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The Church Advocate and Holiness Banner from Fort Scott, Kansas • 2

Fort Scott, Kansas
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THE CHURCH ADVOCATE AND HOLINESS BANNEK, FORT, SCOTT' KANS. June 11, 1910. Gontritiilted ArtiBlss. of so-called enlightened Christian peo-pie. Their unbounded, and indefatigable proselyting (yet spiritually de Free Masonry, and a rare few were about annihilation, and all that, even opposed to it, that the great They do not spend days in assembly body of them, were neck and shoul- and much of the people's time to find ders into the unchristian, antichris- out all this.

They know, that if the tian institution; and as to church fairs people get holy, it settles the whole and the whole brood of clap-trap question once; for And more, structive) efforts, may be from the eighty sanitariums of whicir they boast, in that these are largely and chiefly, so many immense, indi methods for raising money arid funds, they may not get the public ear and; rect instruments of proselytism, and of propagandism in behalf of their religion. Likewise their assaults on Romanism would be in some respects highly commendable, but for these assaults being deftly followed up with deadly poison. As one has said, the system is like a preparation to kill rats. We prepare a whole lot of good stuff, and then a little poison, and so kill the rats. May God save the people! here was the pinnacle.

And so all interest, as they might by tinkering their Bible arguments went for with God's part, as to His leniency naught. Thus the writer himself was with the wicked, and his indulgence much helped in the early, career of to tolerate sin, but all this commends his being delivered from sectism; and them, and condemns the opposite, in the meantime not to have fallen in-. And again, how very little of time in to some of the errors and traps set for Advent assemblies is spent in teach-unwary feet. ing the people holiness, as against So also, largely, in respect to Ad- that spent on the Sabbath question, ventisnv: above twenty years ago. on conditional immortality, Starting out from Chicago: with the They make much ado about the corn-holiness light he had, in a trip, largely mandments.

How was it about the on foot, through northern Indiana, scribes and Pharisees? How is it Ohio and Michigan, this Advent fea- about the.Jews to the present time? hire had a glitter and a glare half Who are more strict, and who have) That Testimony. W.ILL L. DINIUS. In a recent issue of the Banner occurred a testimony from Sister Brink-er in which she spoke of the meetings held about twenty-eight years ago, and of how God blessed them. This was long before I first heard about holiness, yes, before I was saved, and yet some how I could enter into the joy with the sister, and thank God for the heroes and heroines who then stood for the ancient landmarks, and to praise God that quite a number are yet spared to sojourn with us who are captivating over his eye and his nat- preserved their characteristics more ural resistance.

But this personal, than they? And yet, who are mani-individual inspection of Adventism in festly more dead as to spiritual life the homes convinced one at least that and power? Nay, further, what is God would have to raise up something apparently left, or wanting, in this better than Adventism to convert the discussion to show that after all these world, and to turn it toward scriptural Advent Seventh-Day observers are holiness. but a remnant, or rather a projection Then, too, the study of Universal-' of effete Judaism, struggling, in an-ism, and certain other gnostic errors, 'other name, under another color, to as were then rife in Chicago greatly destroy our Christian Sabbath? helped the writer when coming up What more, to show innate (though against the dangerous, not to say "remote) hostility to Jesus Christ, and vicious, error of conditional immor- to His resurrection, which act we, by tality, the same as being only a step our "Lord's day," steadily, though un-removed from Uniyersalism (various consciously, celebrate fifty-two times refutations and contradictions to the in the year? contrary, notwithstanding), there be- As to Seventh-day Baptists, with ing no punishment for the wicked ex- whom these are known to hold fra- The Pentecost Band, Awaken ye people, and hear our glad song, That bursts from our souls" as we're marching along, -A chorus of fire God sends thro' the land, And we've come to sing it, the Pentecost r- Tne upper room fi re has ne'er lost its power, Comforter comes as our helper each hour, In this dispensation most glorious, most grand, We' live and we labor, the Pentecost Band. We come with glad tidings, deliverance from sin, His name was called Jesus this victory to No more need you struggle in sin's sinking sand, But come now and us, the Pentecost Band. Our motto is holiness unto the Lord, er the world we'll spread it obeying His word, His blood the heart washes and makes pure the band, From all sin he cleanseth the Pentecost Band. We've left all for Jesus, e'en all is at stake And no reservation of aught do we make; We've counted the cost and through him we stand, A hundred fold waits for the Pentecost Band.

Christ is our Commander, we know no de-' feat, We've sounded a trumpet that ne'er calls retreat; Then onward, right onward at his blest command, Clear the way, we're coming the Pentecost Band. I In the name of our Lord our banner we wave, We trust not in horses or chariots to save, In the strength of Jehovah sin's hosts we withstand, Oh 1 think not we fear, we're the Pentecost Band. Let come fiery trisls and mocking and hate, And devils howl round us to heaven's own gate, No earth-will can move us, "what God doth demand, We hasten to do, sings the Pentecost Band. But soon all our labors on earth will be o'er, We'll suffer, we'll sorrow, we'll weep never more, We'll join all the bloodwashed in heaven's bright stand, For the saints all belong to the Pentecost Band. Sel.

