The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1952
Page 1
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Tornado Takes lives; 65 Hurt In Deep South Wind Rain Tear At Louisiana, Alabama, Florida NEW ORLKANS (AP) _ The Deep South, l,it hvtcc in two weeks by terrifying tor- n«loe» and wind slonns counted its newest losses to-' (la.v-.scven doatl. 65 in.j,,re ( and more than a million do! isrs (lamng-c. >nd rain's[orins"caiTyni'^omMor nadoe.s that tore at Louillan" AH •erday Northwe5t Florida' yes u^mfrf' la ;,. Ahlb *'na, Arkansas uiwuuri, Mississippi, Tennesspi. >nd Kentucky were raked 1 •ndocs that killed 233 r .^-w'^ir SoiT damage. 4 1'ersons Killed fou," 6 , lol ,"" do yesterday killed foui members of a farm tamUv 'naudville, La,, 10 miles n th of LaFayelte, deep in (he T,,. i , speakjn £ Cajim country T ^ y :'°"' n P'^ons were injured 20 families left homeless. Cross estimated dama"i> SATURDAY, _APR1L_5,_1952 EIGHT^AC^ \ Plane Crash Turns^opulous New_Yofk_Area into Inferno Three olhers died and 32 were Wr,d in « le New Orleans area « ecorded winds reached 90 milc j o! rrlcnne stre "s«i. The Orleans Weather Bureau said "ids may have reached 150 to 00 mnes per hour after measuring nstruments failed. A radio towc? onstructed to withstand 135 miles n hour winds was bent to £ icundlike a wheat straw. Damage 300 Mn eS f '"" belwcc " *H5,000 and 300,000 for the general area Two Hit at Mnblle ying bricks injured two ncr- at Mobile. Ala., when a tor- ado struck the municipal airport Chancellor Cherry Announces His Candidacy for Governor ment lo vvu:i,,L- tmsire, mo IruiniiiK. tlie experience. the iiiieJri'tv 'i llL^T^ll 1 ' 0 Pe ° ple ° C Ari »»'«"> «rc d e ,n"ndi,'g •' ucd the fol ' thc Judge Francis Cherr> Some J, r a ' _., , A ~- — •-«MLl ScAoo/ Acquiring, on International Air- 7 ° C|1 School teachers Oermanv p^ h ^, , ., .. DELL _ Dell School teacher' have had to do a little extra work In the past few months. The reasons are pictured above. Kathcr- ma Werner, her sister. Theresa \\enu-r.and Richard Hast namo «* .vet unknown) knew no English when they entered school in°D E - mnbcr. They are children of displaced persons on Russell Greenway's farm. Theresa and Katherina. 13 and 10 years respectively, are from Oermam-. R ;ch ard is Polish and i.s all H' , gra<1e - T «™»ers report «™ H h g WF " in <vork »"d ould be ready to advance a grade uth other students next, year had they been (n school all year A fourth foreign student at" Dell f £ ls1ILy ' ut!l A »» VHIeareal -'rom Mexico, who wasn't in Long Telegraph Strike Expected Service Is Restored In 48 Cities as Phone Troubles Appear NEW YORK M>, _ A p fderal mediator Indicates that he does not expect a Quick settlement In the nationwide Western Union strike W °" Id nm now in Its third day. ' «' '^ try But the company says it already''"' ""'""'" has restored service among « four could 5D eak now uses abom words and Kathe>Frm has about ^S^l?,^ "»'•»•«" •>? - h| R | Ch J"' <I- Wh ° Ca "' 1 or < ™"' t tell v wm htT " P™ 8 ™ 5 ""!! nice'} with his first grarte reading One of the greatest aids to the children, according to Super" cndent A. E . Ca![ f lve[] ^Tb" n 110 ™"™ "Pint of fellow who have gone out of eh homes were flattened ) tor "»"o at Panama '""-•'•= w»s no official H,;, , ' ,-•'•= w»s no official tmiale of damage there but ob- ivers 0,000. said it would not exceed Louisiana area . near lowing statement: "In announcing my candidacv for Governor of Arkansas I should" like to make c e r la i n things clear m the beginning. I have no animosity toward any person or group of persons and 1'am not rinmiiiB for Governor to satisfy the desires of any individual or " group ' mated S10.000. Today's Courier Newt . X-ray clinics nffer chance to .save your life . , torials . . . Tag« 4 .Philadelphia rookie throws "n- it. iin-rim ff3Jm . at Cardinals . . , snorts . . . Page 5. • . .Nrws Kriefs yon rdi- ra > j / a/ces L/p Sf ee/ /ssae : NEW YoriK- r/i>. T'.._ ...... p "I do not pretend ihat' I am a Moses .ready lo lead the people of Arkansas out of the wilderness, nor do I feel that I know all the answers to om- problems: but i lio kno«- that f have the d.esi, e , Ll e ' - me Kind of Governor the people of Arkansas are demanding. in the State Capitol and I fccT'tha" this is an advantage to me in that I will be able to look at the workings of our state government with not th C °' " 1C averaBe cltiz cn and U.S. Justice Agency, J.Edgar Hoover Get Task of Clean-Up 8e«er.l is confirmed by the Senate. Rumors Persist Armistice to Be Signed in Korea But Negotiators Report No Progress On Two-Way Deadlock MUNSAN, Korea W—Negotiators "iflde no headway totfby.,toward •-».kl»» a two-way dea-dloctflioid- signed soon. 1£ ^' The subcom'mittee on truce sn pervision wr»n g | cd for 20 nilmUe. Over C7on>p-min(<-t .» ; .. . •**•'• IJ.e r, . 'runiiin's nominee /or uii Post, Federal .indue James P M C Cranery of Philadelphia, says he doesn't know yet whether (here is |iny Rovernmciilul wrongdoing to investigate. He plans to rely on , -* 1 pircclor J. Edgar Hoover lo tell him whether there is or not McGi-anery. a srmare-jawed, rnd- y-faccd man with a brisk, confident manner. outlined some of his Plans yesterday after a long White House conference with the President. Truman named him Tjiursdav to "eplncc Ally. Gen. J. Howard Mc- •jrath. swept from office i,, „ row over ll, c W! ,y New Yorker Nowbold Morris was conducting n semi-independent .search for government cor- ™ p ™ n :-^'n':ll'W with jhe Justice McOrati, F| rcs McCii-nth fired Morris At Least Seven Die as Result In Queens Area Crash Is 5th Major One in Metropolitan Sector in Recent Time NEW YORK (AP)A twin . fv'ln H 1 ''"'*-' 0 l:lnne smashed with a flaming row into the heart of populous Qi, eens to . day, killing at least seven persons ami possibly mally more . iJ, v ,fc. R Pl! :" e dro '" lcd fom b i It I,, ?K PI1C " tlirou e h two In 'Mings. then barreled into an™ 8 """"' — ' -tmt "', New ' York ^'^na- port, on the south side o Queens, said the plane was try! It swooped down out of th 8 a eco-n •„„, , r "°" ms B °y'an. inside. I he crash was the fifth maim- Air betl "lock Becomes Inferno Todays crash turned more SllSr^!; •A heavy rain was falline but air Ll]:i.-*-AlfJ~-i^_- '_ . . tf V . IU «lr- let , s r incoi brms ' 0 r "' p w ha " Pei " sin B". chairman ffC Slabili ""on Board ' ' "' i for Teirsji-apher.s Uns "typical propa- on discounts a sanda." - Federal Mediator J. L. .Mandei- *» u . m '"Id in Washington last nisht that he plans to start talks with company-cm™,; ,„ NcK . Yorft (o " w h . hC wotlld rctlm > -o Washington, probably in the middle .So, « T n,,.-«, r g a 17' 2 ccnts-an-hou! i United Stcehi-orkc controversy, orficLals Gr «>up Will Meet Voconcies, Filing Fees to Be Discussed Here Tuesday Morning Mississippi County's Democratic per capita income. When our in- i come has been increased, many of I difficulties faclnp; us will dis- ! 'i automatically. We must have = and tetter paying tubs for People. This can IK- dune bv i IK additional industry to Ail-'II is obvious that we ha v ' c not kept up with our sister states 'n the matter of bringing in new 's s understandable In the; ~^i ... ,"'"' )OOM a " d O(itniottcdj m 't'l'l -iiKiurc and the lack of mo- on Hie bcr in certain parts of our government, when we con- tne obsolete business meth- employed by our State the the extravagance and the ' " omi ""»«" d™,'^' prJsoner lalks vM- '"^"""^V Friday. "' b ° th S '" CS " e The x ra? r ra f .stale »'<lei- It'-ds U';nH All .it'l, " N ,i Co " lnu "«' "'as insisted . 