The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1952
Page 6
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PAGI SIX SATURDAY, MARCH 29, It9fl (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DMJy r*!e per line for conttcutlrr Insertion; Minimum chart a 60 c 1 lime ptr Hue lie 3 times per line p*r ri*y i2c 3 times pri Line per iiftj , Be 6 llnir.s per Una per day , 7c 12 lime* pert line per d«r Sc Mouth per Hue flOc Count Utt iLterflRro woritu tn the line Art ordered !o: three or ili iim*i »ml (topjied bffoie ciptratlon wilt be clinrf- appenred and adornment o! bill jimcle Alt clutWti} «drrr Using copy submitted oj persons n^Hln^ tnuMrin? fii the ctty must be accompanied by cash Rnttr!> niaj vastly bo computed fro in trio shore table *trUoni l*1te the on* tlm» lubtc Nn responsibility ».'ll] be tultpn tor more than one incorrect ln*rrtlnn of »njf rlBsilitrd ad All «cls Ale restricted to their proper cJaBiirirjrHlon. style *nd lypr. The Canrler News reserve* the *lghi in edit or reject any ad.. Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GMN HARRISON' & SON FURNMTURE CO 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tl TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W Wllnm fhont 35« Plenty of Parking Space Fill Dirt Ph 6303 Apartment for Rent 3 room unfurnished npl . privet* bath, 100 Cherry Ph. 33*9 or 21B7. 3 39 pk 4 3 2-3 room apt* . prlvatp rjrith. '.vtrrd for electric slovp. I'll. 3?M. 32 pic A 5 3 room and bath in duplex. 523 N. Division. TKI.KV'ISION HCA VICTOR Expert I><'i.v I'h 4470, D. &-P.L No. 15 10 tons. (Icllntfrt, trrmcrt Mr jcpi Germination sj to fifi p ^, r Cf , ni Hiw . ? ? ;° """ P rort "ftnt: n? halps prir -'l ion. J H. OATHINO8. Lnxots ' 4 rm. unfnr. npi.. luirdwoorl floor*. tile bath, arcola hrat. 1003 W. Ash. call 2JS7. 3 is pk 3 rm. fur. apt, pvt hath, doc mov<\ |35 month, 320 N. 2nd. 325 pk 4;2 FnrnUhert upstairs tpt,, prl* bath, hot water, Frtglrtnirr, 58 00 p<r week. Couple only. Ph. 2910, n 27 pk Nicely (urnlRhetl 2 rooms A- ha(h. strictly privnte. All clpclilc kUchrn. plenty of hnt wfllcr. nice r»ud clrun Rpnt. shiRlP or couple. On Mn\t\ St.. Ph. 2671 alter 5—3435, -125 jik 4.9 Bowcn Apt*. Tor Ilenl. 4'j rrn. vinfur, 1-3 Tm. coniplctcly furnlshe'!. 1-1 room partly f\irn1sbcd. Day Ph. BOG1. nli^lit 6218. 3 24 cX 30 3 room nnd bath npt.. 3 block* [rom Mftln. J30 per month. Ph. 3CE1 or 6056, 324 pk SO 3 room (t 4 room urttn. for rent. Call MI2. C. Abraham. • a ck tf TJriBtaUB 4 room llnfurn npt will, b»th, plEctrio water hcixter. wircil for •lectrlc BtQTp. Newly decoratpd Coviplc •nlT. Ph. 2787. 2il9 cX tf Modern 2 rooit apt rh. 2SD5 or «M3. 2[14 clc tt Modem upt.. 3 rooms iinrt hath, new- ty decorK\ed. good rumllure. FIAX eqtiL|i- »i»a\. Ph. 3373. 