by Sister Gracie McDonald. much younger in the experience of holiness. And then I could not but feel a pang of sadness, to think that perhaps things might come into the services that would bring sorrow instead of joy, and I cannot help but pray, Lord, help me to bring sunshine and cept that of annihilation. In short, Vernal relations, in that they send del-there is current, as related by certain egatesto their assemblies, it is, on joy to these aged pilgrims while with ecclesiastical dictionaries, the state- strong authority, claimed that they ment that even among Universalists argue in their "Hand Book" to have themselves there is abroad, and afloat, had succession from the Ebionites and the teaching of annihilation this as the Nazarenes of the first century, an expedient, or emergency, in cases 1 and who, it is said, were heretical, of the extremely wicked, or those in the sense that they regarded the whose case might be so desperate, as Jewish law as obligatory, branded to be beyond reconcilation, and to be paul as an apostate, and denied the unreasonably within the scope of a divinity of Christ. The "Hand Book" universal salvation, at least as would also claims succession from the Hyp-seem to be repulsive to the gaining of sistarii of the sixth century, "who a widespread belief in favor of such a.

blended a Greek paganism with the universal salvation. IworshiD of fire." The above book us, and to receive their legacy of ings when they leave us for the glory-land. I think of Paul's statement when he said: "AH things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." Here is the law of expediency and edification which may be overruled by that which might be declared lawful, and yet bring sadness to many souls. The "Psalmist said: "Behold, how good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity." Modestly, and secretly too, hidden away herein, is the thought of the respect we should have for the feelings of our brother, In a word, and touching on this, it further says they claim succession (on may reasonably be affirmed that per- down) from the Cathari, "who held sons who fall an easy prey to Advent-1 the Persian doctrine ot a good and ism, arid to its conditional immortality 'evil god, and taught that the evil one feature, with all the scripture there is created the visible world; part of them against it, must have been already worsnippea ine aevn, ana raueu inco finrf-nrprl with nnivprcjil- noainsf Tesus as a. false Droohet." XliVl V- KJ.

XVslJkJ UllVtUl VV1 VTJLl. U4M WVA VQ v-- ri 1. j- AJ -4-V am mama 4-lr TD-v4---- Kt 1001 one and not allow ourselves to foist any ism. lnismay seem narsn, yet 11 aiwiuxluci uumuicicuwiuooicuw. Seyenth-Day Adventism of the Devil.

JACOB SHANIBARGER. Again, it may be said, that had the denominations and popular holiness nushed on toward practical and scrip thing upon his conscience, thus em-bolding same. stands out as a statement strongly and the Fassagu, ail rrotestants oe-susceptible of proof. If people will fore the Reformation, and the Ana-to become holy, they need have no baptists, that arose after Luther. Human nature is a strange combina tion, and only the mind of the Infinite can read it all, and even grace to the tural holiness, instead of drifting fullest in our soul nature cannot re move, as a whole, many peculiar traits, toward apostasy, manifestly, neither seventh-day nor conditional immortality Adventism, could have gained a footing in the pales of the Christian rhnrr.h.

and these need our attention lest they master us, and thus cause us to do what ordinarily we would not do. Let me speak in a two-fold sense and First, it may be said of error that it relish ps and annreciates debate: and fear of an angry God. And why it is Their descent from the last (the Ana-that people, religious instructors, de- baptists baptize again) is indisput-liberately choose to fortify and able; This authority further says of strengthen the hands of the wicked the "Hand Book" that it rebukes "an and the impenitent in their sins, and age which talks gushingly about sal-in their rebellion against God, is ajvation through faith;" and further, conundrum and a mystery, one that that the book "traces with pride the is truly difficult to be accounted for. genesis of the body which it repre-Iri any event the Advent teacher nar-1 sents from the sects mentioned rows the sinner's chance, in his hop- above." Of the Petrobrussians, the ing to have only annihilation as a authority says, "They were insane punishment for a sinful life. He? has iconoclasts, and the Passagii practiced only one chance, whereas the other circumcision and denied Christ's di-has two.

If there is a hell, the right- vinity." eous has lost nothing. So wisdom In conclusion, from the foregoing alone would point out the wiser and other available, and inavailable miirse: as also would common sense" items, the indications are that the I think all will catch the thought, and mav God help me to make it plain- on the contrary, evades calling atten tion to individual holiness. relative to the -Church in public ser The writer has, on the top shelf of his library, a book by the Universal ists, entitled, "One Hundred and Fifty Texts from the Bible to Prove Uni-versahsm." And so, years and years ago, he discovered that something should have to be done to head off these determined errorists. and vice or otherwise, and relative to individual matters of private opinion whether written or orally expressed. I am quite sure that the law of right and respect, when rightly viewed, will seek to avoid anything in the Church of God, assembled for worship, by which the conscience of a brother is embolded, thus brought under, trial, for truly when "One member -the body suffers, the whole body "suffers," is true ot the body of Christ, hence I do not hesitate to say that a evrent as it is overoowered bv sin origin; the source, the early animus and a sinful heart.

iof these modern bodies is anything And here, it may be said, is where but creditable, and even strongly holiness work and the Dreachine rogatory, not to say out of all propor VAAWMW w-w thence, a little later he found a partial remedy in the reform issues, arid still later, a grand and far-reaching panacea in scriptural holiness. He found, for example, that while a few of, the Universalists were out of of holiness comes in. Everywhere tion to the respectful attention that i the true holiness oeoole hav little they have been able to get, and the 'trouble worrying over or debating prestige they have gained in this age.

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