'at it will repatriate no prisoners i all tT S w ', ,"i W '"' Tlle Rcifs w «»' j "II U.N.-held prisoners back if^J 1 ";" 1 .?" 1 of lhis blllcr <" s " ut <= ^"c Ihe way to acrecment ..her two unsettled problems. ' Communist newsmen, who fre- Sc. CKASK-FIItK Tage X out-and-out boodllng ' or ' S "' public 'Ike'Drafts e is not averted. 10 a - m )5in ^''- chairman of the Wa«c Cm!rt ™'» tax money And smvnn who •steel. ^ Weafher price of Negoiiations on [he government "nlV*""" con *™ Thursda". it ivJM '"!° n servcd ""'ice that n noultf strike at midnight Tuesday ngamst.thc vital defense industry' " t-vcn as Peinsinger worked herp lojiammeroul an agreement in the from Washiii5tr,n vt ,,erdav promptly met'sepai'atelv wi'i'h Ihe !™.°" »nd i i-cpre.sentative s of steel's Separate meetings with ih e two ^ 'I,!!" 6 . st; hetluicd a,j:,,n to- , ' """ i»<l«Mr.v But he e: at oi Arkansas forfcasf- Fair and con! today and tonight. .Missouri forecast; Fair west d i lOUth; partly cloudy nortncas't Sat- i -t,^,. -mill IrfM gave no iiidicatioi lore emphatically STEEI, Pa BC s '»>' in the Circuit the Court House "':"•. tnamnnn Jesse Taylor said tnis morning. The meeting was called to fill vacancies caused by dealb nation. or inedibility of commit-1 statV msUn,:' 0 "' "' ',"*"* "' :hl ' ir>1 ' £i-Hs~£E^ili»a «'H -iomf agreement relative lo the' ' : " " ' ' C " 1! "' •n.itnH^l r^. .. "'t, j .our fair s I onJv cxn • , ; - ••••. -^•1'tiitLiuj] in HI: of Ihe i,ei hbor: !!2 S.uthcrn 5l at. , rt> S^v .More I -tier 'I "The <nic:,tions ol rnacl.s,-, W President May Get If April 10 WASHINGTON 1 ,, L) u j; i abrupt departure. " " * "" i And McGrancry promptly ran In- Can to trouble, too. Rep. v>Ide (R.rin charged Mc- Orancry. while an assistant altor- "cy general, "whitewashed" the Ameivtsia case, a World War II scnsnlion InvolvlnR the illegal pos- •scsslon of secret government documents. McGranery scoffed at the acctiin- lion. saying he ordered nil the evidence picscntcd to „ Knim | jl]rv '" the end, two of six persons rested by the FI3J wore fined vh.le charges against the others dropped. 'l"o T.ike |(s 'Hnie Pomtment. announced that his committee would take Its time McCarran. like Sen. Joseph Mc- C,.rthy .R.WI.S, and several others, >ns been sharply critical of Ihe lUinmlslrnlion-s handling of H ,% Anicrn.s'n case. In Dallas last night McOarihy said he'll "have a great aeni to say about the nomination °" the Scrii'.ic floor. Morris left | ou -n ye.sterefay—with imal diK- at the administration He said he'd be back next week HI: sprue imti-cori uptio,, rocom-, ^ntlutions for the White n,,,,^ Whether anybody will read them' ij,.i ' ._ .. ._ ^' c ad<ld. ! run Houses Demolished 'east two houses were dn <l f and four others we e re C b Hunt 15 MODILK. A ,a M ,,^ lvage '-: Ihrouxh the smouldering »t-u- tv.o ell t»-incd Air Force transport today in They were killed »»tl a C47' collided '•vhen a CI21 '•« cp;ralional S. Air Force, ui Might over f made, with l° u ^. n ChalkUpCircusa3Big ">* This Year; Child Says So RO.VAI.D AfSTRY You " n NEW YORK (,-F. _ chalk up thr c/rcus as success this year O :; the nuthority-a youngster.' 'l"i childhood ;;ljl never forget him." she 'Pl« 5 e hold , h j, cotton c Minimum tlil.s mnrnine-sa Maximum yesterday— 55 Sunset today— 6:2-1 Sunrise tomorrow.-5-io 1 preclpitiuk "> c-e Jan. i_ tjfto" 1 ;' '"; e , of thc ' wm .*pi'ctaioi.v. spa y«r- 0 l,l Roberta' D.i this nulslieil rr-vitw- n-s!,,st wonder,,,,. 