The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 18
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' ' PAGE EIGHTEEN BLYTHRVfLLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dili? riU per lln« for cnntccutlTC Jnetalon: Minimum rharf* ,,,., ..... ,,.,.,, 60c 1 lime per line .................. IJc 3 times per line ptr <l»r .......... lie Z limes per lint per tiny .......... 9r « tlm« per tine per dty ......... 7c 13 time* ped line per daj ........ if Month per line ........ We Count fir* RrerriEe words to the line Ad onfer»rt for ilirte or tli tmvi tnrt e topped before enplraiion will be charted fo/ the niimbrr o/ timrft the nd •p|)F*r«<l :tr.d adjuitment of bill mad* AH ck.-ittlrd idrertLdne cnpj 1 Mlh- m tiled by p«Atms resldhiR out aide 01 the cliy must is* acrnmpsnlpd by ca*h JUlra niAj oa.ntljr be corn put fd from lh« abate table AdrtnltltiR ordered for irresuJnr ln- eritions t»te the nn« ttin» Uble No responsibility will tie taken (or jnoie DJJJJ one Incurred Insertion of any c]atilfic(! act All lids are rmrlrtpct to Ibelr proper c!» i miration. style and tj-iir, The Courl« N>ws r«serres the fight ir> *dU or r*ject any »d. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARK1SON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2551i 8-2 ck tl Apartment for Rent I rm unfur. apt. Ph. 2350 or 60g6. 4 room lurn. apt., private bath. Prl- Tate from and hark rniranr*. Adults only. Ph 6218. 4 2 rlc 3 Untur, apt . pvt. bath. 100 Cherry. Ph. 3349 or 2781. 13 pk 'ft 2 rm: r\tr. i\pt .. with hath, elcc, tet dilutes jid. Ph. 4255. 4;1 cfc 4 Two room ftirntfhed apt., hot water, frlplrtatrc. Couple only. 16QL \V. A*h ph. 2919. 41 pit 44 Two room Turn!*hod apt., electric stove and refiltrsraior. Also Klrpptnx zoom. 301 Sycamore. 4^1 pit 4^4 3 room unfurnished garage ivpt. Utilities and qarsge furnished, Ph. 8370. SP]'X:iAL RARY CHICKS Krlnay ,v Saturday Only Very hot US Pullormn tpstrd icavy brfprt. SI [.00 per hundred. Also Mrftira hny, Lewis Poultry, 419 E. Main ™-_ m 2'_ <3 c!c 5 J Montaompry u'*rd pnrdcn tractor and cultivator. r.ood RK new- Prlre • ino.OO. K»cnns More, 2 ml. S. Highway ^' <3pk'l!0 Antlrjnp poM brooch aet In rllft- •noncls. Ph. -257. 43 pk e TYPEWRITERS"" DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W w»inut fnnn« 33R3 Plenty of Parking Space HI! nirt Ph C363 3 rm. unfur. apt. with bnih. Ln duplex, wired for dec. stove. lOSO Holly. 41 ck 8 3 (urn. rooms. Newly demratert. Prl- fste hath, hot water. Close in. Ph. 46fiO. 307 N. First. 3 [31 pk 4,6 4 room unf. apt,, wired /or electric Btove. Ph. 3613.. 3J31 pfc 4.6 2-3 room npts,. private balh. wired {or electric stove. Ph. 3?W5. 3 2 pk O Nicely furnished 2 rooms A: buth, strictly private. A)) electric Vltelspn. plenty ot hot water, nice and clean Pent, single or couple. On Main Si. Ph. 2671 after 5-3435. 3;25 pk 4,9 TKLKVISION HCA VICTOR Kiprrt Installation service. Day Amusement Co. Ml 4)70. Highway Bl North 3.31 cfc <2I D.&.P.L. No. 15 10 tons, (Minted, uputpfl ,ackcd Oprmlnatlon 81 lo 36 per rent Snvtri Irom 80 ncres producing 07 hales. Price SIM ton. J R. OATHINGS. l.unoin. _•__ 3il9 pic 4 10 flood Eoyrjparv Seed. Funk's lltbrlil seed Corn. Soybean Inoculation Mined Fertiliser. New nnd Used B»g« FAHMEHS SOYHEAN CORP N. Broadway, BlyltlevlUfl. Ph. aigi 3,20 ck 420 10 ft. meat display case. Ph 245! riomcstlc raunits. Frs'ers. drpsied rroely to cook. Also breeding Jtort Ph Jim lioleson. 