Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on June 20, 1930 · Page 16
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Reading, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1930
Page 16
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STxfeerf. times phone eiw THE. READING TIMES, READING, PA'., FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE '20, T93rJ .TIMES PHONE 6101 BOOKS, 59 CENTS AT CIGAR STORES Wallace Mystery Tome to Launch New Cut Rate Plan GOTHAM HAZC By WILLIAM LIPMAN (World News Service) NEW YORK, June 19. One week from today 1,500 United Cigar stores throughout the country and Whalen and Neve drug" stores associated with them, will offer you for 50 cents a copy of "The Hand oi Power,". Edgar Wallace's latest mystery novel, printed on good paper and bound in boards. And thus, my dears, will be written another chapter in the hectic history or the book business which seems to be going blotto. This new wrinkle was explained yesterday by Sidney M. Bidden, president of the Mystery league, and William A. Ferguson, secretary of the United Cigar Stores company of America. Educating magazine readers to buy books at prices within their reach is the aim of the Mystery league. Several hundred mystery books are published annually, its president pointed out, and his firm will not publish more than 24 in a year, so he feels that the new venture will not cut into the trade of book stores. "For one thing," he said, "we expect to create a new class of bcok readers." The impression seems to be fairly common that what the book business needs is "a new class of readers," so thus worthy aim, as voiced by Bid - dell, isn't exactly original. Ferguson thinks that selling you a book when you drop in to buy a pack of cigarets or a cigar, will be easy. Here and there, he said, some of his firm's stores had been experimenting with the book business and things came off beautifully. Well, it seems Bid - dell got this idea about the Mystery league and needed a distributor for his wares, and there was Ferguson wishing he could get some books to sell. And then just to show you how things turn out, sometimes thry met and talked it over. And now, as you tarry with dame nicotine, you may also select yourself a book. And remember the price only 50 cents. The Idea has its possibilities, but we don't quite agree with BidcWl when he says it isn't going to hurt the business of book stores. You'll probably learn more about that angle after the booksellers catch their breath and proceed to have their say. The radio business, to hear 'em tell it down around Cortlandt street, is gasping. People aren't buying receiving sets because there's a rumor rampant that television receivers may arrive any minute, - making the present apparatus obsolete. Business fell off last wincr, but staged a comeback early this spring: and was doing nicely until the General Electric company put on a front page television experiment at Schenectady a few weeks ao. Immediately sales took another slump. Manufacturers and dealers are groaning and right now there are some wonderful bargains to be had in radio sets. One furniture house, for instance, is giving away with every, purchase of SI 00 or more a radio receiver that retailed not so long ago for $175. A chain of sper.kcasies, advertising cut rate prices, is set to invade the bright liciht zone and other spending spots around the city, and behind this ambitious , plan, those in the know explain, there's a story of sorts. Sundry g - entlcmen, engaged in wholesaling booze to roadway lush .joints, found themselves suddenly frozen out. Since they purveyed what is often called "the better stuff" they were in a quandary. Caught with a stock on their hands they found that to unload ' would mean taking: a terrific kick in the bankroll. So they decided on the speakeasy chain, where, they argued, the stuff could be sold direct to the consumer, and since they were supplying it themselves they saw a good profit, even by underselling competing speakeasies. Locations for the chain, It Is Insisted, are being sewed up. The plan is to sell liquor at 25 cents a drink, ales at 30 cents a pint, beer at 10 and 15 cents a glass and mixed drinks at 35 cents a copy. A member of the syndicate Is quoted as saying that wholesale booze prices have hit an all - time low, but that speakeasy proprietors continue to clip their customers according to the old schedule. Price - slashing, they believe, will lure heavy business and will force independent blind - pigners to reduce prices, and there, so the plot goes, is where the kick comes in. for the independents won't be able to survive on a narrow margin of profit. You've probably been reading ahout the maniac killer, who's on the loose here. Two men have already died by his hand and before or after each murder he sent a letter to one of our journals outlining the deed. Both . killings occurred on long Island, where you find car3 parked along the roadside at night, the occupants buny petting. What he started out to say. however, wis that the far - flung plans to land this arch - fiend must be amusing to him, if he really exists. Newspapers, sunplied with details of the man hunt by the polire. tell all about each move th coppers are plotting and the vicinity where the murders occurred Is so thronged with gapers that the cops have scarcely room in (CBGGCZD HERE'S A SALT RAID ' . : J Here is what a raid by Indian rebels upon a British salt works looks like. This unusual picture shows a group of raiders among them a woman advancing upon a mound of salt to scatter it. A native policeman, at left, is seen attempting to halt them. which to move about. Probably among the