The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1952
Page 1
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PAGB TWO BLTTHEVTLT.K (ARK.) COtTRIKR NEWS Rotation of Regular Army Soldiers Slowed By STAN CARTKR SEOUL, Korea (JP> —A slowdown in rotation went into effect today for regular U.S. Army soldiers and draftees in Korea. H won't affect National Guardsmen. They must be dlschnrged by August. Under the new system men fn the front tine can expect (n go home nfter 10 or 11 months. Men In artillery battalions nnd supporting units who live In tents netil- th e front nnd are (tred on occasionally can go home after 13 or 14 months' Those flt rear headquarters of an Infantry division, or !n Seoul oi - Pusari. will be kept in Korea for about 18 months. The new system went into effect as the 200,000th American soldier went home from Korea. He is Cpl. Freddie Leon Clark of India nap- Gen- James A. Van FiceL, commander of U.K. ground forces, personally lhanked Clark for R "lough job well done/' Van Fleet said the U.S. Eighth Army's rotation system has built up a pool of combat-tested veterans in the U.S. "for our national defense " The Eighth Army will continue to send about 20,000 soldiers home monthly under the new system. Many of these will be National Guardsmen of the 40ih (Southern California) and 45th (Oklahoma) Divisions. Eighth Army spokesmen said ihn new system was put into effect to make up for the lo.s.s of the guardsmen and of the difficulty of Retting replacements. In Washington the Army said It was "a more equitable system . , based on hardships and hazards actually encountered by Individuals In Korea." The slowdown also 'will nffcct American troops In the Ryukyus and The Philippines. Rotation is based on a complex point system. A man is sent homo after receiving points for "30 con- constructive months service." Under the new schedule a man in <]) an infantry battalion at the front gets four points a month; (2) at regimental headquarters, division forward headquarters, or in & directly supporting unit receives three points; «nd (3? nt corps headquarters, division rear headquarters or other rear area gets two points. The middle group, known as the "intermediate combat zone," is new designation, Maj. John W. Myers of San An- tonla, Tex., directing the personnel section of the rotation branch said that Boldiers in the Ryukyus nnd The Philippines will be credited •with 1J4 points a month, Instead of Iwo as formerly. NEBRASKA (Continued from Page 1) you brlicve In Mnc Arthur, you should write in n vole for Robert A. Taft . . . because Taft and Mat-Arthur are on the snmn team —nnd right now Taft is carrying the ball," Buffetf u - as asked If he meant It was possible MacArthur might be "carrying the ball" sometime in (he future rather than Taft. "I suppose there is that possibility," he replied. This drew tin immediate out- •mrr.t from (lie supporters of Harold Stasscn nnd Mrs, Mnry Kenny of Mncoln—the only GOI 7 candidates whose names are on the ballot, i Voters must u-rile-ln the names of Taft and Eisenhower If they wish to vote for either of them.) " John H. Quinn of Omaha. Harold itnsscn's campaign director, fircj itiCAsnge !o MacAithur In New York ji."kirifj him lo " elnrlfv your position in Nebni.skn so that the people may know." An aido | of MacAi'thur said there would ne \ no finmodinti; comment.. I Mrs. Kenny—who says shp is n ! stund'in for MncArlhur—called the IltifteU statement, tin "absolute falsehood." She denied Taft ami Mac Arthur are "on the same team," Eisenhower's campaign in ana- r— J, Lee KnnkLn of Lincoln— | termed the Buffctt statement "a sign of weakness." Nebraska voters will nnme 18 Republican nnd 12 Democratic delei, r n(es to the national conventions. Air Force, Novy Recruiters Sign 19 Here in March Nineteen men enlUlod In t h e Navy nlirl Air Force here during March, the rt'milthiK offices In City Hall announced today. Ot (his number, 16 enlisted In Ihe Navy nnci three joined tlie Air Force. M/Sgt. C. H. Jiarton. Army and Air Force recruiter, snid ;nen who have been Klvrn draft physicals hut who have not received Induction notices m:iy enlist until June 30. He also snld WAO nnrt WAP enlistments are unlimited. - KiillstinK In the Air Forcf> at Die