Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1938 · Page 5
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Reading, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1938
Page 5
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THE REEDING, TIMES, REXDING, PA, SATURDAY MORNING, - AUGUST 6, T9 J8 Rvl HALT APPROVALS TO STATE JOBS Legislative Committee to rrobe Hixams uiven Assistance Workers HARRISBURG, Aug. S (JPh - All civil service smxuntments nnrt wr. tiflcatlons in the Department of Public Assistance were halted abruptly today, pending a legislative investigation of examinations usea in uie mem system. A moratorium on all further ap pointments was ordered by the employment board of the department in telesrams sent out to overv county assistance board, after neaas 01 me state reiier administration had been called before the house committee on welfare. The committee passed a reso - ' lotion, asking an immediate investigation of the civil service examinations used In selecting persons eligible for appointment to assistance jobs, and calling for a Joint sub - committee of the . house and senate to conduct the enquiry. A meeting of the committee is scheduled for Tuesday. ; William A. Shaw, of Pittsburgh, chairman of the house welfare committee, said the committee would seek to determine whether the examinations were "within the intent of the law" passed by the 1937 legislature, providing for a merit system of appointments. Other members of the house committee, including Rep. Robert E. Woodside, R., of Dauphin county, indicated that criticism of the examinations had centered about the contention that they were 'written for social workers," and were "psychological rather than practical." The act prescribes that the examinations shall be "practical in character and relate to the Job," and that "no specialized training shall be required." Approximately 2,224 appointments have been made in various county and central offices of the relief administration. certifications for more than 5,000 persons eligible for appointment to some 2,250 available positions now are in the hands of the county assistance boards. Certifications are to be made for 800 to 1,000 other positions, including the typist - stenographer series, and various executive classifications for which examinations were riven in June. Two separate appropriation bills for the Department of Public Assistance are under consideration by the house welfare committee. One is a key administration measure to transfer $25,000,000 from a treasury surplus to the fast - falling relief fund, and the other is to provide $300,000 for salaries and administrative expense of the employment board, the agency charged with conducting the civil service system. Gene Autry at The State Today Carol Hughes, lovely feminine lead of the Gene Autry starring picture, "Gold Mine in the Sky," which opened today at the State Theatre, almost lost her chance in the movies because of a likeness to Myrna Loy. Producers in Hollywood agreed that Carrol had beauty, talent, and that there was every reason why she should be a sensation on the screen. "But." they also said, "she's another Loy and there cant be another Loy." It was months before Carol wes aMe to land her first role in a picture. .That one, however, was all she needed. Those same producers who had been afraid of "another Loy," realized that this brunette beauty was a personality: in her own right. She could act in a way that bore no resemblance to any other screen star. Other roles bigger ones were given Carol, and she became one of Hollywood's mast popular ingenues. An excellent supporting cast is composed of Smiley Burnette, Craig Reynolds, LeRoy Mason, Robert Homans, Eddie Cherkose, The Stafford Sisters, Prankie Marvin, and The Golden West Cowboys. 1 SB. Ts 1. .wc. tit.. (02 Jt T y Wil lJ - ' nncnT Plus .mm "T"5 i MEWT 0 tRAVKLTALK - i Harold Lloyd Opens Sunday at Embassy Today marks the final appearance of Shirlev Tmn1e In her en joyable performance, "Little Miss Broaaway," tne picture tnst was held over two extra days, at the EmhiLSsv in nmfoi. that. vimr npr - son In the entire community might arrange to see America's Numoer One Star at her best. As screwy a yarn as Harold Lloyd nas ever appeared in opens at me Embassy Sunday . when the be - nonr.afl0ri nnmoHlon nmc ti fawn in "Professor Beware," ably assisted by Phyllis Welch, Lionel Stander, Raymond Walburn and Sterling Wnllrnmv T.lnvrl at hU hMt in this dizzy tale of a hitch - hiking professor. Last seen about a year and a half am in "Th Millrv W&v " the comedian makes a sock return to the screen in this