The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHhVlLI.B (AKK.) UUUIUMI NKWS SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1952 Four Arkansas Politicans Speak Out of Many Subjects By The Associated Presi Four prominent Arkansas political figures sounded off Friday on * variety of subjects. Both Arkansas senators — John I,. McClellan and J. William Fulbrlght — had some views on Sen. Russell (D-Ga) for president. Rep. Boyd Tackett of Nashville, an announced candidate for Kover- nor, rose in the House to the i defense of "the little fellow." And Oov. McMath almost said again that he would be a candidate for a third term nomination. McClellan snid at Little Flock thnt he believed Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower would return to the United Stales to campaign actively for the Republican nomination for president. And probably get the nomination loo. he added. Should Be Unlnstnlcled He said he thought Arkansas' delegation (o the Democratic mi tlonal convention in Chicago ought to be uninstruclcd (they custom arily are utilnstructed). And he agreed — as had been suggested jy others including McMath — :hat it would be a "nice gesture" for the group to give Fulbrlght n complimentary "favorite eon" vote, on early ballots. Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia is his personal choice for the Democratic nomination, McClellan added. Fnlbright, nlso cast a vole for Russell. He said in an Interview at Kansas city that he thought Ilusscll and Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois would make n good Democratic ticket — one for president and the other vice president; it wouldn't make any difference which way. Later in a speech at Topeka, Kas., Fulbrlght said he thought tho parly winning the corning election should Kuln a sizable working majority In Congress in order to set a policy and carry It out. Ticket! Mid Tli« Little Fellow In a House speech. Tackett declared that "Washington Bureau crals" want to make "the lltlle fellow" more dependent on govern mcnt handouts. He said government credit re gulations are designed to "haras, and annoy" small borrowers bu that big barrowers have no dlfflcul ty. McMath spoke to another "an precinllon ntghl" audience — thi one at Paris, Ark. Ho referred analn lo his own "third man Iheme" — "H as many as Ihrce people me to run, I'll consider It a drill;.' Then he added thnt "I think I may find that third man in this crowd." At Little Rock earlier Friday McMath said he won't back any particular candidate for Ihc Democratic nomination for prrsldrnt. Whoever Die nominee Is will huvc his support In the Kcnural election, Ihe governor added. Gen. Van Fleet's Son Missing In Action After Bombing Run SEOUL, Korea (AP)—Lt. James A. V fin Floel Jr., son of the U.S. Kighlli Army commander, today was listed by the U.S. Fifth Air Force ns missing in siction. The Air Force said he failed to return yesterday morning from his third night bombing mission over North Korea. The 26-year-old Van Fleet was piloting a B26 light bomber. He arrived In Korea only three weeks ago and was assigned to a B26 squadron based ft short distance from his father's headquarters. The young lieutenant, a West Point graduate, saw his father for the first time In 15 months on March 19—the general's 60th birthday. The lieutenant is Oen. Van, Fleet's only son. The general has * married daughter. ' General Van Fleet told newsmen the day he and his son were reunited that "I tried like the devil to bring Jim up with the Douph- boys." "I wanted him to be ft combal Infantryman, but Jim sntd the Army is too Blow for him. The youth of America loves the air This to the Jet age." The intensive two-day search thni always is made for downed filers CEASE-FIRE vcr North Korea failed to locate oung Van Fleet nnd his two-man rew. The hunt was called off tonight t Army request but Air Force lane-s flying regular missions tn he area in which Van Fleet's ilnne was lost will continue the (Continued from Page 1) quently reflect official thinking hinted