The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1952
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1953 Jan« Shelton, Society Editor Phone 4-161 Betrothal Told At Drop-In, June Wedding Planned M £™A™; n — The betrothal of Miss Sondra Ann Luiisford to Richard Den- Miniature rfablrs, with fUnvitie streamers inscribed, "Sonrtra and Denny—early June wentiine" bst nteht revealed the betrmhM of Mips Sondra Ann Lnnsforri (o Richnrd. Dennis Byrum To the 55 -- -guests who attended the drop-in jiis Hyrum last at (he John W. Edsvards home on niifht \yas Pnrkwny Fast. Ml* s Lunsfoi'd. who makes her home in Blythpnlle is the daughter of Mr and Mrs J. D. Lunsforrt of Memphis and Mr- Hyriim the son of Mr, and Mrs. Paul Bvrmn. Guests called from 7:30 till 9:30 p.m. to prrot the couple ami MKs Bra MoniT and Mrs . Kdwardu, aunts of the bridr-elect, were hostesses for the occasion. The rhosert daisy tlieme highlighted the derogations of the entertaining rooms and topping the lace laid refreshment table was a lov,* bowl from imirh brinunrrt the selected blooms in yellow and white. Stately yeliow tapers burned nt cither side. Mrs. Molvln Hahcll prr--idrd ni 4 Jtine the table the first hour, with Mr^.i is Boyce Moore serving the second hour. ' Miss Lnnsford received in n yellow printrd polish* 1 tl cotton frorV:, which featured a full swirllnc - K kirt and scooped neckline At hrr shoulder were pinned yellow to^rbud*. a gift of the hostesses, who SAO presented her crystal in her selected pattern. The bride-elect Is a member nf rcvoalod at a drop-in for 55 Umsford is the daughter of Mr. atul -Mrs. .J. I). Lunst'ord of Memphis and Mr. Byrum is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Byrmn of JSlytheviUe m < r in in pliunitti (t.'ourior \e I'holo) A Bits of News i i / Sew Your Children's Clothes as Economy Measure Mrs, Georjje Hublmrd. Jr., and .sons, Huuy und 11:11. leit ycstrrday for Senalobia. Mi.-.s . to visit Mrs. HuhhArrl'Ji parem*. Mr, and Mrs W. A. Shedtian. They vit'ie accompa- ined hy Mr.s, Sheddan. -t, ho had been s;;<>ndiiiK tho day hrrc. j Mi.-. Benjnmin ;.i. Lincoln oi Lit-1 tic Rock l.i .spending day? 1 hers as pue>i (1 her iiiuu. Mrs. 6,1 J. Rodders and Mr. HmiKers. Mrs. j L'nroln IK the former Mis. 1 , Marilyn Uccn. Mr, and Mr.s Ru>M-H W^hiiiK- (on and daughter, Jlettye Hue of , Sil-eu-m were the overnight p, 110.5 c.s j of Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Cramer j mid i a nil Is*. Thev were enroi^f to Hil.ixi, Ml>s. S^-t Jimmy Ssj u kluiid ]<-H ];»:-[. lu.'lu for I'ort. D.x, .N'. J. after s]uuKiu:« If) diiyfi lu-re. fii^t- and Mr.s. Strickland had bern making thfMr h'une in N't'-.v Jersey ft r the p i ( several tnontli.s and Mr-i. h iif t of lier |>arrnts. Mr. and Mrs Dim 1/ulz and S^i. Sit •.; klnnd's par- ni Mr. and Mrs. Jot Strickland. Mr. and Mr.'- \V, L, Horncr have ii Elieir liouM'Kue.sis thr-ir son, J;.<.:)< Homer, and lii.s «ue?i. Sursn Pit^r- point. of RJO do J.uiij-0. Jlntzi). They 'Acre Joined h**re tori ay by Bill Prrwf-U of Clark.sdale, Miss. The thive (ire si mien ts ai Washington irxi Lee, Lynchlnirjr, Va, Mi ,s Nancy Hup lies left yeMer- day for Memphis tn mnke her hmne i be connected with there arc littlp the IB52 senior hEch school cradu- Mrs. Blake Polly Named President Of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Chapter UT. S:L 1 and Churle.s Jenn, Jr.. ..