The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KEW3 FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 1*91 FABM RRVIPW GrasshopperDamageinWest Expected to Be Low This Year nirMunD"'<»' A" u ''"" ''" c;1 "'l< 1 <' on »y ranchers* DENVER l«-Grasshoppers, Ihe hvorkinir in co-operation, making historic scourge o[ (armors, will large blocs of range land available the Welt This"'""'' ^'^ lhrr)Ush for economic aerial spraying, or Yet grasshopper control agencies cell this "a critical period in control activities." Jim Button, director o[ grasshopper control for the Federal Bureau of Entomology and plant '. " *"~ f—- ....>. i.-^ mi <m ui:..-ii- quarantine. explained Ihe paradox- MnrKl1 c ^ e of 'he hoppers getting "Farmers nnri ranrlir-rs willi, " l of cnntr °t, all they nslt from us is technical and advisory aid " by Individual farmers In ngrlcul- lural where poisoning along fietri margins has become routine. "Since 1940," Dutlon snlci. "the landowners themselves have taken over Ihe Job. Except for an occn help from us. have done an amazing Job of control in recent years. This year the hopper population should lie at a record low. "But if landowners go slack, or Imagine trouble from grasshoppers Is just past history, they can get out of hand again overnight." Dutton said Hint desp|i/> the expected low incidence this year, full scale spraying and poisoning campaigns will be waged in many threatened areas. Most anti - grasshopper activity The pest's most dangerous "hot spot", according lo Dulton, is in Slox and ScoiiKblulf Counties of western Nebraska. Dutton listed other hoi spots, where bureau surveys of eggs find ritlnlt hoppers last fall indicated a heavy population this spring, as in. eluding weslcrn Kansas, especially Orecley , Hamilton Counties- s- the Panhandle of Oklahoma and northeastern New Mexico/especially Coifnx County. U.A. Entomologist Develops New Method of Combating Plum Curculio IT A V WTTCMf T * T -r* i . i _ _ . H.D.CLUBMEMOS by M«. Gertrude B. Hollinan (Home Demonstration Agenti On Missco Farms fc; C«in<; Aftnt Keith ). Rllbrt; Use Your Head Government olficials continue to Big Lake. TW fe purely a guess on my part. The new technique originated by Dr. Wylie can be carried out easily by one person. Dr. Wyllc uses .1 small sheet •( feet by 7 mallei nnrl a smtill bottle for collecting the beetles. The operator no longer tries to shnlte Ihe entire tree, a difficlit operation with stead, he holds large Iree In the frame am PAYETTEVILLE. Ark. - Arkansas pcacll growers will snon be seen in their orchards, holding a white sheet under a peach tree vilhTOie hand and lulling the limbs feet In size, which Is attached to of the tree with a mallet held In a light wood™ frame The Trine the other hand. Such growers will is hi n ™t lor fold n" to iac it" e oe keeping up will, tho latest re-j earning It from one nrca to in . f i n ± m .™KJ" . insct -' f0 "" 01 - '°r | other. The other equipment co" liKht. entomologist with Ihe University of Arkansas' Agricultural Experiment Station, for use in combat- ting plum curculio. The plum curculio Is a major pesl In Arkansas peach orchards Satisfactory control depends on liming spray applications m accordance with abundance of ctir- culics,- and on locatim; any areas of heavy Infestation. Since it is Impossible to Inspect every leaf on each peach tree, Ihe practice of Jarring the trees, and counting the number of curcullos lhat fall off, has- long bec-n followed. In the past ,the entire peach tree was shaken In nicking such counts, with the curcullos falling onto a large sheet under the tree-. Several persons were required to hold a sheet large enough lo cover (-he area under a large peach tree. Otherwise, Ihe sheet had lo be placed on the ground, and In orchards with uneven terrain or grown up with weeds or cover crops, that presented new difficulties. Furthermore, when the Bheet was placed on the ground it became soiled, ami it was difficult to Jar the tree without walking on the sheel. Ilnynton Sleppinf Forward Congratulations (o the noynlon Community, n is Ihe first in North Mississippi Coumy lo plan for a community improvement club. The dale for organizing is ?t>t for Friday, April .j, at 7:30 P. M., in the Boynlon School, All men. women and children in the community arc invited. Every phase of improvement thai will make for a better and more attractive community cnn be brought about ihroiiRh a 'community imni-ovemciu rhih. n will be Interesting lo watch the progress mat. Ihe Boynton Community is ure to make. Tarmdo Victims I The county roimcil president of home demonstration clubs m North f Mississippi County. Mrs. Forrest!", Moore ol Blylhevillc. has received : ^ a letter from Mrs. Hazel C. -lor-1, dan. State Home DeiunnslraUon 1 Agent, staling thai her name has been placed on the list lo receive hcdrtins: for ihis- cmmlv to help lake care of families whose homes were destroyed recently by the tornado. ask for 1(5.000.000 hales of cotton In ("lion \r* n.