The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 9, 1952
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VOL. XLVIII—NO. IT *sw . '"'" ^^^^^^^^^^^BRBPBI^B^^l^^^H BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ~~^^^. i«^^^ ^1.1-f TT v-j ~~~ • __ U. S. Seizes Steel Industry to Avert Dangerous Strike Bj- \OKMAN' WALKER WASHINGTON (AP)_President Truman seized the vast steel industry today in the name of the Unite Slates fouS'o f aVerti '! S " Union ahlltdow ' 1 of vital miirsb" touching off a great court battle. Steel firms blasted the drastic move as an attempt to confiscate private property and rushed into court to block it. Two major firms. Republic and Yoiingstown, sent lawyers on a midnight hunt for a judge with whom they could file suit for an injunction charging the seizure was illegal. Federal District Judge Waller M Bastian fixed a hearing on the injunction plea for 11:30 am. (EST> today. Other steel firms wcre expected to join in Hie legal fight. U.S. Flag Goes Up Secretary of Commerce Sawyer, whom Truman made boss over the seized industry, ordered the American flag flown over all steel plants *and notices posted that they were now government property. It remained to be seen whether the steel firms would comply, in view of their contentions that their rights under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution were being violated. These amendments provide guarantees against illegal search and seizure and against depriving of property without due process of law. No Wage i'lans Sawyer said he had no present plans to change worker pay rates or working conditions or to interfere with company profits or finances. But he had authority to do so under Truman's orders. John R. steelman. President Truman's assistant and acting defense mobillzcr. arranged mid-afternoon bargaining sessions with the industry and CIO President Philip Murray, whose wage demands generated the crisis. Industry representatives predicted in advance the Steelmsn talks would be "absolutely unproductive." Truman said it was his earnest hope the dispute would be settled f^ promptly—today If possible. •~ "I don't want to see the government running tho steel plants a moment longer than is absolutely necessary to ...-..-• he 'said. Seizure followed . „«_, wage negotiations ir¥"fTcr Industry Balks to El,;l The Industry balked to the that the steel companies are recklessly forcing a shutdown of the steel mills: They are trying to eel special preferred treatment, not available to any other Industry And they are apparently willing to stop steel production to get it." Truman said a steel stoppape wonld halt production of shells bombs and planes going to the Kn ' pan fighting front He°said'^ ,n- o : longed shutdown would bring our defense production to a halt and throw our domestic economy into HOSPITAL BIDS OlMiXKD-County Judge Fabc, White yee «e it Uicy are in order. (Courier News Photo) County Hospital Work May Start In 30 Days, Judge White Says Jhe completed hospital will consist of e. 70-bed unit here and a 401 unit at Osceola. Final cost is ^ C r'L te ^ ut »'.«W» with Bidders witnessing the opcnino of ° Whir Whites t, „ action from - Ju 'ise court House office into Municipal Court Room here After all bids on the 16 contracts were opened. Judge White. Moody Jloove director of the Division of Hospitals of Arkansas Slate Board of Health, members of ihe hospi- Hoard nf tals Board of Governors, and Bruce The Bon R. Anderson of Little Rock, ar- 1 -' • ' tect. and his staff, retired to Bounty judge's olfice to examine Negro Is Found Guilty of Raping Huffman Woman Circuit Court Jury Here Recommends Life Imprisonment A Circuit Court Jury last night found Matthew Fleming 27-vear- old Lewisvitle, Arfc., Negro, guilty of raping n 75-year-old white woman at Huffman and fixed his pun- shmcnt at lite in the state nenl- .cntiary. The jury deliberated only 45 