2064. 3 20 rt ( 20 3 room A: 4, room 9612. C. Abraham. s. lor rent. Cull fl ck tl Modem 2 room tur apt Ph. 2555 or M5. 2|U ck II Modern apt., 3 room* antl halh. nrw- T tltcoraled. pood turnUur«. ERB ernllp- tnt. Ph, 3373. P Sltnon. fl^l ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. j)edrnoms |4 up single. H4 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 c'k tf Auto Supplies and Services DoBt •ndanirer Tour fttmtlr with ul»T tlr«—BDT Lira TIRB3. CHAPMAM smVIQI STATION Main »nd DlTlilon Phorfe 23«3 12 u ck If Services Nerd your radio repaired? Call Bed Wnllon, Disabled veteran repairs radio at home. Reasonable prices ph. ° 31S - 4 I pk S I ironlns, curtains strrtchcd. Apt 41 *' r " a "' 3 23 p6 J,5 Seed soybeans, Dortclisoy N'o. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's .stock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2M2. G3 Implement Co. 3131 ^ tf • GS. Lnxora. Ark. 3 23 pk 1 Vlklntt vptreuntc box 1 1/2 IIP Compressor 1 14-root meat case 2 3/4 HP com|>ressor« 1 S-iool Hill self-service cnse 2 ment blocks 3 Hobart Bilcpr I meat Krlnder 3 Irp-Krtsp vngeUble rack> I 8x(5 walk-in cooler 1 1950 rrvodrl 1 1/2 ton OMC true* Contact Melrln Halscll at HalJell ft Vhlta Furniture Co.. or Phone <W!>G. 322 tf Modern 2 beilroom home with bath, floor furnnce. Small down payment "—'.. !40,8l per montli Ph. oils. 4 2 nk 4 fi _ For moving and lorn! hnnllncr call 6o29. \V. W. Hrekham, m R05e. " _ n 29 pX ( 29 Curtains laundered. Reasonable HOS ^_; As>1 _ 3 25 pk <;21 Curtains laundered and stretched. Mrs. J. E. Lawrence, ph. 625* _ __ 3 25 pk 4 25 Ococery filock nnrl IHttures tor sale 323 W St. - 43 pk 5 All maKes & models, nt reasonable prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4470. Highway 61 North .121 ck 431 Lntmdry In my home Ph 6147 B pk 48 model wnshln« r repair any maKe 01 on 8th St In- "r. r.r.ih.i:r!. r-rr G7.?,? 3 \ 2f) MINUTE rnoTOSTATK- ICt O'STEKN'S STHDIO-IIS « Watch and Jewelry Reooir l-D«j <erTlrr nn Jewclrr -3 dnTs r*trh05 enrt rjnrk^ nn,ir,intrr;J W lfine hy csprrt tepn1rn:rn l^wf Main i Second 4 rooms antl balb. floor furnace, hot ater heater, plumbing for automatic .. asher. Nice location In town, will soil tor equity and resume payments. 4 ml. s. Highway 61. Fnnt Wlnrtham 4 2 pit <\S YenrlliiBs, heifer* and steers, welfih- in« from 200 to 3M1 Ibs. J. w Blackwell, Steele. Mo. ph. 243M. 42 pk 4 Ifi John I Ph. 3718. the truck you want is here! 1948 Chev. . . $695 1949 Ford $945 Here's a l^-Ton Chevrolet Pickup I hat's jjot new, nidio and healer .. .now it's only. . SB95. 1949 Ford $895 A truck thai runs like a new ooc! Save money im this 'Ifl Ford '/i-Tnn Pickup, radio and healer. 1951 TRUCKS We sfill have a few new 1051 Trucks in sizes op lo 2-Ton. You can huy one now at a spccinl dis- cotinl AND .still RC( (he same jjtiarunlec von would wilh a 1<152 model! Sec them this week! This exlra clean Vi-Ton I'iduip lias ni'ir (ices (75(1 x 17 eifchl-ply (ires on real-). Jiuns perfect. 