recruiting station here lust mouth were Carl H. I^dlwllor of Blythevllle and Hnrold L. Glpson and zolncr E. Stoner, Jr., both of Monetto. Navy enli.slinciiti incHirted: Loo n. Tomlin of Burdctlc, James W. Plnley of Steelo, Mo., Jack M. Butir-rj' of Term Haute, Jurl., William F. Ilinklc of Maiden, Mo.. Noble W. Blicllon of Manila. Vcrnon U Kurd of Portaiicvlllc, Mo., Richard G. Shires and Georijr F. Howard. Jr.. l»th of Haytl. Mo., Dar- rcll I). Kdwards, Wallace II. Bognan nnd Osenr M. lioone, ull of Cooler. Mo., Ororge J. Anderson of UlythiH'ille. Carl W. Hmkcy and Chnil's T. Patterson of Kennflt and James n. Ferguson and Henry G. Richardson. Jr., of Osccola. TUEST5AY, APRIL 1, Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open High IX) 1 * 1 1:15 May . ... 414fl -I1M 4135 4140 July ...... 4058 4070 404« 4056 Ott ....... 3784 3701 3750 3159 Dec ....... 3750 37C5 371S 3721 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec Open High Low 4K2 4IM 4130 ...... 4051 M61 4041 3780 3766 37SO 3751 3166 3121 Soybeans May July Sep Nov New York Stocks High 2.05 293 286 . . 279', Low 291 4 289^i 232^1 276 1:15 4137 4049 3735 3728 Close 291 '.t 28!!% 282^ 276 A T and T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bcih Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola 154 5-8 58 5-8 47 3-4 50 3-4 75 3-4 100 3-4 'Yank' Okay to Replace 'Ike/ Churchill Says LONDON lit', — Prime Minister Churchill told tlie House of commons today he is willing (or another American to take over when Gen. Elsenhower Is released as supreme commander of the North Atlantic treaty armies in Western Europe. Churchill added that he had no hint of Just when Klsenhowor will step out of uniform to campaign actively for the Republican presidential nomination In the United States. Coffee Prices Trimmed NEW YORK (A'l At least four major colfec roasting [Inns have trimmed t?ielr prices of vacuum- packed coffee by 1 lo 114 cents n pound. RED CROSS (Conllnucd from Page 1) SOD, Wildie t,. RHlcs, Walter S. Strelc. John Caldwr-ll. Eva June Kills, A. M van Winkle. Oliver Doyle I.nmh, Hardy Chlldcrs. Ullcc Nichols. Barbara Cntter. Eleanor Ortorn, Fred Perry. Joyce Morton Helen l.anhnm, Maxine Overman Bill notice. Pccgy Vcsl. Pnl Ctiltmun, Helen Carr Carl G. ninckard. o. A. fioiish, n. N. Pnync. C. E. Roush. Charles Crews. Ed Spaeth, Ll.ston Nccly. Laura Burnett, Spencer Alexander. Will McClcllan, Clam Ruble. Beauty Nook, Hudson Barber Shop. Mrs. Sam Ilrill. 11-lcn Spillletlo. Vlirna] Deal, Bill Stovall, U.' W Mlilllns. Cioal Shclton, Homer Miller. Carl Tate. Bilbo Stalclin, Mrs, Jayme Jnmlson, Mrs. Juanita Ohllmon, T. W. Clofortb, B. t,. Francis. Frances Autry, Louise Hlckmon, Willie B. Moore. Felix Brooks. Tommlc Byniim. Corbctt Wade. John Ilornwnl. Fred Williams, Theo Burton. Hnrvcy Brown, Chester A. Baldwin. Hlllle Burton. John Goltghtcn, W. E. Tcjtcthoff. Sonny Hilnkwilz. Mrs. T.' II. Caraway. Burton Scttoon, Leta Rose Castllo, Nfnry Nne. Burleene Ilrlnn. Knth- ryn Martin. Earl B, Snider, Blanche Rrnittcum, Richard Grcenwetl. Ministerial Group To Assist With Boys, Girls Week • Blylheville Ministerial Alliance yesterday voted to co-cperate with a National Hoys and Cilrls Week sponsored locally by the Rotary Club, J, p. Garrott, secretary of the Alliance said. The week of April 26 to May 3 has been set aside for the- purpose and April '27 ha* been designated "Go to Church Sunday for Youth," Mr Oarrolt said. The Alliance was told of an offer by the American Bible Society to place a Bible in each Mississippi County home without one. The Society wax particularly Interested In storm victims who had lost their liibles. Rev. Harvey Kidd. pastor of First Presbyterian Church, can be contacted for the Blble.s, Mr. Garrott said. Obituary Mrs. Joe Griffin Dies in Osceola OSCEOLA — Services for Mrs Bernicc Reed Griffin, who died at her home here yesterday afternoon alter a Ion 8 Illness, wirl be conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at Swift Funeral Home Chapel. Mrs. Griffin, who was 51, had resided in Osceola for the past 30 years. Burial will be In Violet Cemetery here. She Is survived by her husband, Joe Griffin; her mother. Mrs. Clara. Reed; two sons. Billy and Jininiie; three brothers. Mike Reed, Pat Reed and Hubert Reed, all of Osceola: three sisters, Mrs. Rebecca Weaver and Mrs. Lavada Rilcy. both of Osceola. and Mrs. I.avista Bowen of Dell; and one grandson. Gen Klrctrlc 58 7-8 Gen Motors 54 7-8 Montgomery Ward ,,.,.... 