The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE TWBLTB BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURHR House Group Cuts Agri Budget Three Per Cent WASHINGTON I* — The House Appropriations Committee today cut the budget of the Agriculture Department (or the fiscal year starting next July 1 approximately three per cent. In a bill sent to the House tloor tor debate this week it recommended 1724,009,699, acut of t24.412.129. for regular activities of the Agriculture Department. Another measure sent out by Ihe commlitce provided $24.385.760 (or the operations of Ihe appropriations group itself, another three per cent cut amounting to $811,015. Percentagewise, the cuts were among the lowest of any recommended by the committee this year in the regular 1053 budget bills. In_addltlon to the cash allotted the Agriculture Department, the committee approved the full request for 229 million dollars 111 loan funds for the Rural Electrification Administration and Ihe Farmers' Home Administration. It disallowed the entire $183,102,- KQ in cash requested for Implementation of the international wheat agreement but approved a bookkeeping project, which, it admitted, will not result In a saving ol the amount rejected. ' The international wheat agreement is designed to stabilise the world wheat market, with the Commodity Credit Corporation paying from Its funds Hie difference between the price specified in the agreement and the domestic market price. Cancel Note* The committee decided to reimburse the CCC by allowing that agency to cancel $182,162,250 In Treasury notes Instead of paying them by direct appropriation;;. It Bald this "does not result In an actual saving to the taxpayer." The committee directed the department to make more use of available customs funds to support the school lunch program. The- department receives a part ol customs duties on some imports and Is supposed to use the proceeds to Require surpluses and suppori the market on certain com modi - Since IMS, the committee said, more than 56 million dollars of these funds have been spent to provide commodities for foreign •conomlc assistance under the Mutual Security Act, "In violation of the purpose" for which the funds Were given to the department. For sou conservation and land ««• payments, the committee recommend 360 million dollars, a re ductton of flJ4 million dollars from UM budget request. It an proved a 350 million dollars pro gram for ihe 196S arop year. For the school lunch program for 1»53, the committee recom mended the full amount of »83, 367,491 requested. The separate bill financing the legislative department also in eluded funds for the governmenl printing offie* and the UbrarJ ol Congress, » total of *B,aeO,a80 was *8,665. Blythcvilla Insurance Group Holdt Meeting The annual Stale Sales Congress WM diecusKd Saturday nt the monthly meeting of the Blythcville Aswciation ol Lite Underwriters at Hotel Noble. Plans were made for sending a delegation from the Blythevllle Association to the state meeting in Lltle Rock April II. The program lor the state meeting also was discussed. President L. E old npuouitcd committees for ticket sales anr transportation to the meeting Guests at Saturday's meeting were E. E. Williams and Bonnie Waldci 262 less than the budget cellmates, rhc heaviest reduction was in government printing office funds, which Ihe committee cut from $23,187,885 to S21.817.120. The bill carries no funds for operation of the Senate, the budget of (hat body being added to the Senate. AEC to Discuss Atomic Tests LAS VEGAS, Nev. W) — Top Atomic Energy Commission and military officials meet hero today to outline details of the April series of atomic tests. They have already Indicated to newsmen Ihe scries will be divided into Uvo -an early uvwrnlp tills week and a main event Involving 7.000 service men during the last week of the month. Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Oixm High Low 1:15 May 41CXi 41GO 4105 4150 July 4017 «7S 4017 4OT3 K Oot 3735 3800 3735 319(! »ec 3095 3170 3005 37C7 Ntw Orleons Cotton Ojwji HlKh law 1:15 May 4114 4110 4114 4101 July 4027 4034 4027 4V75 Ocl 3715 1IB02 3740 3738 Vac 3710 3774 370fi 3762 Soybeans NEBRASKA (Continued from Page t) showdown. In addition to voting for Iheir presidential choice, Ncforask.ins will choose IB Republican and 12 Democratic National Convention delegates. Korr said yesterday If he wins "it will be one of the most significant things in the campaign." He l.s convinced a victory, in Nebraska will give him a good chance to go on nnd win the Democrat! presidential nomination. "Hut It I don't win the so-called popularity contest," he told eport- ers, "I'll still win three-fourths of the Nebraska delegates," KefRiivor argued that the winning candidates tor delegate votes