The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 2
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RLTTffFVn,I,K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Wage-Price Controls Program. Faces Big Test /or Survival By G. MILTON KKLLV WASHINGTON ia»j — The wage- price controls program faced n major test for survival today in ilu- wake of government seizure of the strike-threatened steel mill*. The Senate Banking Committee wa.s called back into closed-door session Ihis morning to try for .some agreement, on :i bill to extend the Defense F>ioduc'ion Ad. This is the base on \vhic:h the government's wholp vast, structure or economic controls rests. Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Obituaries '11 May July Oct. Dec. 41C6 40G9 3773 3745 4177 4031 37S:i 3743 L:.w 1.15 4161 416> 4CG5 4072 37G8 377:1 3733 3733 New Orleans Cotton Opfn Hi?h Low 1:1.1 4!li8 407C 3712 3135 Hi-h . 292 lyv,v 2.TO 288 Clnsc 29T-_- 583 May 416(3 4176 4165 July . , 4flC9 4084 4QG7 C-t 3771 3782 3708 Dec 3737 3753 3735 Soybeans May July JSrp 2E2'i 2X1 2?.l 'i Nov 21S V » 271% 27,V 2 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill UV-(USDA»~-Ho«s 9.000; fairly nc-1 live; barrows r.nd gilts 1BO Ins up' 10 to 15 htpher tbfui Tuesday's average; lighter weights and sows steady to 25 higher; hulk choice Nos, 1. 2 nnd 3 180-230 Ibs 1C.75- 85; latter pnfd freoly by shippers and butchers, mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 wirier 220 Ibs; packer top 1G.75; 2-10-270 Ibs fcill width of choice grade 15.75-1G.GO; 280-350 Ibs 15.25-05: 150-170 Ibs 15.00-16.2.5; 120-140 IbS 12.75-14.50; 100-110 Ibs II.25-12.50; .sou's 400 tbs down H. 50-15.25; heavier sows 13.2514,25; heavier sows 13.35-14.25; stags 11,50-13.50; boars 9.50-12.00. Cattle 2,000. calves 500; opening. generally steady on nil; several loads nnd lots good nnd choice steers nnd heifcr.s 20.003-1.00; utility ant! commercial steers and heifers 24.00-28.00; utility and commercial cows 21.5024,50; canners nnd cutters 17.0021.00; utility and commercial bulls 23.00-26.25; cutter bulls 19.00-22.00; vealers less active than Tuc.sclny but about steady; limited number eorted prime 40.00; Rood and choice largely 30.00-38.00; utility and commercial 22.00-28.00. Sheep 700; trnde active nnd fully steady; rim practicfitly nl! good and choice wooled latnbs tvt one price of 2B.50, most of, - .which h ea vy or en rry Ing- hoa vy e'nd; slaughter ewes unchniifjed, n\ sales 14.00 d<?wn to 12.00 for good heavy ewes; culls 9.00-11.00; riRcd bucks .11.00. Rites Tomorrow For S. A. Ellis Rrivicfs for Shlrman Alfnrd Rl];s. 77, will b* 1 conducted at v p.m. t/jinorrow in Cobb Funeral }tom(^ Chape) by the Rev. p. H, Jprnl^an, assisted hy the nov. Jowl! Mr- Crarkfn. JJnnnl vtll be in Klnnvnod Cfnioferv, Mr. KHi.s died nt his home on rVjiiindy Street. yrstonJay nfior- A»firy domand* for ,Krrapt)ii)^ th« program were prompted by the siop]-wa#e npfi-:tlatJoji.s. capped by President Truman's nrrier lasl night for .seinire of the Industry to avert a walkout. Chairman May bank 'D-SO urj;- ec] (tip cornnuttoe to avoid "passion or tlie hysteria of the times" ITI Its dohberations. "Orralpsl Trsi" Seen Hon. Rrirker (R-Ohio> and Sen, Capehart <R-Ind), member. 1 ; of the Bolivia Is Hit By Revolution Government Deposed, Members Announce LA PAX, Bolivia l/Tt— An Army, eX'.rtids if Tremor Hits Arkansas OKLAHOMA CITY «v—A widespread earthquake .shook Oklnhomn. Texas, Knnsas and Arkansas for 30 seconds at 10:30 a. m, todny. A rc!lrr<l famn-r. Mr. Kllis livt'ri in Blythrvillp sinrn ion, Ilr- \ to]) i iliii': \m\<?$s ft'ns hnm in Ocilcmuln. 