The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1952
Page 7
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BT/YTHEVTU,F, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 81, IMS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r»Ue Una for con&ecuO'r Minimum charge & yc 1 lltne prr line lic 2 times t»rr line per d*y 12^ 3 limn J>fl line |)« lV.\y "' 6 '.Imrs per tine pT diy c 12 times prd Line per <tnr * c Month p?r line - » oc Cotini life fifrrfifie words to tno nne Ad ordprarl for three or *li tnnri and Elonped belnre rx|ilrnii(m will ISP chAtr- ed tot th.e number ill times llic Ml eppenrprt and niilunim'nt ol bill mmle All clurs'.Ilrd «il50illain>! «.py Mill- mltleil by ptr-ous rf-l-llin: oinMilc- n[ the cllj inuil Ho »c<oj.ip:iini-il by cmh Rues may easily b« cnmiimcH] limn the Rbore lafote AdTrrtlitiiK ordered rtn tnr^ilai In- tertians tivfce tlie otip tlni* t»nlf KJ rchponslhlllty will lie mis" I"' more than onn Inconcct Insertion n! any claatmcd R«i All »d! »rt restricted to their propel cluslflciulon. style And type. I «o Courier News re.serves. tlie .-iKl't tn «<m or reject Buy id. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck ti TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 w WAlAui Phone 33H2 Plenty of Parking Space Apartment for Rent 3 rm. unfur. opt., close I 3 rum. rooms. SrwVy det vntc bath, hot water. Clo.^r 307 N. First. ' 4 room unt. fljit.. wired (or di-rlilc Btove. Ph. 3619. _ 3 ' 3t l ll: '* ~~3~7oom~ un!mnl*h<Mt «Pl- P^valc bath. 100 Cherry. Ph. 3349 or 2,87. :t I'll. SSPS. 311 rll tt MaWS. I'll- in. I'h. Vf). :< 31 ]il: 4 0 pit 4 15 TKLK VISION RCA VICTOR Ex pet I liiKliillTitlon scrvlrfl, Day Amusement Co. Ph 4470. HlKhway 61 3.21 cV. 421 D.& No. 15 10 tons, d^Hnird. trrAtrd. KacJu-<! GormlnnUon HI lo Fr> pi r rrjit Suvci from BO nrrcf. prodm-liv: :»7 In! PS. Pnr SlfJO ton. J R. GAT1I1NGS. [.uxnrii Ark. 3,10 pk 41 2-1 room npts, private liath. wlrrd lor electric scow. rh. 32E6. 32 pk 45 3 room and balh in duplex. 523 N. Division. 3;25 pk 4 rm. unfur. npt.. tile bath, arcola ii cnll 2757. 1003 W. Asli, ^ 21 pk 43 3 rm. (tir. «l>t. pvt. liath. eler, f\ ontll. 320 N. 2nd. o 25 fi* »35 m 42 Nicely furnished 2 rooms ,t h»tli, itrlctly nrlvnte. All plertrln kitchen, plenty ot Hot water, nice niul clr;m Rent, slnele or couple. On Mnln St Ph. 2671 utter 5-M35. 3,25 pk 4,0 for rent, Cnll S ck If Tjpjtalrj 4 ronm unlurn npt wltll bath, clcetrtn voter heater. »lrerl (or electric stove. Nc«ly decorated Coup e only. Ph. 2787. l.lOrtll 3 room & T room 1612. C. Abraham. klodcrn 3 room lur npt Ph. 2595 or 4SM. • J i H clt " Good Soybfj Sfed Corn. n Intin »nd U5i FAUMEHH SOYBEAN COrtl' DrnndMny. lllytlievlllc. Ph. 6191 3 21) ck 4 21. case. Ph 21!)! 320 ck If 10 II. meat display Doll. Hl-Tono. Diimliulf IxiHon remove.i dlintlruff or money bnrk. Rf'ld In nly- thevlllo at NlchoK Flarhrr Hho]> only 41a K, Ash St. One week's special. }L bottle. 75c. 327 pk 4,3 Corn for sale J, W. Williamson, nt .1. nox 103. Ulythevllte. on Hnlf Moon Hoa<l near Homer Hodfics store. S2i nit 4t Oome.'lle rabbits. Fryers, dressert, teady to cook. Alto hrendlng slock Pr Jim »olefOn. 2PC4. 320 ck 4 20 Uodern Rpt . 