The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY. ,H.'\I? 1031 u's Pal I KM' I'roin Niagara Rapids the H v. it.; a kirn! r,f imilile for William Hill, veteran darjdevil of Nin'jara fliv:r, \\-J:n l< ;.'::tnred above rv; he crawled into his speriijUv c:c:i;:tK]cUd jmd u~i{idrii ccn'.rivance for ?.:i attempt lu shoot the mpids Ix-lcw thf falls.i B::; about half pay .dc;v,n ths fouiiihij the ljair;-l u;>.s taiisht in (hi- >.\hir!prjo!. \v!-.c re mil's sou succeeded in ;>t- CM-Iihi'j a rope. so tint it cuiilci be tonc-il ashore. fAUic.) _rpui:ini! NRWS .$30,000,000 io Huffman News MUs Aiiceba. Cainblin ol Kcil- nelt, Mo., is the « ol her Ki'Jiidmultier, Mrs. Kamil? Hullman. Mr. i.nd Mr.s. Krnoil llov.nd an- j noimu' the liirtli ut a son. ' Mr. anil Mis. J. W. llulumon und -nil. Adrian, lell Wcilms-.l-iy for lirucetmi. Ti'nni, »•;::•;-.• ih.'y i will innkc their fuluu- liom, 1 . I MfS'.lames l-::nma lVer> and Paul I and .Miss PACK ) river (irova "'• ^^ «<>»«• K««U <* M,-. JUKI Mis. C'hailli- Jlioi'k Tlnn-diiy i nllctnuu!!. I'.i'k Walters will I'tinducl Henry ('..lines. Charles Springer.: : in lew, at Driver (jrmv 1 ' Ml '- all(l Mi's- O. A. liniok.s ami iiinliiy nlulu un.l Sunday, Wr - !IIK| ™ r *- Hill Ho'ocrtvm and . chlldri'n aitnided the bill immi: at • .'-'nrin'ifr sn:'nt Tuv:.ilay j'•'''"'"" ^und.iy af1cino:iii ,.,,,-I Mi:., ("iriin-d (iiilnc.s viiictil Mr.s. , u tr Displays • lho »' cr(ls ' "nooiiosgiiix King B? ll« 1 f U - f II- i sll<Ir>11 "; Hanking (he Inscription Badge Ol His tailing were l),:> Images of Iwb men drlnk- Ing beer. „ • O • I \ J-II/.gvlJKl ililu HUNS IV^ ranners in blnckeu Avc;i, ">oiori'd to n«yii. MO.. oduce Finn Lstirunlcs. , llv NI-A Service KI'KINGPIELO. Mo. -- Chickens of Miss Ci .<e:v- the liugcst contributim; iae- ! t-r- in drought, relief in the Miss- ib-.lpiti valiey. artwdini; In thi- r'lGKacoi'ii' Produce- Conipanv \:en- whlcli 1;; sniil tn be the largest is-.inii'i'-tmT.e'd mid operated [xiuitiy i 1 :.!!)! in the world, i Kale of poultry and po-.ilti-y products brought $50000r.O(W into the stiick?n area, provtrc that the hen \VTS a valuable aid to the Hc-d C;-,.'-s !n its relief work. The- poultry plant is the las! •fjrd in niiMtt-rn [Kicking house. 1 ;. II •nplovs hundreds of glrk to pick in.-- thousands of chickens killed ml i).T.'iV-.(l in its pinnt. This pi'.-k- branch of the industry is the t novel because it contiadu'ts IJ procedures formerly ns- d in plucking the feathers from a owl. "Never out a fowl in boiling wa- er cr fiour .boiling water 0:1 its Bathers." E. • U Pool, production muuiger of the planl. camions, iioiling water not only blisters the kin -and makes it easy to tear, but worst of all it is pretty sure to urn the skin a reddish color, ;hich is much appetiziiig than yellow or white cast , " n<1 ' ML •Mr. 'ol For more Uwn -,\\o hcurs llic barrel in winch William Hill was al- .tempting to shoot the Kiagara i:'.j)ids had ch-dcd in the wiilrljinol, Icakins; and sinfein,^ lower ,ii'.a knit:- But ivlicn i'. suddenly \ras carried into an oulor fddy the daiedevil'i 18-ycar-cld sou. Willinin Hill. Jr.. plnn^rd ijilo the trcachero-Lis cuncni tmd s-.suni out to it \vilh a rope. I-U-re yoi: see ihe youiiEcv Slill attaching the rope to !Hp barrel His lather, f-afe adhere after b?ina extricatrf from his cramprrt quarters, (icclaicd he 50011 -.voulti have drowned hud i'_ not uccn for hi; son's timely aid. 1FICEB IS HERE Jim Henderson, farmer living near Col*, has had li: 1 . uwifmal but not at all unsatisfactory experience, '.yitli Jive acres of oafs which lit ular.'