The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas on June 29, 1965 · Page 8
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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas · Page 8

Waco, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1965
Page 8
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ïïbf ÎParn rilninf Page 8—^Woco, Texas Tuesday, June 29, î 965 Miss Garcia Flies From (ßOriuau y Theroes Reason ior Spaces At Top of Food Packafses NEW YORK — Do you know sen'p and use each product, iiiii - sen injrs It will provide. I Mike Ramirez. The Waco cou- Miss I>eborah Ann Garcia îs spending srvpral upeks with her meal planning easier? Take a, j , ' , u % u. i. few .«onds on your next visit « cwrse ,ny '•""’'iP t, 'L"'’ '’“'i'" " '’Tl to the iiupermarket and read " ¡iPrv-|in2 Proctor Avnnue and have the labels on the products you rt«’P<’nd» on the family's ap-imoved to it from 1508 North Ijyj, petite, the rest of th® meal andjFourth Strert. Today’« descriptive labels con-«lauRWer of tain easv-toread information’ All this helpful !nformation,Capt. and Mrs. A. c:. Garcia, trhirh can help vou choose wise- «dvice is added by the who rami' with her back to ly the items you want to buy. product aft.iUnired Slates from three years* Paul S WilliK, president of fulfilled the require- sei-v ice in Sembarh and Rhein Grocerj- Mamifacturern „ f(irrmany. They went to America. Inc.. points out. labels Cosmetic Act. This law — Wright Patterson Air Force teU vou many way* to cook, strongest con.^umer protec-Base in Dayton, Ohio when she • ________' ___________’ tion law In the w-orld — re-|rame to Warn and will not visit quires that ever>’ package must Waco until the Christmas holi- 'prominently and conspicuouslyjdavs. Art Guild Members To Bai se Funds .<how on its label the legal name ' Capt. Gar< ia. son of Mr. and Miss Miller Is Honored At Shon'er A miscellaneous shower at 3.115 'MacArthur Drive honored Miss Patty Miller, bride-elect of Lst Lt. Marly Godfrey. Hostesses were Mmes. John Erwin and J. V. Kilstrom. They usedi^^^>’^ « knot In one end and Miss Mtller'.s chosen color of T>ut all of your gras« clippings pink in decorations. * thom. Do this when you rake A pink cutwork c-lolh rovcPrt HINTS from HELOISE Br HELOISE CRUSE DEAR IIEIX3TSE: You know those plastic baRs that are over your clothes when you get ’em back from the cleaners? Ry colly, I learned that you a refreshment table ,.on1ered with a five-pronced silver ran- delabrum which held pink vijiil ^ yo»> >iave to lights. Pink carnations and while days. It Is pompon chrysanthemums was punch a few holes in it. centerpiece. Mi.«!s Dian McCarty, garbage collection day, lay registered Ruesls in a bridal hbc tied, filled bag next to your book and Miss Pegpy Browtit can, and the collector .served pink punch topped with "ill pick it up. I fresh strawberries from a silver; The idea of this Is to keep think! punch bowl. Miss Jo Ann Cren- your carbape can from gettinp welge assisted with gifts. ! too full. And, do any of us have Miss Miller is daughter of'tnough garbatre cans’ Miss Cohen Is the Bride Of Lt. Harris Miss Henrietta Davis Cohen and Lt. Lane Frank Harrih wer« united in marriage Sunday aft- emoon in ceremonies Rabbi Ger. aid Klein performed in Temple Emanu-EI in Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Cohen 1 1 of Cleburne and Mrs. Manuel Some people soak Ita Barment, 3 j„ colcord are par- in milk ovemisht. This worksj^^^^ coupic. U. Harris's for me. 