will be morally bound to vote In convention for the winner of the preferential primary. He has cr.idlengcd Kerr to nv, ner.takc-all delegates fight — but Kerr has rejected It. Harold Stnssens strength remained a question mark since his campaign has been overshadowed' l;y the write-in efforts for Taft ami Elsenhower. Tie flew Into Omaha from Wisconsin last night nnd made a radio appeal for .support —then returned to Wisconsin. In the background, too. was the figure of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Although he Is not a candidate, the voters will be able to express MacArthur sentiment by writo-in votes or by voting for Mrs. Mary Kenny of Lincoln, whose nnme Is on the ballot. She is an ardent supporter or MacArlhur. May July Sep. Nov. High 205'i 291'.'. 287'; 27'J'i, I/JW 292 y, 291 281", 277',i Close 293". 291',-i 234'i 278 MONDAY, MARCH SI, 18 TRUMAN 151 5-B 58 VA 1-BJ TC 1-1 107 5'J 51 7-3 03 1-2 10 7-8 3.1 5-8 67 1-2 41 :i-4 27 1-2 30 3-1 37 3-1 1!) 1-4 5« 5.1 1-8 30 C3 5-8 Tito Gives Warning To West on Trieste BELGRADE, Yugoslavia M>) — Premier Marshal Tito bluntly warned the Western powers today they may "lose the sympathy of our peoples" by supporting Italian territorial claims In the free territory of Trieste. From the floor of Ihe Parliament he called upon Premier Alcidc dc Gp.«iperl to answer the question: "Do you wish (o bo friends or rnr- mlcs?" lie served nollre Vinoslnvin never will ncccpt a dictated settlement of tlio 'Priests dispute In favor Italy. New York Stocks A T and T r. Ainer Tob;i<?ro Anaconda Cornier Chrysler Coca-Col:t . Gen Electric tien Motors Montgomery Ward .. .. N V Central Int Harvester ,,.., J. O. Penney Republic Steel Radio Kocony Vacuum Studcbaker '.'. Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears U S. Steel Sou Pac Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. II). U>—(USDA)—Hoys 23,500: active, uneven; 180-230 Ibs 15 to 25 lower; top 35 off; heavier weights steady to 10 lower; 170 Ibs down fully 25 lower; sows steady to 25 lower- choice 180-230 Ibs full width of grade 10.75-85; several hundred head mostly Nos. 1 and 3 190-220 Ibs to shippers and butchers 10.90, lowest top since April. 1950; choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 HO-270 Ibs 157518.60; 100-110 Ibs 11.25-12.25; sows •too Ibs down H.50-15,25; few at 15.50; heavier sows 12.75-14.25; slugs 11.50-13.50; boars 0.50-12.00. Cnttle S.OOO, cnlves 800; steers finding moderate demand but generally lower bids resulting In little done; heifers and mixed yearlings opening about steady to small buying interests; few good nnd choice 28.50-32.00; cows about steady; little action to packers: utility and commercial caws 21.50-24.00; cnn- ncrs and cutters 17.00-21.00; bulls and venlcrs steady; utility nnd commercial bulls 23.00-26.00; cutter bulls 19.00-22.00; sorted prime voalers to 40.00. paid by packers us well as shippers: good and choice venters 30.00-38.00; utility nnd commercial 20.00-28.00. SCEIOI.AKS1IIP WINNKR — Mi.s.-i Minnie Foster, principal of "Yarbro Scliool. was presented a ^cholai.slilp at the state meeting of Delta Kuppa Gamma, national ortfaJilwitioji of women educators, this weekend in Little Rock. Mi.'-.s Fo.'jtei's selection as the Arkan^ns teacher for the honor was announced Friday morning by a Mate ukie cornrtmri.'e of the srj- rority at a breakfast at Hotel Miu'ion. Her selection was bftsccl on ability as cJ;is.sroo;n teacher, If-atlcrsiiip f.s a principal and encouraging her faculty and community to ;<c:t as a unit in .school activities. Miss Foster will receive her Bachelor of Science degree Iiom Arkansas State Colleye this summer. (Courier News I'holol. $111 Bond Is Forfeited !n Drunk Driving Case Lee Lyles forfeited a M11.25 casl bond in Municipal Court this morning on n charge of driving while under the inriuencc of lirtunr. In other action. Alex Macklin lined $50 anrt costs on a charge ol carrying a piMol as a weapon aiu James W. Jeans forfeited a S50 bond on a charge of reckless driving. J(j>«c Westmorland was fined $25 and costs on a charge ol operating a mo1/:r vehicle without a license. E- P. Franklin foricitef! a $5 bond on a charge of failing to stop at a traffic light nnd Donald F. Brown forfeited a 530,25 bond on a charge of failure lo yield the right of way. Jolliff Named Manager Of Sikeston C. of C. Charles Joleff. Jr., formerly ol Manila, lias resigned effective April ' 5 as manager of the Polk County Chamber of Commerce at Livingston. Texas, and will become mall- <Contfctt»d from Pa«* M convention In July will a winner, "I will be in there just the same as If I were the nomine* because I am that kind of a Democrat. I'm not a fair day Democrat." Stevenson waj asked directly on NBC's "\feet the Press" television program: "Will you say that you will