-, i n,, i /K, '^.r ••"- -• ln r^r If ""- «'• i A oW^i« d £»€!< p- ^-^ I milted lo rot in the fields Excuse i Cnon ' ini^'i f,! - Coilnt >' Electric •me for sneakln, o,,,. ,„„„ H\,, , Rirlen,^^'" taCUtal ° r . We have 235 egas setting in our office. We nre trying; (1) to hatch eoose ecgs In nn incubator (3i t, Studying what Influence feeding a •c j balanced ration has on hntchabU- Home Agent Tells How to Keep Pots And Pans Bright Don't let your aluminum pans "go to not." says home demonstration agent Gertrude B. tollman. The (best may to clean aluminum and make It last longer Is: 1. clean thoroughly with steel wool pads. 2. Wash in hot soapy water. 3. Rinse In c| f«r, hot water and dry. If you do these things, jour aluminum utensils will remain bright and shiny n long time. Of course, there's often the problem of removing burned or dried-on foot!. In that case do not scrape with a knife or other metallic kitchen tool, she advises. If steel wool pads, with or without snap, or a metal snmtge will not, clean in a jiffy, fill the pan with water and boil for a few minutes. Then scrape loose with a wooden clothes pin or small stick. Then the pan may be I ."tourer! with a sleel wool pad and washed clean. Be cautious In using soaps »n<J cleaners containing strong alkalies. Aluminum sometimes is discolored by the minerals In water, Mrs. Hol- Iman pointed out. This discoloration Is harmless and Is easily removed. Simply arid two tablespoons of cream of tartar to each quart of water and boll i n the utensil for o to 8 minutej. This restores th« natural brightness of the and. the steel wool pad will make It shlnijt for speaking out loud hut I would like to say, -Tommy rot", ''Horsefr-afher.V. and "Baloney"! Why not. be fair and honest with n world w-ir I am sure we would all be more interested in patriotism. Pasture Thoughts Some people do not like while or ladino clover in a pasture because they often choke out the grass and bloat flip cattle.—Ho-.v about teedmg orchard and rescue El-ass now and seed the clover this fall. That will jive the erass a Come on in and laurh at us, or with us. we may not get a Boose H. L. Halsplfs early experience Is that he is gettiiH! maybe a 10 prr rent halcli from an incubator and 15 to m ncr cent hatch under liens. That is corresponding to the experience of many who have tried Incubators. _ H'll.if Cotton Varfcly? - •-.-..... lui,- u.cjic- fin*! sheet under a limb with one hand and Jars tbe limb by giving tt one or two sharp blows with the mallet. At Iht? end of the jarring period, usually 5 minutes, the bce- Ites colleclnti in the sheet are counted. Curculio abundance Is calculated by determining the number of beetles collected In n given period of lime. Usually (he operator jars the limbs on one side of a tree, and then moves on to the next tree. Dr. Wyllc designed his small framed siieet for use In his experimental studies on the control of the plum curculio, and he has been using It In that work since 1919. He reports, however, that Arkansas pench growers who have seen Ihe sheet nre beginning to adopt II In their orchards sincn they have found It nn easy one- man way to determine when to stnrt spray applications for control of curculio. Read Courier News classified Ads. TRACTORS & FARM EQUIPMENT . John Deere, Farniall, Forrls ami other makes I ntlv S h' rC M T " 1e l)ef ° re - Vn " I)1IJ nr lr; " ic ''«a USB I may be al.le („ savc you some money. Terms can J« "ranged and I will trade for most any.hi^ 'ou REGISTERED DUROC HOGS i" ' Die -n "» sills. Those K ills have been bred to -, ? 0 ?""$ Champion " f »'ino iR -U,c son Juiuor Champion of \el,raska DONAL CROWE F. C. CROWE MULE BARN 1 -Mile Soul Invest of Hra KK art(.cm, .Mo. Home demonstration clubs throughout the stntc' are cotitrih- I'tinu these articles to counties hit by the tornado. Mrs. Moore will appoint a committee to distribute the hcdelln" after n survey is made of the dls- asler areas lo determine where 11 Is most needed. 4-11 Haklng Many 4-H club girls mothers are anxious ' rest from to have all the any times .spring seeding of clover a failure?. Seed orchard crass ami fescue during -- •• area. ft * ln A April, In the Blythevillc whether the Missouri, or ...,.»,..,„,,,,,,. The ten top winners at Marianna : "J??' M ' m ' : Dclra * 9163. Kmmre ; P47-WR. cok'er 100 Staple. Delfos i .. "«. DfcPL Fox. Hale (D&PLl .13 March 3 ,-w n 7u,rasl dale for \ WR 1 ^^'^^ * ^"^ r^r^ri's'r^.^!^..