bystanders, observing the prowling pops, is the killer, himself. New York, the world's most curious town, simply can't stand aside and let the work go on. Ofte hundred years ago 75 percent of this, country's population was required on the land for the production of food. Today less than 25 percent supplies that need. Exquisite Gifts fo JUNE From, a whole world jul of gifts the June Bride would prefer something for the neic home . . . and particularly for the table, because Brides ALWAYS tcant to entertain! They're proud of their ability to prepare dainty dishes . . . and they want to serve them appropriately! ever so many brides would prefer A DINNER SET in this extremely popular pattern v "The Pastel" Maddock's English Royal Ivory Diinnerware is characterized by its delightful panel shape. And the subdued pastel colorings form a charming decoration. ... and the Pastel is but one of the thirty - five lovely open stock dinncrware patterns ws have assembled from the leading potteries of America and Europe. Prices 'on this showing start at $2.95 for a 32 - piece Breakfast Set . . . serving 6 . . , while a really lovely 101 - piece Dinner Set . . . complete service for 12 . . . may be purchased for as little as $25! lland'Painled China CELERY SETS Twenty different patterns to choose from . . . any one of them would lend a pleasing touch of color to the table! Each set consists of a large celery tray with six salt dips to match. J $2.oo l0 $4.50 ostoria A Happy Chpice for the s June Bride's Gift ... 1 Fostoria Glassware Sherbets, Goblets, Footed Tumblers, Console Sets, Sandwich t Trays, Cheese and Cracker Servers. Vases. Ice Buckets ... In sunlit Rose, or the clearest, loveliest Green! Complete Dlnnerware service, too, either paneled or artistically etched. Bechtel, Lutz & Jost Inc. "Reading's China and Glassware Store" 944 Penn Street m PHE1 SEVENTH and PENN Don't miss seeing one of these amazing features which we are specially offering for .tomorrow! Every one repre - sents the ultimate in value ! Mil. SEVENTH and PENN mm Saturday Another Pay o!r Exceptional Savings! Women's Beach Coats In flowered Cretonne. fast colors, toot (mill, medium large sices. In and SJ.94 MAIN FLOOR Beautiful Berets All the wanted colors tor summer. 94c MAIN FLOOR sn's Wome Hosiery Silk Chiffon 45 - gauge Stockings, silk from top to toe! $? 00 A pr. 3 Pair for 2.85 MAIN FLOOR Another 500 of Those Marvelous New made by a stylist of $15.00 and $16.50 styles in a sensational selling event tomorrow. The entire town is talking about these values! Every woman who did not take advantage of last week's event should see these dresses in Beautiful Silk Crepes . . . Chiffons . . . Georgettes Shantungs , . . Printed Silks . . . Heavy Crepes Ensembles . . . Separate Coatees . '. . Dressy Models Tailored and Cape Styles There are dresses for Sports, Afternoon, Street ... lovely cool models for every occasion. You will want to stock up for the entire summer season when you see them! Misses' Sizes Women's Sizes Short Stouts Slenderizing Stouts SECOND FLOOR for $1 oo SECOND FLOOR Save y2 to Vz on Your Summer Travel Coat All Marked Down! $15 and $20 Values; Now $25 and ?30 Values; Now SECOND FLOOR IS $45 to $55 Values; Now . . . All J&& Marked Down! Boys' $12.94 Four - Piece Suits With Coat, Vest, and two pair of Golf Knickers. Smart single - breasted models In handsome colors and patterns. Sizes 8 to 18 years. Women's Neckwear Lace Bertha and V - neck styles. G .00 MAIN FLOOR w Washable t Gloves "Wear - Right" make In White and Eggshell. MAIN FLOOR THIRD FLOOR Boys' Wash Suits Values to $1.94. White, colors and prints In Broadcloth, Pique and Linen. Short sleeves, or leevelens. Green, Blue, Mair.e and White. Sites S to 9 years. 94c THIRD FLOOR Felts . . . Straws . . . Silks Featured in a Big White Hat Day All the newest brims . , cleverly draped styles . . . including Snug Berets and Cap types. Berets in every color ... at every price 44c to $3.95 SECOND FLOOR Girls' Wash Dresses , Sizes 2 to 14 Years Voiles, Dimities, Batistes and Organdies in plain colors and novelty prints. Capes, smocked, ruffled and tailored styles... many with bloomers. Sir .94 1 - THIRD FLOOR Girls' Bathing Suits Sizes to 36 for the 14 - year - old One and two - piece suits In all the new bright summer colors. With sun - backs, of course! Excellent values at Sg.94 THIRD FLOOR Women's Gowns Windsor Crepe and Voile with lace .yokes. 94c MAIN FLOOR Women's $2.94 Hand Bags Silks, Tapestries 'and Leathers, Including Snake and - Flgskln. $194 MAIN FLOOR Men's Accessories at Special Prices Men's All Wool Bathing Suits In Plain Colors Knitted with an elastic weave that means comfortable swimming:, because the suit will "five" with every move of the body. 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S294 to $995 Caps, Shoes and Belts for Bathing". 50c to $2.94 SECOND FLOOR You'll Be Captivated by Un Peu d'Qrient Toiletries Face or Talcum Powder 94c Cleansing, Vanishing or Tissue Creams, 44c ea. Astringent 84c Rouge 50c Perfume (bottled) $1.00 Also Bulk Perfume; V4 oz 75c MAIM FLOOR 0 Newest Jewelry - Creations for Smart Women Necklaces and Bracelets to match in .QAn I the new Pearl Grape style.. 'zC Changeable Pearl Rings set around with Mar - casitc. Colors to match costumes . . Green, Blue. Pearl, Orchid and Gun C1 M Metal; set New Elastic Bracelets ... a smart new fashion in all widths. 50c to 94c Wrist Watches, for Women and Men. One - year guaranteed 6 - jeweI movements. A gift that will be much appreciated. Men's Styles, Girls' Styles, $5.94 $7.94 MAIN FLOOR. Rayon Crepe Slips. Teach, Pink, Nil and White In Tegular and extra sizes. 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