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The Church Advocate and Holiness Banner from Fort Scott, Kansas • 4

Fort Scott, Kansas
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THE CHURCH ADVOCATE'AND HOLiNESS BANNER, FORT SCOTT. KANS. 4: March 26, 1910 Cbe Cburcb may. keep saved till he comes," says Sister Delila Rich in connection with 1 A AND ner renewal, aiiicii. HOLINESS BANNER Bro.

and Sister T. F. Child renew, order change of address, and testify: "Still saved, sanctified and doing his will. Have been having some good PUBLISHED WEKKXY BY THE BOARD OF PUBLICATION OF THE CHURCH OV GOD. J.

G. ELKINS, Editor and Business Manager. DELLA L. Editor Children's Department. services around at private homes." Thanks to Bro.

Short for a new subscriber from Macon, Mo. He says: "Sister Ashbaugh and Bro. Ray Kim-brough were at Valley Chapel, Mo. over the first Sabbath. Three were at the altar and prayed through.

I got a message from home that our little girl was sick, so came home on Saturday." Bro. Ferrell writes on business, sends a renewal, and says: "We are having good meetings at the chapel in Marion now. We are anxious each week to get the Banner and hear from our brothers and sisters in the war for Jesus. Mother is improving rapidly. To God be all the glory.

Still under the blood. Hallellujah." Entered as second class matter at Ft. Scott. Bro. J.

E. Goldsmith subscribes for the Banner and testifies: "Am a child of Have fellowship with 'the brethren, joy and peace through the Holy Ghost. Praise God." Saturday, March 26, 1910. Editor's Address: 1243 E. Wall fi.

Scott, Kans. 'Phone No. Main 1185. Bro. and Sister Perrin renew, and say: been in poor health all winter.

Pray for us. God bless the dear old Banner. We love to read its clean pages." Very Choice. President Ellison, of the Texas Holiness University, has been giving a series of chapel talks on Elijah. The subject is always one of interest to the Christian.

We note and pass this paragraph on to serve where it is needed; "Sometimes there are people who ask the Lord for daily care and provision, but who are very choice as to the method. Everything must be in first class style or they will not receive it. They are not charity people, and sec ond hand goods would not be acceptable." We have met some such, and we are sure they need a deeper death to carnality. Elijah took just the quantity and quality God sent him, took if: from a carrion bird. Had he not shown a proper appreciation, this merciful provision for the saving of his life might have been withdrawn.

The personal application may be easily made. If you are doing work for God, be thankful for favors shown. Receive them not as your deserts, but as favors. Accept them from the hands God employs to bring them, then allow no murmur to come into your heart as to the quantity or qua! ity of the provisions sent. We conclude, from his demeanor under these tests, that Elijah was a sanctified man.

Are you so well saved? E. E. Editorial. Is it time for you to renew? Bro. Otto Petri asks the prayers of the Banner readers for victory at the polls over the saloon business in Chicago, 111.

on Tuesday, the 5th of April, and testifies: "I praise God for victory in my soul. The fight is on here against the saloons, and believe God is going to give us the victory. Pray God to strengthen the workers and give them wisdom." Our thanks to Sister Eva Swihart for two new subscribers. She testifies: "I praise God that he sanctifies me and fills my soul with his blessed Holy SpiritQGod bless the Banner. I love it." Thanks to Sister A.

Stroud for her own and another renewal. Bro. E. S. Carver renews and orders a dozen Banner Hymns.

Thanks. Bro. R. H. Dennis has our thanks for two new subscribers from Texas.

Sister Bettie Lister sends donation to the work along, and testifies: "Jesus saves, sanctifies and keeps hie. Am running up the shining way with glory in my soul, and ready for two worlds." A dozen Banner Hymns go to Industry, 111. Thanks to Bro. Lewis Barrett. Our thanks to Bro.

Geo. Coffman. He 'sends his renewal and three new subscribers from Springfield, and testifies: "Saved, sanctified and kept. I do praise God for his love bestowed on me. Hallelujah to his name! We spent a profitable hour in a prayer and praise service this Sabbath afternoon with the saints here in Springfield.

Glad I am in the one true church of God." History Repeating Itself. In a private note, Sister Etta Howard testifies: "Saved and kept by power divine." Bro. W. H. Beaver changes his residence to Sapulpa, and says: "Are doing what we can in the work.

Had a good meeting here yesterday, the 14th. The Lord is blessing in the street work." Thanks to Bro. J. C. Potter for four more new subscribers from Miami, Okla.

S. C. SMITH. The reading of the recent experience of Bros. King and Luman with Rome, does not sound like the works of civilization, but like a chapter from the Sister Gladys Robinson takes a copy of Scarlet Mother, and testifies: "I love this straight and narrow way.