„ . . spent the weekend in Lake Village cheerlpflrler and wns a ^eiifor 1 mt_, m^i.n T>^H,. ,,-^ c -« < i » - . ,1 ^ ?uesis of relatives. ».U, to ,hc fo^bM, ,„«„. 1 ,^- "p 1 ^™'^ ^ S S i ^-r* ^ V« rJa^." 1 ^ 0 ',^ I "»• «'"« f f ™'. ^ %"V Mr. Bynim was craiin.itcc! from Alpha Chnplor o( Betn SlRtnn Phi ccrrts Mrs Rohprt ! Insromb i HciBhts. N. J. >i.,.>....»i. ,,.,,- o-,,__, ,_ .».. ..^ ' ' "> iturirrt i.ipsromo. | homr to hp the of her mrlh- .M:A Wninm-s r.i.ltor 1 finisl-.cti. you have a mininure'fash- bows at cither sitle of tlie bodice .sv^ro^r^Tor 1 ^,!™ rr,! can wcnr n " lhroush ™ st o c Te,^,^ de ln sizes from E ns,or p,,^. But , hnt do,,,V For one ,,,ne ,ir, HcftU here's | ^^l^Vtt.e^ .ri^ht, gets cotton bronrtclolh coat drew with I catton broadcloth dress with fas- cinr.ling Notih's Ark print and full skirt, that could take crinoline. Mflde to pattern nunilwr 8370,' it high, ruffled neck with the ruffles repeated a^ain at the sleeves. Pattern for whore she will be connected with 1 T" 11 , th , at . "' s " ltt ' a ys possible, in a cotton broadcloth coat dres.s with he F, w N-ational Bank. She had; ^ "f ^.^"^ \^ .robin motif. Made to pattern num- ' ucrn vis titu? here from Washmz- i " " to-inc in fcasier nner>. . t«-nnHm,Vr ««/.L. ' Thp ")n=U'pr tri 'hp nrnHlpin lipc in i Otfi-U, iv fins S\\eC[IiCflrt neCK- i ton. D. C.. for soreral weeks as! ' ne an..«er to ..nn pi oDlem lies in Un(1 (( nuf { C(i sle . v - s anrt n r j n Kiic-t of her parents, Mr. anrt Mrs.! -'"'I' /""'".. "'."f.'If.' p j rlc a pat :: .=„' i s ' ,. .„„'.. ....',. _. .' , ' : Business Session Conducted by WSCS A business session last nt;ht was conducted by the Lake Street Methodist Women's Society of Chritian Service at the weekly meeting at the church. Mrs. Billy KinR, president,' presided and prayer by Mrs. J. W. Woolums opened the 'discussions. Following the reports of officers, plans for the North Arkansas Conference to he held in Blytheville, June llth were told. Mrs. C. M. Baxter Bare the evening's devoitonal taken from the -World Outlook" and "Methodist Woman." Following a scripture lesson from Hike. Mrs. C. T. Shamlin discussed, "The Church in Korea" and Mrs, Lacey Gordon closed the session with a prayer. 250th Transiusion Is Given Woman SOUTH GATE Calil. M'i—Mrs. Arriela Phillips received a blood transfusion .recently, her 250th in les.s than five years. Doctors explain that Mrs, Phillips' bone marrow, the body's blood producer, does not function correctly. She suffers from aptastio anemia, and her blood must be replaced periodically by transfusions. n' C n M,^, 11 "' 1 "'' Mf alUi MrS 'hcrn that flatters a" tlnv" fiaurc. pink : oes-s lines. I, easily could go under (iu,,nps. . ^ t , rclt} . co!or xbpn p( c i : n Siln _ her hest navy blue coat it the wea- Mrs. John s. Hudson anil claugh- , forizcfj, cot'on Hint won't shrink. : ther's cbily on Easter Sunday. Scwint: for your fmnll pirl is both; Cotton eyelet ertginR is used for it comes three to eight years. Blytheville High School in 1951 and TVEUS n member of the Red bl ,i,,e,s. Miracle Button-On Cape MKs Luolln Bar:ie lie Sue Bsirks uere . p cciallv for the Aprll ma rrmg socia room for the session, which ner , L ; ter> M , M Ameli;i Salibftg !