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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 1
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 1

Camden, New Jersey
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ft Monmouth Peril ClmrJs Coyrlfht 14S kf TrUml rUiMUu, Ih. (LHI1- claf 1 (All Caatplit. FlnlahM Co-lraa. br l-Ochri ban) GOTO lEE mm MONMOUTH rAftX, N.J.. JUNE SI, 1MI WEATREK, CLOl'DTl TBACE. GOOD four-Mir-oldi and utmard. cUlmlnf. Frat riKST SACK On and ont-eifhth mllti MA Wlnn-r Dk. ch. IJ 11B50, l.OO, Ia50. 100. $25 (iSOO. Net valun I Pomper-Rlva, bj Wrak. 3U0. Net Vluri roi Owner Mri. I. Tuunew. Trainer-. Hurray. Fin. Jockey 1 Turner 2 Roberta 62,122 May Average laid Camden, N.J., Monday, Jun 21, 1948 Win riact Show 30.40 1.40 8 40 4.M 140 10 Vol 65 No. 18 Five Cents Str. SUrten Wt. T.r. St. Caesar B. 10 8 15' 3" Loyal 116 10 i l'Vi l'V4 Mim'al Comedy 104 11' J'V 4" Very Brave 12 10 0' 4' S' Supper Dane 108 10' V4 11" 8" 10 1.80 7 80 69.30 1100 Preaaure 114 3 4-B'S 7 80 3 '4 Sheridan 4' Oorman McKenna Scawthorn 7' Wlleon 14 Oivtna Btout Dusty Ribbon 112 1 11 4' ti 19.40 6140 LutH O'Franca -109 714 'Vi Puritan 114 5 I I' J1 ii 50 5.50 17.10 ii 10' Ouerln nam uauam uo i Pandraton in 7 J' 8' 10'ft 11 Vi ll'H rowle 10' Vi 11' 10 ia W. Ollbert Star Time 44.80 10 12 11' Overwelrht: Loyal. 3: Dual- Ribbon. Brliht Gallant. 3. Time: T.5 1-5 Pott 3.3. OH 3.38'.. Start food from rite, won drivlni. olace aame. Handle: 873.499 CAESAR torwardlT placed from the atart. came around LOYAL to aaaume com man narln( aixteenth pole and drew out allghtty thereafter. LOYAL waa huitled to the Iront nearlnf the flrat turn, wai under occaalonal routing while tettlnr pace, but wat unable to reiUt winner. MUSICAL COMEDY waa taken to the outeide whllt rallying on trie flnai turn ana rioted wen, althourti unable to aeriouily menace leaaert. Scratched Jack ot Hearta, Cooae Feathera. Alrln Mom. Awaihonki SECOND KACr Five lurlonci. two-year-oldi, clalmlnf. Pure-- 1900. Net valuta $1650, $500, J50. 1 100. Winner Blk. c. 3, by Chrysler II-Sophla Tucker, by Haite. Owner Grandvlew atable. Trainer E. I. Ruttell. Start ere Win Place Show Odd! Wt. P.P. St. Fin. Jockey 1 Turner 19.30 1 40 80 1 80 4 (i 8 3 4 3' -lit ii 4.80 4.00 3.70 18.80 43 30 nn nn (7rP (h rTinr rn Jlazzmatazi Convicted Fugitive Braggadocolo Red Jerry .115 8 5 4 5 '80 .123 7' 7 3 4 i I 74 7 10' Str. 5- 1" 3' 2 7' 8 '4 4 10 11 8.30 38.30 11 11 11 Roy j- Mora 3' Balrarettl 4 RoberU 8 8tout 6 Klrkland 7' Oorman S'4 Malley 8' Wright 10' Loturco 11 Oiveru 11 80 1 3 3" 33.70 -US 10 10 0' 2 10 '4 8" 11 1" Count Ed burn Just Lovely Holly Ridge Hypeaee Shrewsbury 4.00 t.0 15.50 114 8 8 ft .122 3 11 11 -118 3 1 14 CO (QJ Overwelrht: Holly Rid. 3. Time: 1.01 1-5. Handle: 8101.850. Double pool: 870,040. Pott: 3.09. OS: 3.1 l'a- Start good from (ate tor all but Hypeaee, won driving, place aame. RAZZMATAZZ, off well but llow to settle In bett itrlde, wai taken to the outnlde while rallying entering itretch and wore down leaden In final ilxteenth. CONVICTED, from the ttart, waa on the outtldt while engaglnr leaden on the turn, auumed the lead nearlng furlong pole but wat unable to rttut winner. FUGITIVE wat In the thick of contention between hortet nearlng quarter pole and held on well. Scratched Grey Beard. 17). sT -s 1Ar N. J. Delegates Map Strategy 20,000,000 Dally Doable Caetar B. ana Katiaaataea Paid 1124.60 yB.V..N-v,:.S-..f,:.,! THIRD RACE Six furlonn. chute, three and four-yeer-olda, maldent, apeclal Purte 32500. Net valuet 81850. 8500, 8230, fioo. winner or. 3, by- Navy Order -i. a. Martin, Trainer w. nurrowi. Cravat-Aliura. by Chance Shot. Owner- Wt. P.P. St. 