Friday thnt the Reds woul« ne willing to withdraw their «om Inatlon of Russia If the U.N. Coir m&nd abandoned i(s demand fo an airfield ban. But after a brief session of th Joint subcommittee on truce super vision Saturday Maj, Gen. Willlnn K; Harrison said the Communist "have suggested no solution The have advanced no new ideas." Asked About Trade When asked about reports thi & trade was In the making Harrlsoi replied:: "They haven't said anything ' about it. I can't negotiate on the basis of hints or what Is -said on the road (outside the conference tent* by Communist correspondents)." Most of the session was devoted to a statement by Harrison in which he told the Communists "restrictionJ on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of airfields rvrc vital" to a stable armistice. He also declared that Communist Insistence on naming Russia ns neutral nation to help police n truce Is "a violation of the agreement readied between both sides." Negotiators agreed before «ny neutral nattons were nominator that all must be acceptable to both skies. Arkansas News Briefs — Slayer Given Full Pardon By McMath LITTLE HOCK-aov, McMath has pardoned Joel Carson who once faced a death sentence on a first degree murder conviction. Carson, who ndmlltecl killing a State Hospital guard here on May 1st, 1038, was given the death sentence by a Piilaskt circuit court Jury. The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld the death sentence, but It was commuted to life Imprisonment by the Inte Oov. Carl E. Bailey. New Judge Sought NEWPORT.— Lawyers from the third judicial circuit wure (o mcnt here toxiny to select nominees for n successor to the laic Circuit Judge Mlllnrd G. Flnrdlu of Newport. The lawyers were lo recommend three names Eo Oov. McMflth, AHD to Buy 35 Autos Ll'ITUI ROCK—Arkansas Hl<z' way Director Olen Fuller ton says the dt: par tin cist pin IT; to buy new automobiles. He snUl "equipment needs" committee will meet Monday to consider the purchases. JayccG Support Sought PINE BLUFF'— Two candirlntr for president of the United Statt-s Junior Chamber of Commerce arc: socking the support, of Arkansas' 1!3 Jityrce chapters. They arc Douglas Hogc of Cincinnati and Jlorace E. Williamson nf WilUnmsburp. Va., both noiv vi<-e presidents of the national orgi\nl7.;'tion. Soybeans issued Witnesses fo 'Parac'c' Mny July Sep. , Nov. High . 291 . 28!! . 231»1 . 275v. Low 289»i 287'< "80 ^ 274'i 200'k 2S3-V. 21U 1 , 273 l i N'coro Deaths James Gooch LITTLE -ROCK ...... The parade of witnesses will be resumed Monday In the suit seeking to prevent a popular vote, on the 1951 pui- chasini; act. lookout. Statement Issued General Vein I''lect to nig Is statement; : "I have been asked by the press comment on the report ihfit. my >y f Jim, is missing in action. "First, let me give you thy counts of a letter which he wrote his mother and which she sent • me a short Mine »(*o:: '"Dear Mother: :Thls Is n letter i nn Army wife. I don't want •ars spilled on It! '"I, through my own, we been assigned to undergo a om,bnt crew (mining course. I will e thoroughly trained here tit Lang- Ficld, and I leave here the Oth of February for California. TJarly In March, I leave California Korea. I will fly a n-'2fl In ombat. I am the pilot. I will have bombardier in the nose, n ator beside me and a gunner in :ie rear. We 'will Ely nt night. I nrry bombs find machine guns, .ml 1 will know how to use them. Husband Needs Support '"The time has come thai your .usband needs my support In car tying out America's fight for the of nil men to live without ear. Do not-pray for me, but for ny crew, who are not professional ncn, but civilians whom the Unltcc States called upon to defend thoir ionics in this moment of need. They have wives who wait for their •elurn, families not yet started. I will do my best. It is my duty xt unylimt:., '"De-nip's (Lt. Van Fleet's nls- ler) news was ever so good. Best ever to all of you, love, Jim.' "There is little 1 can add to this .ctter. My boy was fully Qualified nd wn.s on nn