7 Simon. OJ21 c^ tr Small'Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services Don't «ndtnger your Tamlly with fcultr »lrei—BUT un TTRKS. OHA1*MAK 5XKVICB STATION U«tB knd DlTlslon Phone 25A1 1^,13 ck it Service* IronlnfT. curluJnii ntrcfchpd. Apt, 4i. AlrVjBSC. a'29 pX 4 S For moving and local haiilliiR can B529. W. W. Beckhatn, m Itosc. 3 20 pk 15 arftrtuate prrtctlcnl n«rs.« f\vnllnble for private duly, Ph, 2IOH 325 pk 4jl Cnrifllns iRiindcrert. V. r - Ash. cmnljlo. ^4^J^ 325 pk 425 CurtAlni Itiunrtered and Ktietclied. Mrs, J. E. Lawrence, Ph. 6259. 3 : 25 pk 42.1 TELEVISION REPAIR All mivkcs & models, nt reflsonnble pr!ce«. Day Amusement. Co. Ph. «10. HlKhway 6] North 3;!1 ck 421 Laundry. In my home Ph. fiH7 B r li 1'B I repair MIT tnalse or morjr] wnxblne machine 1 blocks wpjt or nuie Pip on 8th St.. hv new «chonl. Hrrbfrt Ph .17 pi 4 7 For fxr-rrt plimiblnc. oil Movp i\nrt pump rrpfilM. cull «3$9 r?nrry .\U'<?rs 3 1 p's •( I ?0 MIMI/TK PKOTOSTATir 8FR^'- ICK. O3TKKN3 STljniO-llS \v MAU; !SfS?° d Co°rl 1 "* I Vn*l,"M F " nk '" "'>' f " 1 " Mllpcl Fcrtll'l/er! ,\>«' "nrt Uwrt "lia'l" FARMERS SOVPEAN COUP N Ilmnilwny. Ulylhevnip. I?h. BlDl 3:20 ck 42 111 ft. meat dismay cn , r rl , ,,,, IJflJ. j nors^powpr outhnnrrl F^oollr-nt coiiilltlnn. tlm M. w. linn Bar 3. Alrliiun. Ph. 3721. ' 3 a/ ck 31 One ..l, nre cmintrj- ciuh stork. Cnll ^° 327 [ik 3rt Ill-Tniin nntidrulr Ixitlon rpmovn h"' '"" ;"""">' hc ' < ' k Sfll < 1 '" "'>•• 1 °nn? Ini "m'- , J - W ' Wll 'i»m"0n. HI. jr. nrn 10.1. Olrlhprfllp. on Hnl! Moon' Kotifi npar Hompr IIo<li;cB Store. 3-25 pk t; I Householrl furniture, like new. Mrs. S. S. Stcrnbcrg, pl >- G!)3't. 8126 ck tf Domestic rabbits. Fryers, drpsscfl rr-arty to cook. Al«o lirpodlnR jtock, Ph' Irix Rolp.ton. 20GI 320 ck 420 r>,, m p bcd . 70B MoMitrtB~Drt«r"p'h. Certified Re.m Seed Blue tag Kradn nortehnoy N f o 2 Fin- ro, r d br S f«rc Plant Board. 2' bu KS. 110 pet b»B. c. L. WVI.IE PIOIII- Ised Land Farm, or ph. 262.1. Tliythe- °- 3 25 |»k 4 1 Frcili coa- .t ralf. ph. *mg~ 3 20 pit 4 2 4 row John nppri* Pinnies with mnrk- VK rf w Jnl '" D(1 ''™ rnnir > r ''«"• » nd John Or.rrp <I1 M harrow Halp Scpd F»rin«. Burdelle- Th 4702. 37 ck If sXuiT~ " SEAT COVERS Plastic & Fiber Kntire stock must p;o. Come in and make us an offer THE B. F. GOODRICH STORE '117 \V. Main 3;27 ck 30 Orwd «• landrm disc Batcalir«t"TllfJ J. n. OATIIINOR, Luror.. Ark 32R pk 4"< Klniball piano. !50. Colernan'oll heater. S13. Po. 8297 or 3382. 328 ck 41 For Sa/e, Real Estate M m « np "' 3 llfn '«>'r' home with th, door rnrn.ce fc attic tan. Small wn . noyrnrnt. Call DtivM Heal E.tMe ' " r !J8 "- or s » m Oortwln. 326 ck V2 , 2I Watch and Jewelry Repair Modern 5-room house ,nrt h«th on irth fltTl St. 1 blorK from Central atd Srhool |. Brgo fp n c«l In back- rif. nutrioor jtorsKr. si JIM rnsh. bal- «nrr «•: !