3 rooms nnd hath, newly decorated. KOod Itirnltttre. B«» eqillp- Klinl. Ph. 3373. F Simon. 9.21 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. ?S up pei' week. Hcdiooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash. Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck, tf Auto Supplies and Services ' Don't end linger your fnmlly wit fftultr tlrci-TJUT LB« TttllS. CK&PMAH SKHVIC« STATION Mfclrt ind Division Phone 3561 11 13 ck Services Baby sltUn^, liny or nlcht. T home or tntne. n^rrrcnrcs. Mr*. Orarc Cable, ph. 6586. 339 pk Ironing, curtains Airbuse. . Apt. '29 pk -1'5 For moving alul loc.-il 6529. W. W. n^ckhnm. in lio: 329 Ccrlifieril Bean Seed np. laij prnde norlchsos- No 2. aped by state Plant !!o;ird 2 bn . 510 per biiK. C. L. WYI.IE. Prnm- Fed Land Farm, or ph. 2625, Hlytlip- •llle. 3:25 pk 4,1 pro PrcRh row A: rnlf. Ph. -IR06. 326 pk 42 4 ro-rV John Drrrft Plnntor with niirltrs: 4 rnw Jr>hti Dccre rotftry hoc nnd ohn Drcrp disc linrrow Hi\lc Scr.t} 'nnns. IHmlelte. I'h 4702. 3,7 c)t U Seed soyhcans, Dorlchsoy No. 2. Only 1 year from Hrecder's stock. Subject to certificntion. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2142. 01 Implement Co. 3'ttl ck IT why not save money? COME TO 300 1950 Ford $1345 A K I " r i <) u .s Hawaiian Hron/.e color, I his 1'ord "8" Custom Tudor has new tires, radio, heater, seal covers! 1947 Ford $695 (•'or only ?l>i)j you can liuy (his .suiier deluxe Ford "8" Fonlor. Comes equipped with new tires and heater, 1948 Dodge $795 A MK truck, this 2-Ton Dodjre, lias 2-spei'd axle, heater, jjood hotly AND extra good tires. Gel a demonstration. 1948 Chev. $695 Want a pickup'.' See this Chevrolet '/j-Ton job. It runs fine. Has new paint, radio and healer, too. BROADWAY 1948 Mercury $745 An extra clean car, you'll like this Mercury 4-rloor Hi'dan. Light grey. Radio and healer, too. See ill THREE USED TRACTORS 1950 Ford This late model tractor cnnu-s equipped w i t h Cultivator, disk and busters. I'lUCKI) AT ONLY ?lli)5. John Deere ICo; nipped with cultivator, this John Deere Tractor is a hcfknva fine l>uy at SSfl.i. THAT'S RIGHT — ONLY $305! Aflis-Chalmers Rave yourself some money on this Allis(' h a 1 in c rs T ra c t o r. Hrc:ikin)r plow, hosier and cultivator. ONLY $295. WE ARE PROUD OF OUR EMPLOYEES! ALLEN HARDIN DON W1LHEIM GERALD BLOMEYER J. F. JOHNSON RAYMOND KING S. J. CRAIG Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlvlheville. Arkansas — 1'houe 2371 For Safe, Cars & Trucks One rltmip truck for >r 37H. lile, Ph. 9927 Onofl P K tnnrtrni (11.«<- llnnrnln M 115Q J. K. OATIIINOS. I.uxor.1. Art. 32B pfc 4-1 Klmbnll plrmo. ^SO. Cnlernnn oil henlpr, $13. Ph. a?f!7 or 3^.R2. 3,2ft rk -!;i Broadway & Chickasawba fimpony Phone 4453 Lost and Found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Clipson. Call 32G2, 3423 or 4464 r Glencoe IIoieL 11 ck tf Siamese cat. Answers Kim. Cnll 2445. of \ 4.2 Female Help Wanted Can you 150 00 to 5100.00 per week as an extra Income? Excellent OFirnlnKS for 2 houra spare time, titt- thR Jnino. 1 ; Plnstlr Party Plan! No In- voatniciu f No canvassing! ^ f o previous 1 experience necessary. Use of car help| (ill. Write JAMES HOUSEHOLD PLASTICS. CO., Box No. F,-l C/O Courier. ^tnle persona! details and phone number. 