1948 Dodge $795 Need a 2-Ton (ruck wilh 2-spced axle? This Dodge has almost new tires, g»od hody, and healer. USED TRACTORS Three tractors you can buy al a bargain! We've Kol a small Allis-Chalmers. a John Deere and a 1!1S(I model Ford Tractor complete with equip- menl. Come down lo- morrow — pick oul the one you want. Broadway & Chtckasawba empany Phone 4453 12 room hou it, food iocstIon ncro,u« trom hlBh school Dlrlcled into 3 wniirt- menls. each with electric Jcltchen Two -room Apartments, one 6-room spart- ment. nil (ullj furnished Fotretl tn sell berMist n[ 11) hcakh Open Tnt In- npecvlon Apply 713 ChicknuAwba 2,20 cfc tC 160 acrpfl good mlxeil land near Dell. Grare] road on two sMpa, cnall nnd schffOt biiK route, 2 hoiisr.i. This land has produced I 3/4 bales per acre- Price $250. as ficrpn near Lnxora. Harn, 2 houses, school bus, mall route, Price 1225. LEWIS REALTY CO 111". £..Davis St. Prihnp 8B65 Nice 75x150 ft- lot ind First SireM.v Tr rnrner Missouri »133i. Commercial. ISO It fronlat;e on Broadway N. HOxifiG and tlOx^OO on N. LEWIS REALTY CO 111 E, D.ivls St. Phone 8fiS5 plante . 42 pk _ _ Tomato plants I5c dt)7, plants 20c do?. 604 Ash St. Ph, BIG BARGAINS In Good USKD rcK noxiis ?.=i iinrl Up R. F. GOODRKTI STORE •117 \\. .Main -I 3 ck 6 For So,e, Real Estate .Modern '2 bedroom home, l.ncatoil in very i^ood residential district. This place is in oxcolloiit cnndilinn. K<|iiippedl with iiilic fan and Venetian i PAT O'RRYAKIT i llllV<ls< I; "' KP lia(-| < yard fenced ! rr\\ W DK T/AIN I iaiitl tiindst-aned. Can be fi-! iiiiiKTd iiy F.H.A. or G.I.! Loan. '. See or iall Max Lilian. Realtor Lynch Hldjr. New modern 2 bedroom lionie already financed by 4' : '» G.I, Loan. Payments only ?'10.00 per month including taxes and insurance. Small down payment will buy thrs. See or call Max l.ogan. Realtor Lynch TUdg. , Phone 203<! 43 ck '1 10 Kor palnttnF: and pap?rlnz c.ill Har r>' Wheat and Roy Frccir.nri. «V sper lah'c In fhec!rm-t ' or 2335. nsr Ph fif^ri For 5a/e, Misc. •I 3 ck .110 c r ,;r w'll Pol! TOT !nc ra Oil Brlds j Mnnlla. 3E Lcarhvillr 32? pk 4 EF.!> BEANS-r^.-tch No, 2 97'; 1 ...*'. FS V r KENTITK-V STOCK FAI1MS -id iir.provri^rnrs A- rcrmanent Pas''"!• II C ILittserlns lienllor. Part'.l. ^^^^*x-^\ ^OOSLIXns FOR SALK"~ IMMEDIATE DFUVERT HLCH \V. AI.LEX ^ C «5'\ A «! 4 2 pk 5 2 Mt^fl/rn 5-romn hou.»« and hnth on Nnrtti fitll Ht . 1 hlor* from Cptltrnl NVurrt Sr>uxiL larsr frncotl In harlc- T.iril. outdoor Morni:f SUOr) r^5h, hnl- ancp ^", loan nT 540 ppr mnnth. In- rliKllnK Insurrvnrp nnrt I.ITPX Mnilivn 3-*irdionrn wKh 1 hivthv \n IIWO hl»n-V nn Ash SIrrpt. T.arpc lot. 2- cnr cnrrxcp Iinincdlalp pospr^sloii. prtcp *14.0^0. 3-portroom ttomp In CnnnUT Chlb I>r)vr Artdltlnn. It> vacant — you'll like I!, (iood r.mtimon. Jl .OfK) to^n cn?h «III linnitlp. Bftlince iSI 50 per month. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. Und. Phone -till Residence Phono 2SOR 3 3i> rk t! CF.RTiFIlCD n B .»«' apJJo^d " Wtrt hfa C. (.. WYT.IK Pro:n!<p<l I,»nd Farm Or Phor.e 2624. «.2 pll It :i Bodi-oo'ii Homp Irloal Location West of Division ami Xorth n( Main h<rl™n", ",' h " 1nr! " lon pv «' r V homp nuntrr In lll\lhi>vUlr Is sprrltvlns 3 larsf pl^rnv o''r"hl 4( ^ 1 '' 0; ' f 1Il * In >r room, (tlntue roi^iii tnll S17C. nice sl?p kltrhMi -,vlth *nd stmp r,->r,l\ C Fvm^i/. 10 ^/ 11 ^.!'"^' 4R ntl: '' fln - P ll ' nt !-' ot r '< 1 ^f^. pflrftso 3f ^<s>rl n;i»ui- .