The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1952
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH SI, 1952 •"' ' — Arkansas Politicos Cheered By Decision of President BIYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A BOY AT CALVARY Br The Associated Press President Truman "certainly was entitled to retire" says one of his strongest supporter In Arkansas. Gov. McMath said, "I think there are a mnn!xr of good men who could be the standard bearer and lead the Democratic to victory in November." He named Gov.' Adlnt Stevenson of Illinois, Senators Estej Kefauw at Tennessee. Robert s. Keir ot Okahoma, nich.ird Russell of Georgia and J. William Piilbright of Arkansas. Most other prominent Democrats In Arkansas greeted Mr. Truman's decision not to seek rc-eection with enthusiasm. Said Former Gov. Ben Lnncy, Arkansas Neivs Briefs— * Murder Charges to Be Filed On Negro in Sparkman Slaying By The Associated Press FOHDYCE-Prosecutor A. James Under says he will file murder charges against a 19-year-old Sparkman, Ark. Negro in the fatal shooting of a Sparkman farmer. Sheriff Reece A. Parham said Wilson Wright, last Saturday c n- fessed to the slaying of Allen Green Roberts. 65. and the wounding of Roberts' daughter, Mrs. Irene Roberta Holloway, 32. Steelman to Speak At Postmasters Meet May 8-70 LITTLE ROCK-Dr. John R. Steelman. assistant to President Truinan, will speak at the annual convention of the Arkansas postmasters May 8-10 In Little Rock. Postmaster Harry Colvert of Cullendale, chairman of the conven (ion committee, said that stectean. temporary head of the Office of Defense Mobilization, would speak. ^ Group Formed to Interpret School Legislation ' LITTLE ROCK-A new organization desired to screen and !n- terpret «ohool leeislation has been formed here Representatives of school boards throughout the state organized the Arkansas Association of School Boards Saturday orgiinizett Little Rock Man Chosen to Head Centra/ College Crime Has No Definite Pattern In Arkansas, Purifoy States LITTLB ROCK OPJ-There Is no general pattern of specific organized crime" in .Arkansas, says the chairman of the state Crime Committee. Rep William Purifoy of Ouachita County, .chairman of the Arkansas Legislative Council's Crime and Ethics Committee, said last night in a radfo interview that his committee found that crime in Arkansas is "sporadic and Isolated " ^However. Purifoy said that the Committee did find cases where local police officers "refrained ' rom closing out bookmakers and other small gamblers." , rH ,, e „ s *l? tnere were "Isolated areas' where local law enforcement was lax He declined to name the areas but said that some "out- ?£t I* , dlr «tion" of gambling In Hot Springs was discbvered Purifoy outlined the tentative draft of a bill to create a permanent, 10-meinbcr Crime and Ethics oommlMion to be appointed by the Supreme Court. The proposed commission, an investigative be would have full subpoena, powe? ""eked"" Wh ' Ch PUI "° 5 " S «« who bitterly opposed (he president's nomination in 1848 and helped spur a revolt Against the Democratic party by the States Rightcrs: "I think he's wi.sp ns far as he personally, is concerned and it appears to me to be a wise thing for the country." Dr. R. B. Robins of Camdcn, National Democratic Commlltoeman, said he wasn't surprised at the announcement, and added that 1-e thought Sen. Richard Russell's chances lo gel the nomination were Improved. Harmony Move Seen Most of Arkansas' congressional delegation viewed the move as B step toward restoring harmonv in the party. Sen. McClcllan and Hep. Brooks Hays both agreed that the chances for party peace semed to be improved, and Rep. Mills said the decision should cive the convention n chance to draft a platform that all factions could support. !?pp. Trim-j ble and Rpp Harris generally a Erred with this pnsition. Sen. Fulbrlght declared Mr. Tn man's withdrawal should Rive th South the opporlunlty to play "a affirmative nart in the el-ction "Great News," Taokclt Says Rep. Tackctt, a. candidate to governor, declared: "It's the ereal ost news to greet the America public during my 3H years In Con press. . ." Ren. Gainings declined to com rnent. Mrs. Jack Carnes, Democrat! National Commltteewoman, said th president's decision should open th Democratic convention and pive lot of room for thought" about possible successor. She hinted that she might sup port Sen. Russell. "I think Sen. Russell Is a might nice felow to. the Job," said Mrs Carnes. Marines Guard Legation On Shores ot Tripoli TRIPOLI, Libya W_Tne US Marines are back on the shores o Tripoli, This time they didn't have U fight their way through a Meditcr ranean fleet of IB Century pirate ships. They landed unarmed and In civilian clothes in a luxurious four-engine passenger plane. Six are here. They're on peaceful mission as security guards at the U. s. legation. The 5 don't wear uniforms- and don" carry guns. They stand guard du ty. act »K couriers and carry out other routine Jobs. Rep. Tackett Will Interrupt Campaign To Vote Against Foreign Aid Measure By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON W) —Rep. Boyd Tackett, an avowed condldate for the democratic nomination for governor