The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO I lews of LJonr Behind the Blackboard Bj «UTH LEE .School Correspondent) Probably the most important an- | Carol Bailey to Jonesboro today nouncoment from Blythevllte High where they «-||| lead one of four discussion groups on the subject "How Can the schools Provide the Individual with the Ability to En- School this week is a change in the date of the senior piny M'hlch was scheduled for this week. The now date is April 15, at 1:30 p.m. In the school auditorium, according to principal W. D. Tommey. The reason for the change In schedule, according to the principal, is that other school activities have broken into Ihe rehearsals. Following the plays. Miss Sally Trieschmann will Joy Cultural Things? 11 nnd Intellectual A new face In the principal's office, but not to the high school building, Is that of MlM Lcta Rose c.isillo, a mis graduate «-)io Joined Miss Emma Hlanchard last week. be crowned queen of Ihe BUS 1952! Both are secretaries to Mr. Tom mey. senior class. Apprlxouiately hvo-thirds of Ihe BHS band, under the direction of Robert Lipscomb, presented its annual assembly concert for the student body yesterday morning with much applause indicating the students' appreciation for that group. A \vell-poLsed groyp, thc-se youngsters were not upset when In the middle of a number they- director sto.npcd them with a rap of his accompany the (rroim Mnrthi baton and Instructions to "get on I Nichols hns been chosen by this Ihe ball. Opening their program proi.p as a candidate (or » fcdera- with a spirited number, "Brass Pa- | tion KFA nuec geantry." they continued with a "long-haired" selection, "Monterrey Overture." The third number. "At the Minstrel Show," was folioweri by BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A BOY AT CALVARY FRIDAY, APRIL 4, IMf Gentle, though violence swirled about Him; majestic, though °?"" <™ W°* s """Wl "l»n tiis hcod-thii wos Sukron's impression ol the dark-eyed, i»orjr-skinntd figure surrounded by soldiers. and Vaughn Johnson, are In Lux ' ora today u> attend a Future Knrrr ere of America meeting on parliamentary procedure. Representatives will be chosen from this group lo nltcnd the federation meeting at Jonesboro. Freeman Robinson will "Night Beat," a descriptive which slid from Jumpy effects in. the clarinet section to swing, Jazz and ragtime. Providing a suitable finale for the program was trie posnilar "National Emblem March." which features a lot. of difficulties for the trumpet section (all of which Albert Falrfield and Larry Baker handle capably), and also a good cadence for the trombone section, which Wayne Crouch. Jimmy Culbertson. Oakic Ropp and Charles Hinson did with real gusto. • • • Members of the BHS -faculty nre now engaged In compiling a report on five criteria set up by the commission on Secondary Schools of the Northcentrnl Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Studied by the faculty as a means of improving school conditions, this report will be sent to the commission when It Is completed. Heading the different committees for this study are the following chairmen: Miss Pattey Bosson, library; Miss Ina Ellls.sueclal services, instructional space and equipment; Mrs. Helen Brooks, community factors; Ralph Sinclair, school plant and equipment; Mrs, Russell Moseley. site and buildings; Freeman Robinson, future expansion; Robert McGraw, Improving present plan; Miss Eflie Lee Terrell, storage and protecting of records; Mrs. Luclle Quellmalz, educational fac- tols. , • ,. : .... • v • r . ' f *•"" '-' *^ : '-^^ ' Eleven "jfteWj'rtemtMrS 1 ; (fere ^initiated Into'th'e-hlgri-School's chapter of the National Honor Society Monday night with Charles Kinningham, president, In charge. New members nre Carol Ann Bailey, Betsy Bell,"' Howell Hoyd, Winnibeth Buckley, Donna Sue Gore, Nlta Hose