assignment he Imd longed for. He wn.s a skillful pilot— an excellent marksmnn — nnd en* tirely resourceful. Hunts Are Recalled "I have been on many hunts with Jim. including big game expeditions in Africa- He always got his share anil more. When ho disappeared on 4 April, lie was on his biggest Cor Keeps. Due to bad weather, the first three hours were ngivinsL him and he elected to continue the search elsewhere. Knowing him, I nm convinced he was determined not to come brick empty-handed. "I express my greatest appreciation for the extensive search which the Air Force, as usual, has conducted for downed crews. Naturally it Is n severe shock to me and his tiKrther. his young family, and his sister. We gather strength in tiiis trying hour, knowing that Jiin v>;»,= on a mi' Lm of viiihte j no-is, ;ui.l tl:at Ahn :,V*y doi • with xi> throughout. We have un- Cosfello 'Guiltf 2/481 X-Rayed AI r i i During Week Of Contempt Gambler to Face Possible 10 Years, Fine of $10,000 NEW YORK </PJ — Swarthy/ r oaky-voiced Frank Costello, who wice stalked out of a Seriate crime ommittec hearing rather than nswer questions, was convicted ast night of contempt of the United "itates Senate. The 61-year-old gambler and underworld figure, who four times ircviously beat government efforts .0 put him behind bars, faces a jossible maximum sentence of 10 ,ears In pr ison— plus $ 10,000 (n [lues. He was continued in $5.000 bail pending sentencing Tuesday. Government Prosecutor Myles J. Lanef who finally tripped the Italian-born racketeer, hailed the jury's guilty verdict as a "turning point" —and "said It was proof that no man "no matter how cunning or powerful he might seem to be, could be bigger than the government, itself." Clinics in County Averagt 496 Each Attendants at free chest x-ray clinics being conducted throughout Mississippi County reached 2,431 during the first week, which ended yesterday. At a clinic In Wluiton yesterday, a total of 223 persons received x- rays. No clinic was held today, but (he mobile unit will resume operations Monday in Dyess, where it will be located at Stansbury's Store. The total tor the opening week gave an average attendance of 496 at each clinic. The total lacked only 20 of averagin which "is consi raging idered 500 per day, exceptionally Obituaries good attendance," according to Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary of tlie Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association. The Association is sponsoring the clinics In thi« county. Volunteer workers for the clinics • are being provided by the parent- Teachers Associations In the various communities. Mrs. Bob Gammil was chairman of registrars for the Whitton Clinic. Registrars were Mrs. Jess Forrester, Mrs, John Crook and Mrs. J. A. McClendon. Mrs. Laura Baker Dies in Osceola; Rites Tomorrow CHERRY OSCEOLA.—Mrs. Laura Maria Baker died here last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. £. L. Bennett. She was 91. Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Little River Baptist Church in the Lost Cane community by the Rev. Fred Weaver, pastor. Mrs. Baker had resided with Mrs. Bennett for the past 12 years. She was born in Charleston, 111. Other survivors include three sons, George Baker, Earl Baker and Kennel Baker, all of Luxora; a stepson. Lorrin Baker of Kalamazoo, Mich.; 18 grandchildren. 1G great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. (Continued from Page 1) promise, I make the .same pledge today to the neople of Arkansas" As chancellor at the first division ol the 12th Chancery District, Jucign Cherry has presided at numerous sessions of Chancery Court In Blytheville. His, lust speaking engagement here was at the Junior Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year' 'banquet in January. MISSOO MAN RAISES BROILERS —Clifford King ol Manila lias recently yone into large- scale poultry raising. When these pictures were made recently, he hail some 8,000 chicks which he was fattening for market. Ixiwer photo shows his newer house which is about 