Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 9, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1891
Page 8
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A L L IN COMPLETE; L a s t S h i p m e n t Arrive d Yester d ay i On Sale To-Day COME YOU WILL SAVE NONEY At the Fire Sale, GOLDEN RULE FINE FANCY SILK MIXED SUITINGS And Nobby Light-Color Scotch Suitings In Great Variety. We will continue to make up fine $10 Pants for $8. JACOB HERZ> Merchant Tailor, Market St. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, - THE PEARL ST, TAILOR. You ^ will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles;. ,'. Yours Truly, .X '.••* •:. • • "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. ' - Tb» iKgrtt eitiHlibment )o tho world for the Imt- tot, red note, «d' ?«!»•, oily akin. Kns, bt»ckh»dt, uilim' ilcb, Kuri, pltllngi. ,i»wd«r' niKki, f«c!»l Jivclopmeut, «lc. ConiutUtloo Free, *t oO!» or \ty ,tller. 128-pago Book on tl! Skin »..dSc.lp Affoc- ttoni and th'lr Trtifltmeat Hut (lulled) for lOc. ' -JOHN SI. W'DODBTTJMr, 5inn.lolt.8lit, 1S5"W. 'ta<l S^N.Y. City. For Sale by-BejifeJsb.er, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For (he Skin and Scrip. Prepared by » Dcnnntologist with 20 years' a, sculdhead, oily , , worms, UKly complexion, etc. Indwponii- .able w a tollot article, nod » «nre preventive of all diseases o* the aitin and scalp. At Druggists or by mail, Price BOc. For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for . $22.OO CASH. £ do'ttiis to^make'room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city P. J. HOOLEY, 323 Pearl Street. Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 9. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Patronize Tailors' Union label, -iml A girl wanted at the Chinese Laundry. apr9d3t Last day of the fire sale to-day at the Golden Rule. There is to be a rehearsal .of the Pinafore to-night. | Miss Essie Gordo.n is visiting the Terre Haute schools. • • . : •{ Otto -Kraus' north window was dressed by a professional. -•' Commencing May 1st the.banks will ; open at 9 a. m. and close at 4 p. m. Positively the last day of the fire sale—everything 'must -go.—Golden Rule. -; . The B. of L. E. will give their an* nual ball at the rink on : Friday night, Mayl. Oil my! Oh my! .22V. yards check nainsook $1, or 5 cents a yard.—Trade, Palace. When you want neckwear, remember Dewenter, the Hatter, carries the largest variety. Lee Brawley, of Huntington, is vis-. itingin the -city, the guest' of his friend,' C. A. Michaels. Wm. Burgman has sold Lhis South Side saloon to Gus Ruck and will go into -the butcher business. Children and boys suits a specialty, at the Bell Clothing House, 405 Market street.—Geo. W. Lucy. We are showing new kinds of suspenders in very servicable webs.—Dewenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. See the new shipment of .Lansdones at the Trade palace, price §1.25 per yard, same as in other large cities. Misses Sarah and Addie Loeb and Jane Soliman, of Attica, are visiting in the city, the guests of Mrs. S. S. Hull. If you need clothing, visit the Bell clothing house where everything is new and fresh to select from.—Geo. W. Lucy." •-We justly claim that we have the best wall paper in the city at 8Jc. a double.roll. Don't fail .to see it.—H. Wiler&XDo. When in need of half hose you will find the best grades at the most reasonable prices, at Dev'enter's, the Hatter and Furnisher. Nobby things in three-piece suits for boys. Balls and'bats free at the Bell clothing 'house, '405 Market street. -George .W..Lucy. - . - . George Black and, family have returned from a few weeks'visit at Anderson. While there Mr. Black 'and his entire family were quite ill, but all have recovered. Miss Julia Orff, daughter of Henry Orff, of Ft. Wayne, ill of la grippe, has been declared insane. She was a teacher in the public schools and an intense student of Christian Science. Congressman Robert R. .Hitt, of Illinois, has secured judgment at Delphi against the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago railway company, wherein he claims f30,000 for services as agent. A full line of the latest novelties in millinery are now displayed in Miss McGlinn's parlors in the, 2nd story of the Smith building 'on Market street, one door east of Snyder's queensware store. apr8d2t The funeral of Mrs. W.. C. Gibson, who died Tuesday morning, will be held from the Eastern cb.urc,a to-day at 11 o'clock. The cortege leaving the house on Wabash avenue at 9 o clock. Charley Seigman, of Fort Wayne, is vis'iting his old home here after an absence of a year/ Charley is clerking in a large boot and shoe store in Fort Wayne and is well pleased with his new home. • Country Head*. A timely word from the Century Magazine: There is not a rural town within boarding distance of a great city which could not at slight expense assure itself all the city boarders that it could accommodate by the simple process of systematically and intelligently improving and beautifying its roads. If it were to a.ppoint a town committee with, power to employ experts, or to obtain expert advice, and to carry out the suggestions thus obtained in road improvement, the mere public advertisement of that proceeding would attract boarders from all directions. The expense would not be great. In nearly every case the gravel or cracked stone necessary for the construction of a servicable, well-drained road can be obtained within moderate distance. There is, for example, in sdme parts of Orange county, in New York State, a kind, of soft red sandstone to be found in great abundance, which crushes readily under the wheels and makes a hard, firm road-bed, which is never