Hall, Melba Hill, Rosemary Monoghan, Bobby Orsborne. Dixie Button, and Joe Lynn Vowel!. Other the ceremony were Alene Wimbcr- ly, secretary, Lnrry Baker, treasurer, Barbara Johnson, historian, and Albert Palrfield, reporter. Mtss Rosa Hardy told the neophytes about the privileges and 'responsibilities of the organization end prcentcd the pins. Mr. Tommey discussed the origin atid purposes of the society and presented the initiates their membership cards. Miss Eftie Lee Terell also addressed the group. Miss Terrell accompanied Charles Kinningham. Alcnc Wimberly and NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Ccnler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. I'lionc f>8 officers who assisted In Six ItlRh school boys, Billy Nelson, Hugh Hopper. Billy Michael Norman Bratcher. Jnmcs Walker, foundations of education, and au- i lie taber-Tooth Curricu- him." At Lange Schonl ...MM anyone walk Into Mrs Colleen Wood's third trade room he mlsht think lie wore In a greenhouse Instead of n classroom. Those third graders now have 33 fkwcr bones made of coffee cans, clpar fooxe-, anil cheese lioxw litiini; their window sills Each child decorated bis OHVI box or can nnd planted his own seeds. Each child's box his responsibility to sre that the seeds are watered and kept In the sun. Most of the feeds have begun to come up and the children await anxiously lo see the tiny sprouts make their appearances, Along with their llower-prnwuig project, the girls arc having a contest with the boys to sec which flowers show the most, progress by the end of school. The winning .«it|c will be given a surprise by the Ics- tng group. This third grade Is also studying a unit on birds. The children have written stories about and drawn pictures Illustrating various kinds of birds. They are learning poems about, the birds and plan to make Individual booklet. 1 !. Junior High Math class; Miss Avis Howard's scvcnlh grade arithmetic clnns Is studylns distance, time ami speed. A common Question a.skcd is "who l«ik Mr. Murphy's washing?" This program was taken from "Mathematics Teacher." it was solved by Die time and distance rule. The following answered the question correctly: Keith Coatcs, Glenn Lntiil. Charles Hester. Jimmy Johnston, Gerald Drown and Billy Daniels. By Jay Heavilin and Walt Scott teaming Hut Jesuj had been found guilty of blot- phemx by th« high priests, ond wos being token fo Procuralor Pontius Pilote, Soltwn Muffed, He was being led to the palace where Batobbos wat imprisoned. * Wt "" t"*"" )We<! f ' x <"<""- The youngsters, WM "7 '" thc1 "" H!r rim cf «*" cnmi ' wfclwdaniwyonc. -tfrneos tht bta , M N«i 0 ,e«* wos pu^ before Kim. Miss Rosa Hardy's two .social problems and psychology classes which together tatsl 45 students are (studying n unit on propaganda with special emphasis upon bchav- or of people a.s It relates to the topic. A pertinent question is "Arc you taken in by propaganda?" These classes, which are elective In the curriculum, have Just completed discussions on feelings nnd emotions with special attention to si might, thinking. Within the next few days, they will begin n study of character—what ft is. how It formed, with It. and conflicts associated Miss Hardy's classes spend one day each week on current materials from newspapers, magazines, radio and television related lo the problem under discussion. • • • Blythcvlllc High's, Future Homemakers of America met In the Home economics Cottage this morning with Anita Oldham, president. In charge of the meelttK! Miss Ina Ellis and Miss Gloria Crosby are sponsors ol this group. • • » Although their accents aren't exactly the leal thing and lols of hesitation creeps In, translations of some of Miss Martha Ashford's Spanish II students arc pretty good particlilnrly those of Lnrry'liaker' Jane Wilson and enrol Bailey she reports. This class of 20 students, which meets during the second period, has been reading short stories Irom their textbook, "El Espanol a Dm," which, being translated means something like Spanish of the Day, or modern Spanish • - *-.'