The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 9, 1942 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1942
Page 7
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1942. Tells of Atrocities Perpetrated oh J Jews : Smart Skirt Pleats Mrs.-Archibald Silverman, Noted Leader, Pleads Cause of jZionism -l - . L 1 tT "We hope England wU see fit to acknowledge our right to stand by ourselves and fight for freedom, democracy and Justice, alongside, of -Australians, New Zealahders and all the' other United Nations", said Mrs. Archil bald Silverman, leading Zionist from Providence, Rhode Island, in an address on "The Homelessness of the Jew"., at the annua Hadassah Give or Get Dinner last night in the Chateau Laurier. 1 .Pleading the cause of Zionism Mrs. Silverman told harrowing eye-witness tales of 'the Polish ghettos. She' left Poland only 17 days before Hitler marched In. "I will not speak of the old, but of the youth. Jewish boys and girls who had been waiting and . training two years to go to Pales' tine, begged me to take them out of Poland. I don't know what has happened to these boys; though it is not hard to imagine, but I have prayed for the death of the girls since the German invasion. They- could have been saved, these young people,! If Jews generally had given of their . means, as they should. How great i the tragedy of the Palestine ' that might have been!" . . The speaker cited the1 case 'of 1 0.000 : Polish children to whom the people in Palestine 'were will-' ing to open their homes. Not one of them went because the money required was not forthcoming. : - Recently returned from England,' Mrs. '.Silverman said the Jews there are giving as never before. Their temporary homeless state, due'to bombings, had made them realize what it is to be without a home. . 1 Of the people in Palestine where she has been many times, Mrs. Silverman said they have no fear for themselves. No sacrifice is too great But they fear lest the Jews outside Palestine become afraid and translate their fear into a de- u 0W0RKIN FURS Special : m MUSKRAT : Blended Mink or Sable . Tea thfal r t a ttartag Sty to. I Hol-Un4r (fraud im4 . D7 OR KIN FURS ' 5 &IDEAV ST. LIsst'S O. ukah was lytt. featist attitude about the Zionist movement . I The meeting was under" the chairmanship of Mrs, B. M. Alexandor, in the absence of the president Mrs. Louis Coplan. Mrs. Tania Flaw, graduate of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, was guest artist land gave several piano solos . by Scarlatti and Chopin, and also Hungarian Rhapsodic No. 11 i Cantor J. Rabin i lit - Chanukah candles, and Rabbi Z. ' Fasman brought Chan1 greetings. The speaker thanked by Mrs. ' Simon J. convener of the dinner. Members of the ' Ottawa . Zionist Society were in the. gallery. I ' : I -1 1 Those seated at the bead table were: Mrs. B. M. Alexandor, Mrs. Silverman, A. J. Freiman, Rabbi O. Z. Fasman, Mrs. O. Z. Fasman, Mr S. J. Ritt Mrs. Tania Plaw, Mrs. Lawrence Freiman, Mrs.lS. Cohen, Cantor J. Rabin. I Mrs. A. H. Coplan, I Mrs. S. Kronick, Mrs A. D. Betchermkn, Miss Eva Cornblatt, Mrs. N. Wittn, Mrs.' D. Wolochow, Mrs.' H. Gold-enberg, Mrs. M. Rosman, Mis.1 J. Saxe.i Mrs. Gordon Caplan, Mrs. N. Steinman, Miss B. Coopenmith, Miss S. Rabin, Mrs; S. Caplhn, Mn. C. Slonemsky, Mrs. S. Leppf-sky.t Mrs. A. H. Lleff, ! Mrs. S. Sobcov, Mrs. Alex Betchermkn, Mrs. N. Slone, Mrs. S. Brodle, Mrs. Z. RilL Mrs. N. Schecter, Mrs. I. Sobcuff, Mrs. & Silver, Mrs. J. Gennis and Mrs. B. Gold-field. '!,! . v ' i YOUR BABY Scrub Your Baby He Won't Break Br MTOTLE MBTBR ELDRXD Every young mother bathing her first baby la sure, to feel that) it will ; fall apart in -' her hands or drop on the floor and break. She could never have Imagined so frail and tiny a body. . Yet firm hands and 'a good grip are