hilarious story that begins with his sans trousers, and ends with Lloyd marrying an heiress against his will. Lloyd, an Egyptologist employed bv a California, museum ffit him self into a scraDe with the law when he befriends an aspiring young ac tress. He is offered a job with an archaeological expedition leaving for Esrvnt. nrnvirtine' he curt furnish hta own fare to New York. And thereby hangs the tale. The balance of the picture has to do with his uproariously funny experiences on a cross - country Jaunt. Penniless, with the law at his heels, and a pretty girl hot - footinsr it after him. his adventures follow In a whirl. He is forced to spend a night on the desert alone with Miss Welch, but wary of love he sneaks awav to continue his lonesome travels. Continuing towards New York via the freight train route, he teams up with two tramos. Lionel Stander and Raymond Walburn, who con n - inure tneir consistently goofy share to the comedy. Adventure follows adventure, and before he knows what's what Lloyd finds him - sen marrying an heiress to escape the wrath of the law. In the meanwhile, the o - iri's wealthy father hears that she is aoout to marry a hobo and rushes to stop the ceremony, but he's too late. Nevertheless, he whisks his daughter off to his yacht where Lloyd tries to follow her. After he's thrown overboard twice, he leads a mob in a mass attack on the boat and finally gets his bride and the approval of her father. Elliot Nugent directed this new comedy, and as usual Lloyd selected the original stary and did his share in the preparation of it. Miss Welch, a newcomer, seems to be a real screen "find," and if she follows in the footsteps of other Lloyd leading ladies, she should soon be on her way to stardom. 'The Crowd Roars' Scores at Loew's Tans who prefer action to the talk in the talkies can get more than their money's worth in "The Crowd Roars",, one of the fastest moving, red blooded pieces of entertainment ever to be printed on celluloid. The picture which should do more for Robert Taylor's popularity than any of his previous efforts, Ls now playing at the Loew's. Taylor turns in the standout performance of his career as Tommy McCoy who fights his way up from the wrong side of the tracks to a crack at the licrht. hpawwpfirht championship. He not only looks the part to perfection, but he gives it every ounce of energy and acting ability m his 174 pounds. As Taylor's father Brian McCoy. Frank Morgan combines his side splitting comedy with a dramatic caaracterization that rivals even his son's work. Maureen O'Sullivan, teamed with Taylor in "A Yank at Oxford" once again proves the ideal romantic interest, with competition in the person of blonde Jane Wyman. The two adds flashing charm to the picture's lighter moments. On the short program Robert Benchely gives his funniest presentation in "The Courtship of a Newt," a colored traveltalk "Paris on Parade" and "News of the Day" with Jean Paul King. stor tww NOW! Authsr Sm.1, W far LoiVif nitrt. "A.V ;. I - - " - - 7i - x tr TOPAYnIM THE THEATRES Theatre Timetable Saturday, August 6, 1938 - EMBASSY "Little Miss Broadway," with Shirley Temple, George Murphy and Edna Mae Oliver. Feature V at 11.50, 1.50, 3.50, 5.50, 7.50, 9.50. , LOEW'S "The Crowd Roars," with Robert Taylor, Maureen O'Sullivan and Lionel Stander. Feature at 1130, 1.35, 3.40, 5.45, 7.50, 10. - PARK - "The Call of the Yu - kon,"with Richard Aries, Beverly Roberts and Lyle Talbot, and "One Wild Night," with June Lang, Dick Baldwin and J. Edward Bromberg. ASTOR "Ijetter of Introduction," with Charlie McCarthy,; Andrea Leeds and Adolphe Menjou. Feature at 12.50, 3, 5.10, 755, 9.35. STATE "Gold Mine in Sky," with Gene Autry. STRAND' Port of Seven Seas." with Wallace Beery, Maureen O'Sullivan and Frank Morgan, at 2.40, 7.40, 9.40. RAJAH "Three Comrades." with Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone and Robert Young, at 150, 3.25, 550, 7.40, 9.45. REX "Test Pilot," with Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy at 1, 7. ORPHEUM "Making the Headlines," with Jack Holt and "The Last Stand," with Bob Baker. SHILLINGTON "Rascals," with Jane Withers, Rochelle Hudson and Robert Wilcox. CAPITOL "Mr. Boggs Steps Out," with Stuart Erwin and "Songs and Bullets," with Fred Scott. RIO "Kentucky Moonshine," with the Ritz Brothers, continuous from 1.30 p. m. Double Feature At Park, Now Emory Parnell, well known character actor, who has a featured role in the Republic Picture, "Call of the Yukon," now showing at the Park Theatre, felt perfectly at home in the frozen north scenes in the film. , In 1929, Parnell went on a gold - mining