The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1952 OSCEOLA NEWS £y &Uy ********* Mrs. Mary Noble's 80 Years * Marked by Work and Tragedy Grand inn M^K^R u--iit^,i ...,m _i * Grandma Moses waited until she was SO years old to startle her family and friends as well as American connoisseurs by her primitive paintings. Everybody in the United States has heard her name since she was "discovered." There are countless others at this age that arc unknown except to their immediate family and a few neighbors. They may have been grcal painters or great musicians or maybe great singers but they nevcr had a chance. Tnere is a dear old lady In Osceola, Mrs. Mary Noble, who is all thai her name implies. She is 80 and is a cross between Grandma Moses and Whister's mother In appearance. Seeing her pulling the curtain back to look out al the spring flowers as I was passing by. made a picture that no artist could paint and would make anybody want to go In and have a chat with her. That Impulse was too great for k me, so I opened the door and walked In. Modesty and wisdom grow on people with, the years and especially the courageous. Mrs. Noble's life hasn't been one that was blessed with fun and money. She came Up the hard way. Her parents had 11 children, she being a twin end the next three lhat followed her were triplets. HER FATHER DIED when she was five, the triplets being the last of the children. Insurance wns scarcely heard of in her childhood and women were left with their brood lo make the living, doing field work and waslng for the wealthy. With a mother who had all the responsibility of taking care of the children and Irying to work, all of Mrs. Noble's sisters and brothers died with the exception of three. She was old enough to remember going to the church yard cemetery to bury her sisters and brothers. Mrs. Noble remarked there always so much sadness in h family and they hardly got ov "laying away" one of them tin he put. on her Sunday dress to to the funeral for the next one. Her Sunday dress should ha been cnlled her -funeral dress, s; added, as these occasions were t only times she had a chance to sto and dress up in her best clothes. .She had never gone to school there was no money to buy boo and her mother needed her hel When she was 12, she got h first paying job, washing for family and helping with the hou work. She was paid a dollar for h week's work but, of course Mr Noble added, "they fed me an that was one less for my moth to worry about. "T Baved up enough money buy a Blue Back speller and ever minute r had to spare, I went my room and studied. I only wei to school one month in my who life but I studied harder and trie harder to learn than a lot of ch dren who went every day. "The first letter I tried to scrlb . Mrs. Mary Noble . . . came up the hard way . . , NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Tour Comntnnily Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 WED.-THURS. 'DESERT FOX" James Mason FRIDAY "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" Bcft.v Hntfon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WED.-THUKS. "RODEO" Jane Nigh & Johnny Archer FRIDAY 'CAPTAIN BLOOD' Krrol Klynn Olivia DcHa'villnnd ble was one to my mother and she was as proud of It as I was" Mrs. Noble Is a frail looking litllc lady, but those looks fool vou While I was talking *ith her ' she jumped up out of her chair and remarked she was due at the launderette to pick up some rugs she had curried up there. She asked me to wait for her she wouldn't be but a minute. • •> • SHE WALKED Tjp the street as briskly as a young girl and was back before I realized she had gone. She came in and said what an easy time women have now. " who don't live near a launderette own washing machines and electric Irons, quite different from the old (lat Irons heated on top of the wood stove," she added. Mrs. Noble married at Ihe age of 17 and set up housekeeping the next day. Her husband was a sawmill man and they liveci in Cedric, Ark. Everybody living in the little town worked in a sawmill, she added, and women in that town knew what was to work ana nurse injured husbands and sons. ! The machinery was old-fashioned and there was always one ot the men getting a finger cut off or getting one mashed and "we were a long way from a doctor and the roads we had to travel to set there were mighty rough. "We just all pitched in and attended to them. I guess you'd call it was to work and nurse injured out all these new-fnngled drugs amj shots," she said, pounding her fist down on a nearby table. "Once when I was real sick and the doctor had given me up, some of the women in our lltlle world of our own had a sheep killed and made soup from the head of it That was the only thing that saved my life," she said.'' 1 . I asked if soup made from any olher part of Ihe sheep would have done the job and she was quick in saying nothing bul Ihe head would have done it. She is a member of the Baptist Church in Blytheville but attends the Christian Church In Osceola. She gave this reason: She went at first because It was the nearest for her and after she heard the Rev. o. V. \foore. she says she'll never go to any other church. ; * * * MRS. NOBI.E WKAHS pretty litlle aprons and you will seldom _ BLYTHEVILLEJARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Open 