18, i? Mean temperature (midway be- t«-een high snd low)— 47 "re for ; Th'fj nale l^si year Minimum this mornln- -48 M<<X'mum vr.-rr'ay --i 1 """ 011 Januar >' *"' to She Senatorial representation will, Pomsett and Cralgliead Counties! An election of officers will b c (held and compensation of clerks and judges serving In the two primary -lections will be fixed Mr faylor said. ' Deadline for filing for election in Hie coming Democratic p:l-iarv is noon April 12. The prefe " I primary will be held July the regular primary election be held August 12. If Cirruil Court is in scssli Blythcville next Tuesday, the tr-,1 Committee meeting wil held in the City Hail here Taylor said. ' i v'oj.ise Votes 12-1 Against j Vatican Envoy ! WASHINGTON Ml-The House voted nearly two }o one last niehl tn thc government from in the i !< ,: :f<l , hc (]c Ar '"'™* '° elect, me f macfc them oiilv one promise That w,s. if yo ,, vote t.r me ! will never fi ;vc you reason be ashamed ol that vo u> I le V°., th<! " e:pic °' m ^' «l^rict a whether or ,-• I have l:«r Set nilEimv on ra R c 8 Eitnl, ,C • weekend. ' Jr - '" 'CJ ""P a| H» Ken, Mcrirv «"usett.s manager. to help It. oencrai: The Unw-tabJe a,, handli,,. thei iui^'^ot;' trm: ' tfv " ly -^ Ge ' hrF 'f trr "".' hc milled from Monday. April "^ PntKol'tMnte that the Jotter be addressed to us - s " rr "" of ncrcmc Robert A He said he v.,,uld be will.,,,, u ,. icsumc his cleanup probe on one -on" 1 ! 1 !- 0 "'' '"' N0t f '"' y m ""* ''"' ' iiii<!<;r ., public tmdcrstnmlinif with he cm,,e cabinet that ,m- inves i Ration would proceed not onlv j with approval but with complete cooperation, as a top priority pro-J But McOrancry made it , jjam j l "nl thc ra-rncnibcr corrupiKin. | .. ••• ~ »"«n built Morns, ' Council Plans Meeting Full Schedule Awoirs Aldermen Manila City Council , v il! hold Its ,r-i'nlr,r ,ncctiii g at Manila city Hail r- . I rtcm-srt™k ihoil \'J v. arnegie I : —— it \iifi.f enderson. , on o! Mr Score 40 Red Planes \Durmg Past Seven Days Fight f. V S 1 \ V f' I «-| i-ii scl " a i .^ ' ' bi:?in"-s .I"™'?!' " f aldei,, ,' llotf ' i sald "'" '" Among problem, to J " nfh| ' I ," la '; t jre pr,,, '' t;r " 1! "° l-;ir,E;ft] Airixirt antl arnii imimitt pool fur .. '• Mrvf.r Rhccltl s. "I:-- Cu:ir,rll is p-;r Iflllvninjy app.iii: . t ,d n-mov- >'"ncisco ned to make !!i(-n| of thr Mi 5s G rrel<l (hf position. . C "" W *« "•* m « wonderiuJ to prohibit tt""v H P a dt P lo ™a»c"mlMlon at 'ro- J alican a ' ithoul Srnate np- _. n :i l . r ';<'«dent Truman Is frw to i dents «tli Icjcs In *ti*r h.i a " """"'""Hon. he tonk alter being recommendec; by Vanderbilt University, from which he will graduate this spring The Carnegie fellowship win rn- «""• Mr !rendcr.<r>n to c-m-jVtr. P.y SI AN r UiTi:n I I' I' S .Sabro j,,|s ,!<•or Ufmas.'d 10 COIIVHIJJII.M in the Isst seven das-s. Air Kritces reported .--I artj! cul- ' far f-:nst to receive ^uch lodav. FKAR .said i' wn, the heaviest weekly toll of Rc:l air power since last October. The summary for thc week listed 15 Russian-made MIOs shot down four probably destroyed and 21' damaged. tlmir-ri N-at:r,;v- were two ..Sabre jru, [r,<,t in air combat, one '(Ira »n<J Uire« plane* )ott iqr""^. , t . '*•>»»'<• VIOUIK early Sillui-tlay ..) M . ,. - >rtj " i.'^J lied Planes of all types have been de- : Mi'oycd or damaged since the start i of the Korean War. United Na-j tlons losses, excluding U.K. naval' Planes, totaled 622. Of these, only 68 were lost in air combat' ' n -' cr warfnf <" "ic Communist toll lily d'rVro'v^ ' le * <toyea - ft Drob ' A burlesque iso show where the actors ossume thai everyone in ib* aodieoce it

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