111. . He Is Mirvlvcd by nnr snn, Bill K)t(s of JJIythcvillc;' and two dmi- «lHpr.s. Mrs. Hclp» Hill of Raven- ! will receive demands that df'n, A;k.. and Mrs. Urrlha Notcn Jstcike frotn thn nica-^drc aW author- of DoiiHson. Tcnn. Hy for WHRR mm prirn rontrol.s. PaJltjt?;icer.s- n lit hr Cnri Don (on, i Hricker 5ald he wouJrl volr- for Kddir Hapan, Pcln Thnnias, Shir-j such n proposal, ndding "several of IM Joel that wny." Before the }-roiip is a deinatu] by Si-n. Difk-sm IR-I)]} Dial Congress force n Minkr-np of Wane Stabilization Hoard wnintaership -is A result of ttf. handling o! Ihe steel wage police flnd civilian revolt broke out in this rich tin mint tip country today nnd the rcvotutionLsts nn- nouncrrf thfty had deposed the military government. Members of the military government, headed by Gen. Hugo Bal- livian, who seized povrer in a hlood- less coup last. May, were arrested nnd then libcratod, the antiounce- mont said. The revolt was led hy Army and police (orficnr.s co-operating with i thf: Nnlion.i) RpvohJtJonarv Party Vroup told a reporter they believe fMNfl) of Victor Pnz Kstfn.ssoro lh« wr-eks ahead will i;ivc the w*vc w h'o i.s in exile In Argentina and price com re is sections "their Mimanl radio Rtatioh in La Pnz. greatest U-sb" and hrlnij slrona owned by the novprnment, bognii move.s In Conjj-rew to ditcli thorn, I >)roa(icastinK that DIP revolution Cnpplmrt .saitl he believes thcjlmd succeeded, soon after shooting committee, or a companion House- ! broke out in the capital at dawn. Senate Kroup—Ihe .Joint Committo e on I3efcnw? Produrlion — will crill '.vitnespcs lo explore hanrilin^ c.( the .ilerl dispute before mtikinfc final recommend a (inns on chaiiK- (nfr on continuing vafjc-prtcc control powers. Ort Rxpircs Jimp If) The ar,t will expire June ?.0, and .send the entire emitroh program COUNCIL WTONESDAY, ATOIL 9, (Continued from Pn(?e 1) on a trial basts. All aldermen were present at last mini's meeting except Llndsey Ciitnn nnd J^KKC. While. The city's monthly operating writes some siiccc.-sor liiv. i -^alrmrnt .submitted by City Clerk Son, Uricker. a committee mc-m- ! J v - '• Mtl1 '" showed, in the general her. fcold a reporter (he committee \ fmid - ^,408.43; strrpl fund. $1.152.! will ecrriv* rt^mnnfi« thnt ! 10 - atlci lurking meter fund. S3,- } 082. ; Accomita pnvable March 31 to- i taled $5.159.08. ncvenues tntallnd $14.175.56 and man IiilJ. .Jack Hi!J, »nbrrt Glenn | nnd Willlnin Rolx?rt Nn]n New Auto Tire Introduced Here A nr«' priiirtirre-pealint; ( tire is IJCMHC; introduecti here by ihe B. P. Ooorirlch Store. Malinger Floyrt Peeler Mill toilny. The new tire resists skkidltic. blowouts and jiuncture.s, he Raid. SkititJini? Ls rerlurrd. lie .s;ild, hc- the tread design cOnsi.sLs of more than 10,000 tiny blocks of rnl;- lier .03(55 of an inch wide and about ft qunrter of an inrh deep. When brakes are applied, he salt!, these blocks prip a wet .surface and wipe it dry. The hoard nov," ts sol up by !:tw with 18 members, .six f>ach representing labor, manngemcnt nnd the public, IJirkficn has donanrird that the public spokesman be placed in ,ib.soli]tp mnjnj-Hly. and thai the hoard he forbidden specifically to make nn.v rernnimciulatlons except on take-homo WHRCS. In Ihe steel case, the board ITC- ommpndrd the union shfip, which wnukl recjnlre all employee to Join a union, in ruldHirm to a lT:j-ccnt hourly wnijc nn.d other proposals. Steel Wage Dispute to Cost Nation One Million Tons NEW YORK llfi— The stop! \vaRf. dispute will cost tile hntlon nearly one million toils of sleel Ibis week oven if production is resumed before the week is out, Iron Age es- Umatert todny. Prior to (he Mvtke. propnrations this week, the industry linri hcen turning out ninre than two million tons ti week. Tile metal working trade weekly predirtett that tile disjude cvt-ntu- nlly u-oulrl be settled otl the basis of a M'tice itieren5(> of nliont, 15 rents an hour, pins S to 7 cents In fringe benefits. The Wa«e Stnl)ili?,atlon Board hnri recojumended an in- crensc of n<j centss and the union had accepted. "Tlierc \vlH be no Riving in on the union .shop l>y steel firms." the publication predicted. "Tt Mr. Miirrny Included: county millace. $055.7c; civil cosl,s. $18; privilene license fcts. S2.7H.20; dog 1 .enscs. 