'a Str. Fin. Jockey Win Place Show Odd! 107 9 4 8' 5 '4 14, 1 'Cafrella 14.00 1 80 1.00 1.00 112 4 6 2 2'A Roberta (.80 4.80 8.20 121 13 2 b' 4' 3 3-H Hanford 3.80 3.30 113 8 11 10'A 7" 4fc Cark 4.20 For N.Y. Ship Starten Silverware aPam Lurtf. Radiate II Trumpeter Another Zac Plobuck C. Squffle aLlght Ned Right Crosg Oerabon .113 7 7 1 1" 4 "A BaliaretU 3.20 .113 3 8 3(4 1 .117 11 1 11 11 5' 'H Strange 19 SO 11 7V, Wtlion 64 50 8(4 8' Oorman 8.20 Mi 114 10 11 11'4 11 8' tM 9' "A Young 31.80 8 10 5 3 7' 10 10 Mann 110.80 3 5 14 3'4 H4 Lullo 37.80 .123 -112 .122 .112 Dram Jumping Jack 19 7 13 12 onorato Light Ned 2. aMrt. W. W. Vaughan and W. N. Vaughan entry. Time: 3.42. Off: 3.42. Start good from gate, won driving, place aame. Handle: Overweight: 1.14 4-5. Poit: 1118.414 SILVERWARE, within itrlklng diitance of the leaden to the itretch, wat carried wide when RADIATE II drifted out tllihtly entering the lane, wretted the lead at furlong pole and held tway thereafter. PAM LIGHT aaved ground to force the pace entering ttretch and fought It out willingly. RADIATE II drifted out illghtly entering stretch, rallied to engage the leader in mla-itretch and held on well. Scratched Many Thankt. Valor. Meimer, John Cheleden. By EARLMAZO The Republican party opened its national convention in Philadelphia today as full of confidence as a big-league slugger on a sandlot In Philadelphia's huge and humid convention hall, a throng of 10,000 cheered and applauded as three chest-thumping speak Contract Calls For Cruiser of 6000 Tons The Navy Department today announced it had awarded a $20,000,000 contract to the New York Shipbuilding Company for the construction of a small cruiser. According to Admiral Grover Klein, assistant chief of the FOVRTH RACE Six furlongt, chute, four-year-oldi and upward, claiming. Purte 83000. Net valuet $1850. 3700. $300, $150. Winner Ch 5, by Agrarian-Midnight Flyer, by Twlnk. Owner F. J. Kearnt. Trainer F. J. Kearnt. Fin. Jockey Win Place Show Oddt l'V4 J.Turner 10.80 5.80 8.80 ers predicted victory for the GOP Presidential nominee the delegates will pick in bitterly fought Wednesday night or Thursday. 18.00 7 80 3400 2'4 oaf arena 3' Mora 4' Scurlock Wt. P.P. St. 111 7 5 3" 113 13 3 11' 1 1 1 8 10 8' 113 33' 112 3 7 4' 113 1 1 1'4 1 1 9 10' Vi 110 5 8 5 106 9 13 13 3.80 2.70 7.30 44.00 5.80 1360 54 Kirkland. 'K 5' 2 '4 12 10 14 Str. 1' 7 4" IV 5' 8 12 10 11' 9 Starten Landlord War Dressing Wavmark Detection She's Scotch Wite Bob Ringoee Full o'Hope Fair Ann Yatsah Boss Figure Eight Salute After cheering themselves into this victory mood, the delegates quickly dispensed with the routine business and adjourned at 12.57 p. m. to meet tonight at 9 o'clock to hear the keynote 43.80 48.40 8" Stout 7JV4 Ouerln '4 Strange 8' W. Gilbert 10' Atkinson 11 Haritos 12 W. Wright 8 speech. 113 4 11 111 11 2 11 10 4 7.80 (.80 11' "4 7' 1.13 3-5. Pott: Fair Ann, 3. Time: Full O' Hope. 2 Overweight: She's Scotch, 4 if? fe- IV' 'V I A-, I 'V 'A i i start vood from tit, won ridden Dlace drivinf. Handle: 8144.587. 4.11. on: 4.ii LANDLORD aitumed command boldly In the early itretch but wat ridden out to Only a little more than 48 hours from the moment when their names will formally be presented to the convention, Governor Dewey, of New York, Senator Taft of Ohio and of Minnesota, were still the top figures on first ballot claims; But in the hotel lobbies of Philadelphia and among the 48 dele hold WAR DRESSING tafe. The latter lacked tne tpeea to Keep up eariy. wat isien to outtide for the drive and cloned with a ruth. WAYMARK wat forwardly placed from the start but lacked a doting rally. Scratched Skeleton, Mountain Lion, Milkatone. Stimulated. gations on the floor rumors grewv- FIFTH RACE Six furlongt, chute, three-year-olde. allowances. Pune $3500. Net values bureau for shipyards, the contract calls for the construction ol a CL-K, described as the "small cruiser type ship, weighing approximately 6000 tons." Admiral Klein said start of construction depends upon the availability of material. No one in authority was available at the shipyard office. Earlier today President Truman conferred with two shipbuilding officials on the failure of the Senate to pass two House resolutions which would have permitted a subsidy for merchant ship construction. Truman Reviews Subject The President reviewed the shipbuilding situation with Vice that Stassen managers were ad 82000. $750. $350. 