„.,„ „ ,,n rrr ,„„„,„ ln . c-lurlliiK Insnrnnrr nnrl tnxra M r -<!o:n ^-lirdroon\ with 2 hsiln. In iM Oljil. 3-r,rtJro(im hoir.o in Country Club fir!-.-,- Adttni,,n, it's vacant—yon II llkp 't. r,, W(1 en,,,,;,,™. il.W,f, ,„ ,| «,(,„.„ PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10,.1 ck tt For p^lnlln? an(J piiporlns ^nll H^r- rr Whent »nrt Rov Frccmnn. W> r.pcc- lsu-r m "hcrtrrjck TLni^lnn" Ph fiTo Cr 2ri: - S j 3 2fi JiK_42fi for Sale, Misc. 1 1.2 H'P rnnjprr^or ^ 1 14-toni i,;r,-a ra.i*> 2 3/4 HP .-cn-.prr^cirs 2 mtit blocks I Hobarl F,H<-rr 1 meat Krincifr 3 Iro-Krl^r vf^rtahii,; racks I M?C ' 1 19M mod*'; 1 1,2 tr>n CMC truck While Furniture Co., or Phont- 60!>6 32a"« I have srvn.i] himrtrcrt cloth [<-ffl 2-35 Manila, 33 I,<-,irhv1llo. 3 27 pk 4 ^ SEED BEAXS--Dortch No. 2 07-; torminat]i.m, (4 hn^hrl. O^vit-n's. 93'^ Rermlnatlon. SS.IS bushel, n -S. Bl.<\nV- cn^hlp. »el(. ph. 2492. 3.2T pk ^ 27 Uaed Maple breakfast aft. Ph, ,is7s"~* 3.29 n'K 4 3 Sop nr call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2,W> Mcrtprn < room honsr and hilti" 2.100 K.n-.v^nr W ,l, „„ for '^^. W^Tnp^SrS^™??^ ture R c RotiscrlnR. Hpaltor. r.ilu- " ah - K - v - .117 pk 61- 1951 Ford Trucks now offered at special prices! If yon want to save money 'on a brand new Ford Truck — Ihct, see ||, e |<)5I models still iivailahle al I'ltillips .Motor Co. Al Die present time you can K el 14- Ton, :i,.|-ToM, ] i/j-Ton and 2-Tim models. All carry our now (ruck cmimrilco, ,,f course. Think (wife hefore you buy a new truck—come lo 1'hillijis NOW! Broadwoy & Chickasawba Phone 4453 You Can Work 2 Days Earlier With a Feguson Tractor Jack Robinson Implement Co. UJ.vlheviJIe, Arkansas — Phone 2371 . OFF THE VVATER-WACdN—IJ«lit noting by Italian Niilionalists in Trieste happened when a dcrnon- ilrnlor Inugliingly took n (lurking from a police water-wagon. Police use tlieir water "guns" to break up forbidden public demonstrations when normal police methods lail. Lost and Found For Sale, Cars & Trucks ?250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3262, 3423 or 4-164, Glencoc Hotel. 11 ck tf l room house. KOOO LocMlon HCMIM Irom hlKli school Divided Into 3 apnrt- npnts. pnch v.-UJ\ electric kitchen. Two -room R pur tin tut*, one 6-room i\]ia.rt- ncnt, ftl] fully furtiKlird Forced in ell brcftiise of II] hri\]th Oprn for Inspection Apply 113 Chickannwbft 1 20 ck. if Real ESTATE Farms — City Properly LOANS rr TrilC o^ r dr ' VCr wlth rftml] r to^make crop Ph. 6601. Utho Barnes, all ck If Couple wanted, mnn 10 do yard- w-'ork. woman housework- Must have experience. Good sntary ami house i-Vrltc JRIMPS L. Fletcher. >letrbfr's Ol'n" Ulrtcon. Mo. 3 17 pJc 30 tf (ntrrrMrd di Ndbie Gil! Agency : r -INSURANCE Glencoe Bldg. Ph, G8G8 for Rent 5 rm. housff ^- hnth. plrr h,\v. heater, rcshly eirr-oriitcil. ph. 3470. 