19; vehicle licenses, $158238; police' and county fines. 42.030.25; .state revenue office rent, $40; Farm Horns Administration office rent, $25; parking meter receipts. $2.374.40; Sanitation receipt. $4.025.37; and engineering department receipts 57H.50. Expenciitures totalled $16.854.83 and Includedr streets. $5,330.55; police, $2,038.08; sanitation. S2.919.17; and general and administration, S16.G54.83. 'The financial statement for the airport listed $l,54(i,90 In revenue and $5.125.71 as expenditures, ot ihe revenue, rentals totaled $750.17. Salaries cost the atc|K>rt $2,043.05 and accounts payable, 52,115.04. Cash on hand wn.s 385 Are X-Rayed At West Ridge, Bondsville Clinics J» free clinics conduricit yesterday nt West Riclsce and nonds- vllic. a f,i 335 persons received chest x-rays. The mobile unit was in West ld|?e yesterday morning:, w ri e n 259 x-rays were made. A total of 150 persons were x-rayeti at a clinic In BondsvjJIo yesterday afternoon. The unit was In Kej.ser today and will he in Luxora tomorrow, located at the school cafeteria. Registrars for the West Ridge i clinic were Mrs. II. E. Tctllelon ! chairman. Mrs, Ve.sler Holmes' i Mrs. T. A. Morgan. Mrs. C, M.} Wallace. Mrs. Mac Hammond and' Mm. Bill Morgan. | Al Bondsville, the registrars were Mrs. D. R. Holmes, chair-! man. Mrs. H, T. Bonds. Mrs. Clyde ; Hill, Mrs. Bryan Bonds, Miss Levonne Webb, Miss Jewell steak- ley and Miss Junctte Stealtley. Volunteer Air Reserve Group Planned Here A (light of the 58r:5th Volunteer Air Reserve Training Squadron is being planned for Blythevitle. Airf Fcrce Sergeant Thomas Spellings of Jonpsboto sniri yesterday. Sgt. Spellinjs visited Blytheville ycMmla.v lo lay preliminary plan' for ihe flight which will lie ojicii to ?ll vntcraiLS oj World War II. S2t. Spellings sntd Hint the re- scrvLsUs will meet one nicht a n- e rk to study current Air Force occupations. However, tnemhers of ihe volunteer flipht will receive no compensation for their class room i time. I ''Through this program veterans '• will receive only promotion and re- : lirement benefits," Sgt. Spellings said. Veterans desiring more information about Ihe proposed flight, may write the 055th Vrhmtoer Air Reserve Squadron at Postoffice Box Jonesboro. ELECTION (Continued from Page 1) treasurer after two terms in Congress, had polled 304,804 votes, with 6.097 of D.610 precincts reporting. His closest rivals were Park Livingston, with 120,862 votes, and Richard Yates Rowc 116.701. Ivan Elliott. Incumbent attorney general seeking renomination, apparently was the winner over Joseph P. Burke, 249,602 to 133.506. Read Courier News Classified Ads Christian Church Plans Communion Rites Thursday Blylheviiie's First. Christian Church will conduct a communion *<-r<rlce Thursday night, at 7:30 o'clock, the Rev. James W. Rainwater said today. The service, a tradition with the Christian Church, will be in candlelight and observed largely In silent meditation, the Rev. Mr. Rainwater said. Instrumental music will be provided by Bernard Gocch and Danny POLITICS (Continued from Page U Eisenhower Is coming home soon to campaign for the Republican preside mini nomination. One strode' indication was lack of denial from any quarter thai he has /nailed R letter asking to be relieved as commander of North Atlantic Treats' Organization NATO forces. Cobb will sing. Mrs. E, M. Terry it tn charge of arrangements for the .service. * gets a Rood