The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 12
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,' ' PACK TWELVE BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER KB FRIDAY, APRIL 4, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r»l» per Un» for Vtnirmnn criirgt 1 tlm« per line ,'.'.'.'.'.' 1 Ilm« per linn pfr liny ... J limes per Una per flay ... I ttin*3 per lln« per <3ar .. 12 time* ped line per clay . Konlh per line ia •c 1C ic We Count fire (vrera^e word* to the I) Ad Ordend (or three or Jlx timti and • lopped be Tore expiration will be chart«d for the number at limts the &d *ppeirecl and adjiutmpiit of bill mnd« AH ct»tilfletl AdrertUmg copy *ub- tnlttcd by persons residing outside 01 ' the city must l:e accompanied by ctsh Kites may easily ba computed from iha ibore tubls AdT*ritjlri5 orderfd for irregular in- ••ttlona like the one tLm» dole -Mo responsibility will be Iflken tor wore than one incorrect infer it on nt Miy claislfjed ad All *da ar« remitted to thrlr propei eUiiHIcMlon, itrle zncl type. The Courier News rtitervta the right to edit or reject any ad, Sure Money When You Buj — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLINHARHJSON&SON FURNITURE CO 517 \V. Ash Ph.' 8-2 ck tt: SPKCfAI, BABY CHICKS Friday & Raimday Only Very b«t US, I'Hitorurn (wtpri. u i» if 06 "' SII °° per hunrtrrd. AU<> fMfa h»T, Lewis Poultry. 419 E Main I li. 3317, 4 3 rjt 5 \Vn - oo ** . EHRan.i store, 2 ml Antlqup frold -Hands. Ph. H2S7. brooch 43'pfc fib API In <1la- 4,3 pk 6 for /?enf 3 rra. unJiir. apt. rh. 5350 or WES. O ck i 4 room rum. apt., private Private front and bar'* entrance Acliiln only. Ph. 6218. i 2 cX 9 Unfur. apt., pvt. bath. 100 Cherry, f-h. 3349 or 2787. «,3-jifc 17 3 rm. unfvir. Rpt. with bath. In duple*, wired !or tlec. Hove. 1050 Holly. 4,1 ck 8 3 furn. rooms. Newly decorated. Prl- vaie bath, hoi water. Close in. Ph. -16W. 307 N. First. 3 31 jjk i 6 4 room unf. Itove. Ph. 3619, !pt., wired for electric 3|31 pk 4,6 2-3 room apis., private bftth, «-}red (or elrclrlc itove. Ph. 32P.6. 32 pk 4 5 Nicely furnished 3 roojns A: oath, Mrlctly private. Ml electric- Vltehen. plenty of hot water, nice nnd clean Rent, single or couple. On AJnln St. Ph. 2671 after V-3435. 325 pk 49 3 roon MIS. C Moden 43A5. A: 4 room apta Abraham. for room fur npt rent. Call 6 ck tf Ph. 2595 or TU ck tf Wod>m apt.. 3 room* and bath new. If decorated, Rood furnlltir* gas eQUlp- tetn». Ph. 3373. V Simon. 921 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf SHOP WARDS AND SAVK ON HOME niPUOVl-;- MKNTS Buy now ami sjivc on top- Hiiility home iniimn-emcnls! at Wards. Pay lQ".i ( |,,, vllj 0]| .' joy nioiicrn home conveniences ii'hiln you pay balance. Automatic Gas Water Hoa(C1 ' ? sn.os ;>•! Steel Cabinet Sink 105.80 ! I hick Tal) Shingles t 2) 4 !l) - K( l G.7S ! Pliislic Wall Tile Sq. Ft .iflc ; MONTGOAJKRY \VAKI) i 'IOC \V. Main BlythoviUe, Ark. •I!-! ck 8 the truck you want is here! 1948 Chev. .. $695 1949 Ford Here's a «/j-Ton Chevrolet Pickup (Hal's j,'<»l new paint, radio and healer . . .now it's only. . §<]<lr>. $945 This exlra clean '/i-Ton Tick up lias new lires (750 x 17 cinht-ply lires on rear). Runs perfect. 1949 Ford A (ruck thai runs like a new one! Save monev on $395 1948 Dodge .$795 this Ford '/, -Ton TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. 