essential baby's feeling of being bald Complete security. Then and only will he enjoy his bath. I ; Before the bath take time to out the clothes in the .order their use, collect all the bath teriala and have the water in the tub and at -the proper temperature before the baby is undressed. ; i Bathe, baby, in the warmest room in the house or in front ft the open door -of he gas stove. Baby can be handled on t le mother's -lap, or- on a bed or a table, the only Important factor being to preserve the baby's filing of security , and. bis mothers comfort i ,' -.' ;- ., , v -j&: ' . ; Until the .navel dressing is r ;-moved the baby will be - given only 'i a sponge . bath. Once the dressing is off he should be soap id and then rinsed in the tub. ' Ha' 'e the water warmed to 08 or 100 degrees, lower the baby In gentjy and soon hell be kicking and Gl FTS FOR THE HOME CHRISTMAS CARDS f j distinct ion selection we have- a splendid of fine pictures. ti i FOR, THE ARTIST: OILS t , . WATZR COLORS e BRUSHES : PASTILS i I : CANVAS I TWZ DRAWING ' 1' -. FAFER BOOKS ON riNE ART Frank Jarman Limited U BANK ST. Art Dealer for Nearly H oljf a Century- 2-5874 l: : . . .. ' f ' . i i .- . n w hri , mm IS ! I I I I QuclHy Uodtr for a Century and a HaH . I When yoa buy Baker's Cocoa you - buy cocoa backed by 160 years experience in manufacturing fine : ' cocoa. Serve this nourishing food drink often. Prepare it according te the recipe ' printe1 on every ' labeL'It's delicious and ecofa- omicaL Good for baking, too. ' Tie lem-priemi I lb. turn 75 tm 90 cup. aa i mm w nvomi a. I I t Northern Electric Radio m i wi win lamias; - m J . torrier-McKnight Co. W let-lit BANK ST. : Z-201S 5 SAVE on DRESSES Ma" !;:-.--: NORMAN'S S4S6S6 Dress Shor104 Bank St . . By ANNS ADAMS. j "Indispensable", is the word for this shirtwaister by Anna Adams, Pattern-4372., There's a slimming treatment in the side-front skirt pleats, stitched smooth over the hips and eoft below. You'll like the youthful, collar; the soft yoked bodice. Three lengths of sleeve. Pattern 4373 is available in women's, sizes 84, 38, 38, 40, 43, 44, 48 and 48. , Size 38 takes 34 yards 39-inch fabric . Send TWENTY CENTS (30c) in coins (stamps cannot be accepted) for this Anne Adams pattern. Write plainly SIZE, NAME, AD DRESS and STYLE NUMBER. Send your order to Pattern De partment, Reader Mall Ltd., 80 Front street west, Toronto 3, Ont splashing ' and having himself beautiful time. - If he shows fear, cover the top of the tub with .a bath towel and lower him Into the water gradual ly. He wont feel so "drowned' as before, -t ' - j Undress the baby and wrap him In a large towel while his eyes, nose, face and head are being cleansed. Use clear water for the face and wipe It dry. Wipe each eye -with a separate bit of absorbent cotton dipped in salt or boric add i solution. Either one can be made with one teaspoon of salt or boric acid crystals dis solved in one pint of boiling water and stored in a clean covered glass Jar.- Use when cool. Wrap a bit of .the cotton firmly about a smooth toothpick and dip in baby oil Clean j one nostril. Repeat with a clean piece of cotton. If the crusts in the nose are harden ed, oil them well at the beginning of the bath land then they can be wiped away later without prod ding or pain. Leave mouth and ears alone, I unless one wishes to wipe around the outside folds of the ear gently with a swab of cotton on a toothpick dampened in oil. ! . 