The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1952
Page 1
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TWO BI/miEVTU,E (ARK.) COURIER Truman'i Words as He ' Announced Decision ; Not to Run Again [ WASHINGTON M'I — Here are tH« words President Truman added to his speech Saturday night to announce he would not nin for reeleclion: "I shall not be a candidate for re-election. I h.ivc served my country long and. I think, efficiently and honestly. "I shall not accept a r<Miomlna- tlon. I do not, feel (hat it is niy duty to spend another four years In the White House. Cries of 'No, no,' came from tlie floor. "We must always remember the things the Democratic parly has done, and ihc high Icieals that have made It grral. "We must Iw true to its principles and keep it foremast in service to the people. "H we do that, we can l)p sure there will bo a Democratic President In the White House for the next four yenrs." MONDAY, MARCH 81, 195J slioll not he a Truman ramllrtnte. . . • Hartley . . . will Hie Veep aim for the Willie JloiiM? . . . \Skould Federal Income Taxes Have a Ceiling? Debate Spurred CHICAGO Wt—Should there lie a ceiling on federal income taxes? Thai question has caused a conflict of opinion fn capitals across the country. Both houses of legislatures In 20 states have adopletl resolutions ask. ins Congress to cfill a constitutional convention to make n change In the nation's basic law. The resolutions generally favor R 25 per cent limit on federal Income taxes. The procednre^states petitioning Congress for a constitutional amendment—Is rather unusual. The chain of action in legislatures has reached an extraordinary len'gth, and it has aroused concern In Washington. What is behind the movement? What did friends and foes .say? The Associated Press obtained reports from its staff correspondents in (he capitals of the five states which have approved the resolution in the last year—Kansas, Florida, Utah, GeorRin and Virginia. The Virginia Legislature hefird debate on the effect of a 25 per cent tux limit. "Cut off the swill and the hogs will not fatten," said Delegate w. Griffith Purccll, sponsor of the measure. "The power to tax may be the power to destroy," said Delet'nte J. Bradle Airman, "but the want of the power to tax will just as certainly destroy a government." Democratic opponents in the Utah Lesislaluro contended (lie ceiling would benefit the rich at the expense of persons in the lower- Income brackets. "The resolution is directed to- wnrd the worthwhile ^objective of . reducing the licnvj' burden of tax- I atlon that presses on every American," staled Utah's Gov. J. Bracken Lee. The Utah I.cul.slature adopted the resolution at the request ol Oov., a Republican. Georgia lawmakers; took favorable action after Oov. Ilcrmnn TalmatlKC. n Democrat, became Interested In the Idea, Uolh Kuvernnrs nrc outspoken critics of federal tax policies. There was no evidence of widespread public Interest In those slates or In Kansas or Florida. Delegate I'urcell, who offered Ihc rcsolullon In Virginia, said a moderate quantity of mail came from taxpayers who liked It. The general public's feeling about tax rates is a matter of Individual opinion rather thnn collected facts. Rep. Mason iR-IUi, who is for the 25 per cent limitation, made a House .speech on that subject In Jannnry. "The excessive oriel oppressive Ictlcrnl tax burden of recent years has brought aliout a tax rebellion lhat Is sweeping the nation," he said, "it Is a iicnceful rebellion but; a grim nnd determined one Just! the finme." Charles F. Conlon, executive <ll-l rector of the Federation or Tax 1 Adtnlnislralors, an organization o[ state tax administrators, had an opinion—plus a down-to-the-roots "People, /jiorc thnn anything else. would Uko to see taxes cut," he lold a newsman. "They're too high. There Is a great deal of sentiment [or that. "But the only wny to cut taxes Is to cut expenditures." He floured a 25 per cent Income tax ceillne. without a slash in spcndhiR, would bring "some type of consumption tax." . . . . JuiUtf William O nought. ... Sen Kefauvrr . . . will hl» . . . the dignity of the bench? . . . victories continue? . , . Who Will the Democrats Name? WASHINGTON iff,— Now lhat President Truman is out of the running, who are the mast likely choices for HIE Democratic nomination? Her.