62 1-8 N V Central 19 3-fl I til Harvester 3.'f 7-8 J C Penney 67 5-8 Republic Steel , 41 3-4 Radio 27 1 -1 Socony Vacuum ..,. 39 7-ft! Studebal;er 37 :)-8 Standard of N J 78 1-2 Texas Corp 57 1-8 Scars 53 U S Rt-cl 4 :w 3-4 Sou Pac TO 1-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. (II'}— <USDA> — Hr>gs 12.5CO; fairly active harrows and ^'t« steady to 15 higher than Monday's average; sows steady to 25 higher: bulk choice 1RO-230 Ibs 16.85-11.00; lal- Inr PR Id freely by shippers and butchers, mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 190-220 Ibs: porkers' lop lfi.85; choice Nos. 1. 2 and 3 240-270 Ibs m-U>" is "V";."-- ""' v -310 Ibs 15,50-75; 150-170 lb.-> I5.00-IG.50; 120140 Ibs I2.75-M.50; 100-110 Ibs 11.25-12,25; sows 400 Ibs down CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page I) lets, The Reds said it happened March 25. The U. N. said the closest Buy propaganda leaflets were dropped that day was nine miles away, Besides, Ihe Allies noted, only 30 leaflets were found in the confer* eticc area. An aircraft pncket contains 3.000. an artillery shell at least 500. g, The rejection was handed to the Reds in the staff officer, talk on truce Bunervislon, The third Issue, involving exchange nf prisoners, is being <tis- cn.^scd by staff officers in secret te.s.^ions. Hoth stnff groups meet again fit 11 Wednesday (9 p.m. Tuesday KST). Staff officers who gave up on the liussinn problem will continue working on uncompleted minor del ails of the truce supervision plan. 12.00. Cnltle 2.500. calves 1.000: trading moderately active nnd fully steurly on all classes: few loads j good nnd choice steers and mixed butcher yearlings 32.00-33.75; utility and commercial cows 21.502-1.00; Individual head 25.00; dinners and cutters 17.00-21.00: utility nnd commercial bulls 23.00-26.00; virtually at standstill on few weighty fat Inills; most good and choice vealers 30.0II-3B.OO; sorted prime vealers 40,00 lo all Interests; utility and commercial vealers 20.0028.00. LOS ANGELES </?; — Supporters >f Sen. Este.s Kcfauver's bid for ;he Democratic presidential nomination arc ready to file petitions o place hi.s name oil the June 3 lalirornla preferential primary bal- ot. Your choice of three transmissions > including Automatic Orcr- ^ itnve and nttv f)uaI-Katyc H\-dra-.Mntic; hond tinM'ncnl and kite siifcwali tires (when available]: iill optional at extra coji. FOR 1952 ryODAY you will see Die first American JL car styled by famous Pinin F : arin3, creator of (he world's coslliest custom cars for its kings and leading figures. Today you will sec luxury new to America—the greatest visibility, the widest seats, the most modern features ever combined in one automobile. Today you can take command of power that even surpasses last year's official speed record-holder ... in a new Nash Super Jctfire engine with Direct- Draft horizontal carliurction. All this with traditional Nash economy ! Today you'll see new wonders in aulo- matic transmissions, in steering case—in win Reclining Scats and Twin Beds—all in the one car that's all new for 1952! Come in today—and Hike commando( a Nash Golden Airflytcl SHELTON MOTOR CO. 117 East Main in BlythevilU TV FUN— Walth Foul WhlUman'i TV T««n Club— So« your pafti for lit" onrf iTotion. Barkley Nod To Send Him Into Scramble WASHINGTON w/ — Frieiuis of Vice President Alucn Barkley needed only an exported nod from hint (nday to push him into the scramble for the Democratic presidential nomination. They looked fnr him lo be in the rare within a few days. "Now (hat President Truman has slopped aside. Mr. Bnrkley Is the only man who ran unite the various sviiigs of the Dernoer: I'c party tills fall," Sen. Glllettc-e (D-la) told a reporter. WISCONSIN (Continued (rom Page 1) holding news conferences and meeting people. Some of the best political brains in the slate helped map his campaign and advised him at every step along the way. One of them told this reporter, months ago, 'Wisconsin Is the big ona for us. This is the one we're concentrating