The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1952
Page 9
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MOWT5AY, APRIL 7, 1952 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl. _BLYTHEVTI,LB (ARK.) COUniER NEWS I-'^IC»(N,W.H > i. w UVIS.L-/ r/-\UMl I'M A BIRD DOG VJ^M IT COMES TO A^oroey/ ™& > MISSED vt)OR DAILY MOOCR- , INS LATB-V.AMD BOVING CIGARS 0YfH& FOX ALSO - "•n.r-'-S OF PROSPERITY/ £HALL T n eL p YOU L&T YOUR HAIR DOWN FOR A LITTLE TALK? 'AVJPF/ WHY; MARTH/CS •*•*- -SPOTT-TT/-"*- TRUE X'VE HAD A SMALL V WINDFALL, BUTT. WAS PLACING A LAVISH GIFT FOR YOU/--- vUM-HAK//WOULD < * A COUPLE OF CClSP TWENTIES LIGHT UP YOJR. EYES 2 J TIGER. GLEAM, AMMAN Polif-ical Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 19, 1052 For County .Indue GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk CERALDIN'E LISTON K«>r St:(lc Senator SEN. LEE BEAKDEN For Slate Hop. KENNETH S. SULCEB For Post. No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalla, l.cspecleza, Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 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They then change Into pupae and form cocoons, Trom which later emerge the innocent moths. 1. "Popular Fallaries" — A. S. E. Arkermann, 3rd Edition. 2. "Encyclopedia Britannlci," Hth Edition. (E'roof Next Week) TUB STOlIYi A fortune In ml.»Inp: bond* from | he K to rklir niter Tic- linked tvlili Ihc; murder of A*iir» Onvhlh'fl home. Jim Orlh. iirlvnic tempi* OA CravaSh'ji Hfo. (IRK Iciirnr d ihnl the rmirdrrcil mnn wcnr In 1)ir vnuM lo check I he T>nnda the itny bc-frire hi* druih, otHvlnl* ID he nn nrdtlcn t, htil Snlly CrnintK ivnnlft Orlh (o per- *nnde her imrlc Mnrney in mil In the police. lnstefi.1. Orlh hnx hlrrd York tingle in Ifcr cnsc- XXIII J AS I parked my car on the grass just off the driveway at Windover, 1 mel a chnracler with whom I'd had very few dealings since coming to this place. It was , that little animated wiener Frit- A'.e, the dachshund. I'd seen him a!l over (he house and grounds, of course, but he didn't give Ihe gentry too much ol his time. He hung out m Ihe vicinity of the kitchen where, from his viewpoint, life was more salubrious and .satisfyin?. Now he wagged his lail complacently, as if he'd just Fettled the affairs of nations. I looked at him closely to sec why he was so enamored of himself. He advanced cautiously, leered at me, then dropped a ?;o]f ball out of his rnouth. He followed that triumphant 1 gesture by lowering his whole undci slung self to the ground, but Kept the hall between extended fort-paws. His attitude suggested I might look at the loot, and marvel. But let me make one move lo POSFCSP it. and E'rit- 710, plus loot, would be in the next county. "Gimme lhat," I said, but without sternnc?s. Frit 7 ic must have interpreted the remark as an invitation lo gambol. Snatching up the ball again, he bounced lo his feel and frisked glcefxiliy and unhelpfully around my ankles. That dog had evidently been poaching from the putting green which was situated at some little distance from the courts. Now he started for it, still carrying his ball. I followed him. Dave Slnden was fooling around on the pigling green. "Hi," he called, as we came up. "What goes?" "Not a thing." I said. "Just strolling." Fritzie, no mean exhibitionist, appropriated the limelight. Swaggering importantly, he walked close to Dave and squatted down as he had before me, displaying the ball agnin. "Why," Dave exclaimed, "that's mine." • • • ]-TE made a pass at the ball, bul the walking sausage was too quick. Grabbing it in his teeth, he ran. Dave lauijhcd. "He must have taken it a while ago when 1 had my back turned. I've been practicing a little." I could see that he had. The green was strewn with golf balls. Dave began gathering them up nnd stowing them in a canvas bag. "Like a game of this? 1 ' he inquired presently. Now I've never played golf, bona fide golf. Not even once. Bul years ago when m i n n i e golf courses were the rage, I was hot stuff at steering balls through lead pipes, midget houses, liny waterfalls and other fiendish obstacles. This, just beautifully-clipped grass and plainly visible holes, looked like a cinch compared to that. I fell ! hod to give Dave a yes- answer. Having been written up as a playhoy, the sportsman type no doubt, I'd be supposed lo know something about golf. And Dave Sladen's eyes were on me just then with, I tnought, some penetration. I wondered again whether he believed that I actually was what I purported to be and, further, whether he was pulling me to a little impromptu test oE his own. "Sure," I said, with a confidence OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IF I EVER GO UP TIE GOLDEN STAIRS, IT'LL BE FROM GOING COWU THESE f?