*« led by M r., Luxscomb. Mrs n Warrpn lim! son Bohby ;jmd Mjss BI1-: ft _ NIrs z B s a ']j| )a . she came ' *- In n j ppci^iiy [ or the April marriage Class Play Date Changed; Scouts To Give Program ,or^i,^hedt,^t c. ^ j[j» rr ~< r rP' ^t^the h, P h school w,, 1 ; he P re-i^« 'A,^,^ S'v'c'r."^ 3 i Four Guests Attend f>ent*a Anril Iain at the srhcol 1 W. i ^<_i. »r__ „___ , ._, , o\uf BWC Supper-Meeting Com ni Events Tuesday Circle Ei^ht of First Baptist BWC In the biisine r -.,s SPSS ion, Polly Htewnrt wns clerted vice pri^irient; Mr.s, Roland Bishop, re- corcling secretary; Miss Betty :, correApondinR ^ccret^ry, and Miss names, tronsuror. Kcprc5cnt- irft today fnr Cnrinrh. Mis.i., to ppnnci the rernnlncier of the week as gne.sts of Mr. Warren's pnrenl.s, Mr. anrt Mrs, John McCartor. frs. G. O. Poetz. First Biiptisi WMU Executive Board, has 1 p.m. luncheon meeting at home of Mr.s. E. L. FInle. eminent seaborne trade for 1951 shows that Japan sold to Pakistan products worth over 101 million dollars while the United Kingdom Saturday Duplicate Dridge League * B o-^r Sc^^^thooife' ^ on r "••«'W»-- announced today i _. . Pl.ns have been completed for | , J^'^t^ '^^^ ,' the rontirumtlon of the Girl Scout I™! Fo<ir Riiesls last nisht attended 1IH* MJU i \ear were riisriLsspd and after the | womnn '"^ i the snpper-meetiiiR of the business Circle ot Trinity Baptist and Brou'iiie program, which was; ,.„_ t , ,,• . : T" ! wi.mifin.s ^ircie oi inni tagun t,o ,Ls .jo .njt ] ^^uX ° Xt? ™l^ ""iOhurch. Meeting in the ST hd . s'hoo, C C.Tn!?hu e R1VC " A de "" 1 «""" ™ -™ 1 TI\e varied program of folk dancing will be given at the school at has 7:30 p.m. meeting at home of Mrs. I, C. Rollkon. uupncaie linage Dengue Araenean Legion Auxiliary has 8 ; at Hotel Nob , R Rt p.m. mecuiiET at Hut, Sunday Country Club Duplicate Brides League has 7:15 p.m. meeting at club. \^'cilnesday Garden Department of Wnman's Club has 2:30 p.m. meeting at club Chapter "N" of PEO has 2 p?m. | .supplied onlv 98 million dollars meeting with Mrs. Elton Kirby. j worth. plays j "Woman of the Vear" tea nt F. j E. Black home honoring Mrs. Wil- i liam Wyatt/ with Mrs. Kendall Berry t<?achine[ [ third lesson in flower arrangements- Plant, exehfmce will follow. A.^semhly High Two Club. H. Hutson hostess to Announcement of (he change of dates for the annual .senior class production was mode this mnrn- I Inp tallowing a mretini; at the school yesterday afternoon. j Altar Society Has i-Pi'ogvam ; v , tlllb ...^t.ft ..^ „„.- n.-v.-.