3|31 pk 4|3 IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSII'I'I COUNTV, AUKANSAS Tom Knight, Ptf. vs No. 12,002 Pcarlene Travis Knight, DH. \VAKNINCJ OKDKIt j The Defendant, Pearlcne Travis ! Knight, is hereby warned to a|>pcar ; in the Chancery Court for the ; Chiekasav;ba District, Mississippi | County, Arkansas, within thirty ] (30) days, to answer the complaint of Tom Knight, filed in -said court; otherwise the allegations thereor will be taken a$ confessed. Dated this 15 clay of March, 1952, Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Syke.s. D. C. James M. Gardner, atty for ptf. Wm. E. Radcr. Jr., atty ad litem. 317-2-1-31-4,7 W spring HAS COME FOR YOUR CAR, TOO and here's a saving on lubrication! Interesting vacation position. 1 : paying trarhprs Rrlprtrrt S7.10 to $I.SflO. <le- ppnrjlng on ahlllty and length ol va- r.illon. plus valuable Lraliiln? at our xpenfic. Highly satlsfj-liig rxpericiu-e •hlch will iitlvtince you profrsslonEilly. eriulrcmerils: nye 2i-50 ypnrs, 3 years cflchlnv; experience, gootl rr-coid and .[nn<HnE. N timber of openings limited. Write t mined la tety In confidence personal Inirrvlt-w, glvlnK phone G A r > This Paper. :t'31 pk 41 12 room house, ^oort location acto&Ji rom hlRh school Olvtrtccl Into 3 {ipnrt- ncnls. ench with elcclrlc ^Itcheji. Two -room apartments, one. 6-moin np^rt- noiit. nil fully fiirnlslinl Forced to pll hccnusc of ill lirnlih, Open [or Inspection Apply T13 ClikkAan.wbn 3.20 Ck tf Private Rooms Cnmfartnhle hrilrotun roomers, Inncrsprlun 124. For Sale, Reof Estate with hnth, floor fnmnrn f.- nitlr fan. fimull Hup. cull ! flown paymrnt. Cnlt David It»^l Kfttato Ph 3533. nr 24Rfi. or Snm Orvdwln. 1174. .T2fi ck 42 Orftdoatc p r:\ctlrL\l i\\n (or private rtuty. Ph. 21(19 .p nvallnMc 325 pk *'.l Curtains lanndrrccl. Rfis W. Ash. Mnrirrn North Pth 5-rooin St . ] h Curfflln* laundered mid stretched. Mrs. J. E. Lawrence. Th. G2-W. 3 25 pk 'I 25 TELEV"lSION~RKrAIK All makes & models, nt rcasonablp prlcrs. Day 'Amusement Co. Th $•) TO HlphwHy fil Nrnth ^ 21 rk 4 2! LRimdrr. In my home Ph fi!47 . B p I repair anv n'.^ke or nif>floJ mnrhltic 2 blorks west of ni*l on 8th Rt l>y new school, tl Graham. I'h C733. 37 •13 n^hlni; pump repnlra. m ynrd. outdoor Mornirr. $1,^00 cn-ih, hnl- rviicp 4*1 lonn nt MO ppr month, in- rltitltni? liiRiLrnncr nntl tnxc». Mo rlrm a-brdroom with 2 hilhs. In IfMW block on A;h Street. Lare:e lot. 1 cnr crtrncc. Immrdfnt* possrsslon. Price tM.onn. 3-iirdroom home tn Country Chih Dilvr Addition. It's vncnnt— ymi'U like it. GoDd rondltJon. Sl.OoO lo Sl.fi50 ca-;h will Immile. Prtlninv J53 50 ppr month Si-e or call 20 MIM'TH PTinTOSTATir ICC O'STBKN S STiTDlO-llP V. Watch and Jewelry Renoir JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Plume 4111 iiietK'e Phone 25% 3 79 rh t prices. PAT O'BRYANT Main ^ Second 10 .i et t; . pvt. bath loi niiittrcss, ph 3,2R pk 41 ! hath Ph 4641 2.28 4 1 ocni*--' -close In. adjoin In K bath. nt .hoi. water. Pl\. 2592.. -...- : . 3 31 pk -1 3 Help Tractor driver with family to make :rop Ph 6801. Utho llttrnvs. :i!l clt tf Room and Board Tloom nnri board. Rooms, ncals loiunl. Mrs. CassUly, 115 W. Ash. 3 2 Lower California is rlrh in minerals and some workings are hundreds of years oM. An angry pronsc tnakr.s a runi- hlins noise like n miniature freight train. The people of Easter Island, lonely South Pacific .speck, saw their first airplane in 1951. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalla, l.esperieza. Clovers, Soybeans and Sect) Corn. See us before you buy. Blyfhcville Soybean Corp. Phone 6856 - 1800 West Slain Here's a COMTLKTE lubrication job lli:U uill hc)p really your car for hot summi'r <lriv- ing — and that's jlisl around the corner. Sullivan - NVlsim uill lubricate trie chassis AM) repack the' rpar .springs . . * PLUS changing llic transmission an. differential lubricants to summer jvei^ht. Check battery, too. Remember, when ynii're enjoying the warm spring weather — your car needs a spring treatment. Cars and Light Trucks SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone -1578 I Notice TELEVISION HKPA1R A: mo[tpls, M rcnsonnhlc Day AimiKcmcMit Co. Ph. 4470. Highway 6\ North. 321 ck 42) All rices EASTER SPECIALS |15 cold waves $10 $10 cold waves $7.50 Machincles.s $5 up THR RKAUTY BAR Glcnroc Hniol Bids. Phone 3203 Insurance Gall 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 TV A«h 3t. GT.KNCOE HOTEL BUILDING Wanted to Buy \VANTKO: \\> p.iy top prlrr.s for m-hcnns. Roytif.Tn spilts. shcllnd corn. nts. wlirnt nn-\ liniloy OeL our price .cforr vmi -;rll FAR \tKRS ROYT1FAN' CORP. 3 2H ck 4 2fl Kod.ttc^. rnn O'STPKN'S STUDIO CASH Tnr yovit nld >nrt !rn*rA tor part?* 113 WEST Main 12 4 rfc tf for Rent Pr Will s J ruth. 2?on ; 3 29 pk -J 2 I KKSTl'rKY STOCK FARMS jirovcuirnts t v Permanent Pns- U Rofmorhic. Heahor. Padti- THE- MAN TO KNOW Tlip in;\n In know ts t>ie mrclian- ic vvlm Knows Low lo r;iro for vniiT r,ir . . . imrt dors his hcsl [n rcji^ir it right! You'll find Ihr hcsl scr%-lr<? for ymir r:ir al T. I. Scay .Motor Co. Try us. T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Cbr.Tislfr-riynioulh Drxtrr \'i\ E Main Fbnne 2122 The RAZORBACK Drive-In Is Now Serving The World's Best Pot Of Baked Beans 75 C A Full Meal Served With French Fried Potatoes, Salad and Hot Rolls ALSO SERVED ON THE CURB they're Delicious! HORNER-WILSON IS HEADQUARTERS FOR TRUC 'SOChev $1050 What a buy on a pickup! Has practically new lircs, low niile<i;;e, heater. It's guiiranleed, too! '50 Ford $850 Priced way, way below market price, this '/j- Ton Ford Pickup is a super-bargain at only $850! '49 CMC $895 A good truck — and a real buy! Save yourself some monev on this dependable GMC ^ 2 -Ton Pickup! §805. '49 Chev $895 The cleanesl pickup in Ulytueville, Arkansas! Has practically, new (ires. Now yours for just SS95. '49 GMC $850 An A-l. ijUFininleed late model pickup! This heavier, ^i-'Fon job has practically new lires. §850. '49 Dodge 0750 Here's a I'j-Ton Truck that's ready io go; Hor- ncr-\Vilson offers you a special price of only ST50! FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant— Promised Land TRUCKS For Sa/e, Misc. Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS 1 Viklnc vrrrt 1 1 <2. HP forv. 1 14-fnot m-,v 234 )1P rr,:iir 1 8-fool Hill s 2 rr.rflt b]r.i;kp 1 Hoh:irl f,Ur"r 1 meat fzrlnrln 3 Irc-Krl?p vr ] r.