minutes before returning the verdict It was given the case about 6 p m' liter two days ol testimony Fleming was charged with'rtrag- :mg the aged woman from her wine at Huffman last October gaping her once in a nearby cotton leld. and then lending her to the Mississippi River bank appro.ximatc- . > three-fourths ol a mile from her home where he raped her two more tunes. The stale was seeking the death penalty for the Negro The Negro, according to testi-' mony, admitted to officers that'hc mped t'-.c woman and sipucd a statement to that effect. The signed statement was introduced as evi <'" 1ce .»»' «V> st^ during the trial tpste " dlniMio » hnd been con- Elbcrt Johnson alld cli"rte" F , , ooper were appointed by the court IO SSl!S™''^»><>'-ri^ . City Hires Consultant To Handle Water Bonds " —. A, Chicago Man Retained To Set Up Financing Inside Today's Courier News ... Jaycee rcsolulion shows trend of economic thought editorials . . . Page g. " ... Osceola News . . . siarr Cailng . . . page 5. . . . Arkansas Xp lts Briefs l'as<- 9. . . . Arkansas in \vasliinjlon . . . Page li. . • . Sports . . . rage 10. ... Ifull.ind News . . . p xgK ]j, • . . Wilson News . . . Page 7' City Council last "Advice in such matters can only be obtained from financial concerns Ip whom an exclusive contract is given to buy bonds pri- proposals. Must Gel Federal Okay >ry completed their exa'mina- this morning and are sched- of Governors this afternoon, of Governors is expect- Allies Scorn 'Phony' Issue Regarding USSR --._ .•.UU.IMJ uuirvtii vu tile P.IIU ' -SOJllCtillll Rt accepting government-suggested I Issue at pay raises and other benefits for vital lo Murray's workers. Truman disclosed his seizure decision to the nation last night in H hastily written speech broadcast over radio and television. In measured words he.said the union was right and the industry was wrong In the wage dispute. He said Wage Stabilization Board recommendations for settling the pay dispute were "fair and equitable" and the industry could well afford them. He lashed out bitterly .- * e -V --,,—. ^!« yogld. like, to -They are trying to offer . us ' at steelmakers, calling price that should not ' be an " for something- really ,i,.. - " al ' m 'stice," Hark'lson told newsmen. In Tokyo British Gen. Sir char- 'Su Kci 8''tlcy commented the Chinese are playing i Kame a( Panmunjom. They know, everyone knows, the U.N. is anxious for peace When that peace will come probably will be decided by the men in Peiping." Keighlley Is Optimistic Nevertheless Keightley said he was "optimistic that within six- monlhs an uneasy peace will be raised ,th_ _„,. lo bargain : it .. . J^fh he ; Conniiunists . Question "only ap.aihst airfields." identify of accepted low hirlrier<; would not be revealed ,, n °H appro,! ^irt ih^ fS ? a " led ' Jl ' cl 8 e White said this morning Contracts are to be let by t h e a: P*o^ ttam a " agenCl " haVC Officials this morning said. "Of course we had lo make some a d- 3hwvs"n '" the . contrac 's-it is this size-and lype—but nothing essential is changed." 23 Missco Hen Get Draft Tests 10 Fail to Report; Induction Call Slated for April 17 The Mississippi . ranserred er boards and 10 faded to county Draft Eent * I me, to „,,, .ve pre-induction Physical examinations Miss Rosa Saliba. draft bm,-,t clerk, said that today's C M, W a S for 43 men but of this number onrVza reported. 14 were transferred to other report to the Mls- ard from' -other Increase demands "about the trio't outrageous thing I ever heard of." "If we broke our price control rules lor steel." Truman said. "I k don't see how we could keep them ••for any other Industry Profits Are Cited "The plain fact is—ihongh most people don't realize it—tiic steel industry has never been so profitable as it Is today—at least not since the 'profiteerlne' divs World War I." "They are raising all this hullabaloo in an attempt to force the government to give them a big ."could be settled lo-elher " n,it boost in prices," the President said, he .did not press the point H a?ri -They want something special. [ son ignored the hint something nobody else can get Harrison did sa tj •< J^h^plain fact of the matter'is'[ miml.