^.nui* j Town and Countrv Club has I Room of Chickasnw Courts, Mr.s- \V. S) m fiesslon at Countrv Club with R. Stanford Mr.s, Max Koonce, Mrs. ; Mrs . G . G , Caudil , hostess. Ross Caldwell and Mrs. HsirLey Henson, were gue.sLs with the 10 mem- beys. Mrs. R W. Woolen pave the invocation nnri following supper, the evening was spent informally. Mrs. Harry Lawson Leads Huffman WMU Meeting Mr. 1 ;. Hai ry Uiwson yestordny con-j • - ducted the Royn! Service program j ". rs ' pictures and bits of Informn- Memtiers of tho Altar Society of Immaculate Conception Church yesterday met in the school hall J . .] for a session di- /i / [HC rected by,,Mrs. R. j. McKinnon of Manila, president. FollowliiB the oiX'nine prayer rllunl, [iroKiess on n scrapbook of' the snclclv members, their f»ml- sm ' 5F?tl: Blylheville Hospital McCanless. City ,€467 i 10-20 or the Huffman Baptist Women's Missionary Union at. the church. Mr.s. w. L. Gnnlt was Introduced as a ne\v nietnber. Otoup sinning und icpeatitig the \vatcliu'ord preceded tlVJ program tion was iold. plnced In the new school when competed. j Tlie program. "Holy Week." was [ led by Mrs. Paul Hughes, who was' assisted by Mrs. C. Mcdinger nnd ! Mrs. Martin Trenkle i oi niiorma- ' —hook will be- ' ^°y' c Houston and baby, Ma. n " a O. B. Bied. Steele Mrs. James Alexander. City Mrs. D. A. White. City Mrs. Mary D. McDowell, City. By Sue Burnett „ Your closest companion all sum-. ley McDanie! opened mer youthful sundress with con-; Part icipatiiiR in (he iiroBran rtlsrusst'ons i ° r the ncvv clulrrh school which - n e srussons trastlnp trim, topped wilh a clever [were Mrs. Jo.v Hicks. Mrs. Lawsoii ! hcl " e constriictert. The rosnry will Dutlon-on cape Ihnt turns it in the j Mrs. Billy Rny. Mrs. McDnnlcl. Mrs.! bcl ff>rm r<l by each memb Mrs. Baker Wilson entertaining Wonne.sday Club. Club Eight meets with Mrs. Paul Jobe. Thursday Pbrlxr-an of First Baptist Church has T:3D p.m. meeting at home ot Mrs. F. E. Utk-y. Mrs. Gilbert Smythe entertaining TLE Club. Thursday Contract Club meets with Mrs. P. D. Foster. Mrs. Jnme.s Rogers entertaining OEO Club. Duplicate Hridce Leatrue has 7:30 p.m. meeting at Hotel Noble. Mid-Week Club meets with Mrs. Aubrey Conway. Mrs. Newton Whitis entertaining La Nuevo. Thnr.sdny Rnok Club meets with Mrs. Harold Henson. Alpha Beta Bunco Club has session at home of Mrs. Jack Halstead. Frirtar Mrs. John Hudson entertaining i Finesse Club. Friday Contract Club meets with Japanese Goods Lead In Supply of Pakistan KARACHI, Pakistan '.-P^—Japan , has edged out the United Kingdom! as Pakistan's chief supplier of j imported goods bought privately, j An official review of non-gov-1 We Buy POULTRY And Sell BABY CHICKS Joe Cole— Fred Fought •100 East Main closed tlie meeting. Mrs. N. F. Marshall Enterlams Church Class smartest street costume vou'.. linri. Pattern No. 8319 is a' sc-*-rite perforated pattern in .sues 10, 12 H, 16. 18. 20. Size 12. dress, 3i.J yards of 39-inch; cape and trim. 1'i yards. For this pattern, send 3C!c in COIN'S, your name, address. si7e de.'ilfd. and tlie PATTERN' NUMBER to Sue Burnett. Courier Neu-5 til. Send 25 cents today for your co-! Church. Thr fvcnin-s uiscin<,i ( in = TV of B^ic FASHION -M. It shows! were led hy Mrs Jncjf;Marsh mrm- jou how to mnKf. your wardrobe beril>:]) vi,-f president in the ab- (iiity with economical. ' srnrc ol the prct-iiient. .