•.-* : • - .-•''.. .• During, the R)K clubs' and choir's recent participation In the state choral festival at Little nock. Hie children in these groups stacked up excellent ratings for themselves Mrs. Wilson Henry reports. The adjudicators were especially complimentary for the tone quality of the ninth grade girls, she says. Superintendent of Schools W B Nicholson and Miss Winnie Virgil T ti r n c r. elementary supervisor have been Invited to participate hi a conference on Service-Research nt Montgomery Bell Slate Park near Nashville May :-3. The mecl- Ing will be sponsored by George Penbody College for teachers. A small group of selected school men and women have been invited to the conference. The consultant list Include.! _such persons In the field of education as Dr. Willard Gosiin. new of educational administration and community development at Peabody and former superintendent of schools at Pasii- dcna. Calif., and Dr. Harold Benjamin. Peabody'fi head o! social The Central Ne«« "little island continent" of Australia Ls a popular topic of conversation among Mrs. Edwin Sttlb- blcfield's fourth graders. In addition to the tcxlbook and encyclopedias. other information direct from Australia has been furnished by jcsse Taylor, Jniiet Young and ules Bllbrey. Reral fourth .graders have made hobby of writing letters to foreign countries. Letters received t ry as wcrk. . from countries are now on display in their room. The children nre especially Interested In comparing business letters from olher countries with those from this coun- a part of their language In the spring., boys and girls' fancies turn to lots of things, the turning depending upon their age and interests. In regard to classroom work, elementary children often turn to poetry — or verse, more properly speaking. Mrs. Lillian Frank's sixth graders have been doing Jusl this. For Mnrch they selected two subjects. kites and flowers, and after writ- Ing original poems, illustrated their work. The fcllowlng pnems were used as a blackboard border: T saw n little violet Piit up its purple head. And say "hello" to n tulip, A lulip bright and red. ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone .lf.21 Show Sliirls Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Snt. Stm. 1:00 p.m. FRIDAY 'RED STALLION IN THE ROCKIES' Robert I'rcslon Don't Forgel! Tuesday & Wednesday Are IH!J)I)V NITES! 2 For Price" of I. Thursday & Friday! Double Feature SATURDAY "THE LAST MUSKETEER" Re.\ Allen SAT. OWL SHOW "KEEP 'EM SLUGGING' Dead End Kids SUN.-MOX. 'TOO YOUNG TO KISS" Van Johnson June Allyson ,•*.< Paramount Presents WARPATH Color by TECHNICOLOR KIMilll-CMIKIM . 2 Heel Technicolor Short & Cartoon"** SATURDAY ONLY! DOUBLE FEATURE! • MNDOLfH SCOTT JC»i»uMn« 2 tolnr Cartoons & Sir Ksillihad SATURDAY LATE SHOW _ StarH 1 1 :30 Cartoon & Serial: "Pirates of the High Scat" ' (Ann Marr) The flowers lift their heads and sing On a lovely day in .spring. Red nnd yellow, purple loo, Watlng to be picked by you. (Mnry Jnne Scymore) This Is the day That the flowers say. "Thank you. Mr. Sun, For nil you have done." (Margaret Hobbs) Is I saw some pussy willows. Sitting In the sun, They said, "Hollo, spring here, Come, let's have some fun." (Barbara Gurnow) I have n kite that Is colored blue. The other uoys have kites too. Sometimes we have races*, And they end up In the oddest places. (John Taylor) My kite goes high. high. Away up in the sky. It has a long tail That makes my kite sail. (Mike Terry) I like lo fly my kile Until It is out of siffht; it is very IL-^ht. And I must hold it light. (Betty Halcman) Kites fly by And fly very high; Sometimes they fly low. And Iheir Inils