dusty and never muddy, which is yielding to the horses' feet and most agreeable to ride ', over. Ordinax-y gravel can be used'with almost equally good results. The main thing is to secure something like, scientific knowledge in the con- s'truption of the road and in the mixture...of ,'the materials. The vicious idea t/hat anybody can make a road by sbpffeling'dirt into the middle of it ffoni'the. gutter, or, what is the same thingi'in.a wholesale form, hauling it there by means of a "scraper," must b'e abandoned at the .qiitset, and not only abandoned but prohibited. Until that is done no reform will be possible. JTlie Indian's Voyrfou. There .are few stories of a legendary nature that are not related , in several .different forms. Of the numerous 'versions of the story of the creation thie Indian version is quite interest-- i'ng. A person who has long lived with the Indians relates their idea of the matter as follows: When the Great Spirit created the world he first made three men, all of the same color. , Then he led them : to a pool of water and bade them jump in and bathe. One. of them obeying a.t once leaped in advance of his fellows and came out clean and white. The others .hesitated, but one soon followed the first. When he went in the water had become somewhat stained and he came out copper-colored. Then the third man went in. By that time the water of the pool had become black and he was consequently black when he had bathed. Thus it happens that there-- are white men, red men and black men. in the world. , ....... Then th« Great Spirit, laid down' three packages before the three men,. which .contained their future fate. Out of pity for the black man be permitted him to have his first choice of the parcels. ' . The black man, without hesitation,, took ihe largest of the parcels; the red man, whose turn was next, took the next largest parcel, and the white man got the remaining one. which was very small. Then the men opened their packa- •es. That of the black man was found to contain shovels and other implements of labor, the red man's contained bows and arrows-and the white man's small parcel consisted of pens, ink and tools for light work. From that time on each man. made use of the tools he had chosen. Eluding Justice. Yesterday in 'Squire Smith's court a German by the name of Myers, was arraigned on the complaint of D. D. Dykernan, charged with malicious trespass, the complaint alleging that the defendant had been guilty of breaking down fences on Dykeman's farm. The defendant could, speak scarcely a word of English, and was clearly mucK disconcerted by this his first encounter with the grim law. Before the case was opened the constable went out to, look up a witness, leaving Myers alone with the 'Squire. Presently 'Squire Smith's attention was aroused by a clatter on the -back stairway and discovered that his bird had flown. The pace,assumed by the fleeing German was such that pursuit on the part of 'Squire was out of the question, and''before an officer could, be summoned Myers had disappeared up the alley. _ Huntington Herald: "Mr. and"Mrs.. D. C. Van Camp were arrivals yesterday and'are visiting their son, Lock Van Camp and' wife. • Their home is at Logansport but they spent the winter at Sioux City, Minn., ; with their son... .Services were held at the M.. E.'church last night, conducted by Rev. M. Swadenei"; at which there was a large attendance, and great interest manifested. Some forty or fifty arose for prayers, and quite ; a number of conversions are reported. The ..service will continue to-night/Rev. 'Swadener having consented to remain over until to-morrow morning." Pinafore . A full rehearsal of the above opera at the free reading rooms to-night. A full attendance is desired. G; V. DEMOKEST HOME AGAIN From New York and the EASTERN MARKETS. * , : .After three weeks of : steady buying- . v HARRY FRANK Has returned with ;an unusual fine line of , Clothing and Furnishings Our future inducements will be Largest Latest Best . Lowest Variety, Styles, Qualities, Prices. Harry is the only Lo'gansport Clothier who goes regularly every season- to the far east to produce the new.est novelties fo^the least'_money. And Here's What tells. Our resources are limitless, and we will represent in the fature, as in the past, what ever money can purchase or Enterprise-Command, HARRY FRANK, . . .*» /• .. •• u . ' \ "TO BE SURE." . ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAXATION? t • ; - ; i . ' ! , , ' | = '*•; • • ! / / Procure a Copy of the.New Law .at Wilsop, Humphfeys & Co.'s. i <i < * '? Have You Found It? 'i- You'every day need coffee. -'There are a dozen places to. obtain it, but if the kind is right, perhaps/the price is wrong. There is a place where every kind is kept abd/every price is right Have You Found It? Almost everybnfejrinks tea, and;tea is costly. There is a plaoe where every tea is carefully selected and purchased direct from the importers; when the 75 cent tea of elsewhere is sold at 50 cents. Have You Found It? , ,\ fcSoap is ah everyday necessity. There is a place where seven 20oz. bars arc given for a quarter. Where eleven kinds of fish are kept, and twelve kinds of canned fruits 'and sixteen kinds of dried.. Have You Found It? Flour makes the staple of life, and everybody uses it. There is every kind of flour though, and the same brand is not uniform. There is a brand of the whitest flour in-Logansport, ; and the best—and it is Always the whitest and Always the best—Yet' it costs but $2.45 per hundred. That brand is but up in pink sacksjand-is c.alled McCaff-, rey's "Snow Ball." . "'.'-.' Have You Found It? M. McCaffery & Co.

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