-^n npiorp tnp n^\r n h^n TiiMcrlals \\-prf plentiful, nnrt »t ?JViXKl Finant^L foijstriirlrrt throuplionl. This lopcJj* home Is it ti^realn 1!0 Acres Modern ,'i Rrdroom Homo ist i^ niHp [ tonl cll> . n m i tR O f Blythpvlllp. This Is I wrtl ' ( irrtlnrt! ^vlli T A]sr anylhlnfi, Komp uns tom- njrancod niiKirrn kllrhon. rtcrtrlr hnt wntpr hralpr. Real-ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS It interested in Duylnc or selling sea Noble Gill Agency • INSURANCE' Glencoe BMg. Ph. 6858 B 30 ck 11 \ Room and Board WE ARE PROUD OF OUR EMPLOYEES! ALLEN HARD1N DON WILHEIM GERALD BLOMEYER J. F. JOHNSON RAYMOND KING S. J. CRAIG Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hl.vtheville, Arkansas — I'lione 2371 C.FORCREWCUT—freshman Joe Sparks gets a thorough trirn- mmg, Columbia style, from Pete Ehrcnhafd as Frosh Tom McCar. ran and Crew Manager Bruno Dellinfantc. right, watch It is the Lions way of iniliating freshmen into collegiate rowirvg. (NTEA) Wonted, Male Dragline operator needed to ixork on .ma Piiyniasler. Steady work. Ph. 2820. Haytl. Mo. L. P. Mnrse. 42 pk 9 Wonted For Rent Room and board. Rooms, meals optional. MEB. Cassldy. 115 W. Ash. 3 38 4 5 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W J. Pollard Aoency Planned Protection 124 W A»h 51. GL1NCOI KOTET. BUILDING 4,8 ck LI Lost and found 1250 reward for finding assrnypr, leaving Sun. morn. 8 00 o'clock to San Antonio, Texas Hrlp share expenses. Ph. 8910. 42 pk 45 Job Wanted Baby sitting, day or night. Tour home or mine. Rererences. Mrs. Grace Cable, ph. 3986. 339 pic 4ft Concrete BlocV Building, .suitable foi garaps or uore and ftdjolnlng 5 rnarn house with hath Located in curve on Kli!hw(iy fl] snuth side nf Htniand Mn Ca(J 4404 or writ* Paul Byrum [mp]q mem Co. . ^33 clt t] Private Rooms Bedrooms. Men only. Mrs. E. F. Blo- neycr. ph. 2666. 4 i ^ \\i Brtlrnorn with [iilvatp hath. Ph. 5671 Unfvtrn House and apartment. Ph 3109 3iia pk 4;1B 3 rm. unfurn.. house with bnth $25. • Bear 421 r.. Ash. ph. -1667. 331 ck 4,6 4 rm. house with bath, hot water [heater, 616 N'. liln. Ph. 3072. 4.1 pk 8 [ 5 room brick house, electric hot wa- ! ter Jj^atcr. nutttrrmttc washer, floor j turnace. 326 Missouri, ph. 3139. 4|1 pit 48 Wanted to Buy WANTED; We pay top prices for soybeans, soybean split.";, shelled corn, oats, wheat and barley Get our price before you sell FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP K. Broadway. DlythcvUle. Ph. aiDl 3 20 ck « 20 W« wit! jiy CA5H for your oltl Kodak s, canera* and lenses foi parts O'STEEN'S BTTJDIO. 115 WKST Main 124 ck tf Gloncoo Motel. 11 ck Furnished house, 5 rooms and bath. 160.00 pet month. Lonnle Boydston, ph. 3331. 4.2 ck 4;5 Two. three room apt,, private bath. wlreci lor electric stove. Pt\. 32SG. •1 2-pk 4.S Rent n Shetland pony lor your child oy Ihe day, week or month. "John Mc- Dowpll. ph. 3706. 4;3 pk 5 ; 3 Many Insects live only in association with plants, for instance who live all or part of their life cycle.? In the wood of trees. Notice .. j land. Mo. Ph, 3292 or 3326. 