The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 13
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TODAY, APRIL 4, iwt OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major MY WORD.' I'VE OWLY HA.LP OF THIS 6TAMP gPOK LEANDER SOT 11^ TRADE: FOR MY TIE — AMD , THE VALUE SO FAR 4 E/ceeos *7OO/ MYCONSCIEhlCe WOULD HURT ME IF T_ WEREN'T CERTAIN MY fJO^SL CRAVAT IDEA IS LIQUIDATE A PAGE OF THESE OBSOLETE- 6EORSE -ST ISSUES I CAM use THE »SO.' COUPONS OFF BONDS Political Annouiicemenfs Subject [o Preferential Elcciion July 29, 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP .). DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE L1STON For Stile Senator SEN. LEE BEARDE'N For Stale Hep. KENNETH 5. SULCER For Post No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, Lespedeza, Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blyrheville Soybean Corp. Phone 6858 - 1800 West Miln HE KNOWS YOUR CAR If you want to entrust y on r caur to a, mechanic who will do hU best to fix U properly — at a minimum cost to yon — come to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Try us n«xt time. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Pl.vmonth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone ZI2Z FOR SALE Concrete culverti, U Inch U 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Biildlni Hl.cki ckeip- fr than l«mber (or barns, chicken ho«e«, pimp noises, tenant houses, tool shedi. We deliver. Call as ter tret eillmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone (II INSURANCE To fit your needs SAVINGS SERVICE RAYMOND ZACHRY Mutual Insurance Agency ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED M-«5-91% termination, dellntcd and treated ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUf TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS M-85% rermltiatlon CORN AND HAY FOR SALE IARL MAGERS, Phon.2811, Dell, Ark. CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Certified DelUpine 15 Cottonseed © 12WOO tier ton. *^ MlMlMlppI CertUied Cok.r 1M Wilt Cotton.Md ® »!»5 M per ton. Thi. rotUjn l> «»Urat for blliht land u « retlsU Th«e »«d ,r. clMn*d, dellnted. twattd >nd «ck«d IN pounds to the b> E . and are priced F.O.B. Blrtheville, Ark»n- •aa. Telephone 17-J, Belunl, MInLiaJppL J. D. LUNUY TUB STORYl A f.i-l. nr |. -1— . 1»B bond. .< ikr < • Illcr of Mnrntr Cr«T»(S ,r, m , ,, Vi llxkrd «|,s ,1, c nnrdrr of Anci W,r., 0 r,«., )nnlor ,„,„„ ,,, , u . • rm. Jim Ortk. rrlvx, «ctrellTt. !I"/i."*J .' "° ""' "•=<»""»• known If thr >>nn.U Tfrrc In thr n a r«- whri* hccXrrl <hrlr nnmlirrii » bttnrt hi. < c » r |i. Wiirlin XXI CRAVATH gave attention to his driving. 1 sat back; tried to relax. Tried also,"to clear my mind, let it go Wank. I was striving, I guess, for the clean white mental pafje. The condition where you wash out everything that's gone before in the thinking line and start all over again. I knew there was a discrepancy somewhere. Something had happened, been said or alluded to— something that was out of kecp- ^ ing. didn't square. But it wouldn't come to me then, with Cravath mute behind the wheel and making the car step, and the singing shadows racing by the windows. It came at Perl Listen, suddenly, satisfyingly. We'd turned off the highway and were purring through the silent nearly-deserted town, in the direction of Windovcr. And nothing more startling than the sight of a clock, wreathed in blue neons outside of a jeweler's shop, sparked its coming. But . . . clocks, watches, time! The red thought-needle seemed to change abruptly, broaden into an illuminating while benm. And