The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 19
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THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1952 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major E6AD, LE-AMDER > 5TAMP eooK THE Lfto OFFERED TO fKKDf FOR MY TLXXAWAV Tie HAS 60MB HERE'S A CAPE OF GOOD HOPE TRIAslGLEr tn«r MUST ee WORTH OKAY, UNCLE BULGY i MEAN AMOS/ PUT YOU'RE &E7TIN GYPPED WORSE TH THeV TRADED M6W YORK WORtH OF TWhiKET6 ArV 3LMK.? THAT TIE OF YOUP?6 A REAL TELL Y<?UC? TLL ACCEPT/ Tele vision- Ton ite, Tomorrow WiMCT, ilicmphis. Channel THURSDAY NIGHT, Al'KIl, 3 6:00 Kukla, Fran & oilie 6:15 News 6:25 Ne.vs About TV 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groticho Marx Vl:30 Boston Buckle pi:00 Gangbusters 8:30 James Melton 9:00 Martin Kane 9:30 Godfrey & Friends 10:00 Racket Squad 10:30 News 10:35 Feature 12:05 News 12:15 Sign Off FRIDAY, APRIL 4 6:45 Test Pattern 7:00 Today 1:26 News 7:30 Toriny 7:55 Weather 8:00 Today 8:55 News 8:30 Today 9:00 Breakfast Party 9:30 Winner Take All 1U:00 Prelude to Future 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storylaiul 11:15 Love of Life 11:15 Search For. Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News .12:15 Farm News 12:30 1st 100 Years ,12:45 Garry Moore ^:30 Homemakers Program fi.'.'OO Big Pro-ram 2:30 Ralph Edwards 3:00 Kate Smith " 4:00 Hawkins Falls -' ^:'5 Gabby Hayes • •' TO Howdy Doody , 5:00 News F:15 Deri Olswanger : '~5 Weatherman 10 Spare C-->~ts -''5 Hartoop "<me •" K-O Kukla, Fran <5s ollle ' fi:15 News G:25 News About TV 15:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Rocky King 7:30 We the Peopla • 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Akirlch Family 9:00 of Sport* 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 Faye Emerson 10:30 News 10:35 Charlie wild ir.05 Playhouse of stars 12:05 News 12:15 Sign Off Political Announcements Subject to Preferential July 29, 1952 Election For Co«ntY Judge GENE BHADLEY PHILIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD Tor Circuit Clerk GERALDINE L.ISTCW For State Senator SEN. LEE BEARDBN JLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY INSURANCE to fit your needs SAVINGS SERVICE RAYMOND ZACHRY Bids. Mutaal Insurance Agency ARKANSAS BLUC TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED 80-85-51% r«mfnatl»n. deltntrd and (Mated ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS M-85% vermin ktlon CORN AND HAY FOR SALE EARL MAGERS, Phon« 2811, Dell, Ark. CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE DHUpint 15 Cottonjted @ J2K1.00 per MI»s(«lppi MiM*«lppl CrrtiriM Coker 1<M> Witt C«tton««l «> |18S.»* pwton. ThU eotto. I. «xc«U«nt fa, bllfht l«d « It r ^n^«Tl m ^ """.I* *«»»•««••*'«•««« »n« wek.d 10« P«ands to ihe baj. >nd are priced P.O.B. Blrthevillt Arkin •at. Telephone 1J-J, MI»I«I PF L J. D. LUNDY .tlrmp, .. ,,„„, !)„ • nollicr partner, J II. Ik ,ke nnl rJrr n friinj • m^r ».! fn n n , J^"^" "'-'•"— "»,„ . Orth null < mvnth K n l,,l XX (•VTARNEY CRAVATH and Bi !•"-•• Ncale opened the vnult and I made another search. They issue, forth at lasL "Well," Cravaih said, "I take ^ull responsibility for this. I put "(Tie bonds in the vault myself." He led the way back to the office where he sat down. "Bill tell Orth what you told me over the phone." Neale looked at me half-apolo geticaliy. "The /act is, I let Ame WarburUm into the vault the morning before he was kilieci And I've let no one else in there since, except myself. That makes it look bad for me, as veil as Warb\Jrton." "Don't be silly, Bill," Cravath said at once. "What do you think abo\it it. Orth?" 1 asked: "Who has access to the vault?" Cravath nodded. "This ts a small firm, although we do plenty ,of business. Only Jack Dumont locale or myself could go into the vault alnne. Warburlon. being a junior, would have had to have one of us ivilh him," "But you three partners could go :n (he vault any time, alone?" "\cs," Cravath admitlcd. "Perhaps it isn't the most ironclad system in the world, but it's worked very well for years. I trust my 'partners and they trust me Du- monfs been a friend of mine for 1 30 years and a partner lor a Bin, here, isnt that oH. Bvt Ihi mont and I knew he w»s our Vin< of man or we'd never hav« taken him inlo the firm.- Well, all very fine. But, u he himself suggested, other and more foolproof systems were in operation. I said, -How long ago did you put the bonds In the vault?" "Just 12 days ago. According to the receipt we sent Mrs. Wheeler Neaie said. "So, theoretically,- I sa jd to t,ravath, "either you or Mr. Neale or Mr. Dumont could have taken the bonds, any time within the last 12 rlays." He gave me a look-of dislike almost. "Theoretically, yes Actually, no. As far as—er, Dumont and I are concerned anyhow. Bill don't take this as a reflection But Dumont and 1 left for Winrfovcr tlie aflernoon of the day when 1 nit the bonds in the vault. We've been down there ever since. And we were there when Wartmrton asked Neale to take him into the vault. Check the numbers, wasn't that what he wanted. Bill?" HK spectrum seemed to explode on Ncnte's face. For a second t was all colors, but red finally predominated. And Neale man- igcd, in a low shaky voice, "Yes ie said he wanted to check the numbers. He ... 