frconomlc> package he mivy evputunlly pive up—for the J time heiiiR—the union shop," j Iron Age said the companies ox-1 peel, the Mre! price problem to hn } -sc-ttleri as soon ns ground ivork for • n rontrnct !s reached. | "The nmrmiit will not be so much | as steel companies had nsketl for \ publicly," it- salrt. "It will rnn^c ' uronnd $5 a ton or perhaps slightly 1 more." j Pre.srnt price reculntioiu would • permit only n J2 (n $:) prr ton boost ' under the Cnpchnrt Amendment nl- lowliiR manufacturers to add certain Increases to price ceilings. Grunewald Cited For 'Contempt' WASHINGTON fll — Tlie House riled Henry w. The Dutchman Grimewnlrl fnr CO.Htempt of Con- Kre.^s todny for "wUUul nnd deli- licrnte refusal" to talk jibout Iiis mysterious conncctinr, with big- money tnx cases fifjurinff in tnx sen nti nl in vesllpn lions. Negro Deaths Mary Ida Lewis Services fnr Mary Idf\ Lev-'is vt\\\ bp conductntt at 3 p.m. Thursday nt Zlon Rock Missionary Baptist, Church hy Rev. R. S. Strong ami Rev. CX T. Williams. The 71-ycnr-old \vnimn leaves two SOUK, four daughtprs, thirty grandchildren, and nine Kvrat- Krandchiklren. She lived at Carson W. F. Coblj Funeral Home Is charge. CoiiipressPti air i.s used in tnany modern coal" 1 mines in place of explosives. Here's Vt/uef BRAND-NEW SINGER CABINET SEWING MACHINE ALL FOR ONLY VI COMPLETE UB!RAL TRADE-IN ALLOV/ANCE EASY TERMS rOR YOUR PROnCllON. VSG5! sells end services if! Sewing Moihines, Yotuum Clcon. e.s, rmi olher p.otiutts only through SIMif «V,!\D limn, idcnlified by ihe ted "S" TinJe Work ond ihe "SIVGf* Stwise CSMIC emblem on ihc window, oni) never through cthet sloies or outlets. ORDER NOW PHONf OR WS/7 YOUR • Sturdy attractive console table • Gleaming walnut finish (Matching slocl ot slight additional cast) ' Spotlight ' A-C or D-C > Backed hy 100 years of SINGER dependability ALWAYS AVAILABLE SERVICE Ho mu.icr where you move, reliable SIS'CCCports ond «rv- ke ote olwoys os near os your Isleplione. (See Sllitlll SfKIVC HKHISf (flMMsr in tlotMRed direilory.) SINGER SEWING CENTER 414 West Main Phon. 2782 Coral Pink , Cobra trim. Beige, Cobra trim ir [j 6x. S O N S S H O EE S I Good Shoes & Hosiery Complete your costume with fashion-right OOVEDOWNS. They are sheer, jlrong, and fit beautifully.- your /egs look pretty in For today's BEST BUYS in pleasure trips us* GRtYHOUHD'S acation lannina Let OS furnish descriptive folders . . . prepare Itineraries . . . make hotel reservations . . . plan sightseeing trips. .. arrange complete expense-paid vacations! Pick tins vacation wid, „•„„ plcasurc-^r, co see, „„„ ,o do-a, ama ii»,l y Iim- «u/-by hiving GtcyhounJ phn )-ow irip! ° ' C.rcyhoimJ's Vat.amn PU,,i,: X &„•/« Is yours for the .isbnj; • It's dcsicnrd to g,vc you complete ph,, s f or c . lrc f [ce , rips (lf M t vr c s -inckulin" •!,-,-„A,^-., l, t:m . w,,h rwrnpnrrstion, hotel accommo^mn.,, spc ci.,l sightseeing and cnictwmmcr:t all attanged in advance! ^"m fc Just tell , Grcyho.m.1 Agent the places you'd like to visit ,),c thinej you «™ t to »« ,n«l do. and how mud, you w.,nt ,„ » prn d. F ,., m thne on Gtcyhound docs .ill die, you have all the fun ! Conic in l'J.,j! A Lot MORE Vacation for a Lot LESS Money! Mi.inii, Kl:i Ashcvillr. N. f l.os Ancolts "Washington, I), \r\v Orlrans. 1. nilnxi. Miss JInhilr. Ala Drnvpr. C'olo. Norfolk. Va Wo, S^O.T.i 12.00 JS.Ml 20.SO n.RO |0.05| 2fl.tft . 1S.IO 1730 C\ t I T ( h;iU;inons;i, Tj-nn I.TIQ San FranctM'o. Cal, -1K.J10 Ttirson. Arir 71 7 ft Hot S|irln^v Ark. R 7-, Xr« Ynr\. N. V 'Z3.r>0 Portland. Orrcnn \\ HO NLtSarn I^lls, N. y. ... n.RS tu S (=. *.t Greyhound ISus Terminal 11.25 es.15 51.70 11.15 13.05 (1(1 FREE FOLDERS! GRIYHOUNO - ^'.r'^vA S<nd m * frte Talderi Q:ld irtfoTnation on trip

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