130x30 feet and has a dbt floor covered with four Inches ,of wood shavings- The drums seen suspended from the celling hold feed and slide on an overhead track the length of the room. The two houses have automatic watering devices and brooders, heated by bottled gas, can be raised out of the way. Feature of the new house is an automatic timer which turns lights on and wakes chicks for night feeding. He markets the broilers at the age of about nihe weeks. Profit margin on chickens is .slim. Mr. King figures 10 cents on each chicken a good return. (Courier News 1'hoto) SIR (Continued from Page 11 of next week, to resume conferences thPrR with the union. MruKielbnum hritl he could not Russia Severs Cuban Relations HAVANA. CulM I/ft Russia hns broken diplomatic rplntions with Cuba because — she said — the is- use .in joint meetings land's revolutionary government turned back two Soviet diplomatic couriers carrying secret bugs of documents from Mexico City. A sharp note from Moscow said .see much now. Phone Strike Nears DETROIT i/l 1 ;—A ticUp Of tcle- plio-.c .service fur -13 states edjed rcfl1£at to a[imlt tne two cc j, r i CTS ,,,.,.^.^ the S!)vlct i ega ti O n of 111)nnil j dlploma [ lc links with the closer today with notice from the communications workers chief that "agreement doesn't seem possible" before Monday's strike deadline. Extended Arkansas Weather Forecast: Extended Arkansas forecast for the period April 4-April 9: Temperatures will average 2-4 degrees bc-lo\v normal. Normal minimum -15-52: normnl maximum 70-73. No mtportan* ch,ij7»r- es. Precipitation light. Scattered showers Tuesday. PLANE (Continued from Page 1) twisted and burning. Overhead wires were knocked down. Witnesses said smoke rolling up frnrn Ihe plane obscured the neighborhood for some time after Ihe crush so it was difficult to deter- m'n? nt first just which buildings wore »fi Manila School Paper Wins 2nd Place Award Ten Dell Students At State Beta Meet DELL — Ten Dell High School students were in Little Rock today attending the state convention of the Beta Club. ' They are Sally Tate. Vera Brinkley, Cnrol Arm Lndner, Melba Champion, sonny Gill. Raymond Wilson, Ceci) A.shabranner. Ernest Sholtnn. Harold Lewis, Billy Over- ;-rls of the pliine were strewn 1 ton. and Joe Neal Parkins. i bomuled hope for h's snfsty and ! f nal relm-n i.) our s ; .;le. Per; otiully. I I trxpc-el to ivimrn in Korr:\. on Ihc .streets us f;\r away as ItilUli street. An airport spokesman sMO Ihe control (<mer Instructed (he plane to pick im altitude again, swing - 1 to the iii:h!. and circle until it got s further :nstn;i tions. An eyewitness. Irving Rolhbrunn. IEEL Graveside services for Jame.s Gooch, 66. who died Tuesday at his added: "I'm home at Clear Lake, will be conducted at II a.m. tomorrow at Clear Lake Cemetery by Rev. U. L. Hampton. (Continued fro— Page 1) He is. survived by one daughter. my own. I have one shnple instruction- settle It." He would not elaborate. apparently xvas carrying the hopes of President Trumnn Mr.-pic Gcoch of Clear Lake. Cp.stn;: Funeral Home is In charge. J. D. Robinson Services tor j. D. Robinson, 75. will be conducted tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Mount Israel Missionary Baptist Church. W. F. Cobb Funeral Home 1s In charge, Loue//a Parker Services for Louella Parker, 52, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow In Enoch Chapel CME Church by Rev, A. B. Woodlcy of Bates vllle. Burial will be In Ml. Zion Cemetery with the Kennedy Pur -- 1 Horns of Marinnna and Cas- -,-ncr~T Horn-^ in charge - — .... ,„., r j jk? .