not accept the Democratic nomination?" "I will not say that," he replied. One Immediate effect of Truman's action was to spur the campaign- Ing of Sen, Estes Kefauver of Tennessee, the crime Investigator who gave the President a stunning defeat in the New Hampshire primary The hopes or Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia, candidate of the antt- Truman forces In the South were also raised. At the same time. pro-Truman Sen. Robert Kerr of Oklahoma campaigning for delegates for transfer to Truman, openly became a candidate In his own right. French Push Reds to Gulf 1,049 Vietminh Troops 'Dead' SAIGON. Indochina i/n — The French drove five Vietminh battalions — about S.00r> men — to the shores of (he oulf of Tonkin tonight. Th»re the Communist-led rebels battled fiercely to escape de struct Inn. The French said they had Hllet IMS Vfctmlnh troops and took 1 062 prisoners in the campaign to mon up rebels from the rich Delta rlc lands southeast of Hanoi. The drlv, started four days ago With their backs a R .->.Imt the sea the Vietminh were subject to al tack from the air. sea and Ian, The French snM they had wiped out or Inkcn prisoner one firth of the enemy force. The enemy objective had been t< obtain a foothold in the Delta am smash French communications be Iwer-n Hanoi eastward to the oor of Haiphong. ajer of the sikcston. Mo C of c April 7. A former athletic director at Manila High School. Mr. Jollff also Is a former manager of the Osceola Chamber of Commerce. Mr. and Mrs. joliirf will move to Slkeston April 6. He I, the son of Mr and Mrs. Charles Jollff. S r.. of Manila Truman Raises Many Questions In Answering One on Election By JACK KUTLEDGE WASHINGTON Wt—When President Truman announced Saturday night he will not run again, he answered the jackpot question that las been fired «t him almost dally year—but in doing so he raised scores of others. Only time Itself will answer these jew questions, but this is what lop officials were saying today: Will Truman try to name a successor? Sen, Hussell of Georgia, a Democratic presidential candidate, and Richard J. Nelson, aide to Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois, who is reported lo be Truman's choice for ;he nomination, said *'No" on a television program yesterday. Sen. Humphrey (D-Minn) said Truman will not try to dictate a uccessor, but will take "a real interest in the selection". Humphrey was one of several who predicted a wide-open convention in July. Sen. O'Mahoney (D-Wyo) predicted Truman will interest himself to the extent of "making sure that his policies are carried on." Would Gov. Stevenson, the man most often mentioned as Truman's choice to succeed him. accept? Stevenson Hedges Stevenson himself hedged on NBC's "Meet the Press" television program. He still insisted he was running for governor of Illinois, but would not say he would refuse tile Democratic presidential nomination. Sen. Humphrey said be believer Stevenson would not seek the nomination, but certainly woulc not turn It down if it were offeree him. Will Truman's decision help ot hurl Republican prospects of victory in November? Harold E. Stassen, a candidate for trie GOP nomination, said the Democrats would be more difficult to beat without Truman as thcii candidate. Sen. Robert A. Tail of Ohio another GOP nominee candidate said anyone the Democrats pick, will be "weakerithan Truman him self." He added they may have to turn back to Truman, implying a draft. Taft earlier had said he would rather run against Truman than anyone else. Truma nbad said the same of Tnft.- Chairman Guy G. Gabrielson of the Republican National Committee said Truman "obviously has heard the voice of the people." Sen. Bridges of New Hampshire, Senate minority leader, said Truman's decision was an "indication the President feels the chances (or a Democratic victory this fall »re mighty slim." Warren Understands Gov. Earl Warren of California, a third GOP nominee candidate, merely said he could understand Truman's decision, and wished ilm happiness. What will Truman's decision m«a in his own party? Democrats generally predicted t would touch off new bids for the party nomination. Officaily entered are Sen. Esles Kefauver of Tennessee, Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia and Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma. Sen. Monroney (D-Olcla) said these candidates may deadlock at the convention, in which event Speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas "may be a possible compromise." Truman's decision to quit als9 placed Vice President Alben Barkley and Supreme Court Justice William P. Douglas in the realm of possble canddates. Barkley promised a statement lateg .mis week. Douglas said in January he would not run. What does Truman's withdrawal mean to the