8200. Winner cn (iwini. 3. oy liaiianaaion- tor- Tault. pedo. by Man O' War. Owner C. A. O'Nell Jr. Tralntr- Starten Wt. P.P. St. Vt Fin. Jockey Win Place Show 1 Stout 3 (0 1 40 3 30 Speaker Martin Denies Pact to Defer Voting Odds .80 3.30 41 40 280 5.80 Vt 1V4 4 6' 3' 5' 7' 8 2 8.80 Str. 1 5 I 7 '4 2' V4 8 3'V4 4 7" 5' 1' 11 .119 .113 .113 .108 -113 -113 -108 Galedo Bucephalus Briar White Supply Line Ariel Sweep Roman Road Bull Lead Eternal Flirt 3 Scurlock 3 30 Roberts 4' Clark 5' J.Turner -r Wilson 7 McPhee 8 Atkinson 18.10 38 70 48.90 4.20 W. House Speaker Joseph Martin, permanent chairman of 4.43. Start good from Post: 4.41. Off: Overwelrht: SuddIv Line. 5. Time: 1.12 3-5 vat nn hanrillv niare drlvin Handle- 8184.970. vancing feelers for a coalition with Senator Vandenberg that would Insure their man the vice presidency. Admits Staasen May Yield The first open admission that Stassen might be willing to take a second place on the GOP bandwagon was made by Senator Thye, of Minnesota, one of his foremost backers, who predicted that the former governor would turn his support to Vandenberg "If a strong boom develops" for the Michigan senator. Although Thye said he was not speaking for the Stassen organ teatlon. he declared: GALEDO, steadied behind ETERNAL FLIRT'S esrly pace, dltpoted of the latter nearlng quarter pole and drew clear In itretch to win well In hind. BUCEPHALUS, on the outtide. waa taken In illghtly for the drive and doted well although failing to menace mmmmmdswfammmmmmmF Admiral William W. Smith chairman of the Maritime Com mission, and George Killion, leader. BRIAR WHITE Improved nil poimon gradually in nnai quarter 01 mue, Scratched Grand lilt. Courltr-Pott Photo SIXTH BACE Vertigo II, Coincidence, photo. former treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and FOUR TOP NEW JERSEY DELEGATES to the national Republican convention are shown at their Barclay hotel headquarters, planning their moves this forenoon before they went to convention hall. Left to right they are U. Senator H. Alexander Smith, former Governor Walter E. Edge, Governor Alfred E. Driscoll and Secretary of State Lloyd Marsh. now head of the American Presi -Loujac, 7.00, 4.60, 3.20; Torello, 7.60, 4.80; ARLINGTON FIFTH-Knight'i Hill, 4.40. dent Lines. tne Republican convention, today denied reports there had been an agreement to postpone balloting on the presidential nomination until Thursday. "Martin said "the clrcum stances at the time the nominating speeches are finished will determine whether we will start balloting at once or go over until Thursday." Martin added: "If it's early enough, we'll take a couple of ballots Wednesday night. If it's too late, we'll postpone balloting until Thursday." Following the conference, DELAWARE SIXTH One Broke, 24.80, 8.80, 4.70; Cubbing, 5.00, 3.70! Ascona, 2.70. 'If a strong Vandenbersr boom Smith said the three discussed the failure of the Senate to pass the bills which would have provided a 50 percent government develops, it is my conviction Free-for-all Fight Seen NARRAGANSETT SEVENTH Chain Miss, 10.40, 6.80, 5.20; War that Harold E. Stassen will sup Delegate, 6.80, 5.80; Svengali, 10.80. subsidy for new construction port the senator to the utmost I believe Stassen would sacrifice work. AQUEDUCT EIGHTH Maize, 19.70, 10.10, 6.00; Elastic, 4.20, 3.20; Meanwhile Senator Hawkes his own personal plans because he is so devoted to a good foreign After 1st Vote for Driscoll has given assurance that if Con ver vantes, 6.u (Other Races on Psgfl 20). gress is called back for a special policy. Beece Calls for Unity nlng his spectacle and proceeding session before January, the program DroDosed in the Weichel The New' Jersey GOP conven to the work at hand his all-out Jersey vote by the second ballot In the hall Itself the speeches tion delegation will deliver its attack on the Democrats. says, so are a number of others of the delegation. Asked if he