6:30 p.m. — Show Starts at Dusk 2 Shows Every Night! LAST TIMES TONITE ^ Dollar A Car iN'ighfs! firing A Car Ful For A Dollar! "RIGHT CROSS" Starring June Allyson & Dick Powell Also Cartoon & Comedy THURSDAY & FRIDAY Showing i n Blytheville PLUS: Comedy Adults: 50c — Chitdren Under 12: FREE Fre » Po "y R'dcs, Swings & Slides STARR GAZING The custom of hiding Easier eggs is tlimiRht lo have originated with the Persians, the eggs bem- symbols of new i|f e . Coloring them red typifies the blood of redemption; olher colors have no significance. Another old custom of the Easter rabbit may ue traced lo Ihe old belief thai rabbits lay eggs on Easter five. This sup. perstilion is thought to be a Teutonic origin and is the basis of many children stories. The name Easter comes from Die Anglo- Saxon Eostrc. gooddcss of light The name of the festival in Greek' French, Iinlinn Snd most olher languages Is taken from the Hebrew word nesach, meaning "Passover." Remember when grandmother washed her dainty little handkerchiefs and dried them on (he dresser mirror? It still works — The absent minded husband reading his evening paper was asked by his wife who was wril- ig a letter: "Dear, do you know what day lliis is?" Husband, thinking he had forgotten an anniversary or birthday' •eplicd: "Sure I do. I'd j, a ' irought your gift home with r your hats in Ihe presidental race — 1,1 some woman throw her's in. That's Being to happen some-oMhese days, Whalcha bet? When a young husband tells his wife how much he misses his mo- Iher s cooking, I wonder if it ever occurcd to him she misses her mother's cooking too! A sailor's delinition of a nudist- One who has more pockets than a pair of sailor's pants." Some gals who wear slacks get loo big for their britches. All Ihe money In the world wouldn't buy what people actually mint about you _ g 00 d or bad. " Have you ever watched this? s-vcryiime you pul an extra blanket on Ihe bed it turns hot and "'id 1 ' 1 "" 6 5 ' OU Uke one °" ll lurns I think lhat i s) , a i| nevcl . see anything as lovely as a red bud Iree, Tickets for the Dorolhy Biddle on „... Fcrg|B are going to be entertained Sunday afternoon. April 20. We ire Koing to need refreshments to serve them — homemade cake ind punch. Don't wall for me to call and ask you to help us out — call me and offer — You'll feel better if you do! Also go— There';; just one way lo stop so nany men from throwing Ihei: her without one. she freezes o death when sha doesn't wear t. she told me. She makes all her clothes, keeps house for her daughter, Airs. Bertha Brown, with whom she makes her home «nd, as she said, does the biggesl part ot the cooking. They all like the woy I make nscuits," she smiled. Her recipe or making real old-fashioned biscuits is to melt the shortening: and stir in Ihe rest of the ingredients while It is still warm. She doesn't like frozen foods. They re too modern for her she says. „. \'J" . L "cy Featherston of Blytheville is also a daughter of Mr.s Noble. ne of the biggest tragedies of Mrs. Noble's life was losing her son at the age of si. He was working on a "dummy" railroad line in Burdelle when his left arm nnd leg were cut off "y?,- acadent ' causing his death. Telling of this horrible experience, she turned her gold band wedding ring around her finger. All I could, think of was the kiss her husband sealed their vows with when he p| Bced the ring on hat special finger, never living long enough to know the heartaches that 17-year-old girl had before her. ^When service ribbons are pass-' Noble should stand afthe^head^of' the receiving line. April is at 2 p.m. I Ian* have begun on organizing a hobby club jn Osceola. Anyone interested, young or old. Ls asked to drop a postcard to Mrs. John Ed- rmgtcn stating your desire ta become a member. There will be no dues. Any person In Mississippi County is eligible. As ass Is an ass though laden with gold, Abe Martin once said "Or was it Will Rogers? Here's a cule thing a child said— This little girl practically ran her mother crazy. She had been at her worst the entire day. Finally the mother told her to go get a swuch off the peach tree. After so lone a time, the little girl came in the house with her lips quivering nn d said to her mother: "I couldn't weach the peach tree, but here's a woct you can frow at me." Can you remember when all houses displayed lightening rods Some quite ginger-bready. Have you wondered what the heck the "B"-Iike symbol on yniu prescription of medicine stands for? This sign IF the Latin for "recipe " It reputedly Indicated the. sign ot Jupiter, and was placed upon the ancient prescription as a proplta- tion to the god Jupiter, with the htme that the mixture would prove beneficial. The ungodly name of Benjamin Penhallmr Shlllaber caused this American humorist to write under the pen name of ^Mrs. Partlngton." His most popular book we know about Is, "Rhyme* 7,-ith Reason «nd Without." Don't cut fish because you heard "v, *'"* braln fOOd ' "^ <»«"">« Phosphorus, so does brain tissue, hut no food "feeds" » specific or- YOUR NEW 1952 Your go-willi- everything specs, high or loiv, and 0)1 so different! Note Spring '52's new daintier look in the scallop-trim and elasticizcrf V-(hroat of the opera . . . (beautiful fitting). Come in this week for your pair! TAN AND WHITE WHITE LINENS 6 95 795 