11» w w.lrmt rhono 33SJ Plenty of Parking Space Auto Supplies and Services I>on'< endtnjjr lour tsmllr "i ultT Urn—BUT LKS TTOSS CBAPMAK SKRVICK STATION M«in anrl DlTlslon Phone 3583 12|13 cl t Services LAWNMOWERS W» sharpen »nd repair all I? toon-en*. Also new- ff used power mo &T6. All hinds mower pnrt.1. Westbrook Machine Shop Across from Kroger store- 4 4 ck tl Xt«l your radio repnlrert! Call KM Jalton. Disabled veteran repair* r»- olo at home. Reasonable prices Ph 831B - 4'1 pk 5!i Ironing, curtain Alrbrisc. Fo-~r7i 6529. «-. etl. AJH. .1 29 pX Curtains laundered W Ash. lns nnrl local hnt]liri». c»l] . neckhnm. in Rose. 329 pk (25 Re^sonaljle. H05 Curtains Iiu Mrs. J E. Law ndered n •ence. Ph (1 stretr.hen. 325 pk 425 TELEVISION REPAIR All nififcr.'! A: models, nt rensonable prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. «70. IllRhwny fil North B. 21 rv. 121 L-inndry In my hnme Ph I repair «ny ms mnchlne 2 hloctrs on Sth St., bv Orshnm, Ph 67JS . cst or - nisi? rip ichrvn] Hrrhort 3 7 nk 5 7 JO M1NUTS PHOTOSTATIC AKRV'- ICI O'STBRTS STiTDIO-lIfl W StATN 124 Ck tf \Vatch and Jewelry Repair _ , household artlclei 4;4 pV. 4,7 TELKVISION RCA VICTOR jpeit Inslallallon .erylce ny Amiiscrnent Co "10, Highway 61 North 1J21 ck i D. &P.L. No. 15 ' FARMERS SOVDEAN COHP ' Broadway. Blythevllle. Ph." 6191 3J20 ck 4-20 dlsplny CARC. Ph. 21J1 3,20 clt tl De'n "' .sW^"^^^^ «^fp^ "^ Seed soybeans, Dorlch^ •>. 2. Only 3 year from Breeder's stock. Subject lo certification. Only n limited supply. Ph. 2M2. Gl merit Co. 1'ickup, radio and lio;iler, 1951 TRUCKS We si ill have a few new lilal Trucks in sizes up to 2-Ton. You can lull- one now al a speda! discount AND still K e\ Ihe s n m e ijiiaranfco i'ou would wilh ;i 1!)52 model! See (hem Hi is week I Need a 2-Ton (ruck with 2-spccil axle? This Dodge has almost new tiros, , good Jjoil.v, and Jitalcr. USED TRACTORS Three tractors you can !>ny at a bargain! We've got a small Atlis-Chalmers, a John Deere nnd » 1950 model Kurd Tractor complete with equip- menl. (,'omc down tomorrow — pick out the one you want. Broadwoy & Chickasawba Phone 4453 More Favorable Talk About the Ferguson Tractor In the Last 3 Weeks Than In the Last 3 Years! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Ii).vthtTi!le, Ark«ns«» _ phone 2S71 For Kent ?„„ "** """<""*• suitable tot haifi ", r ,v,"r'V" nd "IJolxliB 5 room ?nih Vl ath '•"""'I 'n <•"",. on L/, ' *"'" h ""' "' "oll""l. Mo (.all mi or write Paul ajrum Irnple """' c " IJnturn 3M9 ck If ' and apartment, ph. 3,18 pk ( 18 3 rm. nnltirn. house wlth~h«ih~«S. '. L Ash - nh 4667 - 331 & ** 4 rm, house with bath hot ivitpr ir-nter. 016 N. Mill. Ph 5 rootn brlrk house Help Wanted. Male Wanted T expnn^ps, Ph, B910. 4 2 Wanted to Buy *b!p prlcp. WANTED inn hand sale M! 2380. lor reason- 4 4 ck II . 41 pk 4 8 ! helor Ph. 3331. ck 4 5 bath. ..| TVV ,"-, tllrr , c room "I"- P'lvali- vlred for tlwtrlc stove. Ph. 3286 4 2 pk 4 th a -Shi-llai , ph. ."iTflfi. .1 pc for your child nth. John Mc- 43 pk 5 3 Many Insect-s livf onlv i» asso- ciadon with plants, [or Instance those who live nil or part of their life^ cycles in (he ivoort of trees. 1 room house with hath, newly dec- raled. 717 CMrlt. JK-del'i. ph. 2231 4 4 rV: S 3 20 ck 4 20 We will PK7 CASH for your old — (Inks oomerni and len'es lot nnitR O'STKKN-S STUDIO. lls'si'KST Main 12,* elt tl Salesman Wanted __^^^ «>in house, no hath. ., c " y xvater - $25 -°° I'« Electric "'onth Room and Board BIG BARGAINS In Good USED ICE BOXES ?n and Up B. F. GOODUICH STORE 417 \V. JIain •13 ck 6 John Deere planters. U. O. sevler hprtroom homft, 2 hathn. htirdwoort loors. limn HP pas. Can he ronvrrtfrt nto thi]il«t. Doep lot, Smnll moiUhly DIPS. Ph. 2731. ._ . 