^ wanted'to turn the p r ° o b~ lem of truce supervision back to staff officers it was all right with i the Allies if both questions were! "•• —"->J \ltzn worked out in Korea." ,,,-, B , uluv s commander of British Far Eas~t land forces. At Panmunjom Chinese Maj en. Hsich Pang made the indict bid to trade off two of t h e major stumblinsr blocks lo a Korean truce. The Allies want a ban on building or repairing military air fields. The Communists want iu(> boviet Russia named as one of the of 'neutral nations" who will police the armistice. Point Not Pressed the t w o questions Enemy's Trap Communists Hit Allies Three Ways In Heavy Ffghfing ol the counVv" '"" "^ belti ™^ nJT B , ! i nheville miit ot «>« hos- Pla] will be located in Country Club Heights between Hi«hlanrt .Street on the north and the allev norm of Spruce street on the So, I, and between Tenth Street on the east and Rosen-Street on the west In Osceola, the unit will be built °ri 3 i t!]' e " acre si| e bordered by School fatreet on the east. Grand i™ o. . °" thp wcst - Washington Direct on the north, and an unnamed street on the south ulllf. 0 ;' '° f the BlytheviHe unit board's with today's group, next call will be ca wi induction call on. April 17 Leaving today n.ngs Adams „,«, Wai e, Rowland of Joiner; Willia Taft Scores Large Victory in Illinois nillr 1 Al"i*-l I'.Tl. r. .- . Lodge Discounts Illinois Primary vatcly, or from persons of cncc in matter:- experi- of this kind who TaCt apparently won control over -i* 01 the so delegates (o the OOP national convention in July—which represents his greatest delegate victory in any primary to date this year. There was a possibility that two delegates who favored candidacy of Cicn. Dwighl D. Eisenhower might win In downslate Illinois The primary results are not binding upon the delegates. Early in the tabulation Taft established a victorious trend, which deviated only slightly thereafter. With more than two-thirds of the precincts counted today Taft led Stassen 6 to 1, and Eisenhower 1 Eisenhower Runs Third l.v pi ciprcnoe priinnrj*, placecj third in the OOP voting on the baste of a write-in campaign. Running without opposition as the Democratic presidential candidate. Seri. Estes Kefauvei- of Ten- Eisenhower, who was not official- a candidate In the presidential ' wiH in " u •"—vne oiiuiiMn- tod" h n \' ed Nations adva »« t today broke up an attempted trap by ..I .'."" d .': e( ?. Re * ^cst of the -,Tit'L C r m " : ,^' S Wt the ""'I"* Mition from three sides said .S. Eighth Army tactical sum mary. "' Kfforl Directed nt Rear They directed their main efforl at its rear. The U.N. troop, with' drew on orders but two hours later had fought back to their front line posl. It was the heaviest fight report-' i along the U.N. Front Weclnr^. outnum-j Mississippi County's part of"' the taken ,- -I-i"- "-JHIH.J a 11 All ca n -e"o" 1B ° f '- htV hospital ' tax and a one-mill maintenance'tax iCMeti by Quorum Court ,A M 7 ?' 75 .?.! 50 "' 1 1SS V C ™* rccent- BHA On Insurance Btytheville K ou.sing Authority is J J;' 118 <°\ ^ «» insurance eov- cting 28 binldinss. their furniture bmithey, Gilmore. Ark., and £ Medrano. Tj'i-onzn. Clarc'nce 5 Collins. BIythe°"i| c °' Wallace. Frenchman's Davnn- vin Oreenbcrry inwere 1 this ncssee piled up a huge vote There was n small total ol write- ins for Gov. Adlal Stevenson of II- Inois m the Democratic column However, the state Democratic organization Is expected to give t.he dclegntc vole to Stevenson in the event he enters the presidential race. He was unopposed for renom- mation for governor. Taft Camllilacy Favored The state GOP