- aie the current possibilities, keeping in mind that a deadlocked convention might .settle on someone who isn't even being mentioned al pvrscnl: Vice President Alben.w. Bark ley. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, Hen. Estes lofamer of Tcmwssec Sen Hubert S. Ken nf Oklahoma, House speak,.- 0am R Ri bum of Texas, hen. Richard 1!. Russell of Georgia. Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson of Illinois. Of these, only the three .senators, Kefauvcr. Kerr and Uusesl! are actively seeking delegates. Douglas said in January he would not be a candidate, U'Jmtos from ,tp and N'f.'A) . . . Sprakcr Ruyliurn ... ft man from Texas, sun? . , . . . . Sen Russell ... a candidate from tile south. . . French Claim 273 Reds Dead SAICiON. Indochina ttr> — The French Army claims 273 Victmlnh Iroops were killed and 105 captured In a four-rtay drive to rout five battalions or Communist ret/els front ueltn rice lands southeast of Hanoi. The Red conronlrjitlons. behind a ring of tartUlcd vlllaec--; about 50 miles trom North Indochina's chief city, were described ns the core of rebel forces trying t<i gain a lootholtl within French-held territory. The Army unitl It cleared 125 square miles ot rich territory. Canal Zone Alerted By Unidentified Plane BALBOA. Panama Cnnnl Zone I/I'/—All unidentified plane flying over the Panama Canal caused a. 57-mlnute air raid alert In the Canal Zone last nlnht. There was no Information available from U.S. Army headquarters after the nil clear at 12:08 a.m. on whether tlie plane hnti been idcnti- tietl It was spoiled first by nn antiaircraft post on the Caribbean side of the rone and Inter flew south over the vital, canal lacks. Tlio air raid sirens, sounded first at 11:11 p.m., brought n blackout al military Installations, but street and horfle llgbt.i stayed on. Ice Strandees Are Rescued BARROW. Alaska (fr, — A Navy rescue plane has made a successful pickup of nine men stranded since last Thursday on an ice floe near thn North Pole, the Navy reported early today. Tlie men were members of tlie Navy's "Operation Ski Jump" project. They were stranded when the rifjit landing gear of their "flying laboratory" collapsed while " attempting a takeoff from the ice- pack at Oceanographlc Station Vermouth. 523 statute miles Itam Ihc Nonh Pole. 3 White Men Jailed In Negro Wreck Case DELANO, Fla. Wj—Three white men were jailed here yesterday and arcusrrt of deliberately cumins an automobile \vrcck In which four Negroes were killed. State Highway Patrolman Jim Surrender Marker Guarded in Germany LUENEBURO HEATH, Germany <JF> — Four East German refugees guard a heavy granite stone that marks the spot where German Admiral Frii-deburt? surrendered to British Field Marshal Montgomery May 4. 1915, at the close of World War n. The guards, nil over SO, st.iiut watch in six-hour shifts, at the site, located on top of a lonely hill, Oriiiinnlly. wooden markers were erected, but these were stolen trom time to time, possibly by Germans who resented a reminder to their defeat. Some 10,000 persons H year visit "Victory Hill." Many of them take pictures of the stone. , . - Gov. Stevenson , . he acccjit? , , . Ex-Sen. White Dies in Maine /" —-IPN. Me. M' f — Fnrnrr, US Sen. Wailiice H. White Jr.. 14, an expert on communications and shlniiinc lci;Wption who was majority leader in the ncpublican- coiitrolert 80th Con<>rf«s. died in his pl"rp early today. He hid liecn ill several months with n rccnrrei\-e of a heart ailment that had plagued him for yen is. He retired early In 1949 after 18 wars In the Senate and H in the House. Because of his !nli?ri»a in co;n- municnlions— he wrote the nation's flrest r?dio hw—White represented the United States at several international conferences. He \vns chairman of the American delegation to the International Radio Conference at Cairo. Egypt, in 1938. As n Representative, lie hclecd draft the Jones-White Act of 1928 which lifieri Amwira's merchnnt marine out of a slump that followed World War I. Young Girl Flown 8,000 Miles for Operation So She Can Eat Again NEW YORK M>,_A 6-day-old Sirl was flown 8.000 