44 pk 47 Porfpotlon TnHiy Top rook store. P^3 fee condition. JJO.OO. rh. 63*&. 4 -I pk i'4 For Sale, Real Estate 331 ck tf ro p5 ant; r]r>ri by enpert Jcs-clrr -^ <TrvT<= on Oi-:r.rnn;re:I " vi.rk •epalnnpn Lov-vst I Vtklni; vffrpranre oox 1'2 HP Cnmproswr 1 14-foot mrfli ca«e 2 3.M HP roinpressors 1 8-root Kill seU-scrTIo «s« 2 mpnt blocks I Hoburt flli-er 1 mem KTlnclcr ? '"-Kr[-n vegetable lacks i «trf\)c^fr 1 Rx6 u-nlk-ln cooler 1 5Me Co'ft^t""^^^''' 3 '°" ° MC tratlt c Piirniuire Co.. or Phonc 6096 323 tf EXTRA L"o\V~pRICES'r~ Korri Motors, -'« ?137.50 on-I\injr Onthnarcl , lrltl »-. 5 ii.P. ].| <s .no •t'st UiuisB 1'aint, ill. "I -")'x i 7 r room house, poor] locution ncros* hlRh srhool Olrlilrcl Into 3 ftp^rt- iicnls. puch with olc-ctrlc klichpn Two -room Rparunp[its. one G-room ftn^rt- -Tirnt. nil fully furnished forced to fell because of til health Open lor In---- :tlon Apply 713 CIllckKsnwb* 2,20 ck If New modern 'i bedroom home already financed hy ' G.I. Loan. Payments only Real ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS If Interested In Buying or BrHJng ar» Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe BMg. ph. 6868 8,30 c* tl wm" .i 2 hcclroc " n home . 2309 uirrtT Ph. 2555 I * 1 * "' ' a>r - e ""« m ° <lel ™ r - A harsftln! 3-ue<lroom house 90*100 root omn-r lol. BemlU rmtoinntlc. a.iher Instnlli-ti. J7.750 Carries }a noo isuran™. PH.A. iinyinrnii S31 'per ion li JIM BlriWry. 227 fra.lklln SI.. I Tie, AIo., pli 23GM, 4'4 t-jjj g $'10.00 per month including taxes and insurance. Small down payment will buy this. See or call Max I.orjan. Realtor Lynch Blrlg. Phone 203-1 •13 ck 4'10 80 acres short distance east of Gideon, Mo. on blacktop liijrhway. Modern home with bath a n d all conveniences, jflasserl in h.ick porch. This is strictly a high class piece of -- loam soil. Fenced and cross- fenced. Price ?250 per acre PAT O'BRYANT Main & Socoiul __ iO.i ck n rv t u^»- J)3 * ntJnC flSd f^P**'"'"- ffll} Knr- Pli <^t.< I 1 "- S > : i 26 or 2P35' ' nishin:: ,( 2i for Sale, Misc. RFEt) BEAN3-rx>rtch~N-~ g?.-T,inaUon, $375 hush tn>hip. Del], ph. 2J?2. GOSUNGs"FOR"' R-ilFfl TOUT n-x n -r.f f 1 V) each I i A <l ° tton cliopjirr? '"' nSlv.TufEx OFcrola. Ark. Ph. *6i A: 47] fl. Ixm to Hath Outfit. Hi I) .7 Si' W. Ark. •1-1 ck 8 •1th hath. 4 2 pk < 6 Modern 5-room hou^e and hath on North filh st . 1 hlorx trom Cfnttal WnrtI P.-hool l^rep fenrrd In hrtck- varrt. outdoor !1,3TO CA*h. hnl- rinre *r-, tnr\n at MO p->r rr.nnth. In- Mnrtern 3-hrtlroom with 2 tilths. \n 1000 hlnrk on A.'-h Street,^e lol. 2- f^r cnr^^e Iiiirucillate po^«rs!-ton. Price JM.OOO. . Can get possession now. Kiales Land Co. Ph. 3322 ck 8 Modern 2 bodroom home. Located in very good residential district. This place is in excellent condition. Equipped with ] attic fan and Venetian blinds, Inrjje liack yard fenced and landscaped. Can be financed by F.II.A. or G.I Loan. See or call iMax l.opaii, Realtor Lynch Bldg. Phone 203-1 '! 