expedition into the Arctic wastelands, and spent eight months under hazardous conditions along the MacKenzie river. His only companions, other than the two white men who accompanied him, were Eskimos who could not speak a word of English. Many of the scenes in the picture parallel experiences that Parnell had on the northern trip. In one scene, Richard Arlen, who is starred, loses his dog sled in an ice - break. This samff U - jig happened to Emory and his companions as they were trying to get back to Fairbanks by sled. A rescue party had to be sent out from Fairbanks in order to get the group back to safety. "Call of the Yukon" ls the exciting story of two men fighting for the love of a$t woman in the frozen north. Starred in the picture are Richard Arlen and Beverly Roberts, with Lyle Talbot, Mala, Al St. John, Emory Parnell, Anthony Hughes, and many other well known players in supporting roles. Lyle Talbot was one Hollywood actor who watched with amused interest the recent effort by Massachusetts legislators to compel film players to use their real names. He is billed as Lyle Talbot in the 20th Century - Fox mystery comedy, "One Wild Night." his latest film now at the Park Theatre, but the name he votes under is Lysle Hollywood. .llllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltll LJ L I LAST 2 DAYS " .HluMlililL Watch Coming Soon, HIIIIIliillllllllllllllilllllililllM 'Letter of Introduction With McCarthy, Astor That cynical sprig of perversity, bred out of pine log by Edgar Bergen's wit, enjoying a popularity that is world wide Charlie McCarthyprobably has been your favorite radio personality. Now you need only to drop in at the Astor Theatre where "Letter of Introduction" opened yesterday and see him as your favorite movie actor Seeing him "go to town" your face will not be as immobile as his. A first class fued is born in this production, for, Charlie's stooge Bergen has m new ally another puppet named "Mortimer." Mortimer is something out of a grade A comic strip, a dim - witted, lout faced young bumpkin with three buck teeth, a horse laugh, a bashful nature and a complete inability to remember his own name. All of which makes him the perfect foil for Charlie's hair - trigger wit and an irresistable third member of Bergen's wooden family. This happy trio is an Immense addition to the production, "Letter of Introduction" which is a sensitive, tender and absorbing screen play and an excellent vehicle for a superb performance by Adolph Menjou. Menjou is cast in the part of an aging matinee idol, member of a famous theatrical family a pouchy - eyed elegant of the stage, slipping in his career but clinging to his dying lagae with a desperation. He plays it magnificently. The story tells how Kay Martin (Andrea Leeds) a beautiful and talented young actress, discloses she is his daughter whom he has not seen since her infancy. His professional pride will not permit him to acknowledge a grown daughter and they agree to keep it secret. Manning's fatherly attentions arouse the Jealousy of Kay's young man (George Murphy). Then comes the dramatic conclusion. You will like "Letter of Introduction" and, if you're a deyed - in - the - wool Charlie McCarthy fan, you had better take an extra handkerchief a'.cng. It will be useful to stifle your shrieks of laughter, mop up your tears of hilarity, and during the comedy sequences, to dust off a nice clean place in the aisle to roll in. 'Three Comrades' at Rajah Today Only From the pen of the author of "All Quiet on the Western Front" comes another gripping screen Air - Coffdiliooorfi NOW! Charlie goes to town in one of the most heart warming dra matic Com edies of the yearl Charlie McCarthy presents himself in fSi LAS TERRIFIC DOUBLE BILL JAMES OLIVER OTRWOOLTC DRAMATIC MASTERPIECE - .ia Aiurt - i ..A In ovldo!K1 J - I I - t I i.ll.L.LH't1'HfJ I S I MAt. "THE CRIME RING," An story, this time a narrative In which a nation's woes after the World War are overshadowed by one of the most human love stories to reach the screen. In the new picture, "Three Comrades," which comes to the Rajah theatre today only, Robert Taylor and Margaret Sullavan provide a poignant romance, with Franchot Tone and Robert Young, also In stellar roles, adding performances which will remain long in the memory of the moviegoer. - The story, based on Erich Maris Remarque's widely - read novel, centers about Taylor, Tone and Young, three young war veterans who face s chaotic future together in a country gripped by post - war disturbances. Taylor, the - youngest, falls in love with Miss Sullavan, the love affair giving all three comrades new