'father was the late Mr. Harris Commercial rust removers are useful if any stains remain. Remaining traces of ink can also be removed with bleach, or sr>onging with one part alcohol and two parts water works on some fabrics if the atove are applicable to your material. Always be sure to SPOT TEST first and to follow instructions and cautions on the container. HEIX)ISE Mr. and Mi-s. W. R. Miller of MTl. GARDENER i Goldberg of Uvalde. U05 North Twenty-fourth .Street., , Tt,M . I Steve Henry and Mark Sideman, Her fiance is son of Mr. and DE.AR HEI/^ISE: j DEAR HELOISE. 'hf'lh of San Antonio, ushered. Mrs. Martin J. Godfrey of New- I "'as filling my fountain pen, I keep a piece of Sheiri Firnberg of Dallas was York City. He is stationed at rt\y dining room table (of ^ in my sewing basket to rub the Castle Air i'orcp Rase in Cal- places^ when the 'phone ! i^^nglh ot thread across vs hen ifomia. They will be married, t'ang. in JCAFB (hapel July 24 9 a. m. ❖ ❖ at MISS LORAINE McMURREY II Daughter of Late Benefactor of Boylor University Will Marry Dear Abby; Mrs, Ivy Rctunni From Rhode IsUtrul Mrs. W. T. Ivy of Mart High -1 set in my cloth. !way has returne^ home from a| I hope you can tell me how­ to remove the stains. In my haste to answer it, I knocked over the bottle of ink on my lovely flowered tablecloth. Ry the time 1 finished the conversation, the ink had really of the product, the name nnd w,,^. .. * I* » *. * 1 . Mis. Daniel Garcia of Camer- address of its manufacturer, the ___c.....*!, I ^ . 1 . . ... OTi. served in the same South ,net quantity of contents, van* , ^ ^ , ¿.uropean theater of war as ely and style of pack, any col- ,, , r, * ií-íi iorins, fl.vorinK or other (,<1rti- J'""'"''"' P'"'' tive, used. In/redient, must be ■' "f'’ Mr,. Lee Bmmley of Temple tn ’>’'Xnv"'ln"the d"!‘-i'"Veteran' Admint íomíon .T." 0 Sn^tSTr o teiom'nlnce here until reentenng tomron at a meeting or JL* militar>- service. His wife is a Porcelain Art Guild. Mrs. * 'w v, i, strter of Mr. kamirez and was \«lentan# and Dr. Truett Val- Do you know why some pack-Ramirez of entine were hosts at 2549 Old ages have room at the top '^’hen^Yg^,^ Robinson Hoad and members you open them? There are prac-. . ‘ ^ ^ . held an alMay china painting tical reasons which var>» with ''Jo workshop the tvpe of product, Mr. Willis here nuw lived in Waco Waco group plans a workshop explains. two .wars while Capt Garcia pr-xt month in the home of Mrs.. Crisp products, like cereals, Puf* " W. C Frasier on McGregor cookies and crackers, must be f country the Highway. carefully packaged to avoid ^ 1^1 Mrs. Jem' Smith Is wavs and crushinc. The packages are full * during his ser\*ice | wt^ítíí me..ns eh.imian and the guild when they leave the factors- and vvent to Germany \WI ilH p'*ns t - raise extra funds to where special machinery has state of Washington, pay oui-of-iov<m artists to talk been used to shake them down. Miss Garcia will visit her and derr..nstrate at lo^'al month- As they are handled many times aco relatives until July 20 ¡„ „ at ------- ------- ly w.