Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on December 29, 1962 · 6
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 6

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1962
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THE CALGARY HERALD Saturday, Dec. 29, 1962 . - - The Herald's Travel And Holiday Page U.S. Gov't Backing Birth Probe (Herald Trtbuna Nwt Servicfll WASHINGTON - A ones-suppressed report showed Friday the U.S. government is supplying two-thirds of the $6,000,000 going into research on birth and population control. Issued by the National Insti tute on Healtn, the report is a revised version of a study withheld from publication last September. At that time, Anthony J. Celebrezze, secretary of health, education and welfare, promised the report would be issued before the year's end after revisions aimed at preventing public "misunderstanding." An Introduction to the highly technical report said it "neither advocates nor condemns birth control, or any of the methods described." oliday 44, Long Beach Claims Title Of 'Queen' BERMUDA'S CARRIAGE MUSEUM. Gathered in a small building in the old town of St. George is this collection of carriages which were used long before Bermuda's first automobile came to the island in 1946. The Carriage Museum is one of the favorites with tourists who walk through the narrow lanes of the 350-year-old town of St. George. UK. Inns 'Mainly Dreary' Telearum Newt Service! LONDON Britain's provincial hotels are notoriously bad, looked at from any aspect you care to name. No city outside London has Save 2 to StfD o SALE! Party Dresses I -71 ffW. if I 2 l i 4 "iff A Now 20 to' 30 dDfifi! Sale! Our entire stock of "After 5" Dresses in misses and petite sizes. Choose from a glittering, glamorous orroy of chiffons metollics, taffetas, crepes, nets and many others. Choose yours now for new years or other special events . . . See our fashions for Sale Nights selling for 20 to 30 off on the moin floor. an adequate supply of half-decent hotels. In Liverpool, for instance, if you can't get in at the Adelphi Hotel you have to descend to pretty crummy stuff. And this applies to practically every provincial city either you get into "the good one" or have to make do at a very second rate hotel. On the score of comfort, even in the so-called "good ones" such things as rooms-with-bath are a rarity and heating by coin-in-the-slot gas fires is a commonplace. And as to service such aspects as "get your evening meal eaten by 8:30 p.m. or you've had it" are constant irritants. A country inn at least can have old world charm but with very few exceptions staying in an hotel in any of the cities outside London Is a dreary pros pect. And I can see what one of the reasons is. They're so old and antiquated that you can expect anything like real com fort from them. In Birmingham the new Al bany Hotel has just been op ened and it is only the third big new provincial hotel to go up in more than 20 years! The two other cities to get the lucky break of a brand new postwar hotel are Coventry and Burnley. And there's an interesting statistic about Brimingham's 254 - room Albany Hotel. The moment it was opened it at once increased by 150 per cent the number of hotel rooms with private bathrooms available in England's second largest city. LONG BEACH, Calif., Brazil has its Rio, Hawaii has its Honolulu and California has its Long Beach. The city of Long Beach with its magnificent shoreline and eight miles of white, sandy beach is expected to become the glamor spot of the West within a short time. The "queen" of the Californ ia beaches boasts such a con glomeration of wonders that Long Beach quite appropriately has been dubbed "The Inter national City." With a rapidly-expanding pop ulation of 371,000, Long Beach currently is in the process of a building program to augment all its unique assets. 5TH LARGEST CITY Long Beach is the fifth larg est city in California and is a central part of the second lar gest economic market area m the United States. The Port of Long Beach is America s most modern port and the Long Beach naval ship yard is the newest and most modern facility of its kind in the United States. Long Beach is one of the greatest sportfishing areas in th world and is famous for ai- bacore, yellowtail, bluefin, tuna, skipjack, bomta, white sea bass and barracuda. Many tourists choose to stay in Long Jieacn not only De-cause of this conveniency, but also because Long Beach s climate is a unique attraction in itself. A gentle morning sea breez and a light land breeze in the afternoon not only enhance Long Beach's comfortable clinv ate but also account for the reason Long Beach has 240 clear days, a year. The breezes keep both fog and smog away, and in a 1961 survey of Southern California cities Long Beach was ranked first in smoglessness. The yearly average temperature is 63 degrees with an average humidity reading of 60 per cent. Ocean temperatures range as high as 74 degrees. 