- uj.ujhlh'ar, Clara B. Anthony, In Marianna, She had been K resident of Blytheville 24 yer>rs • In addition to her daughter she U survived by two sisters, give brothers and thrc< and his lop assistants. His presence served to keep nepoltnlors here. They were preparing to leave the city yesterday. Both sides ngrccd to .stand by when iliey were told Feins was coining in messages sent Vashtngton ov acting Mobilization Director Jot. R, Steclman. WARNING ORDKR In Ihc Chancery Court. Chlcfca sawba District, Mississippi Coun ly, Arkansas. Leon a Johnson, PLf. vs. No. 12,006 Fi-anfc Johnson. DU. The- defendant. Frank Johnson Is hereby warned to appear with In thirty days in the court name in the caption hereof and nnswc tho complaint of Ihe plaintiff, Lc ona Johnson. Dated this 21 day of 'Marcl 1952. C. K. Ed B, Harvey Morris, Cleric By Anita Sykes. D. C. Cooper, utty for plf, Cook, fitly, ad mem. 3!. said hr saw the low-flying plane coming; out of the East. Suddenly, :t swoo;H'd down and thundered lioie [shall rede;.!.:':'e m. 1 M;>H for j mtn the cily like a five bomb, he individual effort. lf said. YOUR FRIENDLY THEATEE = The group was accompanied oy Mrs. A. E. cakUvell, club sponsor, and Mrs. B. T. Ladner and Mrs, EcMJardin. The convention will continue through today. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. James H. Rogers Dies of Illness Services tor James Harris Rogers. 62, will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow In Cole Rid^e Baptist Church by the Rev. Oscar Patterson, pastor. Burial will be In Elm- xvoo d Ce in etc ry with Cobb Fun e ra 1 Home in charge. Mr. Rogers, who resided &l 215 Delmnr, died yesterday following an illness of four years. Ha was a re-j tired farmer. Born in Hope. Ark.. I he had lived in Blytheville for the past 22 years. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Jese Harris; three daughters, Mrs. Virgil Shaneyfelt, Mrs. Glenn Edmister and Mrs. Ludie Pertins all of Blytheville; one son, James Rogers of Blytheville; three brothers, Hampton Rogers and Bunk Rogers of El Dorado and Tom Rogers of Hope; two sisters, Mrs. Monroe Cason of Henderson. Tex., ant Mrs. Katie Reeves of Mlnden, La. Pall bearers will be_ Willie Eubanks, Wylie Young, Au=i Young, Logan Perkins, Luther Eubanks and Covbett Stockton. What he'll have lo say will be wholesome- and earthy. You'll be hearing from him Monday in the Courier News Manila High School's paper. "The Lion's Roar/' was awarded second place in the mimeographed paper division of competition held at the 17th annual "Journalism Day" at -Arkansas State College tn Jonesboro Thursday, A Portage vttle. Mo., girl. Dot Woods, won honorable mention in the newjj\vriting competition. CLEAN-UP (Continued from Page 1) wrong." he said, "they will be Indicted nnd tried in the court. "We will use due process and not conduct any witch hunts." ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekday! 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. SUNDAY & MONDAY Conl. Showing; Sunday from 2 p.m. f BLOOD-FEUD SATURDAY 'MAN FROM THE BLACK HILLS" Johnny Mack Brown jimmy Ellison Don't Forget! Tuesday & Wednesday Nights Are BUDDY NITES! 2 For Price of 1. SATURDAY ONLY! 4 itiurt-»n»-Miuu ejtimti DOUBLE FEATURE! SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists N'o matter what hind of car or truck you own, T, T. Seay Motor Co. can offer you Ihe .specialised service nf speedometer repair. To be safe — to get. better service from your car ... be sure your speedometer Is correct. 1-Day Service. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chry.sler-Flymouth Dealer Ul E. Main Phone 2122 NEW Air Conditioned By Refrig«ration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 SATURDAY, "THE LAST MUSKETEER" V that t India rned th* gr*aT**l Nation* Irrf* •% BATTLE APACHE PASS John LUND • Jeff CHANDLER wMi HrtAN C»»OT . HUCI COMING - ~ SAT. OWL SHOW "CIRCLE OF DANGER" Kay Milliind I'alriciH Roc Sl'N'.-MON.-TUES. "A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE" Vivien T.eiijh .Marlon Brando f AT O'BRIEN • RANDOLPH SCOTT ,j_ MM sunn -one nun • Men rmr 2 Color Cartoons & Sir Gallihad Serial SATURDAY LATE SHOW — Stcirt* 11:30 EXTRA! Cartoon & Serial: "Pirat«« of Hit High Seat" Sunday & Double Feature! Also Cartoon & Short Rex Allen SAT. OWL SHOW "KEEP'EM SLUGGING" I>ad End Kidt SUN.-MON. "TOO YOUNG TO KISS" Vsn Johnson June Allyaon TUESDAY "CONFLICT" John Wavne • Ward Bond

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