-ckshops. Treasurer Dr. nn their way to the supermarket.-«hen she goes to her parents’ ||| ! DEAR i\BBY : Maybe you can >®rsit> in listón v^hert Or. apply sj-nthetic deter- V lentine gave ea -h of 19 mem- the contents naturally settle home in Dayton. Her aunt, Mrs..* ** what to (to. Three yearsreceive a . gent on material and allow to b<»s*s attend?ng SI wnh which to do\%Ti nn^^ when you open them l^ob M.^ire of Homestead, Fla.,i Mrs. Loraine McMurrey of ago our daughter ran away and ' be . . c >ney by putting in- m your kitchen, there may beif^i'nieriy Miss Beatriz Ramirez Dallas announces the engage- ................... , . attended graduation dn ual taient to work. some air spp-e. Hmever, the >f Waco, and son are due Mrs, I va Glenn whs a new peckage always r^ntains the Waco for a visit next attending and two worn-full am -unt of net contents as Her husband was stationed at Jr., son of Mrs. Damon Wells niucn lor ner lo get mamea in* wi.... were Mrs. A. M. cn its label and this is James Connally Air Force Base of Houston and the late Mr. a church, but he didn’t believe¡!^®’’ s:nce come to ''aco to visi’ • i V'= .n rvjiv fr»r ’ r%^r^ isf Ki* VV’ollc - i. j i- »t ] ulS pftlPHtS, 3lr. Snd ^ITS. A. M % m m church weddings. He prom-at 1103 Gilliam. Mrs iS MilTllVll Mrs. John Touben of Dallas was her sister's matron of honor. Miss Martha Kay Harris, bridcgrtKjm’s sister, was maid of honor. Miss Linda Firnberg of Dallas and Miss Lois Bell were bridesmaids. Sam Forman of San Antonio was his nephew’s best man. , , , . u J * „ulGrcx)msemen were Mike Nussen- I fmd It pretty hard to tiimk Galveston, Howard sometimes, myself! . _ . . . LETTER OF I.Ar<illTEIl DEAR HELOISE; Thank you for making me HELEN HELOISE Bernstein of San Antonio, and I am hand sewing. Keeps the thread from knotting. Reception in Lin^ Hall of the temple had as house party Miss ‘ Susan Harris, br.degroom’s sis- I also stick the p...nt of the. needle mto the wax wcastonally.. and ,t B.X-S throush the (abnc^ » much easier. SEWING After a wedding trip to New Orleans. I^., Lt. and Mrs. Har- DEAR HELOISE’ will ive at 2020 Santa Fe in Here’s a new' wrinkle for " “ ^ ^ cookie cooling: *** ** ‘ If you have no wire racks for ;i Hack To remove ink, pour cleaning cooling, accordion pleat a sheet *-<»'*•«''*« * ^ Uhile there she attended gfafi* fluid through the stain, or srakjof heavy aluminum (oil with Frottl Visit itl EdSt one-month visit With her son Dr. Quinton S. Ivy of Providence. R, I. BEUNDA uation exercises at Boston Uni- j„ ^^e fluid. Rub until all stains set 15 minutes. imirez;Dallas announces the engage- " «nn.uru --------------- iue in ment of her daughter. Lorainemarried. We didn t try to.of ^er grandson. M. A. Jeffcoat week. McMurrey H, to Damon \Vells"^^^P irom U.S. Military Acad- , | j led at Jr., son of Mrs. Damon Wells much for her to get married in^^i^y "’<*5' Point. N.