South? Subdued cheers came from Southern politicians at odds with the President over his civil rights program. The development added fuel to the fire of Russell's drive. Gov. Herman Talmndge of Georgia said it would benefit Russell's campaign. Gov. James F. Byrnes of South Carolina ignored Truman's announcement but gave new endorsement to Russell. Gov. Hugh White ol Mississippi said he was "pleased" with the decision and said Russell is "going to be a strong contender." Danville Man Injured in Face With Shotgun TCJL&A, Okla. m — Jack 51. of Danville, Aik., was In a critical condition in a hospital today, his face torn b.v a shotgun blast. Attendants said his chances of recovery "are very slight." Foley was found in n fir-Id north of Tulsa Sunday by William Callan, who was working* out his hunting dog. Gallon reported (o officers a shotgun was lying across the wounded man's chest. Police have not determined how Palcy was shot. Detectives Ralph Phillips and Leo Jackson said the blood-stained barrel o[ the gun indicated it had been held close to the victim's face. ±j Armorel Negro Teacher Named to ASIA Post Geneva llarraway, principal of Armorel Junior High School for Negroes, was re-elecicd secretary of the elementary principals section of the Arkansas State Teachers Association meeting in Little Rock last week. All teachers at Armorel Junior High attended (lie convention Thursday. Friday, and Saturday. 21 Japanese Die In Mine Mishaps TOKYOi/Pj— Twenty-one Jnpnn- rse were killed or injured nt three mines Sunday ami Monday. A cave-In tins aflernoon at the KmrafsKi" iron mine. Northern Honshu island, killed three and injured seven. Frisco Supervisor Transferred to Texas A. L. Mayo, supervisor of Frisco Transportation Company's Blythe- vllle office for .several years, bus liccn transferred to the Dallas.'Texas, office. Frisco Agent j.j. Mo r _ Kan said here this morning. ' W. T. Stewart Is to be supervisor here. MONEY /ot Confidential Easy-lo-Arrange Quick, Friendly Service No Red Tape No Delay Up lo 18 Months to Repay DELTA LOAN & FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE 324 West Ash Phone 2091 Good Friday, April J 7 WASHINGTON (IF) — president 1 Tnnnan has called tor general na- I ticmviric observance of Good Fri-' day, April II. ! USED TRACTORS FOR SALE Oliver "70" F-20 For ma 11 Oliver "60" wilh Cultivators FARMER'S Implement Co. 515 K. Miiin Phone fi!2 > Pcnvi-rct] by iiukk-idruni; -l-cyclc ' engine < I'/i lip or 3 A Full adjim-ililc governor £ii,u.iri- 'ices U ecu rate, dependable 5 peed control. 2V blade niH ri.nlir up to tree trunks, sliruhs, fences etc * Seamless Mi-ul [uhim; throuphoul frame in surf* * Prcds ion comi ruction . at;.\insf faulty opinion anil mini- ruize* rcpiirs . . . insures (rouble- Irce performance. Sec the MASTER MOWER today at ALL THE DEALERS LISTED BELOW DKI.TA IMFI.EMKXTS, INC, 312 South Second St. Hl'HBARn HAHDW.VRK CO. 213 West Main St. MISSCO IMl'LKMKNTS CO. South Highway 61 WESTBROOK MACHINE SHOP Authorized CltiUon Engine Service Station — Genuine Parts — Reasoiinbk prices on rcpnirs. America's Finest Power Mower Ask for fret rtcm- Bomb-Laden B-29 Falls in Orient TOKYO, Tuesday (>P>—A B-29 su- perfortress headed lor Korea with a full load of bombs crashed and burned 30 miles west of here -shortly before midnight, the Air Force anncnmed today. Japanese press reports said two members of the crew arc known to have parachuted, but nine others a re mi ssing. it vn s not known whether they bnilcti out or went down with the plane. Si'OT HAHMS Special nig Dairy Cattle AUCTION Saturday, Al>rll 5. 1D52 Beginning .11 1:00 P.M. Shs ' WYNNE, AHKAN7 "' „ I 78 - High C!«s Dairy / AyrslJires, GiLRiiuey*. ll Brown Swiss, coi.si5Jl.ii fresh and close by to ca line heifers; 31 heifer c; of service age. Many cov. tercel and papers [iirnlshrc sale. This herd really has and condition. 40 to Si] ib. A!! spiling without quibbling;. sale barn day before Bale ant. them over and see ihf/n milked. SALE POSITIVE This sale will tflke plsce regardless of price or weather. N'o cows sold privately before sale. HEALTH—All T.B. end Banes tested within the past ten days. Lunch Will be Served Sl'OT FARMS Co], Roy Cl).inp_v .t Bravvnpr Bros,, Auctioneers Attention Mr. James R. Scott Representing Storrs-Schaefe Tailoring Company Will Be In Our Store All Day Wednesday April 2 (one day only) Mr. .Scott will show an interesting display of attractive new fabrics for spring and summer. The right clothes can give you a precious advantage in your business career . . . can turn your contacts into real opportunities. Be sure to stop in and see what's new. Get the advice of Specialists on New Styles and Fabrics R.D. HUGHES CO Where the Man Who Knows-Buys his Own Clothes 1

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