The Raleigh Register from Beckley, West Virginia on December 6, 1976 · Page 8
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The Raleigh Register from Beckley, West Virginia · Page 8

Beckley, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1976
Page 8
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10--Raleigh Register. Berkley. W. Va.. Monday Afternoon. December 6. 1976 Kirk Douglas Leaves Producing For Acting HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Kirk Douglas pioneered the movie star - as - i n d e p e n d e n t p r o d u c e r concept, m a k i n g him a multimillionaire and paving the way for other actors to follow suit. Now, with his Bryna Productions 21 years old. Douglas will quit producing to focus his attention on acting. Over the years Bryna's name was affixed to more than a score of lop films, among them "Paths of Glory,""The Vikings.""Spart a c u s .'.' ' ' L o n e l y a r e t h e Brave.""Seven Days in May" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Far from f o l d i n g or selling Bryna, Douglas remains president of the company but has turned over most of the day to day business to his sons. Peter. 21, and Michael. 30. It was Michael who ramrodded "..Cuckoo's Nest" through production. Young Peter is producing the company's newest project, "Something Wicked This Wdy Comes" from Ray Bradbury's t h r i l l e r , whic'h Jack Clayton will direct. "I'm being nice to all of them because I see a gre'at part in that picture for me." Douglas said. "And they'd better come through w i t h it soon or I'll revert to the SOB I'm supposed to be at heart." Douglas was having lunch hear t h e B r y n a o f f i c e . He is a rf in a r k a b l e m a n . l e a n , f l a t bellied and b r i m m i n g with kinetic energy. He's starred in a movie every year since 1948 when he made his screen debut in "the Strange Love of Martha Ivefs." His roles have covered the spectrum -- from ancients to cowboys to contemporaries. He's never been .typed except off screen, paradoxically as a tough ' g u y to get along with arid a charmer of a social lion. Douglas doesn't believe he's earned either distinction. But he is proud of h a v i n g won three Academy Award nominations for "Champion," "The Bad arid the Beautiful" and "Lust for Life." He jokes about rearing his sons as employment insurance 1 for the lutur'e. "Let t h e m do all the work behind the camera and they can hire hie in my old age." Douglas said. "I've been president of Bryna since it begah ; but I have a feeling they're about to kick me upstairs. "I've quit producing and I do-n't want to direct. The trap is doing too m a n y t h i n g s i n s t e a d of concentrating on what I like best -- acting. "I'd like to act in a picture with Michuei. He's 30 -- too old to play my soil but old enough to play my younger brother." Douglas laughed and ran a hand t h r o u g h his long, graying h a i r . "You know how Bryna got its n a m e ? " , he asked in a quick change of subject. "Many years ago. when I first became an actor, I told my mother someday I'd put her name in lights. "My parents were peasant Russian immigrants. They were poor and uneducated. The fact that I went to college and became a movie star were miracles, to my mother, whose name was Bryna. "Well, when 'Spartacus' opened in New York there was a huge sign in Times Square that read ' B r y n a P r o d u c t i o n s Presents '·'Spartacus".' Mother's name was up there in the biggest lights wo could find. "When our limousine drove past t h a t sign on the night of the premiere I pointed it out to her and tears of pride spilled down her cheeks." Douglas currently is starring in NBC - T.V's "The Money changers." a six - four, four - part mini - series. "This isn't the first television picture I've done." Douglas said. "I did the London musical version of ; Dr. Jekyll arid Mr. Hyde' three years ago. I thought it was good and if did well in England but it hud very little impact here." Douglas draws no distinction between movies and television. Tiilike such superstars as Redford and McQueen, he