.cd for hay in the bin-in;; ut \3M. The drouth cut (lie crop short but hi; obtained abci:t 7 tons of Harry- K. Kcllelt of Kansas City. liny. H: then turned the five acres | naiinnal deputy chief of .s'.-.ul, Vet-]r,:id planted soybeans. The dry but lip made Local Post of for Payment of Compensation in hull. Dell Farmer lias Unusual- Results \Vith Oais Croj Itn of Itii iiHjht. afternoon for :i visit with Mrs.- *'' I't'ery'.s hon and family. , Shorty Missis l.ora Mae CV-jieland and, 0 ". 11 . v - M.ixine Copeland weiediinnT uuvsix [lie ttlcd.Oi! .Sunday. Mi. and Mr.-.. Cecil Sayie and daughter, Joy Vvjnne, nn;l Misses CLoiii;t- Hlrd.soc. l-lcireiiL-i' Sick-. 1 .-: Martlm Adams and l.oia Mae and Maxine Co|x-land motoicd t;> l!nr- liekl Kiiiv.lay tut(-j-noon. Mis. 1,, P. Moore visited rcla- tivcb at Cooter, Mo.. Sunday. Mcsiliimrs Krtna Harrison and Cieve 'riinkerbley o! )Hyt)i?ViKi- wore ui'csts of Mi's. I'annie Hulf- man Sunday. MM Louise Ray visited Misi i'i\--- ion Perry Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sayre iv.-ru business visitors in niytkevilli- Mon:by. t u(p; 'Ii:e llev. A. Snntii of Ulyihevi::: (.or.dnctcd -ervices at tlie liaptis; churcli here- Sunday afternoon. Uev. A. S. pastor ul t!w Fiisl BaiitLst L-lnnch al liiylheville, Evangelist Lawrence and Mr. an:i Mis. Jim Bracken und ikuiyhti.-:-. Sybil uf lilylheviilc, altuidetl churcli services here. Sunday nitei- nuou. i Mr. and Mrs. Smith Bruckhi ; v:eie dinner guests of Mr. and Mr. ; C. I.. Craub Sunday lili'- ••>iih Mr. inul Mrs. l-'ivinuii". •rajK 1 at IW.^'.vowl. Mr. .1:1,1 Mi.-. Claude jDiu-.i hi".: visitors in;.]! |.c.u-livi!l« WcJnr.sday. .1 Spiniji-r was tin' ml Hall al CalllllH-l l-'ilduv uai Mr.,;. Claude Jones an-; Ali'sandvr .spent l!!c wi';-k- Sandy NIAV Qill.EANS. iUI')— Wlicn; i^' Mariin H! Hi. 'I'iiniinnny I'nrisli' . '.-ollflc 'lullps ii< arinluiU'il lu'lori! (JliUcil Slu(i!s| OnKKM.ANU, N H., (Dp) _ •iiiiiiiii'.-iion.'i- lii-ri- i.-iviuly, )i.?[ p l»k):s «uh (our hlossoias . on a |...rli-d_ii sliinlrii! r.:w l)dl-t)ii:klf. |sin;,k. yudlc sue od- -. iiur.e.' 1 - '*li|p. 'dltiis ivlik-h inny Ije seen in tin on tlio Inirklc \vus liucrlbctl Kui'ilcii of Honicp. W. Catinon. Au:l >dis. Ki-H(i McClnrliy am: Mrs I'lll'k-on «•;•!•!• HHI':-l: of MIL. P. 11. ucvill .Suiuiny ufic.-- Mr. and Mrs. y.eb tiamrs mull llerbi'it n-ir<lv vkn,.,i M.. «, child,.,, ,iul Mr. and M,s. clil-! M",. odX lirvi'l ^ »,,.l! fn;;l <i.. ;i ,,-, s;-.;nt Sun.lay with Mr. | Mr. and Mrs. 'p. II. i- ;( ,rd ' noiinci- tin- Ijiilh of a diiiichlt-r l-Viday. May yj. Mr.s. C'ois- Snlvener vlsl'.cd M .. - Fuller S.iiuvdiiy aftci-nonn. H'':i.y Ciaint-.s and Chai-1. . iwin.'cr v.eii' biislni'.ss visitcrs In Saturday. and Mt<. Eai-l Slinneyfji; Mo,in iisited Mr. :l] ,;i M r s. 1-Mtik isc 1 -'!': 1 at H'-ece. Miiudi- S|irlnger vhllul he;' t'. A. Hall iii Clear 1,3k 1 . 