3 3R pfc 4,1 3-t)rtlrooin honip, electric hoi aicr (nrnlshrtl. ExrpJlriit lo- .126 Ck if WM. rRllotl. Cull 2505 Concr«te Dlncjc nulKJIn^. .niUntili? for ATKRC or utore und ariJoinlnR 5 room .oust with linlli I.ocnlccl In CIUTC on DRliirjij- 61. south side or Holland. Mo Cull 44(14 nr wrltn Pmil By rum Implement CO l 31 cK tf Nice oil Ice on pro nnd floor Vrry onvenlent Sec W M Burns. 135 Nurtli fcomt. 36 ck tf Unfurn. hou^e Fvnrt npBrlmrnt. Ph. -103. 3 m pk 4 LR rm, nnfnr liovisc vvllh bnlh 421 K Ash, Ph, 4667 3 2-\ r RoclrfMirn arijoliilni; hath. nUo -1-room rurn- (\p:, rh. 27PO. 325 uk 4 l Private Rooms Comtortnblf: brdroom roomers. liinrrsprlne 2124. H 2S ] h Ph for ph k -1 1 Wmntij Room and Board noom nncl boRrri. Rooms, moMs oi>- tlonM. Mrs. Caulcly. US W. Ash. Slamrsp cat. Ans Kim. Call 244S. o lining of 3,20 pk 42 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W J. Pollard Agency Planned 'Protection 1H W A»h St. :0« HOTEL BUILDING 48 ck tr Wanted to Buy WANTED: We PKV top nrlctl rot - FOR SALE Concrrte calverls, IZ Inch lo 4« inch, pliiin or rccnfnrctd. Also Concrtle Building Blocks cheaper tlian lumhcr for barns, chicken haasei, pump house', tenant houses, tool sheds. \Ve deliver. Call us tor free Mllmatt. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 for Spring Join Hie Spring pnr-Atle —ivi slmf.s [hat look like nc«', Ilrln^ us the shoes that need dyeing ami rrp.iir. r-»_ TV .SHOe SHOF 121 W. MAIN ST. ones, wheat «nd barley Get our price ^ —-Zizz hrfore yon ;«]] ••• One d or 3714. "p truck Tot lip, Ph 3927 3,26 pk 43 THE MAN TO KNOW The nuin l» know is I he mechanic who knows how lo care for your car ... and dots ill* best to repair it right! Vou'll Mini the lifst service for yotir car at T. I. Hea> Motor Co. Try us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjslrr-Pljrmoith Dealer 121 E. Main Phone Z122 Reconditioned Money—Makers BUY NOW WHILE THE PRICES ARE LOW- PRICES ARE SURE TO GO UP! 1950 Chevrolet J^-Ton Pickup.. .a beautiful, one-owner car wilh very low mileage, .now 1950 CMC !/j-Ton Pickup...a city driven truck now specially priced at only 19'I9 Chevrolet M-Ton Pickup.. .here's a dandy >QQC one at this bargain price '.. Os/3 1919 Chevrolet i/ 2 -Ton Pickup...a nice (ruck SOQC and a real value now at this low price OSJ3 1919 Chevrolet I-Ton Pickup Truck. . .at ?(Jpr Sullivan-Nelson it's yours for only d«Jw 19(8 International S/ 2 -Ton Pickup... a super buy! This truck is now cutpriceri at just 1918 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup Truck.. .come to the $ I'i'K used car lof O n Walnut Street.. .only 1918 Chevrolet Ji-Ton Pickup.. .fake a clem- S7AC onstration drive in this clean truck «"0 1946 I)o<lg e 1-Ton Stake liody Truck. . .Sulli- SftftF van-Nelson has the truck buys in Rlytheville. . tv3 1917 Ford Y-8 l A-Ton Panel SIT AC yourself some big money now on this truck... 