of Arkansas, told the house last week that he'll Interrupt his campaign In order to come back and vote against seven billion dollar-Foreign Aiti Bill Chiding the hou M for rejec(lni! a proposal to allow $870.000 artdl- tlonal for administration of the In, dian Affairs Bureau, Taclcett Mid he has a conservative record on voting for money bills but "if* I were you folks who voted a, white at;o on thai amendment to keep from giviniz a few more crumbs lo those Indians, I believe I would Community Stunt And Talent Show City Hall Auditorium Tues., Apr. 1st 8 p.m. All Local Talent Singing ! Dancing ! Skits ! ce Your Friends Display Their Hidden Talenfs Sponsored hy Blythcville "Y" Blytheville Joycccs crawl under my seal." Before long, he said, the seven bll- 'n dollar Foreign Aid Hill n-in v. "I am Just wonderine how manv of you folks who are voting ™"J r ?t, a ald from the PCO- to 'irk- »h c °, lmtry are S° in * to vote «i\e tne foreigners seven-billion a few crumbs off the bill ir? an"? fort to pretend that you are con »n"?h Ve an<1 *"'* the b»'»n«' »« an who can prove non-clti; 'T can tell you right now less of where I ntn on th'; Retention Is Hailed SINGAPORE W— Leaders of al communities in Singapore and Malaya hailed the British government's decision to extend the term of . Commissioner-Genera! Malcolm MacDonald. "We hope that Mr. MacDonald will stay with us until the emergency and the crisis in the Par East are over." said Dr. C. J Pag lar. legislative councilor, who c» hied thanks lo Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Salt \s essential !n tanning leath er, dyeing clothes and making plastics. LAST TIMES TONITE Open 6:30 p.m. _ Show Starts .t Dusk Adults: 50c — Children Under 12 Free! 2 Shows Every Night! LAST TIMES TONITE; DON'T MISS EXTRA! 2 Cartoins Novelty Rce! TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY DOLLAR A CAR X I(; ,rrs< BRING A CAR FlM.r. PAGE FIVE ByJoyHeavilin and Walt Scott Besrdci o maiMtic new, Mawdo boajr.d an encirtlino wall with 37 tu.rcts, and.wo, an exc.llent plo<« ,„ ,, 0 re 9 ,oin b*«u« it« pur. moimlam air spoilage. Sokroo's (other was a miller. TKe fortreu wall had been burlt t« protect Hie Itaiom of Emperor Auguiluj Cocsof. Ruling Israel with a blo«7» bond the Romans feared .aids l,o m nnnge-nwHentt x/aleft! like Borabbas, the Robber. Mcc™ B ??h K5 J £ EFU 9. [ r, E P LAN-A S Congress debates the McCarrdn and the Lehman bills on immigration. President Truman ^{Tl .^ir^nnnn 1000 " 8 " 161 " hiS P r °P° sal - "« "« "Wng that he ri'te n? inn onn ' ""»».«"'"s over a period of three years nt the rate of icn.ono a year, with aid going chiefly to those trying to escape Communist tyranny. Above Newsman shows numerical breakdown of immigrants to be admitted to the U S from various sections of Europe under Truman's proposal. Politicians Feverishlyfigure For Trumans 1948 Vote Total By r>. HARo.i.n OI.IVFR WASHINGTON Iffi — President Truman's unequivocal "I shall not accent renominalion" today had Politicians feverishly trying to figure out the possible 1052 beneficiary or beneficiaries of those 24 million votes Truman polled to confound the experts in 1948 Some .thought they had ,, ,„. doped out. Others just had hopes. Both groups had axes to grind for favorite sons. Neutral observers who witnessed the historic pronouncement of Saturday night preferred to wait and see what hap- ?ens at the nominating conventions Chicago this July. Dangled before the curious were such possible Democratic tickets as these: <3ov. Aclini E. Stevenson of Illi- lois for president snd Sen. Richard 3. Russell of OeorRia for vice pres- dent; and vice versa. Vice President Alben w. Hartley r president and take your pick for second place. Sen. Estes Kefnuver of Tennesee for president or vice president; The same for Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma. Speaker of the House Sam Ray>urn of Texas for president and a Northerner for vice president. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas for president and take your choice for vice president Douglas said in January he would not be a candidate then or In the Democratic leaders differed as to whether they thought the President would try to dictate' his successor. Some thought he would adopt a hands-off attitude nnd thus brinjr about a wide-open convention for the first time In 20 years. Others believed he would step in only if he saw the nomination going to someone who docs not stnnd four-square for his foreign nnd domestic program. A third group feels he will try lo persuade Oov. Stevenson lo make a bid for (he nomination or nt least let It bo Known that ho would be receptive to a convention call. Sen.'Oreon ID-RI), a vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told a reporter yesterday he believes Ihere will be "an understanding" on an administration candidate before the convention. Whatever the President does In the coming months, the competition for delegates In the April, May and June primaries and conventions is expected to Ink eon the aspects of a roui?h - and - tumble scrap. They're on their own now and there nre no "If" and "and- r" candidates anymore. And there are party veterans who say the Jul.v 21 convention in Chl- cag owlll be the least controlled since 1832 even If the President tries to exert his Influence. They .say Truman hasn't the hold he used to have on his party organization. They say among other things that: < 1. He waited too long to mafce his announcement of Impending retirement, leaving too short a time before the convention to "build up" possible administration choice for a successor. 