1 . 011<l - jr.nn-. i. vei- in:ici planted I of Foreign Wars of the Unit- I weatliqi- continued I cd States, addre^eu members of tlv 1 local posl at an informal meetiiij I al the city hall last night. abr.ut four tons cf soybean hay. When fall rains arrived hr- was siirprised to find the field coniin. Mr. Keliett alkcd principally on i up to a toed stitid of oats, ap I the subject of n propoHOtl bill spun I sored by the national organisation 1 and which will be presented by I Senator Wright Patman ol Texas I at tile next session of con^resb. The I bill i]i substance asks for paysneist I of 100 per cent of their adjustable. 1 service compensation to ex-service I men, plus a refund of interest no\v I being charged against them for lloans talready oljtaincd. nccordiny Ito Mr. Kellftl. The local chapter closed last Inight with names ol 101 members I land uas sent today to [lie n.iuoa- ! lal lieadtinariers of the ori;aiii/..itio!i. | ir. Kellctt is making a lri|> thtongh rtcnnsls organising ncv.- uiiits for Ithc iKrfcclion of a state orcpmzri- Ition. He stated that the local post, lone of seven in Arkansas, is r-.iso pamitly from grain shattered from his first crop. He pastured the field all winter and when spriny came took oft his slock to see what the. oats would do. They grew almost shoulder high and are yielding about twelve tons. Sc of their unusual size and the circumstances they under which were produced County Agent Cri;?. lias laken a bundle of for exhibition. Lone Oak Items i Just Warm Walcr I "Heat the water to a K-mpc-ra- ure o! 123 or 130 decrees, which ue.ins water about :u> hot as the ( }/erson can stand on his lands, and imir?rsc the fowl, feel. Head, feathers and all [cr 30 see- . ends. After that hang (he bird up head down to let it cool and drain I for four or five minutes bcfnre ; picking." 1 ' | After such n system is followed, ' .-•"> chickens are taken by girls and j linns up by the feel on cords. Then J thr picking is started. • All the feathers are pulled j straishl out so thru no broken j sterns are IcK in th? skin. The; la,i:e feathers in the wings and tail are removed in three quick motions. Next, one swipe from the . t ck toward the tail cleans the I back. A side swipe to the right and one to tlie left cleans the sld- ; and o couple of brushes over ic breast finishes the .body. There's Science in It The wings arc stripped next of the largest feathers and then a ciowmvard thrust with both hands removes everything to the neck. I Tiie icgs come last in an ujiward thru.-; v.-hich divr-sts '.lie Jowl o? 1 itont nil its fe?.th.?rs. j Pin feathers, small feathers and hairs are removed next, beginning a: the top and working down. Experienced pickers turn out as ir.any as 130 r^an chickens every seven hours. Hens are supiresed to be- Ihe easiest to pick, with second and tough rcost- ?rb last. Great care must be [ak^n in preparing poultry for the market -via the storage route, since any abrn- sicn or cut in the skin is nearly certain to U-come a breeding spot lor mold. All range-run poultry brought into the p'.ant is generally placed fattening rations in batteries for 10 days or two weeks. The plant usi-aliy has mor? than 