foresaw any chance of their Previously, the former Minne subsidy bills will be among the first measures on the Senate by National Chairman Reece, 35 votes to Governor Driscoll as Time and again the fighting sota governor, had claimed from LAST-MINUTE NEWS its favorite son candidate on the agenda. four to six New Jersey votes. switching to Stassen, Farley Governor Duff of Pennsylvania and Mayor Samuel of. Philadelphiawere clarion calla for par first ballot. said: Hawkes staged an all-out fight In the closing hours of Con William J. Orchard, New delegate from Maplewood, chairman drew applause when he ripped into what he calls the "Democrat party" with lacerating wordage. But from then on it will be a "No, we who are for Dewey gress to win Senate approval for concurred In Peaslee estimate free-for-all fight among backers ty unity, world peace, a strong America, and victory for the are going to stick together. We "I think Edge's statement is the subsidy bills, which had been Reece lived up to his reputation hope to gain strenetn." of Dewey, Taft, Vandenberg and Stassen for the state bloc. GOP. having a definite effect-on our (Continued an Pace I Column I) as a phrasemaker. His descrip However, Farley was emphatic delegation," Orchard "We tion of the New Deal as "eco Reece, in his kick-off speech, which came as the convention mat he is "loo percent for Gov This was plainly indicated as nomic cannibalism" drew laughter and applause. the convention opened in Philadelphia today in an air of tense 3 Die, Others Hurt ernor Driscoll" and will go along "with almost any candidate" the governor favors after the first opened this morning, stated flatly the Republican party intended Victory Vital to World expectancy, have about a dozen votes now. I am looking for more." Farley for Dewey Such mushrooming of Stassen strength in the Jersey delegation, after the first ballots, was doubt to make communism the big is ballot. Amos J. Peaslee of ClarksboroJ Reece said the election of a sue of the forthcoming cam' palgn. Emissaries from the Jewey camp were the only' ones to approach the New Jersey delega LUCKY SAYS JUDGE SENTENCING SMITH TO LIFE James F. Smith 24, was sentenced today to life Imprisonment in eastern penitentiary for the slaying of a Philadelphia patrolman during a supermarket holdup. "You are a very lucky man and ought to thank God," Judge Byron A. Milner told Smith as he imposed sentence. Milner said the court is opposed to any commutation of sentence or any pardon because of the facts in the case and the past record. TRUMAN WON'T SIGN DRAFT ACT 'IMMEDIATELY' Washington. June 21 (INS) President Truman today gave the go-ahead signal for a rush of national guard recruitments by announcing that he "will not sign the draft act Immediately." A provision of the measure exempts men who join active reserves before it becomes law. The choice is between the Re eastern campaign manager for Stassen, told reporters at noon that former Governor Walter E. Edge's indorsement of Stassen ed by State Senator Frank Far Republican president was vital not only to the United States but to other nations as weU. The world, he said, Is looking for the kind of leadership the Republicans can offer. publicans and the Communists, Reece said. tion as they sat in their seats. Dewey Men Greet Driscoll ley, of Atlantic county. Farley is for and, he would double" Stassen New1 He then pointed with pleasure In Powder Plant Blast at Kenvil Hercules Explosions Felt in Ne York, 50 Miles Away G. Mason Owlett, Pennsylvania ine most urgent task in the to the dissension within the Democratic party's ranks, and said: national committeeman and Elections Gear Given Domination leader of the Dewey faction in world today Is the revitalization of the principles which alone made America strong and which "The once great Democratic that pivotal delegation; Senator Ives, of N. regarded as atone can keep her strong a party has become an Intellectual hybrid of radicalism and big city machinlsm. Dewey's spokesman in