3 ck 4'10 Room and board. Rooms, meals op- Itmnl. Mrs. Cassldy, 115 W. Ash. 3,28 45 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planner! Protection 124 W Alh 31. OLENCOK HOTEL BUILDINQ 4;a c* Lost and Found ?250 reward for ,„>„,„« my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 32G2, 3J23 or 4-164, Glencoe Hotel. H ck tf The fuller Brush Co. has nn exeep- L.oiiBl tninclilsc open for this territory. Many renl posflbllltlre [or rlcht pnrty. We train unlll you are making at least $300.00 a month. Write Bon 0-2 <-„ Courier News. 44 pk 46 Notice TELEVISION REPAIR & models. ,at reasonable All tnalre: prices. Day Amnscmcnt Co. Ph. 4470. Highway 81 North 3,21 ck 4'21 EASTER ~ SPECIALS $15 cold waves $10 f 10 cold waves $7.50 Machineless $5 up THE BEAUTY BAR XOTICK OF"ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS FII.Kf) Notice is., hereby civen that ctur- in? the month of Mnrch 1852 the following accounts of Executors ami Administrators have been fllrd for settlement ami confirmation In the Probnte Court for the Cliickasaw- ba District of Mtssissippi Countv, Arkansas and that such accounts with their respective filing daUs are as follows: No. 2049. Estate of R L. Bcr.vlina. deceased. First anti Final accounting filed by Zora Battles Bowling on Mirch -i, 1952. No. 2060. Estate of William Daniel Buie. deceased. Final account of Irvin Harrison filed March 20. 1!)52. No. 2061. Estate of Mrs. Hiila Spain, deceased. First and final ao- I cmmt filed by Lee Hill on March 24 ' 1D52. ] All persons Interested In the. set- 1 tlement of any of the above es- ! tate.s are warned to file exceptions j thereto If any have they on or be- 1 fOre the sixtieth day following the filing of the respective accounts, I failing which they will be barred j forever from excepting to the ac- i counts. i Witness my hand and seal as such Clert; of said Court on this the 3rd day of March. 1952. Elizabeth Blythe Parker. County <fe Prob.ite clerk By Pelton Miles. D. c. Some conveyer belts with speeds of to mites an hour are used in moving coal in mining operations. Guaranteed Watch Repair For Sale Cars & SO Chevrolet trartor Iriick nnrl teinl- trllor. See Mrs. J^nne BooXcr. Hoi- In ml. Mo. Ph. 3292 or 3326. 4'J pk 9 Thompso Credit Jaweler 53.^ ' 4 CERTIFIED DOKTCH Xo " C. L. \VVLIK fremlst-i i,-,n<l Fnr-n Or Phone a«s. Blythcvillp 42 pic 16 . ___ 5 brand new Adrnirai "Re"- fnjrerators. l.hie i.? to he rfis- contmucrl. Up to $125 t ra(le in allowaiire. lial^l & While Fiivuitui-o Co. 'J 1 ^- ,j ck 8 ' r '"r>m hon-,p Pf^all flD-.vr month Ph, fl bsth. floor filmnco. hfit pl;-.i,,t,.,, w - Ior „„,<,„,.,„,. ,n town will v ,„,, r-sitmr naymrn.s. TA.iy p; Fnnt Wlndhnrn * 2 pk < J 3-bedroom Urlvp ArttHtIo me In Co ntry Club v^catit—you'll UXe I.HOO in JI.R50 ^sh S53.50 per month. flr. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone -111] Residence Phone 2ri<ir> WFST KF1NTPCKT STOCK llth Improvrmrnts A- Prrn llrp R. C Rnttccrlne. R<-.i nn. Kv. FARMS I.OT3 M.-I- 75M50 M int on corner MK-onrl • nil First Strrrts. Price S1JJS. ormnorrui. .<rt w .,)- .V. Il I.W ft frontncp nnrt lldx'OO i ;f Rtniroom Home I(loa) (.oration Wft ot Division »nrt N- O ith of Msln 'H ton^tnicl IE can b« nrtp 5m!r hunter In BrvthrtItlx Is iprrlfrln:. 3 larsc K>m, dlnlnsr roo:n riiH M?o. nice SI7C XUrhrn with r j r ^ "' lr u tn'n materials w-cre plrntlfuP, nnd n d^hro lit hoi,t. Thl! lovely home is ft h,r K aln y West.' Oak Road, room A- (JJnln; jonni nice br-th. .O...PIOK. in,1 oiKcf o\n t Priced for B ,,,, UO Acres Modern r< Hedroom Home '"il/i'^nll"'!,./^ i™"'/r n: ".. olt! ' ""''"' "' Blylhev - »>-.'lfiiv Thrre This Is 'ui rlty l!i --.vlll ral^r ^hestins tldhii; rxtfrlor—lar^e llvlntr kltchrn. rlrrlilc hot water >iefttcr, "I'nij^!. uiu i' .in Xlnl trllnnt UOIIFC ullh elect rtrlty X .'«le JI6.800W. Fln»i,,!;i ! 'c»r,"he 0 an"n'?"n lnd '' P '' ! ""'" 1 "*""' KEMP \VH1SKMIUNT, Real K sla te looker, Pl.o«e 3J09 ~ ~ 4,3 ck 3 1.KWI.S RK.U.TT CO til E n»vls Kl ' Phonp RRt>5 i.v Tirr <•u,^^•^r:Kv ,.