\ . He J , Saunders cn w HiirrSe;: M. Tvs en-V-Í >n -‘f Chin? Sprint' and "-“t y u pay for. here during part of his term Wells. A S'evem of N rth Products in bottles and cans, oi niilitary terviie. uit Street. he notes, are pr‘".‘«.sed at ex- ❖ ^ ❖ ticme’y hirh temperatures V V V ^rme'y nirn Tcmperaiures ** #» , I» ft i i f)P\ i'hntttf>r trt 'Mttrh Inuring the cooling period, the ** tlUghOS - .n.ents contrae, ,nd t‘ is r. .r- /, ShoH Cr Honorre ImleiWtKlrniP Ihiy al.y leaves "head spi- e a, th.- ^ ; of K “Tnt ip -.'f the container when It ____ _ J . ,1 of K - Tn ’"P ■ ft T‘%.;-d;:v i:! 9'' ^'pened. Miss McMurrey l.s daughter jf any Ivy made the trip here with • alumnus a“nd boil™Iac;or‘of“Bai:'baptized.him. Callfomia :ior l^niversity. She attended the her religion. Three months ¡Hockaday Si bool in Dallas and ago they had a baby and so far ” bachelors nn\hin^ been sn'u^ Hb^mi hn\)-III iiS» fw (PI tl tJiS» t mi<i.-el-l^”^^^ where she wa^^ ti/ine it. Our friends tell us wei , ‘ shower in the home Q^een nr.minee and daughter, but DoiniiS « honejTOOon trip to Mexico later attended law school. She ........................... ...^___________ City since their marriage tn kind you hang on closet doors>, your finger tips. {Two sheets to-, Riehter gether will make a stronger grandson, Virgil Seale, of rack.) 1537 McFerrin Avenue, have re- It’s great: And, no racks to turned from two weeks’ vaca- ; wash! ^ ^ Ition at Eastport. Ix>ng Island. MRS. C. E. MANION ; York. The trip was a gift I from their son-in-law and daugh- DEAR HELOISE: Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Edwar^^ j Don't throw away those full-'Winkler and son Edward Jr. of I skirted dresses when the tops Suffolk County Air Force Bai^e become frayed, too small, or at Westhampton Beach on l^g out of style. Island His wife was formerly They can be put to many uses, Mildred Richter of Waco. pillow rases , , ■ i# . cushions, aprons, lots of pin .fi/nior Fod^UC MPPt ■"»mpiiniented wit!; Marshall Laughton Saunders *ave lots of money. ❖ ❖ ❖ Jr.. and his bride, the formerj Miss Pamela Alix Spence, are gifts, baby «'lothes SchoilnlPfl Tofltty laundrv- bags, shoe holders (the j ^vaco will . ^ . . _ not have a meeting today as .Coronado, Calif., Saturday eve- bathroom or kitchen curtainr. social calendar ' ,, Sunday. Board meeting was ROSA BAKER ^t-mday in TP&L Service Center. You’re Invifed To Enjoy D«ft! Weft*rt. Mgr Former Intfnicfor ei W»oc« B«otity ScrtwX Premium hair care bv ftkilied o|M*ralf»r« at budget prtces. OFKN MONDAV5 Lot# Aj>pointm»nH Thur». * I*r1. DOWNTOWN ONLY I/enlar** Heaiity SbIoh IH H Sftì St -PL Willi5 adds ♦ ♦ S, Sgt. and Mr are r>ing a Tlie bridegroom is soti of Mr,| and Mrs. Marshall Saunders oft DEAR HELOISE: 3004 Morrow Avenue, who at-i When taking several long trip- 'IT a tended the wedding. He is a' by car. we found this a desir- ti- u e u ^1 able substitute for carrying soft } graduate of Waco High SchooL . ». u u . . . months, was lK>m in Paris and of University of Texas In; _ ia,.pp thermos of m New Haven. Conn., where he pmhleni Is rltarlv y«Mir daugh-j,,. ^ • * | «e laKe a laige inermos oi ^ P ® ^ Austin. After graduating fromiice Mr- t .: g 17 Grim Avenue, Orchard Lane C.luh Siispernis Ftvo Months Mmes S. E. Bost and F. E GL le were hostci’^'-s for Or- v'uAri- Lane Home r*emonfn’-j- ’ion Club meeting in the = house with Mr?