2. He made several of his very close associates angry because be allegedly did not take them Into Is confidence beforehand. 3. His belated and Ill-fated entrance Into the New Hampshire primary after calling preferential primaries, eyewash nnd his refusal to back a pro-Truniau "unity" slate of delegate candidates In California cost him considerable prestige both among vank-and-file Democrats and organization lenders. Republicans aspiring to the presidency no doubt will put their pro- convention machines in full speed now that the man they regarded as the strongest the Democrats could put up as decided to let another make the race. Violent Death Toll in Week: 24 Six Fall Victim To Traffic Mishaps On Arkansas Roads Bj The Associated Press Twenty-Jour persons died violently In Arkansas last week in eluding another tornado viclim. Ten of the victims dicrl over th weekend—six ol them In traffic an cidcnts. Mrs. Lean Allen. <H, of Dierks died Jn a I)e Queen. Ark. hnspita Saturday ot injuries suffered wliei a tornado hit Dierks March 21. She was the widow of William G Allen, who was killed in the storm Her death raised to eight the dealt toll at Dierks and lo 112 or more by Felix Carney DOUBLE PLAY is design>d for baseball fans. It packs lot of punch in "home run" intertainmenL too. You'll vant to be sure to see it when t comes nrounri our way. This iew and striking 15 minutes f entertainment stars Leo Durocher, manager of the V.V. Giants, and his lovely novie-star wife, l.araine Day. During this series, we'll be } on-the-spot at various baseball training fields all across , 'he country ... to talk lo | leading baseball stars and. lights in the field. There'll be interviews with Casey Stcn- Jfel, Bob Lemon, Charlie Drcssen, Duke Snycler and many others. Laraine Day will be lend- inj? a feminine touch (and a lovely one) to a man-size program styled to please a wide audience of baseball enthusiast?. If you like Iwpohall you'll like nouRLR PLAY! And even if you don't . . yoti'li pet a new insight into America's FAVORITK jrnme when you watcli it. By the way . . . how's (ho TV situation at, your house? With us your TV satis faction is a musl. It's guaranteed! \Vo have the finest sets by General Klcclnc. And we nave the finest service by tc-cIiMiVians with TV know-' how. So for television at its best . . . it's HLYTHKVILI F SALKS CO., 10!) E. Main St. Phone: 3(>1f> To Policyholders of . PACIFIC MUTUAL Life Insurance Company living in areas damaged by the tornados of March 2122, 1952 If you own an Individual insurance policy with Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company on which a premium due In February or March Is now unpaid, you may tike until May 31 to make the payment without in • ny way affecting your protection. For further Informaltnn, please communicate with the General Agent of this company to whom you regularly p»j- premlumi, or writ* to the home office at th« address below. PACIFIC MUTUAL Life . Insurance Company Metropolitan Box S050, Los Angeles, California Everyone's | talking about the \ // i'hnne .1621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. I:f>0 p.m. LAST TIMES TONITE! DOUBLE FEATURE! s^"(8?fiHS: I M«io LANZA w -i«;i2i . ANN- BLYTH CAHTOON Tuesday & Wednesday! Two Hittl* Huddy Mies! 2 For I'rice of One! liring Your liuddy! EATHERKKKS "NIGHT INTO - -- LEW AYRES 'or the state. H"ll Kills Farmer James Shelby Warren, 83-year- old Union County farmer, was but|ed nnrt trampled to death by i Tiro persons were killed In a truw-car collision on Highway 67 west of Benton Sunday. They wer« Mr. and Mrs. U U Irvin cf Russell- vine. In another Sunday traffic collision, two Arkansas women lost their lives. They were Mrs. W M Porter. 02, of Ft, Smith, and Mrs] Merton Dales of Bauxite. The accident occurred about n miles vest, of Hot Springs on Highway 70. Mi5snurl Woman nirs Mrs. Lcraille Stevens. 30. of Kansas City. Mo., ii-ajs Wiled when th» car in which she was rldlnj overturned on Hiehway 02 near Yellville Saturday-night. A 43-yenr-old Negro. T. O Hobin«on, was killed early Sunday when he was hit by a car on Highway 65 near Pine Bluff. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 I^AST TIMES TONITE 'MA & PA KETTLE AT THE COUNTY FAIR' Marjorie Main Percy Kilbride TUESDAY LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL" _Clnutie(te Colbert WBD.-THURS "INDIAN UPRISING" George Montgomery RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday "DOUBLE DYNAMITE" Jane Russell, Groucho Marx & Frank Sinatra IVKO.-THCJHS. Double Feature JUNGLE OF CHANG" and "JUNGLE HEADHUNTERS II j .John Hodiac«Ray Milland Also 2 Heel Comcclv BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Walnut & First Blytheville LAST TIMKS TONITE 'TEN TALL MEN' in Technicolor Kurf Lancaster Jody Lawrence

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