organization is known to favor the candidacy of Taft. Both parties will elect 10 additional delegates at a stale convention before the July national meeting. The vote totals from 7,010 of the state's 9,610 precincts: 5.257 of :eo | 83.436; Eisenhower 10.300. The vote totals fror. 0,610 piecincts: Dr mot-rat: Kcfauver 314384- Stevenson (3.957 precincts) 36621 ' The Taft forces in Illinois ' predicted the primary "will be a step- 'Doesn't Mean a Thing/ He Says After Tdft Leaves 'Ike' in Third NEW YORK W-Semilor Lodge R-Mass), leader of Elsenhower lor-m-esident forces, said lodav the general's third-place show-in-'as a write-in candidate in Ihe Illinois pi unary "does not mean a thino- far as Eisenhower Is concerned." "We made no effort there" -oclgc declared to reporters upon ms arrival-by plane from a visit 'Hi Gen. Elsenhower in Paris Lodge s,,id he hnd not advised Eisenhower on the question of his return to Ihe United States lo make "We'll Soon Know" ''I lliiuk we'll soon know when he II come back," be added "You might know soon." :^f d ,? e tlcc . 1 '"«<! lo answer spe cifically eight questions sent lo AHD Staff Is Cut LITTLE ROCK MV-Thc Arkansas 31'chway Department has re-! mem duced its payroll by 86 pei,,o,i, ,in rc ban bTD^oISi'S'Sr^f - C —' discussed, staff officers prev-louslv were forbidden, by mutual agree"- was confined to gngRinpnt.s, Planes Rc»e« U. S. jcl ptanes. light patrol en-j to talk about the . " m . ant ' ed bomb Atlaeks grounded i"d rocket - = .-^ ^u uuiuu ajin rocket a'tncif^ rtf , alrf ' eld S.^!™ ^ ™U-'po^on" Weather request Iruce KU- jervision talks were shifted last week lo Ihe higher level of a n e - Botialing subcommittee. That's The U.S. battleship ed 143 tons of shells lines alom; North K coasi. by j amount of s.' for a three veir' ren,,-, „„„. B!ds wil , fee Metp ™™?™- adm:m,tration building at Chick- I a:-aw Ci.nns ntiiil 2 p.m. April 25. ping-stone to certain nomination" i , (f f rnse »- Ta " "' ^ e July conven-I <ll ' CStlC> ";:-. tion. Hie results merely confirm! ^raft'.- IIIin " IS LS stro " 8lir for ! ingles. Rnid™0k'la- D j^! l00 K " >> '" '" c<lmm ="t Lawrence Pickle, Jacksonville' Ark *' ., El «'">owers' backers said it was ~ Tex'- U'il'i sarly" to comment. Modi-rto"! Knfauv < lr said in I/is Angeles hc kman Her-' ; T? ',' S , r;Uificd b - v l1 ^ "suit " He : added thai "I do not feel that it ' Robinson ' ,2 rf <»' e: *nls a true comparison 'eeler and i 1- ,, s ;-. cvcns on'.< strength and ytheville ! ™' n ^ " c rlld llot B' ve h's sanction ,vritc-in campaign in his i»n m Paris by Senator Dirk.sen IR-III) with the request lie get Eisenhower's "unequivocal statement' on Ihem, said Ihe Dirksen cable did not reach him before he left Paris last nlghi. After listening to a reporter's reading of the questions. Lodge declared: '•It's picayune to expect a man who Is in !( military headquarters without a staff of political advisers w»'k m tlie city's interest a PWceiUaBe basis, and ... it is the carefully considered policv of thi, alion not to sell' the -,ro- poseti water revenue bonds ai private sale," a resolution effeclin" a contract will, Mr. Mil( , s said ° •I lie city last month obtained a 120-day option on Blytheville Water Company. City Council proposes to purchase the water company and use its profits to pay f or improving n^ extending the « TO r sy«,cm Mi". Miles, who has been working with water company and cily officials to accomplish Ihe sa i e £ now hired to make fmancia l\[. h y T™ f ° r "' e Ploject m behalf of Blythovllle City Council osi hT, a '' e l ° he SOW lo th ° ™s" : Oil bidder at a public sale, if the the citv° mPnny ' S purch ™ed by thr' iVi"'' Mi ' eS ' Job lo sce that c bonds arc set up in such a a <? fir c o the bonus are offered under a n an which will make them most rend ^marketable at lowest po™,^ •,nd'"r,u! y for ,? ' for the purpose of din render empioy Chapman .