„„,>. FOR THE CIIICKASAWBA niSTRICT OF MISSISSITfl COliNTV. ARKANSAS WADE R. SIMSON. ptt. "• No. 11.976 LOU ELLA SIMPSON. Dtt WARXtNT, ORDER The defendant, Louella Simpson, l« warnori lo appcnr In this court wilhin thirty days and answer the complaint ot the pinintlff. Wade B, Simpson, and upon her failure to do so. .said complaint will be taken Witness my hami and seal as Clerk of the Chancery Court of the Chickasawha District of Mississippi m County, Arkansas, thts 13 day of v March. 1352. Harvey Morris, clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C. H. G. Partlovr and O. E. Keck, atrornpj-s ; n r Ptf. Percy A. Wright, attorney ad srl-.ool hin ro;itc. hit ptfitl^ccrt 1 Prlrr J2.W. . r 1 hm.irs This |» nc l 3,4 hale, p-r ,,-„ . r" «^ri! m*tl route. Price 52^5 LEWIS REAt.TV CO 111 K Davl* St. rhon* 8F65 314-21-28 A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles H-flLT€RS [UflLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. . ph. fl rooms . ph. Private Roomj f hMh, garas .M<-ti only. Mrs E F Tllo- | p? 13 Wonted aor rt( tins. rt«'"i7"ni«hi homr T mi,,,, Re icrcuc«. M-^. Cabin, ph. SSS8. j^jj FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// f/iaf Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land CAR SPECIALS 19nl CHRVROLBT Slyllne 4-door Sedan: blue finish, visor, large heater & defroster and plastic seat covers. See (his handsome ear before you choose. 1950 CHEVROLET Fleet line 4-door Sedan: e ' vfr? I'"" ' Cr * <lefrnSfer and heloj ceili ra- 10 IS CHKVROI.KT Pk-elmaster 5-1'nsscnKer .?! radio, healer & defroster. A one-owner car... , 13-18 FORD V-8 5-1'assenger Coupe: rudio, 57 ||C scat covers, spotlight, healer,& defroster . 795 ma PLYMOUTH deluxe j-door Sedan: equip- 571)0 pe<I with healer & seal covers. Special today .. 729 i CHEVROLET Flcclmaster 2-door Sedan: i radio, seat covers, healer and defroster- good tiros ... it's a sleal at TRUCKS ... TRUCKS . . . TRUCKS . . TRUCKS all makes and year models are here for vou to see' at Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. " Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLI VAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Kg Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 W«r Walnut Phonc 4578 The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans A Full Meal. '... Served With French Fried *7 CT C Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls / J ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! HORNER-WILSON SELLS GOOD USED CARS 1950 OLDSMOBILE 1950 PLYMOUTH A shining- green Rocket "88"! Equipped with radio, heater, white f?ide- walls . . . this 4-door Sedan is a beauty J 1950 OLDSMOBILE The car you've wanted to own! A handsome grey "98" with the Kocket engine. Four- door Sedan _ all equip- menl. The special deluxe mtxl- el. With new tires, radio and healer, this 4- door Sedan offera you pleasant driving. V 1948 OLDS .. $995 Packed with value at S!>95, this black Oldsmobile has radio and heater. Standard transmission. Drive if. 1950 CHEVROLET "46 DODGE . .$695 A nice la!e-model car, this .attractive 1,1 n c Chevrolet has white lires, radio, healer. Four door Sedan. You'll get good servic* from this new rocondi- lioned motor. Radio and heater. Kee this 2-door Sedan todav. ^^^^^^^••^^•^^•^^^^^•^MM HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Ol(lsmo!)ile — GJIC Trucks Phone 2I»5« Oscd Car F.nt _ Phone 6151 ON MAIN STREET

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