The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE STX BT,YTHF,VTT,LE (ARK.) COtmmR NEWS OSCEOLA NEWS Taytor's First Case Collapsed, But Luck Wasn't Far Behind Fred Taylor . . . from "green" lawyer {„ honorary cldien r There's ataays * iljjjp i or everythlijx. Including a fresh younif lawyer's first case he lakes. This slory l)c«lm with I), Fred Taylor, jr.. sitting at n borrowed desk, pecking on a second hand typewriter in an office the ,si?e of 1 R halhromn In one of (hose new OI houses, "My client." began Mr, Tavlor ! •was a sweet, old lady who had fallen on a sired rar til Memphis and hurt her arm. .She was brought I to me by an old friend of my D.idX Dick I/lpnxmilj. f fell very Important but hntcd to admit that ; I didn't even know how much to Mr- !ho (omrKim 1 (or. I had a ft" law |)!MJ'<U.-|.|| harrowed and I bc- «an rciKliiiir lo >re If I could Mrd nnyf'ini; similar to this deal" ndil- ed Mr, Taylor. "I ran up on a rase thai ramified exi'dly like this one but It rtkln't , mention the amount of money tlie jwity was stjlnu for. so the" first ; tiling that nn tliroilRh my mird was the n'imber 55. Tliiit was the number nf (he question on (he nar ! examination T took and couldn't' answer, so I filled In the nninimt : JSfiOO. My office „.•„ s across Hit- sired from the late Pllim Mnxv.oli: In Memphis. 7 uoirt over lo luV office nnri told him I had found n case similar to this one in the book; r had horrov.ert from him and risked If I should proceed accord-i Inllv. ••Wan's reply was. 'if [f s In the! book us you B.IV, you hnve nothing i to fear. It's nil sewed up,' I tooicj Blan at his word until I (alked to I (he company's lawyer, who wns a ttoctl Wend of mine. When he told me his side wns RohiR to whip the sox off of me. I got corky with him and repeated my siire-firc case, ire lauRhcrt nml said, 'that's the evidence they're relying on.' I hadn't comprehended (he case the way It wns set up !n tlie book so I got busy hunting up (he claim adjuster. I settled the case out of court for «200. I got half of It and that wns th« biggest hundred dollars I ever saw In my life," laughed Mr. Taylor. * • * "My dad had so many friends In Memphis rfmong (lie lawyers, he n.i well as his friends got a big kick out of my first case. I was only twenty-four years old when f slarted practicing law. And In those days a young man had n herd way to go. Tile only ones who came to my office then were strictly visitors or old friends of my Dad who came by to offer advice. "I stuck it out though lor a year and a half and didn't do too bad nor (oo good cither. "Judge S, L. Oladlsh gave me , . the appointment of deputy prose ii attorney In 1928 In Polnsrtt County. The county was wild and wooly when I went there and the Jnfanlry. Every glimmer tor two weeks 1 was sent lo a' training camp, in 1040, I was ordered to active duty and was sent to Memphis a.i assistant executive olficer TJWWDAT, «• , *"« *le«r »«<« that helmet with the 40 painted on the front was the heaviest load I had to carry around. —. U.KPJ.J.Q.IIU L'A«,mHC IFJJ « « 4 tlie Memphis Military District In .. Wl , ,,,„„,, „ eharee of rcsen'e officers, six beuT r ™ ,', tJUeC " Elila '- montlM later. 1 was ordered over to r,"' d ' *fV y travdl »* del "«' the 2nd Array headwater* In Mem- i 'd de ck ^o, ° n " IC promcn - phls under General Ben Lear and | ?o.? n( f , „, th a(V , P !'' vale bath - : retained that field until Scot. 1943. ° Si °, 11 ""." hat rank In tl , 5 ie service cerlalnly had it., privileges. ,r iM'ivive ceriaimy had lt,i nrivlleae* was ordered for overseas rtuty We all loaded on tlie bcaMmt b£ -..d was promoted to Lieutenant fore dark, had ft S upner m for a =h °nT ' MW 'y "T .""' '° C "T ""* e "JW Pl«yin* «rt! before -HariK.s, N. Y.. staging area, with | tops were sounded for bedtime headquarters personnel of the 1st "In the mi.inf,. n r ,,.„,! I". 1 "' .. .^.u^u.n.r., personnel 01 tne isu "in the middle of tlie ninht vou Army. The main thing they taught | never saw a., many Mek b"v in an ... »« How to .bandtn sl.ip and ,, 1ir li,e, j had A l f l „ e?e y Wng all I could thmfe about was (he ! but number 40 helmet f even American naval offi-ei, J ; ,m«[ Had my Mae 11,at was ijjiicd Lawcrence. whose (lyini- command. us, rigbl by my bed I wondered all was, "Uon't slve no the Shin" T ..tcriit i,,,,,. ,„.._..,_'.. clc " a " "•--. n..u.^ ujjiiis iijiiniiaiiu! 115, ngni uy my bed I wondered nil was, "Uon't g) ., e up t>le ship." I! nW.M.ow far oul In the ocean *« .