^ J- M. McK Avn <>peaker. She discussed planner' for vacation guests by preplanning and freezing meali.; Mrs E P Mayfield talked on characteristics and oust-ms of women of other countries The club will suspend m.ect- ings in July and Au^rurt, reas- ^ morning coFFte w -'•'■I bling Sept. 2S at 2 p. m. in ‘ oT'r- ' ’he clubhouse. son of Mr. ' ^^ w'Rs a Phi Bela Kappa mem-terX. Uashmiiton. D.C. will be mar led July 5. If Hhe r uinot iMTHiiade ........'*---------- --------------------— nusun. üinrj i^iauuaiMim ice w’ater (heavy on the ice at her. He recently returned fn»m her huMmnd t«‘}mve the bai.vOfficer Candidate Schwl in disposable sjKxms. pai>er England where be was awarded i»aptlxed. whv i.iake her evcn"^^^^ m I t t tor Aree years cups, and packets of instant ice I Mr;. Hughes reside a master of arts by Oxfordmore inKemlde bv making nn I u u u ,r powdered soft dr ‘University I mhii »* of H* Of r<>ur«e v < hj *■ Huntington. Mrs. Majnard achieving the rank of lieutenant mixes (in jars or packages). i He cunrntlv I, workinc to- shouldn't dlv.un her. Wall ‘oH junior Erade. lie «^s released when a drink Is needed. ward the Ph.D. decree at Rice »hat pp I mh I<* in yoiir d:iughl«T*s Mrs. George J. Hoeffert of February of this >ear andjchildren can mix whatever tea and powdered soft drink SOCIAL CALE\DiR Carpet Paths and Spofi Eosiiy Removed . , . wth- out cleaning wall - to • wall. Blue L ais tre Carpet Shampoo leaves nap open and fluffy Rent easy - to - use electric shampooer for $1 a day at all Williams Drug Stores, the fla- !Vniver,ity in Houston. He ho,dv.vounc marriage and help her IM Mitcheir'had surRcry'for ■» « ^pmanager Uainee iorjvor imemhership in the Houston make the lno^t of «hai 1« left, a broken hip and is in . hri,^. .r. Mr ^ ^ .u . 1 , iaub. the Comnado Club, the dertce Hospital. ^ m ' iHouslon Countr>- Quh, Allegro DtAR ABBY: 1 am a secre- ,.eo h,. re-^ r- j ^T tk.« V 0 I-. rtf V«... v«rL- «hrt hoe Elizabeth Jeep has re- of Coronado. She is a graduate ftUs, and not filling them too 'n.v^t. r. . th h^^^rie f "> *»' I''’"’' Wsh school m that city. .t-'fuU, we'v. had fewer spiUs. and i'/“™;..“"L'?J^'^.."‘‘'1^7f.?: Tek.mah, Neb. She and her sis- tended San Diego Junior Col- the ice water stay, coid lonser Stuciiiif Un on 9 11 o m., T-3 p. >ri, ond 7-f p, fn. honor Dr Lot* as.’*"-.3r, in tn« Gerden Refc f Of 10 a, m. las fs planned. <• <• Mrs. (ifslesitee Fetes DRY CLEANING Do 8 lbs. for only.. $|50 THAINED PERSONNEL ASSURE BEST RESULTS SNOW WHITE LAUNDRY 1516 MAPLE JUST OFF N. ISTH at maple TUESDAY •AYLo» ALUMNI coLLiCi do»«ide>'Cendant of Daniel Boone. The messenger boy has been i TTni .n Ce». rn Rt»m Ofl »hifd floor of . ^ o. 1 ^«« t Robin drove their grand-jlege and Brigham Young Unl- A December wedding m Dal- Here almost as long as I. (He s Victor Jeep, home versity in Salt Lake Qty. Utah. notmilly a boy -he s a man > ^ attendants were Miss e requent V j^^^in has remained in Teka-,Martha Plumb of Coronado, maid favor- for me »n ^'n.ition tO;^,^^ with of honor, and bridesmaids Misses doins: h.