doesn't believe his film career will suffer from exposure on the tube. "So far as I'm-concerned." he said, "this is a movie they happen to be showing on television. Soviet Dissidents Still Protest / Against Stalin- ira Brutality MOSCOW ( U P I ) -- They came as they have every year since 1965. dissidents led by Nobel Peace laureate Andrei Sakharov. to observe a minute of silence in what Siikharpv called, "solidarity w i t h the millions of victims of the Stalinist terror and those; who are suffering in prisons for their con- victiohs." For years police had refused to let t h e m stage t h e i r Constitution Day vigil at the statue of 10th cent t t r y R u s s i a r i poet A l e x a n d e r Pushkin in the center of Moscow. But since 1973 t h e y had been tolerated. This year there was trq'uB'Ie a g a i n . Someone in the crowd hurled packed snow, and dirt at the bare - headed Sakharov, at least one other dissident was arrested and what was meant to b e a p e a c e f u l g a t h e r i n g degenerated into a melee -with police moving in to disperse the crowd of several hundred. "This hooligan act was staged by R G B (secret police) agents..It is a provocation against the people .who came here legally to Support the of human rights," S a k h a r o v said f o l l o w i n g t h e demonstration Sunday. . D u r i n g the demonstration a W e s t e r n , c o r r e s p o n d e n t w a s detained for 10 minutes by policfe w h o s t o p p e d - h i m t a k i n g photographs. On his release he found two tires on his car slashed. D o z e n s , o f u n i f o r m e d a n d pkiiriclothes policemen were on iumd at the outset, pushing into t h e crowd and ordering participants to disperse. The 55 - year - old Sakharov refused, saying he had a right to be in the park oh Gorky Street. The physicist was jostled to an edge of the square and when he removed his hat and attempted to specik lie was hit by the snowball. T h e . c r o w d s u r g e d a r o u n d Siikhurov in an apparent attempt to protect him. A t t h e s a m e t i m e , P y o t r Grigorenko, an ex - Soviet army m a j o r g e n e r a l a n d w a r hero whose dissent earned him six years in psychiatric hospitals, climbed tin a park bench and a p p e a l e d t o t h e . c r o w d t o remember Vladimir Bukovsky. Bukovsky-. who began the Constitution Day demonstration to p r o t e s t t h e a r r e s t s o f u n - derground writers Yuri Daniel and Andrei Sinyuvsky. has spent I'm I F his l i f e in prison and is presently in jail for violating the rules of a prison camp. "Freedom to Bukovskv." the dissidents shouted. Police moved in and began pushing demonstrators into the street. Most of the participants scattered and Sakharov said he escaped in a car belonging to a foreign correspondent. Sakharov said poet and song w r i t e r Alexander Rossisky was arrest I'd but not injured. " W e a r c a f r a i d t h a t t h i s provocation may lead to f u t u r e arrests." he loiri Western correspondents. Brotherton Reviews Stand On Sales Tax CHARLESTON. W. Va. (UPI) -- Senate President William ,T. Brotherton has been traditionally opposed to removal of the 3 per cent sales tax on food in West Virginia. Brotherton. whose only opposition for reelection withdrew at the last minute, said he is reviewing his stance on the grocery sales tax since Governor, - elect Jay Rockefeller has made removal of the tax No. 1 priority. "Harmonious" is the word the K a n a w h a County Democrat used t o p i c t u r e t h e u p c o m i n g k'gislat ive- session. "If he (Rockefeller) can show me how it can be eliminated w i t h o u t increasing taxes. I will give it consideration." said the senate president. "Also, in view of the fact that t h i s was part of Rockefeller's p l a t f o r m , and he was elected by an overwhelming majority, it's only fair to t a k e another look at t h e s i t u a t i o n . " Brotherton added. IICRLlY THEATRE TOWN CINEMA 7:30-9:00 NO ONI UNDIR 18 ADMITTED X The Adventures of the mmsss FAMIL7 CINtMA "1:15 S: of *tin(ej Christmas/-^ of love.,. Glasses During the holidays, Burger Chef is offering these limited edition Holly Hobbie® glasses. Collect the set. A different glass design offered each Week. Enjoy a 16 oz. serving of Coca-Cola and get a glass. Only 590. Hurry! Offer good only while supply lasts! 