nre bows. (Evelyn Davis) Over Ihe meadow And away up high, Ply Ihe kites, • In the sky. (Joyce Ingrum) I have n litlle kite The colors are so bright, So when I let 11 fly. I can sec it way up high. (Marcile Taylor) The following 13 children hnve perfect attendance records during the month of March: Stack Lee Bnteman, Edwin Cure. Bobby , Graham, Jack Renfro, . John Tay-t Unusual Egg Laid By Glovers' Hen A New Hampshire Bed hen tried hard, nut didn't quite make the grade. The hen, owned by Mr.s. Nancie Glover, Rt. 2. laid nn erg recently which apparently contained no white or yolk . . . just n wrinkled shell which wns practically flat. Mrs. Glover said the ecg resembles a turtle more than it does an egg- WARNING OltOKR !n IhR Chancery Court, ChJrka- sawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas, Earlene Prancwny, Ptf. vs. No. 12,004 Ernest Frnncwny, Dft. The defendant, Ernest Francway, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff, Earlene Francway. Dated this 19th day of March. 1952. Harvey Morris, cleric By Anita Sykes, D. c. Guy Walls, attorney for plf. Ed B. Cook, attorney Ad Lliem 3-21-28 4-4-11 WARNING OR HICK In the Chancery Cnurl, OhJrk.i- iiwha Dislrict. Mississippi Cnun- ly, Arkansas. Grace Rogers. Ptf. vs - No. 12,005 J. R. Rogers, Dft. The defendant. J. R. Rogers. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and nnswer the complaint of the plaintiff, Grace Rogers. Dated this 20th day ol Mnrch 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Syfces, D. C. Guy Walls, attorney for ptf? Ed B. Cook, attorney Ad Litem. 3-21-28 4-4-11 SUNDAY & MONDAY Cnnt. Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. ELOOD BROTHERS OF VENGEANCE AMIHST THE U.S. CAVALRY! RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. FRIDAY "AS YOU WERE" Wm. Tracy & Joe Sawytr SATURDAY 'MAN FROM THE BLACK HILLS" Johnny Mack Brown Jimmy Ellison SAT. OWL SHOW 'CIRCLE OF DANGER" Ray Miltand Palricia Roc Sl ; X.-MON.-TUES. "A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE" Vivien Leigh Marlon Brando Jack Hcnfro, Mary Jane Sej'mors, Jllr >e Homer, Bobby Graham, San, , - lor. Mike Terry. Ijindn Bean, Joyce Dunavant, Margaret Hobbs, Ann Mnrr. Hae Scott, Mary Jane Scymore, Marcile Tnylor. Among the children who square (lanced nt the Jaycees' stunt and tnlent program April I were the, tollowinjz from Central: Fourth! grade— Janet. Young. Harding! Cure. Martha Arcnds. Linda rriescmnann. Lynn Chapman, Jnne Terry, Jerry Lowe; fifth grade-Don Byrd. Mary Tarvcr Stevenson. Lucy Caudill, nnvid Burnett; Sixth grade — EiUvin Cure. , tV- l ter. Jon Trum'jle. Mike Ter- Ann Man 1 , ancira Yates, Jimmy . , , Tyrone, John Taylor, Linda Benn. Children likt The Orarv9« Flavor of ST.JOSEPH • J»SFIII« • F0» CHllOHU TaMel.i are <i adult dose. No need to break then;. Buy it today 50 tablet! 30c. Open li:30 p.m. _ Show Starts at Dusk 2 Shows Every Night! LAST TIMES TONITE! ma (UllD • CHMUS DMIE" DON'T MISS First Showing in Blytheville! Also Cartoon and Comedy Saturday Only! Double Feature! TIM HOLT A U>MRSAl IMEiMltWl F "Kiders of Death Valley" Serial & Cartoon SUNDAY 8, MONDAY Fabulous Goddes* Of Love In A City Of Sin! Sl.-minir illicliele Morgan — Henry Vidol I'l.US! 2 CAKTOOXS & CO.MKDY _Adults; SOc — Children Under 12: FREE Free Pony Rides, Swings & Slides • j The Easter Bunny is Coming to Blytheville For the First Time! n I He Sees! He Hears! He Talks! the Easter Bunny in Person at Whifsitt's LaBelle Shop Every Day NEXT WEEK FROM 12 P.M. UNTIL 5:30 MR. BUNNY HAS SO KINDLY AGREED TO SPEND A WHOLE WEEK WITH US ... AND HE IS SO EAGER TO MEET YOU! BE SURE TO VISIT WITH H 1 M AT WHIT- SITrS LA BELLE SHOP. HE HAS MANY INTERESTING STORIES, AND YOU CAN TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT FOR EASTER ... Don't Miss It! Whitsitt's LaBelle Shop

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