'Soap the 'wash cloth well and crub the head, paying particular attention, to the "soft spot" on which oil land dirt collect into tough crusts, defying cleansing. Ordinary pressure cannot harm the head even if it looks perilous and someone has said that pres sure is dangerous. Not hand pres sure. . I ... ,; ' ; When all this is completed, soap the whole body well and dip baby in the tub.! Then dry him, rub a bit of oil or tome powder in the creases and dress him quickly. Hell be a kissable, fragrant, seven pounds of rosy flesh. ' i Our leaflet, "The First Six Weeks", outlines the ordinary routine for the new baby. It may be had by sending a three-cent stamped,. self-addressed envelope with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred in care of this newspaper. Mist Clara Anderson, one of this week's brides, was honored by members of! the Treasury Board staff of the Department of Finance at the tea hour at the Chateau Laurier.. The uest-of -honor was presented with a silver : bonbon dish and a corsage bouquet of Johanna Hill rose . Birthday Club . ' DECEMBER . John J.J Malngot, age 7. ' Richard Joseph Charles . O'Shaughnessy, age 11. j Cora Olm, age 3. Theresa .Routhier, age 13. . teealwe Journal, trtAaav tdtter. Octave, Out : . : 'ieete enrell me- m The fveiUna Journal BktAday Clve. - ., will be 'year old en .. ........ 19...,, Jfeme ..................... r Address ..I... .... ... ...... a... VLtAM MtMT MAMi f Sht'U tivt p DEVLIN'S. 1 tact of kiikor . . . to the gift y6u choose at It may M-the glitter of sequinf, for candle light occasions, a gay tittle frock for holiday jdfusk' to dark, wisp oi sitxen ungenf,:n iianenng iiresiae coat, a luxurious ( muff . . . whether it's h-n important present or a charming trifle, "Devlin V to h? apella "tpecial". Her knight btfort Chrfiimai i . . . will not rr lit hf presents her with a BIRKS BLTUE BOX. Be its contents china or crystal, gleaming silvaor velvety leather orffhe thrilling sparkle of diamonds its very color brings a! fleam of .an ticipation on Christmatl Day in the morning; For htr whit it Christnidg . . . certain to bring a sparkle to St:' More than ever, this Chiistmas, you'll Want lo ieijxember your friends remember them in the practical ioay which. signifies real thought illness. Christmas greetings in print i. . . will be the iovely printeo y bengaline housecoat which comes . from' the GAINSBORO SHOPPE, of 202 Sparks Street Cut to cover slender ankles. to swirl wide and gracefully, it's just the fireside companion for a leisure evening. Choose it in any of $ host of designs and colors for only $5.95. it 7 the eye is one of Gerhard Kennedy's devattatingly smart White Cap ski outfits.or a vivid skating skui and jacket And for after-ski houra of fireside foregathering, 'colorful slacks and shirts all fl; be found in LAURA THOMAS Sports Chalet; 151 Sparks Street' S-sl HI: A heaven-sent gift, inie J ' will be her favorite Helena Blossom". BfiESLY'S DRUG STO ate. "Apple . Flatter his masculine ego r. . with something to wear from DEVLIN'S ENGLISH SHOP.. You simply can't go wrong with haberdashery to match his well-out clothes, whether khaki or mufti and you'll rate ."tops" if yoa choose that , Super gift, a smart and' comfortable house coat or lounging . robe for his hours of ease. : : ' :. Career 'girFtgift ... is the one that comes from STEIN BROTHERS of 149 Bank Street It may be a luxuriously, furred coat or a distinctively smart aiternoon,dreta, a trim jacket and skirt or a chic little chapeau but it will carry the hallmark of individuality and quality for which career girls know Stein's. i t. DRUG STORES at 90, Soarks and 200 Elgin streets are th jnly drug stores in th city carrying these exquisite toiletries youll find a complete line of lovely Harriet Hubbard ; Aver toiletries there loo. Mother Goose .it For the fnvenite bookwdims . . . Make their eyes; dance with a package chosen from ;MURPHY3AMBLE'S collection of books for children qjEHall ages.; Adyenturetl fairy talcs,, classics, there's something here to intrigue i everyone from tiny tots to 'teen age-including a fascinating Animated for Tiny 5Tim and Sitter Suki Lucky is the lady . . . tyho