-ma styles. (;:ft pattern' After the opfiuns usual Mrs msido. M CCP.IS. . Marsh save the devotional, '"i'ian- : Hujiii's and Mrs. Lmmie natey!! -"Pi'tinR n heart. It was acrcetl that Prayer by Mrs. R. 1,. Adkissori i " le Society would attend cotnrmm- icn service in a body once each month. l Mrs. N. was hostes -~ -.,.t --,,., i, t 11.. i-iiiui, 1 ! i «rt.> nvk.ior. H\. ncr norne tor a niis- 375 (Juincy St.. Chicago 6. j inc-M-sorinl mcclinc of thn Kiicilrt- sliip Class of the First Baptist ' nine the fireii" and report 1 ; or offl- M:ii>h;ill la.-t uitht cers \\erp hn^rd. A prtl;;rk supprr her bnme for a bus- : at the church lor cla.v inpniber^ do double Fellowlnc fhe ndjournine prayer. refreshment. 1 ; were served. anrl their husbands ivas ptanneri 'or April. The liusine,'-. 1 ; portion of tlie monthly ^es5!O!l cto.-ed with prayer by Mrs. C. L. Kvalls. The cvr-niniz's part> - tallies were ; led by Mrs. Barney Crook after | '.vlncli the hostess server 1 , cake, and j Moke A Note To Thursday's Paper You'll road all the <li'l;iils of I lie l>i-and new l!> Interim tion.-il-H.irvcslev rerriiier.-i- Inrs on display Saturday. Thai (lav- we're i;ivmi; away your ehoice n f a' S^S7.!I5 frec/.er or a s^ii (.;];, refi i«er- alur. Siinit'oiH' is Knini; lo win il just hy siiininrr his mime Saturday. .Maybe you. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. .112 South 2nd Rlythevillc TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY 2 BEDROOM BRICK— $11,500 One of fhn licsl hrirk contractors tn the business h^s assured us lh;il this house \vonlil rost murh more to replace at tndny.s prEccs. A brick mnson'.s scale is S3 per hour anil you can count on finished brick costing $125 per thousand In lay ... so this home is a REAL VALUE. This home has many desirable features . . . located 'on 70 f(. lol, concrete drive, qutet paved street, brick on hollow lile cnn- 5t ruction, plastered ualLs, lifetime screens and frames, Venetian blinds, gas lipafiup system, ailtomattr ntlic fan, flisa|ipoaring slair.s, insulated attir, 12x18 living room with cornices anrt drapes, built- in bar hclwocn ilhiing rnnm anil kitchen uhirh has ivood cah- fnels, tile wall.s anrf Hotroint stove. His utility room, tile hath and shou-er, built-in blanket chest In hall nnd lar&e closets. A wonderful buy. §5,400 DOWN — 15-1.07 SYBIL PHILLIPS Ph. S350 MRS. JOE SHANKS —Hmkers — Ph. GM8 evrryone see Trim thai nervoi:*, IKK/T Inok la ynur ryti (bit you are suffering ••ehance-or-lLlp 1 * ,t'frv? Sure, mate-up may help wrne. j-cl II ran"»- jfc* \hf pain an<l n^rvo(isn(«a out o( ynur cyea.*i !!i(P vltallii\ rhanelrs -lark inn m h^Vnil^y ears' 1 to irlptitw. liapnicr limes. So Jet Cardulhelti you loot. cliT acd sleeii betipr. Gel Cnriiul ••In.^urant'O 71 , yfMt rlfalcr Ifiilsr. (Sajr "f.vd*i,'M~ryt"). Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 9c & 30e At All Times TUBS.- ,»ED. Pal Mites 2 For Price jf On« »' A *' ' f 1 A J i \ v r * gV^W Also Sliorls: "C'al Tamale" & "lilyinjr Skies" Guests fo See "Mutiny" Mr. & Mrs. Tra\is Deen X Family Mr. & Mrs. Sam llunawav & Kamilv Sell it ... by using classified advertising in the COURIER! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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