3»*3 1916 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck. . .an ex- $£>!£ ccptionally fine value at only ,3HK) 1950 Chevrolet 2-Ton short wheelbase Cab & Chassis Truck. . .2-specd axle, 325x20 front tires and 900x20 rear tires. This one is a dandy—save dollnrs now. Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut PHone 4578 CERTIFIED COTTONSEED FOR SALE Mississippi Certified I)elta|iiiie 15 Colltnisped 13 JMO.OO per ton. Mississippi Cerliricrl Coker 100 Will Cnttomeod if S1S3.00 per Ion. This collon is e\ccllcnl for blight Inntl as it resists will. These seed arc cleaned, rlelinted. Irealeil anil sncked 100 pounds to the. baf. anil are priced F.O.B. niylhcville. Arkansas. Telephone 11-3, Belioiii. Mississippi. J. I). LIJNDY FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP N. Brondwiiy. BIythrrllle. ph. 8LOI 3 20 rk 4 20 w ~ KortftXt. . ._. _... O'STEKN'S STUDIO CASH foi jnuc olrt :.« tot purls 124 ck tt PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock I Guaranteed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oals, Alfnlfa, l.espedcza, Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Thonc 6S56 - 1800 West Main Hrrjioorj) rrmvrdlrnt to h.ith lent, fill \V N(nln Ph. 3.13.S 3 15 p Notice Ti-:i,r-:\'isiON REPAIR All m.ikrs ik" n^rirl?\s, fit rrnsorifv lc« IX'iy Anuiponioiit Co. Ph. ajro. Hish«-»y 61 .vnrih EASTER SPECIALS 15 coM waves $10 cold waves ?7.oO *;) up TIJK BKATTY HAH nroe H'Hrl Bide Phone 3202 35 c* HAPPY IIOHU 412 Fast Mnn I'-nn- In erorrry bnslnr.M In Blvthccllli. M FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land CJOorl ir nnty SloK r . • ''->""• "rtillni mnchlnp. 3 sets - '''" ,'"' 1 '- hr " d '« Mr ' """k h '« """I'.lfm. 12 It. vfcrt.ibto rncK. '"' '™" " Bn * tl " S -' v tl " kr!R - rt 0 "- 'vnytlilnc sou nrort T n "' 1<1 l' lr "'""' ln< OT « H this; spiup- l!il> nil) sol! soon— so jou'd bctti-r hurry Koniji \Vhispnluint Rral rslfttf hrok^r, Phone 340Q. S ft, rtl«;plj\y mrat c«^p nfl- snOf.'v sJtcins mnohlnc.' T.AII- At block, plrrtrtr fan, clirrk- \- flllncr cnhlnct. nil fl\Vnr^5 R moc'rni proorrv storp. Flx- mory will rvm ApproxLtnni>rl\ INSURANCE to fit your needs SAVINGS SV.KVICF. SATISFACTION — "-••» • riv. I. V ,T.-l I (,-, r ;IL ! IUi^ RAYMOND ZACHRY Mtilujl Insurance Ajicncy IM^CS BMj. Pl . ,,„.. U« ff ; V e flashing l >c ' a n1i-f««« m change-over... .„ manc. i" hot *ealh« r^ °, f , us h the radi»» or ' " Ucrv , li «» tl " lh e tires, b* tier , e motor. Vng. HORNER-WLSON IVkOTOR CO GMC Phone 2056 301 tost

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