my mind found the thing it had been groping for. and pounced. Why would Ames Warburton, who owned a watch to put the Grand Central Station clock out of business, have asked I!ill N ca l c for the time? A small question in itself, apparently, and one capable of several answer;, right off n, e u at . For example—Ames hadn't worn his watch that day; he'rl left it in his desk when he went tj the v.iult; he'd been just too lazy lo pull the thing out at M< pocket, «« ask Neale. That kind ot jptckxiann. info my mind at once. He had worn the watch, becnuse he'd lost H somewhere around Windover. He wouldn't have left it in or on his desk. He valued th< thing and he was a careful fellow "Nearly there," Cravath said unexpectedly. "And I don't like wh«( I've got to do. Eve will be decent about this, of course. But she shouldn't bo." Bitterness tinged In his voice. • • • UNWITTINGLY but definitely, be inlentipted my thought- tram, which had shown signs of getting under way. Interrupted but didn't break it up ... entirely. I managed to cling, bulldog- style, to. the only inkling, sketchy and badly-formulated as X was , that I'd had since coming cm to this job. I said slowly, "After you've *een Mrs. Wheeler, I'd like io have a talk with you." His head half-turned. "More talk? What's the matter now?" "I don'l know that' anything is" said. "Only I want to rto some^ thing, or have it done. And I can't unless I have your permission " "Come out with it, Orth!" he exclaimed. "Haven't we enough mysteries, without you making more?" I misht have iold him then, but t was clear his mind was on his session with Eve Wheeler. "Later," I said, thinking it best to settle for that rt was close on midnight when we got home. But that hadn't Mopped sally. She nailed us the nslant we got in the door and here was fire in her eye.?. "You two come straight in here" •she said, planting herself before Cravath. "I want an accounting ind I want it now." What she wanted and what she ljvejre_tw^different things. Cra- COURIER NCfflB OUT OU* WAY FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIBNM K NO TiMe 1 Do soMcmiuG-QUICK/ 6A.THIEB1N6 RLK.L HAS aUIPD LAED MONKEY V*TH A TVUM A H*U"S*. Howrt> TME 1 SEJRGI Me. CHICKS t WEARY; aur FIND Benefit by Reading and Using Classified Ads Courier News l^fKxiJmC COHTltCH.5 MutfWEK TUEEOCKEK INTO jlKOCBIT 7,000 AtlLES III6H. "W»'ve only been talking an hour and * half—I don't want Betty to think I'm mad at her!' PRESCRIPTIONS Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel .| Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FRIDAY NIOHT, APRIL 4 6:00 6:rs 6:25 6:30 ,6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9M5 10:00 10:30 10:35 11:05 12:05 12:15 Kukla, Frnn & OJlie News News About TV Those Two News Caravan King We the Peop!« Big Story Aldrlch Family Cavalcade of Sport* Greatest Fights Faye Emerson News Charlie Wild Playhouse of Stan News Sign OM SHAME, PRISCII LA! YOU WOULDN'T ASK ME TO so OUT IN ALL THIS RAIN AND MUD, WOULD ...BUT I THOUGHT YOU MleHT SEND POP.i FRIGHTFUL I DIDN'T c_ SHOPPING.' SATURDAY, APRIL B Test Pattern News Morning Meditation Super Circus Messlck Band Kids <fe Co. Betty Crocker Big Top New» Barber of Seville Super Circus Break the Bank NBC Symphony Quiz "Em TV Teen Club Sky King Ezlo Plnza Royal Showcase Crusade In Pacific American Barn Danct Lone Ranger All star Revue Show of Shows Wrestling News C. A. Preview Ken Murray News Sign Off 8:30 8:45 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 12:03 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 :30 10:30 10:40 10:45 11:45 11:55 fN KAIL'S HOSPITAL ROOM... THE POLICE AKE-N'T GCWsje TO "~ TUS FLANMEI7 THAT MOVt ANE FKOM THIS BECJ EVEN ITYWArVMTE JO9. HE VCUVB 60T TO G&T OUT'S OWE TH(NS IF THE V C^O AKKESTME. <5£TTIW6 VVAKJTEI7,\\E DEAD 1 / VHEN THE TIME COMES WON'T BE THM SMUGGLER. Y"O,BUT TK'FEUftWHO FIXED COULPN'T WMIB / OUK 5PM5E COULD HA.vE IF HE- ^^O^f^l W?RE <XM ^COW-LICE! CO^iUA NOT \OW6THA1 r^Tif.