—., ...... . „,-„, ,,„.,,.. nllu ,|was glad then that i had chosen j were. At daybreak tiJ new ™X, - foimrt - lne °" ly """• ^i ^n u Kr» ? B -J w i srj s-^H-ESS h - 'V ™ money Ir om the | ^Son"h^ an''L^ a^r^m ! ^t '^^ V ' "''^ 6Ve " bank of Marion to ,et ,ip mv offleo the minute I Marted ov f r-eus i ee'lllns to rri, I "c^ f' X dnyS :;:,, M r, rt ;l d ., Tr r: r ,'V a ' lc ?«»**.* ™ "'"» 1 received my di-ch^.r e i " k s t °, Sk™'"» unS "^ " i« I9«. {think / WH.S (he luckus, i - W |,™ I ,aw H OOo lrcops W1 | k maum the ^*^™?*^;-,«L .'"»'*"' J -••'«• 'Sve 1 «'a.s neainst the law was to chickens. "I bojroued money from , pay it back but I kept borrowing money from .Judge ohidlsh lo live on ,m,U at the end o^"he ear d ed to work c™^ neS n"" S ^^°" <™ fihlp J ««"«"« be&emj P..''"!' '»»•«' '»'"»">- mone, hH^.^n Im (he ^ ' " J^, ' iT''i^^"« '>?' ™»* ™" u ,.„„ ,„„„• (i ,««ey had .(raw, ',, ,he , ,,« , r : "' ' nn '' "° Wra /hal mil »>' ">™ than I had borrowed from the bank ^'Jl'J^^^^J^^my^'l'. Ij See TAYLOR'S ,,-, nST on Fae( . T t" finance me in my law office. So I e.-ime to Osreola and entered In the law Jhrn of Gladbh and Taylor Hie Taylor part bcnm my Dad." I'm one who ran really tell these young Mlnws all about the trials nt:d mistrials of a striiRnllna young lawyer, "wlirn i settled In O;:eeola in 1030 all I heard about was tlie 1',-cejjl cation. H wasn't my Idea of heromln? n lawyer and [ thought with all the depression go!n<; on tlirn Ilia', I wn.s even worse off than I was when I opened my first office In Memphis. I was beginning to wish I had been born a girl as mv Mr-ther had planned on me be- Inif. Tiling rocked along for me for a shcrt while but were finally •tettlni; brighter for me in my pro- feislon and, n.s all young men dream about. I went over to Marked Tree and married In 1S33 to MLw Alberta Shearon. "WE WAFTED TEN years for our first child to be born. Fred III. Then five years later my Mother's wish cnme true, and we were the proud parents, (and the grandparents were fit to be tied) of B dangh- ler. Louise Shearon. We only waited one year for'our next toy. Rhebon Kyle and ou latest, beamed Mr. Taylor. "Is Robert Perry, a year »nd a half. We've used up all the family names on both sides BO guess we'll call It quit.,. "In 1S2<. when I attended the University of Missouri. I was commissioned a second lieutenant In / ^ v?za70mei y c^ cr Outfit Them Now for Easter AT WARDS THRIFTY PRICES 3-6X NEW TAFFETAS 2.98 Swiihy-skirted, pastcl-lipled acetates or rayons for spring Sunday-bell. Lois of 1'crs and ruffles, push-up puff sleeves and Vhile la<e and Ofgondy trimming touches. 7-14 SPRING SUITS 6.98 @ Crisp, wrinUe-resislont rayon and ace- lole gabardines in spring navy and high inadcs. Bolero and boxy jacket in slyles 3-oX SUITS for Easier al . 4 ?g 7-14 RAYON BUYS 3.98 @ V/hero will you find 10 nwch prelly fashion for so little? Rustling acelales in pastels, navy and medium tones. Dress-up derails in bodice Irims, ruffles and piping*. 11 TO 18 SLACKS 3.98 [o] Year 'round weight rayon-and-acelale gabardine. Zipper fly. Brown or blue. JUNIOR SIZES 4-10 298 (T) COTTON SHIRT, 4-18 ^19 SEE WARDS ASSORTMENT Or GIRLS' EASTER BLOUSES AND UNGKlt J snmuwmi* DISIIUIRY, IST. touisvuu, KinrucKY IM" KEh " UCKY STRAIGHT »OU*BON WHISKEY . 9 Q m O OP 406 W. Main Phone 459T FOR A SMART EASTER WARDROBE SOFT WOOLS FOR EASTER Thrift-prictd 1O.7O Afi is «'5/« f lovely all-wool checks, fleeces and suede-clolhs In toppers for Easier and oil Ihrough spring. They're fully lined, well-made m smart new styles. An excellent buy for your wardrobe. Easter shadei. CAROL BRENT FRAME HEELS Spunv shades I. O 7 First Quality Exquisilo full-fashioned Nylons in sheer 15 deniei, 60 gauge styled with smart dark fiame heels—so Raltering lo your anfcles. New and popular spring ihodei lo harmonize with your wardrobe. 8'/j-lli CRISP AND FASHION-BRIGHT la na, f or black \Z..7tJ 9-15, 12-20 So many fashion features. WhW ikirlj belled-ou* wiln crinolines. Flutter of permanent pleafi. Dressy lac*, rhmestona trimi. Smooth or richly ribbed tex- turei. Acetot* fcffatai, acelatc-and-rayon faillei. LEATHER SANDALS 2.98 Expensive-looking but (ow-pricftd, they're just righl for casual or daytime dress wear. Brown ombr«. S'nei from 4 to 9. CUSHIONED SANDALS 3.98 To wear wirh your cas . ual or more drejjy ou |. fill. Heel-to-arch cushion for easy walking comfort. Brown ombre. 4-9 t

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