White Linen, tintahle any color without extra charge to you, . ONK STOP SHOE SERVICE S?r CkaniB * ~ njelll « Mala Dlm , JMt Vivian Scurlock Becomes Bride Of S. G. Lockhart Mi.v Vivian Scurlock. riauphter of ^ r ' and Mrs ' J - C. Scurlnck. became the bride of S. O. Lockhart, Sr In a Saturday noon ceremony at 'the First Christian Church In Qsceol* The vows were read by the Rev O V. Moore, pastor. Tall baskets ot white gladioli ncainst » background of Southern smilax «et the scene for the nodding. The bride wore a Spring suit In bronze with gold accents. Her ac- cesscrle.s were In brown. She pinned a corsage of matching brovm orchids with green (i ps R t her shoulder- Mrs, Sctirlock, mother of the bride, chose a navy blue sheer with white trim. Mrs. M. c. Stilc-s, sWer ot the bride wa., attired In a navy filk print over which she wore a duster of Bold. Mrs. Bud King also a sister of the bride chcse a cos- lume suit, In gold and wore bromi accessories. All wore corsges of oar- denias. Immediately following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart loft for a month's wedding trip In Florida. On their return, they will make th»>r home in South Mississippi Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bud King and daughters. Lin- fla and Peggy Ann, of Tallulah, la Mrs. J. B. Boggan of Mobile. Aln.' Mrs. R. B. Tale and Miss Francis Scurlock of Memphis, aunts of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Rice Tate anrt Miss Catherine Tate of Memphis cousins of the bride PAGE FIVE Thief £ofs Onions POBTALES. N. M. (AP)-Deputy sheriffs were Instructed to use their riases in tracking down a thtef who brcke into the projection booth and popcorn stand at a drive-in theater. "He at* half of an onion while In the popcorn building," the sheriff told his officers. gan of your body. Beefsteak and milk contain phosphorus also So don't eat fish for the sole purpose of becoming n genius. Sometime.* r wish nur soil wasn't so all-fired rich so we could have better luck with raking roses. Those lhat bloom in the hills are heavenly—But so is Mississippi County. K> I guess I can survive without them. I' Literary Club The Progressive Literary Club will meet Tuesday afternoon at the club ro™ with Mrs. D. H. Blackwood a.s leader. She has chosen, "Alaska as the 43th State.' as her subject. Hostesses for the meeting will be Mrs. Louis George, Mr.s. B. E Moore and Mrs. Rettye Nelte Starr. Junior Progressive The Junior Progressive Club will meet Monday night »t Ihe club house with Mrs. pate Harmon as Ihe leader. Her topic will be "Youth Conservation." Mrs. Billy Ayre* will be chairman of the ho.ste.5ses. I'TA Meeting The Osceola PTA will meet at the high school Tuesaav ni ? ht at 1:30 with gam Hodges as the lr«d-I er. His subject will be, "Our School Communities' Future." This will be I followed by a panel discussion. The Executive Board will meet at p.m. Visits Family David L.iney. Jr., spent the weekend with his family. Davis K a law student at VcnderbiH. He came especially to be with his grandmother, Mrs. Liitoh Coble, who returned home Saturday from Phoenix Jrticre she had spent the wier Mrs. Lancys daughters. Miss Jo. arme Lancy and Mrs. John Moran of Memplius, motored to Phoenix to accompany Mrs. Coble to Osceola rinly Week Services Held Special Holy week services art being held this week at the Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m. The Rev Chalmers Henderson, pastor Is conducting the services. British Work on TracU Deal with Red Chinese MOSCOW MV-A Briton attending he Soviet-sponsored International economic conference said British merchants here are working out. a deal to sell about 10 million dollars worth of (cxtiles to Communist China. In return, the British would bur commodlfs from China under a contract now being discussed "it's a two-way deal," the British representative said. I" 1938 a strange 5-foot-long fish was caught off the tip of South Africa which was believed by Ich- thyoloRiste to have become extinct 60 million years ago. •••••••»•«•••»«.«................. DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starls Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. Don't Forget! Tuesday & Wednesday Nights Are BUDDY N1TES! 2 For Price of 1. Last Times Tonite DOUBLE FEATURE! Bring Your Wife, Girl Friend, Sister, Brother or Cousin as Your Buddy! I think a good way to punish somebody, (me) Is lo make 'em listen to about 10 men playing Ihe bagpipes for about 30 minutes. That's abnut the sorriest racket 1 ever heard. »nd thase skirtv Ye Gods! • • • • The morning glory belongs to the same family as the sweet potato. There's * town In, Virginia by the name of "Glp." It's needless to *ay people are afraid of that name as the population of the town Is only forty-four. 1-nUMCHH Also Carlo™ * Band Short JTHURSDAY-FRIDAY "TwTsY Cartoon & 2 Reel Short BUR.MILK&l CAMEO with —sheerer looking —longer wearing Cameo 60 Gauge means sheerer-looking slocking beauty lhat will enliance your Easter finer)-. And these stockings will wear up lo 107° longer than lower gauge stockings—because their finer knil helps prevent snag« and runs. AH are color-cued to ihe lalesl styles— by Bur-Mil fashion evpcrl*. Only 1 In Proporfionfd (.t Zellner's SLIPPER SHOP In Blytheville, Arkansas

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