Am saved, sanctified and resting in the love of God bless the Banner workers." history of England while under the A good letter from Bro. R. D. Coleman. He orders roll of Banners to Topeka, Kans.

Sister Caroline Howerter has been in Okla. since the Galena campmeet-ing, and has been very poorly most of the time. She speaks of the kindness of the saints there to her, and adds: "I desire the prayers of the saints for my bodily healing, if it be the Lord's will. Expect, D. to start on the 14th for my sister Lottie M.

Holding's home at Lanagan, Mo. Am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of i God." Bro. R. S. Kim renews, orders Bible and copy of King's Daughter.

A good investment. Thanks. Bro. W. H.

Lutener sends three renewals, and says: "Am watching with interest the work out in the field, and am pleased with the progress being made. Am still working for the dear Master who is with me and giving Thanks to Bro. John Jones for two new subscribers from Ohio, He testifies: "Saved from all sin." rule of the Catholic Church. In she months time under Lefroies' directions fifty thousand Protestants were put to death for the testimony of the Lord. Many people today do not think-there is much danger for us, but I know, and so does every other one if they will think, that we are doomed to either forsake the Lord or many of us will die at the hands of the Catholics.

I am not over stating the matter. If fire has done much damage and is gotten under control all who were interested will feel safe, but if there is ever so little fire left, though it is doing no damage, there is the same dan These encouraging words are from help." Sister N. C. Pickerel puts her date into 1911, orders motto stationary and takes a Bible. Thanks to Sister P.

Bro. and Sister Jas. A. Skaggs renew, and say: "We surely do appreciate the Banner. God bless all the workers, and help Bro.

King to preach the unvarnished truth stronger than ever against Rome, if possible. This leaves us sanctified." Sister A. McGoveran orders motto stationary, and testifies: "Under the blood that cleanseth from all sin." Bro. W. H.

Hull, of "Have been reading your valuable paper for several weeks and have become deeply interested. Have been connected with the Cumberland Presbyterians, and, when in Ohio, with the United Brethren before the four years of bloody war over the slavery question. Since that time I have considered myself a "comeouter." Still feel like singing. 'O for a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free, A heart that always feels the blood So freely spilt for I ask an interest in your prayers." Our thanks to Bro. Goodrick for another nice list of renewals from N.

W. Kans. Also an order for a Bible. Sister Kate Wright renews, remembers the Orphans, orders King's Daughter and literature, and testifies; "Have been shut in for some time from God's people, but the dear Lord has been with us, and wonderfully blessed us in our afflictions." Sister Mattie Boyd filled Bro. J.

W. Riddle's appointment at Clay Hill school house, Mo. on the second Sabbath. Home Notes. ger still that there was while conflagration was raging, for when the wind comes up the fire will rage again.

So the fire of hell in the principle of Papacy is just the same today that it was when the pope was murdering his hundreds of thousands each year. I know that the people think we have the law and civil officers for our defense, but this is only partially so. In many places the officers are with Rome already, and will be more so 'as the years go by. There is no active fight between Rome and the present-day sects, but for those who are filled with the Holy Ghost and fire, Rome has nothing but death or recantation. There is but one way open to ust and that is to put the matter in the Lord's hands, for vain is the help of man.

To put the matter in the hands of the Lord cktes hot mean to sit down arid do nothing It "means to open the Another member has been added to the Home family recently. Bro. C. W. Ross takes two copies of Scarlet Mother, remembers the orphans, and says: "Wife has the dropsy and is failing in body, but is happy in the Lprd.

She tells the friends what He is doing for her and warns them to prepare to meet God. Bro. J. F. McDorman reports a good meeting over the 2nd Sabbath at Fanchon, Mo.

Thanks to Bro. M. for another new subscriber. Bro. and Sister W.

W. James renew, send us a new subscriber, and add: "God bless the dear old Banner and all the workers. Yours in Jesus." Don't forget that this is a testing time of the year for the Home. Their garden truck is coming, but is not yet ready for use. Still saved and sanctified." Sister Carter, the matron, is improving, but is not yet able to assume the responsibilities that come to the matron.

Bro. J. D. Richardson filled an appointment at Nodena, Ark, cn the 2nd. Sabbath.

The Lord was present to bless both preacher and people. Sister Annie, StrouqV "pf W. sends a dollar, and says: "My mother, Tressie A. Jopling, took the paper, but she died Dec. I will taltte her place.

I love the Banner. If is the best paper ever read." God bless Sister Stroud, and make the Banner Quite a little ambuntj of ground is' being set. to and berries of different varieties. It is hoped' that a eyes of every Protestant fe can to the danger we are in also to open' the eyes' of every one of Rome's dupes we can in every way we can to the fact that "Am saved at' this moment, anc. washed in Jesus' blood.

Pray that I a continued blessing to harvest will be gathered next year..

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