « ,„. Murray Accepls Sir": are rc"rt - GPV " "'"^ ° ! ° S ' Scon afterward, Philip Murrav, the company 1 civL"t°he word°The CIO chief, plcrt-ed the steeluorkerV Otah o!»,,t a ,, ri the coal mines op acocp nnce of the presidential or- ! crated by U.S. Steel had aW r,/f dcr. U. S. Steel Corp. and other i «>>"i't 3 ->M men yesterday bi? firms m the Industry then an- ! Bud Hunter, who works In the nounccd they would call their men : structural department at the bi» to work "in orderly fashion."! Ho.ncstei.rt.mill, said this after <°e me fast-breaking chain of events 1 ir >s President Truman's teievWd Brought,, in se.i-ra], stolid satis- i announcement that the government faction rather than outbursts of j was seizine the stret industry" .'^nation. , "Everyone, expected the govern The climax of mam- weeks' wait ing and wondering ca me ou olu" ^n Pittsbursh-lhe nation's steel , ment lo ^- The bis shots in .-" >iit imiiuii s filePJ i • ""-T- i in; ujt; SHQ15 In capital—and in other cities whose ! the com r>»'>y did. too. That's whv skies are reddened bv blast fur- 1 ' ey only banked the furnaces and naces there is rejoicing, but the rtutnlt completely shut them down quirt kind. ~ r ™ 1 " f — .... "We expected it. We'll 20 back- to work- when we're called." was the general reaction. Grocery Bills nnfl Kiljs The women thought of grocerv bills and the kids to clothe and Easter almost here and what it I would be like If there were no' money for the holiday. So they sighed and said, "The men are supposed to know best about these things, but It's a blessinz, really that we're not going to have a' strike," Local union officials at Jones and Laiighlin Steel Corp. reported the company notified them J. and L tt-ill recall employes as It sees fit "That means." said Water Kl \ local president, "they will lake their own good time In calling the men back." Workers Throng Gate* In Homestead, where U. S. steel operates one of the world's lareest •""Is. workers who ordinarily would -^e gone to work at mioniaht thronged the plant gates, curious to see what was going on. At each plant gate, company guards and picket captains chanted monotonously: '' N ,° ° ne Rets in here until we get further orders. No one gets in " Homestead wasn't visibly affected The furnaces can be back In pro! duction In 12 hours. Taxpayers Get Break, But- In Canada OTTAWA Wi-Canadian taxpayers—smokers, housewives and auto buyers especially—got cuts of !0 to !5 per cent in taxes on major items today. Finance Minister Douglas Abbott's 1552-53 budget also "set up a new income tax rate which he said would cut these, payments an overage 6 per cent, hut he added that a new social security levy would keep the government's bit* Irom most paychecks as high as ever. Peru Ratifies Treaty . LIMA. Peru lip)— Peru's Congress ratified the pence treaty vith Japan last night. Birthday Partte Given Birthday parties highlighted the social activities in Wilson last week Friday evening. Geraldine BuJkiri was complimented on her uth birthday when her mother, Mrs Harry Bufkin. entertained with a party at her home. Twenty-one guests attended. Mrs. Wallace Jacobs assisted the hostess. Ozello Cash and Ronnie Cecil were honored on their seventh birthday when their mothers, Mrs H. p. Cash, Jr., and Mrs Sudie Cecil, entertained 22 of their friends with a theatre party Saturday afternoon. Mrs, Ralph Robinson was complimented Saturday evening when Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Reese were host their country home, in honor of her birthday. Guests were Mr. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. joe Cullom Jr Miss Lillian Wilson and Dr. Eldon Fairley. Harold Burch and Tnmniy Bovles who celebrated their 19th birthdays Aprlil 6. were complimented Saturday evening when Harold's mother. Mrs. James Cobb. and his sister. Mrs. Horace Lee Will, entertained with B party nl the Wilf hom^ nl Cai-son Luke. Forty-two guests were present. Sunday morning Mrs. B F 1 Royles entertained' with a surprise breakftist-narty. In honor of her son with Harold as guest of honor Other guests were Wavne Al"xan- der. Jimmy Bussev, Edwin Wrbb H. P. Cash III. Frank Keel and Raymond Fdringlon. Mrs. Boyleji' son. Buford Bovles, Jr.. and "-'family of Met for the party. Mrs. Enferlains The Easter motif was carried o<tt in decorations, including hand painted Easter egg favors, when Lillian Wilson had as their week end gueta Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A Dally and Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Davitts ol Moorehead. Miss. M™. Da ly and Mrs. Davllte , re Mrs WllKOn'c HannV.!... Wilson Mrs. ughter. H. Williams and , , ",«jua nnn sons Andy and Charles, of cordcll' Okla. are the guest* of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. cullom. Sr. ivfrs. Williams Is the former Miss Mary Cullom. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. HosJord and BIIK* son were the weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R R US sell, in Marked Tree. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Miller were the weekend guests of her brother. and „ ^ , .. „, u . .. <1I1U JIJS of Memphis were also here avors, wen Mrs. Joe Brown Givyn entertained her Thursday Night Bridee Club at her home. Guests were Mrs \ H Williams of Cordell, Okln.. and Mrs Robert H. Nelson of Wilson. Mrs' Nelson was high scorer with Mrs second hi<-h Mrs. Walace Williams receiving Bridge went to Thompson. Scout Troop to Be Set U n Tlie Baptist Brotherhood sponsoring a Boy Scout TrOAri •• — -•• ~*-~i... jiu>> | j| L Wilson. C. H. Buchanan Is chair- Three different mlnerak are called Jade. man of the committee for oman'z- ing. Olive Metcalfe Is scoutmaster with Elstner Beall as asssistant Committee members sre Smith, secretary; D D treasurer: Claude Lynch, head advancement and Curtis Mille out-doors-man. Personals Mrs. George Wilson anti Ml Mr. nnd Mr. John Los'ctt anH children. Joe and Lillian Ann of Crowder. Miss., were the gue*l> of his brother. Broughton Lovett and family. Friday and Saturday Jimmy Muncy. president of Wilson High School's National Honor Society pcanie Mcciendon and Alsie Dulaney attended the Na inms substituted during her »b Joiicsboro Friday, E. D. Beall, sponsor of the Wilson High School Future Farmers o America Chapter and members °f the local FFA chapter attended the Juntor Mid-South Livestock show and Sale at the South Memphis Stockyards Friday. Wins nve been completed bv the sm-nt committee at Wilson "Hignj (AKK.) COURIER NEWS _ _ Frances Cash of Reverie, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs, Morshnll Conner and children, Cheran and Tommy ol Monotle were the guests of her' Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bulorrt Boylo.s aim so ,,. To mmy . I!M w( , pk Mr. and Mrs. Gle.i Whei-itr und daughter Glenda, Wallace l.iruc and Mrs. Annie Mae Driver of Osceola spent the weekend with relatives in Marion, Intl. Mr. and Mrs. Brady Keltncr of Memphis were guest.s of Irs brother. Walter Kcltner, and Mrs Keltner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Angus Lakcy ami i rhilarrn. Eugene and Shirley nl I Memphis were the week end nieiti o-' Mr. and Mrs. G oortson and son '• The Rev. D. B. nleclsoc, pa.Mor <!f First, Bnptra Church, was in Jones- horo Monday where lie assisted with the funeral of William Pleit7 Mr. Pleilz was the lather of th>Rev. .lames Plt-itz, who conducted a revival at the Mission ai C:ir«>:i Lake summer. Thirty-five pupils, thrir teacher '* MLSS Norma Ajinfr.son, ninrn mrith-' 1 c-rs and lliree guest.s went to Mi-m-'l Phis U'ctlnesday. They \i.:i(«| tlicl Front Street Fiie Station and Run-;' nylnnd at GoWsinuhs. .Mothtr.* ' making the trip were Mr.-, .Jrrn Cullom, Air..;. H. p. Oa.-h Jr. Mrs M. I. Woodyartl and Mrs Albert i I Orecnwell Guests were IV •-.•;• J,, ' Cullom. Andy Williams and Lynn Mr*. J, J. p«rrjr tnd family Sunday nl her son, W. H. DougULs, u\t hk family In Jonesboro Sunday, Mr. and Mrs Wallace Jacobs and family visited relative* in Memphis Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Prtfcchett and daughter, Pnt, of Marion. Ala . were the weekend guests of their daughter. Mrs. Joe IJeardon and family. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morton were the weekend gue.sls of hijs parents In Okolona, MLss. OP. Uderirood, Thomas Underwood. Broughton Lovett and w O Harris attended the wrestting mateheyi »t Ellis Auditorh.m Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Wallin have returned to their home in Pine Bluff after . week end visit with their daughter, Mrs. Bentley 1 Khodes, and her family. The condition at Mrs, Asa Porter. 