the upper Of All Balloting in Municipalities bulwark', against tyranny at home and abroad," he said. cnamoer or congress, and senator Edward Martin. Pennsyl "Republicans may disagree as Kenvil, June 21. Three men "Thank God, this task is en were killed and several others to method, but they never disagree as to the final objective. trusted to the Republican party." By WILLIAM A. GAFFNEY Municipal elections, such as those conducted in Camden city for were injured in a series of ex vania's favorite son, but said to regard the Dewey candidacy with friendly eyes, stopped to greet Governor Driscoll and converse He asserted President Roose plosions at the huge Hercules velt's four elections were only a Today we have a united party. In our party we have no radical wing, no Moscow wing and no Powder Co. plant here today. temporary detour away from Three of the company's 12 with leaders in the delegation. the election of city commissioners, will be under the complete domination of the superintendent of elections if Governor Driscoll names such an officer for this And, not only will he have complete charge of the local balloting, but the municipality will have to pay for any and all expenses Pendergast wing. plants were reported wrecked, Governor Driscoll made no "true Republican principles." Now, he said, the people are turning back to Republicanism. Rebel Yell Heard comment as to his choice after his "favorite son" balloon has Shock waves from the blasts were felt in mid-town New York, more than 50 miles away, police The silvery haired national Much remains to be done be incurred by the superintendent or his subordinates. made its flight. He is supposed, fore the skein of New Deal en GOP pilot, immaculate in a white suit, brought the delegates to however, to be leaning to Senator said. Under the present county board of elections system, have been permitted to conduct their own local elections with croachment can be unraveled," The dead were identifled as Vandenberg. Driscoll said that he had not contacted Vandenberg out interference by the county board. After registration lists have their feet and here and there the rebel veil in tribute to Reece's Don Pew, Frank Micklish and Reece said. "But it can and will be done in 1948 when a Repub been prepared and voting ma but that others had been in touch a Togno. Mrs. Israel Starker, owner of chines set up, the county board SOVIETS BAN WESTERN ZONE CURRENCY IN BERLIN Berlin, June 21 (UP) Russia made a new bid for complete control of Berlin today by announcing that the new western zone currency will be prohibited in the Soviet zone of Germany and In greater Berlin. The Russian-controlled Berlin radio announced the ban on circulation of the new Deutsche marks, which yesterday replaced the reichsmarks In the western zones, in the German capital. GREEK ARMY INFLICTS 1000 CASUALTIES ON REBELS Athens, June 21 (INS) The Greek army claimed today to have inflicted more than 1000 casualties on Communist rebel forces in the large-scale government drive against guerrilla strongholds In Northwest Greece. Greek air force planes were reported to have bombed the headquarters of Communist Commander Markos Vafthiades, making use for the first time of United States pyosphorus bombs. An Athens military court sentenced seven alleged Communists to death for their part in the May Day assassination of Justice Minister Chrlstos Ladas. ARABS REPORTED STRENGTHENING LINES (Jerusalem, June 21 (INS) Reliable sources In Jerusalem saidUoday that Arabs had taken advantage of the Palestine tcuce to strengthpMheir positions around the Holy City. The Arabs werereported to have built a new road completely encircling Jerusalem, and to have constructed strong fortifications upon the hills near Bethlehem which dominate the Jewish-held areas of the city. home state, Tennessee, screeched above the general din. Reece beamed at the throng with him. Driscoll on Television A date to appear on a televi lican president moves Into the White House." Both Governor