milts from Ethiopia to this connlrv to undergo an operation so that she can ent. The girl. Gcnel Murie Knhns, w;is born without nn opening between her esophagus and stomach. She was fed by inJecHciw during the flight. Her mother. Mrs. James Kuhns. who accompanied her. left immediately by automobile Kith the child for Philadelphia, where the operation will be. performed today at HanehemRii Hospital. in serious condition. The five aboard all were military personnel stationed at Offutt. Four Greek Reds Die Before Firing Squad ATHENS, Greece wy-Four Greek Communists convicted of lending a giant spy ring were r«c'Ued before dawn by a firing squad. The Reds were sentenced March 1 atier a hearing that attracted world attention. The sentences of four others condemned to die were commuted to life Imprisonment. Executed were Nicholas Beloy- annis. the ringleader, and three other top Reds—Nicholas Calou- monous, Demetrios Batsis and Ellas Arghyriades. i Read courier News classified Ads. Two Die, 3 Hurt- In Crash of B-25 OMAHA, Neb. l/p, -Tivo persons were killed and three injured early today when a B-25 bomber crashed while cornins in for a landing at Of'iitt Air Force Base. One of the injured was reported FSRST CHOICE!! Mother OF MILLIONS 1 Tnpscott testified at a coroner's Inquest that evidence Indicated a car driven by Ronald Smith, 21, of Dcland. ran t!,e Negroes' car off the road before it crashed into a tree. State Certified Blue Tag D&PL 15 COTTON SEED 80% Germination Call Glen Cook DON'T DC-LAY WRITE TODAY! "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 Ca*at in doctor*' testil •Chances nre vou're putting up — unnecessarily —with the functionally caused pains, cramps and weak, "no I good" feelings of menstruation I I For, in actual tests by doctors, Lydla Pinkham's Compound brought COHI- plcte or striking relief from such distress in 3 out of 4 of the cases! I,i'UlaPhiktin.[n'sl5i;iciier»iinif3 action! So RPt Lj'dlft E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound- or tiRiff improved Tablets \ with addtil Iron. See It—taken through, j HIP month—It, doesn't ijlve reller (mm those backaches. Jitters—help you feel butter be.fore und climiip your perlndt Or—If you sutler from functional "hot flnshcs" of "change ot Life." find out hoi* wonderful Pinkham's is for lliot, tool h« • quisling. t)Te<-l om l«-n cicse menstrual pma! More farmers and liusiness men in C'hicUnsjiwhn lo\vn- ship have already joined Ihc Mississippi County V:\rm Hurcau than joined all liisl yeiiv. Wilh norninl votmileers this summer, Ihe loin) mcmbeisliiii «-ill gn aliovc 700. Membership is fine. \Ve also solicit your active iiilercsj, participation and suggestions. Most of your money KOOS to maintain state and mitiona! Farm Hurcau offices for the constant liem-fil nf a R ,-icultiirc. ami for your subscriptions to the 'Tarm Htivcau I'ress" ;inri "The Nation's Agriculture." . . . Head them and know what I-arm Bureau is rioing for you. Locally, Kami Hurcau actively promotes .J-II Club and farm youth activity, county wide puhlic mcetiiiRs for a K rinil- tural information, cotton and alfalfa resoarcb, etc. Thanks for your support — Thanks to Ihe 30 farmers and business men who worked up this fine membership. Chairman and Member of Board DEiONSTRATIO^ NEXT WEEK wcuum 1426 U..ION ttVE. MEMPHIS, TE >N. I Wltlioul obligation, I want i FREE Hom« Demonitr^tieit cf >our , | tally |Uinnt«d Rebuilt tt«clrolv« Vjcuum Clcintr. [ NAMI- I j ADDRESJ- I C4TV -PHONE No.- S T AT I- If R.f. D. Addrvtv PT«n« St»d Sp*c> 'Mtd-Somh's lorgesf Rehn'Mors" I-A1) is the A Time To for your old recappable tires (allowaiue M 6.70 x 15, olher sizes proportionately high Old !, recappable tires have never been worth moro. 7'urn yours in for the biggest savings ever on brand-new Fisk Air-bornes. You'll get deep-trend safety all winter long and —since tires wear less on slick winter ronds—they'll be good as new conic spring! FISK DivhioH of UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY Sullivan-Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut p hone 4S7g TIRES, BATTERIES, RECAPPING ON EASY TF*M«! »-""- J -^-^--- •--, i ,.— -*..» ..- -—^ • r. fl f •>

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