— i—•>*- ui checkine all proceedings to enable the firm to render an uequalificd opinion ao- Provmg validity of the bonds when they «re offered for sale A : resolution .hirinc Mr. Mile's »? -nttopted unanimously nfte'r- bem^offeredbyAlder,,,,,/^^ At lasl HitflH's regular meelins have expired. to give offhand answers to tricM I'olitk-al Trick" '•When Senator Dirksen asks ciuestmns like that. It's Jusi a political Irick and it makes him im- tlignifiMi a nd hc should not do it " Dirkscn's cable pointed out that Senator Tart's position on all of the eight national issues are well known." and asked lor Eisenhower s nllitude toward:: The Talt-IUrlley law, Inn dump ^ .Ari'insas t^fhowcrs. Missouri forecast: Cooler and forecast: Partly cloudy COOT.ER west, mostly cloudy east portion and somewhat colder toni,l t oc - ThTr"dl>-ma°u' rS M5 ' l>° rti °»: and south. ' (or cn ^ Minimum this mornine—si Maximum yesterday—80 Sunset today—6:2g. Sunrise tomorow—5-35 Precipitation last 24 hours to 7 a.m.—none. ' Top-Leve! Talks Held in Effort To Break Telephone Deadlock TltTTOriTT' I tn <-M Toll: 107,314 Council Meet Cancelled reduction in Social Security 'uene- '• fits, government spenrljn.? :!iarge of St. Stephen's Church, opened t h e council meeting with prayer An ordinance was adopted dedicating to public use a street gong through Chickasaw Courts ow-rent housing project here. All derman Caudill offered a resolution passage of the ordi- >ance and then moved that the -ules be suspended and the meas- ire passed on third rending last • Under the rules, an ordinance cannot be adopted durlnct t h e same session in which it iS introduced. / The Council unanimously ar >, proved the action and .Street, a paved rond through Chick- fi?| W Y°" lls fro '» Highway 61 to "111 Street, became a public thoroughfare. A petition requesting abandon- mem by the city of a , w ,- !i0 n «, V me Street near Trimtv BapMn Church was presented by Alderman L O. Nash. Petitioners snid th« '••"•'•»' was not beina used and serv- _ f ^ MI tt/1II . i l ' s "° Purpose at all. Mayor Dan Stevenson polled 429.3-1.! votes in I Practices commission ^Trunl'in", i churcl \ wis ' llc5 'o use 'ehe ""e.i for 5.4 <) precincts for rcnomination as j foreign policy and military spend i J x ." anslon Purposes and a parkins t° i r i i 0 ::- I '^' r . itc :' ns -'<"-P«--'l<lonti i "S! : tax rales, ihe B, nnan^lanj Aldrrmon ••"• — Announced] vl In- e ,, Jrri ™ i "«'« tn Korea "10,.134 today, an increase' I since last week. The Defense Department's week./ t,,,.....- ,. . LV.K- settle (be telephone strike -I intenri i E. Marvin Sconyers. are trouble potia o s st v shooter for the Federal Mediation n^i ^ ? s anA «»«'"•««« SerVlce (0 nieclir*- : V arri\-;il based on notification bargaining negotiations" "between Michigan Bell and the CIO Communications Workers of America shortly before midnight. A night long- session to seek a solution of the -wage dispute was planned. The strike has idled 51.000 Bell workers in Michigan, Ohio. New Jersey and Northern California nrVHnil,, J '"" Wor( "«n Calito precipitation since Jan. l—j^ny agreement reached In I intend to request that the nr- tn continual session ....... n settlement is rc-icherl Mv inslruclions arc lo lend every' r,< K - familics Ihrough lasl fYiday re- I Killed in action 16.778. an in-i '-' ;l ™ <>r 40: wounded 7.798 an > .-reuse of 147 and missing 12S.S7 c.ctrease of nine. ™? Con.T ? night Derail City ciert- o scd. .-,... ... -, ,n_-nj.-, iui rresment ] from 3.fi57 precincts, Stevenson had ir ,.(,„, I 3G - <! - 1 - Ki-fiuver had SH.384 votes was not held last j In "10 race for the OOP nominate a lack of bu*ines<.. | tion for governor. William G. Slrat- I. Jcnkii« said this i lon - a vr'cian politician al the ac" .of 3S, was sctlino a runaway pace sociali-/cd medicine. I.oiiKe told reporters he I not presume to answer th lions for Eisenhower. Tht „ Wilson moved • 1 ™l )t! «" of a resdluti siblc assistance. I'ickcl Kxpan,i,,,, seen In New York, the CV.'A nounccd that IC.OOO slrifcin.