^^^-- 1HE5WMN SEEING HIM! OHr EASY. VDU'RE RIGHT! WE SiV,«J VE5, BUT HE RECOVERED 7 HERE'S r . W i,«J cOQwun. srupv OUK ucENSE NUMBER, IT TOHISHT;..TOOK voue / A, LOMEW THE TIRE SWITCHEP TUBES WITH US...TOUW5TS WHOO PA55 THRU CUSTOMS WIIHOUT THEM LEAVE t HE MJST'VIE MEWJT TO IT IW 1 / ^TREICH OF 5 P.CKOS5 THE HORDES . . , £MC> GETITBfcCK M OUR FIRST STOP I COULO'UE CAUGHT JHMJ STEP OM Iri RM..BUT MOW \V& Tool WJO LET'S LME» «4 GET THIS OUER WITH'! SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motnrtets IT WAS NICEOF f'S QUITE A BIT EASIER IF IN * HOUR WE FWl! ™ TO 6HOW US HOW \ BUT TM' SIZE OF TH NEIGHBORHOOD OF A TAKE KINDA MAKE5 N*o matter what kind of car or truck you own, T. T. Seay Motor Co. can offer you the specialized service of sprcttomcter repair. To be safe — to gel betler service from your car ... be sure your speedometer is correct, 1-Day Service. . 5UGGEST SOMEWHERE VAi APPLEP f\l_l_gVCAT, HOW CO,\\E VEK TRVIN'T THUM3 vatti gave a kind of aggravated snort Then he picked her up a» if »h« were five pounds ol potato«, »nd deposited her in one of thost huge uncomfortable unsit- Uble-in living room chain which customarily infest impressive hallways. Then he went upstairs, without so much H a backward B*lanca. mZr • ndrt "-•""•" j MW Sh« came wut of (he Indignity sputtering. -Well!" Every lovely line in her body wa» quivering. "Well! I'll kill that jjuy som« day, see If I don't. And as for you . . . where hav« , ou been? What have you been doing?" I rtared *4 her. ~\ m <5 on t know?" "Certainly I don't. How should Uncl. Jack knows. A child could hav» teen that he did But he put me oft with some now-now- my-girl stuff and spent the whole evening with Dolly. And Dave and Eve are Just > couple of blank* lIKe me. So now you give, Jim Orth. Or I'll tear your hair out " Well, I gave— Hip whole »near. I saw no reason not to. •And that's why," I finished, 1 <iMn t badger your uncle .bout the police tonight. Ob i edmit I had all day to do it and 1 w»s working myself up. But then we got this little peerage and I ducked k He« JWery enough as It Is." gHE'D calmed down a Wt during my recital. But there were still traces of the turkey cock "AH right," she said. "Somebody —Ames, if you insist—lifted fifty thousand. Well, where do we to from here?" 'Wt square It. Al least, your that right now." J OI " 8 "Oh, sure." Her (ace was a kind of lovely twist. "Squsre it. Keep it dark, quiet. The Cravath's can't risk icandal. Rut they cnn rjsk murder, any day in the week " "Listen," I jaid soothingly "tomorrow's another day " "Yes." She bit her lip Drudgingly. I suppose so. But for my dough, you v;on't he any more help tomorrow than you are loday." (To B* OoUnu«d; T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Healer 121 E. Main Fhone 2121 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sim ip U U In. Corr-j gated Metal Culvertt Siit, «p to »* in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Onerete & Metal Septic T».mi Sewer TlVe Itfil Frttrt Hithwaj; 81 at SUU Lift* Phone 714 Soybean Seed FOR SALE llortch No. 2 and Ojden soybean seed, cleaned and Mcked. BooV thfst before prle« Increases. RED TOP GIN Bljlhtville — PhnM 31M

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