interest in life. Taylor and Miss Sullavan are married and it seems as though fate has offered them s share of happiness at last. - But life decrees otherwise. Young is slain in a riot and Miss Sullavan suffers an illness on her honeymoon. When she faces an operation in s distant sanitarium. Tone sells his proudest possession, s racing car, but Miss Sullavan dies, leaving Taylor and Tone to face the future alone. The added attraction to be seen today only, is the last and final episode of - the thrilling serial entitled "Zorro Rides Again.." Strand to Show 'Holiday' Sunday A new Hepburn, glowing human, gloriously modern, may be found in "Holiday," to be shown Sunday and LAST DAY! OF UTOODB V fsfrhm PRANK M ORGAN MAURI IN O'SULLIVAN ,lom Boo Jm Mall HCTVM CRYSTAL BALLROOM CARSONIA PARK SATURDAY, AUG. 6th WW Plus Tax . KtUtl I 0JC3 tX1 - 5 fir .V; : hi s ftv" EE UsBm Extraordinary Film! S Monday at the Strand theatre. With Cary Grant again cast as her co - star, Katharine Hepburn offers s sparkling performance, and one of the finest characterizations of the season. The story of the Fifth Avenue "black sheep" who tries to conceal her affection for her sister's fiance, and of the promising young business man who wants to take a "Holiday" In order to learn the real meaning of life but certain that it doesn't lie in money - grubbing, is brought to glorious screen fulfillment. "Port of Seven Seas," starring Wallace Beery with Maureen O'Sullivan and Frank Morgan, is shown at the Strand for the last times today. Jack Kenny At Carsonia Jack Kenny, well - known local musician, who recently started an T0DAY0NLY IV e Great I ?. 1 ' ' An K - G - M MICKEY ROONEY MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN DENNIS O'KEEFE nun Cont. from 1 P. M. E JACK HOLT Bob Baksr i In "The Last Stand" ft "Making the n Heaonnra 'T COUPONS With Children's Tickets All Day "Mr. Boggs Steps Out" with STUART ERWIN ALSO "Songs and Bullsts" with FRED SCOTT "Zorro Hldn Ailn," At Cortoon. " FREE POHS1CI.ES TO CHILDREN IN AFTERNOON! WESTERN ELECTRIC SOUNDom Rocky Springs Park LANCASTER, PA. SUNDAY, AUG. 7 MAMMOTH SHOWS "Pop" Molcher and His Gang Williams and Johnten Lukens Band of Coatesvilie Mutit! ComtJy! Acrobats! FREE!! .Air,0"n FREE!! Cuutlnuaui (ram I :..u f. M TODAY "Kentucky Moonshine" Candy Fro U Boyi and Girli I'ndtr It Take Trolley U Sehuylkill Art. Olrt SHILLINGTON THEATRE Mailnra Trtr, t Tlnrk. Kvonlni: :M, 1:4V B:M Jan Withers in "RASCALS" With ROCHEIXF. HUDSON . and ROBERT WILCOX Alan "Poor I.lttln Butterfly" Cartoon In Technicolor. Blf Matinee Today at 1 P. M. Ivenliif 8bow at 1 P: M. 'TEST PILOT' 'lih Gordon la Kpltod 11 El ,(J& ' Added I Hmi ; The Last Episode of: ' v "ZORRO RIDES AGAIN" JSS TOMORROW VJ ?LY! .J f iC MICKEY ROONET 'f - W I l FN. WILL MAKE M VJ A YOU HOWL . . . H ). I " - ' I WHEN YOU SEE it " 1 1 HIM GO TO JLVT'iL J 1 TOWN WITH HIS W 'I Ee I OWN RED HOT l. mLCm SWIN BAND! WT Trrf today! 2Jn3t. mr - jf, N Double Show mgmWr I ENROLL NOW IN GARMAN'SancinS' EVERY MONDAY EVENING Stopi Taught from 8 to B An Borlnfe Partner for T. very Ino'eni from to II. Fall Recording. Orch. 1040 PENN ST. Dial 4SfSS orchestra of his own, will be featured st the Carsonia Ballroom Saturday night, August 6. This orchestra is composed of 13 young musicians who are eager to reach the top In orchestra work. Mr, Kenny expects to add another trombone player later on. Mr. GEORGE MURPHY JIMMY DURANTE PHYLLIS BROOKS WILLIE HOWARD COMEDY STARTS SUNDAY (TOMORROW) LTUJLLNJl5rIJPJUJIJ NOW SHOWING FREE TO KIDDIES 2 REEL I COMEDY I DOUBLE FEATURE '."Si swiNGTiME Ij - wTvrirral FREDDIE FISCHER and his "SCHNICKLEFRITZ BAND" Warner Bros. Stan Setn In RuJv Vallee'M Picture, "Cold Diggert of Paris" JACK KENNY AND HIS ORCHESTRA MUSIC FOR MODERNS GORGEOUS FIREWORKS L SATURDAY NtOHT 12 - PRICE DAY SATURDAY AT CRYSTAL SWIMMING POOL Adult and Children SUNDAY BARBERS' DAY FREE VAUDEVILLE AFTERNOON AND EVENING Skate for Healthful Fun In the New Roller Drome Every Afternoon and Evening v TAKE A RIDE on the ,m Dodgem Cars SEE GlERINGER'S MINIATURE VILLAGE . . . NOW OPEN Kenny's business manager is ft composer and an arranger of modern tunes. At this newly - organized orchestra's opening night in Hamburg, Pa., on July 23, Mr. Kenny was presented with a solid walnut baton by one of his admirers. . :; Positively Last Timss Today Door Open 11 A. M. 1 TEMPLE Cabin Kids News SCREEN SNAPSHOTS , CenOrtmtrATHRI STARTS TODAY GENE AUTRY PHOTO ' 3 "WILD BILL HICKOK" SHORT FOX NEWS CARSONIA PARK CRYSTAL BALLROOM SATURDAY, AUG. 6 SO' c PLUS TAX DANCING 8:30 TO 12:30

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