Duff, of Pennsylvania, and Mayor Samuel of (Continued on Par Column 1) the Kenvil hotel, said workmen reaching the hotel after the ex ceive a salary of $4000 per annum. Vacancies shall be filled, for the unexpired terms only, in the same manner as the original ap has withdrawn. Wide Scope of Authority and stood with outstretched arms plosion reported at least three or for fully a minute before don- four persons had been seriously Under the, superintendent sys injured. slon program with Senator Smith drew Governor Driscoll away from the floor briefly at noon and cost him his first opportunity tem, one provision of the law pointments are made. The superintendent may ap There were four explosions, states: So. Jersey Worker Will Sue Pliila. point a chief deputy, a clerk, a the first beginning shortly after to be heard by the convention. "All necessary expenses In secretary, ana any otner assist 1 p. m. State police said all explosions Driscoll was scheduled to have made a routine motion, in the ants he considers necessary to carry out the provisions of the curred in carrying out the provfc sions of the law, when certified For Fake Arrest in Wage Tax Case occurred in nitro glycerine neutralizing plants. course of organizing the conven law. to and approved by.the superin tion's program, to dispense with He may remove the same The powder magazines are tendent in connection with an whenever he deems it necessary, scattered over more than 100 the reading of the roll of delegates. In the absence of the gov By CHARLES A. KLEIN A man, lmprisonedied with a warrant charging him Those so appointed shall not ernor, George H. Walton, his he sublect to anv nrovlslons of election held in and for a municipality only, shall be paid by the municipality." acres. Each plant is heavily bunkered and otherwise protected against concussion. floor manager, made the proposal Title 11, Civil service, Dut snau In Mbyamensing prison for more wim non-payment 01 city wage n. fn taxes from 1945 to 1947, inclu- than 24 hours on charges of fall- nd immediatey taken to The wide scope of authority be in the unclassified service. Echoes of the first blast had which was adopted. First Caucus Held mg to pay nis rnuaaeipma urn the prison and placed in a cell. Superintendent Sets Pay hardly died away before police blocked off the highways. Calls given the superintendent permits him to make arrests without warrants, issue subpoenas and waee tax. will enter suit tomor In his suit Durham will charge The Jersey delegation caucused IOST FOUND The superintendent shall fix The Weather were sent out for doctors and last night at Philadelphia's Bar row against the city, cnargmg compel witnesses to give sworn BLACK BRIEF CASE Loit Monday morning, June 14. on Public Service But 5. Boule the salaries of the persons so ap pointed. clay Hotel and with an outward false arrest. ambulances. Later, through a misunderstanding, some of. these testimony, and to visit and in vard Containing notebook and papen ot Fair and warmer tonight Tuesday warmer and humid with scattered showers. This was announced today by vaiue oniy to myteii. newara. str. Con All other necessary expenses calls were ald to have been ner, Haddon Heights 1-4370-W or Mr. Hale, Klnttlry 8-2000. show of unity pledged its first ballot unanimously to Driscoll. The caucus lasted more than an incurred in carrying out the pro Samuel T. French attorney for Albert W. Durham, 53, of 119 countermanded. visions of the law, when certified CAT Lost. Female. Black, white ipot on Persons in Roxbury town hall, Vesper' avenue. Westmont, (Continued on Far I Column 6) net I. neward. Benolt Ureal Shop, 19 Center Bt. Merchantvllle 8-3178. 