50,000 he;ul on feed. Oohl I-'cund in C'liiciiens UNION. Oregon. iui>i _ Mrs. Mary Stmcll! found seveinl ^old nusB'-'ts in the- cinw ol a chicken thai she- was tlreisiim. Misa-.s Vinliii;, Kloyli- Wliitilp and Hn/el Kvf-rhail were Btie^ls uf Mis. W. 11. iii-vHl H.iiinxluy .ifleina.jn I Ilaroiil o.ikli-y of Kentiicliv is ! visiting liu pjii-iils. Mr. ar.:lMr.s, I llonu-e Oakley. Thod Hi-vlll and I'lieh-on Kuliauks ntttnded tin- fiili fry nt Annorel I last, Thm.sdity evrning. I Several youiifi |X-ople of this eoiu- inunity enjovcd a hay ride to Ne.v l.ibeily last' Wednesday evening Hart H!r!r.:-(l'ijn \vheie llu-y aii?iuled a tacky party. H.I HurdrtU 1 . Mojdy ha.! us he nixht Mi'-s lien HAPPY INDEPENDENCE! SufrMllfngl^ iraall p«ymintl build in In- dffMndtnt ctttlt of 55,000, $10,000 cr mat widtr (he Inmtcxi Synrflctu Pltn. Cli<.b r««iv>d 13,256,855.47 I. 1930. Sulctly non-tpicul.tlvt. A>k Fw tipUn- •twy booklet "Enjoy Mon«/." 500,000 INVESTORS . INVESTORS SYNDICATE A FOUNDED 1894 . S. LIMOHS, BiSIDICT MANACtR UI.Yfl-iEVILLE, ARKANSAS tUltDING. MCMPHIS. Misses Alma NepJi'am aiui El- btrta Walker spent iiie week-end with Miss Mildred ,larrc!t of Now Liberty. Mrs. E. £3. Walker and son s|M?n: one of the largest in membership. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles The national representative ex- . Needham. |prcsscd appreciation to the pist lor j Miss Eddie Williams was the guest '|f MICCCSS of a poppy sale h:ld Sat-! cl Hazel Walker Thursday night, .'il.iy. proceeds of which he said | Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Robertson will go to the national relief fund j ivere dinner guests cf Mr. and Mrs. to the support of the organize-1 Charles Ncedham at Gcjnell Sun- tinn's veterans home. : day. J ticv. Ed Williams will fill hi.s ap- |Dcvelc-p Nev/ System | '^.'"^d 11 ^.^"^ 8 ''' 11 ^^;^., For Beet Crop Rotation I s P cnt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Occs Brocks nt Driver Grove. ON WITH THE DANCE Onwith a smooth-stepping pair of Bob Smart's sport oxfords! "All the go,"whsr- ever well-dressed-men are "on ihegt»l"3tylel Quality! Value! All sizes! All widths! '5# C:irponler Now rrcnchcr BOSTON. Mass.. (UP)—Clurlcs R. Situs, a carpenter who stwlie'1 for [ho ininisiry Through n cor- rcspcndoncc* course, has accepted c;^!l to be pastor oi the First Baptist chmrh at Bath, Maine. "They neither cn'rttp your roll nor cramft your ilyle'' JOE ISAACS js; njpi_A sv«t"m • iILss Virginia Rickardson spent n' has been develop- ' s " n ' 1 ^' lrith Miss E " lllcc Brook5 ; Bow and Leslie liicliardson. C. T. j llrcoks. C. B." Pankcy and Uink I Daniels and Hazel Walke 1 . ! and Ecldic Williams attended the dance at Gnsncll Saturday night. WASHINGTON 1 . ^f crop rotatio, xl by experts cf Ihe Agriculture De- [larimcnt for (lie expansion of .v.i- beet frov.-inp in the Rocky •Mountain area, i! wa.i .innounced T'.ere recently. The nc-,v rotation astern, goveinmcnt experts claim. , be i:<H very sncccr-^fully in (Is already abandoned becouse of |)eel nemnKxIr infe.