1 home Saturday, The original form ot the name Iran' was "Aryana", the country of the Aryans- * m Oil-rich' ReslnoJ iofl*ni •nd looth... Reli«f la«H LanoH* c . . * "^ " l ^iison Mich School for a square-dance parts' to be given April 18 in the school cafeteria. This is one of many social functions sponsored bv the committee, this school year," Polls- Stanrod Is chairman. Annie Jane Smith secretary and Mfss Mildred "ood is sponsor. Miss Betty Bond has resumed her. duties as third grade teacher after! several days illness, Mrs. Ed Wil-' tional Honor Society meeting In i Mr, and Mrs. Loren Burch anri children of Little Rock were the weekend guest.v of his mother. Mrs. James Cobb. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur' Cash ami | small daughter of Munford. Tenn. Miss Auuie Rae Rowland. Mi- Tom Coin anti Mrs. Hill K:xon; were in Mtmpliis V.'etine.-day mt-i ertio<in. ' Mrs. nnrcia Anderson has returned liotue :i(tcr an extended vL'it in the home of her daughter. Mrs 'cue Thomas, anri tninjly In Lelwn- 1 on. Mo, Herbert Woolen, aviation electrician second cla«. has ie)n>rted lor duty at Millinslon Naval Air Si?- 1 Uon after a 30-day leave with hi- parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Woolen. APRIL SPECIAL! . Mrs, E. H. IJoUElas \va.s the guest S the were brother. H. . . „, Gone! lly ' °' her gural - s ln lhe c: Ca=h Simda >' were Mr. Cash 1 ; •'Mrs. Ora Cash, and Cef more Economy with St.Joseph A ^ ^ • f^ m & • ^ ASPIRIN -BUY 100 TABLETS, 49 Lnncb refreshed with Coca-Cola Just what to eat 'is sometimes a problem, but what to drink with it never is. Coke is 50 good- right in its own frosty bottle. •OTTUO UNDH AWHOOTy Of IHf COC*.COti COMr»W IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE weekend guests of P., Jr.. and fam- ': h liome j mother.' sister. M>.«i This special offer good anytime during the month of April except Saturdays! Come in real soon. ioble Gill 5Hi & Walnut CAR WASH LUBRICATION OIL CHANGE All 3 Services for Only SO25 Inc. Phone 6817 lowest priced in ils field! lowest line in it Yes, Chevrolet brings you lowest prices on model after model ... as well as all ihese fine features found in no olher low-priced car! CENTERPO1SE POWEH Vibration and power impulses are "screened out" as engine Is rubber - cushioned bctsvccn new high-side mountings. *& POWERGUDE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION It's the only <iil-smooih, oil- cooled automatic transmission in its field. Simplfr— svilh fesver parts. Smntiihcr— no jerks or surges. Optional on DC Luxe models at extra cost. tARGEST BRAKES Big 11-inch brake drums apply more leverage for more stopping pcwcr. Stops r.rc smaothcr. s.ilcr, with kss driver effort. WIDEST COLOR CHOICE 26 rich new cofon and two- tone comliLn.ition> . . . uiil- CST clioicc in ChcvroU-i's ItclJ. N.-w n-j I uxc interiors ate cai(jt-nn>i<:hccl: 4-WAY ENGINE LUBRICATION Chevrolet's exclusive engine .Jling .sjMcni ,supp!ics ,, the right kind and anr i:n1 of lubrii.ilion to cncl] moving pan. CAST IRON AUOY PISTONS Pi'tons n,c formed from the s.inic ni.iUTiiil n<. llic c\!;n- ilcr hliK-k-cipanil and con- tr.ict .11 the s.imc rale. This reduces wear, saves oil! SAFETY Pt/UE GLASS All. AROUND Chevrolet in its field gises you safety plait glass in ssindsbicUl and all win- di>^s for a clc.ircr, truer all- round View. MOST POWERFUL VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE The trend is to valvc-in-hcad! Teamed v.ilh Pov-ctglidc is the most powerful saisc-in- hcfid engine in Chcvrolcl's ficM and an outstanding performer by cny mca.surc! UNITIZED KNEE-ACTION RIDE Chorokt's lanioiii Kree- Acllon ii t l c ii now even soflcr. Mnoo;hcr. Ne^ sl^KA n'rsorhcrs civc even finer ride control. WIDEST TREAD Chevrolet measures S8-M inches between centers of rear \vhcelv--a broader base to £i\c \ou more stability, less swjyl BODY BY FISHER Fisher Body sets the standard in Ihc .intonuihile jnMi;s-- tTV-For slylinj, for'u- ni.invhip. for comfort and convenience! Fisher Unittccl construction is extra strong. E-Z-EYE GLASS Only Chevrolet in its field offers this superior timed g!-><s that cuts down glaro and heat, makes drivinc more pleasant at all limes 7 . Optional at exlra cost. MORE MOPLl iUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! SULL ^ &ltt PRICED SO LOW! ELSON CHEVROLET C ^^^^ f^ ^HH • ^^^

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