/^^RV,Gor Y IT SAYS jrcMKSDA sr/WHxr BUT N07HIM& W^S FOOND I . 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MOM START / \ THAT? 7:30 Today 7:55 Weather 8:00 Today 8:25 News :30 Today 9:00 Breakfast Party 9:30 Winner Take All 10:00 Prologue to Future 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Love o( Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 1st 100 Years 12:45 Carry Moore 1:30 Hotnetnakers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Ralph Edwards 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins F«l]« 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 News 5:05 Berl Olswanger 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Cisco Kid 6:00 K\ik)a, Pran A: Olll« 6:15 News 6:25 News About TV 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Berle 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:00 Amateur Hour 9:45 This Week In Sports 10:00 Studio One 11:00 News 11:05 Names the Same 11:35 News 11:45 Sign Off oufcs CKAJZV--I WASN'T) IF THATS -naJE~scMi.~now »^>wi-iEg& Ai&ur vomcr CCH\E A SLEEVE BUTTON PLACE THE MSWT OF ~ '' THE VOLLOWiNS OUT KAIL'S PLAN THE MUPJC7EI? OF HIS PKTTHE, TOKSO TAKES TH6 RB'ST ST6P S> CALLIN/& OK/ -TUB.' THE MI55IM& OME FPCHA COAT WAS R3ONP AT THE SCEWt OF VJE'D BE FAR «JW S/ A I (,'OW IF VOU HADkJT PKK'EP TOMB, AL! JF UP IH 1 WKOIOG BASl I'M THEY'RE UJCKY.V 1IXKIM6 HO CHMJCES OH TIIEVRfi OMLV VMIV SUP-UP THIS TIME KNOCI\EP COtP^ ROECEP OFF " THE ROAD IT'S AS HEAVY. I'D ['..-'.yVi: H, NO.OOP. DUMT THINK J YEH...FOR THAT 1 irij A -t-llK.,/- I A .1,-r..- /^. ._ '^_ _^^' U'L OH ROCK IS V SAY, RHM. LOUD/•;;;- SUCH A THING! A MERE TEN GRAND IS ALL - j _ I . T OP THIS WILL BRING!/THEM 5AM6 KJNDA SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists •: ;.(Jr<^M^^ 5s^'Si#S^./Q:^^5 r if AT THE _ REAR T CMTKAXCE.' / f- d( r MRS.RU<S6V1S' WHO I didn't feel. "WhatTl I ast for "Oh, we'll trade off with mine. Unless you want lo run up to th« house and get another putter." "Nope. Yours will do.~ He gave me that challenging faintly-hostile look of his. "How about a little something up? Just lo make it interesting." "Anything you like," I said carelessly. A play laddie culled up in Bermuda ought not haggle. "Dollar a hole?" Dave suggested blandly. Prelty high stakes (or jus! a secretary. Either he's good or he's backing an opinion that I'm not. "Okay," I said, and debated the legitimacy of pulling this on my expense account in the event of loss. He handed me his putter. "Well, your honor. You're by way of being the visiting fireman." He won first two holes handily. This began to look not so good. "Peculiar stance you've got," Dave remarked. His eyes a trifle amused. "Maybe," I said, controlling myself. "But I've always used it Sometimes it works, too." VfERE braggadocio, that. But Kismet made it slick. Going for the third. Dave laid his first shot a toot from the little nag. He tendered me the putter as if there were no real need for m« to lake my licks. I don't mind losing, but it suddenly occurred lo me that I didn't like losing to Sladen. I took Ihe club and called on the gods who. once, had served me well down at Coney Island and on a certain memorable occasion when I'd really gone to town at miniature gol( in Asbury Park. The gods responded. They permitted me lo stroke Ihe ball Iruly, and wilh authority. It rolled across the grass, caught the rim of the cup, ran around it once . . . and dropped. "Like now," I couldn't help saying, over Sladen's surprised gasp. "I'm just getting Hie feel of this" I did get It too. Not thai I bea' him. Far from that he look mo for plenty, as it turned out. Hut I didn't disgrace myself. (To B« Continued) No matter what kind of ear or truck you own, T. T. -Seay Motor Co. can offer you the ipcctallzed service of speedomeler repair. To he safe — lo get better service from your ear ... be »ur* your speedometer Is correct. l-l)ay Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Soybean Seed FOR SALE Marlch No. 2 and Ogden soybean seed, cleaned and sacked. 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