finds her private prayer for a new frock for the holidays answered with af box from HARPER'S pRESS 5HOPPE of 101f Bnk Street Especially lucky if it'cfdntalns a- gay little; Wol or crepe dress to wear j under h$'i fur coat a memorable gift for' only $6.95 to $16.95. & t: i - f 3 Wise man's gift to. a hostess ... is chosen from? the superb showing of fine English china and pottery, the exquisite crystal, still corning steadily (and in larger quantities than ever) to McINTOSH ND WATTS, the China Hall at 247 Bank, Street whereij too, he will find the ; attractive : Beauty for the ieautyJor . . .-youll find it in the collection Fairy godmothers take not it ... that god-daughters delight in the warmth and beauty of pure woollens, the sort of soft ..and delicately; colored Shetland cardigans (from $7.95) to be found at LUCE'S JAEGER SHOP of 11.1 Sparks Street And they dote on fluffy angora gloves and smartly tailored . 0 Viyella blouses in vivid .hues, as well. .' For her Christmas stocking . . ', we suggest gloves and , hosiery, the ever-welobme handkerchiefs,' of which she . never has too many and underneath the tree an intriguing little hat-box containing :the small bright bonnet shell love to don on Christmas morning. All of them from the ARMA MILLINERY SHOPPE, 285 Bank Street ".V.- ;. r-- -Vv. i l.-l In the cause of beauty ( J . give her a practical remembrance to use as she pleases. No, not a cheque exactly but as good as is the gift certificate from the LORD ELGIN BEAUTY SALON (in the Lord Elgin Hotel) entitling her to per manent wave or facial, pr other aid to holiday loveliness, at her favorite beauty emporium, t of FRANK JARMAN LIMITED 6f 204 Bank! Street, the well-known art dealer hd expert picture .frinjer. But ; a word to the wise chOse your original or production i now, for the desidhhe f op picture-framing in time lor C2inst mas is at hand! y ' -'lit'- i The smalt fry's pride andijoy will be the togs from SHAFFER'S LIMITED, 147 Ridea lideau find on the Christmas free. Snow suits, tki shoes, mitts and Caps, and k hoat of gaily colored Accessories ntstetit iAei ' eitr4 hef ie1ei feAeM gsa iv as viu here is everything required to equip boys and 3 to 14 years for fun in the snow. Make it a musical Christmas 4 music they, want r; for all the when they want it" Victor the record department ofipRME LIMITED, Street nonsense; tongs ant) adventure tales for light-hearted dance mutiifor the young folk clattics and their f ay)rite stagers for the olde , PS. for procrastinators ; . . Have you remembered, in the midtt of your Christmas preparations for the other fellow, ' that you want, to look your best for the .Yuletide gaieties? La, la, lady high time for you to call 8-2800 and make certain that PATTON'S . will have your favorite frocks spic and span come the day. jinter sport Street, they Suits, snow youll find the most artistic' dozen. i :; li- tn family, -The records frdm 175 Sparks this children. opera and. uecemoer a ay 5 1 are fleeting only .13 more of them f 0 r Christmas shopping. How goes your gift-gathering?, ! ones., - r 1 j. f..ii uying far and Compliments of the seosoit, -. . '. Send them wide on your personal griteting cards but don'ttdelsy an other day to order them from VENIS PRESS jof 224 Sparks Street Whatever your preference in. Christmas jrnessages, m sss Time out for nourishment ft here, for as little ' . is a plesssnt inter ks :$1.00 the le itvthe gift-seeker's wanderingt especially when thej pause for refreshment is made in ;tbe restful atmosphere of the VENETIAN TEA ROOMS at 200 Sparka Street i s i r I ... 1 I made TEA "Elevenses" coffee, four h'clock tea, a full noon or nightfall-p-the Vexietian - features . them V . course meal ah' I M . . : i -! : :Sjs; i - . . ... " - L '. . '

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