on." Previous Votes Remembered ' Taft was defeated In New Hampshire by Oen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Not long afterward, Eisenhower received an unprecedented 100,000 votes, all of them written in on the ballot, In Minnesota. Consequently, observers feel that Taft needs a smashing victory In Wisconsin to offset these earlier developments. In llth hour statements, he expressed confidence and said he expected to win either 22 or 24 of the volal of 30 delegates. No Estimate Given Two Negroes Fined On Assault Charges Two Negroes were fined in Municipal Court this mornin? on charges of assault with a deadly ;vca[H)n growing out of two separate fights last 'nisht. Henry Blown was fined S75 and costs on his plea of guilty to the charge. He was charged with striking another N'ergo, Charley Kim;, on the head with a bottle. Twenty-one stitches were required to the wound in King's head, officers said Mnttie Richardson was fined S50 and cost.s on a similar charge. She was characrt with stabbing her husband in the back with a knife during a fight In a Negro cafe. Neither Warren nor Stassenmade any public estimates of their Flash of Fire Signals Start Of Atom Tests LAS VEGAS, Nev. (*)-A fluh of fire, clearly visible In tht bright daylight, signaled the start of a new series of itomlc test* todij The blast was timed .t 11 a.m. (Central Standard Time) and apparently waa «n aerial burst, although Its elevation could not k« accurately determined by obwrv- 'ers here. The test ground Is at Yucca Mat in & wide desert flatland 80 mile* or so northwest of this «outh«m Nevada city. EXTRA PAY (Continued from Page 1) formed services — the Coast Guard, Coast and Geodetic Survey. PublU Health Service and Maritime Service. =.., puolll : « 5v ,,,, alea o, me.r T !' e ent ! r ! matt " including th. chances. Beyond saying they lelt «""™v«*!al combat pay rider • ... • - normally will be decided by • con- confident, they declined to guess the number of delegates they expect to win. Thi£ is Warren's first primary. Stnssen competed in New Hampshire, and won a majority of the Minnesota delegates. Eisenhower is not a candidate in this election. And, unlike Minnesota, hi.s name cannot be written on Wisconsin ballots. They don't count here, Kefauvcr's position was different from thai of any of the Republican contestants. ' He came into Wisconsin with a 1 considerable degree of popularity,; started, hi.s friends say, by his; televised appearance during the 1 Senate crime investigating committee hearings a year ago. i He then began another of his' leisurely, apparently effortless campaigns, visiting with peo- ! pie on the streets and in small meetings, malting few major! speeches. i Kefauver's opposition formed under t\vo slates, each claiming to 1 represent the President — before' Truman made known his decision '. not to run ngnln. Both remained' in the race, nnd they are expected! to divide the "orthodox" Demo-' cratic vole in SVisconsln. ference consisting of the top-ranking members of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees. Rep. Vliuon (D-Ga), chairman of the Senate group, favors combat pay bnt he was voted down in hi« | committee and other Senate conferees are reliably reported opposed. Read Courier News Classified Ads. r«V«v* lh« diicOfnforti ot certain ca»M«' ARTHRITIC 0 I § T« I t t Mountain Valley J Mineral Water J ^— .HOT &rRIMGl A«"-«I Liberty Cash Grocery 501 W. Main Phone 4973 JLou don't mind Wing fooled .sonicmnrs— mill about sonw tilings. Htil it'.= no fun at all \vlipn somrliody trips to fonl you ^vith n bail iWc« —rjiicrudly when it's dis- gni-ed as something good ! I'W example, you lir,ir some people say everybody would benefit if (be federal government look over imiioi-lain Imsinivfo.'s nnd services • ".MEET COFIUSS AKCIIKK"- — (lie railroads, the doctor?, the. electric ngbt and power companies. That's the dangerous kind of fooling. For u .a they suggest, under its disguise, is socialism, When you hear somebody falling for that "let the government take over" talk, remind him llial he's recommending socialism. Very few Americans want to live, in a socialistic U. S. A. -Sundays—CDS—8 P.M., Central Time, Ark-Mo Power Co.

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