42 pfc 9 A al TELEVISION HKPAIR tc« mAkM * models, nt reasonable Hay Amusemont Co. Ph. 4-170, Highway 61 North 3 21 ck 4 21 EASTER SPECIALS flo cold waves ?10 f 10 cold waves ?7.50 Machineless ?5 up T1IF. RKAUTY RAR Glrnrop Hntpl Br ( I K Phone 3202 nl H^-nry J '51 Deluxe »l SOISOO. with (Ilscoiitit ror cash. Sre ttt 310 North Bioatlway or call 4.i23 4 2 ck 5 35 clt *S To .ill my friend* nm! rusmm-'s"", •TIMMV HA1.I. 1^ now with Mr F R Bsr^^i ai llio MAIN OARPKR S>tor IIS \Vrsf Main. 42 pk 5 .1^1 oil r Ptlrp-d fo tl..ea ro ,.,,' TM , « i «•« '" a " *'"' " lllkl ' ""• " s,|p $i 6 .soooo. Financing ran he rrry nn Inrttpcndcnt living. ngpcl. KEMP \VJIISKNHUNT, Real Kntatc Broker, I'hone S-tnn ...... «.2 CU 9 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, l.cspcdeza. Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn, Sec us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Plump 68.16 - 1ROO «>sl Main PRESCRIPTIONS l-'ifsh Stock Guaranteed Hcst Trices Kirby Drug Stores for Spring Join the Sprinz parade—with shops lliat look likp nrw. RrlnR us Hie shoes that need dyeing am! rrp.iir. HflLTCRS .Q 1_ TV SHO€ SHO II W. MAIN ST. THE MAN TO KNOW Thr man to know U Ihc tc who knows linvr to rare for your car . . . and docs. Ills best lo repair it right! you'll find the best service for your car at T. 1. Scay Motor Co. Try «. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 r.. Main it)< Dcitrr Phone 2122 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Planr—Promised Land CAR SPECIALS Iflot CHEVROLKT Slyline 4-door Sedan: blue finish, outside visor, large heafer & defroster and plastic seat covers. See this handsome car before you choose. 1950 CHRVROLET Fleelline ,1-door Sedan: deluxe radio, fresh air htaier & defroster and plastic seat covers. Very low mileage, loo. You'll find our price way below ceiling! 10IS CHEVHOLKT Fleelmastcr 5-1'asseiigcr radio, heafer & defroster. A one-owner cur.. 1918 KOKtt V-S 5-Passenger Coupe: radio, seal covers, spotlight, healer & defroster 1018 PLYMOUTH deluxe 4-door'sedan: equipped with healer & seal covers. Special today 1!)I6 CHEVROLET Fleetniasler 2-rtooi Sedan: wilh radio, seal covers, healer and defrosler plus a completely overhauled motor and extra I good tires ... il's a steal at ? 795 S 729 645 TRUCKS .. . TRUCKS ... TRUCKS ... TRUCKS all makes and year models are here for you lo see at bullivart-Nelson Chevrolet Co. Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT I'LAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Ph one 4578 The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is N6w Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans 75' A Full Meal. ... Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! HORNER-WILSON SELLS GOOD USED CARS 1950 OLDSMOB1LE A sinning green Rocket "SS"! Equipped wilh radio, healer, white sidewalk . . , (his 4-door Se- dun is K beauty! 1950 OLDSMOB1LE The car you've wauled lo own! A handsome grey "OS" wilh the Kockcl engine. Four- door Sedan — all cquip- menf. 7950 CHEVROLET A nice lale-model car, this attractive h 1 u e Chevrolet has while tires, radio, healer. Four door Sedan. 1950 PLYMOUTH The special deluxe model. Wilh new tires, radio and healer, this 4- door Sedan offers you pleasant driving. 1948 OLDS .. $995 Packed wiih value at S335, this black Olrfsmo- hile has radio and heater. Standard transmission. Drive if, 1946 DODGE $695 Yon'l! gel good service from this new reconditioned molor. Radio and healer. See this 2-door Sedan lodav. HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobile — GS1C Trucks Pbone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 j ON MAIN STREET I

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