> routme ot(«.e err-nds.;,,^ Margaret^ He would never accept money, ^sol have given his children !!♦- j Mrs. H, C. Oglesbee honoredujp various of l esions. MfiiAK TiMFLE, Do;i*htc% of th*'ber husband on his finth birth-! .w j hi« h«. ;«'at «.i nm.ii-i mn.Hi N-' . o""«»' fqm iv Bicn c wiM h»> of.^av viHth dinner and hrid-e in^‘« \ nger mv has m-j a m. -i- ♦ i Bride’s niece Tonci Baird and e -IQ B m Co. - V, Pgrk - tbhou»»dinner and bridge in,^.j,p^ Sundav at hl*'AuRtin Avenue Methodist bridegroom’s niece Susan Thom- Church Affair! I~.. ....f""»«»- O«.’! r."."*:. «-n of .Tarkson, Ml«»., were than bottled drinks. MARGY CLARK Tcxoi Stote Opticol DOWNTOWN ONLY Examination o n d lenses finished within houri on same day (most cases) at T.S O , Downtown 522 Austin PL 2-1668 NCO WIVES CLUB< Jomfn Conno-v If I I f»* «I I II of Husband on litrthday K Air Foffi- Bflt#. ï>fKir(J r...-#f,no 12 <S D. m. th« NCO C; jb Mrs, Edward Barrus and Rex r, u » . 'onado, Miss Patricia Flaherty Byram were ohas,esses • an appret jation coffee in Adding or Buying COMPARE j^^OMMANP * Al RE t^heir home at 321 i Lthel Ave- .Jackson. I am not snoblnsh. Mrs. trank Bartos Jr.. wife of „ . , l but I hate the idea of spendingithe associate pastor Also bon-i {jo'jnhn W. Gould of of «4 North Thtrty-iecond Of 10 Mmes. Spencer Cannon. Otto one of my precious SundavsjOred were la-;t year’s f>i^i<^«”)Coronado was best man Read NOHTN WACO BAPT.ST Gieon.r, ^ C-with the m.-^senger boy and his'and circle chairmen of VVom-u^^^j^^ Ensign Tj'ng Higgins, «ri. meet ot cofr*»ron Pork at It o. m.IR^Dlnsc«!. jfamily, I have nothing in cf>m-ians Society of Christian »erv- Wacoans, bride’s broth- coMMUNiTv CHURCH wof>^wi wiii'- Assisting Mrs. Oglesbee were mon with hl^ wife, and I have i‘® the church. H<xiney .Si>ence bridegroom’s * i”’*' J?’’"™ * h^'fred thim-s rd rather do and Mrs. M. L. Bannis-ibrother-in-law Dick Parkman.’ annwmory of ch. ,of Baton Rouge. La., Mmcs.^nn Sundays. On the other hand, of .’.(L'r) .Stewart Drive have'Lis. (jg) Larry Evans and Keith wesTEUN HfiOHTs Baptit» Church|^_ «tid Roy Temple. I hate to hurt his fe<*linps Any from a visit with Mr.}Fisher were groomsmen. Bride’s • cie-;. mmung it at 7 o m Link rose«? and c.indle= cen- ^uene'-tions on how to iTfuse? ^rif} K J Herr< n of Dal- brother Britton Spence was a .'^niMPLD a,^,} Mrs. Sam Wil-i junior usher. «lay nf Tahlequah. Okla. j A reception In the home and yiHi h»%«* H pre%Joii** «n- ^ , ¡gardens of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mr^: Tommie Stephens, for- ^ arc A jCa Deal C o Í¡¡ í Atuiouiirps That Nelda Bass hat Joined <he <ilaif «t our nhop. p«* [ tron§ and frfpiiils are Incited to \I>lf her at Si her new Inration. ¡■I 1S04 ilngan I^ne — Rcllniead — SW 9 S181 He: t< of 3¡04 Mor ❖ ❖ ❖ ( hilfIren Honor Mrs» Rosie Vieha Mrs Vi.