15 miles away, said they heard to and approved by the superintendent shall be paid by the French said he had ootamea an initial explosion and then saw DOG Lost, Botton Terrier, Seal and white, aniwers to "Whit." Reward. Merchantvllle 8- the services of Richardson Dils- county treasurer. he was placed in a cell by a guard and given a blanket. There was no bed, Durham said. When the guard locked the door, Durham said, he turned and remarked: "You are now a guest of the County of Philadelphia. Enjoy yourself." Produced Tax Receipts French said Durham was not released from the prison until late the next day after his wife had produced city wage tax receipts showing he had paid in a tower of smoke shoot skyward, followed by two minor blasts. All necessary expenses in worth, Philadelphia attorney and defeated Democratic candidate All Night Contests In Major Leagues When 'the Washington, Detroit for mayor, to file a bill of com plaint against the city on the Weatherman Predicts Gear Skies for Today game, at Detroit, today was post curred in carrying out the provisions of the law, when certified to and approved by the superintendent in connection with an election held in and for a municipality only, shall be paid by the municipality. The freeholders shall provide false arrest charge. He saia uie amount to be sought in damages spect" practically any dwelling of any kind. In the event his authority Is violated, the law fixes prison terms of as much as three years and fines of $1000 or both. Following are the major provisions of the law controlling the office of superintendent: The office, when once established, shall not be altered or abolished. The office shall be filled by some suitable person who shall be nominated by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for a term of five years from the date of his appointment and until his successor is appointed and shall have qualified. Each superintendent shall re poned due to wet grounds, it re In Today's Courier Amusements 12 Classified 23, 24, 25 Comics 21 Crossword Puzzle 8 Earl Wilson 12 Editorials 10 For Love's Sake Only 22 Gin Rummy 15 Heavenly Days IS Obituaries 4 Radio Programs 26 Sporta 18, 19, 20, 22 Stock Prices 2 Teen Pan Alley 16 VVKr IVtnnholl The weatherman welcomed the has not yet been decided. Arrested at Work first day of summer with a guar full. DOG Lott. Large, white with brown Ipott. With or without dog license No. 20. vicinity of Hafldonfleld. Reward. Haddonfleld 0-1714. V6X TERRIER Children's' PetrTxaTTtaTe. Blark White. Answers to name "Tippy." Vicinity of Hilltop. Call Blackwood 0257-J-S. Reward; llASBA(T LoiLTartTes black, containing very valuable papers and keys. Important to owner only. Pleaie return, liberal rtwara offered Bmerton 5-058T 8 to 5 gjn. SMALL PUnst ott! Containing 2 school rlnii, ilgnrt ring, wrlit watch, bracelet, ttrlng Of pcarli. Clementon beach. Sentimental value, llcward after 8 p. m. WALLKf-ilrown tipper- Lout 3rTi Camden, Friday night. Contalna plcturea. papen, and weeks wagea. Reward. 520 N. nth Camden. WATCH Lott. Ladlei. ban! Vicinity Camden City Hall or Creit Luncheonette. Oaklya. Reward. Colllngswpo S-084O-W. anty of clear skies but forecast During the time he was In the French charges that Durham, sulted in a schedule of night games in the major leagues. Three games are scheduled in National League. Cincinnati Reds meet the Phillies, at Shibe Park; St. Louis la at Boston, and Pittsburgh is at Brooklyn. In the suitable room or rooms for the an electrician at the Philadelphia transaction of business of the su scattered showers for tomorrow which he said would be warm and humid. prison he was not permitted to contact his family or his attorney," French charged. naval base for the past 17 years, was arrested while at work on The mercury will fall to 64 perintendent and procure suitable furniture and any books, stationery, fuel and supplies that may be necessary from time to "When Durham aid not come overnight after a high of 82 to American League, the Athletics are at St. Louis and the Yankees home from work on tha evervnj June 15 by a deputy sheriff of the county of Philadelphia. Durham said he was confronti day, which will be duplicated (Continued om Pc I CI a T). arc at Cleveland. (Co-tlnaet Pf 14 Column Women's News 6, 16, 17 morrow.

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