1 thought that maybe. I wouldn't have to tell you his. Warney," Neale's cheeks were a deep maroon now, but he xikcd his senior partner full in he eye, "I didn't actually see the >onds that morning." "What?" Ncale hesitated momentarily Men his words came in a spate 1 can t be sure that Ames looked l those particular bond.?.-. J lis is a nightmare! But" I "had Ost let him into the vault and ! ntended to stand right over him The vault door was open of onrse, with us inside. Well my ecrclary came along. Wanted me " sign somt letters. They were FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WfcU. PACK '/ * ' / **->, NOT HOMEWORK HOUSEWORK.' GOTTA DO MY House wo ax FIRST. 50 DON'T WAIT ON ME ! Benefit fay R.ading and Using Conri.r Ntwi Classified Ads 'If? e S ° rry 1° See you move awa y~my husband says get so much news from you that the papers miss!" The Buddhist religion was founded in India about 520 B.C.,but died out as'a popular faith In the Indian subcontinent about 10 centuries ago. No Salary George Washington refused to accept anything for his persona services during the Revolutionnr war. He did, however, accept reimbursement lor his personal expenses. HEY, POP! SHAKE THE HAND OF THE BOY WHO WOKJ THE BALL GAME ' I WAS AT BAT IN THE NINTH INNING- SCORE TIED. '" BASES PUL1 THE PITC. WOUND UP AND WHACKO.'.' vou COULD HEAR IT FOR BLOCKS! VOU -SOCKED IT_ AGAINST FENCE? NO., i GOT! MIT ON < THE HEAD BY A PITCHED 8ALL! l DON'T KNOW /fW/THIS TSB-Mrri * ~* "><-(- KAI WHAT'* TUB \THE SAV5 HE'LL LIVE WITHOUT TKOL)ffL£. , . <30V THAT R.6W ', SKOVVLI6. A WMV? RAIL IS THE MUK- TH *f B6.G Wr\5 EXWAIPJEP WHEN 01IE SPARE TIRE! WHO FOILOWED US . r WHEN VOU HAD COPS SEM5CH THE CAR MEWS , ! MWBE HE PIP SWUSGLE OVEIt WDM'T THIMK TO WOK 1W |TI EWS 8ENMOMT! BESIDES, HE NEvER GOT 1W T AM> TOIJIGHT WAS MS FIRST ES, E NEvER G HEAR OUR U1GGA.GE IN MONTERREY < ST CHANCE TO CUT If OPEN W P WATCHED JUMPING RECOVER IKE WW f IF THEIR SPARK Eft&Y DRIVES EAST TOWRD H1W. TO HIDE IT THERE WITHOUT BfWSSEgW No other drink COLOR MUST ME. AN Y'MEAN ) YEP/ IT'3 HEAVIER'N I.OUT. yGOt.D, BUT I DON'T GOLD /S(?W.'ei....SINK6 TO .... TH' BOTTOM WHILE ' . THOUGHT (TIMES BUJAGEE Si COIOK-y ALL ABOUT?/N OUR F^lN^ANI TH'IKASII SLOPS GOLD CAHEV MOSTl V [(/TY ' "* fcllv OUTOVERTH'KIM IN CHL1NK5! I ITS J! K5T I SLoOl/ 10, 2 AND 4 O'CLOCKI Here's a delicious sparkling from any you've tasiecl, thai LIFTS your energy within 2 10 8 minutes . . . gives you new 1IFK fan. 1'ickj yon up when you're low. Nothing like it — everyone loves it. Keep i carton or a cast at hand, for a real "lift for life." Al joda fountains, too! Look for handy green and while carry-home carton VWP. TO CfVSYV. riO important, had to be mailed rij>hl away. So I signed them against one ol the walls of the vault." His eyes went down—"but that's how it wai." I really fen badly for the guy. He was in a spoL 'Look, Bill," Cravath said reassuringly, "stop beating yourself up. None of us would have believed this of Ames, in a million years." 'But why?" Neale's eyes were puzzled and troubled. "1 don't get it. Why would Ames suddenly turn into a crook?" Cravath shrugged. "Whj does anybody steal? Ames needed money, I suppose. Must have got himself into some sort of private )am that we don'l know about Never will know now, I guess." "But (hat's Uie queer part of it" Neale objected. "Ames steals 50 thousand, but 12 or 15 hours later he gets killed or-or kills himself? it aoesn t make sense." , * * • •'JUST a minute," I said. -How did Warburton look Mr "••eale, when you let him out of he vault? What did he do?" Ncale put a hand over his eyes le seemed to make a creditable '(Tort lo recollect "J see what •ou mean. Ames wasn't nervous >r agitated. What happened comes Jack pretty clearly now. I finished igmng those letters and when 1 iirncd around he was wailing. 1 sked him if he'd gotten whai'he vnnted He said yes, perfectly TOrmally, and we stepped out of he vault and I closed the door. Then he asked me what time it was and 1 told him. And he said ed have to get [racking because e had a lot of things lo do be- 'hat's the last I saw of him." I nodded, not feeling much 'iscr. 1 am not, I'm afraid, a very right character. It didn't regis- We broke up shortly afterwards. Ncale tiaci had dinner while wait- ng for us to get to the city, so he eft for home. Cravath and I aught two drinks and a steak piece in • place on Nassau treel. Then we headed back lo u - Island. CTa Be

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