-ifc 1 1950 model I 1 2 ion GMC trvirfc Contact Mflvln ttniscll At H^l^ll - \Vhit« Furniture Co.. o: Phonr r/pt- Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bldg. Ph. GS63 Mndrrn 3-hrtironm horr.r. rsiier bcni^r nunUhciL F: nnlldl 3 2R pk 4 I -irclrlc lint crlirnr lo^ 26 ck tf fm l 44iH rir rurnt Co nd ftcMolnltn; •> I th I orMoil In cnr» ;ith nld^> of Holland. rltn Pniil BSTIHII 1 ni \ n c Mn np.irt:nrnt. Pli. 3 I ft [>k 4 IS Iipdroom Rdjolnlnc bi urn ftjn. Ph. 27<>n. 1 rm nr.t«:rn. hoi^c with i^th JJ.l Hear -121 K A5.h. ph. ^67. 331 ck 4 fi HAPPY HOUR GROCERY 412 East M-,l,n if rtoplred. Buy I have ^'Vr;>1 ] 2«" Maiilla. :;-! l.<-; s i SEED BKASS —r pfrnil list Ion H bu<-!u 1, O^d* n 1 . 1 -. W',, pf mil nation. S3 75 b •;• 'i-,r\. t.' S ni^nk- cnshlp. Djll. ph- 2-; r -2, 327 pX 427 IT? CiOOfl 1 for onlv ul Inv ilr^ the ; \ 15 ft. TV.II^ -in mc^t hoK. fully pqitlpprd. 3 ft dlsplsv nn-^l CASP. nn- •a r.ish r--^i« i ;cr. adtUni: ninrhlnr. 3 sets of 5fAlr.«, Allrlnc n^rhlne. *AH- n-ll!. mrr-. mill hreml table, tJrlnk box, 74 lineal fffl or wall shelvlnc: X'-'l-^ist .-<.u<l -:inn !•> It vrirrtaMr '.u\ tiifiil lilfi k rlc.ldr fun. rhrrk- for Sprinq •^11. ytlilnc you rir.fd (or -•> iiioilrrn v:ro Used Maple breakfast ;-ct. Ph pi'; h?:it this sct»p--lhla T, 111 srll poon —so > o\l'<t brttrr hurry Koinp Wliisonhunt .loin Ihp S|irinc p^rndc—with shoes thai Took Hkr nov. Hrin? us the *.lmrs ncocl rtj'citig and rrpair. H-flLTCRS <K«U»TY SHOC SMO 121 W. MAIN ST. CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Ctrlificd 1>cll^pine 15 Cottonscrd ® $200.00 per ton. Mississippi Ortififd Cokcr 1M \Vllt Coltonscprt @ S185.W per (on. This cnllon is pvcellriil for biijhl land as tt rtstsls wilt. Tlvrse seed are ctrnnrrt, ricliixtcd. treated and s*cVcd pounds to tlic tae. and arc priced F.O.B. Blylhcville, Arkansas. Teleplione n-.I t Hdtoni, Mississippi. J. I). I.UNDY '49 Jeep $495 A dandy lillle (ruck that Koes anywhere, any- fimc. Four-wheel drive will get yon through... §Ji)5. '47 Chev $695 Another nice pickup! With reconditioned motor, new paint, and new tires you'll get good service. '47 Dodge $395 Look at thai price again. This 1-Ton Dodge Truck has dual wheels, far lory- made stake body. '46 GMC ..... $495 This 1 '.' 2 -Ton long wheel-, base Truck has pracU-* cnlly new motor and the tires arc okay. Drive it '45 Chev ..... $297 You won't find a better buy if you look from now III Christmas. lAVIi 1 1/2- Ton Chevrolet with good motor. Sre our complete line nf new GMC Thirk* . . . inchidiiiff Ihc scn^:ilioii^] r)IKSI-,L "ITiO." Honirr-Wilson lias Ihnn from tr> Sij-Ton models — il Ion? wlipplhasc. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed liest I'rices Kirby Drug Stores ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED 80-85-91 7f Eerminallon, dellnled and trfaterl ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS CORN AND HAY FOR SALE EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark Ilr:ind new Ol.DSMOMII.t: • ss ible. A rcrtllv rlAssy car uith A7iire hlne with bl.ich top. nvclrain.illc. radio, heater — it's the car >ou've wanted to own. HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmohile — GMC Trucks Phone 20f)fi Used Car Lot — I'hone Glnt

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