^ $»'«<- * «.,„..! recommendation of and I talked • is pretty reliable, lo James Jacks, 331R, Stoneville unle (DA-PLI 3 VLSPS that he has seeded some ad- dilional alfnl/a this spring would not sow any alter April It's Well to Know County cotton farmers ' to' know i 3 A. BBR 3-15-12, j j Perhaps the test at Sikeston, Mo., i will be Inter a four-year in the results of >« for that sta-i TJ .. ...... "-iiiJi u^njic me Rally when the champion ba e kers ivill be selected girls be asked practice i sometimes docs reduce a 518110"'^ fore (he I cotton. The Delia Branch Station !."m Ml! f' S5l P ni has experimented with this problem for three years. lo bake at ae a some home at a given date and there the winner will be selected. She vlli have a chance to go to Payetteville to enter the baking contest at the State 4-H Camp. .Vumhcr Nine Number Nine 4-H Club children h.-.d an excellent television program st their meeting- recently. Mrs. M. I,. Hart, the adult lender says i ie children worked up most of the program themselves Behind Ihe frame of a homemade tolevesicm set the children appeared ; one by one for their parts otuBie Program. Some of the topics-- discussed were- Ten rules for popularity, safely precautions, gardening, poultry, beef cnttlc. nnrt original poems. The baking contest was also explained and biscuits marie by the members tt'ere displayed. Gelatin Keeps Cotton Clothes Looking New A gelatin treatment Is recommended for giving sheers and dark rotlons a "new" look ns they so In- : !" , lhe 5 P r '"S »nd summer' season This consists merely of dippm» them tn a weak solution of gelnttn i Not only is the gelatin recom-| mended for cottons, but it may be i used on sheer rayons, veils babv j clothes, handkerchiefs nnrl other dainty garments. After receiving the troatmont Karmcnts will retain a nice, new finish for several \vearines. Thrv lend to resist wrinkles, nnri ri.irk sheers will not have a starched Rlaze. Home Demonstration Acrnt Grr- trnrie B Hohnav explains th?t"af- tci the enrmeni is dipped. II should he rolled In a lowel to absorb excess moisture, then pressed while slitTlilly dnmp. The crlntin soiilion is prepared by fo.iKinc one ounce ioi:e park- age' of gelatin in a cup ol cold r ree years. n their 1851 test where ammonia was applied five lo six inches rircp and one week in advance of planting. the higher the rate of nitrogen, the poorer the stand of cotton. In other words application —^. „ ,, JV ,,-,, application atove sixty pounds per acre started reducing the stand. The report nl=o' indicates that planting sooner than i one »-«fc af t( , r app , yin! the ,^™_ \ Izer may increase the stand hazard ' fame They even recommend for! less hazard that Ihe ammonia be 1 applied six to seven Inches from; the cenler of the cotton row i I do not believe there are many : farmers in this area llsin? anhv- '• drous nmmonia In rates per acre' There might be some Increased" hazard m the use of anhydrous ammonia In the sandy soils west ol i water lor a few minute and lhe>, '' dissolving it i,, a pint or b nlln,=.' water. Dilute this mixture with 8 to IS parts ol hot water, depend- 1 , ng on the stiffness desired in the| garments to be dipped They am as- follow*: D*-pL 15 I 1XV-PL F«x. Emnlre WR, S'onnvillc [ 62. Delfos 9160. cokrr W W, Paula j C, Bobsh.iH. and Ro\vden, Read Courier'Ne » Classified Ad«. Many birds fly non-stop over thousands ol miles of open ocean In their mlEration.5. No one yet knows I how they navizatc. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Host Service — Best 'Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 I'D LIKE TO TRY THAT CHECK SUIT ON IN TH£ WINDOW. SORRY, SIR, BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO USE THE DRESSIN6 ROOM. THE UNDERSTANDING AMD SERVICE AT DELTA IMPLEMENTS.!* MPJLE/WENTS iv BLYTHCVIU* ARK. Fast Action . . . it<vrl<; slin r M • , hour,. If it should rained..* " '" » accomplished! ^ "° matter your best bet Is- SHfU, CHEMICAL «ORPOaAT,eM BLYTflEVILLE In Answer To Many Requests tractor school will start again monday 3 NIGHTS • MONDAY • WEDNESDAY • THURSDAY 7:30 To 9:00 J\hcn we slarled Ihis school f»v tractor drivers two weeks a R o we promised lo conlinue il as long there was enn« K h demand. Hc- Rinnnitf jicM week we'll hold throe sessions a week . . . Monday, Wcri- ncs and Tl.u,-«| a y. ,\s .vou mav know, his school is offered lo nJI farmers (o leach (heir drivers how ( o make minor (racfor repairs in (he field— In save you expensive, unnecessary delays. There is no charge for attending this school. However, we do ask lha( you call i,s as soon as you can and lef us know how many'drivers you will send lo (he school and when they can attend. Call 4-13-1 or come by. MISSCO Implement Co. So. Hiwoy 61 Blytheville QUALITY FARM ^ EQUIPMENT ®

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