'Conscience' Guided Red Defector SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - "I was forced to make a clear accounting with my conscience," Nenad D. Popovic explained Thursday in revealing publicly his decision not to return to Yugoslavia where he held a top governmental post. Popovic, 53, a visiting professor in international finance at Syracuse University, said he settled in the United States "to continue the search for an honest, democratic series of solutions" to the political and economic problems that beset Yugoslavia. The economist, who served as chief of economic affairs in the Yugoslavian foreign ministry, sriivei here in 1961 with his wife, two children and his mother-in-law. Until Thursday, he had refused to comment publicly on reports from Belgrade that he had defected. In an interview Popovic emphasized his decision was a matter of conscience. "In a Communist country," he said, "one feels that he should not be allowed to have personal integrity. The only rule of behavior is to always conform to the party. The individual is forced to deny all loy alties but one to the party. There was no room for simple Inendship, family ties and ethi cal behavior. I felt myself totally deprived, not only of free dom, but deprived of my self-respect." Tidal Erosion Radioactive Sand On Beach Resort BERLIN Radioactive sand may provide the answer on how to keep the beaches of one of Germany's most popular island pleasure resorts from being washed away into the sea. Scientists with the European Atomic Energy Community are using "hot" sand, treated with radioactive Isotopes, to study the action of undersea currents on the coastal sands of Sylt, largest German island in the North Sea. HEAVY STORMS Last winter, unusual heavy storms lashed the island and at several times the storms were so violent that tides threatened to wash away large chunks of the 38-square-mile island into the sea. Sylt measures only a half-mile in wrath. The German state of Schles-wig-Holstein, fearing storms this Hydro Authority Asks Deposits From Bidders i i VANCOUVER (CP) - The ! British Columbia Hydro and ! Power Authority announced i Friday bidders on the giant i Peace River dam must put un a deposit nf $3,noo,ono Canadian in cash or bond. . Dr. Gordon Shrum, co-chalr-; man of the government utility, said specifications for the dam can be obtained on or after Jan. 8 with bids returnable by 2 p m. j April 4. i Bids will be opened at 3 p m 1 April 4 and the successful contractor will be named May 1. Successful bidder will receive his back after he posts a 50 per rent performance , bnd s.nd 50 per cent labor i and materials payment bond. winter could again cause damage to the island, appealed to EURATOM to conduct an ocean-ographic survey for a way to save the resort island's beaches. Experiments with radioactive sand to study wandering coastal sand have been made in England, Holland, the Soviet Union and Japan, although this meth od was initiated by a group of scientists in Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The method is simple. Hundreds of pounds of sand are exposed to radircctive isotopes and strewn along the coastal area. A helicopter then traces, with a highly sensitive geiger counter, the route of the "hot" sands as it is carried away by the tides, thus charting tid-3 movements. COURSE OF SAND Once the course of the sand has been established, scientists hope to determine whether breakwaters or other constructions could solve " the island's dilemma. Information gleaned will bene fit more than just the island of Sylt. The experiment may also suggest means to control the even more critical northward movement of sand from the island of Heligoland to the Danish harbor of Ksbjerg. LA JOLLA VACATION Within two miles from beachfti, two world famous Rolf cour&es, La Jolla's fine shops, and restaurants, heated pool, spacious rooms. Bedrooms: from $12d per month. Kitchenettes: from $160 per mo. 1 Canadian Dollar equals 1 American Dollar. Andrea Villa Motel. Tel. 459-3311 2402 Torrty Pines Road, La Jolla, California TRAVEL IS BROADENING . . - . . , . v"" h Is HAWAIIAN KING HOTEL WAIKIKI All units 4-room suites with private balconies. Complete kitchen, maid service Carpeting, elevator 24 hour switchboard telephone Swimming pool. Tropical setting Free Hula Instructions Canadian Dollar at Par $12 00 and -p daily Monthly rate as low as 1250.00 Writ 417 Nohonani Street Honolulu Phone 9384S1 MAUI LU RESORT on the Beach ISLAND OF MAUI, HAWAII Complete self-contained cottages. Full hotel service free. Continental breakfast. Moderate rates. For Brochure Writ MAUI LU RESORT KIHEI, MAUI. HAWAII yet? VHyl You haven't been in GERMANY Plan Your Trip NOW Wfff or phone us for ctJicM fo;rf"1 5 your trove' ogen for reservation GermanTourist lnormction Offie 177 $K-brfvfce A, Mtrnl. P.O. VI 2-5V.4 by GRANT WILLIAMS Hawaii Calls ... the half houf ihow aired weekly from the Beach of Waikikl . . . makes mighty piea ant listening now that it appears winter has come to stay for a spell in Calgary. Happily, whether or not you have been to Hawaii, come Sun dav afternoon at 3 o'clock Radiri CFAC (the promotion department of the station insists we Bueeest you dial 960) carries this last of the 'live radio hows and it s fun to turn un the thermostat, sit back on th chesterfield with a tall cool glass of pineapple Juice, close your eyes, and bmgo you re in Hawaii for half of a golden hour. I must admit It doesn't do much for your tan but It will lift your spirits on fchas next to last day of what I hope has been a very happy year for you and your family. If someone didn't leave a trip under the tree for you and you're obliged to wait until the end of January before we can send you to Hawaii, the least we can do k" me meantime is to bring Hawaii to you and tt is our pleasure to do thi through sponsorship of Hawaii Calls each Sunday afternoon. This being time for predictions leads this writer to see in the crystal hall an ever-increasing enthusiasm for holiday traffic to the Hawaiian Islands in 1963. Even without the crystal ball this Is clear. Our January 18 February 27 seaair AJoha Vacations are already sold out. (At. the risk of getting commercial there Skill Is epaoe on our February 10 departure but we expect ihat tt:e magic name nf the P. & O. luxury liner "CANBERRA" will attract a bumper crop of happy Hawaiian vacationers.- Along with all of the awsortert resolutions you may be contem plating, like giving up smoking or going on a diet or being kind to vour mnther-in-iaw why not arid one resolution that It will be fabulous fun for you to keep; "be it resolved that 1963 will be my year for a Shangri-La style holiday uk the kind I've alwavs dreamed about but felt I couldn't afford". Isn't that a dandy! Why Jist have tough resolutions that it's hard 'to keep when you can so easily add on more entry that will b a Joy to fulfil. Aioha Vacations, like JeMo pudding, come in "8 delicious flavors". You can travel by yourself, as Interest i an Hawaiian Holiday couple, or with the whole family. You can fly over and back, flv over and sail back, ail over and fly back or sail over and sail back. Swimming or canoeing are out u.t-les you are self-employed nd en-Joy a rather lengthy holiday. a .i..n i rr .. pert who has trav- f elhid literally "all J over the world", j congenial John f w " van iraa iwno t m speaks travel au- $ moruaiiveiy mi languages, leaves r Jan. IS for Haw- ; liiicttr rf an Alnh mmmm -m Group Air-Vacation and you're invited to join. John Is a most congenial, convivial and well informed traveller. The two week tour costs $488 50 so do caU John at AM If your exchequer won'l permit the luxury of a January vacation m Hawai' then consider the ached-uled derwrtures for air vacation groups February 15. March 1. and April 12. While sea 'air holidate are February in, February 11, March 25. As a for instance the per Drsni cot for the sea air tour departing Vancouver aboard the CANBERRA on February lft and re-turrurg bv CPA from Hawaii ofl Ma 'eh 2 start at V64.20. When you're next out sweeping the inow off the front porch contemplate the pleasure of two golden week of Hawaiian ui and fjn and the pleasure of returning home with your golden un to the land of palefaces MaCK fcf in w v - : co Feb. 22 would wa welcome yoi b-iard his Fiesta 1 3 ST Vacation group. I T The Calgary gro-ip r s f f:t one to fly W ? CPA's luxurious : ' . rvtce n Mexico fcj ltj immM V.m March H Think V ih fu.i Tv to the un to Cy Mck" Magic Mexico. Anv of u at Law-t's wmiH he p!e$ed t Srrv5 ynu fu'J mform4tin. Tn vacation ct .nciUOna; air Mre. .ime'. mny -nesis and ko.n great travel rtnerary features tVr en aiorg. fcaopy New Travel Year from a a of us and v from yny- t'-ulv. GrM WiiiTt. P LaVvtrt Trave Ud , t!1 - 7ttt Avenue S ' . tei-un AM 3-4-5'.0 Jnjp De'-her. Manager of East Cagarv brar- eds or from VI - t'h 5fret N R-f -f e 1 ii ...Li. Mmj- i ' ... 1 and if mj f- I J roup. I ' i

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