-tation. This, it i believed, will be of advantage to •nigar licet producers, particularly In Cta':i and I-laho. wlierc the nem- lito:le :s populous. Tiie Deuartmi'at advises early J)!aminj anrl fjincing of the Ix?et5 I'rcm 10 'o 12 inches apart in 20- Inch ro.vr.. except, in areas where Jurly-top injury is srverc. whcr; Ihe plants may be placed about l-lelit inrlies apart. S. li. X:ikn!s. osrcnoml',! cf thr- Agriculture n^parlincnt. Ini :lr- J-ebnrrl :i crc]> rotation system • fchich alt.- 1 ,:.ales sugilr bw;s with j l«hcr crop* unattr.iclive to the and it is believed thi< Only betv.crn five find six per cent of the lumber used in Great Britain Is grown within the borders of that nation. SICK HEADACHE From Constipation HERE in a purely vegetable medicine which lias benefited thousands of ti:,-n. w-iTKtn ami children, an,l wMcli you .^houlil try \vlicn Iroublc-l Mr. II. II. RoEillio, of atcdi 1 ann u is cejicveci tins i (^,i-ii",'"' lS ' 1 . n ' 1 !^ 'i." °l\-i-' 1 • , nf>l . i rid Iii: irrigated lands of th; tlita r«]lni,-'it is time to i.ikc some-' 1 |.ve.n of iho«- pivasitos. j |!;J:;K. "" h f«re • Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 I'nv in Church FRANKLIN- N. H.. (UP) IIIIK rrd fo<; liar, r.i.ine a h his hcme here. He lives In' a self-made cave b:neath the "iisl Metbr.c'lst Episcopal church. §N"ciRhbors ficii him. fcola \vorso. I cor- foar.d Biack-Draiujln i >|,ilck to relievo. I usf.l to havo sc- I vtro Kick hc-.nlachfa suffer ft great Ooal. I rouml thla camo from constipation. an,l that lllack-nr.iiight woulJ correct It That ts why I be- I gan u:lr,s THEDFORD'S Black-Draught MEMORIAL DAY (Jrffcrson Davis' Rirtliduy) Wcdnosdny. June 3nl. 19;H, \wm K a ]cj;iil holiday in (.he St;ito of Arkansiis. the hanks ol' Blytlicvillo will lie clnsc<! on that day. First National Bank Farmers Bank & Trust Co. //* • • ©n't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" When you vlitt your phyildan for your periodic health examination, on« of th«v*ry first ttittie* he asks you to do Is to open your mouth wMe, and to fay "Ah." Ho It examining the delicate lining of your throat. "AM" There li not a man or woman who could *v«n make thlt ilmpla sound, If In ttw throat there were no Adom't Apple. For your Adam's Apple Is your larynx—the voice box contain. Ing your vocal chords. And what a delkate piece of Nature's handiwork the Adam's Apple Is. A slight cold—even a tiny particle lodged in Hie throat—and our voke often grows husky. In acute cases, we may even lose our voice for several days. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants—Reach fora lUCKr Instead—remember, IUCKT STRIKE It thu only cigarette in America that through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expsli certain harsh irritants present In all raw tobacco?. these expelled irritants are sold to manu-' facturers of chemical compounds. They are not present In your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder 20,679 American physicians have stated LUCKiES to be le:s Irritating. LUCKIES are olwoys kind to your throat. And to we tax "Consider your Adam's Apple." Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection-against irritation •against cough TUNE IN — The LuckyStr&e Dance Orche*- tra, ntry T*ef day> Thursday and Saturday ttening over N. D. C. nei. ut>r)u.

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