* \VP , !':.:. ern Elect™ Company workers („' i '.hi- H 43 sa.cs will expand pickclinst op . j KM <! "" ll ^:._ P , r ° br - b ! y Thursday ' ' Plan to CuY Defense Spending Gains " -- Rose Festival Group Due Here : i 1 ' Major D.-,;, A . moduli said u mornine that a ironpc reorient! Little Rocks 1352 K[I,iivi| or Rn ^ rf I will visit Blytheviile Apr?' » RO!> ° S •<>N' Ml - Strong M-' n , M "- v "" B'odgett said hc was no:) .<i.-|>p.-irt was building up „, ,' ° ; !llp schfdulrd visit venter (lay and that an official reception is brino. planned. ' Radio Announcer Asked to Back Charge of 'Hoof, Mouth, Waste' Mean temperature (midwav tween high and lovo-67;i Normal mean tonwratm-* sales subsidiary lem.'e pickt „ .ii^L rt :iatJOn of the Bell for plan to cut .fii.^c spending by approxi- mr-tol.v five billion dollars. -,-- Xot loo elated over prosrei-s of a rive hnrc at 5 P-i"-. he said ii'i.'»m,i ; g-rio-.v:; drive that. Carted i „ ' >c.sterday on the s46.S80.384/no rie- : °US Driver Fined S7(1 fni e appropriation bill n>. K.,J... i ,. . . lnea •? ' <J ciuiiiii! group c.ime up to ar- . This Bale l.asi y Minimum this mointivj J AT. -10. " " -i iuxvii>ii;(| V prc.sidcnl. of Ihe union in cha age w:i(,e increase oi hour, rt claims the last offer would ami S C onyers;'R«Tgned°h«r e bj-Cy- ?«{*?* """'^ f "" C ' Still Closed Here Accident , Olission. driver for t "e Coacb Ij'ncs, ^-a.^ HI roM.s | n Munti-ip;,] ,., hjs ! WASHINGTON' .'Ti — Tlie House ji ? ; Agriculture Committee today called 1 on Robert Montgomery, radio and television cnnimr-iitator, to back up his asset-lion that the United Stales ha.« wast<Yl ?00 million dollars figluina a n..:i-e\istenl outbreak ct foota-nciiuoiilh disease- in Mexico Rep. PO.ISO (i)-Tcxi .lolned Committee Chairman Cooley (D-NCl in denwndinR that the former movie I star produce any Tacts hc has to bohter hU rotitentlon In receiu bro^dc^sts tliat a tne-yenr u. 3 campaign 32,1 inst, Hie livestock SCOIITBP I-..T- b.-rn nn ilnnccessarv 'i calling Irm and holding of'V'hearU,'"'**! the matter to determine whcWr Si K ns Show He's Cum ,,, K "b'ndored ^"r* " ^'^ ^ bC ,)n^ ! ^r r * - A " ^ ™^^;-™^« «hrs,,,,r n '- . I...._:-.. lo . Wi ! rd confirmation! Blytheviile p u lih<- Schools n'ia>e D. J requested some lumber at-rt fiv i turcs which are sin-phis m 'th- a j r base hero. Mayor BIjdB;-tt't,,Id t']-'e Council. Alderman j i N-,hn-- movcd l.V city aive them the rm'e'rt material. School o(;,'i:il. wni- rd "em, for emwructiou w,rk ,1 am Street M-s.,,-0 Srh,-ol i(1 ,d mu-iril unanimouMy appnnul the a.-,ion The Council .i!,n ri,\-i-ieri. noon rrcommrndation or eiti-wns of 'the ' F^: V ,'° , mi *\ As!l E < r «< from rrarKnn T o I^iVn T ,, 1 ..,_,^.^,. o, or million that, for one thin K . had exnoceratert the outlay by some 77 it none of "ranted." the ex- ] — I> , , 8C 14 cciivs nn ; •C0l|-,p;»iy S i'nl to zni *»' of 12.1 has bec-n no r strations here. Hrlvp f'.UIrd \rress.-> rv -•r> .... .. iM.nm- i,i t^unvTi r- i . , 10 riybt of \vav ~ : ^^^'''.^ v.jnteiiil.. iiie camp;ij^:i driven bv Mr" ' oii-^im,'*?' """'"'"'f'v neic.-snry lo protcti «1 in a mmw ir."l'; r! 1C "' , S ca " Ir ",\ d "- 1!r - v - " llrt "»» I Street yesterday. I in this country. said he was prepared to Montnomery's argument • ..<.< UK- quarantine against Mevi- can talilp. duo to be removed nrvt S"Pt. I if there are no UP-.V om- htcaks, rould be hrlrt re.sromibic lor Mum* the price of mtat ,„ Ilil- counmMo un« nrratitrd teiels. At-in.iH\ iiie jtrii p O f m ,,,,f j^n-, di.ptvi|i.ii(innntvly hii!h in romp-u-- l«on with w;i s( .. s nur i mhc| . pttc ^~. P<nf told a r";-ortcr. Copley rierl.irrri the diagtions ,i( I among scientists. Everybody knows o qcrxJ thing the minute the otlw f Id lost sees 11 firs >-

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