1709 Harper Rood, Beckley 1601 Eisenhower Dr. N., Skelton Television 8:00 News ......... . . . . . . . . . GDI)®. Today IT) Sesame Street /otim ........ 6 : 30 A HC News c.cneraP Educational I )evelopinent .............. QD Evening News ................ fDD®(!5) C r o n k i t e News .................. (ZKBrn) 7:00 To Tell The Truth ...................... OD Last of The Wild ....................... iT) T r u t h Or Consequences .................... QTJ My Three Sons . . . ......... (08 Bewitched .............. . . . CB Mac-Neil Lehrer Report . . . .................. (Q) Black Perspective ......... ."53 Hollywood S(|iiares .................. f^XTT) Klassroiim Qui/. ............ 'ID Buck Owens ............... rjD 7:30 Andy W i l l i a m s Show .: .................... '33 Cniversity Of Kentucky arid Indiana Basketball Game ...................... ® Price Is Right ....... . ..... QD Gong Show ................ f£) Nashville Music ......... 3333 Ad'yrn-12 ................. (SB® \Vild Kingdom ............. 3D MacNeil -- Lehrer .. Heport ............ . ........ 3D N i g h t line 13) 8:00 Tlu Adiims Chronicles: Henry A r U i m s -H i s t o r i i i n Hhnda , L i n k - Hnusi" On The P n i i r i e K · a ( h e r a n d F a t h e r -Preview of upcoming series sUirs S t f f j i n i e Powers ;is an attorney and Harold Gould as her cbrimati father (J) 8:30 P h y l l i s iTjtD S128.IHIO Question QB 9:00 N F L Football ' -- C i n c i n n a t i aiid O a k l a n d '33 Movie: "Cat On A Hot Tin Hoof" -- L a u r e n c e O l i v i e r . N u t a l i e Wood. Robert Wagner and Maureen Stapleion star in t h i s lieu* p r o d u c t i o n -of the Teiinessee Williams play a b o u t decadence and devotion. iTvfX£)® Iii Perrorniance at Wolf Trap - S i i p e r s t a r of the ballet. M i k h a i l Baryshnikov makes his television debut in a special w i t h t h r e e b a l l e r i n a s . Program includes selections from five ballets ffi© .1 o h n n y C a s h C h r i s t m a s Special - Roy Clark. Tony Orlando, Billy G r a h a m . June C a r t e r Cash and t h e Cash f a m i l y join in holiday special ............... 9:30 . J o i n e d I n Progress: Football -- C i n c i n n a t i O a k l a n d ................... iT3) 10:00 mvals of Sherlock Holmes: "The Sensible Action of Lt. Hoist v ............ . ........ ffl Sounds! ago . . .............. © K x e e u t i v c Suite ........ (HMD 11:00 News . ................. QDSXB M a c N e i l -- Lohrer . Heport , .................... (T) ,U:30 T o n i g h t S h o w "£ Xewhart as guest host. Norm Crosby w i l l be among guests ................ QXD3D1® "Kansas C i t y Bomber" -- Ra(| u e 1 W e 1 c h ' a n M c C a r t h y sla'r in d r a a roiler-du'rby queen on the racing " c i r c u i t ............. . ..... iTTiT) "Great Day In the Mornin.m" . . . . .............. pg 12:00 News .......... . . . . . . . . . QrjTJ 12: 15 Ironsides . . ............... (TJ 1:00 T o m o r r o w Show w i Shyder. Guests are: Dino De Laurenttis. executive producer - o f t h e m u l t i - m i l l rcMYuiktvof "King Kong": and Peter Bull, actor, a u t h o r and a u t h o r i t y on teddy bears, r e t u r n appearance ............ (DCS® Jesus saith unto him. J a m the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 PORK ROAST LOIN END LB WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES THREE LOCAf IONS: ·CR/it ORCHARD ·MCKLCT ·RRADLIY WE WELCOME FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS PORK CHOPS CENTER LOIN $|49 LB WE SPECIALIZE IN TREATS FOR RED EMPEROR GRAPES A WELL WITHIN FRESH FROM FLORIDA TANGERINES THIN SKIN LB. 39 CAROLINA 2% FRESH MILK DOZ. TWIN PACK 49 VIVA-ASSORTED FLAVORS ICE MILK GAL. 69 1.19 DOLLY MADISON APPLE STREUSEL DANISH ROLLS LESS OR TROJAN MEAL K I.Li. LOAF 2TM* MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING

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