-ha of tiue t of hono'- af tered ihe dining r>nm table. ❖ *6* «• hìni Mott ìli) Meets gaii-menl. «r h#- %illl Olìlv iiHk >oiiini.r ,,f Coronadofollowed thel r>emonstra. f„r your neU “fre»-" Waroan who makes i», . rue t or - ,n-- af a^^ ^ »" * <’«n»eron, is sp^f^'ne p^ow^i officiated in Christ Epis-; 'rn-o > iiMav rneal m thè coi>aI Church of that city. ! H faiully and cI,H,e of her sor,, ^ ^ ^ | i'' -inii Vhe,r fair.::’,es includine 17 »hle t„ ........ and daughter-.n-law and wil re-| jyj,.,, Lendel Meier and her' liig th<* ui*pk. Bf kliui, bill final. Hoiida until uiid-July.^f 2725 Pi-octor iuding i< roll call .ir great- Notionolly Advertised and Distributed. Mer# Efficient Operofion . . . More Condenser end Evaporator Coil—COMPARE! Better Control . . . All Commond-Airt Systemi Use Eiponsion Valves. • Notion's Finest Worronty— 5 YEARS ON ALL PARTS it ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ir , ï’r.ndchiidren and f '¡a ^r^nflrhlldren «îtenti; ;î. m W:-., ch!i.-:en are Kmil vich;, U(>f,rt (V Texas F air )f; if ,(¡12 Avenue, Robert V.. ha of ■’ 10 ' f»^-irn.'»n» and Ted Ifireetors to Meet \ ■ ha - f Vÿ' i-ieil.'iire Son Ru- Wumen’« r>ivision of Hr- t O' Anirelf-s .i'ali; ; r Vv h“ iivp« in Axtrll fli« do Texas Kair will have a work T-oiihled’ Write to i -k'tpr*; •* ! iV'n F’eehacek|session and direr-ior«' meettn^T'‘ An''. !• » d \>:î’ ;= Wo'vl A third in th»» women s building at th#* î'or pe!«-/»ri/»i ref>K r>n ; \trA r, Mrr’jiçkey fait Tbursday al *î a m Ser >nd t rT-;*r>d srlf adii.. rd ' - *wofk «essiiiti wlll be July 15 l<>f«e Mrs H.arold ('»»oley and (laugh-Avenue have returned from a h *i- Abby', borikirt “H.iw to teis of Amarillo have returned visit with Mr'i Meier’s son-in-i H.' ♦’ a IjWi ',, WediJint' *>**nd home after a visit in Waco, law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. rf) < enfs to Abby, I'.-s 6'.**’00, They w-ere gue>-ts of her par- Douglas Ciillet in Peabody, Kan jenfs, Mr. and Mrs ^^d Alex- ATiHY, ander of lîosqueville. t ;dif .■I.:#* a env e- Mr*. Gillet is the former Carol Rowe of Waco. i Compare i Record • Groduote ond Registered Professional Engineers • 18 Years Experience and Know-How. • Finest Service Deportment for Immediote and Courteous Service. • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON EVERY INSTALLATION Coll For FREE SURVEY PL 2-6514 I If I * ♦ -mn Fa»hion$ For Men & \oung Men SWIMWEAR I <*? the bea. h, swimming fwil, or just in tannmK In several m<HÌels ini lud- ÌD;r the new surfer. •Sizes 28^4 $5.00 to $7.95 »•t Since 1>Î90 309 Austin Ave - PL i-0?>95 lAiW'fttimn Waro Opt II lliunnlay Mgilit« íhiirgt* iir I-ijawÄjf ★ irs HERE NOW! ★ NEW KELVINATOR TRIMWALL if 'Mo-fnsrrOOOAMm 'k REFRIGERATOR — FREEZER 22 CU. ft. I'AFAiTrV WITH 307-lb. FREEIER UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY MOOIL tU7N MOKEKN FURNtTURE & APPLIANCE CO. I.*:!« /iii.Hliii ,%vc.. IMi. 2-03:tl GET A HUGE 11x14 WALL PORTRAIT OP YOUl CHILD TÜES.-WED.-THÜRS. JUNE 29-30, July 1 HOURS: 10AM-lPM;2PM-5 PM Daily, and 6--8 PM Thurs. • NO AP^OINTMfNT NfEDfO • SIlfCTION OP SfVERAl POSfS • tail fO$f POtTIAIT • BAIIIS AND CHIIDRIN OP AU AOIS 9 rOiTKAIT DtUVIKtP AT STOtE A fiW DAYS APTI« TAKEN M onnigs The Friendly Store

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